Numbness and Tingling in Both Arms and Legs


This article describes disorders causing numbness and tingling in BOTH arms (hands) AND legs (feet). Typical symptoms are mentioned beside each disorder.

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Peripheral neuropathies (Gk. peripheria = outer surface; neuropathy = nerve disease) are disorders affecting nerves outside the brain and spinal cord. Sensitive, motor and autonomic fibres of the spinal nerves and vagal nerve, can be affected and cause:

  • Numbness, tingling, burning, pain or weakness in limbs
  • Problems with coordination, muscle weakness, partial paralysis, falling from leg buckling or tripping over toes, problem with fine finger movements
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • Heat intolerance
  • Dizziness at standing up
  • Early satiety, diarrhea, constipation, unintentional weight loss
  • Problems with urination
  • Male impotence

Causes of Numbness Due to Peripheral Neuropathies

Below is a list of causes of peripheral neuropathies with arm or leg numbness or tingling as common symptoms:

  1. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (in diabetes I or II): “stocking-glove” (feet-hands) pattern of numbness
  2. Alcoholic neuropaty: long term excessive alcohol drinking, burning feet, wide-based gait
  3. Rheumatoid arthritis: symmetrically swollen and warm joints in hands and/or feet, morning stiffness, numbness
  4. Vitamin B-12 and folate deficiency: weakness due to anemia, paleness, sore mouth and tongue, loss of appetite, numb feet and hands
  5. Uremia (from kidney failure): weakness, uremic frost, itchy skin (all over), edema (puffy face in the morning), numbness in limbs, urine-like odor to the breath
  6. Lyme disease (disseminated form): severe fatigue and headache, behavioral changes, numbness in the limbs, problems with the eyes, heart or joints
  7. Hepatitis C: history of a drug abuse, numbness in limbs, and often NO jaundice or other liver-related symptoms
  8. Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) is an inflammation of peripheral nerves due to abnormal immune response; numbness or tingling usually starts in toes or fingers; arms and legs weakness, and fatigue are common
  9. Leprosy , at the date, appears in India, Nepal, Myanmar, Brasil and certain African countries. Symptoms include rounded pigmentations on the limbs, numbness in hands (fingers) or feet (toes), limbs deformities
  10. Amyloidosis: enlarged tongue, right upper abdominal fullness, numbness in hands/feet
  11. Friedreich’s ataxia: clumsiness, staggering or lurching gait, trembling when standing still, impaired speech, arm/legs numbness
  12. Colorado tick fever, transmitted by a tic bite, occurring in Colorado/US: fever, sensitivity to light, headache, severe muscle aches, difficulty walking and breathing, limb numbness
  13. POEMS syndrome includes polyneuropathy, organomegaly, endocrinopathy, monoclonal gammopathy, and skin changes. The cause is uncertain; unusual skin sensation and weakness can appear in the limbs on both sides


  1. Multiple sclerosis can cause numbness and tingling in various parts of the body, but rarely in a symmetrical pattern.
  2. Stroke can cause sudden numbness on one side of the body, for example in the left arm and leg.


Causes of impaired circulation resulting in arm/leg numbness or tingling:

  1. Peripheral vascular disease is narrowing of arteries due to their calcification (arteriosclerosis). Affected legs (or arms) can be pale, with blue/red discoloration, cold, painful, tingling or numb. Buerger’s disease usually develops in heavy male smokers (20-40 years of age) and cause pain, numbness and tingling in the feet and/or hands triggered by exercise and relieved by rest; ulcers on fingers/toes may appear.
  2. Frostnip, chilblains and frostbite: pale, bluish, numb skin on fingers, toes, nose and ears due to prolonged exposure to low temperatures
  3. Polyarteritis nodosa is a type of vasculitis, affecting medium-sized arteries: painful skin changes on the legs, partial limb paralysis, numbness in arms/legs, fever, weight loss
  4. Chronic necrotizing vasculitis is a rare vasculitis affecting arterial walls and causing fever, red spots on limbs, numbness and tingling in the toes, fingers, feet and hands


Disorders of the spinal cord or spine (vertebra), causing numbness and tingling in arms and/or legs:

  1. Spinal cord injury. Injuries of the cervical spine result in symmetrical arm and leg paralysis and numbness. Injuries at the thoracic level affect trunk and legs, and lumbar and sacral injuries affect hips and legs. In most spinal cord injuries, urine and fecal incontinence appear.
  2. Spinal tumors are rare, symptoms depend on their location and include back pain, arm or leg pain, weakness, numbness, partial paralysis, clumsiness, muscle spasms, bowel or bladder problems, or spinal deformity. Symptoms can develop gradually or suddenly.
  3. Syringomyelia refers to a cyst (syrinx) in the spinal cord. Symptoms include pain, numbness, stiffness in the back, upper trunk, arms and legs.
  4. Spinal arachnoid cysts are cysts around the spinal cord, which contain cerebrospinal fluid. Symptoms: back and leg pain and tingling or numbness in the legs or arms that worsen with time.


Toxins causing tingling in both hands (arms) and feet (legs):

  1. Fish or shellfish poisoning
    • Ciguatera poisoning. Certain big tropical fish, like tuna or barracuda, accumulate ciguatoxin from reef algae and can, usually few minutes to 30 hours after ingestion, cause tingling or itching in and around the lips, both arms and legs, or elsewhere on the body, reversal of hot/cold sensations, nausea, diarrhea, excessive sweating, headache, and muscle aches. Symptoms may last from few days to several months.
    • Paralytic shellfish poisoning. Shellfish like mussels, cockles, clams, scallops, oysters, crabs and lobsters can, usually 15 minutes to 10 hours after eating, cause numbness or tingling of the face, arms, and legs, followed by headache, dizziness, nausea, and muscular incoordination or floating sensation. In severe poisoning, muscle paralysis and death may occur in 2 to 25 hours.
    • Neurotoxic shellfish poisoningis caused by a toxin accumulated in oysters, clams and mussels. Within 1 to 3 hours after eating, numbness, tingling in the mouth, arms and legs, incoordination, and gastrointestinal upset and reversal of hot/cold sensations can appear; spontaneous recovery usually occurs within 2-3 days.
  2. Arsenic poisoning symptoms: discoloration of the skin, numbness in hands and feet; partial paralysis; blindness


For diagnosis and treatment options check:

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  • Jan Modric


    symptoms affecting the entire arm(s), and relief after relaxing neck and shoulders speak for a disorder in the cervical spine, like a pinched nerve(s) due to a bulging disc(s). Avoiding prolonged sitting, bending the neck, heavy work with arms, carrying heavy things in arms, and finding appropriate sleeping position could help.

  • quanitary


    My name is Mike. Recently the left side of my face, left pinky and ring fingers on both hands, and the outer two toes of my left foot went through some partial numbness and tingling. Later, muscle spasms began. The spasms occur mostly in my legs. They aren’t painful. I have had unexplained eye pain that last for a couple of seconds. Sometimes limbs get cold for no apparent reason. My Primary Physician is referring me to a neurologist next week. Could this be Lyme? I was bitten by a tick but it wasn’t attached no more than 3 hours. I’m afraid it might be MS. This isn’t fun.


  • Jan Modric


    a neurologist can make appropriate investigations. Both causes you’ve mentioned are possible.

  • sarah

    I’m writing for a friend who is freaking out about her symptoms that make her feel like her very identity is changing.

    About a month ago my friend had the muscles in her left face go slack, as she says it her skin and face fell and her jaw popped and dropped.

    They said it wasn’t a stroke, gave her Prednizone at the ER which made her swell up. and then she suddenly lost about 5 pounds in about a week (is this typical with catabolic steroids?) She is very small very fit and naturally slender (with low to athletic bodyfat 10-13%) weighing under between 90 and 95 normally so this is a significant amount of weight to loose all at once.

    Since then she has been complaining of sudden aging signs, more wrinkles, abnormalities in the symmetry of the muscles of her face, veins popping out. and what she calls holes in her face where she will wake up and have a collapsed or sunken area in the middle of her forehead or at the temples. I haven’t witnessed this. she pulls her skin away from her arm now and says it never was that loose before. She feels she has lost elasticity but springs back immediately. she feels she has lost muscle tone all over her body and her face especially.

    I thought it was the prednizone and I think she is focusing in on very small detail that others would not notice. I think she just looks tired and stressed and a little pale form the fear of aging so quickly and her skin may be thinner from loosing weight quickly. bt her friend visited her who hadn’t seen her in some months and said she has definitely looking like she has aged significantly.but she is now eating like crazy to gain back the weight. but she still has the numbness that comes and goes in the face and is also starting to get numbness in the hands and legs followed by minor weakness. This numbness and tingling is especially associated with physical stressors but i think is exaggerated with emotional stress.

    valum for a few weeks helped but the dr only gave her a short script then tried to put her on depression meds… muscle relaxers made her skin sag more ibuprophen made her claim to have her skin shrink away again and become loose. Now she is on neurontin which seems to help somewhat.

    Her biggest concerns are apparently quick aging which makes her feel like she doesn’t look like herself and makes her fear it won’t go back and makes her feel like her very identy is changing (which is giving her crying fits) and numbness which is just plain scary.

    They are treating her for tmj with an appliance spacer that clips to the molars and seems to be realigning her jaw.(for 2 years previously she had had pain in the ear and clicking in the jaw)…but the numbness and partial paralysis was new and scared her enough to go to the ER.

    Prior to the incident she weight trained with heavy weights several times a week. she was VERY strong and fit. Now most lifting hurts the jaw so she does only light lifting. She tried doing a leg workout the other day and found numbness and tingling in her legs and hands and weakness after the physical stress. she has repeated this activity twice with similar results.

    She also complains of heaviness in her eyes and the feeling of a sack of potatoes sitting on her head. I’ve tried to massage her neck and shoulders and face which seems to help alleviate the heavy feeling in the head and some stress.

    I’m encouraging her to try meditation and relaxing activities because stress seems to increase it…so she also went into the hot tub several times and now there is a raised redness on her stomach (I don’t know if this is from exposure to hot tub chemicals or some indication of disease. (I asked her if she was pregnant and she says no)

    MRI came back with neurologist saying that it looks fine no problems with her brain. she went to a second neurologist who told her no new information. The family doctor said nothing showed up in blood that would indicate infection but it could have been a virus but gave no other explanation or test.

    Can tmj contribute to numbness and tingling in the arms and legs via connective tissue or whatever?
    Could this all be stress?
    Do any diseases cause rapid aging or is it the result of trigeminal nerve impingement threading through the tempromandibular joint?

    I feel for her since she has been to several doctors and noone has told her much of anything.

    The Dr at work told me it sounded like MS and my dentist said it sounded like gullian barr… but Wouldn’t one of the 2 neurologists notice or look if there were lesions indicating MS in her MRI?

    what other viruses do this?

    what else could this be?

    anything helps

  • Jan Modric


    wrinkles, weight loss, sunken areas, weakness…can speak for dehydration. Dehydration can be caused by insufficient drinking or excessive water loss (diarrhea, diuretics or certain other medications, hot environment, heavy exercise). Prednisone causes water retention and swelling, so this is not a likely cause of dehydration. Dehydration may occur quickly after prednisone withdrawal, though.

    MS is confirmed by finding demyelinated areas in the brain or neck spinal cord. If both brain AND cervical MRI are negative, MS is not very likely. In doubtful cases, a lumbar punction and cerebrospinal fluid analysis may be done.

    Symptoms in Guillain-Barre syndrome usually start in legs or arms and “travel” toward the center of the body and head, and then slowly disappear in the opposite direction. A common trigger is some sort of infection, including food poisoning. Diagnosis is made by typical course of symptoms.

    Borrelia (Lyme disease) can cause various neurological symptoms. Blood test and test of cerebrospinal fluid exist, among others.

    First, she should eat and drink to get enough calories and water. Next, a doctor should judge if he still needs prednisone or not. She should avoid other medications without doctor awareness. Food, drinks and medications can cause a lot of symptoms if not taken properly. If possible, she should try to maintain her usual life and avoid unnecessary stress.

    TMJ by itself do not cause symptoms in arms and legs. But there could be some disorder in her neck spine (bulging/herniated disc, arthritis..) that could cause at least symptoms (pain, numbness) in arms. Numbness can be caused by some “trivial” conditions, like dehydration, hypoglycemia, low blood pressure, vitamin B12 or iron deficiency, which can be all checked and treated easily.

    I want to emphasize, she should maintain appropriate diet and avoid eventual harmful medications to see, if symptoms are caused by them. Then a doctor may judge which investigations she might need.

  • Helen27

    I am hoping someone can help! On Sunday I woke up feeling a little groggy, so after a while I went to have a shower to ‘wake me up’. When I was almost done, I suddenly came over very dizzy and started seeing stars – my vision was very bad. My husband helped me out of the shower and to lie down in bed, then I started to get a very loud rushing noise in my ears for a few minutes, then after that I had terribly painful pins and needles in my arms and legs for a few minutes – I couldn’t move them it was so bad. After 20 minutes or so the symptoms stopped, but for about 2 hours afterwards I still felt ‘groggy’ like a hangover (had not had any alcohol for weeks before so it wasn’t that!). I am very healthy but occasionally have felt a little dizzy sometimes – once the room span for a few seconds – I put it down to having low blood pressure as sometimes when I get up too quickly I see stars and almost fall over, but I know that is normal with low blood pressure (which I’ve had for years and I understand is very healthy). I feel silly going to the Dr as I’m perfectly fine now. Any suggestions as to what it could have been and should I go to the Dr? Thank in advance.

  • Helen27

    PS After the pins I needles I could smell a strange smell and had congestion in my nose – I kept having to blow my nose.

    PPS I’m 35 with three children and am very healthy, just very occasional migraines with aura.

  • Jan Modric


    I recommend you to check this personal medical history questionnaire, write down all your symptoms, and history of your blood pressure, and go to the doctor soon. It sounds you have episodes of low blood pressure, but I don’t know what is the cause. What happens to you may be dangerous – you can fall and injure yourself, for example.

  • BritannyB

    Hello, I am hoping to get some help on research as I do not know where to begin looking. For several months now I have had numbness and tingling in both arms and occasionally my legs and feet. I get pain in my upper arms and am quite shaky I am often very tired and have no appitite what so ever. what could possibly be causing this?

  • Jan Modric


    possible causes include hypoglycemia (which could be worse after meals – dumping syndrome), anemia due to iron or vitamin B12 deficiency. This questionnaire may help you recall eventual additional symptoms and thus help your doctor to give you a diagnosis. Some blood tests might be required.

  • Brazen

    I was recently admitted in the hospital 8 days/ ICU for 5 of the days for severe dehydration which caused a lot of vomiting and diarrhea. The result was loss of potassium and my CK levels were 6,000 and it should’ve been 200 – 300. I was released after the hospital felt I was ok. 4 days after being released my right arm is burning, numb, and tingling. There is a lump on top of my arm that is hard with bruising around it. Could this be a blood clot. My bicep is very sore as well. Please advise.

  • Jan Modric


    it can be a bruise or an under-skin infection, for example. I strongly recommend you to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

  • lauren

    for a month and a half i have had weakness, numbness, and a lot of pain on my left arm and left leg..on occasion it attacks my left side of my face.
    i went to ER. they did catscan and ekg…everything ok..
    i also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis for 10 yrs.
    i went to see my doctor– he did MRI on brain and MRI on neck and spine.. everything came back ok…he sent me to see neurologist which did the same MRI tests again..same thing–everything ok.. took every type of blood work including lyme and everything ok..
    in the meantime-my doctor put me on Klonopin, Xanax, Soma, Vimovo, and Percocet on daily basis.
    i had seen about 4 doctors and they are all saying i am suffering from a psychosomatic disorder.. which i am not surprised at all.. i suffered from a form of trauma when i was younger…
    i am in so much pain and agony…the pain is hard to explain- i am considering having my doctor admit me in as a inpatient in a hospital so they can monitor my condition and possibly put me on the right i believe these meds aren’t the right concoction for my condition..

  • Jan Modric


    a month and half ago – how did the symptoms start: suddenly or slowly? Can you identify any trigger or reliever of the symptoms? Is the pain aggravated by sitting, lying down, walking? Is your entire arm and leg affected? One sided pain affecting the entire half of the body can arise from the spine or brain, or rarely from a summary of localized disorders. I’m not sure how likely would psychosomatic pain affect only one side of the body. Visiting a hospital and discussing about all the meds is a good idea.

  • AlanB

    About 3 months ago I woke up with pain on the top of both shoulders, tingling in both arms, burning feeling in both arms, and a loss of motion in both arms. Today I still have the symptoms in my left arm with limited mobility and strength. What might be the cause and recommended treatment?

  • hapeedaisy

    Hi, have scrolld through everyones’s comments but cant find an answer I’m looking for.
    I have had a tingly sensation in my legs for a few years now…but it ONLY occurs when I am outside in the heat. I drink approx 1-2ltrs water per day and am generaly healthy..bloodwork and scans etc have come back fine..

  • Jan Modric


    a spinal disorder (bulging/herniated disc, spinal arthritis) or something pressing on the nerves where they pass near clavicle (thoracic outlet syndrome) seem to be most likely causes to me. It is an orthopedist who can decide which investigations might be needed to find the cause. Treatment depends on the cause.

  • Jan Modric


    is the tingling the only symptom, or does any rash or redness or swelling appear when your legs are exposed to heat? From when do you have this problem? Do you have any allergies or chronic diseases? How old are you?

  • krissy7114

    hi about i year ago i woke up out of no where and both my arms were numb and tingly.dr told me was anxity and gave me depression med which did not i went to a neuroglist and they did test and was find had a mri that was fine, had xray all down my back found little arthrits in cervical section,had mri on cevercal was fine,had magnisum,calcium,potassium,b12,lyme disease,hiv,syphillis and was all find.had thyroid and blood sugar checked and all was fine.did go to pain dr and she found thoracic outlet symdrome.but now my numbness,tingling is in my legs and and hurting pain right by my left shoulder blade.its like a shooting pain down my arms,back,neck and legs. it gets worse at night when i lay down and first thing in the moring when i wake up.some nights i cant even lay down and i move positions and does not 30 years old have 2 kids and go to not smoke, drink and i eat healthy.i have tried vitamins.i do have lots of stress and overwelmentwhats wrong with me? or are the doctors not doing the right tests or can they mistake and miss something by the tests?thank u

  • Jan Modric


    spinal arthritis, even if mild, can cause tingling and shooting pains in the arms and legs. Symptoms being aggravated by lying down further support this possibility. Please note that what can appear as “mild” on X-rays and MRIs can result in prominent symptoms. Thoracic outlet problem (if confirmed by some imaging investigation) can be additional problem, possibly related to arthritis. I strongly recommend you to speak with a neurologist or orthopedist, or maybe a physiotherapist, who can show you certain exercises that may help.

  • LL

    i have nonstop numbness in both hands and feet that’s moved up forearms and knees.. i have a sore neck, shoulders, and legs… tinging in my toes and the tips of my right hand fingers and up the left side of my belly and partially to my ear/face. my hands feel just like when you hold your wrists and cut your circulation off. it feels tight and swollen but they look fine. i can still feel and move around but it’s very uncomfy. numbness and soreness is happening on both sides of the body.

    since february it was just my right hand knuckles and tingly feet at night *so i ignored it of course.. then all of a sudden all the above happened quickly within two weeks! i just got blood taken yesterday and i come back monday to see results. he looked at me like it was no biggy.. WHAT can i do to push him to refer me to a neurologist? he said i have to do the simple basic tests before anything but i’m getting worse and worse quick. i can’t find anything on my symptoms anywhere. i’m scared it could be ms but does it seem possible? will this numbness EVER go away?!

    i’ve been vegetarian for about ten years. stopped eating fish about two years ago. i eat a lot of soy, tofu, mock meat, almonds, veggies, salads, fruits, yogurt… i’m not vegan. i’m 27, no weight change. i look normal. i’ve never had any serious health problems before. i don’t get sick often. i’m pretty active but never broken a bone. i’ve had a couple crashes but nothing too serious. i get adjusted by chiropractors every now n then. what’s going on with me!? : ( help..

  • Jan Modric


    I can’t exclude multiple sclerosis, but in MS, pain and swelling are not typical, and knuckles are not likely affected. My first thought was rheumatoid arthritis (initially, wrists and knuckles and other small joints are symmetrically affected, followed by larger joints, like knees and elbows; joint stiffness is worse in the morning and lessens with moving), or arthritis from some other cause, like infection with Borrelia (Lyme disease) or urinary infection resulting in Reiter’s syndrome (burning urination, itchy eyes, arthritic pain). It is a rheumatologist or orthopedist who can make a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. I’m not sure if this was included in “basic tests” your doctor has ordered. Another or additional cause could be arthritis or bulging/herniated discs in your cervical and lumbar spine, pressing on the spinal nerves that innervate arms and legs…If your symptoms are getting worse quickly, this is enough of reason to push your doctor to refer you to a specialist.

  • genamarie73

    a few weeks ago i went into the er because I was having the frequent need to urinate, headaches, and nausea. They took a urine sample and tested me for a UTI- and then sent in tests for other causes- everything came back negative. Eventually that went away- even though occasionally, i will feel the sensation that I need to urinate after I have already gone, but it goes away quickly. Now I am having issues with my arms and legs- when I am laying down, or sitting, when I move my arms and legs (or when I stand up), I get a sharp pain move through them, and then it dissapates. When I am up and moving around, I don’t feel any pain. It seems to be getting worse…and yesterday I started getting a pain in my neck, and off and on in my lower back. My upper arms are hurting worse- they feel a little weak, and if I raise them up too high or I get severe pain. I don’t know if one has to do with the other, but I have had all these weird symptoms happen to me at around the same time. I don’t have insurance, so it is difficult for me to get medical help, but if it is serious enough, I guess I will have no choice!

  • genamarie73

    oh, and I a 36 yr old female

  • genamarie73

    almost forgot to mention that over the summer I had alot of off and on nausea.. and everytime I tried to eat, I would get nauseous. I lost 30 lbs in just a few months time. Went to ER because I was getting weak. They ran many tests and everything came back normal. I followed up with a dr and she said could be ulcer, but I couldn’t afford to get tested further. Eventually i was able to eat again. I still have occasional nausea… AGAIN, I am not sure if one has to do with the other.. it’s so frustrating to have all these ailments and nobody can tell me whats wrong!!!!

  • Jan Modric


    frequent urination, pains in legs, arms, neck and back when sitting or lying down, but not when standing or walking can speak for a disorder in your spine, affecting spinal nerves that innervate the legs and arms. I recommend you to visit a neurologist as soon as possible.

  • genamarie73

    Thank you!

  • Lauren

    today is dec 7th. i have had the same pain and numbness on m left side of my body from sept. 15th. they have me seeing a psychiatrist and insist this is post traumatic stress disorder. (maybe?)as i said earlier i have had some trauma when i was younger. Dr. has me on klonopin and neurontin.
    the pain got a bit better but not gone. I’m sure Dr. will be increasing neurontin on next visit…
    this happened out of the blue…just sitting here watching tv and my body went into paralyzed state when first happened. i am in more pain in morning and night time –during the day it is tolerable.
    i need to get back to work …. i hope this goes away soon.. i can’t even drive my car with the meds i’m on… it is very annoying and painful …more than anything

  • Jan Modric


    – Is it a constant pain or you get a complete relief between painful attacks?
    – Is pain/paralysis strictly limited to the left side of the body?
    – Did neurological examination performed by a neurologist confirmed any paralysis?
    – Was multiple sclerosis excluded?

  • genamarie73

    UPDATE: I went to the doc finally! Because of my limited income and lack of insurance she wants to start out small and go from there. She gave me pain pills and muscle relaxers to see if it is just muscle spasms. I go back in 2 wks and if it is not better, then she will do blood work and then xrays if needed.. to look for Lupus, arthritis, or a spinal disorder. The pain is not just in my arms and legs now, i can also feel a tinge of pain in the outer walls of my abdomen and slightly in the side of my ribs. She didn’t say much about the bladder symptoms I was having, so that is still unexplained. She also didn’t say much about the severe nausea I had over the summer when I lost 30 lbs because I couldn’t eat. I’m hoping and praying this is just muscle spasms.. but if it turns out to be Lupus, or a spinsl disorder- that might explain the bladder and nausea issues..otherwise, it will always be a mystery and hopefully never returns! Thanks for your help Jan!

  • Jan Modric


    the pains in your neck and limbs could be from a spinal disorder, but nausea could be from some other cause. Would you say your abdomen is distended or you have excessive gas or loose stools or do you hear abnormally loud abdominal sounds?

  • genamarie73

    My stomach is not distended.. I have had “some” gas and loose stools, and I have had a little constipation. This morning there seemed to be a little of what looked like mucus in my stool.. right before I went to the bathroom, I did have a loud stomach noise.. I even asked my fiance if he heard that, lol- he said yes!

  • Jan Modric


    regarding your obvious gastrointestinal symptoms (mucus in the stool, nausea, loss of appetite…) and low-grade fever, one possible cause could be intestinal parasites. Diagnosis can be confirmed by a stool test for parasites; treatment is with prescribed antiparasitic medications.

  • genamarie73

    wow- yuck! lol. ok, that! I will talk to my doctor about it. Thanks again!

  • amit_din100

    I am 30 years old guy and got a sudden severe tingling lower back pain with tingling sensation in my legs in on 17 Aug 2010.The tingling went worse with pain in the perineum area. I got blood tests done in August 2010 which were normal. I had Full Spine MRI and Pelvis MRI normal in September 2010. I took Physiotherapy sessions but no relief.The tingling sensation spread to my hands, wrists, trunk and little bit on my face and scalp. I had another Blood test done in November 2010. Dr found B12 deficiency at 143 and folic acid deficiency as well. Endoscopy was normal as well and gluten problem was not found. I had 5 B12 shots this week and take folic acid tablet 5 mg per day. I feel less pain to touch on my knees. but no relief with my tingling sensation. I don’t have numbness. My Dr says that it will take several weeks to get rid of tingling sensation. I am usually confused. It is making me crazy. Should I trust my GP and not see the neurologist for a while. I am getting married next month.

    Can it be anything serious after so many tests?

    Should I give some more time to my Dr?

    If I go to the neurologist, what can I be offered?


  • Jan Modric


    when you say tingling started suddenly – do you mean within seconds, hours, without feeling any tingling before? Unless you were taking some drugs, neither vitamin B12 and folate deficiency, nor the resulting tingling would likely start suddenly. What is your diet in general? Were you doing some physical work when the tingling started? Check this and write down all relevant details.

    A neurologist can check your existing MRIs, perform a detailed neurological examination and, if necessary, orders an MRI of the brain.

  • brayden!?

    For a bit longer than 2 months now I’ve had numbness and tingling starting below my knees to toes. I’ve really have not had any pain associated with this, but it is rather annoying. I work long hours in a factory, so I’ve changed my boots and insoles but no change. a few weeks before this started my doctor prescribed me adderall, I noticed a decrease in my appetite so I’m taking lower doses and started taking daily vitamins to compensate for less food.(this was around the same time the symptoms came up). I’m smoker age 25 and I feel quite fit (athletic build). could my adderall or vitamins be causing this? if it was a nerve issue back or otherwise wouldn’t a certain amount of pain be involved. thanks for reading this I anxiously await your response.


  • Tim

    Hi, mine may not be as serious as the others mentioned here, but I’m starting to worry.

    I had a total knee replacement about 10 weeks ago. It’s been an interesting journey. Initially I thought I was dealing with withdrawal symptoms from Percocet, but it’s been 3 weeks now. I wake up most nights with a tingling in my feet and fingertips and just a general feeling all over my body of muscle fatigue (is the best I can describe it). Sometimes I can go back to bed and sleep it off, sometimes I’ll lay awake for a good while just wishing it would go away. Needless to say my sleep is affected. Two other factors that may be of interest, I have sleep Apnea and sleep with a Bi-pap and we live at 7,500ft elevation.

    Any ideas? My general physician doesn’t seem to be able to find anything wrong he says I look healthy accept for being a bit overweight (I haven’t done blood tests yet).

  • Jan Modric


    numbness and tingling are known side effects of adderall – they should be mentioned in the information leaflet in your medication package. On the other hand, both symptoms could happen in a disorder of the lumbar spine (like bulging disc), which could be aggravated by prolonged standing – pain would not be necessary present. You can speak with your doctor about changing the drug or adjusting its dose.

  • genamarie73

    It’s been almost week since the doctor put me on tramadol and muscle relaxers. They do nothing for the pain. I wake up several times a night because of the pain and my moaning everytime I move. Does this indicate that it is not muscle spasms that the dr suspected? My bladder is acting up again- the constant urge to urinate, even after I have went already. I have noticed the past couple of days that my arms are falling asleep easily when I am sleeping..and it hurts. They also feel weak and painful at times whether I am laying down or standing up. I go back to see the Dr next Tues to let her know if I am feeling any better.

  • Jan Modric


    have you ever had such tingling or fatigue symptoms before the knee surgery? Do you experience tingling and fatigue during the day? Have you had elevated body temperature at any time after the surgery? Any other symptoms, like dizziness? Have you changed the diet considerably lately?

  • Jan Modric


    it would be possible that a bowel disorder, like celiac or Crohn’s disease or intestinal parasites or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) would impair absorption of certain vitamins and minerals (iron, vitamin B, folate…) that could result in muscle weakness and numbness. I want to say that nausea, poor appetite, loose stools and mucus in the stool speak for a gastrointestinal disorder. You can speak with a doctor about a blood test for vitamins and minerals and a stool test for parasites.

  • Jennifer

    Hello My name is Jennifer. About a year ago I started noticing numbness in my hands when I would hold my phone or do things with my hands. The numbness wasn’t that bad. I had pain in my neck and my legs would also go to sleep easy as well when i sat or cross my legs. A friend said I should see a chiropractor so I went i had 40 visits. I was going 2 times a weak spent 1500. I did help with the pain i had in my neck but it didn’t do nothing for the hands. I went and saw a Dr.she has done x-rays and blood work. Everything has turned out good. The latest test she has ran was a arthritis panel it came back good as well. I am going to see a hand specialist monday. I am a side sleeper I do wake up in the middle in pain. I have sense tried to train my self to sleep on my back. I don’t wake up as much but I still have pain when I do wake up. I did wake up one morning and had to go to the ER I couldn’t use my hands at all they where locked up.Of course they couldn’t do much for me but gave me shot’s of pain killers. A bill for 2000. I was then able to use my hands again. Over the last year my hands have just got worse. I cant do much of anything any more. When I get blood draw it hurts that never use to bother me. When the doctors put the blood pressure cup on my arm that hurts as well. I am just tired of all this pain, tingling and needles in my hands. What advise do you have for?

  • Jan Modric


    numbness during holding a phone speaks for an affected ulnar nerve at the point where it passes the elbow (cubital tunnel syndrome), but I can’t say from which exact reason. But additional pain in the neck ad numbness in the legs to me speak for a disorder in the cervical and lumbar spine (arthritis, bulging discs..) pressing upon the spinal nerves that innervate your arms and legs. Plain X-ray does not reliably exclude spinal disorders; a CT or MRI is usually needed to get a correct diagnosis.

    Honestly, with having symptoms in hands, neck and legs, I’m not sure how much a “hand specialist” will be able to help you. They are neurologist, orthopedist and rheumatologist that can deal with these symptoms you have. If your symptoms go away completely between “attacks”, a rheumatic disorder is less likely. This personal medical history questionnaire may hep you to recall more details, symptoms triggers and relievers… For example, doctor will want to know, if you get symptoms only in hands (or also in other parts of the arm), and so on.

  • genamarie73


    I have Lupus!

  • Jennifer

    Dr. I went and saw the hand specialist today he said to him it doesn’t sound like carpool tunnel but he said it may be. He said I need to wear a brace at night. Told him that doesn’t work just feels like circulation is being cut off from my hands. I don’t have the pain in my neck or legs anymore.Just the arm and fingers.He said i need to take ibuprofen 800 3 times a day. i told him i have already been doing that. Doesn’t make no difference. So he said I should try a shot of cortisone .So I did. He said it will take 24 to 48 hours to work if it is gonna work.So thats where I am now… What you think now?

  • Jan Modric


    I have a medical faculty, but I do not work as a doctor. If your symptoms will continue, I recommend you to try to find a cause with the help of a neurologist or orthopedist. A doctor can get really a lot of information if you reveal important details, like are your whole hands affected, is it bending of the elbow or repeated use of the wrist that is the main symptoms trigger, and so on. You can use the questionnaire (link in my previous) to recall all symptoms and circumstances, write them down ad speak with a doctor. I can’t exclude carpal tunnel syndrome; it sounded more like a cubital tunnel syndrome to me, but this could be maybe only a part of a broader disorder (spinal, muscular..). However, regarding the fact, your symptoms are obviously affected by certain movements, it does not sound like multiple sclerosis or brain tumor to me.

  • Matt

    Hi there,
    I have had some problems for approximately 15 months. Over one weekend I developed an extremely heavy sensation in my legs and arms. Muscle twitches in biceps, calves and thighs, as well as numbness on the ulnar side of both arms, left foot and big toes. The other major symtpom would be dizziness. Since I became unwell my symptoms have gradually reduced with rest. Whenever I try to do an strenuous activity that involves those muscle groups it can take weeks to months for the heaviness, aching and dizziness to abate. Even walking too fast can cause a flare-up. I have had blood tests done (clean, although I’m not sure what they tested for,) and the last doctor I saw (12 months ago) suggested PFVS. I was not ill before developing this problem but had high levels of stress and was running 5-10 miles a day. Also I think there may only perceived, rather than actual weakness. After this period of time I really wonder whether I will be able to do any physical activity again. I am 30 and Male. Is there anything that could cause these symptoms? MS, Lupus, spinal? Thanks for your time.

  • kasboo

    i have numbness and tingling in both arms and hands, sometimes i feel tingling in my shoulder also. this has been causing many sleepless nights because everytime i lay down it starts.i went to my doc and got a muscle relaxor but it doesnt seem to help, what should i do next?

  • Dr. Chris

    Hi Matt

    Yes, there are several conditions that could cause this from neurodegenerative conditions like MS to other causes of neuopathy even toxicity related to heavy metal poisoning. Many of these conditions appear with these type of symptoms initially which may not always be characteristic of that disease. This should be suspected especially if there is a family history, or known exposure to these conditions. However, this may be getting ahead of the situation unnecessarily. It is advisable that you see a neurologist who can assess you properly and verify whether there is a physiological cause behind these symptoms, or possibly a less serious but equally distressing condition like nerve root compression and so on. Your age is a major factor here so the less serious / chronic causes should first be considered and conclusively excluded. Without knowing what tests were done, etc it is difficult to comment further than this. PFVS is a possibility and your doctor may have suggested this based on some information he/she has about your medical history. Speak to your doctor about a referral to a neurologist as a starting point to diagnose and manage this conditio.