Definition of Breast Swelling

Breast swelling is an enlargement of the breast or both breasts compared to the regular breast size and may be accompanied by other symptoms like tenderness (soreness), pain, lump(s), changes of the areola or nipple and any secretion from the nipple. Swollen breasts may be a normal physiological process as seen in puberty or pregnancy or may be a sign of a medical disorder.

Tender or Sore Breast

Breast tenderness or soreness is a mild to moderate discomfort of the breast, sensitive to touch or pressure and often accompanied with redness. Tenderness and soreness should be differentiated from breast pain although this may be subjective and dependent on an individual’s pain tolerance levels.

Breast Pain

Breast pain should be differentiated from soreness or tenderness of the breast. Pain usually  indicates serious pathology that needs to be investigated and treated. Breast pain may be referred to other areas on the body like the axillae (armpits), abdomen, neck and back.

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