Ask a Doctor

Why wait till your next doctor’s appointment for more information?

Your medical concerns are of the utmost importance to you.

The right information can save you time and stress until your own doctor can attend to your needs. More importantly the right information needs to be specific for your condition and situation.

Our Ask a Doctor service can help you get the correct and relevant information almost instantaneously.

We have partnered with a leading online company to connect you with doctors around the world. It allows you access to health care professionals who may have a much wider knowledge base than your own doctor.

From primary health practitioners to medical specialists and even complementary health professionals, your question(s) will be answered on a one-on-one basis. The verified medical professionals on the team are recruited from across the globe, based on strict academic criteria and their years of clinical experience.

You do not have to follow protocol as per your medical insurance or public health system. You can access a medical specialist immediately, if you so wish. You also do not have to accept the online advice of one practitioner – you may ask as many doctors as you wish.

Pregnant and need advice? Speak to an gynecologist. Having kidney problems? Ask a nephrologist (kidney specialist).

Here are the benefits of our Ask a Doctor service:

  • Get the right advice from the specialist in the relevant field of medicine.
  • Asked and answered from your computer or mobile device.
  • Seek alternative answers if your concerns were not addressed.
  • Look for medical assistance beyond your town, city or even country.