Causes of Breast Secretion, Nipple Discharge

Nipple discharge affects many women who are not pregnant or breastfeeding and the presence of breast secretions do not always indicate any serious problem. While breast milk is expected in pregnancy and after child birth, other secretions from the breast may also occur in women of any age. Young women may experience nipple discharge without any cause for concern but persistent discharge in older women may be a sign of an underlying condition.

Secretions from the breast usually occur from the nipple and nipple discharge should be differentiated from fluids secreted through a breast fistula. A breast or mammary duct fistula is an abnormal passage that forms between a mammary duct in the breast to the surface of the skin, usually near the areola. While a mammary fistula is not very common, it may occur after a prolonged infection and the presence of a fistula should not be considered as nipple discharge. A breast fistula requires further investigation and appropriate treatment.

Types of Nipple Discharge

There are different types of nipple discharge and the type of breast secretion may be an indication of the cause of the discharge.

  • Milky discharge may be breast milk production even in women who are not pregnant or breast feeding and is often due to elevated hormonal levels, specifically prolactin.
  • Clear discharge and sticky discharge may be a sign of inflammation or infection.
  • Bloody discharge may be a sign of severe trauma, infection or cancer.
  • Mucus that is yellow or brown and may be mixed with blood could be due to severe infection, especially if accompanied by breast pain.

Evaluating the type of nipple discharge is not usually sufficient to make a conclusive diagnosis. The presence of other signs and symptoms as well as thorough diagnostic investigation by a medical practitioner should determine the underlying cause of the breast discharge.

Signs and Symptoms of Nipple Discharge

Nipple discharge may occur on its own with no other sign or symptoms or may be accompanied by other symptoms which is indicative of certain conditions.

  • Nipple discharge may occur from both breasts (bilateral) or one breast (unilateral)
  • Breast tenderness or breast pain
  • Swollen breasts or breast lumps
  • Fever
  • Irregular menstrual cycle

Causes of Nipple Discharge

In most cases, breast discharge is not a cause for concern but any persistent discharge associated with other changes requires investigation. Any nipple discharge in males needs to be investigated as it is usually an indication of more serious pathology.

  • Galactorrhea is breast milk production in women who are not pregnant or nursing and is often due to elevated prolactin levels (hyperprolactinemia). Hyperprolactinemia may occur as a result of many conditions including :
  1. Stimulation of the breasts
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Stress
  4. Injury to the breast
  5. Sexual intercourse.
  6. Pituitary disorders
  7. Thyroid disorders particularly hypothyroidism
  8. Kidney or liver failure
  9. Certain drugs like oral contraceptives, antidepressants or antihypertensive drugs.
  • Breast abscess or breast infection due to bacterial, viral or fungal causes is usually accompanied by breast pain, tenderness, redness of the skin with a white to yellow discharge. A painful breast lump may be felt in the case of an abscess. Infections of the breast are usually one sided and may also cause breast swelling.
  • Benign breast disorders :
  1. Intraductal papilloma is a small benign tumor of the milk ducts in the breast. It is the most common cause of nipple discharge and usually affects only one breast. The secretion may be bloody or a clear discharge may be noted.
  2. Fibrocystic breast disease (FBD) is the most common cause of breast lumps in women, particularly older women. It may affect one or both breasts and the presence of multiple small lumps may be noticed along with breast tenderness.
  3. Mammary duct ectasia is the blockage of the milk duct and may affect one breast or both sides. Blockage of the duct often occurs as a result of inflammation due to hormonal changes and may be prone to bacterial infections. Smoking is a predisposing cause for mammary duct ectasia. The nipple discharge in mammary ectasia may vary in color and consistency.
  • Breast cancer, usually intraductal carcinoma, may cause a bloody breast discharge. A breast lump is usually present and swollen lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy) may be noticed.
  • Hormonal disorders affecting the female sex hormones which may occur in perimenopause, premature ovarian failure and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Changes in the menstrual cycle are usually evident, with irregular menses, sudden cessation of periods or changes in menstrual flow. Infertility may also accompany these hormonal disorders.
  • Gynecomastia is the enlargement of the male breast which may be normal during puberty. Persistent enlargement with breast tenderness and/or nipple discharge should be investigated although breast secretions in gynecomastia is not common.

Diagnosis of Breast Discharge

While nipple discharge may occur frequently in women who are not pregnant or breastfeeding, persistent breast secretions should be investigated. Persistent breast discharge is of particular concern in women over 40 years of age, where the discharge is from only one breast, bloody discharge with the presence of breast lumps.

After physical examination and a case history, your medical doctor may consider a mammogram, fine needle aspiration and cytology. If the prolactin levels are elevated, further blood tests may be conducted to evaluate the functioning of the thyroid gland, particularly by testing the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).

If you are using any hormone replacement therapy or related drugs for menopause, as contraception or for infertility, your medical doctor may discontinue or change the drugs if the breast discharge is severe and accompanied by other symptoms like breast swelling, tenderness or pain.

Women experiencing nipple discharge with a personal or family history of recurrent breast lumps, even benign lumps. should undergo extensive investigation to exclude breast cancer.


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  • Tasi

    I have this galactorreha problem and doctor said that this is the main prolem that i am not geeting pregnant.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Tasi

      Yes, the hormones causing galactorrhea may affect fertility. By identifying the cause of the galactorrhea and correcting it, your chances of falling pregnant may increase provided that there are no other causes of infertility.

  • lynn

    I have been getting brownish discharge from my right nipple. I have no pain and have had ALL my hormones tested. The reason I have had my hormones tested is because they thought for a few years I had a hormonal disorder due to being overly emotional and mood swings. Since I am pretty sure it’s not hormonal and I have always had good yearly breast exams idk what else this could be. (not pregnant) Any ideas? The ONLY meds I am on is the nuviring- for about 1.5yrs, the discharge started about 3 months ago.

    Thanks in advance for the help….

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Lynn

      It is difficult to conclusively say what the cause is. A lot depends on your medical history, age, health status and clinical findings. The fact that you have been on birth control for so long could increase the risk for breast cancer. This MAY account for the brown discharge. This is not a diagnosis, just a possibility. You need to see a gynecologist and have a mammogram to identify any pathology within the breast. A physical exam of the breast is not always sufficient.

  • lynn

    Thank you for the response Dr. Chris. I suppose I will schedule myself an appointment (yea!). I am wondering if it is something more serious because though I have only been on the nuvaring for 1.5yrs, I am 27 and have been pretty steady on the pill for 10yrs. Are there any questions I need to ask the doctor or test I should ask him to do?
    Thank you,

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Lyn

      Your doctor will take the necessary steps based on his findings after taking your case history and concluding the physical examination. A mammogram would most likely be a consideration.

  • Lucy

    I am 30, had a termination when I was 18. Since then I have always had a clear to milky discharge from both nipples, though only brought out by manipulation/squeezing. I always just assumed a leftover affect of the pregnancy/abortion, but now wondering if it could be something else or more to it, and not actually normal and ok?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Lucy

      You do not mention if you have been able to fall pregnant since your abortion and what type of abortion you underwent at the time. A discharge can persists for a period of time after an abortion but not for so long. The fact that it is not just oozing out spontaneously may not prompt emergency medical intervention but you need to see a doctor. A number of possibilities could be resulting in this including hormone disorders (which could very likely affect fertililty), retained uterine contents after an abortion (which is unlikely given the period of time), or a number of breast disorders. I would not like to say if this is normal or abnormal as there are many serious medical disorders that may cause this. See a gynecologist as soon as you can.

  • Lucy

    I haven’t fallen pregnant since, though I haven’t tried, not at that point yet in my life where I’m ready. I can’t say for sure what type it was, though the phrase/term ‘full evacuation’ rings a bell. Though it’s been so long I could be mistaken, it’s quite a blur now. I was 16/17 wks at the time, and seem to recall the procedure took quite a bit longer than expected, I didn’t wake up till the next day, though wasn’t really told anything. I remember the other Drs acting somewhat disapproving of my Dr for being willing to perform it at that stage, as I believe it’s usuually as late as they’ll do it, but thankfully he was sensitive to my age/situation and that not allowing it would potenitally have been more damaging. Thank you for your comments. I will discuss with my Dr.

  • Becky

    I am 15 and just founded out that I have a nipple discharge. This was after I saw a yellow stain on my bra. It started out as an itch in which I thought was no big deal, then it grew worse over time. I read from some articles that this might be cause from exercising, which might be my case since I play basketball regulary. I am also really worried that I might have breast cancer, but there’s no lumps on my breast at all. There’s also no blood from my discharge but the nipple itches sometimes. Is there a way I could stop the discharge? or is there any cream I could apply to cure this?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Becky

      See a doctor or gynecologist preferably and first have it checked. While at times you may not find a breast lump, you cannot exclude breast cancer as a possibility especially if you are experiencing abnormal discharge and itchiness. It could also be an infection (less likely) or due to hormonal factors (more likely). These hormonal factors could be associated with excessive physical activity but they could also be indicative of hormonal problems that may not be apparent now. You may only discover this later in life when/IF fertility issues arise. So see a doctor first and even though it may be minor, you should not try to self medicate without first getting medical advice.

  • chinyere

    doc,wot can l do 2 avoid nipple discharge? l am 29 years old not breath feeding l have not giving birth at all. please what do l do?my new fiance is complaining

  • kmollo

    I am 45 and on bioidentical hormones for almost 8 weeks now. I have burning breasts, extreme tenderness which is subsiding but now I have yellow and sticky discharge from both breasts only if I squeeze them. I did my breast exam and did have to squeeze pretty hard. Is this normal? Should I have taken my HR every day even through my period? Am I having normal side effects and need to have my formula changed?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Kmollo

      It would be irresponsible of us to advise you on the use of your bioidentical HRT and you should speak to your gynecologist. Breast tenderness is a fairly common complaint immediately after starting this sort of HRT and any hard “squeeze” will obviously inflame the breast tissue as well. However the tenderness should not be persisting for more than a week or two and since you are also experiencing discharge, I would advise that you speak to your gynecologist immediately. Bioidentical HRT may not be for you and so your gynecologist will advise you on other options or the dosage may be too high. Don’t change the dosage or stop the HRT until you consult with a doctor.

  • cyndi

    My right breast was squeezed very hard and clear discharge came out, they are already sensitive,I am 17 years old. Will I be okay?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Cindy

      The discharge can be expected if there was a lot of pressure applied and the sensitivity would be related to this as well. The information you have provided is limited but it is important to note that the breast is a sensitive organ and any injury can cause a range of symptoms. If the discharge and sensitivity is persisting, you should see a doctor. If the discharge occurred prior to this incident, you should also see a doctor immediately. Other than that, breast injuries can cause a range of symptoms that will resolve once the breast tissue heals. Of course this depends on the extent of the injury which can only be assessed by a physical examination. If in doubt, speak to your parent/guardian and see a doctor.

  • Kassidy

    I am 23 years old, very healthy, I am in the military and workout at least 2 hours a day 5 days a week. I have played sports and done outdoor activities all my life. My period has never been regular and my Dr. says it’s because of the Sports I played and from running cross country and track for some many years. About 3 years ago I got pregnant but miscarried at 9 weeks. For about 2 years now I have been on the Depo shot. I then deployed to Iraq for a year and haven’t had a period since then. (Dr. says it could be because of the Depo and added stress of a deployment)

    Starting Last week my right breast started to get this discharge that was at first a light brown color and then it started to discharge blood. Both breasts were a little tender so I took my nipple piercings out. (I have had these for about 5 yrs no problems) Then I wake up this morning and I have a swollen hard area a little smaller than a golf ball off to the right of my nipple.

    What could be causing this?

    (THere is no family history of any breast disease)

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Kassidy

      Even if there is no family of breast diseases, particularly breast cancer, it is still a possibility. You have other factors that put you at risk – the use of hormone contraceptives, hormonal imbalance that was causing your irregular menses previously, and stress which can affect the body in a multitude of ways.

      Your doctor is right about why you have not been having your periods but that is not the serious issue right now. A persistent discharge in a woman who is not lactating should be attended to but the fact that blood is now coming out is a cause of great concern. The ball-like lump is the cause of further concern. There could be other possibilities related to these symptoms including trauma or an infection but the possibility of breast cancer is what is of concern at this point.

      Please see a gynecologist immediately. You will need a mammogram and maybe even a biopsy. These procedures will not happen overnight so please do not wait to seek medical treatment. See your doctor NOW!

  • momfivepack

    I am 43 and about 7 months ago i had what looked like blood spots on my bra so i saw my doctor she did a prolactin test and it came back normal. Then i had a mammogram, a ductogram and a sonogram which all came back normal. Then i went to a breast surgeon, she examined me and I did have discharge but only when squeezed it was not spontaneous. So i went back three months later in March and she did get more discharge but had to squeeze pretty hard and didn’t get alot she said she thought i was fine but gave me 2 options 1. continue watching things and see if it stopped on its own or 2. Have surgery to remove the duct she said it could be an intraductal pappiloma. I am scheduled for surgery in May but i am now having second thoughts because I have squeezed the nipple several times at home since my last appointment and although i still have some discharge it is milky or cloudy looking not brown or bloody like before and it is not alot and takes a pretty hard squeeze. I don’t want to undergo surgery if it isn’t necessary, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Dr. Chris


      You cannot make that decision to skip the surgery without discussing it with your doctor. Despite the change in the discharge, you doctor may want to do a biopsy at least, if any pathological lesions have been noticed and you may not have been informed of it. Nobody is keen about surgery but given your age alone, you are at a high risk for many serious breast disorders. It is necessary to speak to your doctor about this immediately so that you can put your fears to rest.

      Please note that there is no need to submit any question twice. This medical question and answer service is a free service offered by Health Hype and your questions may only be attended to after 72 hours. If you are concerned about your condition or symptoms, please consult a doctor and do not depend on online advice on any website or forum.

  • hijab

    i m having milky nipple discharge,i.e scanty and comes on stimulation n compressing the breast.its 21 with regular menstural cycles,sexually active.what could b the reason behind n is it to e concerned about? no other complaint.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Hijab
      This could be galatcorrhea which has many causes. You should immediately speak to your gynecologist about it because it could be due to a serious cause. Your gynecologist will be able to advise you after conducting the necessary tests and investigations.

  • PuzzledCompletely

    It has been 11 years since I had my child and when stimulated I still get discharge from both nipples. It comes out both clear and sticky and sort of yellow/whitish milky (both fluids separately from the individual pores and sort of resembles what I remember the colostrum looking like).

    To read the rest of this question and the answer by Dr. Chris, please view the article on Milky White Yellow Breast Nipple Discharge, Not Pregnant.

  • vichu

    i am 23 yrs old. i m having a clear discharge from my right side nipple,only when compressed ,which is salty. is this a serious problem ? what should b done 2 stop tis.?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Vichu

      A lot depends on hormonal factors, whether you have an infection and how much of pressure you are applying. Serous fluid like this may be due to trauma or inflammation. You should see your gynecologist so that the necessary tests can be done to make a diagnosis.

  • Hello!! I have nipple discharge problem.. And I am not married!! My doc. Said that it usually occured while conceiving or after pregnancy but i am virgin… What are the reasons behind??? Discharge is transparent water and sometimes milky drops… Plz explain it….

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Sidra

      It could be a condition known as galactorrhea which may be linked to a number of gynecological causes like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It could be even more serious like a tumor. It can sometimes happen just before your period but should not be milky. You should get a second opinion and preferably see a gynecologist.

  • I see gynecologist and she said there is nothing to worry about .. She suggested to wear tight bra and fefol capsules for 15 days.. She said it’s due to prolactin increase in my brain that’s why it is sooo… More over my age is just 21 .. I am taking stomach medicine levopraide and omeprazole… So doc. Said it’s due to these drugs.. And I should take it normal if periods are regular and it stopped in next 15 days.. Should I take it usual… ??? Should I stop drinkng milk and liquids….???? I heard it could be dangerous after married life as it leads to infertility .. Is it sooo???? I am upset… Because before three months my mensturation cycle was irregular and previous doctor thought that it was polycyclic ovarian disease and I took duphadtan tablet a year before but periods were even thn irregular but three months befoe uptill now periods are regular without using any medicine…. Now this problem start 1 day before my periods on this 19 may…. What you suggest now…

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Sidra

      Please note that this platform is a free service to help guide readers. It does not constitute a consultation with a medical practitioner.

      If you are seeing a gynecologist then let her manage your condition and please direct your concerns to her. If you are not experiencing any relief, then go back to her so that she can take the next step in the treatment. “Hopping” between doctors or trying to manage your condition at home without medical supervision can ultimately affect the treatment.

  • And thanks … Sorry I forgot and tablet I took was duphastan* sorry….

  • JAK_SU

    My wife aged 48 yrs having regular mans within a cyle of 25days. On stimulating/squeezing during lovemaking she starts white nipple discharge starts 3-4 months ago. Now in the same fashion now starts bilateral discharge since a day ago.She was get injured on 29th April 2010 by skidding of two wheeler and got superficial skin abrasion over the abdomen. the same is recovered. during treatment the treatment was given like analgesic,renitidine and anti swelling tabs.
    Thanking you

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Jak_Su

      From what you say, the discharge started before the medication that your wife used for her injury. So it may not be related. There could be a number of causes for this discharge and given your wife’s age, it’s a good idea that she has a mammogram once a year anyway. Your wife could be approaching menopause and the hormone changes that may be occurring can cause a breast discharge. Since it is affecting both breasts, it is likely that the cause is more hormonal rather than being isolated to pathology within the breast itself. Stimulation is known to also induce a milky discharge but this would have to be long term. You do not mention when last your wife was pregnant etc but it is advisable for her to see a doctor/gynecologist. The relevant tests would have to be conducted. There are other causes which may not be relevant to your wife’s case so it is best to see a doctor and take it from there.

  • Ok!!! Thanx Dr.Chris for ur advice….

  • Kriss

    I’m 15 and I have a similar situation to the user named Lynn. Out of my right breast leaks some brownish, sticky secretion that appears dark yellow on a white tissue. I take no medications or hormonal pills; but my period has been a little wonky (i skipped 2 in Feb and March)I’m worried about what it could be. Does anyone have any consolation for me?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Kris

      Given your age and symptoms, you need to speak to somebody about this so that they can take you to a doctor. Trying to avoid a visit to the doctor and hoping for some consolation online is not going to help you in the long run. You may be delaying and it could be serious. Your doctor will confirm or exclude this. It could be something minor but given what you describe, it needs medical intervention. Please do not attempt to self-diagnose and manage your condition without medical supervision.

  • tharaayyappan

    delivered 3years back , not lactating , still have milk secretion from single breast, serum prolactin normal

    • Dr. Chris

      See your gynecologist. The information have provided is too limited so read the article above for more information. But let your gynecologist decide on other tests. Considering that the secretion is only from one breast, a mammogram should be done.

  • Alix

    Dear Dr. Chris,

    I’m a 22-year-old woman, and have been on Nuvaring for two and a half years. Yesterday, nearly two weeks after insertion after an odd, light period, I noticed brown vaginal spotting and a drop of clear liquid on my left nipple. When I squeezed my right one, it produced a similar discharge. It’s extraordinarily unlikely I’m pregnant (Nuvaring, never penetrated, two periods since I fooled around, two negative tests after that last odd period came late). My grandmother died of breast cancer. Do I worry? Some things online have said that high stress and/or hormonal contraception could cause this weirdness.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Alix

      Yes, hormone contraceptives and prolonged stress can trigger changes in the body that could account for breast discharge. However you should still be concerned considering your family history, age, contraceptive use and symptoms. This is not to say that you do have breast cancer. But you need to be attentive and have regular checkups as well as an annual mammogram. Please see a gynecologist as soon as possible. Even if these symptoms pass, please do not ignore it. Rather speak to a doctor and have it investigated further.

  • renee

    I have been recently diagnosed with FBD in both of my breast. I am only 19 yrs. old and in a size double D. I have no pain whatsoever but I figure that I will probably have breast cancer. I have little white bumps on my nipple only and I was wondering what they are. I have been trying to get pregnant and I was wondering if this has anything to do with me not. I

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Renee

      The little white bumps on your nipple may be related to discharge. It would be difficult to say without a physical examination and I would not want to mislead you. The hormonal changes that contribute to FBD may also affect conception so the underlying causes should be investigate and treated. Given your age, the success of any therapy should be better. You should be discussing these concerns with your gynecologist who is managing the condition and hopefully you are seeking treatment for it.

  • I breastfed my son for 3 months 3 years ago (2007). I had to stop breastfeeding because of medication I had to take, so I was in pain due to all the milk I was producing and having to stop from one day to the next. Til this day, I still get that “let down” feeling as if the milk is about to come out and if I squeeze my nipple I do have a milk discharge. I don’t leak out of nowhere, I have to squeeze it in order for it to come out. Acutally, my husband is the one who noticed this problem. Since then I will squeeze randomly and i will discharge a little bit of milk from both sides. What could this be from? I am not on any birth control, I had my tubes tide after my sons birth.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Jesme

      It is not uncommon for mothers to find that they are lactating for a while after baby stops breastfeeding. However, 3 years is a bit long. You should see your gynecologist and verify that this breast discharge is breast milk and what could be causing the hormonal changes to perpetuate milk production so long afterwards. If you have any chronic conditions, this could be an underlying cause. Speak to a doctor. Don’t leave this unattended.

  • gracie

    hi Dr Chris

    im 22yrs old about 2yrs ago i had an induced miscarriage due to a medical condition i was 20wks along but my baby was measuring as a 11-14wk fetus. after this my breast engorged in milk like they did after my first born my milk eventually dried up . but when squeezed milky discharge would come out not a lot maybe a couple of drops my concern was this lasted well over a yr. i eventually forgot about it … i have recently gained weight and my breast feel a little fuller … they are sometimes tender and feel full in early morning and late afternoon i did squeeze and CLEAR discharge came out but again not alot… should i be worried i know im not pregnant and on nuvaring

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Gracie

      Any discharge in a woman who is not pregnant or not breastfeeding should be investigated. A clear discharge can occur and may not be abnormal. It may be related to hormonal changes but nevertheless you should not ignore it. Significant pressure (squeezing) may cause a slight discharge in women, particularly in women who has children, and especially if you are squeezing the breast regularly. Speak to your doctor about a mammogram and other tests to exclude serous conditions like breast cancer. A hormonal screen (blood test) may be useful. If these are clear, then you can ignore it but I would advise that you have those tests just to be on the safe side.

  • gracie

    this only occurred when squeezed.

  • I am 21 and just newly married. still hav’nt had any intercourse yet. my husband complains that he got some watery discharge from both breasts which is very little (not even a drop). I have some white dots on my nipples. what might cause it? please help. Regards…

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Priyanka

      This may be a discharge from the montgomery glands present on the areola. It is not uncommon for this to occur but it is always advisable to have it checked up to exclude more serious breast related disease. It needs to be physically inspected by a doctor or preferably a gynecologist.

  • Kerrie

    I’m 25yrs and about 7 1/2 months a ago i had a miscarriage =( i was very upset would have been our first went through alot of blood test my dr. was con. it could have been tub. pg. the nurse got my hopes up a couple of times by giving me someone else blood work not once but twice and my blood work was going up and down.Went to get secound op. that dr. said i could have well i forgot what she said that hormon was. I was never tested for anything.A couple a wks. after my miscarriage i was in a really bad auto acc. and was very very lucky i walked away i was only extremly sore all over and still have just a lil prob. w/ my L hip. and yesterday my niples have been sore and i was rubbing them not very hard and a milky discharge came out never has happened before trust me b/c my husband would have found out a long time ago. anyways my niples have never hurt sence i stoped growing and not really even then. what would you advise me to do and is ther a dr. you could ref. me to.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Kerrie

      The hormonal changes related to your miscarriage, plus recent experiences could have initiated this discharge. This should resolve over a period of time. However, it must not be excluded that trauma to the chest (related to the accident) may have also been responsible. ubbing and massaging the area will also stimulate the glands. I would advise that you see a doctor, preferably a gastoenterologist. Unfortunately we do not provide any referrals but you can speak to your doctor (GP) about a referral.

  • nas78

    I am 31 yrs, recently got pregnant after IFV treatment, 9th week running, so far I was taking 1/2 bromocriptine daily at morning and night for the last eight months but as per doctor’s advise just left taking any bromocriptine 2 days ago. presently continuing cychologest suppo. and folison daily from conception.

    Problem: from last two days, clear and sticky discharge is coming out from the breast automatically (but not continuously) when I am moving my position from laying or even while sleeping; not to tell about when squeezed, definitely it is happening.

    Will this discharge cause my miscarriage? will it jeopardize baby’s development? Will it decrease projestorone level and cause miscarriage? Now what to do?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Nas78

      There is no reason to suspect that discharge is related to any problem with the baby’s development or your pregnancy in general. It is expected in pregnancy. However, given your difficulty in conceiving, the current regimen that you are on and the fact that you have various concerns, you should not just leave it and it would be best to speak to your doctor about the discharge.

  • sophia

    Hello Dr Chris,

    Im an 18 yr old female, and about a month ago i noticed if applied pressure to my breast discharge came out its usually clear sometimes milky. i’ve been to my doctor who has taken a blood sample im nervous that it could be something more serious such as a tumor.

    Recently i’ve had a lot of stress, started a new job that was very stressful, moving house and in 3 weeks im moving to australia for a yr by myself i have been very nervous and stressed about it do you think perhaps this is why my breast was leaking? I also noticed this month my period was longer usually i am on for 5 days this month i was on for seven?


    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Sophia

      It is very possible that this is related to stress. The action of the “stress” hormones can affect your menstrual cycle (your longer period is an indication) and lead to other hormonal changes that may affect the breast. A clear discharge is one thing but a milky discharge in a young girl of your age, especially if you are not using any hormone contraceptives and not pregnant or has not previously had a child, should be investigated. This is routine and there is no reason to suspect a tumor just yet. Wait for the test results to come back.

  • tlee

    I am 31 years old i have type 1 diabetes. For about a week now my breasts have been very sore and i have a discharge along with shortness of breath its like i cant get a good cleansing breath feels like my lungs wont fill up with air and it makes me feel panicky!! I breast fed both of my children till age 2 but they are 10 and 12 now!!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Tlee

      Breast discharge in diabetes does occur and it should be investigated whether it is related to an infection, which is more likely to occur in a diabetic, or even due to the improper use of your medication like insulin. The effect of diabetes can impact on the female hormones and lead to breast discharge. You do not mention much about the type of discharge, nature of the secretion and so on so it would be difficult to provide a more conclusive response. I would advise that you see your doctor as soon as possible, not just for the breast discharge, but especially for the shortness of breath which may be indicative of a more serious condition. A slight breast discharge is not considered as a problem provided that it is not blood-stained or has an offensive odor but the breast should not be “very sore”.

  • Maegan

    Hi i have a couple questions to ask.

    I’m 21, and i have a clear milky discharge secreting from my left breast more so then my right. its coming out more consistently now and im starting to get worried. ive been having normal cycles.nothing out of the ordinary. This started in June and is still holdin on strong. I don’t think im pregnant and i haven’t been on birth control in over a year. I have no clue whats going on..

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Maegan

      It is always important for a fertile woman to first exclude pregnancy. So this should be done first. Small amounts of a clear, white or yellow discharge which is evident upon pressure or massaging is not necessarily an indication of some underlying problem. However if it is persistent or occurs without any significant pressure applied to the breast, then it does raise concerns for many possible conditions. Since you indicate that it is occurring presistently on both sides, this could be a sign of galactorrhea. However, if one sided then it may be a sign of ectasis, intraduct papilloma or cancer. Do not get concerned just yet. Visit your gynecologist as soon as you can. You may also need a mammogram.

  • Julie

    Please help me… I’m so worried. I’m 24 years old. I first discovered a very swollen area above my left breast about 3 weeks ago.

    I was at the time on cerezette pill and have been taking it since novemeber 2009. I went to the doctors- who to be honest- didn’t examine me very well at all, and seemed quite embarrassed despite my huge concern. I started taking the antibiotics last week for a 7 day course to rule out any infection.

    During the course, i had swelling in the same area above my right breast. The areas of swelling had gone down a little- but not massively. I went back to the doctors yesterday and he didn’t even feel any of the areas and just said it might be hormonal and sent me away. He said it might settle down when you come on your period.

    Today i have noticed nipple discharge on my grey bed t-shirt- and i’m just going out of my mind… all the signs for cancer- swelling, nipple discharge…etc yet the doctors wont send me for any further tests and have put it down to hormones?!

    My doctor doesnt know about the nipple discharge- and I just feel like I can’t go back- as once again he’ll say hormones (which i blooming hope it is) I’m so scared and worried and hope it just hormonal but i would like some advice please?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Julie

      Breast cancer is always a concern for women but there is a difference between swelling and a lump. The fact that this swelling also occurred on the other breast makes it less likely that it is breast cancer. Of course, this cannot be ruled out without conducting necessary tests like a mammogram.

      A swelling should not be ignored but you don’t mention any pain, redness of the area and so on, so it may not have been an infection. Nevertheless, there was no harm in being cautious and using the antibiotics – after all, you doctor may have seen something upon the examination that you may not be aware of. Hormonal causes of breast swelling are common and may be due to changes in your menstrual cycle coupled with the pill that you are using. Nipple discharge is also a common occurrence, especially upon applying pressure but at this point, given the persistent swelling and the subsequent appearance of the discharge, you need to see a gynecologist. If you are not happy with the treatment that you are receiving from your doctor, then you should seek a second opinion.

      Remember that these symptoms could be side effects of the pill that you are using and your gynecologist may look at changing the pill or stopping it altogether to exclude it as a possible cause.

  • Julie

    Thank you Dr Chris. I probably didn’t explain in my last email that I haven’t had a period since Novemeber 2009 as with the cerezette pill- you don’t. I am hoping the breast changes are just hormonal but it doesn’t stop you worrying! i.e. all of a sudden after all this time since Nov 2009- breast changes occur just a month ago. Surely these would have been apparent since the time taking the pill?

    I have stopped the pill on advice from the doctor (which again i should have mentioned above) and was trying to find some literature on the internet as to whether breast discharge is common for someone who has stopped the cerezette pill but cant find nothing at all.

    You talk about different colours of discharge from the breast in your article above the comments- how do you know what colour the discharge is between clear and milky when just wearing a white bra- as I cannot really tell the colour of it and wont be able to define for my doctor? To me, it was like just a drop of water (a very small drop at that). The worrying thing is I wouldn’t have even noticed should i have put a bra straight on.

    Many thanks.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Julie

      As far as I am aware, some women do have periods on Cerazette but of course, these are not the actual menstrual process that follows ovulation. Stopping the pill is one way of isolating whether the breast swelling was due to the pill. It is not uncommon to find that residual effects of the pill can last for 3 months, sometimes more, after stopping it. But you are correct, this should have been evident before this time.

      You have to also consider the fact that this may not be related to the pill. I would advise that you see a gynecologist. It is always good to educate yourself on subject matter but this problem is ongoing and it needs specialist attention.

      The color of the discharge is often evident without having to go to extreme measures to identify it. If it is not, it is most likely clear or white (considering the white bra). Irrespective of the quantity, the swelling and discharge needs to be investigated. I assume that you have ruled out pregnancy but there are a number of conditions that could be responsible.

  • Candice

    I am 24 years old and am having a clear, watery discharge from both nipples. I first noticed it when I got them pierced two years ago. After I took the piercings out and let them grow in, they never quite seemed to heal and started leaking tiny watery drops whenever I applied pressure to them. At first I wasn’t concerned, but something very alarming just happened. I squeezed the side of my breast, and clear liquid shot high into the air. It disturbed me very much, and I immediately began looking into it, which is what led me here. Could this be an infection from having my nipples pierced or something worse? If its an infection, what can I do to get rid of it?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Candice

      An infection is possible but by now you would have experienced pain, redness and swelling. A little clear discharge upon applying pressure to the breast is not uncommon and in many cases it is not a cause for concern. However this has to be confirmed by your doctor. It could be due to inflammation caused by the piercings and possible damage to the anatomy of the area. The fact that it is occurring from both breasts (and if we exclude the piercings), indicates that one of the possible causes is due to hormonal factors. You should have this investigate even if it does not seem to be a problem. Hopefully your piercings have not caused any damage and if it is an infection, your doctor will treat it with antibiotics.

  • Candice

    I should also mention that I am on antidepressants and the birth control patch, as I read that these things can also cause discharge. Also, I have no other symptoms, no lumps or bleeding or anything else abnormal about my breasts.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Candice

      Just spotted the second part of your message. Yes, antidepressants and certain other drugs can cause discharge. If you had any lumps and if the discharge was isolated to one side only would make it more worrisome. Fortunately this is not the case here. Nevertheless, don’t ignore it. Allow your doctor to examine the area. You should have a regular breast check up and mammogram irrespective of your risk.

  • Yvonne

    Hi, I’m a 20 year old female, and currently I have little droplets of white / clear discharge from my right nipple when squeezing fairly hard. I tried to see if my left nipple did it as well, but I can’t get anything out of it. I’m not on any medication right now, so I was just wondering what could be causing this discharge.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Yvonne

      A slight discharge upon applying significant pressure is not uncommon. It could be related to secretions from the Montgomery glands and are not actually from the deeper lying breast tissue itself. It’s always advisable to report this finding to your gynecologist during your annual breast examination (which you are hopefully having done). In most cases, it is not serious but nevertheless warrants investigation, especially if it is bothering you. Spontaneous discharge, or discharge with any blood needs to be investigated immediately.

  • tanisha

    Hi Doc

    I am in a big worry,recently i have taken combination of mifepristone & misoprostol tablets to abort my 8 weeks pregnancy,after 10 days i noticed that white cloudy water is coming out of my nipples while i squeez them,i am sexually active,i dont have any kind of pain in my breasts,is it normal or a problem,sholud i see a doctor,your urgent suggestions are required,please help me.

    Thx in Advance

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Tanisha

      Hopefully you used the abortion pills as prescribed by a doctor and it was supervised accordingly. Discharge is not uncommon in these cases as your body is still between the pregnant and non-pregnant state. Physiological changes that started with pregnancy will slow down but some may be present for long periods afterwards. You should have been seeing a doctor before you even considered taking the pills. Please see a doctor immediately if you have not done so. While you do not have any breast pain or other major signs and symptoms, there can be many complications of an induced abortion that can be serious in the long run.

  • tanisha

    Thx doc, i ll immediately see some doc..

  • Connie

    Hi, I’m 41 and discovered that I am having a bloody discharge from my left breast, sometimes spontaneous, and I can express it out most of the time. Sometimes it is blood w/pus like fluid, sometimes blood w/clear like fluid. I just had a mammogram, ultrasound, and ductogram all negative. I am going to see a surgeon in two weeks though. Do I still need to be concerned that this could be something serious since the tests I’ve already had came back negative.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Connie

      The fact that you underwent the necessary tests and there has been no significant findings as yet does not necessarily mean that there is nothing to worry about. Similarly, you should not stress about this until you have some conclusive answers. It is obvious that you are looking for some sort of reassurance. I would advise that you wait for your consultation with the surgeon before making any assumptions. Don’t let it get to you (I know that is easier said than done) – there is nothing that you can do to change this at this point in time. Worrying about your condition can often make it worse and affect your health in other ways.

  • tbissell

    I have been having left nipple discharge for about one week. It started after having foreplay and a lot of breat manipulation. It is milky in color only a couple drops come out of one pore when manually squeezed and only on the left side. I have not breastfed in over a year and have never had any discharge after one month of weaning and am not pregnant I use condoms and have taken 4 pregnancy test all negative. I have a doctors appt but not untill next week. I am under a lot of stress and this is just adding to it, I am really scared and would like to know if this is normal or not.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Tbissell

      This is not uncommon especially if there was prolonged and firm pressure applied to the breast. The fact that you recently has a child means that he breast tissue for milk production is still active although you should have noticed some sign of it sooner. These drops may not even be breast milk and could related to a discharge from the glands of the areola. You should nevertheless have it investigated by a doctor. Take note of any lumps upon conducting a self-examinations, as well as pain, and if present, report it to your doctor.

  • Bri

    I am 16 years old and I have been having a small amount of clear-whitish discharge from my left nipple when I squeeze it lightly. This has been happeneing for about 2 months now and it’s not just before my period – it happens every day. 4-5 months ago my period was irregular (it was happening every 2 weeks when it’s usually every 6 weeks) but my period is back to normal now. I’m not pregnant, I have no lumps or tenderness, so what’s the deal with the discharge? Thanks.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Bri

      Discharge can occur under normal circumstances and not be related to any disorder. Given your age, there are a lot of hormonal changes occurring in your body. This could account for the discharge. Speak to a doctor nevertheless. The absence of a lump or pain does not exclude serious conditions which could be occurring in the breast.

  • AmyJayne

    Hi there,
    I was just questioning why I have a milky discharge from both breasts. I have not been breastfeeding for a little over a year now. I remember a few months after weaning that I didn’t have any milk come out when expressed but recently I have had breast tenderness, that feeling of fullness, and now discharge. I have very regular and really heavy periods so I really doubt pregnancy. Could it just be hormones?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi AmyJane

      It can most definitely be related to your hormones. The body undergoes many changes after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Even though you have stopped breast feeding, the milk-producing tissue is still somewhat active and hormonal fluctuations as well as excessive manual stimulation can cause some milk production and secretion. However, you should not assume that a discharge is related to milk secretion, especially if it has commenced spontaneously and tenderness/pain is present. It is advisable to consult with a gynecologist to exclude more serious diseases.

  • nina

    am sexually active and i do have pains down my somack and for ones i have never goten pregnat and i do have light milk discarged form my breast

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Nina

      You should see a doctor since you are experiencing pain along with the discharge. Other than that, I cannot offer much more advice since the information you have provided is very limited.

  • miss N

    im 19. i could see whitish-yellow discharge from my right nipple has been a year.i dont know how to describe my nipple,it looks like inverted.but when i squeeze my nipple,there is no lump,itching, but only it only bcause of infection?and if so,does it show bad sign?should i seek the doc? im afraid to do so..from the comments above it can be related to infertility about cancer?is it true? plz help me…

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Miss N

      Your symptoms could be due to an infection, however, at this point you would have noticed more severe symptoms beyond the discharge. The inverted nipple may be a cause for concern as it could be related to breast cancer, especially since you are experiencing discharge. However, this is not the only cause. The inverted nipple could also be due to trauma and fat necrosis as well as it occurring for no known reason (idiopathic). You should see a doctor immediately. Don’t let fear delay it any further as you could be delaying the diagnosis and treatment of a very serious condition. This could just make matters worse and lead to a host of complications.

  • tbissell

    Hi I am back, I went to the doctor he did a breast exam no lumps also had my thyroid and prolactin levels checked normal thyroid my prolactin level was a 7. The doctor is still going to give me an mri. The problem is now it is coming from both sides and in multiple pores no nipple stimulation since last post and it seems to have gotten worse since going to the doc. How normal is this, is it something to be concerned Has my prolactin level increased since the THis has never happened to me

    • Dr. Chris


      Since you are consulting with your doctor, continue to do so. He/she will be in a better position to address your concerns due to knowledge of your case history and findings after clinical evaluation. Have the MRI as well to allow your doctor to make an informed decision and guide you accordingly. Any advice that we can offer is only based on your reports and without physical examination and proper evaluation, our advice may prove to be misleading. Speak to your doctor.

  • ANN

    l’m 25. Due to bilateral clear discharge.The doc request a hormonal profile test.The result was high estrogen & progesterone & low FSH. Can this be attributed to the breast discharge & is Parlodel the best drug for it?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Ann

      Yes the discharge can most definitely be due to these changes in your hormone levels. We cannot comment on the use of any specific drug or undermine your doctor’s actions in any way. Your doctor prescribed the drug based on your past medical history, current physical features and the results of the blood test. If you are uncertain about the medication that you have been prescribed, then seek a second opinion from another doctor.

  • smartloobylou

    I am 39 years old and have noticed yellow spots on the inside of my right bra, in several of them, and also there has been spotting on my sheets that i did not know the source of. My youngest is almost 1 year old and i have not breasted since he was 10 weeks old. I take fluoxetine for PND (20mg) – should i be worried about breast cancer?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Smartloobylou

      Breast cancer is a concern for every woman but do not make that assumption just yet. The discharge could be related to the medication that you are currently using. You should see a doctor and hopefully you have been conducting regular breast examinations on your own. I would not advise that you leave this unattended.

  • mbrewcrew2

    I just recently noticed that my right breast was leaking. THe only reason i noticed it is there was a stain in my bra about the size of a quarter. My nipple was stinging ever now and then. i didn’t see it physically leaking. my breast has hurt a little not to much though.I am not pregnant. I was 2 years ago, but gave birth at 18 weeks. I do not think it has anything to do with that just because it was so long ago and have never noticed it before. if someone could give me some feed back that would be great. i am 26 years old. thank you

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Mbrewcrew2

      This could be an infection, especially since you are experiencing some pain. However, hormonal changes may also cause some discharge. A lot depends on the color of the discharge and at what stage in your menstrual cycle that it occurred. One sided discharge is a cause for concern and I would advise that you see a doctor immediately. It may not be anything serious but do not ignore it. Let your doctor confirm that it is not serious.

  • Lisa

    Hi Dr. Chris,

    I’m a 30 y/o woman with no children. Two months ago I thought it felt wet inside my bra and noticed my left nipple was leaking a little. This has happened on and off since then, only in the left breast. The discharge has always appeared clear and isn’t sticky–it does come out more if the nipple is squeezed. It doesn’t really leak or drip, rather it sort of bubbles up on the nipple. I’ve googled and read all sorts of things but I’m freaking out about it and I don’t have insurance so I haven’t gone to the doctor. I’m terrified that it’s bad because I haven’t had any children and I’ve read that can really mess your hormones up by your thirties if you haven’t. Thanks in advance.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Lisa

      I won’t go too in depth into hormonal disorders that are more likely in women who have not had children but it is unlikely to occur in a 30 year old women. T

      A clear discharge can be due to many reasons and this is not always a sign of a serious condition like breast cancer, etc which I assume you are suspecting. But it is difficult to say without further investigation. You need to see a doctor and even though you do not have insurance, you will need to use some facility that may not charge you for their services (depending on the country you reside in). A discharge on both sides is more likely to indicate a hormonal disorders while one-sided may be due to inflammation (various causes), infection or even a tumor. Further investigation is necessary. It may just be a temporary fluctuation in your hormones.

  • angilena

    i am 26 year old unmarried girl.i had 3 month abortion when i was 19years old.that time i didnt consult any doctor,one of my friend give me im injection at that time for abortion,and it was aborted i didnt consult any doctor for cleaning up of my uterus.then soon after abortion i noticed white fluid from my nipples,now i am 26 ,still unmarried and nw i am gettin green/yellowish fluid out of my nipples when i squeez them.plz let me know is it dangerous

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Angelina

      It is difficult to ascertain whether the discharge now is related to the abortion early in life. May be it is or maybe not. Any discharge, irrespective of the history, needs to be investigated.

      Green to yellow discharge is usually indicative of an infection because certain white blood cells known as neutrophils break down and cause this green tinge. It may mean that the infection is more long standing. You should have it investigated. It could possibly be related to hormonal causes as well, especially if it is occurring on both sides.

      Discharge can also occur for a number of reasons, some of which are not due to a disease, but this would only result in a white or yellow discharge. See a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Mash

    I m 16. I had been having protected sex wd my bf…n last time when he sucked my nipples, something white came out from the left one. But it did not happen in the case of other. The amount was very little. What was it actually? Am i pregnant? If not, then what is the reason for this? Can this cause any problem in future??and yeah.. i forgot to mention that it does not happen frequently….it only comes out when he sucks my nipples n the amount is very little…
    Please HELP ME!! cause i can’t consult a doctor or my mother bcz IT WILL BE THE END OF THE WORLD FOR ME if my mom gets to know!Plz help me!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Mash

      Nipple discharge upon stimulation is not uncommon and it is not always related to a problem. Yes, it could be pregnancy and you should have a pregnancy test even if you are having protected sex.

      However, it is difficult to say what the cause of this is without you undergoing further investigation. This will mean that you need to see a doctor and given that you are a minor, it is necessary to speak to your mother.

      Just inform your mom and the doctor that you are finding a discharge upon stimulation of the breast. It may not be anything serious but you cannot know that until it is investigated further.

  • sai

    i am 25 years, married but im not pregnant,is there any problem of my breast? i have a milky breast for almost 3 months. i use oral contraceptives.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Sai

      Hormonal changes may account for the discharge if it is occurring from both breasts. Secondary hormonal fluctuations resulting from the use of oral contraceptives can cause this. However it should not be a heavy discharge and rather a minor secretion mainly upon stimulation. Nevertheless it is a good idea to speak to a doctor and have it checked up.

  • Asifa

    Hye! Dr. Chris
    My both breasts are secreting a translucent,sticky fluid in a little amount but only on squeezing or compressing. Secretion is in form of drops and can flow down.Please tell me is it normal? I am getting worried.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Asifa

      Some discharge from the breasts upon applying pressure does occur. It does not always happen though. However, it is difficult to say whether it is normal in your case. You should see a doctor anyway just to put your mind at ease and exclude any serious underlying disorders.

  • Asifa

    Oh sorry i forg0t to mention that I am 21 years old and is virgin.

  • Lcutt

    Hi there,
    I’m 20 years old and just moved away to go to university. I am underweight and am living in a dorm room full of girls. I had sex once with a condom since being at school. Missed that months period so took a coupl of pregnacy test which were negative. I started the birth control pill right after to regulate my periods and got a very very light period at the end of the month. However being on birthcobtrol made me had a bad reaction to it. My breasts started to leak (with pressure) and made my upper stomach feel hard. I have stoped the pill … Could these just all be symptoms of stress, hormone imbalance and all that?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi LCutt

      Hopefully you were prescribed birth control after consulting with a gynecologist and did not just start it on your own (or with the advice of the campus nurse). It is never advisable to start birth control without first seeing a gynecologist. While it is common practice to do so to prevent pregnancy, if you are looking at regulating the period then you should definitely have first undergone an assessment by your gynecologist. Your irregular periods could have been due to a number of causes which need to be treated in order for your cycle to return to normal. “Forcing” a cycle with birth control is never advisable unless your gynecologist says so. The breast discharge may very well be due to the birth control or it could be a symptom of the underlying disorder which remains undiagnosed. Don’t assume that it is just a hormone imbalance and thats all there is to it – an imbalance suddenly occurs for a reason which needs to be identified.

  • Liz

    Hi. I am 46 years old and healthy. I had my last child more than 19 years ago. I been discharging little milk from my breast, but for the last 6 months they are drying up. Since I started having my annual check up I asked my dr. and he told me that sometimes happen, the mammograms are ok, I have no problems, thank God. I been with my fiance for a while and he likes to suck my breasts and take the little milk out. I want to know what can I do for my breasts to do not dry up? Is there any natural medicine that I can take to produce a little milk? Or how can I stimulate my breasts to have milk?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Liz

      Your doctor is correct. This small amount of milk secretion can happen for years after childbirth but eventually it does stop. While manual stimulation will cause a small amount of milk production/secretion, you also have to consider that your age is a factor as well. I cannot advise any medication or supplement for milk production as it is not for a medical reason and could affect other organs of the body. If you are intent on doing so, speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

  • becs

    Hiya im 25 years old and for the past 2weeks i have been getting a clear-milky discharge from left nipple but only if i squeeze it. it doesnt happen on my right nipple. it is only a small amount of discharge. i have no lumps or any changes to my breast that i noticed. i am quite worried bout this. i have been on the oral birth control since having my daughter who is now 6 1/2 years old, i breastfed for 3months. my partner and i have sex regular. the pill im on is cilest which i changed to about 6months ago. what do u think this could be?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Becs

      White breast discharge upon manual stimulation is not uncommon and may not be related to any disease process. It can occur when using birth control or after pregnancy/childbirth – even for years afterwards. However, when there is breast discharge from a single breast, it should be investigated even if it is not abnormal (yellow, green, bloody and foul smelling). See your gynecologist as soon as possible. A mammogram may be necessary if you do not have annual check ups.

  • Hemi imm

    Dr chris i am 20 and sexualy active last had sex 4 days ago noticed a whiteis discharg dat is bilateral 4rm my niples am scared on squezing pls help me

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Hemi Imm

      Bilateral indicates a hormonal cause most likely. You should speak to your doctor. A pregnancy test is necessary. If negative, other investigations would need to be considered. This type of discharge is not always abnormal but rather be cautious and consult with a doctor.

  • debisf

    Hi Dr.

    I’m 40 years old and had my tubes tied over 10 years ago. I haven’t had my period since this past October. I noticed this morning that one of my breast was bigger than usual and I squeezed it and to my surprise a grayish gel like discharge came out. I quickly check the other one and a whitish..milky discharge came out as well. I took a home pregnancy test but the result were negative. Is it possible that I could be pregnant and just got a wrong reading since my tubes are tied. Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Debisf

      Despite your tubes being tied, a home pregnancy test is only so effective in the early stages. A blood test needs to be done to conclusively rule out pregnancy. So to answer your question, yes, you could be pregnant despite the negative test result. While it is rare, there may have been a tubal ligation failure.

      Remember that there are a number of other causes of breast discharge. Given your age, you should see your doctor immediately who will consider further investigations.

  • Mash

    Hi Dr. Chris
    Thanks for ur information but i still could not find a way to visit a doc or consult it with my mother. i am just too scared. I am still a minor because as i said before my nipple discharge is always in very small amounts and it is not frequent. And now it comes out from both my breasts, whenever my bf sucks the nipples.
    I am not pregnant…but along with the discharge I am having very irregular periods. I am having them every month but they are delayed (for about 5-6 days). This month my date was the 21st, but on the 20th i had unprotected sex with my bf and then had an emergency contraceptive pill(i-pill). Now today is 29th and i am still not having my periods. Is this a major problem? Can it cause severe problems in the future. I read that nipple discharge can cause infertility…and i got really scared. Till last month i had delayed periods but this month i still did not have as i mentioned above. Please Doctor, help me out. You are the only one who can help me now. At least tell me the possible causes for this and ensure me if it can cause problems in the future or not. And if so then what are the possibilities?
    Thank you…..

    • Dr. Chris


      We have strict guidelines about just how far we can assist. Firstly, you are not our patient, we have not seen your medical records or consulted and examined you. Whatever information is being provided is subjective and you may be missing crucial points that only your medical doctor would identify. Secondly, we are here to guide you to the appropriate practitioner and cannot diagnose, prescribe or even suggest any treatment. You would have read this on the comment policy box that popped up when you submitted your comment.

      You need to speak to your mother and consult with a doctor. You do not have to give specific details about your boyfriend’s involvement but you have to report the discharge. Yes, it could be serious. If it is associated with some gynecological problem that is a result of a hormonal imbalance then treating it as soon as possible would be preferable. Waiting till later in life could mean that the treatment would be less effective. There is no reason to be afraid – this is a medical issue and not a relationship issue. All you need is to get to a doctor with whom you can speak to confidentially and reveal all the relevant details.

      By trying to seek help from online platforms, you are wasting time and putting your health at risk. And from our side, by answering any more of your questions, you will delay further and not seek any treatment. Please speak to your mother/doctor immediately.

  • Riddhima

    I am 20 years old and from last 2-3 months, I am observing a water like fluid coming out of my breasts when squeezed, also at 1-2 times a white fluid coming out. Is it a cause of concern and should I get it examined? Also, can this lead to breasts cancer? In my family from my maternal side two cases of cancer have come, including one with breast cancer. Can that also be a cause.

    Looking for an early reply!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi RIddhima

      You should see your doctor about these symptoms. There is no way for us to tell you if this is serious or is due to cancer. You need to see a doctor who will conduct further investigations to confirm a cause and exclude other diseases. While a clear discharge, particularly upon firm pressure is not uncommon, you should nevertheless get it checked by a doctor, preferably a gynecologist, given your concerns.

  • Jennifer

    Hello Dr, am 30 yrs old i have this clear colour discharge from both breats When squeezed very hard, though my curiosity was triggered when my younger sister 22 yrs complained of same. I had a termination like 12 yrs ago & have been on contraceptive pills until 5 yrs ago. My menstruation has always been regular & flows well ….
    Dear Dr Chris, my question is “Do I need to worry” ? ….Do I need to see a doctor ???.. cos I really need answers now since am planning to get married & start having children of my own I wouldn’t want anything to hinder my conception cos in this part of region (Africa) any married woman without children is not recognized.

    • Dr. Chris


      You should see a doctor. I cannot tell you if you need to worry or not because the relevant tests have not been conducted and anyway, it is against our policy guidelines to do so. We are not treating you and we do not know your entire medical history/case despite the information you have provided. We are only here to advise you on possibilities. Your doctor will be able to better advise you.

  • Jennifer

    Dear Dr Chris,

    Thanks for your advise i ‘ll do so right away , then give you feedback soon.

    Thanks for the prompt response.


  • Beauty

    Dr Chris,I am experiencing a clear to milky discharge which is coupled by irregular menses.I normally skip my periods for three to four months and have tested negetive on all these instances that i was not mensurating.Also when i mensurate i experience a very heavey and painful bleeding.I have been married for 8 years nw but have not been able to conceive.Please help Doctor.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Beauty

      Your menstrual symptoms, breast discharge and difficulty falling pregnant are indicative of hormone related conditions like PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). PCOS is also one of the most common causes of infertility. There are other possibilities that could account for these symptoms – from endometriosis to uterine fibroids. At this point you should be seeing a gynecologist, preferably a fertility specialist. This is essential if you want to resolve this problem and possibly fall pregnant. Speak to your family doctor / GP about a referral to a gynecologist in your area. This needs specialist medical attention.

      You can read more on PCOS in these articles – What is PCOS? and PCOS Symptoms

  • KK

    Hi Doc,

    My fiancee, is having the same kind of problems since 3 days. I have got an appointment with the Gynaec Doc tomorrow, but I am bit panicked at the moment. She had some thin liquid bit whitish and yellowish in colour coming out bilaterally when squeezed. We had sex some 20 days back and on March 11, she had her periods. There is no swollen or pain in the breast (as she says). Let me know what might be the possibility. Thanks in advance.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi KK

      If it is bilateral, then the cause is more likely hormonal. A slight whitish to yellow discharge is not uncommon even without pregnancy but it should nevertheless be investigated. Pregnancy must first be excluded before other conditions are considered. Your doctor will advise you further.

  • nish

    I am newly married. I am on birth control pills. My beast is (both)is giving out white salthy discharge. what could be the reason

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Nish

      As you can see above, there are many possible causes. The high estrogen levels associated with a hormone contraceptive can cause certain changes in the breast tissue which may contribute to this discharge. However, you have to also exclude various other causes which requires a medical examination and caerful evaluation of your medical history, including your family history. Stimulation of the breast can also contribute to a discharge which is not abnormal. Nevertheless, see your doctor as soon as possible.

  • rashmita

    hello..i am 20 yr old woman..recently i noticed i was having nipple discharge from my right breast..i had sex some 1 month back and after that had normal i pregnant??,,i am scared to consult a doctor face to face

    • Hi Rashmita. Pregnancy is indeed a possibility. Every sexually active woman is considered pregnant until proven otherwise (meaning until a pregnancy test proves you are not pregnant). Some women do experience first trimester bleeding that correlates somewhat with the normal periods and believes that this is a period and they therefore cannot be pregnant.

      However, breast discharge on its own without any symptoms after 1 month seems unlikely that it could be pregnancy. Unlikely but not impossible. You need to see a doctor. Try to do a home pregnancy test first if you are uncomfortable seeing a doctor immediately. But eventually you will need to consult with a doctor.

      Remember that hormonal changes do occur where nipple discharge can arise. Sometimes it is harmless and may just go away. But at other times it can be serious (even if it is not pregnancy). Seek medical advice as soon as possible. It may be absolutely nothing to worry about but you need a professional medical opinion.

  • Lilone909

    I have had discharge/fluids from both breast for 7 years now.. About 2 weeks ago my right side had blood mixed with the fluid I’m now having shooting pains as well as tender to the touch.. I’m 33

    • Hi Nicole. This is a very serious symptom that needs to be investigated further by your doctor as soon as possible. Do not let the 7 years history of breast discharge detract from the fact that a bloody discharge from the breast may be a serious medical problem. In fact your previous breast discharge may be unrelated to the current bloody discharge. It is also possible that this is nothing to worry about but there is no way of knowing for sure without further diagnostic investigations. Your doctor will be able to advise you further.

      • Lilone909

        It was only one day that I noticed it.. Does that not matter? I would also like to thank you for your response.

        • Hi Nicole. Obviously daily bleeding that is gradually getting worse over time is more worrying. But rather be safe than sorry. This one instance of bleeding could be the start of something more serious which may only become obvious later. Or it could be nothing to worry about. There is no way of knowing for sure. See your doctor nevertheless. You’re welcome.

  • Claire Lewin

    I have had discharge from my breasts for 11 years.. my breasts can feel tender and slightly gorged. The colour is a mucky yellow/green colour. I was diagnosed late last year with adhesions on both ovaries, fallopian tubes and bowel. I had an operation in december to remove adhesions the the left ovary and fallopian tube and will be having my right ovary and fallopian tube removed in july. Do you think my leaking breasts have anything to do with my adhesions and should I let my consultant know?

    • Hi Claire. You should definitely let your doctor know. While a hormonal disturbance could have caused a breast discharge, it would unlikely be a yellow to green color. It is possible that the problem is more local (within the breast or breasts). Green discharge is often seen with inflammatory processes, as is the tenderness and swelling. The question should be what is causing the inflammation. It may have nothing to do with your adhesions. Your doctor’s advice is important at this point.

  • Tina

    i have been diagnosed with fibrocistic breast disease and ive had 2 kids my youngest is 6 now i have a clear discharge from both breasts i was just wondering if that can be caused by the fibrocistic breast disease ya think?

    • Hi Tina. It is possible. A discharge from both breasts may more likely be due to hormonal factors. You should have it checked either way. It is just as possible that the discharge may be due to some reason other than then fibrocystic breast disease. Speak to your gynecologist as soon as possible.

  • BContreras

    I’ve always had irregular periods since I started. I’m usto always being on for either 2 weeks or close to it. I had some dark brown discharge for a few days along with unprotected sex. I have been nauseous, cramping and now I have noticed my nipples are white. (Cramping is like AF is coming but never shows.) I sometimes notice like a lump size bump on my left areola. Could I be pregnant? I took a test and got a negative result. I’m about a week late. I normally start the last week of the month ending on the first week. I attempted to get pregnant 4 years ago with no luck. Now I have all these symptoms. I cant see a doc until next week. The wait is KILLING ME!

    • Hi BContreras. You could be pregnant. There is no way that we can say for sure. Only your doctor and laboratory tests can confirm that. The problem with irregular cycles is that it is difficult to estimate the time of ovulation. So you could have been fertile at the time of intercourse and fallen pregnant. While some of your symptoms are indicative of pregnancy, the only accurate way to confirm it is through necessary tests that your doctor will tell you about. Given your history of gynecological disturbances, your current symptoms could be indicative of some underlying problem that has recently worsened, and it then may not be pregnancy.

  • Lesha B Shaunders

    I am 27 years old. I had my last child almost 6 years ago…i have had my tubes tied when i had my last daughter… About six months ago my left breast was extra tender, hurted a lot, i squeezed on it and got a discharge… A couple of days ago my left breast started hurting really bad again but worse than the last time and was extra tender to touch and nipple hurts even with my bra touching it.. I do have lots of swelling as well… My left is real swollen…its a thick yellowish discharge… I have been having abnormal periods lately as well this month i habe had two periods but have bleed for two days and soort for the rest…i spot between periods as periods are real dark at times…i do not mess with my breast and squeeze them at all times i just squeezed to see if something would come out since they hurted so much…should i see my doctor? Should this be any concern?

    • Hi Lesha. It may be a bit premature to say that you should be concerned at this point. Your symptoms could be due to a host of conditions but more likely it is associated with an infection or some localized problem. The other concern is that this could be more serious like with breast cancer. But there is no need to assume that immediately. It should be a concern for every woman and for this reason it is important to have your breast checked by a doctor as soon as possible.

  • shivani singh

    Hye doc I am 19 years nd I even didn’t get completely physical with my fiance BT today when squeezed my breast some white colour liquid come out from that my fiance sucked my breast a month ago by we didn’t did sex can u please tell me that why this liquid is Coming out I’m bit scarred to tell this to anyone

    • Hi Shivani. Repeated physical stimulation can cause a nipple discharge in young women who are not pregnant. This is normal. It is usually thin and clear to whitish in color. It is not breast milk. However, if the discharge in increasing in quantity, changing in color or viscosity and you have other breast symptoms (pain, tenderness and so on) then you should have it checked up. As you said you are not sexually active so pregnancy is unlikely but if you have had intercourse then pregnancy is a possibility that must be excluded.

  • Patricia Ricetti Bradway

    I am 32 years old and last couple weeks I noticed my left nipple is being itching. After a hot shower one day I squeezed my nipple gently to see if anything would come out. Some sebum came out followed by a thick oily yellow discharge. If I squeeze my left nipple this yellow discharge comes out. I am not pregnant or breastfeeding. I stop breastfeeding my youngest about one year ago. Should I be concerned? I tried to book an appointment but my doctor is booked for this following week, and after that I am leaving town for a month. So I will have to wait to see him in December only. Should I go early and cancel my trip?

    • HI Patricia. It is always advisable to have breast symptoms investigated further due to the serious nature of some conditions like breast cancer. An abnormal breast discharge and itching are also some symptoms of breast cancer, even if you cannot feel any unusual lumps. However, this may not be breast cancer as well. A number of other causes can account for these symptoms as you can see from the article above. We cannot say what you should or should not do but it would be advisable to see a medical professional as soon as possible. If not your regular doctor then another. Maybe it is nothing serious. Rather be safe than sorry. Early diagnosis is imperative in any condition, not only cancer, as the proper treatment can be rapidly instituted and the recovery rate improves significantly.

  • stephanie

    Hi doc, I found a lump. I went to the dr, she immediately sent me for an ultrasound. Today she told me I have a benign large fatty tissue tumor at the 5 o’clock position, she will watch for a year and re ultrasound. Tonight my nipple was itching (it always happens), so I scratched it and out came discharge. My question is how does she know it is benign? Should I be scared? Should I get a second opinion?

    • Hi Stephanie. If the ultrasound or a mammogram does indicate a benign tumor then it is not unusual to take a wait and watch approach. A biopsy may not be immediately done. We cannot say what your doctor did or did not see but benign tumors typically have a different growth patterns than malignant (cancerous) tumors. There is nothing to be concerned about just yet but you should have this assessed at regular intervals. If you are uncomfortable with the diagnosis then a second opinion would not hurth.

  • jessica jones

    Hi, I had intercourse with my husband 2 weeks ago but we used a contraceptive. I had been on birth control for about a year and a half but hadn’t gotten my next shot that had been due the week before (which are every 3 months). Now my breasts are tender, I am having a clear discharge from one breasts and have had a strange feeling in my stomach but no pain. I also took a pregnancy test which came out negative. What could it be?

    • Hi Jessica. Breast tenderness or a clear discharge alone may not be a cause for concern. But both symptoms along with the stomach sensation needs to be investigated further. Pregnancy is of course the number one condition to exclude, especially since you missed your birth control. Other forms of protection can fail. Home pregnancy tests are very effective these days but sometimes are not very accurate within the first few weeks after conception. You should see a doctor and possibly do a blood pregnancy test. There are a few other possibilities but it would be unlikely to cause these collection of symptoms simultaneously. Speak to your doctor as soon as possible.

  • jessica jones

    Hey, I’m 22 years old and I have a clear liquid discharge from my nipple. I was intimate with my hustand a little over 2 weeks ago and used protection. I had also previously been on birth control for over a year but missed my last shot which would’ve been the week before said intimacy. I took a pregnancy test, but came up negative. What else could be the cause?

  • Alia khan

    dear doc. my question is this that i am 21 and my nipples are brown in color i am a little worried about as my friends say that girls mostly have pink nipples, can you please help me out of this problem?

    • Hi Alia. This is not necessarily a problem. It is true that females who have never been pregnant do have lighter nipples than after they fall pregnant. However, the color of nipples depends on individual genetic factors. Darker skinned people naturally have darker nipples. Lighter skinned people have nipples that appear pink because of the blood flow underneath it. But we all have shades of brown as our skin color. This is due to the deposition of the skin pigment called melanin. If you do not have any nipple deformity or symptoms like an abnormal discharge, pain, itching and so on then you should not be concerned.

  • Capssie

    Hey, i am 22 years and I didn’t get fully physically intimation with my Bf a 3 months back but now I didn’t do anything physically but from last month my right nipple is discharging a white watery partical with no sticky partical. I am worried is it a serious problem and even I didn’t share this with anyone I am adding an image of that partical. Please tell me what to do.

    • Hi Capssie. This is usually not a cause for concern. A white watery discharge like you described can occur but it is usually in small quantities. Physical stimulation can increase the secretion. However, you should still watch it carefully to ensure that it is not something more serious. Also consider pregnancy and exclude it by conducting a pregnancy test. Although you say you have not been fully intimate, if you have otherwise and may not be saying so then pregnancy is one of the considerations.

      • Capssie

        No doc. I didn’t fully intimate ever till now and now its been 3 4 months. I am suffering from this problem from last month. What other considerations can be keep in mind please tell me as I do not fully intimate ever and whatever I had done is with full protection.

        • Hi Capssie. Even if pregnancy is not the cause here, it can still occur and not be anything serious. Of course, there can be other causes even breast cancer may be a possibility. It’s difficult to say for sure through an online platform. Rather speak to your doctor and undergo further investigations if you are concerned. It is better to be safe than sorry.

  • Capssie

    Hey, i am 22 years and I didn’t get fully physically intimation with my Bf a 3 months back but now I didn’t do anything physically but from last month my right nipple is discharging a white watery partical with no sticky partical. I am worried is it a serious problem and even I didn’t share this with anyone

  • Lahela

    Hey doc, tonight when I was getting ready to lay down in bed, I notice a clear stinky liquid comjng out of my left nipple. My boyfriend and I haven’t had full intercourse, he did enter my slightly but went soft. That has been about 3 weeks ago. Should I get hold of a doctor or not worry?

    • Hi Lahela. It’s always advisable to seek medical advice. Even if the act was not completed, there is nevertheless a possibility of pregnancy since there was penetration. But pregnancy may not be the only cause of this. As you can see from other comments, a breast discharge can occur without pregnancy or any disease especially if there has been physical stimulation of the breast. Speak to your doctor.

      • Lahela

        Thank you doc, very recently they became very tender to the touch. My boyfriend couldn’t touch them without causing extreme plesure or pain. I’m going to see if I make a appointment with someoen next week.

        • You’re welcome Lahela. Good to hear that you are seeking medical help. This may not be anything serious but rather see a doctor. It is better to be safe than sorry.

  • Elsie

    Hey Doc! I’m 15 years old and one morning my right boob was very sore under the nipple. There is lump and I was worried it was breast cancer. I tried squeezing the lump and white / yellow discharge came out of my nipple. My boob is still very sore and am unsure whether it will disappear on its own or if I have to do something about it.

  • Elsie

    Hey Doc! I’m 15 years old and one morning my right boob was very sore under the nipple. There is lump and I was worried it was breast cancer. I tried squeezing the lump and white / yellow discharge came out of my nipple. My boob is still very sore and am unsure whether it will disappear on its own or if I have to do something about it.

    • Hi Elsie. There is no reason to focus on breast cancer immediately. Yes, it is a possibility and always a concern for girls and women. However, there could other less serious causes that are often more common in your age group. Breast discharge is possible even if you are not pregnant or have no other medical problem. It is more likely to occur with physical stimulation. Small lumps in the breast may come and go often in response to changes in the menstrual cycle. However, it is always advisable to have it checked up by a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Aarti

    HI doct I am 40 yrs but last one week when press milk is come out of my breast what is the reason plz help

    • Hi Aarti. There are many possibilities and we cannot say with certainty as to what may be causing this. Only your doctor can advise your further. Small amounts of milk can be secreted years after your breastfed. However, there are times when the breast starts producing milk for other reasons like with a rise in the hormone prolactin that could be linked to a tumor. Furthermore it is also possible that this secretion is not milk. It could be some other breast discharge and in your age conditions like breast cancer also need to be considered. See your gynecologist as soon as possible.

  • Haleem

    Hi dr…I m 23 yrs old,sexually inactive.. I m having a discharge from right breast from last 5 years… Its clear.. Comes without squeezing or touching… And also stain my undergarments… For about 2 or 3 times ,there was blood also. Before menustration i also feel pain otherwise there is no prolactin level is normal i.e 5.6IU.. Kindly suggest me something

    • Hi Haleem. You should have a mammogram if you have not done so already. The clear discharge on it’s own would not be too much of a concern. But the sign of blood is worrying.Breast tenderness just before you period is also not a cause for concern usually. You need to consult with a gynecologist as soon as possible and do not forget to mention that there was blood on these few occasions.

  • Leandra Clarke

    Hey doc i am 35 weeks pregnant and i squeezed my breast to see if i started to produce milk the left one clear fluid coming out but the right one clear fluid along with a dark brown fluid also comes out. Should this be cause for alarm?

    • Hi Leandra. It’s not usually a cause for concern but it’s difficult for us to say for sure through an online platform. It is advisable that you consult with your OBGYN just to be certain. Rather be safe than sorry.

  • Maya

    I am 41 years old. But from the last 4-5 months my right breast is leaking or rather when i press it some milky or milk comes out. Although i am not experiencing any tenderness or pain in my breasts. Please suggest me what to do…

    • Hi Maya. It is not uncommon for a discharge to leak out with physical stimulation of the breast. However, it is worth having checked up. Breast cancer risk in your age group means that every symptom should be evaluated by a gynecologist, even if there is no pain, tenderness or lumps. Rather speak to your gynecologist and possibly go for a mammogram. It may not be anything to be worried about but rather be safe than sorry and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

  • Stacey

    I’m a 24 year old female virgin.I have white non liquid discharge that
    never goes away in all my nipple pores.I believe it started when I was
    16.Maybe it was wet when I was 16 and it dried up?I don’t remember.I
    cleaned my nipple and stuck a clean needle and gentle dug the discharge
    out my pores but hours later the discharge came back.I always stay
    clogged.I always wear a bra.My chest hurts without a bra because theirs
    so heavey so I even sleep with one on.I’m a D 32 cup and 96 pounds.When I
    was a teenager I used to tie down my breast.It hurt my breast when I
    tied it down and messed up my tissues in my breast,shrinking it and
    making it less perky.I’ve been stopped doing that.I don’t remember if
    that’s when my nipple started getting discharge?I will also add that in
    3rd grade my body got very fertile at the bottom(discharge).I used to
    leek so much and a lot at one time but as I got older it got less and
    less.Thank Jesus Christ for that.If I eat lots yogurt,drink milk or eat
    cream etc.I will leek more and it would be kinda thick.The liquid is
    clear and when it turns kinda thick it has a white tent to it.The
    thickiness is like the raw clear part of a egg and it’s looks like it
    too.None of my discharges smell but it’s annoying.I think that maybe my
    nipple discharge disappear when I’m on my period?I remember one day not
    seeing it but I’m not sure.I’m so used of it being present for many
    years none stop.I don’t even bother with it since it will be right back
    within hours.I don’t know what to do.

    • Hi Guest. Your condition seems to be quite complex and this is not the ideal platform to resolve these health issues. You never mention prior medical care. It is highly advisable that you consult with a gynecologist, which you should have done a long time ago. Please do keep to one gynecologist so that he/she can assess your condition and run all the necessary tests to confirm or exclude possible conditions. With that said, a breast discharge is not uncommon in women of your age and it does not necessarily have to be linked to pregnancy or sexual activity. DO NOT insert needles into your breast. You could cause a serious infection which may do extensive damage to your breast tissue and possibly lead to permanent complications. There is not much that we can advise here and you need medical attention on a face-to-face basis.

  • Lina Purple

    i am 20 years, i am curious that my nipple not come out and i know that the nipple must come out, right? this is abnormal?

    • Hi Lina. We’re not exactly sure what you mean by your nipple not coming out. Do you refer to the nipple not protruding or are you talking about some discharge as the article discussed above?

      • Lina Purple

        sorry, i dont understand the term. i mean that i not have nipple. or the nipple will come out later

        • Hi Linda. You may want to read this article about abnormal/deformed nipples. We really cannot comment on your problem. It needs to be examined by a medical professional. You should consult with your gynecologist who may then refer you to another specialist like a plastic surgeon.

          • Lina Purple

            its made me curious with my condition. i really didn’t understood the article well but i read one article said that i must pull myself the nipple or widen the hole to allow nipple out.

          • Hi Lina. We would not recommend you doing anything of the sort. Please consult with a doctor who may then refer to you to a specialist like a gynecologist or plastic surgeon if need be.

      • praise

        Hie doctor I have a nipple discharge from both of my nipples since 2010 & I went to see the doctor and she its not very serious and she didn’t give me any medication but my problem is that I am trying to conceive since last year but I am not get pregnant. My periods are normal

        • Hi Praise. Nipple discharge is not entirely abnormal even if you are not pregnant or breastfeeding. There is usually no need for medical treatment. However, it is advisable that in your case a hormone screen (blood test) be done to verify whether your hormone levels are normal because of the discharge from both nipples plus your difficulty conceiving. Your doctor may have already run this test. You need to speak to her to get specific answers.

  • Katherine

    Hello Im Kath. Im 18 years of age. Im very curious about my right breast. There is a small tiny droplet of clear discharge on one pore. The one that surrounds my nipple. Not the actual nipple. It comes out only when you squeeze it. I have breast pain when doing deep palpation on my right breast and I feel a lump but I have checked it through ultrasound and the doctor said it was all normal. But it was a couple weeks ago. I also have experienced some pressure on both breasts and sometimes tolerable pain in one breast. I do take off my bra every night. Till now its still comin out when squeezing. My period is regular. My boyfie had stimulated but it was a couple days ago. In addition, my family has a gene of cancer. Is this pretty much a concer or not? I need help!

    • Hi Katherine. It is not uncommon for a discharge to appear especially with manipulation like squeezing. It doesn’t mean that you are pregnant like is sometimes thought. Breast pain can occur in relation to your menstrual cycle and it may have absolutely nothing to do with breast cancer. Right now it may be nothing to worry about if your doctor says it is normal but you can consider seeking a second opinion from another doctor. Keep having it checked up with your doctor even if there are no problems for now.

      • Katherine

        Oh thanks Doc. It really helped!

  • roxane becker

    Hey doc i have history of bladder cancer but it was removed i am 25 yr old women i been feeling sick weakish and sometimes i feel my body go cold an start sweating n vision blurry literaly feels like im diein but i go lay dwn infront of fan and after a cpl mins i feel lil better and i was haveing the same symptons as befre i found out i had bladder cancer befre i knew i had cancer i was going under kidney staghorn stone surgery and my feet n handa and breast milk was apperaimg so i went to my doctor and told ny doc about my symptons and i told him tgat i googled them and it was sayin it can be signs of cancer well i told him and he was like no its not good to believe in that so i said ok cause he told me the swelling probaly causr by eatimg alot of salt and of course in my head i was like ok cause i do love salt and the breast leaking is normal so i just thru it oit that was nothing serious so the next vist i went to see him and he was removing the stent he placed im me well as of removing he found a tumor and then went back to surgery and results came back as a low grade canceriaum tumor so i had to be checked for the next two yrs if it grows back i still have till jan 2016 to say i officaly bet bladder cancrr so far it has not growed back but now these past 3 weeks i having the same symptons so now i am worried maybe i have cancer some were else in my body

  • Cyndee

    Hi doc, I just turned 40, and decided to do more frequent breast exams, especially when three of my aunts had breast cancer. I did the usual examination but when I squeezed my right nipple, a clear yellow liquid came out. I squeezed it again several times and the same liquid came out. I also have hypothyroidism, what should I do, should I be concerned?

    • Hi Cyndee. Physical stimulation of the breasts can lead to the discharge of fluid. Often it is not a problem but there are some conditions where a nipple discharge may arise. It really is difficult to say for sure but hopefully you are seeing a gynecologist on a frequent basis. Regular mammograms are advisable in your age group. Even though it may not be serious it is a good idea to see your family doctor or gynecologist and discuss it with them.

  • chason

    Hi, I am a 32 yr old mom of 4and I’ve noticed for about 3days now clear sticky fluid from both breasts(it solidifies in my bra during my work hours) and thick creamy white vaginal discharge(no odor) first thought was pregnancy, however I had a tubal in 2005..What could this be?

  • Jenny

    Hey doctor, I’m a 19 year old female & I have clear discharge from both my nipples if I squeeze it. I’m on the patch birth control & my period is regular but I’m still worried & there’s absolutely no pain if I touch my breast

    • Hi Jenny. A clear discharge from the nipples is not uncommon or unusual even if you are not pregnant. However, considering you age and that you may be active, you should do a pregnancy test even though you are on contraception. It is always advisable to regularly consult with gynecologist.

  • Amanda

    To who this may concern, I need some advice as I am scared out of my mind. I had a baby 9 months ago and stopped breastfeeding when he was 5 months old. My periods are irregular and I still have milky clear sticky discharge from my nipples. Although at this point it wouldn’t really concern me but after having my first son almost 5 years ago my periods have been irregular SINCE THEN(I remember I went like 3 months at one point without a period) and I remember seeing the milky clear sticky discharge in one nipple way after his birth too!! When my first son was 2 I had my thyroid checked out because the doctor wanted to see if it was causing my depression. That test came back normal. I looked it up online and everything is saying PITUITARY TUMOR!!!!!!! I cried my eyes out last night after reading it all. Please please PLEASE help me!? I’m 24 years old and a single parent to my two little boys and very much a frightened mess!! D’:

  • Joanne Haggerty

    hey i had a baby 18 months ago i never produced enough milk to breast feed but i have started losing the white sticky fluid now?? my periods are irregular and last 2 days max i am 3o. please what does this mean?

  • Aditi

    I am aditi. I am 17 years old with an average height and on the overweight side. For the first time, from my right nipple there was a white semi solid discharge. It was kind of similar to a pimple discharge. My mother and aunt were cancer patients and although I did not feel any lumps, should I be concerned about it?
    I have regular periods which are always 2-3 days late. I started with my periods when I was in 4th grade.
    Please help me.

  • klets

    Hello all.. My wife also had a similar problem we went to a doc and some drugs were proscribed.. She is getting over it..

  • Heidi

    Two days ago both nipples started hurting badly and I noticed a small amount of yellow liquid come from my right breast. I am 38, I had cervical cancer when I was 25 and a hysterectomy at that time. I still have my ovaries but nothing else. I also had a mammogram last year because I felt lumps but it was nothing to worry about. Should I be worried about this considering I have felt this type of pain in 14 years?

  • questionary

    Hi doc! I am 18-years old girl and my left breast is leaking some fluid. This started when I was 15- years old when I was scared of diseases so I kept touching my breasts. It only comes from one spot and it’s white. This has been my biggest source of stress since then. This breast has always been bigger than another one. It only comes by squeezing. If i stop squeezing it like for a week there will be much less fluid coming out. Sometimes it has even stopped when i have stopped squeezing but because it’s my greatest concern I cant leave my breast alone. There are some lumps in both of my breasts and my breats tissue is very hard. I have been touching these lumps for about half year and they haven’t grew. My left breast is lumpier than right one. I can’t leave my breast alone I squeeze it all the time it causes me so much stress. There are no breast cancer in family but my lungs were x-rayed when I was little. Please answer this is causing me way too much stress.

    • Hi Questionary. It is advisable that you have a breast exam by a medical professional, like a gynecologist, as soon as possible. A discharge is not always abnormal, even when you are not pregnant. Repeated stimulation may just aggravate it further. Even the lumps may not be anything serious, especially since they have stayed the same size in all this time and no other symptoms have arise. But there is no way of knowing for certain without a medical assessment. Speak to your doctor.

  • Jane

    Hi, I am 33 years old and suffered a miscarriage at 21 weeks 8 months ago. During intimacy with my partner (not intercourse) my left breast leaked a milky slightly yellow liquid. Is this normal? I would have thought my milk had gone by now?

  • Afrin

    Hey,I am 23 years old.My both nipples are discharging an off white & sticky liquid.This liquid discharges when I squeeze the nipples.But if I don’t squeeze it my breast becomes hard & that is really painful.I did consult a doctor.She told me that was because of sucking!I am not pregnant!I am really very scared!Is it something serious like breast cancer?Please let me know.

  • Cindy Jo Kennedy-Didget

    I’m almost 45 next month, had partial histo 2009 then 2014 had left ovary removed due to mass. I have my right & that is all I have. My breast will leak white & sometimes brown or clear liquid when I squeeze them. My mom had breast cancer & had chemo & radiation, she is gone now & wad still in remission at passing. My sibling has lymphoma cancer was in remission 2yr but it’s back. IDK if I’m having menopause or what cause I’m having insomnia, hot cold & other issues. But the breast Ive kept to myself?

    • Hi Cindy. Given your personal and family history, it i advisable that you consult with a gynecologist as soon as possible. Hopefully you have been having regular mammograms over the years. The breast secretion may not be due to cancer. It could very well be a hormonal disturbance. However, it is important to undergo routine screening given the past history and now with symptoms this screening needs to be done immediately. Yes, the insomnia and temperature symptoms could be menopause but it is best to exclude more serious causes. A gynecologist will advise you accordingly.

  • cheyenne

    Is it normal for a girl who is 18 to have normal breast discharge?

    • Hi Cheyenne. Yes, it can occur and is often related to menstrual changes and with physical stimulation. However, it is important to exclude causes like pregnancy first. If clear then other possible causes may be investigated. It is advisable that you see a gynecologist and have it assessed further.

  • Aritra Lahiri

    Hi .. I am ari. From last week my nipple has been discharging white liquid. For this reason I facing pain in my breast

  • laila hulu

    Hey,I am 19 years,today in the morning I saw watery and white ingredients is secrets my two breast .I was involve in physical relationship with my bf,so pls suggest about this problem

    • Hi Laila. As you can see from the article above, a breast discharge may not necessarily be a sign of any problem. These discharges can occur with changes in the menstrual cycle and physical stimulation. However, you will also need to consider other possibilities like pregnancy. It is always advisable to seek medical advice so speak to your family doctor. You may need to follow up with a gynecologist.

  • Megan

    Hello. I am 13 years old and last night I felt a lump in my breast. I squeezed it and clear liquid seemed to shoot out of a couple of my Montgomery glands. Once the lump was gone no more liquid came out. Was it like a big sist that I popped? I was on my period if that had to do with anything

    • Hi Megan. It is unlikely that you popped a cyst but it is difficult to say through an online platform. A clear fluid can be secreted from the breasts with homornal changes or physical stimulation. It would be advisable that you speak to a parent and possibly follow up with a doctor just to be sure that there is nothing more to this secretion. Most of the time in your age group it is usually not serious but a doctor will be able to advise you further.

  • Hi Seema. You don’t mention your age or medical history which could be relevant to this discharge so it is difficult to provide a more extensive explanation. Although this minor discharge may not be “abnormal” or anything serious, it may still be worthwhile to consult with your gynecologist. Hopefully you have been going for regular checkups.

    • Seema

      I am 31 yrs..and had delivery before 3 yrs..

      • Hi Seema. We cannot say with any certainty but a minor nipple secretion is not abnormal, especially in a woman who has already had a child. However, given the risk of breast cancer it is always advisable to have it checked up as soon as possible.

  • Nayaab

    I had abortion one month ago.two days ago i notice discharge from my breast and a slight pain.what does it mean?

    • Hi Nayaab. Despite the abortion, the hormonal changes normally associated with pregnancy may have not as yet settled down. This can cause discharge from the breast and tenderness. However, it is advisable that you consult with a gynecologist and have it checked up in the event that it is some other condition.

  • HI Ally. Irrespective of the other symptoms, if the pain is severe and especially if it is worsening then go to the ER immediately. Hopefully you have consulted with a gynecologist by now and if not then see one as soon as possible. This may not be related to your previous breastfeeding and a thorough examination is highly advisable. Your doctor will advise you accordingly.