Excessive Belching, Burping and Bloating – Causes and Treatment

Causes of Belching and Bloating

Belching is the expulsion of gas from the gut through the mouth (eructations). Bloating may occur due to gas trapped within the gastrointestinal tract and this is often relieved upon belching.

Belching and bloating may be due to food, eating habits, or disorders in the stomach, small intestine or gallbladder. Bloating and gas may not always be expelled or relieved by a belch and other factors and conditions should be considered in cases of excessive bloating and gas.

Belching After Eating – Air Swallowing (Aerophagia)

This may be voluntary or involuntary. Air usually enters the esophagus and is expelled as a belch. It usually does not cause any discomfort or bloating.

Causes of air swallowing:

  • Fast eating or drinking
  • Mouth breathing
  • Nasal blockage
  • Hyperventilation related to anxiety
  • Regular gum chewing
  • Poorly fitted dentures

Treatment is by removing the cause.

Belching After Drinking

Carbonated drinks like soda and beer cause a build up of gas within the stomach and esophagus. This is then expelled as a belch. Certain antacids cause the formation of carbon dioxide as a byproduct to neutralizing stomach acid.

Treatment is by avoiding carbonated drinks and excessive amount of antacids.

How to Burp?

A simple method is to take several short gulps of air. The air should be swallowed partially so that it remains within the esophagus. Once there is sufficient air build up, the air can be regurgitated similar to a burp. This method should not be used excessively immediately after a meal as it can trigger vomiting at times.

How to Burp a Baby?

A baby should be carried upright and supported against the shoulder while a gentle rubbing motion is conducted on the baby’s back. Other methods that may assist is supporting baby in a 45 degree angle between the upright and supine (lying flat) position. Gentle taps on baby’s back may assist in this position to trigger a burp.

There is no set time for a baby to burp. Infants tend to swallow air when drinking so it is advisable that baby should burp within 20 minutes after a feed. However baby may burp well after this period quite naturally.

Hiatus Hernia

Hiatus hernia (Latin : hiatus – opening, hernia – protrusion) is the protrusion of a portion of the stomach into the thoracic (chest) cavity due to a weakening or rupture of the diaphragm. The protrusion and compression of the stomach causes a range of gastrointestinal symptoms.

The exact cause of a hiatal hernia is not known but there are many contributing factors:

  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Smoking
  • Physical exertion and strain (similar factors that can contribute to an inguinal hernia)
  • Chronic respiratory disorders that involve persistent coughing
  • Surgical procedures affecting the diaphragm
  • Congenital deformities (birth defects)

A person with hiatus hernia may be without symptoms for long periods of time. Acute symptoms include pain or discomfort after eating, sensation of ‘fullness’ after small meals, belching, indigestion, heartburn, acidic taste in mouth. This pain is usually felt in the middle of the abdomen or even cause gastrointestinal chest pain.

A hiatal hernia cannot be seen or felt from the outside. Upon palpation (touching the area with firm pressure), there may be some tenderness in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen. This correlates with the area of the stomach and diaphragm.

Diagnosis. An x-ray is usually sufficient to identify the hernia. Most soft organs and structures in the human body are almost transparent on an x-ray while solid structures, like bone, is opaue. In order to highlight and define semi-transparent organs on an x-ray, radiologically active substances, like barium, needs to be used internally. By drinking a barium solution, the gastrointestinal tract becomes more visible on an x-ray.

Picture of sliding hernia

Picture of para-esophageal hernia

Diet and Remedies in Hiatus Hernia

Carbonated drinks are to be avoided as they may cause expansion of the stomach cavity thereby aggravating the pain and discomfort of a hiatal hernia. Acidic foods and caffeinated drinks may also aggravate your hiatus hernia. Most sufferers note specific foods that aggravate their condition. These foods are often unique to the sufferer and each case should be considered on an individual basis.

Avoiding foods that may aggravate GERD and bloating is recommended.

Treatment of Hiatus Hernia

A paraesophageal hernia can be corrected surgically. More about hiatus hernia.

H. Pylori Infection

Helicobacter pylori is a bacterial species that infects the stomach causing an increase in gastric acid and damaging the lining of the stomach. H.pylori infection may contribute to belching and bloating as the bacteria produces and metabolizes ammonia resulting in the release of carbon dioxide. This production and metabolism of urea by the H.pylori bacteria is the chemical method by which it survives in the gastric acid of the stomach. In chronic infections, the large population of the H.pylori bacteria can contribute to small but significant quantities of carbon dioxide gas within the stomach. H.pylori infection often causes peptic ulcers.

Diagnosis of H.pylori

H. pylori can be diagnosed with a range of tests using blood, breath and stool samples. Antibodies to H.pylori within your blood sample can indicate a current or previous H.pylori infection. A breath test is more reliable to indicate a current H.pylori infection as the presence of urea in the expelled breath can indicate the presence of the H.pylori bacteria. A stool sample may be useful for antigen testing to identify a current H.pylori infection. A biopsy of the gastric mucosa is one of the most effective methods to identify H.pylori infection but is not often the first choice of testing due to the invasive procedure that has to be conduted in a suitable clinic or hospital.

Diet and Remedies in H. Pylori Infection

Essential oils should be used cautiously and should not be used internally in it original distilled state. Garlic has shown to be fairly effective in treating H.pylori infection when used in conjunction with omeprazole (The Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy).

Treatment of H. pylori with Antibiotics

It is advisable to treat H.pylori infection with antibiotics in combination with proton pump inhibitors like omeprazole. The proton pump inhibitors allow the gastric lining to heal while the antibiotics kill existing bacteria and prevent further growth of the bacterial population.

Treatment is fairly successful but a proton pump inhibitor may have to be used for a period of time after the infection for maximum benefit. The chances of recurrence of the H.pylori infection is high and the case should be constantly monitored.

Antibiotics use may further aggravate the inflammation of the gastric lining and repeated courses may be required. Prolonged antibiotic use can also affect bowel movements and a suitable probiotic may be necessary.


Gastroparesis literally means paralysis of the stomach muscles and this prevents or delays the stomach from emptying its contents into the small intestine. The causative factor may affect the stomach nerve supply to the muscle or the muscle itself.

Causes of Gastroparesis

  • Diabetes (Type I or II)
  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Damage to nerve or muscle due to surgery or other trauma
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Pancreatitis
  • Scleroderma
  • Post-viral syndrome


Symptoms of Gastroparesis

  • feeling ‘full’ quickly or after small meals
  • nausea, vomiting
  • belching (foul odor of rotten eggs)
  • unintentional loss of weight

Diagnosis of Gastroparesis

It is essential to carefully diagnose gastroparesis as it causes similar symptoms to gastrointestinal obstruction due to cancer, pylorostenosis, or bezoar. A gastric emptying study uses radioactive material to monitor the flow of the stomach contents. This is useful in differentiating if the gastroparesis is also affecting the small intestine. An endoscopy may also be useful to verify that there is no obstruction by a tumor in the stomach or intestines.

Diet in Gastroparesis

A liquid or semi-solid diet is advisable and nutritional value should always be considered. Large amounts of fat within the diet is not advisable and fat should be avoided altogether as a precautionary measure. Fat is not well tolerated by the gastrointestinal tract and requires significant intestinal motility (peristalsis) to churn the fatty foods with bile and other lipase enzymes to breakdown the fats. Alcohol is not advisable in gastroparesis as it may further aggravate the delayed gastric emptying.

Home Remedies and OTC Drugs

Gastroparesis should not be managed without professional medical assistance. Immediately consult with your medical practitioner if you suspect that you may be suffering with gastroparesis.

Treatment of Gastroparesis

Treatment of gastroparesis may be through a combination of dietary changes, drugs, electromechanical devices or surgery.

Food Intolerances

Intolerance to certain foods

    may arise from disorders in the digestive or absorption process with the gut.

Lactose intolerance

    arises from the lack of the digestive enzyme lactase. A

hereditary fructose intolerance

    is similar to a lactose intolerance in that there is a hereditary lack of enzymes to metabolize fructose. A

fructose and sorbitol malabsorption

    may result in a reduced absorption of these carbohydrates by the gut thereby allowing intestinal bacteria to consume it. The consumption of the lactose, fructose and sorbitol by intestinal bacteria gives rise to hydrogen gas.

Symptoms of food intolerances and malabsorption are belching, nausea, bloating, abdominal cramps, diarrhea. A rare hereditary fructose intolerance (HFI) may cause more severe symptoms if dietary changes are not implemented. An excessive intake of fructose and/or sorbitol may result in vomiting, jaundice, fatigue, enlarged liver and seizures.

Diagnosis of food intolerances. Colonic bacteria consumes the undigested lactose, fructose and sorbitol producing hydrogen as a byproduct. This hydrogen is detectable by breath tests. A stool sample high in acidity may also assist with diagnosing a food intolerance. A lactose tolerance test may be advisable to establish lactose intolerance.

Treatment of food intolerances. A diet excluding these foods is essential. In lactose intolerance, dairy must be discontinued and a strict lactose free diet must be followed. Fructose intolerance and fructose or sorbitol malabsorption also require dietary changes.

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

An increased population of intestinal bacteria within the small intestine results in an increased gas production within the gut. The intestinal bacteria are able to consume nutrient laden food which has not as yet been absorbed by the body. Gas is produced as a byproduct resulting in belching and bloating.

Causes of SIBO :

  • Diabetes (Type I or II)
  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Damage to nerve or muscle due to surgery or other trauma
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Pancreatitis
  • Scleroderma
  • Postviral syndroms
  • Intestinal Obstruction
  • Diverticuli

Symptoms of SIBO are belching, bloating, abdominal pain, flatulence, diarrhea, and symptoms of nutritional deficiencies.

Diagnosis. A fluid sample from the small intestine will reveal a large bacterial population in small intestine bacterial overgrowth. A xylose breath test can also assist with diagnosis.

Treatment. Oral antibiotics is usually effective in treating small intestine bacterial overgrowth. Nutritional supplements may be prescribed to treat nutritional deficiencies.

Biliary Stasis and Biliary Reflux

Biliary stasis is the reduction or absence of bile production or secretion into the gut. Bile is essential for the breakdown of fats within the food. Biliary reflux is the back-flow of bile up the small intestine and into the stomach and esophagus.

Causes of Biliary Stasis :

Causes of Biliary Reflux :

  • Dysfunction of the pyloric valve that separates the small intestine from the stomach.
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Cholecystectomy

Symptoms of biliary disease: pain in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen, nausea, vomiting (bile may be regurgitated in biliary reflux), belching, bloating, weight loss, anorexia.

Diagnosis of biliary disease is by endoscopy, blood tests (may reveal elevated enzyme levels), and magnetic resonance imaging.

Treatment is with surgery, drug therapy to increase bile production, drug therapy to reduce gastro-esophageal reflux assists with biliary reflux, discontinue any dietary or lifestyle habits that may be contributing to liver disease including use of drugs and alcohol. For more information on biliary stasis, refer to Cholestasis.

Related Questions and Answers

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  • cb

    I have tested positive for hpylori. My stomach is bloated, no pain. i eat alittle & blow up like I’m pregnant 9 mos. I have gained 80 lbs in 10 years. I drink beer aprox 20 a week, give or take. i eat healthy foods, but alot of animal fat, butter, meat etc. What do u think?

  • Dr. Greg

    Hi CB. Firstly, your beer drinking is a bit excessive. You should seriously consider cutting down to five or less beers in the week. Apart from the gas release in carbonated beverages, alcohol also causes inflammation of the stomach and intestinal lining. This further contributes to bloating. In terms of your extra 80lbs, it is clear that some weight loss is necessary. Overweight and obese people are more likely to experience bloating for a multitude of reasons. Your H.pylori infection is just an additional contributor to the bloating but your lifestyle needs to be addressed immediately.

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  • Dr. Greg

    Hi Byoungwu. Thank you for the feedback on this article. There are a number of contributing factors that can aggravate the symptoms that you report. A little further information would be required. Have you noticed any trigger foods? What is your current weight and height? Have you ever had a hernia?

    I would also advise that you read the article on Gas and Bloating on Healthhype https://www.healthhype.com/causes-of-bloating-and-gas-flatulence.html

  • byoungwu

    This article was very informative and I’m impressed with the thoroughness. I’ve seen a GI specialist and two doctors about my burping/bloating/and nausea over the course of several years and none of them were able to lay out all these issues so clearly. But the problem is that I have still have all those symptoms, and have been tested for all the above things. Now, the doctors have moved on to IBS, but none of the medication is helping (and is actually making me feel sicker, as did all the GERD medicines). Is there anything else that could be causing burping so much? It’s worse when I wake up but is continuous throughout the day. I don’t drink/smoke regularly, and have a fairly healthy, mostly organic, no-processed food diet. I exercise and am otherwise healthy.

  • klingwench

    I’m on Nexium and Cytotec because I take ibuprofen for arthritis. Recently I have been experiencing a feeling of heaviness (a lead cannonball) in my gut after I eat lunch that is relieved by belching. A lot of belching. The heaviness is something I associate with previous bouts of food poisoning. Any ideas?

  • JosephNY

    I have gas and raised liver enzyme levels. A few months ago I was tested and treated for H PiLori and now test negative. Still the symptoms persist. Any thoughts?

  • Silversky

    Hello. Recently, I have been experiencing severe wind problems. This episode has been going for over 1 month now. A few months back, I had another severe episode, and Gaviscon Double Action seemed to help and enjoyed good health. I tried to chew my food better and cut down on the amount at a time I eat, as I didn’t have the best of habits regarding both. I’m 23, 6’2″ and was about 12 stone 6 pounds, but I’m now 11 stone 4 pounds after 5 weeks. The Gaviscons and other shelf medicines to do with indigestion didn’t have any effect. I don’t seem able to handle food in much volume, I suffer severe wind, can go on for hours on end, all night sometimes. Some days it doesn’t stop, others days it isn’t so bad, until it comes to lying down in bed. When I wake up, I’m very bloated and have to clear a backlog. All this depite regularly seeing my Doctor. I have been on Omeprzole (2x20mg a day for a month so far) and Metoclopramide (up to 3x10mg a day). Also have a Peptac liquid to take a few times a day (1-2 teaspoons at a time), which is meant to help with the symptoms. They seem to have limited effect, and I’m still 3 weeks away from an edoscopy at my hospital. I’ve been off work, but don’t have much sick leave available to me, am not sleeping very well at all. I’m at my wits end sometimes. Any information you could offer please?

  • Silversky

    Just wanted to add, I have been blood tested for Helicobacter, and that came back negative.

  • Jan Modric

    @ klingwench
    Belching usually arises from the stomach or duodenum problems.
    -H. pylori infection of the stomach may go (not necessary) with nausea, heartburn, or eraly satiety. H. pylori also can cause either stomach or duodenal ulcer with pain in upper middle abdomen – where ribs met. Diagnosis is with a breath test (made by gastroenterologist).

    In gastroparesis – slow stomach emptying – food stays in the stomach for several hours. This often goes with a bad breath and constipation. Diagnosis is with stomach emttying test.

    Next: fructose malabsorption goes with gas (flatulence), belching, cramps, diarrhea…after eating excesive amount of fruits, honey or foods cpontaining high fructose corn syrup. Problems may last for few days after such a meal. Diagnosis is with another breath test. Fructose malabsorption almost always goes with some diarrhea.

  • Jan Modric


    blood test for H. pylori is not 100% reliable. Additional H. pylori test can be made during endoscopy.

    Beside H. pylori, common reasons for belching are gastroparesis, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and fructose malabsorption.

    For the later two, a diet trial exists. Avoiding table sugar for at least 2-3 days (including sweets) can help in SIBO.

    Avoiding all fruits, honey, onions, foods with sorbitol or xylitol (“sugar free” chewing gum, “low calorie” foods), and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) for at least 4 days should stop belching/gas in fructose malabsorption.

    To get a reliable diagnosis, a serial of breath tests (for H. pylori, fructose malabsorption, SIBO and lactose intolerance) might be necessary.

  • gemma

    I have a client who starts excessive burping whenever I massage her back and neck She is overweight but otherwise healthy and active. Any ideas?

  • Jan Modric

    To gemma:

    This gas obviously comes from the stomach. When she lies on the stomach, pressure is put upon it, and air comes out.

    Now the question is, if this is
    – the air she eats,
    – gas produced by Helycobacter pylori chronic infection that may go totally without symptoms
    – food, decomposing in the stomach and staying there for long time due to gastroparesis (this usualy goes with some bloating).

    If there is quite some amount of this gas, you can recommend her having a test for H. pylori (done by gastroenterologist). H.pylori on long term can cause gastric ulcer.

  • Rory

    I recently ate some Thai fishcakes and very soon suffered excesses of belching and hiccups. That was three days ago. Mostly, the belches act as hiccups, unable to free themselves, and is exacerbated now whenever I eat. The hiccupping dies off when I do manage to belch, but soon regains intensity. Visits to the loo/john to defecate have also decreased.

  • Jan Modric


    two common reasons for belching after eating are:
    1. Stomach infection with bacterium H. pylori
    2. Obstruction of outflow of the food from the stomach (condition is called gastroparesis)

    Both conditions can be checked by gastroenterologists. THere are two tests for this, in either case you get a special drink, and after a while gases in your expired air are measured, and diagnosis made from the results.

  • Ollewis

    6 months ago I started getting chest pains when I swallowed food. It was in the upper right chest area, above the breast.
    I still have it now, but find much of the time it is relieved with multiple belches. I can also get t now spontaneously, with no eating at all.
    I am on prevacid, and have had a history of GERD.

    Any ideas?

  • Jan Modric

    my first two thoughts are chronic H.pylori infection of the stomach, or gastroparesis. In both cases gases are produced and distension is releaved by belching.

    Both conditions can be treated, but first, you need diagnosis by gastroenterologist.

    Bacterium H.pylori causes GERD, and also produces gas.

    Raw garlic was proven to act against H.pylori.

  • tjlonecowboy

    I been sick with bloating for past two months now. When I take clora instential it causes more berping and gas. Also when I lay on my stomach it causes my gas problems. I had a cat scan and sonar done with no gallstones found. I do not know what is causing the gas to be bleching please help

  • annie54

    I have an old gastric bypass from 1977. I have GERD. I am miserable. I throw up almost every day last 15 years. The staples pull and hurt. I now have copd. I think its more aspirated food. Also have apnea. Train wreck!! Your thoughts please.

  • Jan Modric

    common causes of belching are H. pylori infection, hiatus hernia, gastroparesis, and fructose malabsorption. Most of these causes are hard to determine from symptoms alone, so I suggest you to visit gastroenterologist that may order appropriate tests.

  • Ina

    I am 20 years old. I have very good health, exept excessive burping. I take care of my diet, i maintain nutrition food, my fat is at level of 22-24%, which is excellent to good. I noticed, when i take little carbohydrate, i have this excessive burping, and i’m uncomfortable with it. but after eating carbo diet like rice and breads, i dont burp at all. what is happening? tq

  • Jan Modric

    if I get you right, you burp after eating sugars. Avoid sugary sodas, sweets,…
    Do you also burp after fruits? Read about fructose malabsorption:

    You might also check if you have H.pylori infection of the stomach (common) – gastroenterologist will do it.

  • Cyfanfor

    I hit upon this site on a Google search for a combination of Belching and Massage. I noticed someone mentioned a massage client with belching resulting from back and neck massages, and the response was that the stomach was being pressed. Well, there’s definitely more to it, at least in my case, and here’s why.

    I have been dealing with a lousy stomach for a while now, latest misdiagnosis being IBS. But the most mysterious aspect, I seem to inherit from my mother, which only adds to the curiousness.

    A back or neck massage ALWAYS triggers off belching. Sitting up. Sometimes, massaging an arm will do it. And an upset stomach causes generalized body pain.

    What is this?

  • Jan Modric

    Cyfanfor, when food reaches the pharynx, a reflex peristaltic wave goes down along esophagus and opens the cardia (stomach entrance). This is called swallowing reflex. During neck massage the same (or resembling) reflex may be triggered, and when stomach entrance is opened, the gas is released from it.

    So, like you’ve said, neck massage can trigger, but not really cause belching. You need some gas built up to belch.

    What do you think you have inherited: belching or “lousy stomach”?

    H. pylori infection runs in families, and causes chronic gastritis. This is probably contracted rather than inherited. Breath test for H. pylori is the first thing I recommend. It’s done by gastroenterologist.

    To say more, I’d need more info about what symptoms you have. What is hidden under “IBS” it’s usually a combination of stress and irritation by certain food(s). If lactose intolerance and celiac disease were excluded, the next to think is fructose malabsorption.
    Here are details:

    If low-fructose diet doesn’t help, you might want to try an eliminiting diet. There are at least two ways how to do it; either you start with few days of fasting and than slowly add foods one by one to see which one you can tolerate. The other way is to exclude foods (food groups) one by one from your current diet. If you have any underlying health problems, this should be done under doctor’s supervision.

  • whiterabbit

    Hi there ~ I’ve recently had a bad chest infection and was on a five day cause of antibiotics. After a week or so I started to pick up but one night I started going hot and cold, uncontrollably so and felt just awful like flu like symptons.
    The next day I woke up and had this dire need to burp which lasted all day long. I am also gluten-sensitive so I am on a gluten free diet which I started on early in March. I also experienced extremely bad heart burn after a meal the other night of simply lamb chops, potatoes and coleslaw (everything was gluten free) and immediately after consuming the last mouthful of food I got it and that is so not me.
    Since then, when I wake up in the morning and I have this gas that builds up over night and I need to get rid of it to ease off the pressure in my chest area. I only get this gas sensation first thing in the morning and I come right during the day. I am still recouperating after this chest infection which was a nasty one.
    One other thing concerns me is that I am still losing weight even though I am eating reasonable meals. I have lost 3.3 kg’s in just a month since I have been sick and even though I’m not a rake, I am only 54.6 kg’s and don’t want to lose any more weight if I can help it and yet I don’t know what else I can do. I started on a probiotic a few days ago thinking that maybe I need to put back some good bacteria into my gut through taking the antibiotics but am just wondering when you might think I will notice a change – will the burping simply go on its own.
    I don’t drink soda drinks, only tea with milk, don’t eat sugars really and recently (after the burping started) drinking promegrante juice. Any advice much welcomed as I’m not looking forward to having to go back to my doctor ‘yet again’ on another sympton which to them is like a needle in the haystack.
    Thanks for listening,


  • Jan Modric

    Burping comes from stomach or upper intestine. It sound like Stomach/intestinal infection.

    Probiotics themselves are bacteria, they eat some nutrients from the gut and yield gas, so I’m not sure if this is appropriate for you, if you burp a lot.

    One thought is H. pylori infection that is treated with a special combination of antibiotics and Prevacide. Some people report that oregano oil, broccoli, or garlic helped to treat them H. pylori, but I can’t say how reliable this information is.

    Another thought is – food poisoning – it goes with nausea and diarrhea. This usually goes away by its own in few days.

    If it’s H. pylori, it won’t go away by itself. It’s a gastroenterologist who can give you reliable diagnosis and treatment for this or whatever it is.

  • annie54

    annie54 I have an old gastric bypass from 1977. I have GERD. I am miserable. I throw up almost every day last 15 years. The staples pull and hurt. I now have copd. I think its more aspirated food. Also have apnea. Train wreck!! Your thoughts please.

  • kellyc

    I was in a car accident about three weeks ago, hit head on by a drunk driver. I was in the driver’s seat. Main problem afterwards was my knees, no real noticeable issue with my chest/stomach, areas where my seatbelt was. However, after the wreck I had constipation and increased gas, released primarily through belching, followed by diarrhea which has remained fairly constant. At best my stool has been soft and foul smelling, at worst watery diarrhea. And it pretty much always contains undigested food. Any ideas?

    • Dr. Greg

      Hi Kelly

      It is difficult to say what may have caused your symptoms or whether it is even related to your accident. Constipation and increased acidity in the stomach resulting in increased gas can occur due to shock or anxiety. Being hit head on most definitely qualifies as shock and I am sure it is still upsetting to recall. Do you have a history of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? Undigested food may indicate rapid movement through the gut or even a problem with your good bowel bacteria. Are you on any medication (anti-inflammatory, pain killers, etc) after your accident?

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  • AlexP

    I’m struggling to find possible causes for frequent belching which occurs after eating, sometimes even after drinking water. Often times the belching or gas will get trapped in the throat or upper esophagus area causing discomfort. I’ve had an upper endoscopy which showed some abrasions in the stomach (H. Pylori negative and they’re not ulcers either) but am on PPI drugs. I’ve also had an esophagram which was normal. 24 hour pH study which didn’t reveal anything and a manometry test which didn’t show a motility problem. Any idea what could be the likely cause or causes?


    • Dr. Pravith

      Hi AlexP

      It is difficult to conclusively say what may be causing this condition in your case. One possible cause in cases like yours is a hiatal hernia which should have been evident upon diagnostic investigation. Your diet may be a contributing factor along with air swallowing especially if you are a fast eater or mouth breather. If you are overweight, fat deposits around the mouth and neck may cause a slight constriction of the mouth and associated cavities. This may causes air to get trapped within the throat or upper esophagus area.

  • Jenna

    I’ve had problems with chronic nausea, bloating, burping, heartburn/reflux, headaches, etc. for many years.

    I’ve had an endoscopy done, H-pylori tests, gallbladder scan, full abdominal ultrasound, gastric emptying study, and probably several other tests that slip my mind at the moment. Endoscopy showed inflammation, nothing else.

    I’m not overweight (the nausea has actually made me underweight), I don’t eat spicy/fatty foods. I’ve been on Proton pump inhibitors, antacids, Reglan, anti-nausea meds, nothing helps.

    Any advice is appreciated. My own Gastro dr. has given up, and I’m close to throwing in the towel as well.

    • Dr. Pravith

      Hi Jenna
      Your gastroenterologist would have gone through all the necessary tests and excluded his differential diagnosis. If he has “thrown in the towel”, it would be difficult for us to assess your condition online. However we will try our best to assist you. How are your bowel movements? Do you notice any foods that may aggravate your condition further? Any alcohol or drug (medicinal) use?

  • Jenna

    Thank you for the response, Dr. Pravith.

    My bowel movements are normal (x1 daily) for the most part. I do have bouts of diarrhea at least once a month though.

    It’s hard to say which foods make it worse, since about the only thing I can keep down currently is toast and bland eggs. Spicy, fatty, fried, and salty foods were the first to bother me though.

    I’ve never drank alcohol, and I’m not on any drugs currently. (As I posted before, I’ve tried many many types of antacids and over the counter stomach remedies, but stopped them when it was apparent they weren’t helping.)

    Again, thank you for the response.

    • Dr. Pravith

      Hi Jenna

      Your condition is baffling. The fact that your symptoms are so severe, isolated to the upper gastrointestinal tract, with little or no signs and symptoms of the lower gut and has persisted for so long definitely warrants further investigation. Since H.pylori and hyperacidity have been excluded as possible causes, I think you should take a look at small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) above. Take note of the causes of SIBO.

      Here are some points to consider for future reference :
      – Fluctuations of the blood sugar levels may be a cause of the nausea
      – Is it ‘nausea’ or burning in the ‘pit of the stomach’? Both symptoms can be quite subjective and often confused.
      – You mentioned your foods but not what you drink. Tea? Coffee? Soft drinks? Any with artificial sweeteners?

      I advise that you seek a second opinion from another gastroenterologist. The symptoms you are experiencing could be due to a multitude of other conditions, some of which may not even be directly related to the gastrointestinal system. I would not like to comment on this further and create any paranoia about possible causes of your symptoms. Rather let a professional investigate and diagnose or exclude other possible causes.

      Sorry, any further attempt to diagnose online would just be irresponsible on my part. 🙂

      Good luck.

  • AlexP

    Thanks Dr. Pravith. If it is a hiatal hernia what does that mean or what can be done to correct it. Also most of the chronic belching occurs after eating or drinking something, so what tests can I do to look into possible digestive disorders causing my symptoms?

    Lastly I’ve noticed that I cannot seem to digest sugar properly. Any food or drink with high sugar content causes significant belching. What does this signify? Again blood tests were normal except slightly elevated amylase levels.

    • Dr. Pravith

      Hi AlexP

      An elevated amylase MAY signify a pancreatic disorder depending on the extent and duration of the elevation. It may also cause some GIT symptoms although you have not reported any of these. Consult with your doctor for more information or further investigation.

      A hiatal hernia is when a portion of the stomach gets constricted by the diaphragm. It should show up on an x-ray or barium study and can be corrected surgically. However this is just a consideration and not a definite diagnosis.

      Based on the information have provided, I would advise investigating your pancreas further as well as focusing on fructose malabsorption (although sugar is sucrose) as well as conditions like small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). You can search for more information on these topics on this website.

      Once again, I must stress that you should consult with your medical practitioner with regards to your symptoms.

      Good luck.



    • Dr. Pravith

      Hi Shorty

      It seems that you are lactose intolerant and it must be noted that if you are lactose intolerant, you may not always have severe reactions to all dairy products. Milk usually is the biggest trigger even in small quantities, although very large amounts of processed products like cheese and ice cream will also trigger GIT symptoms. Your diarrhea and abdominal pain which is likely due to intestinal cramps is very likely linked to your lactose intolerance and means that you should control your dairy intake or even discontinue if possible.

      With regards to the second part of your question, it would not be possible to “guess” what may be causing your gas and burping with bouts of diarrhea and constipation unless you had further diagnostic investigation performed by a medical practitioner. There are many causes including IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). There are articles on IBS on this website, take a look at them and see if they fit in with what you may be experiencing.

  • AlexP

    I appreciate that Dr. Pravith. Almost six years ago was diagnosed with a small reducible hiatal hernia, however upon manometry testing they couldn’t find one. How can that be?

    Aside from fructose malabsorption and SIBO what other tests can reveal useful digestive information? To look into intestinal health or gut permeability, what diagnostics are available?

    As for GIT symptoms, mainly bloating and distension occasionally after meals. Primary issue is the chronic belching and trapped gas in throat.


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  • greenmint


    I am 24yr/female. Have had chronic nausea for over a year now. Most recently, it’s gone from nausea to vomiting. I am nauseous everyday. I am not throwing up anything coffee ground like, but there may be blood – usually throwing up bile like substances with red traces. Also belching a lot (upwards of 40x/day), and I never did before. And (sorry for grossness) diarrhea. I’ve lost 10 pounds total, which doesn’t seem like a lot… but I am not overweight at 140 pounds/5’10”.

    Been to the ER several times for passing out and severe dehydration (10% total dehydration) and also chronic kidney infection/UTI.

    Feeling tired ALL the time. Have had heart and kidneys checked – all fine. Blood comes back normal except for high cholesterol and high ANA.

    Help. 🙁

    • Dr. Pravith

      Hi greenmint

      Your symptoms are indicative of many conditions relating to the gastrointestinal tract or associated systems. Since an ANA came back with a high reading, this could possibly be due to some systemic cause like an autoimmune condition. Seek specialist treatment to rule out a number of conditions including HIV infection and gallbladder disorders.

      Endoscopic investigation may be advisable to diagnose other gastrointestinal conditions. Based on your case history, your doctor should consider further investigation however if you have different attending physicians, they may not be realizing the entirety of the situation since they are not aware of your history. Consult with a doctor or gastroenterologist and follow through on any series of tests that he/she may require to confirm a diagnosis.

  • greenmint

    Thank you, Dr. Pravith.

    Just a few more questions, if I may. Does it sound like HIV?? Or is that just something to rule out as a precaution?

    My family has a long history of autoimmune conditions, dating back several generations. Which autoimmune should I look at specifically?

  • Ruth

    Dear Dr Pravith,
    My life has become miserable. After the evening meal the belching starts until 2 or 3 in the morning when I take No-gas and a sleeping pill. The next day I am tired and irritable (I work a full day). Every night it starts again. Funny enough it does not happen during the day. I skip breakfast and do not get time to eat much at work. I use a coffee creamer in my coffee, have started eliminating coffee, switched to Horlicks – belching became worse because of increased coffeecreamer (white powdery stuff to use instead of milk (non dairy). My belches are most unladylike, explosions almost, I am not overweight, no alcohol smoking or medicine. Always been healthy. Now I have a dreadful pain under my left breast like trapped wind. I have a heart murmur. Have sometimes been anaemic therefore I changed to meat eating after 20 years of being a healthy vegetarian. Is it the meat? Have been for Breath test- still awaiting result. Funny thing – this can go away for weeks, then come back for weeks to plague me again. Mystery. Will start eliminating sugar and coffeecreamer as well as all refined floury substances this week. Thanks.

    • Dr. Pravith

      Hi Ruth

      You obviously seem to be in great distress about this problem. It would be difficult to conclusively say what may be the cause of your belching until further investigation has been undertaken.

      Skipping meals is not advisable. Ensure that you eat regular meals, even small meals, as hunger and increased gastric acidity can cause belching. The pain under your left breast may be indicative of a number of conditions but I would suggest you consider a hiatal hernia or hyperacidity as a possible diagnosis. A hiatal hernia may explain a number of the symptoms that you are experiencing but your doctor will undertake the necessary investigations to confirm or exclude these conditions. Several foods and lifestyle factors can aggravate the symptoms associated with a hiatal hernia beyond just stimulants like caffeine, nicotine or alcohol. Spicy foods and other irritants (possibly coffee creamer although it is not common) could be aggravating your condition.

      In terms of meat eating, it should not really be a problem but your diet should be abundant with fresh fruit and vegetables. Your anemia could be related to your vegetarian diet but may also be indicative of a malabsorption syndrome.

      Adopt as wait and see approach to your condition. Continue excluding foods as you are doing. Consult with your doctor about your test result and any further investigation he/she may deem fit. And start eating regular meals. Mild exercise is known to relieve some of the symptoms of hiatal hernia so consider this as well. However, if it is a hiatal hernia, surgery will most likely be necessary.

      Please note that this advice does not constitute a medical consultation and any comments provided is solely for assisting with a possible diagnosis. However your medical doctor and test results will be the deciding factor.

  • Serena


    I had an ENT look at my throat with an endoscope because I was having some sensation and irritation. He noticed that he saw some acid there. He told me to take Nexium 40mg mornings and another PPI called Pantoprazole 40mg in the evenings. Is it alright to take two different PPI drugs each day?

    Also what else can be done to help heal the acid in the throat? Why did this happen if I was already taking Pantoprazole 40mg once daily? Is it possible I’m hypersecreting acid? What test determines this?

    Thanks for the help!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Serena

      Yes, it is alright to take 2 PPI’s if your ENT prescribed it as he had made his decision based on his findings. However long term use can be a problem as research has shown that acid reflux often returns and aggravates after long term use of PPI’s. It is not entirely a matter of hypersecreting acid although this is possibly. Reflux may occur for a number of reasons apart from increased acid production. The gastroesophageal sphincter which prevents the gastric contents from rising to the throat may be malfunctioning, thereby allowing acid to up the espohagus. When sleeping, this can easily reach the throat and cause irritation due to its prolonged stay in this area.

      If necessary, your doctor will conduct stomach acid tests to monitor the pH of your gastric acid and quantity of gastric acid secretion. This is not always necessary if acid has been noted at the back of the throat or if you are experiencing regular sore throats upon waking in the morning. You ENT may refer you to a gastroenterologist for further investigation if necessary.

  • Serena

    Thanks Dr. Chris. In my case the sphincter muscle is loose at 7mm. Outside of surgery, what other options do I have to tighten that muscle to more normal levels?

    If surgery is the only option, is this a procedure that you do one time or do you need to repeat it in the future?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Serena

      Surgery is advisable if the condition is causing severe discomfort and inconvenience. Remember that the muscles in the gut are smooth muscle and not under voluntary control and there is more to it than trying to ‘tighten’ the muscle. Let your doctor decide on whether this procedure is necessary.

      Usually the procedure is not repeated but the condition may recur depending on a number of factors, especially in the case of obesity. Please note Serena, that in medicine, a “one size fits all” approach most definitely does not work. You doctor will run the necessary tests, consider your case history and current health status and then make a decision based on all findings. He will also weigh out if the level of discomfort that you are experiencing warrants an invasive procedure or not.

      It is best that you discuss your concerns and options with your doctor as he is fully aware of your entire case.


    Hi! I am 38 and for the past 3 years I have experienced burping constantly throughout the day and the feeling like something is stuck in my throat and what seems like excessive mucous when I eat. I eat mostly soft foods and smoothies. I exercise everyday and I am 5’7 and 123 lbs and I have never been overwieght. I have been to Gastroenterologist and ENT and everyone has a different opinion. I was on Nexium 2’s a day for 8 months without relief. Also tried Zenegrid and prevacid with no relief. I am going to have a motility test with a different gastro dr, in 2 weeks. Any thoughts? I am so frustrated by this!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi KSwen

      When you say extra mucus in the mouth, do you mean extra saliva when eating?

      GERD can cause those symptoms but you should have had some relief from the medication prescribed. Do you have any pain in the stomach region after eating?

  • Strooptheloop

    Very interesting article. My symptoms:
    1. Gas in stomach after eating or drinking. The air sort of bubbles up and comes up through my throat, rather like a silent belch. I have counted these and there can be over 50 of them before they begin to die down.
    2. Acidic, burning stomach after certain foods, especially alcohol (all forms), biscuits (cookies), apple pie.
    3. Reflux at night. This is very alarming as I think I’m gonna choke to death. Disgusting taste of bile afterwards.
    4. If I lie on my left side in bed (heart closer to the bed) indigestion at night is less but if I lie on my right side in bed indigestion often follows.
    5. I take about 5 or 6 indigestion tablets per day (calcium carbonate)
    6. I also take zantac and omeprozone periodcially and they work ok (especially the latter). But it’s not a cure – as son as I stop symptoms return.
    7. I have had endoscopy, barium meal, and have been tested for the stomach bacteria. All results negative. I am told that I just have to live with this. I am aware that I am lactose intolerant and avoid diary products at all costs (I use soya milk substitute, though breakfast cereals still give me indigestion).

    I would like to know whether you think I just live with this or if there is soemthing more permanent I can have done. Thanks a lot in advance!

  • aderc

    My boyfriend has a serious problem with his stomach. HE burps too much even with or without eating and it wont stop till hours at times. He has difficulty in breathing and also his heart beats faster when he experience this. we went to doctors and they just say he has stress problem and provide us with the medication such as colona, spasma-colona, mentholax but these still don’t help much. Can you advice us on what should we do or what medication should he takes?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Aderc

      I would not be comfortable with prescribing any medication on an online platform such as this. Does your boyfriend have any bowel problems, like frequent stool especially after eating and so on?

      An endoscopy may be necessary but your boyfriend should consult with a gastroenterologist who can carefully assess his case and conduct the necessary diagnostic investigation. It is important to stick to one doctor over multiple visits so that he may exclude any conditions in order to make a final diagnosis.

  • jt787

    Hello Dr. Chris,
    I am a 21 year old male student. Im almost always feeling full, and I feel like there is something stuck against my chest, and I start belching after that to feel better. Recently I have lost weight like no other. I am 5’9 and currently weigh 124 lbs. My average weight was always around 135 to 140 lbs. I just cannot tolerate the feeling of being full and Im not sure what is causing it. I also use to have acid reflux but now it is less visible. Does eating fast cause the stomache to bloat? because usually I don’t chew my food much.

    What else could I be suffering from?

    Again the symptoms I feel are constant belching, gas, feeling full, and loss of weight.

    Thanks Doctor.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Joseph

      Eating too fast can cause belching due to air swallowing and this can cause the sensation that you may be experiencing. Simply slow down and chew carefully when eating. Are you eating fast due to obstruction of your nasal passages? This is common in hay fever sufferers who eat fast because they need to breathe through their mouth.

      The weight loss in a young person like yourself is also a concern. Do you have any other gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea? In cases of a hiatal hernia, the sensation of fullness or pressure may be felt in the chest cavity and the sufferer tends to start reducing meal portions. The gastric acid irritation of the esophagus (food pipe) in GERD does not always cause a burning sensation but may also cause a feeling of pressure in the chest. As you see, there are quite a few possibilities. Consult with your doctor and he/she may consider an endoscopy. This will assist with a more conclusive diagnosis.

  • Aderc

    Hi Dr Chris,

    Thanks for your reply. My bf dont have any bowel problem. But guess this excessive burp caused of his colon problem. he experience this everyday and few hours a day which he suffers all time from this and he is unable and afraid to eat or drink anything when this happen. Will any warm water helps in this?

  • kswen

    Hi Dr. Chris! Three years ago my first GI dr. in Colorado said it was GERD and prescribed Nexium 40mg. That did not help. Then, he said to take 2 a day. I did this for 9 months with no relief. Then, we moved and my new GI dr. did an upper endoscopy and did a dialation. I had some limited relief after this and could swallow solids more easily. However, I still had what feels like mucous when I eat anything sticking im ny throat. It usually comes up clear with an “egg white” consistency. When I burp I feel relief. I can only eat very small amounts of soft food. I do NOT have any stomach pain. I am very frustrated by this condition! I am going to a NEW GI dr. tomorrow who is going to do a Motility test. If you have any insight into this, please let me know. Most Dr.’s are stumped as to why Nexium did not give me any relief. Is there anything else I can try? Thanks you!!!

  • Laurel

    I’ve had a belching problem for the past three years now and it has progressively gotten worse. I’ve tried taking extra enzymes to help break down food–didn’t do much, and recently I went on a fruit and veggie “cleanse” and didn’t belch like I have been. I thought I might’ve narrowed it down to carbohydrates, because once I started to eat bread again it came back. Is it too much or too little stomach acid? Is it too much or too little bacteria/enzymes? I’d appreciate your help so much!


    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Laurel

      If your symptoms were related to a “lack of enzymes”, you would have noticed other symptoms including changes in bowel movements or stool consistency. This is rare despite what the health product industry may say. Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria that exists in the stomach could be responsible but you would have also noticed symptoms related to gastric ulcers. Since you noticed that bread is a problem, you should consider gluten intolerance as this is a possibility. Read the following article on gluten intolerance.

  • Kyle Nguyen

    I had a problem with excessive bloating and burping. I went to a doctor and had Ultrasound and Endosocopy. The result is that I have Erosive Gastritis with H.pylori infection in the whole stomach. I took Omeprazole and antibiotics for two weeks but the bloating and burping was still not better. Therefore, the doctor gave me
    Pancrealipase but it doesn’t work either, nor Simethicon and Charcoal. I don’t smoke or drink and I have balanced diet. What is wrong with me?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hy Kyle

      It’s difficult to say what is wrong with you but at times a 2 week course of antibiotics will not always resolve the infection. On the other hand, a longer course or a repeat may aggravate some of your symptoms even further. The weight loss however is worrying and if your symptoms are not causing a lack of appetite and reduced food intake, then you should consider a possible malabsorption syndrome. I would however advice a glucose tolerance test (GTT) to check for diabetes. Ensure that you always return to the same doctor for follow up investigations so that he/she can exclude one disorder at a time.

  • Kyle Nguyen

    By the way, I also lost 16 lbs in 3 months and I sometimes feel mild dizziness.

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  • dexie

    I started out with a sore throat with extremely bad breath that has lasted weeks and seen the ENT, he says it’s caused by acid reflux and put me on Pariet 2 x 20 mg, 1 before breakfast and 1 before dinner but that not only didn’t help my symptoms, Pariet made me feel the heratburn I hadn’t felt previously before the meds. My doctor then switched me onto Nexium which I take once at night before bed.The belching has not stopped,I belch constantly after meals or with any form of movement(walking, lifting,climbing stairs etc…,even between meals and at time my stomach does not seem to want to empty(he gave me apo metoclopramide for stomach emptying which I use on occasion,also my sore throat still persists all day,but at times it seems to be going away, as it did the week before I went to see the ENT in the first place. I’m sure what to do at this point because I,m afraid that when I burp, acid might be comming up and doing damage to my esophagus. I’ve taken a week off work to deal with this situation (work is extremely physical and requires lots of heavy lifting). I don’t know what to do from here. Any advice or knowledge would be helpful 🙂

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Dexie

      Reflux can cause recurrent sore throats, often noticed in the mornings after awakening.

      A few questions :
      Are you overweight?
      Do you usually get much exercise (excluding work)?
      Do you get any pain after eating?
      Are you constipated?

  • Adrian


    For the last year or so I’ve lost weight despite having a full appetite, I’ve also been experiencing dizziness and lightheadedness due to the low weight I’m guessing. What tests can be done to look into a malabsorptive condition and what are the markers to look for? (I was tested and biopsied for celiac and it’s negative) Any advice would help.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Adrian

      Before rushing off to test for gastrointestinal disorders, first exclude diabetes as a possible diagnosis. Diabetes is on the rise globally and can account for all the signs and symptoms you are experiencing. You should do a glucose tolerance test for the most definitive results.

      After this, if the diabetes test is negative, consider first doing a blood test for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. If you really do have a malabsorption syndrome, then this would be detectable in nutritional deficiencies. Lastly, a stool sample may be required for testing. Exclude human intestinal parasites and a stool analysis may be useful in indicating malabsorption syndromes. However, this should not be necessary if there is a nutritional deficiency detected through a blood test.

  • dexie

    Hi Dr. Chris, I’m not overweight. I was doing Bikram yoga (yoga in a heated room), when this all started in the first place, but other than work, all I do now is go for walks, I’m to afraid to do any other form of excerise, my work is very physical as it is, and when I lift anything or even go up the stairs of the step van I’m constantly belching and get worried that if it is reflux, it’s going to damage my esophagus. And constipated, yes but only since I’ve been on the meds for reflux.
    When my sore throat first started the food did hurt but only at the entry part of the throat but since then it doesn’t usually hurt although at times when I eat certain foods it’s felt almost like in stings going down. But this morning for instance my throat felt o.k. and through out the day it was hurting and by the end of the night I didn’t want to talk, my throat felt sore and raw.

  • dexie

    I just wanted to add that this sore throat started at the begining of July, and I’ve been taking meds for almost two weeks now,shouldn’t it be gone by now?and I have days where I can tolerate it cause it’s not as bad as the bad days. Also the belching is still constantly happening. I don’t know what to do from here?

  • Kyle Nguyen

    Hi Dr. Chris,
    Thank you for your reply. It is true that I do not lose appetite and the very small amount of food I reduce (because of bloating) does not match my severe weight loss. I do sometimes feel hard to breath and have fast heart beat when sitting in class, so I have to stand up and walk around. My doctor is giving me Librax now. However, I have a few questions to ask. I am 6 foot tall and 124 lbs now. Can a skinny person like me still have diabetes? And, how does my Gastritis lead to malasorption syndrome? Finally, what can I do to reduce my bloating and burping symptoms?
    I greatly appreciate it.

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  • Meagan

    I am 24 years old and for the past two weeks I have been burping non-stop. I have never had problems with gas or burping before and I am baffled and quite concerned. Do you have any advice?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Meagan

      This is short term belching and could be due to a number of reasons, ranging from malabsorption syndrome to excessive air swallowing and may not be a cause for concern just yet. Do you have other symptoms that you have recently noticed. Do you chew gum, smoke, drink a lot of carbonated drinks or have nasal congestion leading to you breathing through your mouth?

  • Netta

    I’ve had belching problems for a long, long time. I noticed when my stomach feels distended or full, my heart rate goes up. A lot.

    Recently, I had emergency surgery to take out the gall bladder and put in a stent. I was in the hospital and NPO for six days, and also on antibiotics for the entire stay. Once I got home, I didn’t have any problems with the belching for six weeks.

    Now, however, it’s back. I’m watching my diet, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Sometimes it’s quite painful.

    I’m taking OTC rantadine, and sometimes that helps. I’m thinking it’s the H-pylori, since I had no symptoms after the course of antibiotics. The problem is, I have no health insurance, am already over 50K in debt because of the surgery, and I’m looking for an answer that doesn’t cost me another round at the doctor’s. I can’t afford it, frankly.


    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Netta

      It is difficult to conclusively isolate the possible cause of your belching. Yes, H.pylori is a common cause and it is interesting that you noticed some relief after the antibiotics. If you are trying to find a way of managing and H.pylori infection without seeking treatment from a doctor or using antibiotics, the it is difficult to really give you a conclusive answer. You can try altering your diet, stopping all refined flour and sugar products, cutting back on starches and so on and this may offer some relief. However it is not going to provide significant or lasting relief. A long course of antibiotics may be required after the appropriate testing to confirm H.pylori infection has been concluded. Obviously avoid fatty and oily foods, including significant amounts of meat and dairy. But overall, you will need to see a doctor, or a gastroenterologist at that.

  • rowan

    Hi i have just found this very interesting site and hoping someone may be able to shed some light as after suffering 21 years with what has been diagnosed as IBS, i am still suffering every single day with belching,flatulence, chronic trapped wind, bloating so i look like ive swallowed a football, sometimes nausea, constipation seems to go with the trapped wind part, this can be 1-3 days then followed with bouts of diarrhoea, tired and energy levels drop badly by this time. i have had an endoscopy this proved nothing wrong, i have tried elimination diets, but everything seems to set me off, no one particular food seems to be the baddy! instantly after whether its a small biscuit of main meal, i can burp for england, feel massively full, my stomach then bloats straight away,and wait for more wind to pass but then this can take a while and generally i go to bed only to wake in the morning pass wind many times, stomach flattens until i eat again, the only thing i can do is alternately sit on or put on my stomach is a hot water bottle for the pain from wind, this is not easy being a full time worker, and im now at a loss as to what to do, eat, or even speak to my doctor as there is no help, i feel like my stomach is in a mess.

    any ideas greatly appreciated, sorry its a long post..

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Rowan

      Unfortunately these are the symptoms related to IBS in some patients. It varies among sufferers, some may have only lower GI symptoms like diarrhea, constipation and flatulence while others experience upper and lower GI symptoms. The cause of IBS is unknown and therefore it is a condition that can never be “cured” but treated and managed the best way possible. However, since your symptoms are persisting to this degree, a high fiber supplement can be helpful. Do not opt for just any OTC (over-the-counter) option but rather speak to your doctor and get his/her advice first. Elimination diets in my opinion are not the best option and can aggravate the condition further. Rather opt for a high fiber supplement daily with Sacchromyces boulardii and you may find some of your symptoms easing significantly within a week or two. The fiber supplement may have to be continued daily while a 5 day course of Sacchromyce boulardii can be taken once every 6 weeks. Always see another doctor for a second opinion if you current doctor has conducted all tests and attempted all therapeutic options at his/her disposal.

  • rowan

    Sorry should have mentioned that i suffered since i was 15 just before i had my gall bladder taken out along with 6 stones.

    • Dr. Chris

      Just spotted your second comment.
      Since you have had your gallbladder removed, the symptoms you are experiencing are often related to this. You need to switch to a low (or no) fat diet immediately. This is usually not negotiable.

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  • surfer

    I may be giving too much history here, but I think it may be relevant.. thanks for reading.

    I’m 31 year old healthy male. Little alcohol consumption, never smoked, no drugs, very active (surfer, swimmer, kung fu) I love good food and healthy living – fruits, steamed vegetables, fish, unprocessed meals – but i am not obsessive about it.

    I’ve had sensitive digestion ever since hepatitis A in 2001 (contracted via water supply or badly prepared food – at the time i was eating out regularly after work) and that has helped greatly in my choices and understanding of food and nutrition balance. I cannot eat cream, nor drink red wine amongst other things.

    I’ve been kind to my belly and I also have good posture. Pulse is 50bpm. I weigh 62kg, height 172, perfect cholesterol, and no history of reflux or belching etc..

    I’ve been living on west coast of Norway for 4 months now with girlfriend and family and have adjusted to their eating habits (we prepare freshly caught fish, stews, pasta, potatoes etc). Everything has been perfect until 10 days ago. They made a meal called får i kål (made by layering cabbage and lamb and boiling all in water.

    After this meal I had a slice of cheesecake. I understand that it’s unwise to eat sugary foods, but thought, what the heck..

    Oh man… Since that evening i’ve felt like I’m gonna float away from the gas production. I thought two days would be a respectable time to pass through my system and i waited it out, but it persisted.. I’m suddenly passing wind and burping frequently after any meal and after 3 days it led to heartburn which has been more consistent than the bloated tummy. Its a very undesirable feeling, which persists through the night and hates me (or loves me) if i change from lying on one side to the other. I eat 4 times a day and my routine has been the same during these four months. Another thing worth mentioning is I have been taking advantage of accessibility of Kefir in Norway – i have been eating it nearly every day – and I also drink more tea than usual (albeit – herbal.)
    My stool is fine and regular. Wholegrain bread is a direct path to severe heartburn, but I’ve found great comfort in preparing oat porridge for breakfast. I also have incredible benefits from taking a half-glass of water mixed with apple cider vinegar a few minutes before main meals.

    Yesterday i took a chewable antacid called Novaluzid and the heartburn got worse briefly and i felt nauseous. I remedied myself again with the cider-vinegar and felt perfect.

    Because of the apple cider vinegar i thought i was healed and stopped taking it under advice of the doctor (i was told to take zantac instead – which i haven’t – yet) I’ve just eaten our evening meal and feel a hell brewing. i haven’t used the vinegar today at all.

    Please help me to recognize the root of the problem. Happy to answer any questions I may have overlooked. Much obliged.

  • surfer

    ..a few days later.
    I took the zantac and it didnt help. felt exactly the same. i needed food in morning and so ate my oat porridge. from that moment everything was fine for two days. i felt like i could carry on my life. ..until yesterday eve. I ate a meal in the afternoon of steamed broccoli, potato and clean chicken fillet. i put a little dollop of yoghurt on the potato. it seemed fine until about 20 minutes into the meal.

    Hell broke loose and it felt like the war-god of gases was playing hide-n-seek in my belly. it was excruciating at times and hasn’t subsided even til now 24hrs later. its like trapped air, transient periods of little knives (lasting less than minute each time but fairly uncommon) and tight stomach. wind passes and belching.
    I’ve been reading a lot of other forums and there are possibilities..

    what are the chances of h.pylori or some other bacterial infection? ( i thought it improbable at first because of healthy clean eating), celiac disease, IBS, gall bladder condition, ulcer, etc…

    Please advise should anyone have had similar abmnormalities and answers. Many thanks

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Surfer

      Your “good” intestinal bacteria may have been affected with your recent diet and this could cause many of your conditions. Before seeking answers for any chronic condition, first opt for a high fiber supplement, along with Sacchromyces boulardii to help replace your normal GI flora. If your symptoms ease within a few days, then you have your answer, if not, then you need further investigation. The possibilities are endless but this is the usual cause for symptoms such as yours which are short term. Saccharomyces boulardi is available under many brand names like Magicflora. Speak to your pharmacist.

  • surfer

    Dear Dr Chris

    Thank you for a spot-on diagnosis for my symptoms and for taking the time to respond. The day before you replied I went to another doctor for a second opinion. Doctor 2 was way more comprehensive and knowledgeable and had the same advice as you. He also mentioned that unlike chronic sufferers, i should have paid attention to the fact that this experience was directly after a specific meal.

    It’s still uncomfortable from time to time, but nothing like before. Feeling much better. Thank you for putting closure on my otherwise wandering mind. I was nervous indeed.

    Take care.

    • Dr. Chris

      You are most welcome Surfer.

  • ske411

    Dear Dr,
    My symptoms: excessive burping (no sulphur, and I really mean excessive), even 2 hrs after a meal AND extreme lower/central abdominal distention.

    Currently on a no fructose diet (2nd day) and no dairy and no wheat (because I’ve sensed that wheat and dairy can make things worse)

    No diarrhea ever, no gas since I took wheat out, but I do have constipation, sometimes very bad. Sometimes have really bad mouth ulcers, but they are better now. A nutritionist put me on HCL because she thought my stomach acid was low. **on this new diet my bowels are very hard to pass (since I am only eating white potatoes, white rice, proteins and nuts)

    I thought maybe I have FM, but as of day 2 on the diet, my distention is as bad as ever. Then I thought maybe SIBO, but I have no diarrhea, weight loss, etc.

    I am very frustrated because I hate how I look in clothes and how I feel about looking “pregnant”. I am very fit, so my stomach should not protrude so much. I weigh 100 lbs, am 4’11” and have 16% body fat. Otherwise very healthy.

    I don’t know where to begin with tests and finding a gastroenterologist. I’ve not been to one in a while.

    I did have a very bad stomach episode after completing a bodybuilding show in 1997. After losing almost 20 lbs (very hungry) I ate everything in sight after the competition. Then I got so distended I couldn’t tie my shoes. Then I had 24 hrs of vomiting and diarrhea, the worst I’ve had in my entire life. After that, I’ve had intestinal issues.

    Thank you for any advice you might have. I am so frustrated I often cry about all of this.

    Should I get:
    gluten gene tests/celiac
    lactose breath test
    fructose breath test
    sibo test
    h. pylor test (was checked once a long time ago, negative)

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Ske

      Firstly you need to see a doctor, preferably a gastroenterologist. It must be remembered that tests are just tools to help your doctor make a final diagnosis after taking your case history and his own findings upon examination into account. You may have irritable bowel syndrome and most of the tests that you mention would be inconclusive in these cases. Many patients experience constipation after removing wheat from their diet as the wheat was the main source of fiber. Constipation could be related to irritable bowel syndrome as well, along with the bloating, although you may notice more flatulence than burping. Increase your fiber intake, not necessarily from wheat products, and once you establish regular bowel movements, take note if your symptoms improve.

      However, you will have to find a gastroenterologist in your area and undergo testing under his/her supervision. Self diagnosis and arbitrary testing may provide to be inconclusive and can often be a waste of time and money.

  • ske411

    Thank you for your response. I have always had constipation, even when I did eat wheat. I have NO flatulence, only belching and major distention. What is the best way to find a GOOD gastroenterologist, I’ve seen many in my life and want to make sure it’s a good fit. Any tips for doing this? Thanks!
    I will call the hospital today, but still have reservations, because they often order unnecessary tests and don’t get at the root of the problem. I don’t want to waste my time or money with DR’s, because I have wasted lots in the past.

  • Jan Modric

    Hi, ske.

    If you have no flatulence, and you only burp, it means the gas is comming from your stomach, probably from H. pylori infection. Dx is with “urea breath test”, but blood test is also available. The third option, a stool test for H. pylori is not so reliable and I do not recommend it. Treatment is by 7-10 days course of antibiotics.

    I’m not sure if any diet can help you reduce burping, anyway, small meals composed from foods that doesn’t stay for a long time in the stomach (starch foods, like bread, fruits and vegetables) could help a bit. Try to limit fats (meat, oil, nuts, dairy). (This is pretty much just the opposite as a low-fructose diet…) This is only to help until you get tested for H. pylori.

    The next possible cause would be gastroparesis – slow stomach emptying – this can be confirmed by stomach emptying test.

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  • mirosoda

    I’m glad I found this site. Five days ago, I ate a tuna sub with jalapeno peppers. I had diarrhea for 72 hrs. It was black water. I took a lot of Pepto and Maalox needless to say and my stools got more solid (still on the soft side though) but stayed black. They smell rotten even today. It’s Monday and this began Wednesday. Today is the first day without Pepto or Maalox and I have excessive belching, flatulence and bloat. I’m not nauseous. I don’t have blood in my stool. I went to the doc and she gave me some Cipro and took a stool sample. I’m assuming it’s for H. Pylori. The stool results won’t be back for 48 hrs or more and I’m reading on Cipro side effects that it may cause diarrhea and since it’s an antibiotic , it may irritate my stomach lining. I took the first one this evening. I’m paranoid a bit about having stomach cancer.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Mirosoda

      Before concerning yourself with stomach cancer, it is best to focus on the most obvious causes first. If your symptoms were not present prior to eating the tuna sub, then it is likely that this meal caused a case of food poisoning. The ‘bad’ bacteria cause a range of symptoms like the offensive smelling stool, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms while destroying your ‘good’ bowel bacteria. Even after a course of antibiotics and once the infection settles, the lack of ‘good’ bowel bacteria will cause many of your symptoms to persist. The antibiotic was necessary to treat the food poisoning but further impacts on the ‘good’ bacteria in your bowel.

      Speak to your doctor or pharmacist about a probiotic like Saccharomyces boulardii which will assist with restoring your ‘good’ bowel bacteria. This product is marketed under many trade names in different countries. A five day course of this supplement will assist with reducing the diarhea, bloating and flatulence. Excessive use of antacids will cause belching and you should reduce your intake of these products if it is not necessary. If your symptoms persist after using Saccharomyces boulardii, then you should consult with your doctor and consider further investigation.

  • aprilk

    I have for years suffered from feeling full after eating, until the point of breathlessness. I feel so full when i sit back after eating or lay down( which i try not to do)i can barely breathe. If I press down the middle of my abdomen (somewhere in the center of my bottom ribs) i feel a slight bump and pain there (i can feel a muscle there but a bump on it, not visible). I belch constantly, and this belching is usually accompanied with undigested food coming up, sometimes acid. If i drink water, this comes up too the same temperature that it was when i swallowed it. I get nauseous after some things that I eat (its randome i may eat the same food 2 days in a row and willonly get nauseous one time on one day), I also get nauseous after having juice, milk (in cereal). Also, I find that when I get stress I start to belch up this frothy foamy looking mucus no acid no food just stuff that looks like soap suds, or loads of spit…whats going on with me???

    Slight Med History:

    PCOS- diagnosed 1999
    3 surgeries all LAPs for ovy cyst removals last one 2000

    Please help my stomach is broken… 🙁

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi AprilK

      You do not mention your age or the medication you are using, either for your gastrointestinal symptoms or any other conditions. You symptoms very much sound like a hiatal hernia but you need to undergo diagnostic investigation to confirm this. The nausea associated with certain foods can occur for many possible reasons but it is worth mentioning at this point that many women with PCOS also suffer with impaired glucose tolerance. This causes nausea when certain foods are eaten, although vomiting is very rare. Considering you history, I think it would be safe to assume that you are using certain drugs which may be responsible for many of your symptoms as well, and the excessive use of any antacids or indigestion medication will also explain the ‘frothy’ belch. Discuss these issues with your gynecologist as some of the meds you may be taking for your PCOS may be causing these symptoms.

  • help me

    I’m having excessive bloating momentarily relieved by belching. heaviness/fullness mainly to left upper quad. One BM a day that is thin, soft. No nausea, vomiting, pain, fever, weakness, jaundice. Early satiety for about 20minutes followed by hunger!?!? Bowels become hyper about 1-2hours after meals. ALL symptoms are gone after one glass of red wine! Otherwise, I dont drink and dont smoke. I eat a very healthy diet. I exercise regularly and my only other clue to this is that I have been trying to gain clean mass. I was lifting heavy and taking creatine monohydrate once a day, whey protein shakes 2x’s a day, caffeine 400mg before workouts and sometimes between 800-1200mg a day r/t swing shifts that are sometimes 14 hours a night. I took the creatine and whey protein for 3mnths and stopped when these symptoms began. I had taken the caffeine for about 2 mnths but the 800-1200mg days were maybe 2-3 times a week for work. I tapered off the caffeine. I have had the symptoms for 2weeks. I have not worked out since and have been off caffeine for about 5 days. Thank you.

  • Aprilk

    Dear Dr Chris,
    I do not take any medication for my PCOS,my GYN put me on a no sugar low carb diet, and it seems to have a great affect on whether or not I develop cysts. Since I’ve been on the diet, I have not been developing problematic cysts, and the number I develop has greatly reduced. I also had a successful surgery called ovarian drilling, that has somehow corrected the issue although it is still there, since it can;t be cured. I am 29, I take no medications for anything, and although I am on the diet, I have been eating starchy foods. Those foods like potatoes and bread are very hard for me to digest. I am overweight now, my weight fluctuates when I don’t listen to him. Other than that I lose weight easliy when I go back on that diet I lose about 2-5 pounds a week. I am 5’4 175lbs I usually get down to about 150 to make my BMI normal. So where to go from here.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi April

      I assume you mean a low GI diet. Get a glucose tolerance test (GTT) done to verify if you are a diabetic or not. Your doctor may also test your insulin levels to identify insulin resistance. These could be responsible for some of the symptoms you are experiencing thus far. Potatos and bread (except rye bread) are high GI (glycemic index) carbs and could be causing spike sin your blood sugar levels.

  • Aprilk

    Dr Chris
    Oh I am so sorry I also take no meds for anything else. I am med and vitamin free.

  • amy

    For the past two weeks I have been experiencing excessive belching, sore throat, and headache. I was thinking sinus problems because my head aches are indicative of sinus pressure including causing my teeth to ache. I ocassionally throw up flem when I am belching. Using sinus medicine and acetominiphin is helping some and I know that I have trigger foods that will cause me to bloat, pass gass and belch but this is different. Normally I can control my symptoms by diet but this doesn’t seem to be diet related. Any ideas as to what is causing my suffering? Two weeks is turning into three and I’m not sure what else to do.

  • suzi

    Please help. For the last year I have put up with excessive burping. It might go away for a day but always comes back. I burp every couple of seconds. It feels like its coming from my throat not my stomach but when it is really bad the top of my stomach ends up in excessive pain and sometimes when I burp I vomit. It is always worse after driving for a long time on dirt roads. When my bladder is full it seems that it becomes really painful. The doctor keeps ignoring what I am saying and wanting to talk about other health issues. My iron is low and my cholesterol is high. Help

  • tmoore

    Dear Dr Chris
    I suffer from excessive belching and hiccups especially after eating any type of meal. However I experience this problem through out my day even hours after a meal. Im curious if this is something that should concern me or serious enough to see a physician over? I do not take any medications however I take many vitamins and herbs. I suffer from chronic constipation and hemerroids. I also experience a tremendous amount of gas or pressure in my abdominal area some days worse than others. Im curious…”where do I start trying to determine the cause of my digestive problems?


  • Jan Modric

    To help me.

    Bloating and thin stools may be from intestinal bacteria decomposing whey and protein shakes. Coffein my also act as a peristalsis stimulant.

    Apart from droping mentioned nutrients, I recommend you to have a low fodmap diet trial
    for few days.

    If this won’t help, consider to have urea breath test for H. pylori – a bacterium that causes chronic gastritis, belching, upper abdominal bloating, early satiety, etc. Try with low-fodmap diet first, though.

  • Jan Modric


    do you think phlegm comes from the stomach? Is it possible that you swallow phlegm that drips down from your nose? Do you have acidic feeling in the throat?

    What medicines do you use from sinusitis? If it’s bacterial sinusitis, you will need antibiotics.

  • Jan Modric


    do you alse have excessive gas? Loose stools? What’s your usual diet?

    Chronic infection with H. pylori, fructose malabsorption, slow gastric emptying (gastroparesis) and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth are main causes of excessive belching.

    You can try low-fructose diet for few days and see if it helps.

    If this won’t help you, you can arrange an appointment with gastroenterologist, who can perform tests for abovementioned conditions.

  • Jan Modric


    let me answer you, but before that, few questions:
    Do you take vitamins and herbs for some specific reason, do you have vitamin deficiences or some other health condition? Is there fructose or sorbitol mentioned on the supplements labels?
    What is your usual diet?
    When did your symptoms start – after taking your supplements, after eventual change in diet, food poisoning, treatment…?

  • julies5monkeys

    I am a 43 year old female who has developed problems after breast cancer surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and avastin. Shortly after finishing treatment, I was burping excessively after meals– for hours. No sulphur, no acid, just air. Also feel very uncomfortable just below sternum. Sometimes I would get severe pain, but have found that if I avoid raw onions, avocado and jicama, I have no burning pain at all. Last November I had a gi bleed, losing about three pints of blood. I was taken to the hospital and given upper and lower endoscopy, camera test, x-rays to no avail. But my stomach was empty and I kept telling them it is food that aggravates it. No ulcers, no h-pylori. I went through a period of trying not to eat much. Almost every meal caused the excessive burping. Tried a health diet in March that goes through a two week period where no grains are consumed. Voila! I felt completely different in 24 hours. After a few months, I decided to introduce brown rice, thinking I might have gluten intolerance, but I cannot tolerate brown rice either. Refined sugar makes me feel lethargic and achy. If I eat a little grain, I will wake up in the morning feeling as if there is still food in my stomach. I thought I had it under control, but now, seven months later, it seems that even grain free meals are causing burping and discomfort below the sternum. I lost ten pounds during cancer treatment and twenty since I cut out grains. Thank you. 🙂

    • Dr. Greg

      Hi Julies

      Gastrointestinal symptoms after chemotherapy are common. While it may be gluten intolerance, many patients have difficulty consuming grains. Are you currently on any medication?

  • julies5monkeys

    Thank you for replying. I finished chemo 2.5 years ago, radiation 2 years ago and avastin 1.5 years ago. I took tamoxifen for one year but felt that it made my stomach issues worse. I am not taking anything else. I do not tolerate narcotics well and they kept giving them to me for this or that. I did not mention that my problems seem to be all around the stomach area (though nothing has been seen on any scope). I don’t usually have diarrhea or constipation. I don’t have any cramping. I was thinking that maybe my pancreas has stopped making amylase? Or during surgery or radiation there was vagus nerve damage? I don’t know. I went to doctors for months to no avail. As I said, changing my diet has been effective until recently.

  • homsip

    I have been taking protonics for the last 7 years for acid reflux. The heartburn was reduced but I still have alot of burping. I don.t believe I am swallowing too much air or eating too fast. I had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy and it turn out negative. I was wondering could the Les valve be loose. Would a operation take care of the problem?

  • punagirl

    Please help!! ABout 2 weeks ago, I started having dizziness, weakness, nausea, gas, and belching. At first it was on and off, but now I have the symptoms all the time. So far I have had an abdominal ultrasound, upper GI, cat scan of pelvis and abdomen, and chest xray. They all came back negative. Unfortunately the gastric specialist can’t see me for another 2 weeks to do an endoscopy. I’m at my wits end!! What could be causing all of this?? Please advise. Thanks

  • michelle159

    In July of this year I got mono and didn’t have sore throat/gland issues or a high fever. Instead I got rapid heart rate, low grade fever and fatigue. After about 2 months the high heart rate subsided and soon after I started to bloat after eating. I wake up with a semi flat stomach and then every time I eat my belly grows and grows. At night while in bed in the early hours of the morning my stomach frequently gurgles with gas. Every morning when I wake up I immediately have 1-3 bowel movements and then I start my day of having a huge belly again. Sometimes my stool has mucus. I have had a CT scan with normal results and all blood work is ok (CBC and CMP). Urine check was ok. Pelvic ultrasound and all ovarian cancer stuff was ok. Pap was ok, Pelvic ok. I went to a gastro doctor and was brushed off. Suggested lactose intolerance but I have tried going without that and no change. Have tested negative for celiac and also have avoided gluten just to be sure. Have also eliminated soy and have been taking probiotics for 2 weeks all without any results. Have tried digestive enzymes too! I am 32 and I am sick of being sick! Please help!

    • Dr. Greg

      Hi Michelle

      Three questions :
      1. Do you smoke cigarettes or consume alcohol? If so, how much?
      2. Do you feel urging to pass stool a short while after eating?
      3. Are you undergoing any stressful episode in your life or are you the high strung ‘type A’ personality?

  • michelle159

    p.s. I forgot to mention that I burp a lot, but no heartburn. Also have pain in my hips and when this all started two months ago I had a lot of back pain in my right side from hip to shoulder which has gotten quite a bit better.

  • Jan Modric


    any other symptoms, like bloating, abdominal cramps, constipation or diarrhea?

    First, did you have urea breath test for Helycobacter pylori, or this was checked during colonoscopy? H. pylori is a common cause of burping in people with GERD.

  • Jan Modric

    To punagirl.

    Does weakness and fainting appears or worsens within few minutes to few hours after a meal? Any change in bowel habit or amount of excreted urine? Anyone from your relatives has diabetes?

    Reveiling eventual additional symptoms would help:

  • michelle159

    Hi, Thanks for your response.
    1. I don’t smoke and I drink maybe 2 glasses of wine per week.
    2. Do you feel urging to pass stool a short while after eating?
    No. I really only have to go in the morning right after I wake up a few times and that is usually it for the day.
    3. Are you undergoing any stressful episode in your life or are you the high strung ‘type A’ personality?
    Life is pretty stress free for me. I work at home with my husband so life is pretty easy.

    I started taking swedish bitters on Saturday and the bloat seems to be subsiding a bit. I am hoping it will continue to diminish. I have been burping more and seeming to be relieving some of this bound up gas and I am not sure if that is because of the bitters. Could mono have disrupted my digestive system? My appetite is pretty poor.

  • sherry

    My husband wakes up during the night with severe gas pressure in his chest. I was worried that it was heart related, so our family doctor ordered tests and cardiograms and found his heart to be fine. It comes on so fast that he wakes and sits up. He sweats, then gets chills. Usually, a Rolaid soft chew will give him some relief. We don’t eat anything after 9 in the evening and sometimes the gas pressure doesn’t come on until 3 – 5 am. He takes no medications for anything. ???????

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Sherry

      Often, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) may cause these symptoms. The acid rising up the food pipe can cause pain, burning or the feeling of pressure on the chest and since a Rolaid is assisting him to some extent, it is obvious that it is acid, unless he is passing out gas as a burp. Your doctor may consider putting your husband on a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) which will reduce his gastric acid production. This should help but a PPI needs to be taken constantly as prescribed by your doctor and is not only for use when the symptoms arise.

  • myc

    I have excessive burping and headaches that follow. Some how they seem to be related along with stiff neck and shoulder tension. I am a smoker and I’m just wondering if that might be the cause. I have tried going without smoking for weeks but I still experience the same symptoms. I am not sure if this will just go away or if I should seek medical attention.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Myc

      Nicotine could cause the symptoms you are experiencing and it should be avoided. These symptoms may not ally immediately after giving up smoking so you will have to be patient. Either way, you should consult with a doctor to verify that there are no other serious pathologies that you may be missing.

  • roberts74

    Hi,back in september i had a bad flu that lasted a couple days,then a few eeks later i would start being awaken at night by a thumping noise in my ear,this would come and go every couple days,i went to see the doctor who cleaned out my ears and discovered that i had high blood pressure and put me on metaprolol at the beginning of october and it after a week or so i had no more issues with my ear,unfortunately another week went by and i started having issues with muscle twitches and then burping whenever i would eat or drink,this continues still,earlier this week i seen my doctor who changed the blood pressure meds(possible cause),the doctor did do blood tests when first prescribing me the meds,any ideas what may be going on?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Roberts74

      These symptoms are possibly related to your blood pressure medication and you should continue with your new prescription for a few weeks before reassessing your symptoms. If the symptoms do not allay, further diagnostic investigation may be necessary but most of the symptoms you describe are likely a side effect of the initial prescription.

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  • Amy

    Hi, and thanks in advance for your advice! I’m 36 and I’ve been struggling with very disruptive GI symptoms for years: persistent belching (before and after meals),cramping/tenderness in upper abdomen, nausea, and bloating. Lately I’ve also had what seems to be acid reflux. My GI specialist said that my embarassing eructations are probably the result of swallowing air with food, but that just doesn’t seem right. I’ve had all the necessary tests, and there were two things that showed anything abnormal: I have a “tiny” hiatal hernia, and my hida scan is considered “borderline.” The specialist didn’t seem willing to do much about anything but said I could consider gb surgery. I’m loathe to get the surgery, but nothing else has helped. Is this really the best course of treatment for someone my age, a vegetarian who never drinks, smokes, and who otherwise takes very good care of herself? It’s true that with my symptoms, I can barely function… I’m just worried about the long-term consequences of gb removal. Should I also consider getting my small hernia surgically repaired?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Amy

      Yes, I agree that considering your age, surgery should not be considered in haste. In all fairness to your specialist, he said you should “consider” surgery since you are probably unhappy with his “wait-and-see” approach. The air swallowing could very likely be the cause of your symptoms and I am sure he would have excluded other possible causes before making this differential diagnosis. Your abstinence from cigarettes and alcohol will be helpful in preventing more severe symptoms of a hiatal hernia, which is often triggered by nicotine and alcohol. However, do you drink large amounts of coffee? Your vegetarian diet could be playing against you as certain vegetables and legumes can contribute to gas build up. By any chance, are you overweight? If you could manage your condition conservatively, with diet for example, then you should not consider surgery for a hiatal hernia immediately. In terms of air swallowing, do you eat or drink fast, chew a lot of gum or have any nasal congestion that contributes to mouth breathing?

  • Robynn

    I will swell like a TICK to the nine-months-pregnant status from MSG which is in SO MUCH of processed food. I have learned all its names – there are dozens so don’t be fooled by the “NO MSG” claim. That only means there is nothing in there by the name of “monosodium glutamate” but it has MANY differing names and yes, they CAN get away with that – for now. As long as I avoid it I do not have that reaction. Try it. It can only be good for you. MSG is a nasty chemical.

    • Dr. Chris

      Thank you for your input Robynn.

  • Amy

    Hi again. Thanks for your initial reply, Dr. Chris. In response to your questions, all answers are negative: no, I’m not overweight in the slightest (5’9″, 150 lbs, slim athletic frame, don’t drink any coffee (only occasional green tea), don’t have nasal congestion/mouth breathing, and I’m pretty sure I’m not eating too fast and gulping air. I avoid veggie foods that are extra-gassy or take enzymes when I do eat them, and I don’t eat processed food (especially with MSG, which gives me headaches). Your response is timely because I just had another “attack;” my upper abdomen hurt considerably for three days, especially when I attempted to eat, and I felt nauseous and miserable in general. The belching continued, and not necessarily after eating. The pain is concentrated in my left upper quadrant, which also confuses me, because I thought GB pain was supposed to be on the right. I’ve been checked thoroughly for cardiac problems and my heart is in excellent shape… I know it’s a confusing case but any comments are welcome. Thanks…

  • angbrey

    I have a problem with nausea, stomach aches and vomiting. I had my gallbladder removed (lapro) in 6/2007. I have been fine since then, but since early Sept shortly after undergoing some emotional stress I’ve had nausea, stomach aches and vomiting on a daily basis. I generally only vomit water after I drink it… or what appears to be water. Not pregnant. I’m a vegetarian, I don’t drink coffee or carbonated bevs, no caffeine. Just water, hot green tea, and soy milk on occasion. I do not eat fatty foods or fried foods, salt or red meat and I avoid preservatives. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have never smoked or tried recreational drugs, and on few social occasions in the year I may have a glass of wine with dinner (maybe 6-8 glasses of wine total in a year’s time). H. Pylori blood test neg, all other blood levels and enzymes are great, incl stool that was tested for other bacteria as well. I hate to take it but zantac helps me feel pretty normal most of the time. First thing in the morning I wake up nauseated, I take a zantac and feel better. I eat toast or HB egg whites for breakfast, sometimes a banana. If I eat lunch, shortly afterward I feel sick again so lately I haven’t been eating lunch. Even a bland snack like dry plain cheerios makes me nauseated. A couple hours after dinner I take another zantac. I belch alot, even after just drinking water and I constantly hear my tummy gurgling. My MD thinks it’s just excessive acid but I do have a gastro appt coming up. I’ve had an ulcer in the past when I had gallstones and tested pos for h.pylori and this “feels” so similiar. I’ve also consulted a Naturopathic Doctor as I prefer to treat the cause not the symptoms, however the only comfort I get right now is from the zantac. I hope to not have to take meds for any length of time. She suggests I keep a food & health diary, drink cabbage juice, take probiotics, and evening primrose oil as well as cut out refined sugars and limit my fruit intake until I see the gastro. I appreciate your advice and comments. Thank You.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Angbrey

      I agree with your MD. Your symptoms are indicative of excessive acid and there is a possibility of a gastric ulcer. I would advise that you have an endoscopy and exclude and gastric or duodenal ulcer. Symptoms of these conditions are not always specific in every patient and so what you may be currently experiencing could be a result of an ulcer. Avoid the cabbage if you are experiencing any bloating. It may just aggravate it further.

  • sunflower

    I’m curious about my bloatedness. I’m eating healthy and I’m vegetarian. I have had heartburn previously due to extensive weigh gain cause through stress. I have lost weight again so that’s fine. Anyway, considering I live a healthy lifestyle, I do wonder as I received natrium muriatum from homeopath for other reasons and it really has helped and I’m much better. The only thing I wonder is that when it wears off the bloatedness comes back and I really feel like being pregnant with air escaping where it can. This effects me psychologically and I also don’t feel like eating much. Have you got any idea where this could come from? I wondered if it could be a bacteria as I don’t see anything wrong with the diet and I haven’t changed it either. Thank you.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Sunflower
      The fact that you are a vegetarian could account significantly for your bloating. Certain ‘gassy’ vegetables and those high in indigestible compounds like cellulose will increase bloating. It could be a small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) but you would have experienced more significant symptoms. Avoiding a meal due to burping or flatulence is never advisable as it will affect your nutrition. You mention that you previously had heartburn, is it still present? Do you find any relief from antacids?

      ** Please note that it is important to consult with your doctor regarding your symptoms so that the proper tests can be conducted.

  • punagirl

    To Jan Modric regarding her comment on Nov 4th.

    Yes, lately I have noticed a change in bowel habits. I have been having stools more often every time I have nausea. They are not watery diarrhea, but semi soft stools. Yes, I do have diabetes on both sides of family, but the doctor tested me for that and it came up negative. To review my symptoms with you again: This started two months ago, with weakness, nausea, belching, fullness/bloating,passing gas, and sometimes dizziness. They have done an abdominal ultrasound, upper GI, CT scan of abdomin and pelvis, complete blood tests, chest xray, endoscopy—and they all showed negative. (I had a colonscopy 2 years ago as I’m over 50, and had a small benign polyp). As a last resort my doctor put me on flagyl, thinking it could be a parasite or bacterial infection of some kind. I’m on that now, and I don’t think it is doing any good, because I still have the same symptoms. She said in so many words, that if this doesn’t work, she doesn’t know what to do other than consult again with the gasterinologist. Can you think of any other things it might be and what to ask the gastric specialist when I see him on the 15th? Should I have another colonscopy? I’m at my wits end. Please answer soon as this is greatly affecting the quality of my life.

    Thanks, Terri

  • Jan Modric


    I’m “he”. 🙂

    Did your symptoms start all of the sudden before 2 months? I mean, did you never have such symptoms before?

    Did you travel somewhere in months before symptoms has appeared or eat some suspicious food or drink water from some natural source? Parasites are certainly one possibility. Take Flagyl according to regime prescribed by your doctor. Another possibility is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

    Are your symptoms closely related to meals, like early satiety, or burping shortly after eating – or you wouldn’t say so?

    This is what you can try:
    – 4 day low-FODMAP diet trial it may help relieve bloating
    – check stool for parasites (but you should ask doctor how Flagyl you are taking would affect the test
    – breath test for SIBO
    – breath test for H. pylori (a common infection of the stomach)

    If nothing shows up:
    – gastric emptying test
    – colonoscopy

  • punagirl

    Answer to Jan Modric:

    Thanks for answering my post. No, I never had any problem before Oct 15th, although I did have some very minor nausea a few mornings a week before the 15th, but when I took tums, it went away. Now since Oct 15th, I have had this nausea, weakness, bloating, and excessive gas off and on but lately it seems to be happening more often than not. Sometimes it happens shortly after a meal, but sometimes it does not. I sometimes get nausea in the morning before eating also. No, I have not traveled lately, however, we live in a rural area in Hawaii and have a water catchment system where we get all of our water from rain. We do treat the water once a month with clorox, and also have several filter systems that filter the water before it is piped into our house. That is why the doctor gave me Flagyl on the off chance that it could be giaurdia. But now, I have been on the Flagyl for 6 days of a ten day treatment, and I’m still getting my same symptoms, so it looks like that is not the problem either. The doctor also gave me omphezole (prilosac) back in Oct when the symptoms first started because she thought it was an ulcer at first. I also take an anti nausea pill in late afternoon so I won’t be awakened by nausea at night. Could the low acid from taking omphezole in my stomach be contributing to anything? I will finish the 10 day treatment with Flagyl and then ask the doctor to give me those breath tests and take a stool sample. Thanks for giving me some questions to ask the doctor. Is there anything else I should ask him? Please advise. Thanks, Terri

  • Jan Modric


    you can write down your medical history and put all your symptoms in a time line, just as you did here. Also list all medications you used and their effect. Mention relation of your symptoms with meals and sleep. Details, like “nausea in the morning” and “tums helped” can be extremely useful info for the doctor.

    If tums helped, it’s possible you have excesive acid; this is often triggered by H. pylori infection. Morning nausea, burping and upper abdominal bloating are characteristic symptoms. Diagnosis is with urea breath test and treatment is with an exact antibiotic regime for 7-10 days, as prescribed.

    Low acid could theoretically aggravate eventual H. pylori infection. If H. pylori is the cause of excesive acid, you have to treat both bacteria and acid at the same time – with antibiotics and anti-acid drug like omeprazole, but you need a test first.

    It can be more then one disorder causing your symptoms. If you have ever had cramping pain below the lower right ribs, you should have your gallbladder and bile ducts checked.

    You could also have H. pylori and some parasite at the same time. Low blood levels of iron and vitamin B12, and elevated levels of eosinophils and IgE antibodies are common in intestinal parasites.

    To relieve symptoms before visiting a doctor, you can try low_FODMAP diet (low fructose and lactose). Then you can ask for breath test for H. pylori, and if positive, start with treatment. If negative, try with other tests, so you don’t need to have all tests at once.

  • punagirl

    Thanks again for your advice Jan Modric. I do have one other question. I have had a mild case of hypogycemia for years and if I go on the low FODMAP/Fructose diet, won’t this be a problem? I tried the Adkins diet years ago, eliminating most fruits and foods that had high carbohydrate grams, and I had to stop because I felt weak and had no energy. Will this diet have the same effect, and if so, what do I do then? Thanks, Terri

  • Ario

    Hi Jan,

    I’d really appreciate your input on my symptoms. For over 6 months I’ve been experiencing a lot of burping and belching mainly after any meal. The most unpleasant and often scary reaction is that this gas can become trapped in the throat area making me feel as if I’m having an anaphylactic reaction, even though I’ve been tested for negative for food or environmental allergens. I’ve had to visit an ER on two occasions and treated as a suspected anaphylactic reaction. I also notice trapped gas on the sides of my body or center of chest that need to be physically pressed by hand in order to belch away. Quite often this amount of belching and trapped gas even affects my respiration because I’ll get lightheaded all of sudden and if I force myself to burp or belch my lungs automatically take a deep breath in order to get more oxygen to my brain. I’ve never read anything in literature about this particular symptom before.

    In addition, my diet is now very restricted. I tolerate rice well and it is a part of every meal I eat. Before all this I was able to eat anything I wanted. I also cannot even digest multivitamins properly either. I’ve even tried probiotic supplements and they cause a large amount of gas that gets trapped in the throat area shortly after consumption. I’m having these symptoms despite taking a digestive enzyme with every meal.

    What I know from testing I’ve done is the following:
    – LES muscle is quite loose at 8mm Hg. Peristaltic waves of low amplitude toward distal esophagus
    – Celiac negative (confirmed with biopsy)
    – unexplained weight loss still not accounted for
    – amylase level slightly elevated
    – normal small bowel follow through study
    – neck/throat CT normal
    – neck esophagram normal
    – abdominal ultrasound a year ago showed lots of gas
    – colonoscopy normal
    – gastroscopy normal but revealed multiple superficial antral erosions
    – No evidence of Whipple’s, celiac sprue, or Giardia
    – no H. pylori
    – evidence of orthostatic intolerance (postural tachycardia)
    – normal stool study
    – another stool study revealed presence of
    – blood work normal
    – no evidence of small intestinal inflammation or ileitis to suggest Chron’s
    – 24 hour pH study showed 45 reflux episodes, 34 were acid and 11 non-acid. DeMeester score was normal. Patient complained of belching on 74 occasions, 23 were associated with acid and 12 associated with non-acid reflux. Patient complained of dysphagia on 9 occassions and none of these were associated with acid or non-acid reflux.

    I’m currently taking Pantoprazole (PPI) 40mg daily.

    Please let me know your thoughts and where do you suggest I go from here?

  • Jan Modric


    if you find low-FODMAP diet as inappropriate, do not use it, or use it partially (eliminating lactose and limiting only fruits with high fructose content, like plums/prunes and other fruits with pits, pears and apples). Table sugar itself should not be problematic, also not complex carbohydrates in cereals, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes.

  • sunflower

    Hello Dr Chris,

    and thanks for your reply. I have been vegetarian for over 20 years. I don’t use anti-acids, have used it and didn’t help much and it’s not my way of approaching things. I’m mainly interested in the source of it all, so I can hopefully change something. I have to say despite all the wind, sometimes painful trapped one, I also hardly go to the loo (stool, 3-4 times a week). Funny enough Natrium Muriaticum prescribed by my homeopath helped for a long time with all the symptoms and even made some (heart burn) appear rarely whereas before it was 24/7. This is obviously different for each case. It just all made me wonder if there’s in in balance or bacteria. I don’t drink sugary fizzy drinks, max. 1 coffee a day, not fatty and also not later dinners etc.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Sunflower

      Natrum muriaticum is a homeopathic remedy that is widely used for depression, anemia and constipation so this may account for why you have found some relief in it. It is difficult to say that you may definitely have an H.pylori infection or this could be due to SIBO. It would be irresponsible of me to attempt to do that here. You of course need a medical doctor to examine you in person, consider other tests and investigations and then make a conclusive diagnosis. However, it is possible that you have an H.pylori infection although a bacterial overgrowth lower in the bowel would have caused other symptoms as well, so this is unlikely. Once again, you need medical attention to make this diagnosis rather than guessing but I hope this provides you with some assistance.

  • Jan Modric


    what was here:
    “another stool study revealed presence of

    “pressure in the middle of the chest” is probably from gas in the stomach.
    “pressure on sides” that interfere with breathing is probably from gas in the transverse colon or small intestine.

    Have you had a stool test for Ova & Parasites?
    By which method H. pylori was tested?
    Can you reliably say that digestive enzymes helped you?
    Can you reliably say that any particular food (dairy, fruits, sweeteners…) especially aggravate your symptoms?

    My thoughts:
    1. H. pylori bacteria trigger excessive production of gastric acid and produce gas. Urea breath test for H. pylori is reliable.

    2. Intestinal parasites can cause severe bloating

    3. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) can cause bloating and burping. There’s another breath test for SIBO.

    4. Fructose malabsorption can cause bloating and burping after ingesting fructose- and sorbitol-rich foods. Ther’s one rough 4 day diet trial that also eliminates lactose and few other nutrients. low-FODMAP diet

    5. Slow gastric emptying could aggravate belching. Gastric emptying test can reveal this.

    6. Biliary reflux (bile flows back into the stomach and you can ocasionally feel a biter taste in the mouth). This can be accompanied with a bile duct disorder and cramping pain below the right ribs.

    Supplements are often coated with sugary (fructose or sorbitol) covering – if you have fructose malabsorption, they may cause bloating. Probiotics are bacteria, which are capable of producing gas.

  • Ario

    Hi Jan,

    Appeciate your thoughts thus far. The other stool analysis study showed on the bacteriology culture an imbalance of flora, namely gamma strep and klebsiella pneumonia. No dsybiotic flora detected only this imbalanced flora. The mycology yeast culture showed no yeast isolated. However the test for intestinal markers in the stool (presence of RBC, pH, occult blood and yeast) detected a moderate amount of microscopic yeast suggestive of fungi such as candida albicans in the stool.

    Stool test for ova/parasites have come back negative both times. H pylori tested from biopsy during gastroscopy. I can’t reliably say that digestive enzymes help, but I usually always take one regardless. I do know that foods that contain sugar or fructose are problematic all of a sudden (for instance having a banana or more so drinking an electrolyte sports drink trigger *lots* of gas within minutes of consumption)

    Does this new information rule out or narrow the focus of some of the possible causes you listed above Jan?

  • Jan Modric


    it is possible you have fructose malabsorption (FM), in which fructose and sorbitol are not properly absorbed, stay in the intestine and feed intestinal bacteria that produce gas.

    Besides that it’s posible you have lactose intolerance (LI), where you can’t absorb lactose properly because of lack of enzyme lactase.

    To check, if you have FM and LI, you can have one simple 4-day elimination diet trial, during which you exclude the following foods or nutrients completely:

    – fructose (all fruits and fruit products)
    – high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), used as a sweetener in many packaged foods and certain drinks
    – sorbitol and other “sugar polyols”: xylitol, maltitol, erythritol and other -tols.
    – fructans (wheat, artichokes, onions, leeks)
    – galactans (legumes: beans, peans, soy, lentils; cauliflower)
    – lactose (all dairy, and products that may contain lactose: chocolate, beer, pre-prepared soups and other “mixtures”)

    This is low-FODMAP diet

    If you have FM, or both FM and IL, during 4 day diet trial your symptoms should lessen considerably. During this trial drink only water and eat rice and other foods you’ve found as non-problematic so far – consider: polenta and other non-sweetened corn products, meat, fish, eggs, spinach. If you can tolerate cereals, try oats and some non-sweetened morning cereals.

    Unless prescribed by your doctor, do not take digestive enzymes or any other supplements (vitamins, minerals) during the trial, since they may contain fructose or sorbitol.

    Fructose malabsorption can be primary, meaning it’s the basic and thus permanent problem, or secondary (and thus temporary) – as a result of certain other GI problem, like bacterial overgrowth.

    Now, “imbalance of flora” can be a cause or result of fructose malabsorption. If low-FODMAP diet will lessen your symptoms, you can assume that, at least in part, FM was original cause of bacterial imbalance. Yeasts, like candida, are part of normal intestinal flora – if they are overgrown, their amount should reduce with the mentioned diet trial.

    For both FM and LI, official breath tests exist, but it would be good if you can manage to reduce bloating with the diet trial first.

    Detailed info about FM and suggestions about the diet in FM.

    In above articles, you will find foods like bananas mentioned as non-problematic, but in severe case, as it seems you have, you should adjust the diet according to your experience.

  • John B

    Hi there, this is a great website and i’m glad I found it.

    I am a 25 year old male and I was diagnosed with IBS around 5 years ago. Since the diagnosis I altered my diet and managed to put on 3 stone of muscle through weight training and eating healthily, and the symptoms were reduced.

    Since around 5 months ago however I have had a few more problems. I had to go to a meal with people I didn’t know which gave me a few IBS problems (I have come to accept this sort of thing happening) but that evening and the week afterwards I had alot of acid reflux and also a loss of appetite. My doctor prescribed me some omeprazole, which worked initially but slowly the problems came back. A breath test ruled out h.pylori and after suffering with pain and loosing weight (just under a stone), a few weeks later the acid reflux was reduced to a limit that meant I could eat similar amounts as I was before. Another problem I seem to have now is a constant dull aching pain to the left and right just below my tummy button, and also just above both my hips. This can sometimes become sharp pains too. Most mornings after about 30 minutes of waking up I get a sudden urge to go to the toilet which is diarrhea or close to it. This would happen from time to time in the past but now it is almost every day. I also have alot of wind (from both ends!) and feel quite tired and run down. Also when I wake up I seem to have mucous in my mouth and also a sharp taste in my throat. The problems can come and go from week to week and as I keep to the same diet I find it hard to work out what is causing it. I have also found it hard to put the weight back on.
    I currently have whey protein drinks when I go to the gym, but on days when I don’t have them the problems can still come about so i’m not sure whether it is that, plus I’ve had them ever since I was diagnosed with IBS 5 years ago.
    Do you think I could be lactose or gluten intolerant? I tried to eliminate them for a week or two but not much happened other than I lost more weight! I also find caffeine gives me problems.
    I’m 6ft and around 12.5 stone currently and I don’t drink at all or smoke. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week too. I currently take mebeverine a couple of times a day, and I’ve started taking ispagula husk which helps with the diarrhea.

    Thank you very much in advance. I hope you can help as is all I think about and it’s affecting my work and social life!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi JohnB

      Firstly, once an IBS sufferer, always an IBS sufferer. You will experience periods in your life when your condition seems to have subsided but there is always the risk of it returning, sometimes more aggressively than it previously was. Often, patients do not find lasting relief from any specific therapeutic protocol. I would advise that you consider a colonoscopy. IBS sufferers don’t take this diagnostic investigation seriously but it is important to identify Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. It should be done routinely at least every 2nd year.

      Secondly, you seem to be able to pinpoint when this began. This specific meal could have possibly upset your natural intestinal flora (“good bowel bacteria”). IBS sufferers are known to benefit from a probiotic containing Sachroymyces boulardi. This product is marketed as Magiflora or Interflora in different countries. Any pharmacist will know about it. Take a 5 day course and see if your symptoms ease. When the population of good bacteria are upset, the bad bacteria sets in and this can lead to a range of symptoms including repeated bowel movements upon waking, diarrhea 20 to 30 minutes after eating and so on. It also affects food absorption in the gut and this could account for your difficulty with gaining weight and so on. They also contribute to intestinal spasm which is why IBS is sometimes referred to as spastic colon. Here the muscles in the wall of the intestine contract tightly, causing pain or discomfort. The bad bacteria is responsible for greater gas production causing an expansion (almost a ballooning) of the bowel. The bowel reacts by contracting the intestinal wall muscle and pain with gas production is one of the symptoms.

      Nevertheless, you need to see a gastroenterologist. Any change to bowel movement or a bowel condition hampering daily functioning should be investigated by a medical specialist given the incidence of colon cancer, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. These are serious bowel conditions.

  • lynnejanet

    I am thrilled to find your site, and hope someone has some insight to help me.

    I am a 42 yo female, generally healthy but with many digestive issues. Since 20s I have had recurrent bouts of severe upper abdominal pain that radiates into my back, worse on the left side, combined with belching, bloating, gas, and very smelly stools. These episodes often last for 2-3 months, and I typically lose 15-20 lbs. The pain is most severe after eating. The current episode is the first in 10 years, and has come on suddenly and with no apparent trigger. I usually resort to eating nothing for a week or so, and then a very limited diet for several weeks. I had acute pancreatitis following the mumps at age 10, and these attacks feel very similar. I have had US and blood tests, but nothing ever shows up.

    I am gluten-intolerant and have recently developed a severe corn allergy, which causes hives in my stomach and digestive tract. The pain is quite different, and both of these are under control (through avoidance of those foods). I also avoid all alcohol and currently don’t drink coffee.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • lynnejanet

    Sorry – forgot to add that I also have abdominal and pelvic-floor adhesions, which cause a lot of lower abdominal and pelvic pain. I have had laparospcopic laser surgery 3x for this. This pain has recently gotten much worse, and I take buscopan as needed. Pelvic US was normal. I have been referred to a OB/GYN for a consult, but family doc thought a gastro consult wasn’t indicated.

  • Kergorth

    i feel full after eating small meals and i always have to burp after the meal and have trouble burping and sometimes throw up because i can’t burp and i burp after every drink of pop can someone please tell me what is wrong

  • Kergorth

    and i hardly have an apetite

  • Jan Modric

    Lynne Jannet,

    left side upper abdominal pain can be from pancreatitis; smelly gas (and probably stools?) could be from resulting fat malabsorption. Investigations include stool fat test and blood test for pancreatic enzymes.

    About the same symptoms you’ve described can also appear in intestinal parasites.

    Long-term pelvic adhesions would not likely cause symptoms in your upper abdomen. I recommend you to visit a gastroenterologist to check pancreatitis and (only if necessary) parasites, and treat it, and then see, if your pelvic pains will persist.

  • Jan Modric


    burping shortly after eating and early satiety usualy appear in some disorder of the stomach or upper small intesine, so you can ask gastroenterologist for:
    1. Urea breath test for H. pylori infection of the stomach
    2. Stomach emptying test (emptying would be slowed down in gastroparesis)
    3. Hydrogen breath test with fructose (to check for fructose malabsorption)

    Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) or intestinal parasites would be also possible, but have tests one by one.

  • My only symptom to certain foods, which include most grains, is belching and the associated discomfort of trapped wind. Attacks can persist for most of the day, and violent attacks are explosive, and disturb sleep. However, there has never been any other symptom? In my fifties, history of two years

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi D.Kates

      Being in your fifties, and with any new gastrointestinal symptoms, you should consult with your doctor or a gastroenterologist preferably. An endoscopy and/or colonoscopy is always advisable irrespective of how minor your symptoms may seem. Grain may trigger increased gas production as some are gassy foods, especially if you have a bacterial overgrowth within the gut. Gluten intolerance may also be a possibility but you should have signs of this earlier in your life. Any chronic drugs that you may be on may also contribute to gas build up and it is best to discuss this with your doctor so he/she can consider all the possibilities.

  • artalis

    I have been burping for at least four months now throughout the day. The burps may be released in a series of short low-voiced burps either after food or at any other time. I have been gaining weight and my diet has been poor for some time, eating lots of cheese and chocolate. But I have never before experienced such persistent and regular burping and sometimes flatulence when my diet has been similarly poor. I don’t smoke and I drink seldom. But I love sugary food and cheese. Is the belching merely a diet issue, or could it be something else?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Artalis

      It would be very difficult to say whether your burping is a dietary issue or related to some other condition. You need to see a doctor who can examine you , assess the condition and request further tests if necessary. You mention that you burps occur after eating or at any time, so in other words, there is no exact time when it occurs – it occurs anytime or all the time. This may indicate that it is not a gastrointestinal problem. This could be due to air swallowing. If you have nasal congestion or if you have started breathing through your mouth for whatever reason, then air swallowing is a possibility and therefore your symptoms are not related to eating. You need to speak to your doctor as there may be other signs and symptoms that you are missing and this may allow your doctor to make a more conclusive diagnosis.

  • whydoesithappen

    Hello people. I’ve been having this burping problem for about a couple of months. When I burp its empty and sometimes I want to throw up. I didn’t sleep all night,I kept on burping. I’ve also noticed my stomach making lots of noises but no pain. This has never happened to me before, should I be concerned?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Whydoesithappen

      If any symptom is affecting your daily functioning, in this case disturbing your sleep and making you want to vomit, then it has obviously progressed to a stage where it is hampering your life. You should have it checked up by a doctor before the cause progresses further and affects your life in other ways.

  • n00rul

    hi. i have a few problems which have been bothering me for quite a while. at first they seemed to be no big deal and unrelated, but recently i’ve been worrying whether they’re symptoms of some kind of disease.

    1. fat belly (this has been years, i remember since i’m say 14 maybe? i’m 23 now). this is really embarassing as my friends often tease me for being pregnant, i can’t wear fit clothing and i also have to walk around sheilding my tummy with a bag or something. my back is quite curved, so i just thought maybe that’s why my tummy is like that since i’m a girl and it’s normal to have fat in the belly to protect my reproductive organs. the thickness when i pinch/hold is roughly about 1.5inch.
    2. belching/wind/gas problem. this is all the time. not only after meal or any time only, but all the time. see? now i think my tummy is full of gas rather than fat. and also, it sounds like a drum when i tap my belly. i’m quite a windy person, but recently it’s been worse. also, after meal, often it feels like i’m burping, but it’s not coming out.
    3. fatty deposits (i think) under skin of inner side of both arms. many uneven small lumps. this one i noticed since maybe a year or less.
    4. also i have been experiencing chest pain (left side) is it the heart? before very rarely, recently say, once a month? i’m not sure. this really worries me, made me think i’m hypercholesterolemic. i haven’t done a blood test yet, but planning to when i have the time.

    for extra information, i’m 1.57m and 56kg roughly (haven’t measured myself lately). i’m a student of biomedicine, so you can explain as detailed as possible. thank you very much in advance for any kind of help/suggestion/solution/explaination

  • Hi Noorul

    A ‘fat belly’ may possibly be related to intestinal gas but if this is the case, you will see it fluctuate. You may notice that it is a bit more ‘in’ upon waking in the morning as we tend to pass gas while sleeping and you would not have eaten anything for 8 hours or so. If the ‘fat’ is constant then it is likely greater fat deposition on the abdominal area. This spot along with the thighs, buttock and side of the abdomen are common sites for fat deposition in women and is related to the female hormone levels. I will not expand too much on this issue as you need to consult with a doctor who specializes in medical weight loss programs to assist you with weight loss. He/she will also be able to advise you if your fat distribution is abnormal or caused by any hormonal disorder.

    In terms of your chest pain, given your age, weight and height, you do not fall into a high risk group for any cardiovascular disorder. However, it is difficult to say whether it is the heart or not on this type on online platform. If you are experiencing dizziness or blurred vision along with the chest pain, then you should see a doctor. The chest pain is most likely caused by gastric acid (GERD) or even gas trapped in the esophagus (food pipe) which will be relived upon belching.

    If you feel like gas is trapped as you mentioned, then you are probably suffering with indigestion. This may be accompanied by other symptoms like heartburn (which may account for the chest pain) and could account for a hollow sound upon percussion of the abdomen. Once again, consult with a doctor. Many young persons like yourself do not seek medical treatment or try to treat your symptoms by yourself and miss serious gastrointestinal disorders which may aggravate with time.

    My best advice is that you first consult with a doctor, preferably a gastroentereologist and let them investigate further.

  • emvin84

    Hello all. Ok, I’m at my wits end. Since the beginning of December 2009, I have had some trouble swallowing food. It all started with me having mild panic attacks and thinking I wasn’t swallowing my food properly or it was going into my lungs. Since then, other symptoms have arisen and I feel awful. I get horrible headaches, back pain in the center of my back, a numbing or tingling feeling in my upper right abdomen, some breathing problems, constant belching (not related to what I eat, the belching happens if I eat something fatty or healthy, even when I haven’t eaten anything), some flatulence, constipation, gas pains in my middle abdomen, shoulder pain, swollen throat, and a very dry throat in the morning. I have been diagnosed with GERD, but I took the acid reflux meds for about 2 weeks and my symptoms did not change. I have felt weak and get body aches intermittently. I had to quit my job because I was too tired and distracted to go to work anymore. I NEVER get hungry, and haven’t for a couple of weeks now, but my stomach will make gurgling noises, just no hunger pangs. I have lost about 15 pounds, bringing me down to 108. I have to force myself to eat at certain times of the day and clear my throat constantly when doing so because the food gets stuck. As far as medical history goes, I have asthma (since I was 2), have had my gallbladder removed (5 1/2 years ago), and have been a smoker for 9 years. I am 25, 5’4″, and my eating habits have been pretty poor since I was about 16, with school and work interfering with a regular eating schedule, that and my affinity for fried chicken and french fries. I never get heartburn or chest pains, just the other pains mentioned. I get exercise from a labor intensive job (food industry) and from walking around campus all day, and used to work out frequently but it has tapered off the past year or so. Oh, and my sleeping has recently started to get affected, since I wake up frequently and can’t get to sleep easily. I was taking antibiotics for 10 days, and that seemed to clear up a sinus infection I had developed, but did not help with my gastrointestinal issues. I was on steroids (first Asmanex then Prednisone) for about 3 weeks in early December but haven’t taken any since the 2nd of January. I took my reflux meds (Famotidine then Kapidex) for about 2 weeks without much results, and I didn’t experience the significant weight loss until after I started to take the acid reflux drugs. I’m sorry for all the detail, but I just want some advice, I go back to the doctor on the 20th and would like to know what to focus on so I can live a normal life again. I am feeling weaker and weaker. Also, I would say I lead a somewhat stressful life with work and school, but home life is not the same situation. Thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you can help me!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Emvin84

      Firstly you need an endoscopy. The intensity of your symptoms and the fact that it has affected your daily functioning, your job, led to loss of weight and lack of sleep is very alarming. The difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) could be linked to a number of causes and since it has become so serious, your doctor needs to verify that there is no mass obstructing the passage of food down your throat. The other concerning factor is that you are also having difficulty breathing. Your conditions can be as simple as GERD or may be as serious as esophageal cancer. You will not know unless you have an endoscopy. Many of your symptoms indicate that a serious pathology could be a possibility and while your doctor has to first exclude the more common and less severe ailments, he/she will have to take the diagnostic investigation to the next level. Do not miss your follow up consultation with your doctor – it is important for him/her to monitor your condition step by step and investigate further. Jumping between doctors is one of the main reasons that serious pathologies are missed till a late stage. Also avoid home remedies and self-medicating yourself as you may only complicate the situation further and mask these serious signs and symptoms that you are experiencing.

  • emvin84

    Just one more thing, sorry! I have been a serious coffee drinker for about 6 years, and in the past 2 years I was up to about 7 cups a day, give or take a few. I have completely cut out coffee since all of this got worse, though, for about 3 weeks now. Thanks!

  • awax

    Hi there,
    I’m 31, in good health, never had any problems, eat healthy. I’m slim and exercice regularly. While coming back from greece 4 months I started having excessive burping. I have burping attacks that lasts for a few minutes that can results in literally hundreds of burbs.

    But they are not like normal burps one would have after say, driking a Coke. It just feels like a lot of air is trapped in my belly.

    Nothing in my life has changed and I have no other symptoms. The burping is everyday, from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. The only moment when it’s not happening is when I’m laying down or sleeping. I have tested negative for pilori and tried Prokynil and Metoclopramine but it didn’t have any effects. Now the doctor says its because of stress but I don’t feel particularly stressed.

    Not sure what to do about it. It’s getting embarrassing specially in my work.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Awax

      A sudden onset of excessive burping, when other upper GI conditions have been excluded, could be related to air swallowing. This may be aggravated by mouth breathing and eating too fast – which may at some times be linked to stress or anxiety. The lack of other symptoms in all these months should prompt you to first exclude air swallowing as a possible cause. Other issues coudl be related to a hiatal hernia and so on, but you do not exhibit any other symptoms of these conditions. If you are extremely concerned, you can visit a gastroeneterologist and have an endoscopy done to exclude other pathologies.

  • awax

    Thank you Dr Chris, will see a gastroeneterologist then. Just today, I have been having burbing attacks lasting for 20-25 minutes with a burp every time i breath. Its funny as I’m a very slow eater, always the last one to finish.
    Anyway, it seems I don’t have many other options.
    Thank you for your advice.

  • katherine9

    I am 24 and have had on and off again belching issues since I was about 19. I think it began after an upsetting event that happened to me when i was 19, where I almost completely lost my appetite for 2 weeks. A few months after that, I stopped really being able to tell when I was hungry, but I would know because I would start belching (it’s be a lot all of a sudden). That’s what I thought it meant. This lasted for a few years on and off, but in the past couple of years it just comes (I don’t think it has anything to do with eating but it still may) but it is most frequent in the mornings.

    This past week I have been sick with a fever. I was diagnosed with a slight UTI and a respiratory infection. My fever is starting to go away, but the belching is very bad, especially when I lay down. Each time I burp, I can actually hear bubbles coming up my stomach to load up a new one, and then as soon as I swallow, here comes the burp.

    I don’t know what I have. My mom always predicted that I might have a slight ulcer, because the belching seems to slow down or be temporary cured by eating very basic foods like dairy products. But I don’t have any sharp shooting pains in my stomach. I’m not sure why I keep belching, or what’s going on with my body. Thanks so much!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Katherine9

      An ulcer does not necessarily cause sharp shooting pains. In fact most sufferers with an ulcer feel little or no pain apart from the odd episode when it flares up. You could have possibly developed an ulcer and may not know it.

      As you have mentioned this distinct event when these symptoms began, it could be that this period of stress caused gastric acid hypersecretion and coupled with the lack of eating (due to the loss of appetite) at the time, you may have developed a gastric ulcer since then. Of course, this is just an assumption as I do not know your entire case. It is advisable to consult with your doctor or a gastroenterologist who may consider an endoscopy or gastric acid tests to confirm or exclude this. The fact that you can hear “bubbles” could indicate that you have excess gastric acid secretion.

      If you are using any stimulants, especially nicotine or caffeine, chew gum constantly or eat infrequently, try changing these habits. Stop the stimulants and gum. Start eating many small meals frequently. This may not resolve the condition and you may still need drugs. If you are experiencing anxiety or depression, this may also contribute towards your condition, as well as excessive dieting. I am simply listing common conditions related to women of your age group. Nevertheless, consulting with a doctor will help identify the cause so that the appropriate measures can be implemented.

    • Jan Modric


      you’ve said it helped when you were on dairy products. Try low-fructose diet for 4 days. If this doesn’t help, consider having an “urea breath test for Helycobacter pylori”, performed by a gastroenterologist.

  • Al


    I can’t seem to understand a cause of my symptoms. I seem to have major belching within minutes after eating anything and the air or gas often gets trapped in the throat area (the belch sounds are more of a hissing sound). I sometimes confuse the throat sensation with an anaphylactic reaction. These symptoms are much worse after eating anything with sugar. For example even eating a bit of a banana or couple cubes of cantaloupe cause massive issues which can last for hours. In the past I’ve never had any issues consuming these fruits. Even a couple sips of an electrolyte sports drink like Gatorade will bring on the same reaction. I haven’t even been able to digest a capsule multivitamin because of the same issues, despite trying three different brands.

    All testing I’ve done so far show normal with the exception that my LES muscle is very loose. Is it possible that when I eat something, bad bacteria in my gut/intestines may be metabolizing the food and giving off gas as a byproduct which then freely pass through the loose LES in great amounts to cause the trapped gas in throat sensation?

    Also is there a multivitamin or multimineral product that you recommend to patients with digestive issues?

    Thank you

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Al
      Yes, it is possible that ‘bad bacteria’ could be causing this symptom. This is more likely to occur with a small intestine bacterial overgrowth or H.pylori infection of the stomach. Fructose (fuit sugars) and sucrose (table sugars) may be aggravating factors. The gas getting trapped in the throat is unusual as it should be passing out easily unless you are obese and have experience a narrowing of the throat and mouth cavity due to fat accumulation in the throat and around the mouth. This would be evident if you snore or have trouble breathing. I would not and cannot recommend any multivitamin (brand name) specifically. This should be done by the doctor handling your case. You can also consult with your pharmacist about a brand that has minimal additives which should reduce the extent of this belching. An endoscopy should be conducted if you have not done so, so your doctor can identify any constriction that may be causing the air to be trapped within the throat.

  • Milo

    For the past couple of months I’ve had bouts of severe stomach pain. The pain is usually located at the upper right side of my abdomen. The pain comes in waves of sharp stabbing sensations. One time it happened I had to be rushed to the ER because it wouldn’t go away and it was very painful. They preformed several tests but the only thing they found was blood in my stool. I was referred to a GI doctor and he preformed an endoscopy on me. The endoscopy showed a hiatal hernia and inflammation of the stomach. He took a biopsy of the stomach to determine if there was a bacterial infection but it’s too early to have the results. I’ve noticed also that whenever I drink water I get very bloated and it seems like it sits in my stomach forever. They say you’re supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but I assure you that if I ever did that I would surely die. I once tried and that night I suffered with horrible bloating and nothing I took eased the pain. I also get headaches when I drink a lot of water. I don’t know what that’s related to but thought it might be pertinent.

    Please let me know what you think.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Milo

      Your symptoms are typical of a hiatal hernia. The pain after drinking water may be due to the water accumulating in the stomach. The lack of nutrients in water does not prompt the valve between the stomach and intestines to open so the water may sit in the stomach rather than emptying into the intestines as fast as food does. You should just sip water and drink it while or after you eat in small amounts. I am not sure what you question is but I would advise that you wait for the test result before making any conclusions and learn to eat and drink in small quantities. You will most likely need surgery to correct the hernia and many of your symptoms should ease after that.

  • tim

    My girl friend is 19 years old and randomly about 4 to 6 months ago she started burping a lot mainly in the late afternoon. She went to the hospital twice now about 2 months into it and all they told her was that she wasn’t eating right. So she went on a healthy diet for a few months and nothing changed. It almost seemed like the burping increased. Then I took her to see my doctor and the doctor prescribed her provacid. The doctor said her symptoms fell under acid reflux. Its been about a month and her prescription is almost out. She is still burping at night uncontrollably, the middle of her stumach begins to hurt when she starts burping and its still only mainly at night time. I just hoped maybe you would know what this could be from and what a good course of action would be to getting it cured.
    Thank you for your time Doctor

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Tim

      Given her age, a dietary approach is usually a good point to start at and everybody’s idea differs in terms of a “healthy diet”. She may be suffering with a number of possible conditions including acid reflux or even small intestine bacterial overgrowth. Look at this link for more ideas on an appropriate dietary change – Low FODMAP diet.

      She may also have a peptic ulcer, hiatal hernia or the symptoms may just be due to air swallowing (aerophagia). Without further investigation like an endoscopy, it will be difficult to assess.

  • Fizzle

    Hello Dr Chris!

    Over the last six months I’ve been really fed up of the following symptoms!

    – nausea
    – belching
    – early saitety
    – funny sounding voice- hoarseness!?

    Now it is thought that back in august last year I had gasterointeritis
    as for a week I was constantly vomiting barely holding anything down apart from fluids and soup!
    Now that is over I’ve never felt right since!
    I appeard to have (what I thought) recovered until I found out the gasterointeritis left me lactose intollerant!

    These days I constantly feel nauseous I have been sick when the feeling has become very intence… The nausea and beltching seems to come from just below where my ribs end.
    If I put any pressure there it hurts and can make me feel worse!

    My appetite has decreased though iam still eating what I can!
    I have my breakfast lunch and dinner with little snacks inbetween.

    I’m only 23 5ft “2… I’ve always been underweight but had a healthy appetite, my usual weight has never been anymore than 6stone 5 pounds… I’m more 6stone now due to mainly the nausea which obviously makes you feel less hungry!

    My doctor gave ne coeliac test- negative
    that was done because my bro has coeliac
    I was only slightly anemic but given some pills and that’s cleared up..
    Full blood count fine… H.pylori negative.

    I also seem to have what appears a croacky voice after I eat.
    I get full faster than usual.. And seem to burp alot!

    Prior to all this I’ve never had any health aylements.. Never been to the docs they were shocked to see me as usually in the past it was my brother!!
    I’m at my wits end and my doctor seems to think it’s nothing!
    Now having had no probs before I find it hard to believe that it’s nothing!!!
    I also have some reflux to which I’m on omeprazole and dopramine? For the nausea… The omeprazole seems to have had no effect on the reflux… The nausea is constant..
    Im not sure what it could be as said before I’ve never been this poorly !
    Any suggestions or answers welcome

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Fizzle

      Given your symptoms, an endoscopy would be useful. A pH test to verify the acidity or alkalinity of your gastric acid may also be helpful. This condition could be small intestine bacterial overgrowth or even a mild hiatal hernia. It is unlikely that you suddenly became lactose intolerant but given the event (gastroenteritis) that preceded the onset of these symptoms, you should try a probiotic to ensure that your ‘good’ bowl bacteria is at the optimum level. One possibility for yoru symptoms is that gas production or gas intake within the system (due to air swallowing possibly) is causing distension of the stomach. This makes you feel ‘full’ although the nutrition is insufficient. The lack of sufficient food triggers the satiety center and also causes a drop of blood glucose levels thereby accounting for the nausea. This is reaching a bit but tests are necessary to verify what is going on. At the same time I would recommend a test for diabetes and hypothyroidism. These conditions are occurring in younger age groups these days.

  • Laura49

    For the past year I’ve had excessive belching, probably every 10 mins, and a lot less gas coming out the other way. My diet hasn’t changed at all, maybe less protein? and i’ve had more sweets. I do feel a bit bloated, and i have gained 5 lbs. I feel constipated and fiber pills have not been helping. Should I see my doctor or is this normal?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Laura

      I would not say its normal given that it has been going for a year. Partial intestinal obstruction could account for some of these symptoms as well as hypothyroidism. Also check for diabetes. A stool analysis may also help in detecting any malabsorption syndrome. Once these have been excluded as possible causes, then focus on the less severe causes possibly isolated to the gastrointestinal tract.

  • JOHN

    I have in the past had helicobactrepylori? which cleared up some years ago. I further have undergone the camera up my backside and down my neck, along with various scans.
    while I have what my doctor describes as not a hernia, because of ite length, he calls it relaxed,(weak) muscle. Could this be the catalist to my burping? what is deemed excessive burping, and yes I have always eaten my food very fast. The reason being (joking) being the youngest of 13 children if I didnt eat fast I didnt get any food. further although I have had nasal polyps removed 10 years ago, I still tend to breath through my mouth, polyps not returned.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi John

      A ‘loose’ LES (lower espohageal sphincter) which is the valve between the food pipe (esophagus) and stomach can contribute to burping. Eating fast plus being a mouth breather are additional factors for aerophagia (air swallowing). This will very likely lead to air accumulation and burping.

  • baczm01

    i have a problem with chronic burping for over a year now. i don’t get pain normally, just a uncomfortable bloated feeling, like there is a balloon blown up in my stomach. i try to pay attention to the food i eat. but i cannot seem to conect the burping to any foods. the burps do not have any smell either. i am 24 and leave a very active life style. any help would be great. thanks!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Baczm01

      This is possibly related to air swallowing. Although it gets very little attention, air swallowing (aerophagia) is actually a common problem. The fact that you are young, active and have no other gastrointestinal symptoms makes it less likely, although not impossible, that is any serious disorder. Take notice of mouth breathing. Stay away from carbonated drinks and stimulants like caffeine. If your symptoms do not settle, then consider some of the other conditions listed above.

  • Jassie

    I went drinking last week and since then my stomach has been feeling very uncomfortable. I kept burping as if there’s a lot of gas inside and kept feeling nausea at times, especially after I wake up and after meals. It had been going on for a week. The burping has become slightly better but I noticed a burning feeling in my stomach as well. What is wrong with me? Thanks for your help!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Jassie

      I assume you mean that you were drinking alcohol. This can irritate the lining of the esophagus and stomach as well intestines. Excessive alcohol consumption often causes gastritis and may also lead to increased gastric acid secretion. This could account for you burning sensation (acid reflux) and bloating and gas production. The lining of the esophagus and stomach will be sensitive for days or even weeks so eat smaller meals more frequently, avoid spicy foods and drink sufficient amounts of water to ‘push’ your food along. You may have also developed a peptic ulcer, specifically a stomach ulcer so that will require treatment in order for it to heal. Since it is about a week and the symptoms are persisting, it may be time to visit a doctor.

  • Jassie

    Forgot to mention that the burping also caused me to vomit on a few occassions.

  • shy

    Hi! My husband is having this belching problem, before it was often but now it becomes worst, there is no time of the day, and it is worsen during at night. Lately he is complaining of backpain when there is severe attack of belching. We went to a doctor and she gave omeprazole but there was no improvement.
    What do you think is my husbands problem. Thank You.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Shy

      It would hard to assess your husband’s condition on an online platform such as this and since you don’t mention any other symptoms like pain or change in boewl movements, I assume this bloating is occurring on its own. The possibilities can vary but the fact that he is experiencing back pain does raise some questions. Pancreatitis, blocked gallbladder duct (possibly from gallstones) or even acid reflux could account for his symptoms. A hiatal hernia is another possibility. if he is not responsive to medication, it may be time to visit a gatroenterologist and consider an endoscopy.

  • kya2728

    I had cholecystectomy in sept. 2004, due to pain in right shoulder and pain after eating foods high in fat. I started having pain a year later in my left shoulder a year later in 2005. It comes and goes. It gets worst after meals and on inhalation but doesn’t last long as long as I don’t eat much maybe 2-3 days at most. Now I have had another episode it has been going on for 2 weeks now. It hurts even on an empty stomach, If I lay on my right side it hurts if I lay on my left side the pain subsides. It hurts more on inhalation in the left shoulder area near clavicle and after I eat. I get full quick. My stomach feels full as we speak and it is 5:39am and I last ate at 6:30pm yesterday. I have no insurance but it should kick in March 2010.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Kya2728

      First you need to exclude any cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) conditions. Change in position, inhaling and even eating can exacerbate these symptoms. Don’t focus too much on the gastrointestinal conditions only due to your history. Once cardiovascular and respiratory diseases are excluded then gastrointestinal conditions should be considered. A hiatal hernia and esophagitis may be two possibilities but you need to go for further tests. A hiatal hernia will account for most of the symptoms that you are experiencing but nevertheless, have a full physical and let your doctor make the final diagnosis.

  • Savvy

    My mother had a stroke 10 years ago and is virtually bed ridden. By that I mean that she only gets up to go to the loo. Over the last few months I have noticed that she is constantly hiccuping. I am talking with every breath that she takes. It is non stop. Now the doctors see her whenever she calls (as she has home visits) but they have never addressed the issue.
    She eats ready cooked meals bought from tesco’s and heated in the microwave for lunch (uaually chicken curry) and has soup and bread with canned fruit for dinner -therefore her diet is varied but obviously is predominately processed foods.
    Like I mentioned previously – she does not exercise and she is very skinny and frail. She has accepted that she is constantly hiccuping but to me that is not right or normal and it is irratating.
    Please advise.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Savvy

      There are number of causes of hiccups – some known and others are still a mystery. Spicy foods and certain preservatives are known to trigger a fit of hiccups but this is temporary. Depending on the areas of the brain that were affected in the stroke, the hiccups could be due to neurological causes which may never resolve. This is not to say that your mother’s condition is deteriorating. Only her doctor can assess her condition and make a decision. Hiccups are common in frail, elderly patients – especially those who are less mobile. Another possibility is that she is eating too quickly and swallowing air but then the hiccuping would only be in relation to a meal. Take your mom to a doctor and let him assess her.

      At the end of the day, if it is nothing serious then it is something she has to accept and not you. In frail and elderly patients, some of the major complications and side effects arise from home remedies and herbal concoctions administered by their children. You may mean well but you could also cause more problems. Also remember that as an elderly person who is so frail and helpless, she is not feeling too good about herself. The last thing she needs is for somebody to become irritated by something that she cannot control. On the topic of your mother’s diet, it is not very healthy. Maybe a home cooked meal would be advisable as there will be less flavorants, preservatives and colorants. You can help her with that.

  • nancy

    Hi, I have been having excessive belching, bloating, stomach and chest pain alone with feeling full quickly.I also bother with a matalic taste left in my mouth and nausea. This has been going on for at least three years. I have tried just about everything over-the-counter. Any suggestions would help. Thank you.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Nancy

      It’s not a matter of trying over-the-counter products but seeing a specialist like a gastroenterologist. You will undoubtedly need an endoscopy. While your condition can be due to inflammation of the esophagus or stomach, there is also a possibility that there may be some internal bleeding which could account for the metallic taste in the mouth and nausea. Your other symptoms could be explained by a hiatal hernia but tinkering around with over-the-counter medicines for 3 years is a bit too long. Your condition may be complicating and will therefore need more costly and extensive treatment. Don’t waste time. See a specialist.

  • Fizzle

    Hi dr chris..

    I have now got an hospital appointment due in April
    now what I have also noticed which I forgot to mention is
    my symptoms come and go…
    Longest I’ve been symptom free is two weeks..
    Then out of nowhere back to feeling unwell again..
    My friend is a student nurse and early on sugested hatial hernia

    I know nothing lol – but can symptoms come and go?
    I also have had pains just below my chest that switched from left to right.. Sometimes a bubbling feeling or s dull stabbing pain!

    My daily routine us same ( having no job currently)
    so I’m looking for work I help my mum with house chores when I’m up to it n that.. Weekends see my bf
    so nothing in my life has changed apart from being unwell.

    My doctor keeps saying ibs but tbh I’ve done the elimination diet and apart from milk that seemed to be the only thing that exsasibated my symptoms which says to me there is something going on because it can’t JUST happen.
    I’m hoping to get seen to sooner because I cannot hack one min being fine the next not.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Fizzle

      Yes, symptoms can most definitely come and go in any medical condition. In fact it does in most conditions except certain chronic and serious medical disorders.

      A hiatal hernia is a strong possibility but your visit to the hospital will confirm or exclude this. Don’t write off IBS just yet. It is a complex syndrome and masquerades as many other gastrointestinal conditions.

      Good luck.

  • Fizzle

    Hi Chris

    Thanks for the fast responce! I just hate this I have been sick too occasionally!
    I just hope I get called sooner… I’m now on a cancellation list.. I hope they get to the bottom of it because as said in my very first post ive NEVER been this poorly! My parents are getting stressed which is causing me to get stressed.. Espesh when on min I seem fine n the next I’m not!

  • birdiebird

    Hello –
    For the past year, I’ve had chronic nausea and belching. I am not stressed/nervous, so I don’t believe I am taking in an excess amount of air when eating or drinking.

    The nausea can be very debilitating, causing me to lie down and miss hours out of the day. I am also experiencing chronic urinary tract infections.

    I have not lost any weight, and I have stayed at a normal BMI. No fevers or anything like that. However, I do have frequent infections, most recently a staph infection.

    Confused. Help?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Birdiebird

      First you need to test for diabetes and HIV infection. I won’t go into an in depth explanation about why I suggest this but it is advisable. You do not mention if you are male/female, age, any chronic medication/conditions etc so I cannot say much here. You also do not mention when or what eases or aggravates the nausea/belching so the possibilities are endless. The fact that the nausea is so debilitating as to affect your daily functioning means it should not be taken lightly. You need to see a doctor, undergo investigation and allow him/her to make a diagnosis. In terms of your nausea, it could be many possible gastrointestinal disorders and the lack of information would mean that I would be guessing at best.

  • Vicki

    5 days ago after eating chili dip with cheese, I took a nap. I woke with heavyness in my chest and unable to take a deep breath. I went to the Er they did EKG and chest exrays everything proved to be fine. Sent home with indegestion. Since then I can’t stop burping small little burps that don’t seem to relieve the gas. went to doctor , he sent me for a ultrasound of gallbladder. The technician did not see anything wrong but did see a lot of gas bubbles by my pancreas. Still waiting for the doctor to read the results. I am currently taking Zantack and gas ex neither seem to be working all to well. Is this something that will go away on it’s own? I’ve never had a history with this problem except I have noticed in the past I can’t eat macaroni and cheese some grill cheese sandwitches hamburger helper these foods give me severe diahrea with cramps no burping.Could the velveta cheese done something to my GI tract? I have pain in my chest at times, and I do feel bloated at times. The burping lastnight was so bad I thought I wasn’t getting air because I was burping so much. Please help thanks.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Vicki

      The fact that the EKG and chest x-rays came back clear helps exclude serious medical disorders relating to the heart and lungs. Gastrointestinal chest pain can be caused by a host of other factors and I would recommend an endoscopy at this point. Your symptoms may be due to an H.pylori infection or even SIBO or even a peptic ulcer.

      IBS is also a possibility and the dairy, meat or chilli may be aggravating the IBS hence the bouts of severe diarrhea with cramping after eating these foods. IBS can also contribute to gas build up. See a gastroeneterologist, have an endoscopy and maybe even a colonoscopy if the specialist thinks it is necessary. I would also recommend a course of Saccharomyces boulardii, a probiotic capsule that you can get from a pharmacy. A five day course will help restore the ‘good’ bowel bacteria. A high fiber diet may be advisable but monitor it carefully to see if the fiber is aggravating the bloating and gas. Remove dairy, refined carbs (sugar, flour, pasta) and drinks with artifical sweeteners from the diet and take note if your condition improves. But schedule a visit with a gastroenterologist as soon as you can.

  • Ioana

    Hello hello,
    I would really appreciate if any of you could help me with this. So, I burp a lot after I finish eating, pretty much everyday. It gets especially bad if i get into a car, or lay down, or try to go to the gym. Sometimes, I feel acid coming up my throat, but no actual vomiting. This has been going on for more than three years now and no doctor has been able to help. It all started with me having a brief episode of losing a lot of weight fast (would be called anorexia, but I gained back quickly and have been in a normal weight since). I had an endoscopy about three years ago but they found nothing, and I am not dying to repeat the procedure. Acid blockers and anti-acids have not helped much. I think it’s all getting much worse: now the burping usually comes with chest pressure and bloating… Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Iona

      From what you describe, it sounds like it could be a ‘weak’ lower esophageal sphincter (LES). This is the ‘valve’ that separates the stomach from the esophagus. Food, drink and even air can enter from the esophagus into the stomach but with a properly functioning LES, the reverse should not happen easily.

      This may account for your acid reflux and it may account for the ‘chest pressure’ because sometimes heartburn does not feel like a pain. Gas production is a normal process and activity may increase the movement of gas through the bowels so this could explain why it occurs after gyming. With a weak LES, certain positions, like laying down, can make the movment of gas from the stomach into the esophagus much easier.

      There are many possible causes of your condition but I would advise that you look into this given that the endoscopy is clear. I assume that you are not swallowing air (causes listed above) or have any other signs and symptoms of the conditions above.

  • Nubby

    Three dys ago I developed a thumping sound in my left ear, then yesterday I started having this sensation to burp often. I stretched and this sirring pain went thru my neck on the left side, it only lasted seconds, but it was there. I seeked medical attention from doctor regarding the thumping and was told there was fluid behind both ears, but not exessive and no ear infec was present. This thumping in my ear is driving me crazy. I do not experience any pain in my ear, justa lil pressure. Please help.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Nubby

      Yes fluid in the ear can create this dull thumping sound. Imagine the sound when you are underwater – same principle.

      You may not be experiencing an actual sensation to burp but rather the sensation to ‘swallow down’. This is a way that the body tries to reestablish the pressure difference between the middle and outer ear by sending air up the eustachian tube. Of course this will not work with you because there is fluid accumulation and obviously the tube is inflamed or the fluid would have emptied out. Your doctor is managing the fluid accumulation so just follow his instructions.

      As for the lap band surgery, yes, increased belching is possible. You should have been advised on a diet regarding foods and quantities so follow it closely. If the problem persists, then speak to the surgeon.

      The two conditions may not be related and the ‘sensation’ to burp could just be due to gas that is not being passed out easily as a belch possibly due to the lap band.

  • Nubby

    I forgot to mention, I had the Lap Band placed on my stomach a year and four months ago, and a fill last month, so could that cause some of the bleching episodes as well? The combination is a mystery and I would like to have some resovled.

  • jacqui

    I have been having symptoms of trapped wind, constipation and my whole digestive system feeling acidic,sometimes I feel like Im going to vomit from the pain. I get these symptoms the first three days of my period and this has been happening for the last six months. I am taking 112mg of synthroid for my thyroid.The rest of the month my digestive system seems fine ,I have 1 bowel movement a day. please help I just cant get out of bed for two days because of the pain.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Jacqui

      Your thyroid could account for a ‘sluggish digestion’ which may be one of the reasons why you are experiencing these symptoms. Food is moving too slowly through the gut, allowing bacteria to break down nutrients and wastes over a longer period of time and this increases gas production within the system (byproduct).

      Hormonal changes during the time of a period also contributes to sluggish digestion and is one of the reasons so many young, menstruating women are constipated (they also suffer with malabsorption syndromes related to these hormonal fluctuations and cannot absorb iron efficiently). So it is possible that they thyroid problem is compounding a common hormonal related problem in women which is why you experience it in relation to your period.

      I am not sure of your age and so on but try getting some exercise, mild cardiovascular and some ab exercises, and you will find that you will pass more gas and have better bowel movements. Stay away from the ‘gassy foods’. Are you sure that the pain is due to the gas? You may have a gynceological disorder and be experiencing pain during menstruation. Don’t confuse the symptoms. I would advise that you consult with the doctor managing your thyroid problem and also speak to your gynecologist about this issue. They may advise a visit to your gastroeneterologist.

  • pvramesh

    I have been experiencing continous belching for the past many years.Sometimes after food and also in empty stomach also.I don’t have problems in my regular motions.The treatment i take is having ‘Happi-25mg’.I get relieved but the belching occurs again.
    Will it lead to any other complications?I am also a vegetarian and occassionally takes omlettes or eggs.Pl advise.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi PVRamesh

      I am a bit confused about your question – are you asking about complications due to belching or related to the medication you are taking?

      If it is due to the belching then I don’t think anybody can tell you this until you identify the cause of the belching and this would require repeated consultations with a doctor in addition to investigations like an endoscopy and so on. Once the cause is identified then your doctor could advise your on the complications, prognosis, etc.

      If you are asking about complications leading to the constant use of your drug, well possible complications from long term us is written on the information leaflet within the packaging. I am not familiar with this drug but from what I see on Google it is an Indian drug so best that you speak to a local pharmacist about it.

  • mom

    Hi Dr.!! Thank you for doing this for all of us. My daughter 25 year old has these things chronicly– gastroparesis, erythema nodosum, auto-immune disorder (undetermined, like RA) IBS, lactose intolerance, dysmenorrhea that causes anemia,fybromyalgia, migraines, great deal of pain in all her joints, long bouts of being sick, fatigued, and lathargic. She also is so sweet, smart, hard working, and most generous donor of effort to the community. Among so many things, even a year at a hospital, and she was a routine blood donor since about 16.

    She did finally make a mistake she regrets so much. She has been the dry driver 100’s of times. She hardly ever drinks. Much of the time she is sick. She never takes prescriptions and drinks alcohol. She has always been the one everyone else could count on, even strangers. Having a plan she did drink this night. A friend was going to be the dry driver for a change and she was left behind when she was in the bathroom. She was also to stay with them not driving home later. She had 2 alcohol drinks. She stayed at the bar several hours to sober up. She also had taken OTC cold medicine. She had never been told that alcohol or cold medicine could further slow down her stomach and gastroporesis interfere with breaking down the alcohol. She would not have done it at all. She is very compliant. Now we learn that cold medicine with alcohol causes sleep. And she nodded off at the wheel while trying to get to a gas station to wake up or rest. It was a rural area and too far to the station. She went across the road, regained control, and an officer saw her and she got OWI. She wasn’t warned because her GI is unknowing about gastroparesis further slowed by alcohol and that person will become more intoxicated over time than one with a normal stomach. She also was upset at friends forgetting her and because she was told grandpa would die in a couple of weeks from cancer. Attitude also increases intoxication. I did not know these things. She is grateful that she regained control of the car, no one was hurt, no property damage. Because of being sick from cold and crying because she was ashamed, she could not even do breathalyzer. She offered to be checked at the hospital. She may have become more intoxecated over this time. Could you explain this so everyone can understand this unexpected side effect and be safe. She has not drank any alcohol since(a year). She has been very sick this year from the stress. If you could email me she also needs a note from a doctor to explain it. I could explain further. My husband being in construction and out of work this whole year was also diagnosed ulcerative colitis and has been alergeric to 2 medications so far. From all of us out there thank you for your giving and teaching and sacrifice!!!

    • Dr. Chris


      Your daughter should be tested for SLE (lupus). Her doctor will advise her accordingly. This where any help I can offer you will have to end.

      I assume that you mean that your daughter needs a note for her legal matter relating to the DUI.

      Unfortunately we cannot get involved in a legal matter for a number of reasons.

      1. We are not the medical professionals treating your daughter and therefore cannot verify any of the information you have provided about your daughter’s medical history or current health status.
      2. A medical professional will probably have to attend the court hearing and explain to the court/judge as to how this condition may have been affected by the consumption of alcohol.

      We will consider writing an article about gastroparesis and alcohol consumption but I will not make any comment on this matter at this point just in case I am misquoted. We urge Health Hype readers, especially those using our comment facility, to please read our comment policy. This feature does not constitute a medical consultation in any way and we simply attempt to assist readers with pertinent information. An answer from any writer or member of the editing team should not be used to replace a consultation with a medical doctor.

      We understand that the recession, lack of health insurance and other factors may prevent you from accessing medical care but advice provided here should not prompt you to treat or manage your own case without medical supervision.

      For readers hoping to beat DUI/DWI charges, please do not post any questions relating to this matter on this website. These are highly contentious issues and we would not like to be held liable for either supporting or refuting your claims. This matter should be handled by your attorney in conjunction with your doctor. We will not be coaxed into commenting on a matter that may be attempted to be used in any legal defense.

      Mom, I hope everything turns out well for your daughter. Thank you for telling our readers about her experience.

      This matter is now closed.

  • gamy


    I am a 24 year old male. I have been on tetracycline for over a year for a skin condition on my head. Two weeks ago I had what was probably stomach flu as several other people at work had it as well. Since then I stopped taking the tetracycline and as of last week I have been experiencing excessive burping.

    My mother is celiac, has had H.Pylori and is very intolerant to dairy and other foods.

    I used to hardly ever burp but the past week it has been quite a lot at times and is sometimes accomppanied by stomach pain (from gas).

    Would you have any insight in to the reason for the sudden change?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Gamy

      The tummy flu can often upset the bowel movements even after you recover from the infection. The reason for this is that the population of your ‘good’ intestinal bacteria drastically diminishes and this is the most common cause for diarrhea or gas after the stomach flu. The fact that you have been on tetracycline for so long is another complicating factor. Speak to your doctor. A course of probiotics containing Saccharomyces boulardii may help and your pharmacist can assist you with this.

  • wondering

    I am a female, 25 years old.
    I’ve been experiencing frequent belching for a few months now. It seems I must be belching about 30 to 40 times a day or more, and I never used to burp before. I also have some problems with gas, and I’ve noticed that my stool has become thinner and lighter in colour (a sort of yellowish brown). TMI I know! Sorry! Also, sometimes I become nauseous, but that seems to be relieved when I eat or if I use the bathroom.

    I am also burping up food when I eat and it burns my throat, like acid reflux, I guess?

    I am not overweight, so my doctors think that I am just going through some anxiety issues and they are upsetting my stomach.

    Lastly, I have a singular swollen gland in my throat. It’s super painful when I push on it – I’m getting it biopsied in a few weeks, but could it have anything to do with my stomach being upset?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Wondering

      The neck lymph nodes are very sensitive to localized and generalized infections as well as other disorder so it could possibly be linked. Your doctor will be able to advise you further after the biopsy and other tests. A host of gastrointestinal disorders can result in yellow stool and account for your burping as well. It can range from gastroesophageal disorders to liver problems, IBS and even malabsorption syndromes. You doctors will need to do further investigations to confirm this.

      Other articles that may be of interest to you :
      Swollen Neck Lymph Nodes
      Yellow Bowel Movement

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  • peter10001

    Have been experiencing lower abdominal pain mainly in the bladder area over the last 6 months. Initially I thought it was a UTI but tests came up negative, as did ultrasound of kidneys, urinary tract etc. The strange thing was I always felt pain in my lower abdominal area after urinating, followed soon after by needing to empty my bowels (nearly always soft stool/occasionally diarrhoea). Years ago I had a test done which confirmed I hd a ‘leaky gut’, however the gastro Dr at the time did not seem concerned about this and did not recommend any meds. Around the same time (6 years ago now) I had a colonoscopy which was also fine. Generally as the day goes on I tend to feel a little better, although I do often feel nauseaus, dizzy & more recently have experienced unusual amounts of burping, gas, stomach rumbling (from gas?), discomfort has been everywhere from low to upper abdomen, more so in upper right lately. Recent full blood count test showed a slightly elevated white cell count, otherwise nothing unusual. Would appreciate your advice. Thanks

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Peter10001

      If I understand your correctly, your question is about lower abdominal pain but you have mentioned many points here, some of which are related. Firstly I would advise that you read the abdominal pain articles on this website. There are several of these articles covering most aspects of abdominal pain and your may find that useful. But I will address some of the issues you raised and help make sense of it.

      The urge to defecate after urinating is not as uncommon as you think. Most of us urinate while passing stool partly due to the action of the pelvic floor muscles and sphincters (a long explanation which I will not get into here). Similarly the opposite is possible – urge to defecate when urinating. It is also more often reported in patients with IBS and apart from being a conditioned reflex to some extent, it also has a lot to do with increase in internal pressure. If you strain when urinating (some people do) or sit down when urinating (some men do) then this could also account for the urge to defecate after urinating. The fact that it is a more loose stool does give some indication that IBS could be a possibility and your colonoscopy will be ‘clear’ in this instance.

      A slight elevation in your white cell count could be indicative of an infection that may have just passed or that your body successfully ‘fought off’. However it can also be an interesting of a persistent, low grade infection that is not apparent immediately and I would advise that you speak to you doctor about the possibility of HIV infection and different types of autoimmune diseases. Another consideration could be human intestinal parasites. Don’t focus too much on a slight elevated white cell count unless it is recurrent on consecutive tests. I would also advise testing for diabetes.

      I hope this information proves to be helpful. A “leaky gut” may account for many of your symptoms but not all. Refer to the links provided in my answer for more information but you need to speak to your doctor or gastroenterologist for further testing.

  • peter10001

    Sorry forgot to add, I also have been getting quite a lot of reflux lately, esp. at night. I also seem to be very susceptible to getting infections. Once or twice a year I will get a fever with chills (while the rest of my family is fine). I am a 36 yr old male, non-smoker, non-drinker. 180cm, 86kg. Appetite is normal. Not sure if this is relevant, sorry for the length of the post.

  • wharris0324

    as of a few weeks ago i started belching with a Bloating feeling after eating even the smallest piece of food.. drinking water, etc. i have gas more often.. and i get a pain between my breast and stomach. this is with all food with all drink at all times of the day. any thoughts.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Wharris0324

      A couple of considerations here may be a partial obstruction of the gut. From the position you describe, the problem may likely lie at the junction between the esophagus or stomach. This obstruction could be due to some constriction (like in a hiatal hernia) or even a growth. Let’s not guess though. You need to see a doctor, preferably a gastroenterologist and have an endoscopy or any other investigations that they may deem necessary. It may even be a case of gastric ulcers or GERD but proper medical investigation will give a better idea of the situation. Speak to your doctor.

  • wharris0324

    i forgot to mention, i am a woman between the age of 55-60.. in case that matters

  • autoguy04

    i am 24 and every thing has been normal up until liek 3 days ago when i just got doen eating and then got this really bad chest pain in the right breast area and then i belched a lil and it kinda went away but now it comes and goes after i eat any thing and i notice i feel liek i have acid reflux all the time but i watch my diet so i am pritty sure its more than acid reflux ( accoriding the what i have looked up acid reflux i caused by lack of acid in the stomach mainly caused by over eating ) some times tums help and other times it doesnt and i was researching on the hiatus hurnia and i am worreid that this is the casue of it but i am thinking it is the worst one and not the sliding as every thing said the sliding really has no symtoms , any advice on anything to try ot help me figure this out wia witch one it is or how ot get it to just go away

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Autoguy

      It sounds like acid reflux which is the result of increased acid production and acid climbing up the esophagus (food pip). Yes, it can go as high as the throat and the chest pain (refer to the article on gastrointestinal chest pain for further reading) will vary in sensation – from a burning sensation to tightness and sharp pain. Don’t rush to the conclusion of a hiatal hernia just yet. First exclude acid reflux. Speak to your doctor and he/she will prescribe drugs, other than just antacids, to help alleviate the symptoms. If you do respond to these drugs then you know that it is acid reflux. If not, further investigation, like an endoscopy, may be warranted but your doctor will only consider this if you do not respond to treatment. See you doctor or if possible, go through to a gastroenterologist.

  • autoguy04

    also i feel full alot of the time even if i havetn eaten and when i do eat i feel like to food is sittin in the throught

  • autoguy04

    also i have been gettin really gassy both ends , sorry for the differnt post i just want ot make sure i cover every thing

  • Depressed

    Hi Doc. I was diagnosed with IBS and H.Pylori infection after an endoscopy for both the stomach and bowel. I finished the course of antibiotics for H.pylori and was tested negative for the blowing test after that. However, I am still suffering from bloating and belching all the time. In addition, I feel very tired all the time and experience occasional diarrhea, loose stools, and ,sometimes, muddy-like stools. I think I am having anxiety, depression, and high irritability. My shoulders and neck are always stiff and aching. Sometimes, I will have pain in joints too.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Depressed

      I assume your question is about your bloating and belching – these are symptoms associated with IBS due to the change in normal gut motility (movement of food and waste through the gut). Try a course of Saccharomyces boulardii along with a fiber supplement (not too high fiber). Speak to your pharmacist or doctor about this. Remember that your anxiety and depression should be dealt with as this can aggravate an existing case of IBS, as will any mental or emotional stress. Stiffness of the neck and shoulders is most probably related to your mental/emotional state. By the way, it would be wise to test for any types of autoimmune diseases as this could also account for much of your symptoms.

  • vic.d

    thank you for such an informative overview!my last episode of excessive belching,flatulence,nausea,vomiting,heartburn,diaherra,loss of appetite left me so sick and dehydrated i could barely get out of bed.i lost 30lbs.i am not lactose int.my gastro.dr. did upper and lower gi,stool samples and tons of bloodwork…said it was just my acid reflux acting up or my ibs or possibly a flu.seriously!? i was left on my own.eventually it passed but reoccurs occasionally.the excessive bloating,belching and flatulence are returning in full force and i fear the cycle will repeat soon.should i be searching for a new gastro?and if so,what questions should i be asking him?and what tests should i ask him to do besides the previous?thank you for your time!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Vic D

      Your last episode could very well have been viral in origin and this does not mean that it will definitely recur. IBS and reflux are possible diagnoses as well and I would advise that you go back to the same gastroenterologist and report your symptoms rather than changing over now. At this point he may put you on medication and only if that does not relieve it and he is not prepared to go further in investigation or treatment, then you should consider another doctor. Many times a doctor may not medicate or intervene in a condition and prescribe conservative measures, like dietary change, in the hope that the condition will resolve. There is nothing wrong with this approach, depending on the medical condition in question and severity of symptoms. But on successive visits, he will consider intervention.

  • mom123

    What a great website! I am 45 and have struggled with flatulence for many years. I’ve always wondered if I swallow air when I eat (and probably eat a little too fast sometimes), but have never been able to figure out any other way to eat. (When I try, I feel like I’m holding my breath.) I do tend to eat a lot of sugars, along with the healthy stuff) and don’t really restrict my diet. (My weight is normal and so far my blood sugar levels are normal.) I have never been able to burp, but ever since wearing a back brace for 4 years in my teens and having constant abdominal pressure from it, I have frequently had a little growling noise, which is similar to a burp.

    I was diagnosed with severe hyperthyroid (likely Grave’s disease) a couple of years ago. I never felt good about killing my thyroid, so I have been seeing a family practice doctor who combines traditional western medicine with herbal remedy. I’m on a beta blocker to protect my heart and take other herbal supplements, in the hope that my thyroid will even out before it dies on it’s own.

    The last couple of months I have had some anal itchiness and last month my doctor gave me a probiotic and a topical treatment for it. (The doctor said it looked like just topical irritation.) I don’t go back for a few weeks, but the itchiness is still there. (Must admit I haven’t been the most consistent about using either.) However, ever since I started that probiotic, I have been having little burps every day, all day long (in addition to the growling and gas). I have been surprised by the burps, because I have never been able to burp. (I still really can’t do it on my own, they just come when they come.) Something has changed. I’m wondering if, like me, you think it sounds like SIBO, that has been building up for years, and the probiotic has pushed the levels over the top and started the burping?

    Do you think I need to see a specialist, or do you think I could just share information with the doctor I’m going to every couple of months at first and have her prescribe something and see if it helps? Thanks for any help or suggestions you can give. I think I’d almost give up sugar, at least for a few days, for some relief. Probably wouldn’t last that long, though. 😀

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Mom123

      You should see a gastroenterologist and probably have further tests including a colonoscopy and/or endoscopy. SIBO is a possibility and would account for many of your symptoms but once again, this had to be diagnosed by your doctor or a specialist. Hiccups and burping after eating does raise the issue of air swallowing and it is also important to remember that a thyroid disorder can cause many gastrointestinal symptoms. The symptoms you mention raises the prospect of many conditions and these can only be confirmed or excluded by testing and further investigation that is requested by a medical doctor.

      This article may also be of interest :
      Itchy Rectum and Anus

  • mom123

    Oh, and one more thing is that if I do notice the burps more after I eat, even a small meal. I also get the hiccups if I eat too much. I’ve always had a tendency to get the hiccups if I drink anything besides water.

  • rbailey3

    I Have had burping for a while on and off. It started when i had surgery and couldn’t eat before it and before it i felt a pain and empty feeling in my gut. After i was so hungry i went to get crab legs it tasted weird. I then had burping and diareah for a week and was sick. Became better then had my wisdome teeth removed months later on all kinds of meds for a month due to removal of some of my jaw bone in bed for weeks. After that i was fine for months. And out of the blue i ate something that made me feel toxic for some reason and would belch every few 10 min or so. I would feel toxic sometimes and a little constipated and bloated. I started taking benefiber and some probiotics with lactobacillius from the pharmacy and it helped for a while to no burping. But then it got worse again too Prevacid and it helped for a while but then got bad again. I went to a Holistic Dr Pepi in CA over the phone spent almost $1000 she put me on Tricyline dietary supplements and I had an ovarian cyst so on Core Level Ovary dietary supplements. I started taking them 1 a day and it worked fine but then she had me take 6 each a day on both of them. One day i ate a taco pizza taco bell and it felt like a baby was moving in my stomach, felt toxic and sick. I went to get Prevacid and when i took it. I could feel it moving in my stomach like it was fighting something. Felt much better So i left her methods alone. I went to Walmart and bought a box full of vitamins, probiotics, liver cleanse, enzymes and it helped so much to almost no burping. But i had to keep getting it like 3 times $20 a box of vitamins. I finally took a cruise trip and at all good food on their and relaxed. Had some fruity liquir drinks and a great time. I had no problems at all on their, NO Burping, got checked no ovarian cyst. Came back and the symptoms were gone for 3 months. I bought a Health Master Blender to eat more vegs and fruits and I felt good slept better. I ate a buritto from the cafeteria and felt toxic again and the burping came back after 3 months. But i want to know how to get ride of it for forever. So now i’m a little fatigued, body feels tired, burping all the time, constipated. Like it came back again. I kinda feel like its anxiety, stress, need to eat more good foods again, like i’m not digesting everything when eating like it sits there for a while and feel kinda toxic. Drinkin water give me belching my goodness. Oh yeah i have a yeast infection every few months after i eat something to triger it and get these digestive issues. I usually just use a boric acid suppository and it goes away. But something i ate triggured this like the first couple of times and its like it takes months for whatever food triggers it to go away after i change my diet to just vegs and fruit and relax more. Weird one huh

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Rbailey3

      Firstly you should see a gastroenterologist and have all the necessary tests. This is not optional but warranted at this stage. Juggling between different herbal and nutritional supplements is not the answer.

      It is obvious that your gut is quite sensitive, especially to spicy foods. Irritable bowel is a consideration here as they may be aggravated by spicy foods. Another possible issue may be your intestinal bacteria. If you are going to use a probiotic, speak to your pharmacist about one containing Saccharomyces boulardii. A lot of “alternative” probiotics use lactobacillus and this is not good enough to restore your normal intestinal bacteria. No comment on that detox supplement that you linked to here (link has been deleted). If you wish to know more information about a specific product, please direct your questions to the manufacturer or distributor.

      Bottom line is that you need to see a medical specialist.

  • Woods

    Hi, Doc

    My story is a bit long but I think most of the details is necessary.

    Everything started in mid-Nov when I found I had difficulty swallowing. I went to see an ENT who diagnosed me with esophagitis. I was first put on antibiotics then anti-fugus medication. The symptom as well as “white plague” my doctor found in endoscopy went away. However, I was left with this dry throat problem, which felt almost like a type was sticking to the back of my throat. This problem kept me trying to clear my throat all the time (by growling). I went to see a second ENT who suspected my problem (including the initial esophagitis) was due to acid reflux, even though I never experienced any heartburn. I was ordered to watch my diet and lift my head while sleeping). After a month, the throat problem did not went away.
    About 3 weeks ago, I started to have this terrible belching problem altogether with indigestion/occasional mild upper abdomen discomfort. It could happen anytime when I was awake but most severe after meals. The belching sometimes brought up part-digested food into my mouth. To tackle this, I was first put on Zantac (150mg x1/day) then Nexium (40mg x1/day). Neither medication helped me so far. Now my ENT doctor suspected hiatal hernia/H. Pylori. Do you have any suggestion as to going forward? Do you feel an EGD is necessary at this point?

    Thank you very much

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Woods

      I would have suspected acid reflux as the cause of your esophagitis as well initially. Since you did not respond to the medication, your ENT will consider the next possible condition among his differential diagnosis and will have to confirm or exclude the diagnosis. This approach is correct so bear with him as he goes through each phase. Yes, I think the EGD is necessary and it should be the next step in investigating this problem. Follow your doctor’s instructions.

  • Megan

    I hope you all can help me. I’m 25, 145, 5’5. I was 13 when I had my first endoscopy and they told me I had acid reflux. So for the past 12 years I’ve been surviving off pepcid, prevacid, zantac, tums, pepto, and mylanta. But recently it’s gotten to the point where that dosn’t help at all. My symptoms are an intense burning between my bellybutton and ribs, burping, extreme bloating of the stomach and severe nausea. I feel like an over blown baloon and the pain is unbearable. And it’s not gas in my intestines that I can push out, it’s trapped in my stomach with no where to go. They re-did an endoscopy and told me I have a hiatal hernia and gastris, in addition to reflux. And I have been on Kapidex for three weeks. However the foods that trigger my pain are ridiculous: bananas, raspberries, and almonds. Spicy foods don’t bother me at all! Last night I had a protein shake after the gym and felt like I was going to die.
    So I’m thinking maybe there’s something else they’re not seeing. Maybe it’s a protein absorbtion problem or the years of antacid abuse has led my stomach to no longer have the acids it needs. But I can’t afford for them to play hit and miss any longer. I’ve also had a productive cough for the past 4 months that I’ve chalked up to my efforts at quiting smoking. My diet is healthy as I have been on Jenny Craig since January and have lost 25lbs. But now that I’m healthier, things are worse. Any advice???

  • Kyle

    Hi Dr.Chris
    I have had excessive bloating and belching symptoms for 10 months. The first time i was diagnosed with Hp positive, then take the first antibiotics. After i took it, i was diagnosed Hp positive again and took the second antibiotics. The third time the doctor made me take a breath test and said I had SIBO, then i took the third antibiotics. Now the bloating is still there and sometimes there is stomach pain, not like acid pain but it associate with vigorous movement of the stomach. I doubt the Hp bacteria is still there cuz I used to take antibiotics a lot so i think it develop resistence. I just want to ask what if it resist to all kind of antibiotics? It already resists to amoxiciline, clarithromycin, flagyl, ciprofloxacin. Should i keep taking antibiotics?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Kyle

      If you have taken the antibiotics as prescribed, then you should not be too concerned with drug resistance. This usually occurs in cases of poor compliance (irregular/incorrect usage). What you may have experienced is a recurrence of the infection. So the infection may have resolved with each course only to recur and therefore require another course.

      You should at this point consider seeing a gastroenterologist or if you have been seeing a gastro, consult with another for a second opinion. Let the specialist decide whether another course of antibiotics is required or not. Do not self medicate in these cases.

  • srunicorn

    hi i have had bowel problems for 5 years now and my doctor gives me movicol to soften my stools and senna to help make me go. over the last year i have been having problems with something like a blockage. if i eat certain foods it makes me very windy and my bowels and colon grumble terrible with wind and then i cant go to the toilet at all or even break wind. it keeps me awake at night and i am in agony with the pain that comes in my lower back and the front of my abdomen. the last 12 months everytime i have the problem it now upsets my stomach and i excessively keep burping and get gramps in my stomach. i have changed my diet but i found eating any high fibre food makes me break wind and aggrevates my bowels aswell, and i dont drink pop, alcohol or smoke.i have never been a fat eating person.eg(margarine,lard fried foods) but i do very occasionlly treat myself to a small cake or a biscuit but nothing fancy.two weeks ago my gallbladder started hurting aswell and i had in my stomach aswell but it was beacause i ate some full fat homemade ice cream(i think). it all seems to be getting worse and always seems to flare up when i am in bed.
    my doctor doesnt seem to understand what i am trying to say. do you think it could be bacterium h.pylori?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Srunicorn

      You need to see a gastroenterologist if your doctor “does not seem to understand” the symptoms that you are reporting. At this point, further investigation is warranted like an endoscopy or colonoscopy. The gastro will decide upon the most appropriate tests and investigations after assessing your case.

      Many gastrointestinal conditions can cause these symptoms and reach through each can be confusing. I do not suspect that it is just H.pylori although this may be a possibility to some degree. It may be related to your normal intestinal flora aka the ‘good’ bowel bacteria. This may be affected and ‘bad’ bacteria may have established itself within your bowels to some degree. A good probiotic containing Saccharomyces boulardii (your pharmacist will know what this is) may be helpful. You can try a 5 day course and see if you respond to this. The gas, aggravation after fiber and possible aggravation from dairy (ice cream=milk) could be related to the bowel bacteria.

      Another possibility here that may be complicating your case further is irritable bowel syndrome. IBS does not only result in diarrhea and constipation is common or the predominant symptom in some cases. This will also explain the aggravation to certain triggers foods, the cramping and so on.

      Consult with a gastroenterologist so that your case can be assessed more thoroughly.

  • scaremonkey


    I have been getting bad flatulence for 18 months and for the past 5-6 months also excessive burping. I am 22yrs old, male, relitively fit (6pounds over my target weight) and eat reasonably well (although I have a sweet tooth).

    I suffer with bad sinuses and PND, and also wear dentures, all of which can cause Aerophagia, however I do not believe this to be the root of the problem (currently having sinuses treated with steroid spray). I was also found to have elevated systolic blood pressure and an elevated heart rate (BP readings of around 136/60, resting heart rate around 80 bpm). I’m told again that this is unrelated.

    I can get anxious quite easily, but I feel that in the main the symptoms have caused my anxiety rather than the other way round.

    Symptoms (in order of how regular they are… most regular -> least regular):

    Excessive Flatulence, especially first thing in the morning.

    Burping all through the day, starting from few minutes after I wake up.

    Tiredness (feel like I am not sleeping deeply)

    Noisy growly stomach

    Chest pains just under bottom ribs, more generally on left hand side, but also sometimes on right, sometimes sharp, sometimes more of a pressure… definitley due to gas, burping relieves problem.

    Occassionally dizzyness /lightheadedness and sensitivity to really bright lights (although this is most likely anxiety)

    Have taken things like Rennies, Gaviscon and Windeaze, but nothing seems to help significantly. Had a blood test and all results apparently normal (although not tested for H-pylori). Burping gets worse with fizzy drinks… esp beer, cannot drink a pint anymore without continual small borderline involuntary burps – am avoidign all of them. Have also tried avoiding dairy products for 2 weeks, but no letup in burping.

    If anyone can help it would be massively appreciated.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Scaremonkey

      In general, a lot of your symptoms could be attributed to stress, particularly the action of the stress hormones – adrenalin and cortisol. BY the way, the blood pressure and heart rate readings that you mention are not yet high as such although the systolic pressure (136) is slightly elevated for a male of your age. But since the diastolic (60) is low, this is not a serious problem.

      In terms of your gastrointestinal symptoms, it could be related to GERD (gastroesphageal reflux disease) or a hiatal hernia. A small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is also a possibility. It is difficult to confirm or exclude these diagnoses without imaging studies – a combination of an x-ray and endoscopy. Stress can cause and aggravate these conditions and this may be further compounded by the aerophagia. It is also important to note that anxiety can be a result of prolonged mental or emotional stress so while its onset may appear to have occurred later, it could nevertheless also be contributing to aerophagia.

      See a doctor, preferably a gastroenterologist, and go for the necessary tests and investigations. Allow him/her to make a diagnosis and commence with appropriate treatment. As for stress, if your are experiencing any stress given the symptoms and anxiety, it is advisable to go for counseling or at least stress management therapy to prevent any stress from manifesting as physical symptoms.

  • Amy

    Dear doctor,
    Thank you for this thorough article. I am wondering if you could specify whether any of these conditions would cause constant fullness in the throat, coupled with burping after eating or, even, just drinking water? Gurgling too–there is always gurgling in my throat. It’s strange. The symptoms sort of mirror my last bout of GERD, but are much worse.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Amy

      Yes, it is possible that your acid reflux (rising especially when lying flat) is causing inflammation at the back of the throat and this can produce a sensation of “fullness” in the throat. The reflux may also account for the other symptoms as well. Speak to your doctor and have an endoscopy to confirm or exclude any more serious conditions related to the throat.

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  • shona

    I had my gallbladder removed 10 months ago.

    I was fine after the operation apart from slight tenderness, however over the past couple of months I have had excessive belching particularly at night time and have had pain that came and went just under my rib cage (where I used to get my gallbladder pain).

    However the past couple of weeks the pain is almost constant – it is not totally unbearable, however it is constantly niggling and uncomfortable and it is making me miserable.

    I went to the doctor who checked my bloods for a variety of things including liver function and all came back ok – he mentioned a variety of possibilites but as my bloods came back clear there was no further feedback. I intend to go back to my doctor this week to inform them that I am still having the syptoms.

    I am now getting anxious as I am worried that there is something seriously wrong with me – but surley if there was this would have been picked up in the blood tests? Do you have any suggestions as to my syptoms?

    I am 36, 5ft 6 in and 16 stone in weight – My lifestyle is that I drink approx 4 bottles of wine a in week, smoke about 5 cigs a day – exercise varies depending on opportunity as I am the mother of two kids and work full time – however I do eat healthily.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Shona

      The fact that your LFT (liver function test) came back normal is an important factor because given your history, it is the most logical concern when considering your symptoms. There are a number of causes of abdominal pain as you describe and I would advise that you read this article on the Causes of Right Side Abdominal Pain. The pain could be due to other conditions, like disorders related to your pancreas.

      Your alcohol consumption is significantly high (4 bottles of wine per week) and I hope you have divulged this to your doctor. Your body weight issue also needs to be addressed. I am sure your doctor advised you on limiting your fat intake in your diet and hopefully you have followed through with this. Take note of changes in bowel movement, especially in relation to your pain, and inform your doctor if there is anything significant to report.

  • jmobjmob

    4 years of severe bloating, belching, distention, occasional gas. Bloating is 24/7, 365. Worse as the day progresses. Diagnosed IBS but no cramping, constipation, diarhia or urgency issues. Colonoscopy fine. Endoscopy last year normal. Taken IBS meds, anti-spamsmodics, tried digestive enzymes, acidophillus, probiotics, IBS diet, maalox, fiber supplement, peppermint enteric coated capsules, Riaxfin for possible infection, gluten free diet. Nothing has worked. Consulted allergists & OBGYN as well. New gastroentologist wants to do a CAT scan – what will this show that the other tests have failed to? Can this be anything other than IBS? Thin person, healthy diet, very active, lots of water, low stress personality. Please help.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Jmobjmob

      It is often argued if IBS should be considered a medical condition as such or just a state of physiology that is not pathological. Your symptoms could definitely be related to IBS even if there is no evidence of the typical signs and symptoms associated with your condition. A colonoscopy will not always reveal any abnormality as IBS is a functional disorder. This means that the gastrointestinal tract’s functioning is “not normal” or giving rise to certain symptoms although there is no pathological changes of the gut. But a diagnosis of IBS will still stand.

      A CT scan is definitely warranted. You doctor needs to exclude other contributing factors like fluid accumulation within the abdomen or even a tumor outside of the gut which may be impacting on the gut itself and affecting its normal functioning. Of course at this point you would have experienced other signs and symptoms but this cannot be ruled out and your doctor needs to do these tests/investigations. There are other possibilities which your doctor may have in mind depending on your case itself.

      If you are uncertain about this, speak to your doctor and he or she should be glad to advise you on the approach they are considering.

  • Fizzle

    Hello Again DR Chris!

    Ive finally had an endoscopy – normal
    and a scan of my gallbladder – no stones
    (yet they are ruling out that it may or may not be working properly!

    Ive spent the whole of march on a hugh with no symptoms…but the last 5 days been very unwell again.
    up at silly clock in mornings being sick…burping ect the lot…
    what else could it be!?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Fizzle

      Glad to hear that you underwent those tests. We generally discourage follow up questions as we cannot confidently guide you with your condition if your doctors themselves are not able to offer answers after thorough testing. As an online platform, there is only so much that we can assess (or guess) without physically examining you. Advising you any further may be leading you on a wild goose chase and this would be irresponsible of us.

      If your current doctor is still unable to provide answers, then you should seek a second opinion. Try to see a gastroenterelogist if you have not done so already.

  • jess

    I have chronic helicobacter pylori gastritis
    I wanted to know what food i should discontinue? they told me oranges, anything with tomato. but they also told me that im not suppose to chew gum because it contains a chemical that the bacteria feeds on. I forgot the name is it Xylitol?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Jess

      Actually xylitol can ease H.pylori infection to some extent but this is still somewhat of a controversial discussion. However gum chewing, irrespective of the type, will increase gastric acid production. This is what you want to avoid given the gastritis. Ideally stay away from the stimulants like caffeine (tea, coffee, carbonated drinks), energy/sports drinks and nicotine. Acidic foods can also contribute to some degree. Avoid using any medication after long periods of not eating.

      While your diet may help with your gastritis, you will need to use antibiotics to get rid of the H.pylori infection. Consult with your doctor to discuss your treament options.

  • nicole

    I have suffered from severe bloating and burping upon waking every morning for one year. The bloating and burping gets worse after meals but is present even without eating. I also suffered from diarrhea and abdominal pain, which was diagnosed as severe IBS and I am on a medication that controls the diarrhea and pain, but the bloating and belching will not go away.
    I have been seeing a GI specialist for one year as well and have been tested for everyting under the sun and have tried numerous medications such as pamine forte, antidepressants, H2 blockers, pancreatic enzymes and probiotics. I have also had multiple stool tests run, lactoluse breath test, colonoscopy and abdominal ultrasound and CT, all came back negative.
    I am also a marathon runner and lead an extremely healthy lifestyle. I eat a very clean diet consisting of lean meats, veggies, fruit and low fat dairy and occasionally nuts. I have gained 10lbs during this whole thing as well.
    Any suggestions????


    • Dr. Chris

      Dr. Chris Answered :

      Firstly it would be important to identify whether the bloating and burping are related. While it may be taken for granted that intestinal gas build up may result in bloating, this is …. To view the complete answer, please read the article on Severe Bloating and Burping Upon Waking, After Meals.

  • nicole

    I forgot to mention I was also tested for celiac disease multiple times. I have also tried many different diets such as an elimination diet, gluten and wheat free diets as well with no success. It does not matter what I eat I bloat as big as a pregnant lady or even if I don’t eat I am still bloated

  • fallingstarx

    i just started taking birth control and i have been feeling like there is a ton of air trapped in my esophagus. i cant burp, but my throat kind of gurgles and lets out really small amounts of air. it also gives me the constant feeling that im going to throw up. i have no idea what to do about this and its really uncomfortable. what do you think the problem here is?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Fallingstarx

      Any new medication can cause gastric upset and nausea is a common complaint when starting a new drug. While birth control pills do not usually irritate the gastrointestinal lining … To view the complete answer, please read the article on Gas Bloating After Starting Birth Control Pills.

  • punagirl

    I went to UCLA Medical center because the docs where I live could not find anything wrong. They took test after test with all negative results. I have nausea, fatigue, gas, bloating and constipation. The worst part is being too weak to do anything. The Gastric doctor at UCLA diagnosed me with SIBO after a positive result with the breath test. He gave me a 10 day course of xfaximin 1200mg. Sunday was my last pill and I still do not feel too much better. I called the doc at UCLA and he says I may not have SIBO if the treatment did not work. He sounded like he was ready to write me off. Shouldn’t he give me another course of it? Isn’t it possible the first treatment didn’t get rid of all the bacteria and a second treatment is needed? I’m very depressed that this has not worked as I have been sick like this for 6 months now. My husband and i were so happy we finally got a positive reading on a test and now the treatment still has not worked. WHat do I do now? Terri

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Punagirl

      I cannot comment on whether your doctor’s decision not to give you another course of antibiotics is right or wrong. There are so many other factors that he has probably taken into consideration. What I will say though is that even if the infection did not resolve after the first course, there should have been some noticeable improvement at least, which you do not mention. This is what may have detracted your doctor from considering a second course.

      No doctor will “write you off” as you say unless he has exhausted all the means at his disposal. Even then he will refer you to a specialist or a senior with more experience in this matter. I must make mention of being “depressed” as this can often distract the practitioner from your condition at hand and attribute your symptoms to depression. If you are not happy with the treatment thus far, seek a second or third opinion.

      There are so many possibilities for your symptoms from hypothyroidism to Epstein-Barr and so on. Your doctors should have excluded all this before telling you that they cannot help. If they do recommend counseling, try to give this a try as well. A negative attitude, irrespective of the effectiveness of the treatment being administered, will always be an obstacle for healing.

      For now, go back to you doctor. Ask him straight out as to what is the next step and if he has “written you off” or should you find another physician.

  • Aqib

    Hello sir
    Wanted some help. My mother have this problem she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C two years back after the treatment one of the problem she is facing now is that she have this pressure built up in her different body parts which causes a little pain and when we put pressure on that body part(like messaging on that body part) it causes burping which eases the pain some days there won’t be any gas sometimes there is a lot. There is no set pattern Sometimes there would be lot of gas in neck or leg or any other part. She is taking medicine for blood sugar as well as blood thinner and claustral. Her age is 45 years and she does not have very active lifestyle. If you need other info please do ask I hope you can help

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Aqib

      This is a strange scenario. From what you are saying, massaging your mother’s leg will trigger burping and ease the pain. I think she needs to see her doctor given her age and medical history. This should not be managed at home. Avoid massaging her until your doctor excludes other serious disorders. You may be aggravating the problem further by applying pressure on the area. See a doctor.

  • AGirl

    I am 14 years old and over the last two or so days I have experienced unintentional burping that leaves a bad smell and taste in my mouth of rotten eggs. also after eating very small things I have felt really full. Also I have had mild diahorrea. I know I am overweight and I have had my period while this has been happening. Please help I’m worried.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi AGirl

      If this is a once off incident and there are no other significant symptoms then there is a gochance that it is just a case of food poisoning and should pass in a day or two. Nevertheless it is always a good idea to consult with a doctor as even a simple case of food poisoning can quickly complicate without proper management. If the symptoms are persisting then you will definitely require further investigation for small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), H.pylori, a lung abscess or abscess elsewhere in the respiratory tract and so on. This has to be managed by a doctor.

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  • dev

    Hi Doctor,
    5 years of severe bloating, belching, distention , occasional flatulence,uneasy feeling(feels heated up from inside) in the left side of abdomen,.The burping is at peak after around 1 hour of having food.I also have problem of frequent urination and weak urine flow.Doctor diagnosed me with first with IBS n then with colonic dysmotility,but none of the medications helped me much.Recently I was advised by a doctor to take norfloxicin(400 mg ) thrice a day for a week,for curing probable urine infection.and surprisingly norfloxicin has helped me a lot in relieving my stomach discomfort and burping etc(dint help much in urinary problem),but after completing the norflox course i am again suffering from the same problems.I have also observed that my urinary condition gets worsened when i have gas.

    The tests that i have undergone are :-
    Colonoscopy – normal,
    stool – semi formed,PC: 1-2,RBC:Nil,No ova or cyst,stool occult blood : negative.
    urine routine and culture are both normal,uro dynamic test showed weak urinary flow.

    My age is 21,height – 6 feets,weight 85 kgs

    I would be grateful if you could guide me with the probable condition that i may be suffering from.


    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Dev

      To be suffering with these ailments from the age of 16 years raises many questions which your doctor will have to look into. One of them is a possible parasitic infection like bilharzia (schistosomiasis) earlier in life. Focusing on your symptoms as it now presents could cloud the possible diagnosis and you should try to report on events that may have preceded the onset of these symptoms 5 years ago. It would be advisable to have both your urine and stool tested again for ova.

      Other than that, your doctor may also consider testing for diabetes which should have been done at this stage.

      If you are not experiencing any success with your current doctor, it may be advisable to seek a second or third opinion and consult with a specialist like a urologist and gastroenetrologist simultaneously.

  • Di Spotswood

    Dear Dr
    My daughter who is 18 years old, has had stomach pains for over five years now. The pains can be so severe that she has to stop work and sit for awhile. She has been to hospital and was admitted for a week with no diagnoses, she has had CT scans ultrasounds to no avail and has presented to Emergency Department on numerous occasions because of the pains. They pains are central but can move to under the right side of her ribs. Sometimes she has chest pains as well. She has great difficulties using her bowels, she is very pale, does not have a good appetite, her burping is so loud, it’s an unbelievable noise. Her energy levels are low. Her blood tests always comes back as normal. We have tried lactose free diet, glucose free diet, nothing has helped.
    Help What could it be??

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Di

      You do not specify what difficulty your daughter is experiencing with her bowel like constipation or diarrhea and so on. She should be tested for any vitamin or mineral deficiency, particularly iron deficiency anemia, if this blood test has not been done. Liver function, pancreatic enzymes and a glucose tolerance test should also be conducted. Her symptoms may be linked to a single cause or there could be multiple conditions, which are possibly separate and unrelated, occurring simultaneously. This could account for the pale appearance, low energy levels and even chest pains.

      If your daughter has constipation, this could indicate a problem with the bowel motility. The slow passage of food or even a malabsorption syndrome will account for the discomfort as well as other symptoms she is experiencing. This could even be related to a partial bowel obstruction although this should have been detected at this point. The pain she may be experiencing, if it is not related to any gynecological disorder like endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome, may be linked to gas build up within the bowels.

      It will not be possible to say what the cause could be through this online platform. If you have not experienced any success with the doctor(s) you have consulted with thus far then it may be time to seek another opinion.

  • wayne

    i started taking apple cider vinger yesterday and then started experiencing burning sensetion in my tummy please advise on if i should continue taking ,because am highpertensive

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Wayne
      If these symptoms are due to the apple cider vinegar then you should stop it immediately. Considering your hypertension, it is always advisable to speak to you doctor before you start using any supplement or health product.

  • Michelle

    Hi Dr
    Can you please tell me why laying on my right side trigger heartburn? I took pepto bisbol pill and drink alot of the syrup, but as soon as i turn on my left side i get relief from the heartburns

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Michelle

      This is a common complaint because the gastric acid in your food pipe (esophagus) takes longer to drain back into your stomach when you lie on your right side. It happens faster when you lie on your left.

  • arpph

    For the past year or so, I have been having troubles with a bad digestive system. I am constantly burping, having very soft or watery stools most days (unless I am suddenly constipated), pretty much bloated 24/7, and I have occasional nausea. Lately, my stomach has been really hurting (pain is mostly located in the dead-center of my stomach) and I am having acid reflux issues after I eat anything a bit more heavy or fattening.

    It feels like my whole digestive system is running ‘acidic’, if that makes sense.


    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Arpph

      There are a host of possibilities for these symptoms. If they resolve on their own and return again after a while, it is possible that you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). You have to see a gastroenterologist and confirm or exclude a host of other conditions, some of which can be very serious in nature. This will possibly require some of the following investigations – endoscopy, colonoscopy, stool examination and culture, ultrasound and blood tests. Additional tests will be advised by your doctor. Only after completing these tests will your doctor be able to make a conclusive diagnosis. Do not ignore your symptoms as they may aggravate further over time. You need medical attention.

  • tic_set

    Dear Sirs,

    For the past 3 years I have been suffering from excessive belching and more recently in tandem, severe stomach bloating which gives the impression I have swallowed a medicine ball.

    I initially thought the problem was connected to my weight and diet as I put on 14 kilos in the 2 years previous to the first symptoms but last year over a 9 month period last year I lost these 14 kilos and yet the symptoms remain. I tend to get the symptoms approximately 2 hours after eating and normally lasts about 30mins, however, even if I have not eating anything in the mornings the symptoms will start approximately 2 hours after waking up. My bowel movements are not always regular and I can go days without any bowel movement. I have recently noticed that spicy food tends to aggravate the problem with severe effects the following morning and sometimes continuous throughout the day and at times unbearable. I would not call myself an excessive drinker and enjoy red wine with most evening meals which does not seem to aggravate the problem but I have notice an increase in symptoms if I drink in large quantities and particular should I drink vodka and red bull after eating spicy food.

    The belching seems to stem from my upper chest and not stomach which bloats in tandem. I recently took a course of antibiotics (augmentin) for a recent foot infection after stepping on glass and during the course of the medication I noticed an immediate improvement all round, much less bloated, regular bowel movement and gas was almost nonexistent. I continued to drink red wine with evening meals during the course of the antibiotics. As soon as I stopped taking the medication the symptoms returned with intermittent bursts of excessive gas and massive stomach bloating throughout the day and non regular bowel movement.

    The problem is of great concern and before going to see a doctor I would like some advise as to what could be wrong so I can solve the problem quickly.

    Thank you in advance

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Tic-Set

      You should see a doctor, preferably a gastroenterologist, and have all the necessary tests like an endoscopy and/or colonoscopy, relevant blood work and even a breath test if necessary. This will allow your doctor to confirm the diagnosis and commence with the appropriate treatment. Attempting to find a solution online and then implement any information that you have picked up is potentially dangerous.

      There can be a number of causes for what you are experiencing but since you have found some relief after antibiotics, it is possible that you may have SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth. An H.pylori infection of the stomach is also a possibility. Considering the range of factors that seems to aggravate your condition, you should not rule out IBS. Don’t get fooled by a typical presentation of IBS as it does not always appear like this in every case. You should also consider a gallbladder scan and checking if all your pancreatic enzymes are functioning.

      Without more specific information based on the results of investigative techniques and tests, it would be difficult to isolate one specific cause. A clinical evaluation (physical examination and case history) is also essential which cannot be conducted through this medium. Lastly, you should also take note of air swallowing (aerophagia) either due to nasal congestion or habit which may be the reason why you feel the air in your ‘chest’ and not your stomach. Pockets of air may be building up within your food pipe (esophagus) thereby causing the belching and discomfort.

      Speak to a doctor as soon as you can. Just assessing you condition by trying to match symptoms will not lead to a conclusive diagnosis unless it is done by a skilled physician after a thorough clinical evaluation.

  • steely

    Hi Dr Chris

    Can you give me some advice on a longstanding stomach complaint I’ve been suffering from for about 3 years now.

    Over that time, I’ve had three extended periods (several months each) during which I’ve been experiencing a lot of belching (continuously throughout the day, beginning when I get up in the morning) and pretty much constant nausea.

    To read more of this question and the answer by Dr. Chris, please view the article Episodes of Belching, Bouts of Burping a Lot.

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  • mrs

    Hope you can help. For about 2 years I have a recurring excessive burping problem. They are constant, small burps that are in my throat and do not feel like a normal gassy burp. I frequently feel as if there is a knot in my throat, now and again have trouble swallowing the saliva in my mouth. After a half hour or so of this burping, I feel exhausted and my stomach hurts, but not nausea.

    To read more of this question and the answer by Dr. Chris, please view the article on Throat Burp, Knot in Throat – Difficulty Swallowing, Small Burps.

  • arpph

    Hello Dr. Chris –
    Can you please explain further which conditions I need to be asking my doctor about? I do not have insurance, so going in with vague idea will not get me anywhere. I need to pinpoint several illnesses before they will send me to a specialist.
    Thank you.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Arpph

      The information you have provided thus far is very limited so I could not even make an assessment. Either way I would not like to undermine your doctor’s approach to diagnosing by fueling his patient from this end. Just consult with your doctor first and let him decide on a list of possible causes (differential diagnosis) to confirm/exclude. The tendency to lead your doctor towards one condition or another is not helpful to you in the long run and from my professional experience it is one of the main reasons why doctor’s miss important yet rare conditions.

      It clouds the mind of the physician who is trying to stay objective until he can complete all necessary tests and investigations. Your doctor’s clinical findings upon physical examination and taking your case history is something that cannot be replaced on an online platform and it cannot be done by a person without a medical qualification despite how knowledgeable one may be. As you doctor moves through each stage of the case history and physical examination, he will compile a list of possible causes which he will then confirm or exclude with further tests and investigations.

      If you want to enter the consulting room armed with a list of possibilities, you can refer to the article above and see which of your symptoms match the conditions to some extent. It is never a problem to ask your doctor about certain conditions based on past findings but a doctor’s purpose is to diagnose, investigate further and treat. I only advise this for your own benefit.

      Good luck Arpph.
      Please note that as per the terms and conditions of our question and answer service, these comments cannot replace a consultation with a medical practitioner. Comments by any member of the Health Hype team is intended to assist a person if sufficient information is made available. It does not constitute a medical consultation or advice from a medical practitioner.

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  • laura


    i’m a 20-year-old female and i think i might have IBS. it started about a month ago when i had a frequent urge to burp, which was foreign to me. soon thereafter, i began to experience stomach bloating, especially right after meals. so i decided to visit a doctor, who said “it could be anything…” and gave me prevacid which i took for awhile, but stopped taking because it didn’t really seem to help the burping or bloating. however, the doctor did mention it could be IBS, but at the time i did not have diarrhea or constipation. later, i did begin to experience constipation, and i felt stopped up and a need to relieve myself, but i couldn’t go. after about 4 or 5 days, the stomach discomfort had gotten to be too much, so i took a dulcolax at about 11:30 one night, only to wake up at 6am with probably the most painful stomach pain i have ever experienced, and had to sit on the toilet nearly crying for 45 minutes while my bowels were flushed out.

    i work at a pizza joint, and i cannot even eat the pizza anymore because it causes so much bloating and discomfort. what i have it not “painful”, just very uncomfortable, and i have never had health problems in the past, so this is worrying me. finally, after eating a meal of chicken nuggets and lemonade, i got so bloated that i nearly freaked out, but picked up a product at the grocery store and have been taking it for about 4 days. i see improvement in the bloating and stool frequency/consistency, but i’m still worried that what i have may not be IBS, (could it be something more serious?)

    This new product has help every symptoms but the burping. it’s the weirdest thing.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Laura

      It could be IBS but there are many other gastrointestinal conditions that could be causing these symptoms. Your doctor will need to do a series of tests like a breath tests, endoscopy and colonoscopy, blood tests and so on to make a diagnosis. There is no way of being positive about the IBS diagnosis until these tests have been conducted and other conditions excluded.

      The stomach pain and cramping that you were experiencing is possibly due to the constipation medication that you were using at the time. This is a known side effect. If you are still experiencing these pains even though you stopped the constipation medication, then this could be a feature of your gastrointestinal condition. IBS is known to cause intestinal spasms which you may experience as bowel pains.

      Belching is also a symptom of IBS in some cases. Even though this new product that you are using has helped ease your other symptoms, you should speak to a doctor about you condition. He/she may also refer you to a gastroenterologist for a further assessment.

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  • ari

    my boyfriend has been having the same issues for about a month now. he is constantly burping, all day, everyday. sometimes it gets to frequent that it is up above 5 times per hour. he was recently diagnose with gingivitis, and before the burping started he was hospitalized with severe stomach pain. the stomach pain has decreased and not reached that level of pain anymore but he is still belching constantly! any ideas?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Ari

      It could be increased gastric acidity or a higher pH that caused the pain and is now contributing to the burping. You do not mention any medication that your boyfriend is taking, if any, so you may have to check the side effects listed on the package insert to find out if this is related. There a number of causes of excessive burping – the information you have provided is limited so it is difficult to say. Your boyfriend should go back and see a doctor. it could be an upper GI infection but only your doctor will be able to say. This may be related to his last episode of stomach pain which could mean that it is a chronic condition that requires proper medical treatment and management.

  • Ashish

    Since few months, i am experiencing excessive belching. I m 5.10 tall, and weigh 179 lbs. I work out hard every day but i have a tummy (ponch). I used to eat chicken or mutton for lunch and dinner with rice or bread. I also eat raw salads containing cabbage, cucumbers, and tomatoes. These days i m focussing on veg food atleast once a day and on weekends too.I also have some digestion problems and irregular bowel syndrome. can you help?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Ashish

      There are a number of causes of excessive belching and bloating. The information have provided is too limited – you don’t specify what type of “digestion problems” you are having, whether you are only bloating or burping excessively as well. Since you do not mention any other signs and symptoms, it would be difficult to ascertain the exact cause. You should speak to your doctor and see a gastroenterologist. A colonoscopy may help identify the problem. Bloating is a common problem with IBS and your doctor will be better suited to advise you further.

  • Blackmantis

    Hi there,

    In 2003 I ate a banana fritter once from a truck stop and within 5 hours (midnight) I woke up extremely nauseas, worse than any nausea I’d had, vomiting violenty every two minutes, watery diarrhea, and this foul tasting rotten egg/sulphur burp.

    Ever since then, I seem to get the exact same symptoms once every 1-2 years. It’s not pleasant for anyone, however I’m an emetophobe (Terrified of vomiting) and none of my doctors can figure it out.

    Recently I attended my first day of college, and was halfway through a lecture and felt slightly crampy, nothing too discomforting down below. I began to burp a bit and noticed the foul horrible taste was back (this taste is if anything, a traumatizing thing for me, as I know what lays ahead) so I rushed to the medical centre and then home, followed by severe diarrhea.

    Since 2003 I’ve been taking Maxolon with me wherever I go just in case.

    Is this gastroparesis, or something else like gastroenteritis? I can’t quite figure it out, mainly because most people I know with gastroenteritis don’t get the sulphur burp, but it’s mentioned here under the gastroparesis section, but there’s no watery diarrhea symptom, please help!! How can I avoid this?


    • Dr. Chris

      Hi James

      The first incident with the banana fritter was most likely due to food poisoning.

      I must bring your attention to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which tends to occur more frequently in people with anxiety. It tends to occur more at the times of stress and diarrhea is one of the symptoms. It can come on in episodes that are sometimes even months apart. It is unlikely that you have gastroparesis. Those conditions will not occur in episode 1 to 2 years apart, they are constant. In fact most of the causes will not be occurring in these type of episodes, except for IBS. Read the article on Sulphur Burps for more information.

  • Taylor

    I have been belching and burping alot for over a year now. I thought it was because I was on the pill, so I switched to another one and eventually stopped. I still have alot of gas and no matter my diet or excercise, my stomach is still huge from gas. This past month, I cannot eat at all. Everything I eat, will be thrown up with in the next hour and IF I can keep it down, I get exhausted. I recently got blood work done and they found my liver enzymes to be high. The doctor ruled out liver disease from alcohol, fatty liver and hepatitis. However all these tests are taking way too long. I haven’t eaten for over 4 weeks and I can only have certain drinks like pineapple juice and water. Whats wrong with me?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Taylor

      We cannot say what is wrong with you – the test results will be able to provide a more conclusive diagnosis. Test results should take between 1 to 5 days (depending on the test) so if you cannot wait, you should consider using a private doctor and laboratory. The concern here is if there is any obstruction of the gut then this should be treated as an emergency. Your doctor should be considering an endoscopy at this point. Gallbladder tests and investigations are also a consideration as well as tests for checking on th pancreas. Bloating from gas is temporary – it does not persist indefinitely. It will be bloated for a few hours after eating and then settle. If you are not eating much and still noticing the bloating, then it may not be due to gas. There could be other causes, some of which could be very serious. I advise that you go back to your doctor and ask him why the tests are taking so long considering that your case is so severe.

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  • dr.bluefairy

    hi…i’ve been having nausea constantly for the past few days…i also have been belching n i just feel uncomfortable in the abdomen…i feel a sense of fullness always and my mouth tastes funny…my stool is soft and comes almost like diarrhea…its a very uncomfortable feeling and i wonder what could be done. someone please help me…

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Bluefairy

      There are many causes for your symptoms. Since it is only few days it could be an acute upset, maybe something you ate or if you have IBS, this could be an acute exacerbation. Mild food poisoning is sometimes not as severe as we typically think it is and our body is able to overcome it after a few days. There is also the possibility of acid reflux or something more serious like bleeding in the esophagus, stomach, or small intestine – both of these possibilities may account for the “funny” taste that you are experiencing. If it has not resolved as yet, I would advise that you see a doctor.

  • avbailey

    I need help.
    Last Monday I woke up with serious stomach pains and diarrhea thinking it was the popcorn I ate the night before. Because of these pains I was unable to eat or drink anything all day except a little water. The pains continued on til Tuesday with another loose stool but otherwise I started to feel better. I continued to drink water but later I had a tuna wrap and strawberry milk due to hunger. This all came back up Wednesday morning so all Wednesday I stayed in bed with saltines sprite and water. I started to feel better yesterday except now I have no appetite and constantly feel full so I can’t eat or drink anything plus I haven’t been able to go to the bathroom and I have minor belches. I don’t know what it is but I need to get rid of it.
    Thanks for any help.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Avbailey

      It is possible that you had a mild case of food poisoning which has been persisting. You cannot return to a diet with tuna, flour (the wrap) and dairy. This will just aggravate the condition further. You need to see a doctor now because this has been going on for too long. If there is an infection, you doctor will need to put you on antibiotics. If it is viral, it will pass after a few days. Your normal intestinal flora (‘good bowel bacteria’) may now be disrupted and you will need a probiotics. Please speak to your doctor about this – live culture yogurt will not do and health store probiotics are not advisable as well.

  • Blackmantis

    Hi Dr Chris

    I have read the article however I don’t feel it totally addresses what I have, although I do thank you for the informative article, it has given me some insight.

    The sulphur burps are *never* without diarrhea and vomiting for me, I never just get a case of the bad burp for a day and it passes, I know that as soon as I get the burp, the diarrhea and vomiting, nausea will follow. Any ideas?

    As for IBS, can IBS cause vomiting and sulphur burps accompanied with the diarrhea?

    The day I last had this illness was my first day of college, although I was rather excited more than nervous (as I had attended college previously), and the time before that, I was also at college. The previous (and worst time) before that was when staying at a friends house, I ate macdonalds for dinner and slept on a couch, not 4 hours later I woke up ill.

    Thanks for your help doc!

    • Dr. Chris

      HI Blackmantis

      Yes, IBS can cause a range of symptoms, even of the upper gastrointestinal tract which can result in vomiting. You may have severe indigestion as well and nausea and vomiting is possible. You can take a peek at the Severe Indigestion article. IBS is a complex syndrome so don’t always attribute it with only changes in bowel movements.

      Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a possibility but there is still no reason to suspect gastroparesis. I think you should also focus on the fact that this gets triggered in situations where a person would be stressed and/or anxious. This is typical of IBS plus the fact that it can disappear for years and then recur once again raises the IBS issue. Gastric acid, especially if there is increased production, will lead to chemical reactions with food and gases are given off which may account for your sulphur burps.

      I can only offer you so much guidance on this platform. You should see a doctor, preferably a gastroenterologist, and have the necessary tests done.

  • hstjohn


    I started waking up in the middle of the night about 2 and 1/2 months ago with stomach pain in my upper middle abdomen. It was occuring at the same time very night. I had an upper endoscopy done and it showed chronic gastritis and multiple ulcers as well as intestinal metaplasia. I was put on nexium twice a day and the pain at night went away. However, I was still having to eat every couple of hours to make my stomach feel better. I had my second endoscopy done on May 26th and since then the stomach pains at night have come back and I have had diarrhea for the past 3 days. The second endoscopy showed inflammation and intestinal maetaplasia, but the ulcers were gone. Any thoughts?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi HSTJohn

      Gastritis and peptic ulcers are two different conditions although most patients with ulcers will have gastritis and similarly, prolonged gastritis may often result in ulcers. Your symptoms are common in gastritis. Your stomach becomes inflamed and while ulcers may often occur, it does not always do so. Intestinal metaplasia is a common consequence and increases the chances of duodenal ulcers. These ulcers may come and go, either due to the medication you are using, your body’s own repair mechanisms or changing aggravating factors.

      Since the inflammation is persisting but not the ulcers, it is important to identify the cause of the gastritis. Even if the acid pH or levels are normal, there may be other causes of gastritis – induced by certain medication, autoimmune causes and so on. You should speak to your doctor about what further tests need to be considered in order to identify the cause of the gastritis. Refer to this article for more information What is Gastritis? Chronic gastritis can lead to a number of complications ranging from stomach bleeding to ulcers that could perforate. Your doctor will be in the best position to advise you further.

  • hstjohn

    I should also note that I my H. Pylori test came back negative, had an ultrasound to look at my gallbladder and it was normal. I also had a test done to look at my acid levels and they were normal.

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  • Tleech

    I had a car accident on April 2 2010. About a week after my car accident I had extreme pain in my back (mid-region)right side. I was told it was muscle contraction and sent to physical therapy. After my first visit to physical therapy I noticed dark urine, so I went back to my doctor. It was blood in my urine, a lot of blood. They checked my liver enzymes and found them to be extremely elevated. My ALT has been as high as 800. My bilirubin was 1.2. Sgpt was 210 and sgot was around 400. They sent me to a GI doctor. They put me on a cholesterol medicine that helps bind bile and checked my liver enzymes for the next 3 weeks, with no real improvement. Finally they did an ultrasound and found that I have a gallstone. My doctor is calling it mirizzi syndrome.My question is this, before my accident I had NO pain, no signs of gallbladder problems. Could my accident have moved my gallstone into my hepatic duct and caused the pain in my back? My physical therapy helps for about an hour after I have the massage therapy and then I’m in the same pain I was in before I came to physical therapy. I have had a stint put in my bile duct and am having gallbladder surgery soon. I would like to know if it is possible that the accident moved the stone into the position it is in now. The car accident was on April 2 this year and we were hit from behind. We were sitting still and making a left turn, the guy who hit us was doing 55 and never hit the breaks, we were then thrown 96 feet, went air borne and hit a telephone pole. I was a passenger and was wearing my seat belt. Had seat belt bruises along my shoulder and stomach. Any advice is appreciated.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Tleech

      If you are trying to ascertain whether the accident caused this gallstone to move for legal purposes or due to some sort of litigation against the other driver, please note that you should be discussing this with your doctor. I have not examined you and do not know your current health status (before the accident especially) and cannot conclusively answer any of your questions. This online platform is only intended to serve as a guide but not provide conclusive answers for any medical question as a physical examination is essential.

      The accident MAY have caused the back pain but this depends on other factors as well. The gallstone MAY have moved due to the impact but would have eventually lodged in the duct. It is possible that the accident served to exacerbate a problem that was existing and you just had not noticed it or the symptoms had not been intense enough for you to have detected it prior to this. Please ask your doctor about this for further clarity as he/she is more familiar with your case, past medical history, health status and events surrounding the accident.

  • thsp

    Hi Dr.Chris,
    I have excessive burping caused by silent reflux. I have no pain but have had 3 recent bouts where I thought I couldn’t breathe. My allergist believed it was caused by mold in my office. I now work out of my home but I still burp constantly (around 30 times an hour). I tried taking Prilosec for 6 weeks but nothing changed. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi THSP

      You don’t mention your age, past medical history and current health status so there could be other contributing factors that may not be taken into account. The burping is excessive, no doubt about it, but the concern here is these episodes of shortness of breath. If it was just chest pain, then it is reasonable to assume that this was caused by reflux as long as a cardiac condition has been excluded. But shortness of breath is a bit more of a concern and the cause must be investigated.

      An allergic reaction could cause temporary narrowing of the airway but this has not been confirmed from what you say. I would suggest that you see a physician, have a cardiovascular examination and if there is no abnormalities, visit a gastroentereologist. There are numerous causes for excessive burping although to this extent does raise some concerns about certain nerve related problems, if common causes like aerophagia have been excluded. I mention aerophagia because allergies will often result in nasal congestion which could account for air swallowing (aerophagia). Speak to your doctor about a specialist referral.

  • Sreas

    Dear Dr. Chris, I drink beer regularly 2 bottle at night.When I wake up in the morning, I feel excessive gas in my stomach and sometimes it can’t come out and I become weak and sometimes can’t take breath but if i drink water or something and when gas come out, I feel ok…. I never feel puke even I never feel pain in my stomach. Does it serious? what do you suggest?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Sreas

      It could be serious but it could also be related to your beer consumption. Try to stop drinking beer for a week and see if this still occurs. If not then you know that it is related to your beer consumption. If it continues then you should see a doctor.

  • Mikey


    i am 34, male and was diagonised with GERD and IBS about 1.5 years back. As i was facing diahorrea and watery stools for like 1 year, decided to see the gatrologist and did a upper and lower scope and was found with inflammation on essophagus and on the lower scope, was diagonised with IBS thats all. was given omeprazole and membervine. i lived with this for the past 1 year ..

    but sometime last month i suddenly felt nausea at times of the day and during food intake. my stomach also feel discomfort like buring sensation at times of the day and my stools has been soft and loose since then, i was worried and went back to see another of my doc..did ultrasound on abdomen, stool test and blood test. all test turn out fine . ihad no infection and i also asked my doc regarding H pylori, she told me it was tested during the endoscope

    so i was given nexium and probiotics to take for a period of 1 month. Doc felt the nausea is due to my Gerd which could have worsen..But nexium did not really seem to relief my nausea..instead i woke up every morning with stomach cramps (no diahorrea) so i decided to stop nexium and only continue with pro biotics..

    but i am still feeling slight nausea and facing loose and scattered stools for 1.5 months already.. even though i was diagonised with IBS and GERD 1.5 years back..i never felt like this before..please advise..is there something wrong with me..i had done many checks and i hope i do not have to do another endoscope since it was done like 1.5 years back ..

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Mikey

      It may be a good idea to have another endoscopy and colonoscopy at this point. You may have gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) at this point and this has to be determined. IBS causes increased activity of the bowels and loose stool is a common feature. It is also possible that there is inflammation of the first part of the small intestine which can affect absorption of nutrients and result in loose stools. This is just one possibility. Remember that your symptoms are characteristic of IBS and probiotics may offer some relief but IBS is long term. Also speak to your doctor about C.difficile infection. As you can see, there are many possibilities so that endoscope is important at this point.

      Refer to the following articles :
      What is Gastritis?
      Loose Stool and Hard Stool

  • Mikey

    Dear Dr Chris

    thank you for the advise.. i have spoken to my gatrologist about 1 month back regarding gastritis..she told me i was tested for H-PYLORI during the endoscope and i was negative. so she would like to rule that out for now..

    but i did question her that perhaps at that time, i dun have a damage on stomach lining..but i might just have it now..I mean how on earth will the nausea feeling just appeared and go off and come back again in the span of 1.5 mothns recently. There has to be some problem on related to upper G.I in my opinion.

    but again from my understanding, IBS does cause nuasea too..due to too much gas producded by the colon and bad indigestion which i can feel very much lately due to the bloating and burping..it might cause a nausea feeling too. am i right?

    i mean i just did both lower and upper scope about 1.5 years back..if i can avoid the scope to determine whats wrong with myself would be ideal..i mean doing the scope and u had to be sedated again is something i dun wanna go through again in the span of less than 2 years since i had the first one

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Mikey

      H.pylori is the most common cause of gastritis but there are also other causes. If I understand you correctly, the endoscope and test was done 1.5 years ago so there is a possibility that it has now occurred. GERD can cause nausea that is intermittent as you describe but as you mentioned, you have not been responding to the drugs prescribed. Just out of interest, bloating in IBS has never been conclusively identified as being a result of intestinal gas but if you are experiencing gas build up, this can contribute towards nausea. Despite your apprehension about another endoscope, it may be necessary since you are not responding to any treatment and no cause can be identified at this point.

  • Mikey

    Dear Dr Chris

    Thank you for the advise. Yes..for the past 1 week, still waking up with morning stomach cramps and feeling nauseous at times of the day. i can wake up feeling a lot of intesinal gas built up and burp. i am stopping my pro biotics and PPI for now..i just hope i am not getting anything real bad in the stomach… anyway i will be seeing my doc soon for the food alleargy test result and then i will discuss further with him on the possibility for another endoscope or any further test required.

  • Mack

    Hi, i was wondering how to get rid of my excessive burping. Sometimes right after i eat, i become bloated quite quick and it does not go away for a while and i can’t stop burping.. i’m tall and skinny and im quite atheletic.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Mack

      You first have to identify the cause of the bloating before you can get rid of it. It could be due to air swallowing, bacterial overgrowth and so on.

      Commenters, please use correct email addresses.

  • budasolkai

    Well, here are my symptoms if someone can help me out. I’m male, 21yrs. A few months ago I had a day of diarrhea and nausea but no vomiting. I have not felt right ever since. For a couple of days I had soft, very pale stool that cleared up. Now I go from hard, difficult to pass stools to soft, sometimes watery stool. When I eat, I feel bloated and sometimes I feel like I haven’t passed everything no matter how long I wait. I also have heartburn and lots of burping that burns in the back of my throat severly. I do not have the urge that I can’t control my bowels, but sometimes I pass a lot, sometimes its not very much at all.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Budasolkai

      Your symptoms are quite varied and this can be an indication of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). You have mentioned a single episode of what could have been gastroenteritis. This may have been due to infectious causes and from this point on it may have affected your normal intestinal flora (bowel bacteria). A stool culture would be helpful at this point. Another issue that is prominent here is heartburn (GERD) which also needs to be investigated. Speak to your doctor for a referral to a gastroenterologist. Further testing and other investigations are most definitely warranted.

  • Kyle

    I’m a 20 y-o male. Since I had positive test for H.pylori, have been through 2 courses of antibiotics. First, they were amoxiciline, clarithromycine, and omeprasole for 2 weeks. Second course includes flagyl, clarithromycine and nexium for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, the bacteria is still there after the 2 courses. Therefore, my doctor again prescribeb me one month of Prevac (amoxiciline, clarithromycine, omeprasole). I have not bought the medication yet because I think this treament is unconventional since I already had the same regimen for the first treament, and the bacteria was still there, so I think they already developed resistence to these drugs. I would like to know your idea about this. If it was you, what would you reccommend for the third treament?
    Thank you very much,

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Kyle

      Your doctor’s prescription is correct and it may take more than one course to eradicate the infection. The first prescription should have been given for at least 14 days to be effective. This does not mean that there will be a complete resolution of the infection in 100% of the patients. Some patients may need more time and therefore follow up prescriptions are necessary. Or it is possible that a new infection has arisen. The prescriptions that your doctor has provided are a triple-therapy and it is the correct approach. Only in severe cases, would a quadruple therapy be considered which would consist of metronidazole (flagyl), clarithromycin, amoxicillin, and omeprazole. You should have filled out that prescription but instead of doing so now, go back and speak to yoru doctor. If you are unsatisfied with the treatment you have received thus far, you should speak to another doctor for a second opinion or ask your doctor for a referral to a gastroenterologist.

  • mdh157

    I have been dealing with a gastro issue for over 4 years now. I have almost constant discomfort in my stomach, frequent burping and my stomach makes a lot of noise at night. It is very common for me to burp 4-5 hours after a meal and have it smell like the food I ate at that meal. I have had all the gallbladder test and and endo and colonoscopies. results were a minor irriegularity in a small secton of the z-line showing mild chronic imflammation, but that’s it. no h pylori, stomach showing perfect and colon showing perfect. The GI does not know where to go from here as they cannot find the source of my discomfort. I was on Aciphex for 6 months with no results. I like spicy foods but they don’t bother me like they should if it’s strictly a reflux problem. I found somethnig online that discussed the possibility of low stomach acid, and I do have a sore sopt n the area of the ‘hcl reflex.’ I also did a test using bic of soda in water on an empty stomach and it takes anywere from 7-12 minutes before i burp, which is late according to the articles i read and suggest low hcl (along with the soreness in the reflex area). Can you give me any ideas where the GI and I can go from hre? What is your pinion if the possibility of low acid….can these articles e taken seriously or are they quackery?

    Thank you for your help.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi MDH157

      Yes, it is possible to have low gastric acid (hypochlorhydria) but the issue is more often with pH rather than volume. Whether this is the cause of your symptoms needs to be investigate and I cannot give you a conclusive answer through this platform. However if it was a case of low gastric acid, you would have seen other more severe symptoms at this point (after 4 years). An H.pylori infection would most likely be present in this instance.

      I would advise that you consult with another gastroenterologist for a second opinion since your current doctor is unable to move forward with diagnosing the condition. Take a look at the Low FODMAP Diet as this may help you.

  • theog

    I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease on July 14th of 2008. I have been on a gluten free diet ever since. I was 233 lbs@ 6ft 2in before I was diagnosed and now I am 171 lbs. I am feeling worse than ever. I am having constant belching associated with tons of pressure that is only relieved if I lay on my left side. I feel sick all over like my body is trying to fight something off. I have had numerous tests done and everything keeps coming back fine other than my Celiac Disease and hypothyroidism. I was tested for H pylori back in June of 2008 and was negative by stomach biopsy. My gastro enterologist told me if he tested 10 people that 8 of them would test positive for H pylori like that would somehow appease me. He finally wrote me a letter so I could apply for disability because of all of my weight loss. All foods make it worse so I am not eating much. I don’t know what to do, or what this could be. If I eat something small, I feel instantly full and then with in a minute the horrible belching starts and it makes it hard to swallow anything else when all of that pressure is there.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Theog

      Before going any further, you should investiaget why you have lost weight to this degree. The fact that you can apply for disability for this weight loss is confusing. Your previous weight indicates that you were obese. Now you are within a normal BMI. So your weight loss has resulted in you being within a normal body weight range for your age. More than anything you should be in better shape at this stage.

      You should investigate whether the weight loss is related to your gastrointestinal complaint or some other cause. The fact that you have hypothyroidism should mean that you are gaining weight. Losing weight with a persistent/recurrent swelling of the neck lymph node does raise questions about systemic infections like HIV.

      Reflux is not solely dependent on the quantity of gastric acid but rather the rise of the acid up the esophagus. Your doctor would have taken a biopsy from an area where pathology is most evident. There are other tests to verify H.pylori infection. I am not going to respond to all of your question because I believe that you should seek a second opinion. I do not want to comment on something that was done or not done by your doctor without understanding his motivation, or lack thereof, for the measures he has taken as your side of the story is only based on the information you have at hand. Please visit another doctor and address your concerns. Thank you.

  • theog

    Oh, to add to my last article. I am not eating very much sugar at all. All of my foods are gluten free. I have a lymph node in my neck that seems to get larger and smaller. I just don’t know why my GastroEnterologist didn’t just put me on the antibiotics just incase and see if it made me feel any better. He has no problem with prescribing me zantac for high levels of acid without even checking to see if that is the true cause. You can have reflux from not enough acid correct? Isn’t that a by product of h pylori? It lowers the acid in your stomach? Also with me having a stomach biopsy is it possible for him to have taken a biopsy from an area that wasnt affected by h pylori?

  • Mikey

    HI Dr Chris

    I am getting my endoscope and colonscope again in a couple of days..after much discussion with my new doc, i decided to go ahead with the scope. The main reason was also find out why the sudden new systoms of indigestion, stomach cramps, nausea e.t.c After taking couple of med and PPI and they all do not seem to help..i am afraid something bad had surface esp in the upper GI. As i did a recent stool test and it was fine..i am not so worried about the lower GI issues.. But u know the thought of my recent 2 months onset of indigestion, stomach cramps , disturbed sleep, nausea , loss of appetite, sense of fullness in abdomen, continous Burping is a disrupt to my daily life and work already. After doing all the searchs on internet..all such systoms seems to relates to a stomach / gastric cancer which really makes me anxious and worried..i mean i am only 34 and i wanna live a good life ahead of me.

    i told my doc i hope the scope results turns out nothing bad and i could move on with new medication or even chinese tradiiotnal medicine to cure my IBS or GERD… GOD BLESS

    • Dr. Chris

      Good luck Mikey. There is no need to be concerned just yet. Wait for the results. Reading medical information on the internet can be VERY misleading.

  • theog

    I have had an HIV test, multiple CAT scans of abdomen, pelvis and chest. Many CBC panels done on me. I saw a hemotologist so, I would think if there was something infectious going on in my blood he would of caught it.
    It’s not just the fact that I have lost 60lbs that he wrote me a letter saying his concerned for my health. It’s three years of tests and me not getting any better. Chronic fatigue, weakness, heart palpitations, feeling ill everyday to go along with everything else.
    Western medicine doctors don’t like to think outside the box. That is one thing I have learned from all of this. They’d rather just tell you it’s all in your head and prescribe you some anxiety medication. I won’t relent until someone figures out what’s going on.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Theog

      It’s good to have a positive attitude and continue searching for an answer. Unfortunately it is difficulty for us to answer your questions with any certainty as we do not have access to your case file and other important details and are therefore limited by the rules of this platform from answering extensively. We only serve as a guide to advise readers as to which doctor they should see and what they should be looking out for. Bottom line is in your case, you seem to have seen many doctors and have been quite thorough thus far so there is nothing additional we can really add to this via an online platform. Good luck though.

  • Mikey

    Hi Dr Chris

    i did my endoscope and colonscope today..well this time was absolutely painless. i was put to sleep and in no time, i awoke and all the scopes was done.as compared to 2 years ago, both scope was horrible done by a government hospital as i could feel the whole process

    anyway..i was glad i do not have any polys, cancer, ulcer e.t.c my colonscope shows everything normal..so it could be just IBS. My endoscope shows actue gastritis , no bleeding though. i guess this could be the reason why i am losing appetitie, indigestion, burping and nausea. 2 years ago, i did my endoscope and in oni shows slight inflamantion on the esophogus..now the esphogus is fine..but the stomach shows inflamation. Doc wants me to go on Nexium for 3~4 weeks with a Antacid liquid (Polysilic 3 suspension) and that should heal me! if that dun heal, then it will be IBS causing all these problems.. well i will keep my fingers crossed and finish up my 2 boxes of Nexium … hope that is the final root cause of all these recent onset of systoms

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Mikey

      Yes, as suspected it was gastritis. Continue with the treatment as prescribed. If it is not settling, an H.pylori test may be necessary and the appropriate treatment for that should be commenced. Good luck.

  • Mikey

    HI Dr Chris

    Since i have acute gastritis, do u think 3~4 weeks of Nexium 40 mg with Antacid Liquid will finally remove my systoms of nausea, burping, indigestion and sense of fullness after couple of food bites.

    i am kinda concern that i might have some anxiety systoms ( feeling of not being able to recover fully since the last 2 months onset of new systoms) which also does cause similar systoms such as nausea and stomach problems..does mild anxiety leads to gastritis?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Mikey

      Yes, anxiety can lead to gastritis. I think it is best that you speak to your doctor about these issues. We offer a free service here to readers just as a general guide and do not handle actual cases so I would not be comfortable commenting any further. Actually we limit readers to only asking a question once or twice at most and I allowed you to go beyond this. Alternatively you can use one of the paid online services to chat with a doctor.

  • Ana

    I have a bit of a fear of actually going to the doctors. I’m only in my teen years, and not exactly willing to tell my parents what is going on until I am positive it needs attention.
    For a few days I’ve been very bloated and feeling a little nauseated, plus excessive burping that smalls like rotten eggs and gas as well. I wouldn’t be one to consider myself a hypochondriac, but after reading the description for gastroparesis, I’ve been extremely nervous. After a few months of what some may consider anorexia (on and off, mostly), I’ve been trying to turn my problem around and eat like a normal, healthy person. Before, I would go a day or so without any solid foods and rarely exceeded 800 calories in 24 hours. Nobody noticed my weight loss, but I knew I needed to change. Within those few months, it was extremely hard to go to the bathroom. The time between any stools would be a week or so, and I still haven’t for nearly a week. Three days ago, I started eating more because I know this can’t be normal. I chose all very healthy foods, such as sandwiches on whole grain bread with lettuce and tomato, and lots of fruits and vegetables. I thought just eating more would get things moving, but I’ve been experiencing quite a bit of pain and still haven’t been able to go. I’m trying to take a healthy path, but I only feel like all the food is collecting inside of me, and the pains, bloating and burping have not stopped. I’ve wanted to use laxatives, but there aren’t any in the house and I’m afraid to buy any myself, or ask my parents to. Nobody knows what I have been struggling with, and I’m not exactly ready to change that. My parents know I’ve been feeling sick the past couple days and are willing to help, but it’s hard explaining things. What could be wrong, and how can I fix this? I’m starting to get really worried, and don’t know anywhere else to go for answers. Please help..

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Ana

      Anorexia nervosa is a very serious type of eating disorder that can result in a host of complications, some of which are life threatening. There is no way to conclusively tell you what may be wrong through an online platform. Delayed gastric emptying and impaired intestinal motility can arise from anorexia. In addition, tears in the gut may also occur especially if you were inducing vomiting. Constipation is common in anorexia is common and even if you eat, normal bowel movements may not return as the defecation reflexes may be impaired. It is difficult to “fix” without further investigation to isolate the cause of the problem. This requires medical attention and you have to speak to your parents, or at least to the doctor about it. Remember that what you say in consultation is confidential. Allow your parents to take you to a doctor so that you can speak to him/her.

  • jcksn2667

    Hi! Recently I had my blood work done and my AST and ALT levels were elevated but not above 100; I have been having constant heartburn no mater what I eat. I am overweight but active; I walk 2 miles a day and ride a stationary bike 40 minutes every other day. I also have abnormal amount of abdominal bloating and fat. Around April while having intercourse with husband I could not breath with him on top and had to push him off. This continues. I have also been experiencing a lot of headaches especially in AM. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Anna

      The are many possible causes for the elevation of your liver enzymes. I would assume that the GGT and ALP were normal. This does raise questions about your liver/gallbladder and this should be checked. Many patients with liver/gallbladder related conditions report headaches, which they sometimes term as ‘bilious headaches’. However, it is possible that there is more than one condition coexisting simultaneously leading to you various symptoms.

      Bloating due to gas, swelling due to fluid accumulation and fat deposits in the abdomen are all different aspects here so it is important to differentiate between it and report it to your doctor. It would be advisable to have an abdominal ultrasounds as well as a CT scan. This may provide more conclusive answers. A cardiovascular examination would also be a good idea. Speak to your doctor about a referral to a specialist – gastroenterologist and cardiologist – and undergo the relevant tests.

  • jj1983

    I am a 27/f/non smoker healthy weight/activer who has panic attacks. here as of late,they have been really bad and I notice when I go to eat I eat about 3 bites and get INSTANT heartburn and burp for HOURS even after trying tagament, rolaids,laying on my left side.

    I have never really been a ‘burper” but this has went on for 3 weeks now! It isn’t EVERYTHING that I eat,only if I try eating and feel anxious any at all. My sternum hurts too from all the burping.

    I am on no meds for anxiety as I have been trying herbs.I keep being parinoid it is my heart,but I do not have any symptoms other than heart palps.during bad panic attacks.

    My mom died at age 22 when I was a baby of ulcer due to malpractice of them giving her steroids which BURST IT!So I get paranoid of this too…

    Opinion?Anyone?Does this sound like a heart issue or…??

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi JJ1983

      Given you age, weight and history of anxiety, there is no need to assume that this is a cardiac complaint just yet. However, cardiovascular conditions are afflicting younger age groups these days so it is always worthwhile to have a full physical and establish if you do possibly have any cardiac conditions.

      Most of your symptoms appear to be related to anxiety and this should be treated. Remember that anxiety can cause reflux, increased activity of the gut including secretions, and a range of other gastrointestinal symptoms. Your anxiety needs to be treated appropriately by a doctor and with proper medication. If your gastrointestinal symptoms are continuing than a range of tests including an endoscopy would be advisable.

  • jj1983

    forgot to say I am 5’6″ and 128lbs. with most of weight on the bottom,not belly area.

  • Sunny

    Hi & thks so much for taking the time to read my ailments. 42y/o/f type 1 diabetic 10y/o, always reasonably controlled. Take humalog, lantus, simvastatin (^cholesterol 2 yrs), lisinipril(10yrs) and amlodipine (2 yrs) (help kidneys-preventative, but now bp 130/80). I was always relatively slim (5’2″ 132 lbs to the lb!!) I gained massive amount of weight early 30s I would drop some/gain it back. Cared for a sick mom and thought the weight gain was stress/cortisol related b/c MD had no ideas (I eat very very very healthy and I don’t overeat average less than 1500 calories/day, only drink H2O no refined sugars/grains). Got bronchitis since age 15 every Jan. living in a snowy dry climate. Moved to a very hot desert climate 7 years ago, bronchitis stopped but started CONSTANT deep coughing. My regular cough always feels like I have to cough something up very deep in my lungs. I can feel it. Only small clear flegm. Cough so bad everyone who hears it thinks I am sick. I have negative upper GI 4 years ago), neg barium swallow, 2 pulmonologists – nothing (though a recent breathtest showed possible restrictive disease, so we did CT scan, HD CT scan, various xrays, Neg). My CO2 is 97-98 EKG & Ultrasound for heart fine. Last month lost-gained back 11 pounds in 10 days!! The last 3 weeks I got very very sick. DR said lungs clear (even though I crackle and wheeze on exhale). I have NO ENERGY and one day slight fever (99.8). Beggged the MD for antibiotics week ago (terrified had pneumonia and was going to end up in ER). Got rid of pneumonia feeling & was feeling good until today. Last 3 weeks no appetite. This past 2 weeks lost 6 lbs and gained 4 within 3 days. I cough hysterically if I lay back. Last 3 weeks burping up only white foam (usually right after a severe cough and it lasts for several 1/2 hour or so with no relief. As I type this I can make myself burp up this stuff!!). No reflux/ GERD/gas/nausea…nothing never had sinus issues. I don’t drink at all, no smoke at all. EXHAUSTED. I feel like I have mono/pneumonia again. I haven’t a CLUE what I have or what to do. Oh, lost health insurance 2 months ago. I can’t live like this. I hope you can guide me 🙁

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Sunny

      Your medical history is quite extensive. All these conditions may not be related but there is a s possibility that there is some underlying cause, possibly related to an autoimmune cause or impaired immune functioning, that could be predisposing you to many of these conditions. The fact that there has never been any conclusive results should not detract from the fact that the cause may have not as yet been isolated.

      In terms of your diet, its not just a matter of low calorie intake. Glycemic index is a major factor as well. Find a list of low GI foods and stick to it. A diet below 1800 calories is not advisable unless you are overweight and trying to lose wright or if you live a very sedentary lifestyle. The fluctuations in glucose levels can severely affect your glucose tolerance. I would advise that you monitor your glucose levels very closely – do at least 2 tests per day on your glucose monitoring device in addition to an HbA1C at least every 3 to 6 months.

      To gain 11 pounds in 10 days would require well beyond 1500 calories per day. So I think you reassess whether you are really restricting your caloric intake to the extent you claim. It is a bit surprising, unless it was due to water retention.

      The burping and frothing does raise some concerns about bacterial overgrowth. However, this cannot just be assumed without the proper tests and investigations. Previous endoscopy or barium swallow results are only pertinent for a 12 month period and should be repeated. If you are using excessive amounts of antacids, you should speak to your doctor about it.

      Chronic bronchitis since the age of 15 would have led to degenerative changes in the airway which are irreversible at this point. This would result in a chronic cough. Apart from the weight gain, GI and respiratory symptoms, there may be other conditions that you may not be aware of. At this point, a lot also has to do with the chronic medication that you are taking which may be causing some, if not most, of these symptoms. Speak to your doctor about an autoimmune screen.

  • clayton01

    hi,I have violent episodes of vomiting after small amounts of alchohol or fizzy drinks.( including red bull) the vomiting doesnt stop . I have to go into hospital to be put on a drip before I recover. It happends a few hours after the intake of the fluids mentioned above and as I say, I cant stop throwing up unless I get to a hospital.Even though nothing is in my tummy. I still feel the need to throw up. I have had a gastro scope and a sonar done and everything was fine. I have gone to doctors and all they say is dont drink fizzy drinks and alchohol…

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Clayton01

      If you are using any medication of any sort, this violent vomiting may be related to the interaction between alcohol and the drug. This must first be excluded. Although the gastroscope has excluded any stomach conditions, it may be wise to see a gastroenterologist and have a LFT (liver function test) as well as undergo the necessary gallbladder examinations like a HIDA scan. A liver and/or gallbladder condition could account for your symptoms.

  • Lorraine

    My husband is 79yrs. old. He suffers from arthritis. 14 yrs ago he had 3ft. of colon removed due to recuring diverticulitis, so has a very loose bowel. The problem he’s having now is burping. It usually wakes him up in the morning, & he has a very heavy chest with it. He has been diagnosed with GERD & takes Rantadine, but it hasn’t been helping. The burping is continusally, & painfull. He had an EKG a wk. ago & everything was normal. What are his options? Thank-you for your time.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Lorraine

      You should speak to his doctor and discuss this. Given your husband’s age and past medical history, it is best when this is managed by a doctor rather than in the home environment without medical advice. The doctor may change the medicines and investigate further for an H.pylori infection and so on.

      He should avoid eating at least 2 hours before bedtime. Take note if sleeping on a specific side or on the back makes it worse. I am not sure what you mean by a “heavy chest”. If it is pain or burning of the chest, then this is expected with GERD. But if he is finding it difficult to breathe, then be careful that there is no aspiration of the stomach contents into the lung. Alternatively, there could be fluid build up in the lungs for a number of reasons unrelated to the GERD, which may be aggravated while lying flat for a few hours.

      As you can see there are many points to consider, especially for a person of your husband’s age. Please consult with a doctor.

  • jmobjmob

    Tested positive for fructose intolerance. Explains why my gluten lite diet wasn’t helping. But I’ve been reading that fructose malabsorption still tends to run alongside a wheat intolerance or even IBS. Don’t know if its considered an indicator or a coincidence. Anything I can do test-wise besides elimination diet to find out if wheat intolerance is a factor (not allergic – already has those tests).
    Thank you.

  • niclexiemom

    About 3 months ago I started experiencing excessive belching one week before my menstrual cycle. I am a healthy 43 year old woman who trying to lose 12 lbs. There are no other common elements other than it occurs before my normal cycle. I told my military doctor and blood test were done with all levels within normal areas. What direction should I have my doctor look next.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Niclexiemom

      Excessive belching is not always related to a pathology. Nasal congestion, obesity and so on can result in air swallowing (aerophagia). If you are on a diet for weight loss, this could also be contributing to the excessive gas production. At this point, an endoscopy would be advisable.

  • Francis

    Hi, I’m 22 years old 5’9 150lbs and in good health. I have been burping excessively for about 7 months. It feels as if the burp gets stuck in my chest for a while before it finally comes out. Or it will get stuck in my throat and then it comes out. I probably burp 50 times a day and it is very annoying. I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried everything.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Francis

      Excessive belching can be due to a number of reasons as listed above. You don’t mention any other symptoms or past medical problems so it will be difficult to say why this is occurring. You will need to see a doctor and have the relevant tests conducted which your doctor may deem necessary after examining you. Belching that is so frequent may be related more to swallowing air than from gas production within the gut. Air swallowing may also account for why you feel like the air is in your throat or chest. To put it simply, the air is not going down any further, rather than coming up from the stomach and getting stuck there. Take note if you eat fast, breathe through your mouth and avoid chewing gum or drinking carbonated drinks. Nevertheless, it is important to see a doctor so that you can be assessed properly.

  • clayton01

    clayton01 on September 15th, 2010 at 11:38 am hi,I have violent episodes of vomiting after small amounts of alchohol or fizzy drinks.( including red bull) the vomiting doesnt stop . I have to go into hospital to be put on a drip before I recover. It happends a few hours after the intake of the fluids mentioned above and as I say, I cant stop throwing up unless I get to a hospital.Even though nothing is in my tummy. I still feel the need to throw up. I have had a gastro scope and a sonar done and everything was fine. I have gone to doctors and all they say is dont drink fizzy drinks and alchohol…

    Dr. Chris on September 19th, 2010 at 11:14 pm Hi Clayton01

    If you are using any medication of any sort, this violent vomiting may be related to the interaction between alcohol and the drug. This must first be excluded. Although the gastroscope has excluded any stomach conditions, it may be wise to see a gastroenterologist and have a LFT (liver function test) as well as undergo the necessary gallbladder examinations like a HIDA scan. A liver and/or gallbladder condition could account for your symptoms.
    LFT results

    Bilirubin total 30umol/l
    Bilirubin conjugated 10umol/l

    • Dr. Chris


      If it is umol and not mmol, then the bilirubin levels are normal. This is not an entire LFT. Other liver enzymes like GGT, AST, ALP, etc need to be verified. You need to see a doctor who can assess your condition and correlate the results with the clinical features. Please speak to your doctor.

  • Nina1974

    I have just been diagnosed with gastritis after having a gastroscopy. I am now on omeprazole, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I am still belching, still have abdominal and back pain and although it seems to have firmed up my otherwise greasy and loose stools a bit, I have noticed no other change. I am terrified that I have pancreatic cancer, as apart from jaundice I have all the other symptoms, inc losing 14lbs in weight in 3 months. Could the gastritis be a red herring given that the omeprazole isn’t working?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Nina1974

      It depends on the cause of your gastritis. H.pylori infection is one of the most common causes and will require a triple therapy of antibiotics and PPI’s to treat effectively. More than one cause may be necessary. This is assuming that it is due to infectious causes. There are other causes like autoimmune conditions which may cause gastritis and a PPI may only offer limited relief. You need to speak to your doctor about the cause of your gastritis. Don’t get ahead of yourself just yet with a self diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Speak to your doctor about your concerns and he/she may conduct further investigations to confirm/exclude this. Gastritis is a very persistent condition and as mentioned, it is crucial to treat the cause and not just the symptom at this point.

  • Louie

    Hi Dr. Chris, I hope you can help me here. Whenever I eat salty foods I get non stop burping that lasts upwards to 6 hours. I usually start burping right before bedtime and it tapers off around 4am. This has been happening about once a month for the past 2 years. I know for sure it is the salt content that causes this. Every time this has happened to me there has been 1 common denominator and it is that earlier in the day I have eaten something remotely salty. The burping comes out every 5 to 10 minutes and at times it is difficult to expel the burp,and am unable to sleep. It feels as it gets stuck on the way up out of my esophagus. My Dr. has said it could be indigestion, which I do not believe as no medicines have worked to stop it. I have searched hours upon hours and I can’t find anyone with any similar condition in result to have eating salty foods.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Louie

      Salty foods are one of the many trigger and aggravating factors in indigestion so your doctor is correct. This will result in burping and other symptoms. If you are not responding to medication, then the focus is to avoid the causative food. I would, however, advise that you see a gastroenterologist. There are different types of gastritis that may not respond to the commonly prescribed medication.

  • Miguel1351

    Hi Dr. Chris, I am a 38-year old male. I had one of my submandibular glands taken out in late August. I was asked to take antibiotics prior to and after my surgery. I was given Co-Amoxiclav first then switched to Clindamycin for a week after the surgery. I have had diarrhea since then. I thought this was a usual side effect of taking the antibiotics but it’s almost 2 months now and my BM has not returned to normal. I would also have gas in my stomach, I am bloated all the time and my stomach area feels warm. I don’t really experience pain at all but I would need to stop what I am doing and run to the bathroom whenever I feel the urge to “go”. This happens at least 2 times a day, usually thrice a day. I don’t see any blood in my stool but it’s always watery, loose at best. Overall, I feel fine except for this condition. It bothers me a lot coz sometimes I need to step out of an important meeting or find a bathroom while in the middle of the road. Coffee and smoking seem to aggravate it. My family has a history of colon cancer. Both my dad and grand dad died from it. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Miguel1351

      You most probably have antibiotic associated diarrhea. This is common after a high dose of antibiotics or prolonged/repeat courses.

      As a precaution, your doctor should have put you on probiotics. Anyway, you should now look at starting probiotics but speak to your doctor first as he/she is familiar with your case history. If it is antibiotic associated diarrhea, do not try live culture yogurt as this may aggravate your diarrhea further (secondary lactose intolerance may occur in prolonged cases of diarrhea). Also speak to your doctor about a reputable brand of probiotics rather than cheaper antibiotics, especially those from health stores. The probiotics you use needs to have Saccharomyces boulardii and may be even Lactobacillus casei. The Saccharomyces boulardii is essential though. You will find that if it is antibiotic associated diarrhea, your loose bowel movements will settle down in 3 to 5 days. Usually 5 days of probiotics are sufficient but you may need to continue it for slightly longer.

      If you find that the condition persists then you should see a gastroenterologist as it could possibly be related to a more serious condition. A number of infectious causes (if you are immunocompromised) as well bowel disorders like inflammatory bowel disease may also cause persistent diarrhea.

  • wendee

    Dear Dr

    This is a little bit long but I’m very worried. I have been suffering for going on six weeks now with my issues.

    It started after an osteopathic spinal adjustment (coincidence maybe) – I am naturally very thin so I don’t know if this could have hurt my stomach. But the next day I also wolfed down my breakfast very quickly and had an oily lunch. It became downhill from there and I was feeling sick and bloated and dizzy for a while. It felt like I had a lot of gas trapped in my stomach. I went to a doctor a week later when OTC gaviscon did not help. She prescribed me 20MG nexium for a month.

    I had an x-ray at the chiropractors for my spine and somehow it showed a lot of gas in my stomach. The nexium did not work for me and I would feel full after a small meal and extremely uncomfortable, sometimes even small sharp pains. I went back to the doctor and she prescribed me some antibiotics (five days – amoxciyllin something) and I finished that. It made me feel a little bit better but I also had diarreah during the course of antibiotics. After that I continued with the nexium which gave me some relief but mostly not. I also started to get the burps very frequently (50+ times a day) i counted. I also sometimes had the feeling of something stuck in my throat or my esophagus being swollen on the right side but this feeling comes and goes.

    I was referred to a gastro specialist who thinks that it is acid reflux and said that my nexium dose was too low and upped me to 40MG. I decided not to take it because the 20MG nexium didn’t help my bloating and I can’t eat my usual amount of food without feeling sick.

    I don’t know if it is relevant but I’m suffering from anxiety and mild depression at the moment and this is just making everything worse. At the moment I’m not on any medication, but stomach is full of gas all the time it seems and I have to burp all the time.

    I have a gastroscopy scheduled for the 5th of November but I’m freaking out because of my anxiety thinking that I have something really bad. I’ve tried to eat less, eat little – I’ve lost weight and I feel right awful.

    Any advice would be appreciated.Thank you very much.

    Female – 32

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Wendee

      You should follow through with the gastroenterologist’s prescription. The higher dose may provide relief even though you did not experience any improvement on the lower dose. This is one of the ways to exclude whether it really is reflux or not. If it does not help at all, you should see your gastroenterologist for follow up tests and other changes in your therapy.

      Aerophagia (air swallowing) is a common occurrence in a person suffering with anxiety. This is one of the most common causes of excessive belching. You should discuss this with your doctor and receive treatment for the anxiety and depression. You may find that some of your gastrointestinal symptoms will improve. There is no point in “freaking out” about something serious without making the attempt to follow through on the medication prescribed. Don’t miss your appointment, the only way to know if something is wrong is to undergo the necessary investigations. It may be nothing serious and you could just be stressing unnecessarily.

  • PaintedSkin

    I’ve been belching excessively and had a lot of gas for the past three weeks. Also, my stomach feels tight, like there is a knot inside and there is pain around the navel on the left side, the pain sometimes moves to my back or to the right side, it has been unbearable! I also feel flutters in my stomach. What do you think is happening to me?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi PaintedSkin

      It is difficulty to “guess” what is happening to you. You need to be physically examined by a doctor and possibly undergo other tests. This may just be a matter of gas buildup within the colon. If you are feeling a solid mass, then this needs to be investigated as well. See your doctor about these problems.

  • yessi

    Hi I’ve been having trouble breathing, and have been burping alot, after i eat or drink,even water. I can just take a bite and it feels so hard to swallow, and when i do it feels like its going the wrong way, or like the food is getting stuck. I Have always had stomach cramps but just dealt with them, also i have always had gas and constipation but also I have just dealt with it, but the breathing problem is new. My chest starts to hurt and the pain goes to the back of my chest. I also get really dizzy but im guessing that is because i can hardly eat anything. can somebody help me figure out what this might be?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Yessi

      It would be advisable to speak to your doctor about a referral to a cardiologist and undergoing a full cardiovascular examination. Trouble with breathing and chest pain may be linked to angina and while you do not specify you age, if you are over 40 (these days even over 35 years) then it is worth excluding. Acid reflux and even a hiatal hernia could also cause these symptoms. Chest pain and trouble breathing should always be taken seriously. You can take a look at this article on Cardiac vs Non-Cardiac Chest Pain.

  • tinkerchells

    My son is 4 1/2 months old, and he has been exclusively breastfed since birth. He has always spit up normal amounts after feedings, but the thing that concerns me is the amount of belching he does. He constantly belches from one feeding to the next (pretty much all day long!), and he’s never been able to sleep lying down, because he chokes on spit up when he’s reclining. Therefore, we always put him to sleep in his carseat, which reclines at a 45 degree angle. This seems to help with his reflux, but it still does not eliminate it, and it does not eliminate the belching. Even when I carry him in my vertically positioned baby carrier, he has the same results. At times, he’s in tremendous pain when he spits up and/or belches. I’ve tried cutting out dairy, and it helped for about a week, but now we’re back to the usual spitting up and belching. Our pediatrician has ruled out pyloric stenosis, and he thinks this is just something he’ll outgrow. Meanwhile, it’s making us all miserable, especially our little guy!! Please help! Many thanks =)

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Tinkerchells

      Your son could just be an overenthusiastic feeder and swallowing large amounts of air while feeding. This is common in breastfeeding children and will result in excessive belching. Increased air intake will also occur if he is not latching on properly onto the breast. A blocked nose, excessive crying and so on may also contribute towards air swallowing. I am sure that the pediatrician has been thorough in his evaluation. Gastric outlet obstruction was a reasonable assumption but since that has been excluded, it is difficult to isolate a cause. Many of the possible causes that could affect an adult are rare in an infant. As long as he is thriving and is reaching all his milestones, then there is no reason to suspect that he will not outgrow it. Attempting to identify a cause through this online platform is difficult and you should speak to your pediatrician about possibly consulting a gastroenterologist who is experienced in pediatric gastrointestinal disorders.

  • tinkerchells

    I forgot to mention that my son is not failing to thrive, despite all the spitting up and belching. He is 4 1/2 months old, and he’s 16 lbs, 8 oz. and he’s 25 1/4″ long. Hope that helps!

  • un happy

    I have a friend who has had a sliding hernia repaired and also had her gallbladder out last year. But since she had the hernia repair 3mths ago she is unable to eat very little and has lots 14kgs. But she has a problem that she is unable to control her bowels. She is so scared of going some where and finding herself in a compromising position of not being able to make it to the toilet. As this has happened on quite a few occasions already which she find extremely embarrassing. She is overseas at the moment and is very apprehensive about going anywhere incase she cannot make it to the loo. Is this normal for this operation. I had a Hiatas hernia repaired years ago and I never had any of these problems. Hoping you might be able to put some light on the problem for her.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Unhappy

      It does occur, but no it is not common. Of course, this is based on the information you are privy to and your friend or the doctor may not have divulged all details. It is possible that this bowel incontinence is due to some other problem. If it is happening immediately after eating, it may be related to an exaggerated gastrocolic reflex. Refer to this article on Defecation Reflexes or some other complication related to the surgery or be totally unrelated to her history. She should see a gastroenterologist.

  • Martin

    Hi Dr Chris
    My mother is 74 and excessive belching is making her life a misery. She’s had a small hiatal hernia and GERD for over 30 years and has been moved from anatacids, to Zantac, to omeprazole as it has got worse. GERD is controlled but she suffers from continuous belching which lasts for several hours after eating. This has got progressively worse. Also she has a feeling that food remains in her stomach many hours after eating and this makes sleeping difficult even though she never eats after 6pm. On occasion has vomited 8 to 10 hours after eating. She only ever eats small portions.
    She’s had several gastroscopies which hae not shown up anything apart from the hiatal hernia, but the last one was 8 years ago.
    Sometimes she feels that the cause of the belching is that the omeprazole may be reducing her stomach acid and delaying the digestion of food, but if she reduces her dose of omeprazole she gets unbearable heatburn. So this seems to show she has plenty of stomach acid.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Martin

      Yes, it could be related to a hiatal hernia or even from antacids (known side effect) but what should be investigated is any obstruction in the stomach or first part of the small intestine which may be affecting the passage of food into the lower gut. It may only be a partial blockage which is slowing the transit of food and can lead to vomiting. Of course it would not happen so long after eating but it is worth considering here.

      Another problem in the elderly, especially if they have breathing difficulties, poor fitting dentures and so on, is the likelihood of air swallowing. This is one of the more common causes of excessive belching. Your mother should have a repeat endoscopy at this point if her doctor suspects other GI disorders. Take her through to a gastroeneterologist for further assessment. Other factors to consider is any other chronic medication that she is using (may be hypertension, etc) which could also be contributing to this.

  • Martin

    Hi again Dr Chris
    Just to add to my above post. The belching occurs whatever she eats. I was also meant to ask whether this sort of excessive belching can be caused purely by a hiatal hernia and if so what’s the mechanism or reason? Thanks again.

  • asiangirl

    i’ve been suffering excessive burping since sept. im very umcomfy since i took the medicine(cefaclor 30mg)that my EENT doc gave me last sept. i had a terrible cough and my throat hurts so bad but the result now just kept me burping whenever after i eat,usualy takes an hr. before it stops.. dont know whats happening to me. is this the cause of that medicine i took? any idea..

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Asiangirl

      The medication you used is an antibiotic and while it could have caused some stomach irritation (gastritis) at the time or even a shortly afterwards, it should not have persisted for over a year after stopping the antibiotic. It could have been a trigger but is unlikely the sole cause. You should see a doctor and consult with a gastroenterologist. Depending on the type of ENT problem you have, you may be breathing through your mouth which could account for excessive air swallowing hence the excessive belching.

  • SloGuy

    I am a college student who recently has been dealing with some strange symptoms. I wake up every morning needing to burp and sometimes vomit some yellow, sour tasting liquid. My appetite has reduced immensely and if I eat half of what I used to I feel full and like I am going to puke. I also have felt very sluggish and more tired than usual. Also after every meal I have to burp a decent amount before I feel good again. Along with this it seems to take food very long to digest and exercising can often make me feel sick or get sick. Any advice or analysis would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • lekshmimenon

    Hi there Sir…
    My left side abdomen has been paining quite severely from the past 1week. My menstrual cycle is also delayed. Since i am staying with my boyfriend, I had a doubt whether i am pregnant but after using the kit it showed negative. My stomach is bulging out and i get nausea quite often especially after having food. I used to suffer from gastric ulcer initially and took capsules for the same prescribed by my GP. can you please provide me your valuable suggestions so that i may proceed accordingly?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Lekshimemenon

      It is important to conclusively exclude pregnancy. Delayed periods, nausea after eating and abdominal discomfort may all be signs of pregnancy. Try another home pregnancy test (buy a reputable brand, use morning urine and follow the directions on the pack carefully) and try to see a doctor to confirm/exclude pregnancy. This should be the first consideration,

      Gastric ulcers could cause many of your symptoms but would not explain your delayed period. Since you are seeing a doctor about this, go back and inform him/her of your delayed period as well. Certain medication can also affect your menstrual cycle.

  • elliebellrox

    Hi Dr. Chris

    I’m 18 and I think I’ve always been lactose intolerant but basically ignored it until I got to college. That’s when I all my trouble started.

    December before high school graduation I started to lose weight. I lost about 25-30lbs in 2 months without really changing anything.

    Then I got to college and I started noticing that milk really made my stomach hurt and caused bloating/diarrhea. So I cut it out of my diet recently. It’s a been about a year and my stool is still extremely soft I have gas usually right after eating and then sometimes diarrhea shortly after as well. However, since milk seemed to magnify the effect, it’s not as painful anymore and my acne has cleared up wonderfully.

    I also gained back all the weight I lost and added about 20 lbs to that as well from the period of August to December of last year. My eating habits/exercise habits have not changed much so I dont understand the rapid weight loss then gain and why I still cannot digest food properly?

    • Dr. Chris

      HI Elliebellrox

      You may have lost weight due to the diarrhea at the time or you could be suffering with a malabsorption syndrome. This can explain unintentional weight loss as well as many of the symptoms that you believe is linked to lactose intolerance. This is not to say that you are not lactose intolerant. May be you are. But a host of gastrointestinal conditions may present with these symptoms and milk may be the aggravating foods in this instance. Another consideration is an obstruction in the bowel or even altered gastrointestinal motility. It is important to consult with a doctor, preferably a gastroeneterologist, and have a stool test as well other investigations that the doctor deems necessary. This will help with identifying a possible cause. Major changes in weight like what you have experienced needs to be investigated ASAP.

  • elliebellrox

    I realize my timeline is confusing 🙂 basically:
    December 2008 through February 2009 I lost 25-30 pounds.

    my weight stagnated at about 115 until August 2009 and I gained about 40 lbs from August 2009 to December 2009.

    My weight stagnated again and fluxuates between 155 to 160. I’m 5’4 and female.

    I cut milk out of my diet about 2 months ago with some effect.

  • elliebellrox

    Sorry for leaving three messages but I remembered some other stuff.

    During the period of weight loss: I made sure I ate the normal amounts at meals, (breakfast and dinner, and a snack at school) but usually it was by force, I didn’t want to eat, ever.

    During the period of rapid weight gain, I was also very depressed and didnt want to leave my room for much. (I still made myself visit the gym and I had ride horses 2/3 a week for school). I’ve never been so unhappy for no reason before.

    Since my weight has stagnated again, I cannot get full and have to limit myself to regular portion sizes, I am also tired all the time. I sleep 8-9 hours a night and usually my body wants a 1-3 nap during the day. (I’m in college so the naps are rare)

    Are all these weird symptoms related?

  • krib

    Hi Doctor,

    About 3 weeks ago, I noticed that I feel almost constantly bloated, especially after meals. I also seem to have increased flatulence that is particularly offensive. I also burp now and never really had to before. I am 26 years old, thin and in shape. I also eat a very healthy diet. I have not changed my diet recently. I have begun to keep a food journal and I cut out dairy 2 days ago to see if this fixes the problem. Im very uncomfortable and upset!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Krib

      This is still in the acute/sub-acute phase. It may be transient but yes, 3 weeks is a bit long. Try to identify a causative factor or incident – it could be a new type of food, case of mild food poisoning or new medication that you started. Of course this should be changed or discontinued if possible. Try to include some probiotics in your diet and do not overdo the fiber. At this point however, it may be a good idea to see a doctor.

  • shirllin


    About 9 days ago, I had severe vomiting and loose stools after eating oysters/sushi and suspected bad coconut. Went to the doctor got an injection taken some carbon pills, the severe vomiting stopped. However, I am having bloated stomach till now even if I eat a little and also have little or no appetite due to the bloated stomach. Still passing out loose stools 1-3 times a day.

    May I know what’s the probable cause of the bloated stomach and loose stools? Thanks a lot…

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Shirlin

      After food poisoning or gastroenteritis and the use of antibiotics, the population of the normal intestinal bacteria is severely disrupted. Although the symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea will resolve, abdominal bloating, flatulence, belching and loose stools can persist for a long period of time. You need to go on a probiotics. Use probiotics that are prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist which contains Saccharomyces boulardii and Lactobacillus casei. This should settle most of your symptoms within 3 to 5 days. If not, further investigation may be necessary.

      For more information, refer to Gastroenteritis Treatment and Gastroenteritis Diet.

  • dt7210

    Hi Dr.

    Thanks for reading. I’ve had diarrhea for 6 days now. Extremely runny. Included is a bloated feeling, as well as excessive burping and passing gas. This happens first thing in the early morning, as well as night time before bed. I get full a lot quicker and tried eating the BRAT diet to no avail. The bloated feeling is the only thing that lasts almost all day.
    The first few days the pain in my stomach in the morning and night was so bad i thought I was going to cry.
    I am overweight but have been eating healthier the past few months.
    I also was on Doxycycline for 10 days when I had Bronchitis – to prevent Pneumonia. I finished the meds 12th of NOV. Also under my one armpit I’ve developed a rash – itchy and sore – little bumps. I haven’t put any deodorant on but now not sure if its related to all these other symptoms. It seems to be healing up.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi DT7210

      This seems like antibiotic associated diarrhea. Your normal intestinal bacteria may have been destroyed by the antibiotics. You will need a probiotic containing Saccharromyces boulardii and Lactobacillus casei to correct this. The bloating should also subside. Speak to your doctor about this. Do not just use any over-the-counter antibiotic as many are ineffective. Ask a pharmacist for an appropriate probiotic. Live culture yogurt may aggravate your condition further so do not use this as a probiotic.

  • krib

    Hi Dr,

    Thank you for your response. Funny thing is, my symptoms went away over the Thanksgiving break when I was just relaxing, even though I was constantly eating. I would feel physically full but no bloating or uncomfortable feeling. I kept my appt with my GI doctor, and he said everything looked fine in my blood tests and that since the symptoms went away over the holiday there was no need to do anything else. Problem is, my stomach ache came back right after my visit!! Im bloated and uncomfortable again! Could this be stress related? I am a graduate student and its finals time…

    • Dr. Chris

      HI Krib

      Yes, it could be stress related. If it is isolated to the stomach, in terms of gastritis, then stress can increase gastric acid secretion and thereby irritate the stomach lining further. IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) seems more likely now that you report this improvement during a “stress free” period. You should do further tests like a stool test, endoscopy and colonoscopy and if no abnormality is detected then it will be diagnosed as IBS. Now it is a matter of learning to live with the condition and avoiding trigger factors. But have routine check ups just to exclude any serious cause that is undetectable at the moment.

  • kt

    Hello Dr Chris

    I need to burp every 15 minutes. After a meal I can burp ok (still have to force them out) then I get to a point where I can’t burp. I can’t get to sleep at night take Gas Ease most nights just to get to sleep as I can’t stand the gas build- up in my stomach. I occassionaly get heartburn & notice that I am worse the next days when I do get it. I am on Somac 40mg. I have has this on & off through life, but I got it really bad 2 months ago & have been bad ever since. I have a history of allergies & constipation but have gone off everything I am allergic too (had allergy tests- milk, eggs, yeast) & am eating plenty of fibre & water to keep everything moving. I’ve had a gastrosocopy, candida tests- all normal. I am at my wits end. What else should I test for – SIBO, fructose intolerance, delayed stomach emptying, tight UES?. I’ve been to a gastroenterologist but he doesn’t help. It is constantly sore under my ribs.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi KT

      You should see another gastroenterologist if you are not finding your current practitioner helpful. It is your doctor’s duty to try to isolate the problem and treat it or at least refer you to another practitioner.

      The tests you mention should only be considered if it is warranted. The fact that you are on Somac indicates a hyperacidity condition and many of your symptoms can be explained by this. A stool test would be a good starting point and it will help verify possible causes which will then require further investigation.

      The soreness you are experiencing may be due to gastritis or trapped gas in the bowels (look into splenic flexure syndrome). There is also a possibility that this discomfort is due to another non-GI cause which also needs to be investigated. There is no way for knowing for sure without it being evaluated by a doctor. Your symptoms are broad and non-specific and could be due to any number of causes mentioned above.

  • Mr Tony Johnston

    I have been experiencing constant belching and chest pains and at times pains to the liver. I have done chest/heart,liver, endoscopy test and the doctor said everything is ok.I have just done stool test and I tested positive for helicobacteria.I have been given 3 antibacteria medications for 2wk.After all these I still have the pains and belching. I dont know what to do.Doctor appear confused too , any hints? thanks

    • Dr. Chris

      Mr Tony Johnston,

      Eradication therapy for H.pylori does not often resolve in one course. A second or sometimes third course is necessary. You may have mild gastritis which could have been undetected and until this settles and heals the symptoms may persist. If it was an ulcer, polyp, etc, it would have been detected during the endoscopy. The H.pylori test may need to be done again and the treatment repeated if necessary. You can read more on H.pylori gastritis treatment.

  • Carinna


    I am not sure if anyone can help me but so many people have turned a blind eye to it and it is driving me mental!!

    Since I was 19 (I am now 30) I have constant elevated LFT’s to the point when I am consistently asked if I am a heavy drinker, I have had Hepatitis A and glandular fever, when I turned 25 I started to cough, like an irritated cough to clear mucous whenever I ate dairy (which I still have from time to time) which I was told was a post nasal drip. Now for the last 6 months I get a great deal of pain when I swallow which only lasts for the time I am swallowing but it hurts a lot! The doctor has told me it may be a stricture of the esophagus which I am waiting to have an endoscopy for. I have also had a history of billary sludge in my gallbladder when I was 25 as I suffered from what I considered “liver” pain which was actually coming from my gall bladder. I don’t know if these things are related but I am so over it and I really want some help.

    Thank you!!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Carinna

      It is difficult to say if all of this is related or stemming from different causes. An esophageal stricture has to be investigated further so that the exact cause can be isolated. It is possible that acid and bile reflux – where it flows up the gut into the esophagus – may have caused the stricture. Your repeated infections, serious infections at that, and pains does raise some concerns about possible autoimmune conditions. This could be a link between all the conditions you are experiencing. First go through the endoscopy as this is essential in identifying the cause of the stricture. Plus a biopsy may be done at the same time which may be able to provide more information.

  • dave76

    Several month ago i was dignosed with a peptic ulcer with acid reflux symptoms. A blood test was done to test for H. pylori and it came back negative. No x-rays or any other forms of diagnosis were done and I was given nexium to take once a day. Within the last month or so I seem to have large amounts of gas and will burp or hiccup for many hours at a time. It gets very annoying after a while. Could it be the ulcer or something else causing the excessive burping or could it me the medication? Also how can I treat the excessive burping? Thanks.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Dave76

      The burping could be due to any one of the conditions. Large amounts of gas as you are describing, however, may be due to other conditions than what you mentioned. Air swallowing is still the most common cause, along with excessive consumption of carbonated drinks. These also need to be considered as possible causes of your burping apart from your history of acid reflux, ulcer and the H.pylori infection. Often patients get distracted by these conditions and don’t consider the more common causes mentioned. This is just one consideration though. You should speak to your doctor about this and possibly consider other investigations to assess the cause of your excessive burping. Yes, burping is commonly reported with the drug you are using but it is not excessive in all patients. Treatment of the burping depends on finding the cause as mentioned above.

  • Cindy

    Hi Dr. Chris,
    I`m a 33 year old woman and I`ve been experiencing excessive burping for about 8 months now. I get episodes of sickness that include: excessive burping, nausea, slight burning in my chest, lethargic/ foggy headed, frequent urination & body temperature drop all which lasts on average 2-4 hours. I also have constipation and pellet stool. On some rare occasions, I do experience diarrhea as well. Majority of the symptom flare-ups begin late afternoon & evenings. These symptoms don`t necessarily follow food intake either. Since falling ill, I`ve lost 18 lbs and now I weight 120lbs at 5`5`.

    I`ve altered my diet for the past 3 month excluding gluten, caffeine, dairy, red meat, fruits, alcohol, fried foods, spicy foods and almost all forms of sugar & sweetner. Changing my diet has helped a little bit but I still get symptom flare-ups 2 times a week. I did notice that sugar, alcohol & starchy foods cause immediate reactions. I do however still have 1 teaspoon of honey in the morning with hot water & lemon with no issues so I don`t think it`s fructose intolerance. I do not deviate away from this diet at all. I also do not have any allergies to food or environment.
    I`ve been taking probiotics for the past 2 months (TuZen & HMF Intensive). I can not tell if this helps at all.

    At first, my GP thought it was a UTI, then H Pylori but tests showed that both was negative. Then I had an abdominal ultrasound to rule out issues with my liver & gallbladder all which came back normal. I`ve a had stool test done looking for parasites but that came back negative.

    Finally my GP referred me to a Gastroenterologist who performed a upper GI Series. Results all came back normal. After the upper GI but before my follow-up visit, the Gastroenterologist even put me on domperidone but I couldn`t tell if it was helping as my symptoms would still appear.

    I`ve also seen a natropath that has been throwing out terms like dysbiosis, leaky gut, gut flora imbalance & candida overgrowth but I don`t know if I should go down that route of treatment just yet.

    I`m really at the end of my rope. Between the symptoms & my restricted diet, I can barely function at work and do not go out anymore in fear of getting sick. Do you have any ideas on what this could be? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Cindy

      If you had not mentioned the intensive gastrointestinal investigations, I would have attributed this to GERD coupled with irritable bowel syndrome or other gut motility disorders as this would explain your symptoms. Given the fact that the investigations did not reveal any abnormality does still leave IBS as a possible cause but you should have responded at least partly to the medication that you were using. Your symptoms are bit baffling though and I would advise that you speak to your doctor about conducting a motility study just to verify that gut motility is not disrupted. A stool test would also be helpful. Based on the results from these two tests, the doctor may be in a better position to diagnose a possible cause. A thyroid profile would also be helpful as thyroid disorders may cause some of these symptoms. These would be the next diagnostic investigations that may be helpful in isolating a possible cause.

  • newbie

    How long does it take for questions to be answered? I’ve posted a few time here but the posts seem to disappear. Do all questions get answered?

    • Dr. Chris


      All suitable and relevant questions are answered. If your question contained inappropriate content, attempted to promote products or services or linked to unsuitable websites then it may be deleted.

      It takes us anywhere between 2 to 3 working days (usually longer) to answer a question. Please remember that this is a free service utilizing a lot of resources and we try to answer every legitimate question. If this does not suit you, then a paid question-answer website manned by medical professionals may be a better option – refer to the Ask a Doctor Online Now link.

  • momof2sons

    Help!!! For about the past for months now, I have been having excesive burping that smells like poop, when ever this happens it is followed by realy loose stools, and some times I trow up.This happens about 3-4 times a week. I am currently taking Prilocet, but when the burping happens I am not having any heart burn. It is so imberesing, some time I cant even go to school. I literaly burp ever minute, it is so uncomportable. I dont know what to do any more, talked to my doctor and she doesnt seem to realy think it is any thing at all. I need some advice please!!!!!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Momof2sons

      Your doctor may be correct and it may not be anything serious. There are certain conditions like gastric outlet obstruction, C.difficile infection and even gastroparesis that could account for these symptoms. Another possibility is that these symptoms are related to the medication that you are using but speak to your doctor about it. It may be worth seeing a gastroenterologist who will consider additional investigations.

  • Dr. Chris

    Hi Cindy

    I responded to your question on 23/12/2010. No need to post the same question again. It takes 2 to 3 working days or more to respond. You second question has been deleted.

  • dansocmom

    I have had alot of belching and upper abd pressure. It also is painful to the touch below my sternum. I have been treated for GERD in the past but have never had an endoscopy. Any ideas? The soreness to touch in my upper abd. is what really concerns me.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Dansocmom

      Conditions associated with hyperacidity – GERD, gastritis, peptic ulcer – may all cause these symptoms. What also needs to be excluded however are gallstones and cholecystitis (inflamed gallbladder). You should speak to your doctor about an ultrasound – both gallstones and cholecystitis may be detected with just an ultrasound. Intense pain and tenderness are common in these two conditions. An endoscopy is a good idea for assessing the extent of gastritis and peptic ulcer if present.

      You can read more about the symptoms of gallstones and cholecystitis in these articles :
      1. Gallstones Symptoms
      2. Inflamed Gallbladder

  • Jennifer

    I have a problem that I just don’t understand. I burp all the time and at time they are loud and at time it causes me to vomit because the burp is so intense it make me gag and get sick. I have had this problem for a long time, I seen a gas doctor and they did an endoscopy and noticed I had a rare bacterial infection which was treated and I was given Acidphex but it didn’t help with my belching neither did Prilocex…What is wrong with me this is not normal and very embarrassing!!!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Jennifer

      As you can see there are many causes of excessive belching. If you are forcing out the belch then it can lead to regurgitation or vomiting. It is more likely to happen if you have GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) because your lower esophageal sphincter (LES) may be not functioning properly. You need to see a gastroenterologist again and another endoscopy may be necessary. Take not of your portion sizes of food, avoid carbonated beverages, cigarette smoking or eating too fast. But you still need to consult with a doctor as there could be serious causes like gastric outlet obstruction that may be present.

  • Marie

    My partner has been burping excessively for the last 3 days & is also having strange spasms around the diaphragm area. He has taken gaviscon which doesn’t seem to alleviate it. He has no acid reflux with it, just a lot of wind and short sudden spasms. Any ideas what this might be?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Marie

      This could be a hiatal hernia or gastritis – both affect the stomach. Reflux is a common associated symptom and even if it is not evident, it may be present. The medication he is using (please do not use trade names in the future) would help with the associated acidity. Other possibilities are related to trapped gas in the colon but would not account for the belching to the extent that you report. It is advisable to see a doctor as further investigations are necessary for a diagnosis.

  • charmaine

    I have been belching a lot these past few weeks. Even after eating just a small amount of food, I feel so bloated that I need to burp many times. It feels as if there is something blocking my breathing; and the discomfort stays hours after, even after all the belching. A year ago, my doctor told me I have GERD. Is this related? Or something totally different because this has been happening for only a few weeks. Thank you so much for your time, I’m just really worried that this is something serious.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Charmaine

      Yes, GERD can definitely cause these symptoms and you may just be having an acute exacerbation. GERD occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) that separates the stomach and esophagus malfunctions. The cause of this needs to be identified and treated. With some causes of GERD like a hiatal hernia, delayed gastric emptying or increased intra-abdominal pressure (obesity, pregnancy) this “feeling of being full even after small meals” is more likely to be present. Gastritis and even peptic ulcers that may also be existing may be further contributing to this.

      At this point you need an upper GI endoscopy to diagnose the cause of the GERD and identify complications that may have started up as well as any other underlying gastrointestinal condition. This may be followed up with other tests and investigations. If possible, you should see a gastroenterologist who can evaluate your case and follow through with chronic management.

  • loured

    Hi, I have a long history of reflux and gastritis have been on and off PPI for yrs as well. I have been feeling fine for about a year. So I stopped my nexium. In jan ENT found a small granuloma on voice box caused by reflux. Back on ppi for the last 6 weeks .For about the last 5 days I have been buping/have fullness which feels like a gastritis flare up. I was scoped in 2009 (24) months ago which showed th same stuff as the last 6 scopes. I am going for another scope march, very worried about esphogeal cancer. Could the flare up be cause by stress and worry. My eating is fine no problem swallowing. ps I am negative for barretts have had numerous biopsies over the yrs.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Loured

      Yes, the flare up can definitely be due to stress. Acid secretion increases during these periods and if you lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is compromised, then your reflux will also exacerbate. You also have to be cautious about using your PPIs as directed as an excessive intake can cause some of the symptoms you are experiencing. Since you are being actively managed for this condition at the moment, it’s best to see your doctor any time that you experience changes in your symptoms. This will help your doctor to record your condition and changes and make note of any progression of the disease.

  • maggie

    Hi Dr. Greg,

    My husband burps a lot, and I think it is due to very fast eating. But I have noticed that he even burps hours after eating or even when not eating. He is not a regular smoker or drinker – smokes only couple of times a week, and drinks socially usually once a week (beer). We eat very healthy food, but he doesn’t consciously exercise, but does walk about 20 minutes a day – back and forth from work to the train station. However, I would want him to consult a doctor/specialist to be address this problem, and possibly get a remedy. What kind of doctor should we see? Thanks in advance for your advice.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Maggie

      Your husband should see a gastroenterologist. Air swallowing is the leading cause of excessive belching and eating fast is a contributing factor. Hopefully it is just a benign cause like air swallowing (aerophagia) but a proper medical assessment is definitely recommended.

  • elaine

    For as long as I can remember i have been suffuring from constant burping throughout the day and often the release of gas. I have been to many doctors and they all have told me the same thing. They say it can be due tome eating incorrectly, eating spicy foods, eating to fast or not allowing much time for my foodtodigest before going to bed. I have avoided all of the above mentioned but my problem still exists. i am in desperate need of help. i will be extemely appreciative if i can be given a cure for my problem.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Elaine

      Your doctors are correct. Most cases of excessive belching is due to eating too fast, drinking carbonated beverages, breathing through your mouth (especially if you nose is congested), and swallowing air with chewing gum and smoking. If you have conclusively excluded all these factors, then only should you look at other disorders. A lot of patients also make all the dietary changes but don’t take predisposing factors like nasal congestion into consideration so if this is a problem, then get it attended to If you are overweight, then weight loss is another important factor to take into consideration.. Belching on its own without any other symptoms is difficult to diagnose. You should see a gastroenterologist at this point who will consider a breath test, upper GI endoscopy and so on to diagnose possible causes. There is no “cure” or treatment without knowing the cause. Therefore you need to first consult with a gastroenterologist.

      * Please be cautious about divulging all your personal details online. We have removed it from your comment.

  • lilrock

    Hi I don’t know what is going on with me I’m 7 months pregnant and lately I’ve been having liquid stools every time I use the bathroom. But just recently within the past few days I’ve been having gas. But today I wokeup in the middle of the night and used the bathroom and it was liquid. But it felt lik it was gas also becausemy stomache felt bloated like before and every time I went to go pass gas it wasn’t gas it was liquid stool do you think it could mean that the baby is lactose intolerant? I don’t know why this is but I would really like 2 find out and put a stop to it.

  • Starbright

    I have constant gas as do my sisters and mother. My mother’s has progressed into bloody diarrhea. What could be causing this? I eat only unprocessed foods yet the problem persists. My stomach is constantly distended and has now begun gurgling and I have been having slight nausea on occasion. I am not constipated, nor do I have diarrhea. I also get a terrible taste in my mouth at times, usually at night. I am about to just quit eating!! Please help!! We ate lunch (sushi) the other day and both me and my sister had uncontrollable gas for a good 2 hours!! Is this some genetic thing???

  • Liliana

    Hi… well I’ve excesive bloating… I’m always bloated but it’s worse when i finish eating, and when this happens i always feel the necessity to burp so i do it and i feel better and relieved, and somtimes i finish eating and burps start by themselves one after another. It also happens to me that, although I haven’t eaten anything I start burping and my stomach is bloated. I think i’m overweighted because my waist’s measure is about 82cm and my height is 150 cm and my weight is almost 50 kilos… well the thing is that I feel really uncomfortable with my stomach always so bloated and huge, and i would want to know what shoul i do…

    • Hi Liliana. Most cases of bloating after eating that is relieved with belching is due to swallowing air (aerophagia). it happens to all of us to some extent. Some people do have it worse though, especially if they eat fast, breathe through their mouth while eating, etc. If you drink carbonated drinks while eating a meal then stop doing so immediately.

      Yes, an 82cm waist for your height is excessive but your body weight is somewhat normal for your height. Gas alone would not be able to cause this type of distension of the abdomen. Fluid retention maybe. Some people suffer with what is known as functional bloating and the cause of the distension in these cases is not known but it is not due to any disease.

      While changing your diet, taking probiotics and exercise could help, it is advisable that you first speak to a doctor.

  • Dawn Berry

    I have never had any issues until today….I have been burping All day long. I have burped more today then in my 43 years totaled for sure. Is there anything within a root canal procedure that could cause this? I had one yesterday and before it felt perfectly fine. Went to bed last night not feeling great and this started this morning along with nausea. Thanks!!

    • Hi Dawn. Before looking at the surgical procedure or anesthesia, etc as being he cause, it is important to consider that this may be an acute infection of the bowels that could cause these symptoms.

      Viral infections are often the cause for a sudden onset of gastrointestinal symptoms and it may pass within a few days. Yes, it is possible that antibiotics your are using, the anesthesia, etc may have played a role. But often the issue with belching alone is just excessive air swallowing, which you would have done a lot of given your mouth being open during the procedure, not closing properly due to the anesthesia and the disturbances in chewing when eating.

      If it persists, or if the nausea intensifies and other symptoms like abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhea starts then see your doctor. Your symptoms could also be related to acid reflux although you may not be experiencing heartburn.

  • KateyLadi

    I have had stomach problems for years; gas, foul belches at times, diarrhea, spasms. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and GERD and managed it with bentyl and yogurt, and omeprazole. Recently I had a EGD biopsy and was discovered to have H pylori. Now, on 2 antibiotics, the gnawing pain is beginning to subside….

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences KateyLadi. The pain is obviously from the gastritis caused by H.pylori infection. It does take some time and often repeat courses of antibiotics for H.pylori eradication.

  • Mike Brittain

    I had an endoscopy done a couple of weeks ago and failed attempt at colostomy. found Barrett’s and had to empty again for colon but missed the procedure and ended up with one trip to hospital for re hydration and tons of tests for diarrhea throwing up pain pain pain. Now on Imodium 8 a day and not holding and dexilant 60 BID and phinergan every 4 to six hours and still throwing up and gas and diarrhea.

    If i don’t eat or drink the diarrhea goes away and on brat diet and it is making me sick Hashimotos thyroid and insufficient adrenals, so auto immune compromised. Stomach doc wants nothing to do with this I guess as they had me get my Dr to order what I needed and a bratty LPN to boot who chastised me for asking in an angry mood for this.

    Losing control

    • Hi Mike, Your condition does appear to be quite complicated. The colonoscopy (I assume that you made a mistake when you mentioned colostomy) is very necessary in your case, given the symptoms that list.

      If the diarrhea only started after the colon cleanse prior to the colonoscopy, then you may need to consider probiotics, particularly those containing Saccharomyces boulardii and Lactobacilli. Remember not all probiotics are the same, and you will be looking for those brands containing these two organisms specifically.

      It can help greatly with conditions where the normal bowel bacteria have been disturbed. Persistent diarrhea due to other causes can also mess up your bowel bacteria thereby leading to ongoing diarrhea, even after the initial cause resolves.

      It would most definitely be advisable for you to consult with a gastroenterologist for your digestive system. Remember that Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and adrenal insufficiency can be effectively managed, so there is no need to “throw in the towel” at this point. Good luck!

  • Sean Curtis

    Hi there. I have had excessive burping, occasional slight dull pain in my lower left abdomen, daily bouts of dull nausea, constant mental fogginess/fatigue and loss of energy, a burning sensation in my upper abdomen, slight mucous in parts of my stool every day, and blood spotting on toilet paper 1-2 times per week. Also a loss of 6 pounds in 3 months. I’m hungry all the time, even after i eat, definitely no loss of appetite.

    This has been going on for 6 months and it is to the point where work is very very hard to do. I’ve had an abdomen ultrasound: nothing found. Ive had an endoscopy and colonoscopy, both only revealed signs of acid reflux. I then had an Upper GI and small bowel follow through: also revealed nothing. Stool test also revealed nothing except blood and mucous.

    My GI doc doesn’t know. He is starting to repeat tests and I’m a little worried I may have to live with this forever.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Sean. These symptoms are worrisome especially since none of the investigations conducted thus far has not revealed any abnormality. Conditions like IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and even gastrointestinal cancer come to mine given the host of digestive symptoms along with the mucus and bleeding. There could be other conditions that may be responsible as well but it is difficult to say with any degree of certainty. Your GI doc is probably correct in repeating these tests. The underlying problem could have missed the first time.

      Without knowing the cause there is no way of saying for sure whether this will be a lifelong condition. While some of these symptoms could also be attributed to IBS (if no other condition can be diagnosed) it is important to first exclude more serious pathology. It is possible that you are experiencing more than one condition simultaneously, like acid reflux and gastritis in the upper gut and hermorrhoids in the lower gut. If the second battery of tests come back clear and your GI doc still cannot provide any ideas, then you should get a second opinion from another GI doc.

  • Reeths

    Hii… I have got this trouble of burping recently for one month.. I never had this trouble before. once it began it was so severe that i had vomiting and after vomiting the food there came blood. On consulting, the doctor diagnosed it as mallory-weiss tears. I was on rabeprazole-domperidone combination for two weeks. Vomiting subsided but burping still persists. It exists even after long hours of food intake. I am staying in a dormitary still i try to restrict diet that cause belching. Recently I noticed passing of mucus in stools. Is this GERD? I dont have abdominal pain. I have regurgitation of food since childhood but it was not a problem. I am a fast-eater. Burping is still there even aftr omeprazole treatment. Please help me

    • Hi Reeths. It is very important that you consult with your doctor again given your history of a Mallory-Weiss tear which can be a serious condition. The belching may occur for a number of reasons but it would not be advisable to try to self-diagnose or treat it on your own. Mucus in the stools is unlikely due to GERD. While GERD can cause mucus in the throat, mucus in the stools are more likely to be associated with hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or some other disease. Your doctor will be able to advise you further.

  • jessica kiessling

    Hi! Ive been having alot of trouble within the last month or so with excessive burping being the primary symptom. Along with that im getting a yucky taste in my mouth, seems like excess saliva also and indigestion. I also get bouts of severe nausea where I feel like I want to vomit but that is much more infrequent perhaps once a week. Strangely im also noticing random bruises of differing ages as well while all this is going on. Ive noticed in the last two days a minor pain in my right lower stomach that comes off and on but its very minor and very infrequent. Any thoughts on what could be the cause? Thank you so much in advance! (Also ginger was helping at first but its not doing much now)

  • Trev

    Hi there. Im having these exact same problems! For the past 3 months ive been trying to figure out whats wrong with me. Ive been to 3 doctors and theyve found no answers i dont have enough money to see a gastro doctor as its pretty much $400 JUST for a consultation… My biggest/main symptoms is i burp all day everyday when i wake up, eat, go for a run. Im bloated all the time mainly the lower part of my tummy, my stomach makes weird noises and when i push on it sometimes it makes a swooshing gurgling sound its worse when im lying in bed at night. When i need to go to toilet im uncomfortable for the rest of the day untill i do so. I feel nausea amd fatigue some days and only about a few times have i had abdominal pain like a feeling of stitch. My main problem is burping and bloating.. Please dont tell me that im swalloing to much air or not eating properly cause this has been happening to me for three months im so insecure now and i know its something more then that cause over the past month ive changed my eating habbits and lifestyle i eat healthy exercise regualary drink the right amount of water everyday i take probiotics and digestive enzymes everyday and nothings changed its actually geting worse over the past week now ive been having real bad acid reflux now aswell i feel like nothings working im even drinking pepermint tea ,green tea, ginger tea, pau de acro tea and nothings helping! Ive waisted so much money on home remedies and pills like probiotics, digestive enzymes,stress relievers, ibs support pills. Please do you have any idea what could be wrong with me? I dont know who to turn to because no one i know understands what im going through. Its so horrible 🙁

  • BrandonM

    Just last night I started to burp constantly and every time that I breathe in. I feel like I am having a hard time breathing and feel light headed and nauseas. It has been going on for about 15 hours now and is getting no better. My stomach is kinda starting to have a weird pain but it comes and goes pretty fast or it may stay for 5 mins. It’s almost like there’s something low in my throat so I then breath in just a little bit and it’s like a burping bubble or something so then I burp. It’s messing with my anxiety because it is scaring me. My family thinks I am overreacting and just says it’s acid reflux, but I have had acid reflux for years and even if it is, I believe it has evolved into something more serious just yesterday. Im now wondering if I should just go to the doctor by myself or if i should just see if it will pass in a couple days, maybe it’s just like a virus or something. But either way I definitely feel like its more.

  • Wajid Rashid

    i have read you article but nothing helps for me,, I have been suffering excessive belching since last 5 years. every day my stomach produces tens of thousands liter of gas, sorry i don’t have words to explain how much gas is released orally. i had my endoscopy with no sign of H pylori , Alcer, but duodenitis inflammation in small intestine but I don’t knw the causes. as I have been taking Gluten free diet since 3 years, i had taken Rifaximin 550mg twice a day for 15 days Just in case For SIBO. but with passage of time my condition is getting even worse I am taking medicine esomeprazole , citalopram and clonazepam for many years but nothing works i m tired of going to doctor. now I don’t have option except to suicide. Please some one help me

    • Hi Waijd. As you ca see from the article, an H.pylori infection is not the only possible cause of your symptoms. It could vary from nasal congestion which causes excessive air swallowing to conditions like gastroparesis. You may want to follow up with the gastroenterologist you were seeing. Excessive belching can be a vague symptom at times and there are so many possible causes that have to be investigated and excluded before a final diagnosis can be reached.