Causes of Right Side Abdominal (Stomach) Pain

Pain on the right side of the abdomen can be either in the upper part (RUQ ~ right upper quadrant) or lower part (RLQ ~ right lower quadrant). Abdominal pain is a non-specific symptom that can be attributed to a host of conditions. Therefore the presence of other signs and symptoms in association with the pain is important to consider in the differential diagnosis. Modalities may include pain that commences, worsens or eases with change in position, eating, hunger, changes in bowel movements and movement.

The final diagnosis should be done my a medical professional after a thorough case taking and additional diagnostic investigations like an abdominal ultrasound, x-ray, CT scan or MRI. Blood tests and specialized investigative techniques like an endoscopy, colonoscopy or barium enema may also be needed. Broadly, right sided abdominal pain can be attributed to the right lung, diaphragm, kidney, liver, gallbladder, head of the pancreas, small intestine, cecum, ascending colon or transverse colon of the large intestine and peritoneum. The pelvic organs and structures should also be considered in lower right sided abdominal pain. Pain in the abdomen may not originate from this area and can be referred or radiate from the chest, pelvis and back.

UPPER Right Abdominal Pain

Pain in the upper right abdominal region may be superficial or deep. Superficial causes may be attributed to the abdominal wall (skin and muscles), peritoneum, liver and gallbladder. Deeper pain may be due to the liver, bile ducts, stomach, duodenum and kidneys.


Pain may be associated with the lung tissue itself (rare), lining of the lung (pleura) or space around the lung (pleural space). Lung and pleural diseases that may causes right sided abdominal pain include :

  • Pneumonia (bacterial or viral) of the lower lobe of the right lung.
  • Pleurisy or pleuritis (inflammation of the lung membrane) from infection, trauma and so on.

Signs and symptoms may include difficulty breathing, coughing, and pain upon breathing/moving.


The liver is an important consideration in upper right abdominal pain as it occupies most of this region. As a large organ with diverse functions, and the central processing unit of nutrients, the liver is prone to a variety of disorders. Liver conditions that may cause right sided abdominal pain include :

  • Enlarged liver due to heart failure, hepatitis, fatty liver, lymphoma, leukemia, etc.
  • Liver cancer or metastases of other cancer into the liver.

Signs and symptoms may include changes in bowel movements and consistency of stool, nutrient deficiencies, jaundice, changes in appetite and weight loss.


The gallbladder stores bile that is produced in the liver. This fluid contains various compounds, particularly waste substances and fats, and can emulsify fats in the gut to allow for digestion and subsequent absorption. Bile is passed through the biliary tracts which communicates with the pancreatic duct before emptying into the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine. Conditions of the gallbladder and biliary tree that may causes right sided abdominal pain includes :

  • Gallstones or bile duct stones
  • Gallbladder inflammation (cystitis), mostly due to gallstones.
  • Inflammation or blockage of the biliary tree (cholangitis) (cystic, or common bile duct).
  • Gallbladder and biliary cancer are rare.

Signs and symptoms may include jaundice, fatty stools and episodes of pain that are intense (colicky) and generally arise after eating.


The duodenum is the first part of the small intestine and an important site for digestion. It receives the partially digested food mixed with gastric acid and enzymes from the stomach and then bile and digestive enzymes from the pancreas. It is often affected with the same pathologies that afflict the stomach, often a combination of infection and the presence of gastric acid in the duodenum for prolonged periods. Some of the conditions of the duodenum that may cause right sided abdominal pain include :

  • Duodenal ulcer
  • Duodenitis – inflammation of the duodenum similar to gastritis (stomach).

Signs and symptoms include severe pain after eating, although the pain may sometimes ease slightly with food, change in bowel movements, excessive belching and bloating.


The abdominal muscles comprise several groups of muscles that protect the abdominal contents, stabilize the trunk during movement and help with changes in position. Since the abdominal cavity lacks an extensive skeletal protection like the thoracic cavity, the abdominal muscles have to contend with significant impact in trauma. Some conditions affecting the abdominal muscles that may cause right sided abdominal pain includes :

  • Strained muscles – common cause.
  • Hernia
  • Blunt force trauma
  • Rectus sheath haematoma
  • Psoas abscess

Signs and symptoms generally include pain when moving and tenderness on palpation of the affected area.


The kidney is responsible for filtering the blood and forming urine. Electrolytes and water are reabsorbed as necessary and the urine is directed down the ureter to the bladder. The kidney is tucked behind and slightly below the liver on the right side of the abdomen to lie shielded by the back part of the ribcage. Some conditions affecting the kidney and ureter that may cause right side abdominal pain includes :

  • Pyelonephritis (infection of the right kidney).
  • Kidney/urinary stones
  • Renal carcinoma

Signs and symptoms include changes in the urine color and composition, alterations in urinary habits and additional signs like blood in the urine (hematuria).


The diaphragm is the large concave muscle that separates the thoracic and abdominal cavities. It is the major muscle of respiration and on the right side, it houses the liver immediately beneath it. When contracted, the diaphragm pushes down the abdominal contents to expand the chest cavity. Some of the conditions of the diaphragm that may cause right sided abdominal pain include :

  • Abscess under diaphragm

LOWER Right Abdominal Pain

Lower right abdominal pain may be due to some of the same causes discussed under upper right abdominal pain. With the lower abdominal regions, the continuation with the pelvic cavity means that pathologies of the pelvic organs or structures may also be a cause of pain.


The appendix are a small outpouching from the cecum of the large intestine. It is believed to be a reservoir for the normal intestinal flora (good bowel bacteria). It can become inflamed, obstructed and or infected. This may be related to the surrounding parts of the intestine or other abdominal structures or occur independently. Some of the conditions of lower right sided abdominal pain include :

  • Appendicitis (inflammation of appendix)


The small intestine comprises the duodenum, jejunum and ileum. It is the major site of digestion and absorption. Waste products and undigested material pass into the large intestine. The small intestine is also the longest part of the gastrointestinal tract and prone to various conditions that may be a continuation of pathology in the stomach or large intestine. Conditions affecting the small intestine that may cause right sided abdominal pain include :

  • Crohn’s disease affecting the last part of the small intestine, called terminal ileum.


The colon is the main part of the large intestine and has been discussed above. The most prominent part lying on the lower right side includes the cecum and ascending colon.

  • Volvulus twisting of the cecum (starting part of large intestine), rare.


Gynecological causes of right sided abdominal pain are an important and common cause. It should always be taken into consideration especially if the pain appears to be associated with ovulation or menstrual cycle or there are any menstrual changes that accompany the onset of the pain. A slight discomfort with ovulation and menstruation and mild, short lived pain during pregnancy is normal.

  • Ovulation (mid-cycle pain, Mittleschmerz)
  • Twisted or ruptured ovarian cyst
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Miscarriage
  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome – PCOS; usually affecting both right and left ovary


Disorders of the male reproductive are unlikely to cause lower right sided abdominal pain with pain in the pelvis or genitalia. Some conditions to consider include :

  • Spermatic cord disorders
  • Testes disorders


The blood vessels in the abdomen include the large aorta and inferior vena cava, with the various branches and tributaries. These blood vessels are prone to a host of diseases that may be isolated to the cardiovascular system or part of a systemic condition. Some of these conditions include :

  • Hereditary angioedema
  • Henoch-Schönlein-purpura
  • Atherosclerosis of arteries that supply the intestine


  • Porphyria
  • Sickle Cell Disease


Conditions affecting the skin may be responsible for upper and lower right sided abdominal pain. Skin lesions or deformities may be present, including a rash, swelling and/or redness. Most skin diseases present with itchiness but pain may be seen in the following conditions.

  • Herpes zoster
  • Dermatitis (eczema) when the skin is broken or there is an infection.


The peritoneum mainly envelopes the gastrointestinal tract in the abdomen and peritoneal fluid keeps the organs lubricated when making contact with each other. Inflammation, infection and swelling may be associated with peritonitis.

  1. Read more here for a detailed description of right upper (RUQ) abdominal pain.
  2. Read more here for a detailed description of right lower (RLQ) abdominal pain.
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  • i had sudden pain on the right side of stomach…. Should i go to see the doctor or its gonna be ok by itself..

  • Jan Modric

    To Rajj.

    Where exactly do you feel pain, is it sharp or dull pain, can you elicite pain with fingers, any bump, when did pain started, do you have nausea, diarrhea?

  • Tiff

    I’m experiencing lower-right side pain, exactly like period cramps but worse, it is painful. my period is heavy and never lasted this long, it was dark-clots for 1 week then normal looking for the next week 7-8days and still appearing+Another symptom is that I have the urge to urinate all the time

  • Jan Modric


    I *strongly* encourage you to visit your gynecologist soon. Ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus may be involved…and it’s possible you’ve got an urinary tract infection (urge to urinate). Or something is pressing on your bladder from outside…

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  • Tiki

    I have been having pain on my lower right side about 2 inches below my rib cage. It runs around the front a bit and toward the back about 5 inches on both. It constantly aches, but gets much worse (extreme stabbing pain) when I touch it or move. It has been going on for about 2 and a half weeks. It’s only gotten worse. I have started having hot flashed, but not other symtoms other than being nauseated a little. I went to the emergency room and they ran a UA and said it wasn’t an infection and the young dr. tried to say he believes it is a Lumbo-Sacral strain. I don’t believe it. If that was the case, it should be getting better not progressively getting worse. Any ideas from anyone?

  • Jan Modric


    have you had any injury or hard exercise 2.5 weeks ago? Is there any rash over the painful area? Or a bulge? Burning urination or cloudy urine?

    Can you describe exactly what happens if you touch the affected area with the fingers only slightly, without pressing, so only touching the skin? Where do you feel pain and where it spreads?

  • Tiki

    No injuries at all. It started about two weeks ago and was mostly felt in the back to begin with….so I though maybe a kidney infection. Then after a few days, it just started staying in my right side. No rash or bulge, no burning and not cloudy urine. Just a constant ache. When I lightly touch it, it is very tender. If I put just the slightest pressure to it. The whole area almost contracts into a tight ball of pain. I do not do anything strenuous. I have mostly just been laying around taking it easy. When I lay down it is almost worse. If I try to move it does the same contracting feeling.

  • Jan Modric


    1. Herpes zoster (shingles) can affect any spinal nerve. Pain, tenderness and rash usually appear in a band like pattern along the course of the affected nerve. Rash does not always appear and extreme tenderness is possible.

    2. Pinched nerve (from bulging disc or broken vertebra – from tuberculosis, osteoporosis, tumor…) in the thoracic spine would cause the sciatica-like pain, radiating from the spine toward the middle line in the front (on one side).

    I believe that a neurologist can give you diagnosis.

    Kidney disease, urinary stones, gallbladder or intestinal disorders are not likely to cause tenderness when only touching the skin.

  • Poetry_girl619

    I tend to have these short cramp like pains in my lower right side about two or three inches in from my hip bone. its not excrushating pain but it hurts. it’s not my period. what else could it be?

  • Jan Modric


    have you had any, even slight fever, nausea, skin rash, mouth ulcers, joint pain, changed bowel movements or other symptoms?

    It is appendix there, and Crohn’s disease often affects the part of the small intestine lying there. Ultrasound of abdomen can reveal appendicitis. Contrast X-ray investigation with barium and colonoscopy can reveal Crohn’s disease.

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  • januarybear21

    ive been having pain in my upper abdomin and right side almost circulating from the middle of my stomach near the breast bone to my back its been constant for the past 4 days i thought it may have been acid r4eflux but ive taken my nexium and it doesnt seem to give its getting worse i have been vomiting and have diarrea and a fever that bounces up and down one minute im cold next im burning up my temp is normal again but i cant seem to lay down it just hurts more and the more i move the more it hurts its like a very sharp stabbing pain i cant sleep barely eat food makes it worse but leaning forward onto it makes it not hurt as bad can you please help me someone

  • Jan Modric

    To januarbear21:

    I strongly suggest you to see a doctor promptly. Some of symptoms you’ve mentioned appear in pericarditis or peritonitis.

  • januarybear21

    the thing is i went to the emergency room and they told me nothing is wrong nothing is showing up that im hundred percent ok that the pain is probably caused by my acid reflux i mean now its for 5 days constantly i mean to me that doesnt sound right but the ER cleared me is there anything else it could be

  • Jan Modric


    I strongly recommend you to check a medical history questionnaire and write down all your symptoms, tests you’ve had so far, medications…as exactly as you can.

  • moomoo

    had my gallbladder out in July 09 and painfree for 2 weeks. The pain reoccurred 3 weeks post op and have ct, mri, and ultra sounds. Pain is in the upper right of abdomen. only when standing or sitting, pain free if lying flat

  • Mmmm…Pizza

    Well my little sister has been having pains about three to four inches above her hip bone and it has been getting worse what should I do to help her? (She’s ten, no period yet)

  • Jan Modric

    To moomoo.

    Is the pain the same type (crampimg?) pain as before surgery?

    Or is it constant pain?

  • januarybear21

    i know this is weird but same thing to me kind of they removed my galbladder on the 6th of this month and now my pain is back but almost worse then before same place and theyve done mri and ct and nothing new said i iiritated it but i havent been out of bed to much since the op cuz ive been super tire so how did i irritate it
    the pain wont go away could it be something else besides my galbladdder

  • Jan Modric

    To Mmmm..Pizza.

    Take her to her pediatrist. It’s the appendix, the end of the small intestine and the right ovary there thatall can be a cause of pain. In appendicitis, the painful spot is often tender to touch, when pressed and the hand quickly removed.

  • Alex

    For the last two days I have had sharp stabbing pains in the lower right abdomen, about 2 inches above the hip. I currently have a form of flu that my girlfriend gave to me (sharing is caring) but also have a very long history of abdominal problems and random nausea. I went to A&E (because I’m British) a few years back complaining of Appendicitis like symptoms but it turned out to be stomach ulcers.

    With the current stabbing pain there is no nausea or diarrhoea but if I press where the pain is it feel very tender under the skin. The pains are common but not unbearably painful but make me wince as they’re a bit unexpected at times.

    I’m 21, male, very skinny but generally healthy. Any advice as to what I can do?

  • Jan Modric


    actually, chronic appendicitis is possible – in some cases, abdominal membrane (peritoneum) lying over it becomes inflamed (localized peritonitis). Ultrasound can be false negative in such case, so CT would be needed. Pressing deeply on the *left* side of the abdomen with the hand and removing the hand quickly would cause a wave within the abdomen and the pain on the right side – this speaks for appendicitis/peritonitis.

    Next common cause affecting the last part of the small intestine located there is Crohn’s disease – colonoscopy is needed.

    Sharp cramps, lasting for few-several minutes and going away completely may be from urinary (ureteral) stones. Dx is with ultrasound of the ureter and kidney(s).

  • moomoo

    my pain is the very same as before the surgery. sort of like a pinching pain. it comes and goes. doctors can push on my stomach area and it doesn’t hurt at all.

  • Jan Modric


    it’s possible you’ve developed postsurgical adhesion – a scar like tissue connecting two organs in the upper abdomen can cause pain. This would need laparoscopic investigation.

  • moomoo

    my pain is the same as before the gallbladder was taken out, so this is something that started back in February 09. My dr. said possible back injury, but nothing shows on cat and mri. am getting very frustrated with pain on a daily basis.

  • Jan Modric


    you’ve said it’s like pinching pain, and it goes away when you lye flat.
    1. Where exactly you feel pain – just below the right rib or maybe few inches lower?
    2. Was this cessacion of pain when lying flat a characteristic also before gb removal?
    3. Would you say that pain is position dependent only by a coincidence, or you can clearly feel that pain changes when you change position?
    4. How long does pain last – is it like a cramp, lasting from minutes to hours and then disappearing completely and appearing again? Or it is more lika a constant fluctuating pain?
    5. What was found in removed gallbladder, or seen on US/CT before removal?

    After gallbladder removal there are two common reasons for pain persistence/reocurence:
    – pain actually originated in the bile duct, like from a gallstone in the bile duct or from biliary dyskinesia or sphyncter of Oddi dyskinesia (SOD). This pain is not position dependent. Investigations include HIDA scan and ERCP.
    – complication of operation, like surgical wound infection or, like mentioned, adhesions – scar tissue connecting certain abdominal organs, pulling them and thus causing (possibly position dependent) pain. Investigation is by laparoscopy.

  • Alex


    Over the last 18 hours the right side of my abdomen has become a bit uncomfortable. It’s an unhappy medium between sore and throbing and was exacerbated by eating. The little pressing test caused a very noticable wave and pain swelled in my right abdomen after about 15 seconds.

    My history of abdominal problems began when I was about 14 (now 21) with random, and I do mean random, nausea which got worse whenver I lay down (I prop myself up while sleeping to this day)and the occasional stomach cramps accompanied by diarrhoea which occurs once every three months (roughly).

    I also feel nauseas and feverish with shivers as I type this.

    My history of

  • Jan Modric


    two common disorders with symptoms you’ve described and pain in the right lower quadrant, are appendicitis and Crohn’s disease.

    I recommend you to see a doctor promptly – ruptured appendix can be life threatening, and Crohn’s disease can also become quite unpleasant.

  • norma_21

    It hurts when i urinate and it it feels wierd..feel kinda nauseous and im having pain on my stomach then go over to the right side..what does this mean?

  • AmandaD

    I’ve had this recurring right sided lower abdominal pain that my doctor didn’t seem to have any idea what it was. A month and a half ago it first occurred, then two weeks ago again, and now it’s back. The pain lasts bad for about 4 days, then gradually feels better until there is no pain after about a week. It feels like a tight muscle cramp just below and medial to my right hip bone, and it is very tender to touch. It is worse if I eat or drink even water, and if I sit up or lift my right leg. When I palpate the tender area I think I can feel a bump about the size of large grape, but I’m not positive. I am a 25 y/o female on birth control but have not have had any unusual periods or painful intercourse, so I don’t know if it would be the ovary. Thanks for any advice!

  • Jan Modric

    To norma_21.

    Are you male or female and how old are you? Is it like burning during urination? Where exactly your pain starts and where exactly it spreads to? Are pains constant? Any change in urine color? When did all this start?

  • Jan Modric


    it’s quite posssible it’s an intestinal hernia. Gastroenterologist or gastro surgeon would diagnose this quickly. Try to remember the exact spot and all symptoms (to be able to describe it if it disappears in a meantime). Try to feel is it soft, like a sponge, or hard, like a rubber ball. Also check, is it visible, especially when you stand up.

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  • nessastetson

    For the past 2 weeks i have had this bad crampin mostly on my right side.I finally noticed a small lump on my right side of my uterus, after i noticed this lump I started having sever lower back pain mostly on my right side and and right hip bone the pain gets so bad that I can feel it go down my right leg to my knee.

  • nessastetson

    Aso i have been feeling sick to my stomach.

  • Jan Modric

    To nessastetson.

    Intestinal hernia is one of possible causes. I recommend you to visit a doctor promptly to avoid complication, like intestinal blockage.

  • norma_21

    the color of the pee is normal.but the pains are usually right before the end of being done urinating.the pains are on my lower back and on the side of my stomach.the pain is always happening. its been happening for a while now.Do you know what this means?

  • Jan Modric


    are you female? Is back pain over the spine or one or or both sides, like under the lowest ribs (where kidney(s) are? Or is it lower, like in the lumbar region?

    Painful urinating in combination with side abdominal/back pain suggests a kidney disorder (urinary stones, infection…) Urine and blood tests should be done to confirm/exclude this.

  • amanda b

    When I was in high school I was having real bad pains during spring break when my friend and I were shopping so I took so tylenol and went on my way well 3 days later it never got better and I knew something was wrong so the next morning I told my mom I NEEDED to go to the doctor. She said ok and made an appt. I went in for the appt and the dr took one look at me gave me a shot in each hip and sent me to the er. They looked at me and sent me up for emergency sergery. In march of 2007 I had an apendectomy. And now 2 years later I’m pregnant with my first baby. The drs told me that cause my apendix busted I wasn’t gonna be able to have kids but I’m due in march and having a little girl. 🙂

  • ashim

    on last night 23/12/09 when i was sleeping there was a pain on the right side of the stomac first time i can not move my body .

  • Jan Modric

    To ashmin.

    Where exactly do you feel pain – in the upper right abdomen (below the ribs), on the side, or between the navel and the hip? Is the painful spot tender to tuch? Any other symptoms, like nausea? Any symptoms before this pan has appeared?

  • idetuk

    i have been having pains on the lower right side of my abdomen. what do i do to stop this pains.

  • Jan Modric

    To idetuk.

    Are you male or female? Is the painful spot tender to touch? Any other symptoms, like changed bowel habit?

  • Ashlee J


    Yesterday afternoon I started to get sharp, stabbing pain in my right lower abdomen. It started very suddenly and at first was pretty mild and felt like period cramps, but progressively started to get more severe within probably an hour or so. Last night, sitting or lying down the pain almost went away. When I walk or move it gets much more intense. The pain is to the right of my belly button above my hip. I also have a dull pain in my lower back which started after the pain in my right side came on. There is no pain when I sneeze or cough. Any ideas of what it could be?

  • Jan Modric

    Ashlee J,

    have you pressed on the painful spot – did the pain become worse, or did you felt any lump? Any nausea or other GI related symptoms?

    It’s appendix on the described spot. Inflamed appendix would be tender to touch and would likely cause nausea.

    Intestinal hernia would likely be seen as a lump.

    Abdominal adhesions can appear after C-section or abdominal surgery.

    Ovarian cyst or a benign abdominal tumor, if not big, would be seen only with imaging investigation, like abdominal ultrasound.

    Bulging disc in your thoracic spine could cause sciatic-like pain affecting one part of the back and abdomen.

  • sdsenner


    I’m 28 weeks pregnant and have had a burning sensation right under my ribs on the right side for about 3 weeeks. If I put something cool on it the pain subsides but comes back again once the cool pack is removed. I feel nauseated after eating but have not thrown up. My back has also been hurting but have thought it was my rib (on the right side) I’ve seen a chiropractor for it but it doesn’t seem to help. I wonder if it has to do with the burning in the front because it is directly opposite it. I just wonder if I need to be concerned or if I just need to grin and bear it as part of my pregnancy? I only worry because I have a high risk for pre-term labor. I’ve had contractions since the third month and can only be up for 3 hours at a time and then I am supposed to rest for 2 hours. I am on a daily dose of Prometrium, Synthroid, extra iron and a weekly shot of progesterone. I recently tested positive for ureaplasma and took antibiotics for it (was tested again and it was negative). I went to the ER recently because I was having a hard time walking, urinating and couldn’t feel the baby move they said that I had crystals in my urine and to take tylenol we monitored the baby and she was fine. This is my second pregnancy, but my first child. Am I worrying too much or should I get it checked out? Should I get an ultrasound or have them do bloodwork? I see my doctor January 26th and again on Febraury 8th (they’re going to check my thyroid then) could I wait that long to get it checked out if I still have pain?

    • Jan Modric

      To sdsenser.

      Two possibilities to mention:
      1. If your skin is tender to touch and burning is not affected by body movements and different positions, then it can be shingles (Herpes zoster virus reactivation in one of the spinal nerves). Nausea can be also from shingles. This causes burning pain going like a stripe from the spine to the front. Often (but not always) rash appears after some time. Neurologist would tell you, if there is any available painkiler for your situation.
      2. Bulging or herniated disc or some other disorder in your thoracic spine (osteoporosis, arthritis..) could cause pinched spinal nerve. This type of pain would be affected by different body positions and would not be tender to the slight touch. Again, neurologist could say more.

  • nerolretrop

    I’ve been having on and off sharp pains in my lower right side for about four months now, and I haven’t really done anything about it. I’m worried it may get worse becaus over the past few days the sharp stabbing pain has gotten worse to where I can’t sleep at night because it hurts in every position I try to sleep. It’s right where my appendix is, so I’m thinking maybe it’s appenicitis or something to do with my ovaries or bladder? I’ve been having the urge to pee all the time as well.

    • Jan Modric

      To nerolretrop.

      Any condition you’ve mentioned, plus urinary stones, intestinal hernia, abdominal adhesions (if you had any abdominal surgery) are possible. I believe your primary doctor can perform basic urine tests to rule out urinary infection – I encourage you to get tested soon. Doctor can, by simple body examination, make a good guess about appendicitis.

  • virgo153

    I am exoeriencing pain on the lower right side of my abdomin, and it is causing numbness in my right leg. What could be the cause?

    • Jan Modric

      To virgo153.

      One posibillity is a disorder in your lower thoracic and lumbar spine, resulting in pinched spinal nerves. I suggest you to visit a neurologist.

  • Karenkaraboo

    I got this pain nd it started above my hip a few inches nd it moved to my lower back nd my side nd my abdomen I’ve had my appendix removed so wat can it be?

    • Jan Modric


      are you female? Is the pain close to your appendix removal incision site? Is it tender to touch, or does it change with moving? Is it a cramping pain, if so, lasting how many minutes? Any diarrhea or other bowel-related symptoms? Is pain related to meals? Irregular period, burning urination?

  • Waslow

    I’ve been having abdomen pain along with slightly more pain slightly above my right hip. This pain only occurs if I move either of those places or touch them. I am a male.

    • Jan Modric


      how old are you and from when do you have this pain? Any change in bowel habit, nausea or other symptoms? Do you have any chronic disease?

  • Waslow

    The pain started 2-3 days ago, I noticed that there has been less bowel movement compared to before (constipation). I am 17 years of age.

    • Jan Modric


      I can imagine your right side pain, but where is the other pain located?

      Common causes are bloating (?) and stretched muscle.

      More serious causes could be slowly developing acute appendicitis (would likely go with nausea) and Crohn’s disease. If pains don’t go away in few days, I recommend you to visit your doctor.

  • Pelvic pain right side got me to Urgent Care early Dec., Ultrasound found 3 ovarian cysts (1 right side Follicular .8cm, 2 left side simple 1.6cm; collapsing 1.7cm). separate pain started right where appendix is 1/13. went to ER 1/14 – CT scan normal. Ultrasound showed “multiple ovarian follicles, the largest measuring 9mm on the right and 12mm on the left; 1.4cm left paraovarian cyst.” ER Dr. doesn’t feel that the abdominal pain would be related, mentioned endometriosis. I have Gyno appt. 1/29 and GI appt. 1/26. Saw Primary Dr. day after ER (pretty much told me it’s psychosematic as well as leg pain that dropped me to the floor the following day – saw Neurologist today for follow up on herniated discs in neck, gave me excercises for my lower back).
    Pain level (abdomen) changes from 1-5 but never goes away and stays in the same spot. Is this something I should be worried about right now?? I’m leaving town wednesday to friday and am a little worried…

    • Jan Modric

      To julieface987.

      Where exactly did you feel the pain? Is it tender to touch? Any pain, if you drop from standing on toes to heels? Nausea? Burning urination or changed bowel habit? What type and where exactly you felt the leg pain, also does this pain persists and changes with body position/walking?

      CT is quite reliable in excluding appendicitis. Bowel obstruction would go with nausea. If abdominal and leg pain are related, it can be from the lumbar spine. Endometriosis can be checked by laparoscopy.

  • julieface987

    ER Dr. said pain location is directly over appendix. Not tender to touch. No burning urination. Tiny bit of nausea but not much at all. Had slight diarrhea for a couple days but mostly better now. Stretching (arms up, bending side to side) hurts. Leg pain in both legs all over random spots, worse when walking, laying down, legs crossed, cold; feeling better with sleeping on my side with a pillow between my knees.

  • Jan Modric


    if nothing can be felt or seen from the outside, then it’s probably not a stretched muscle or hernia.

    Disorders limited to inside of the intestine usually do not cause pain during stretching. Endometriosis or pelvic or abdominal adhesions are possible – laparoscopy would be needed to confirm this.

  • xOskullyOx

    i am a 23 year old generally healthy woman, but for the past couple of years, i have gone from having little health issues to constant problems. it seems to all have began after getting an IUD in september 2007. my periods used to be heavy and last about a week, being one of the main reasons i chose the IUD (besides the fact i was sick of daily birth control, always forgetting to take it, and my boyfriend and i wanted an easy thing that we didn’t have to deal with), now they’re sporadic and very light. this isn’t the problem; ever since i got the thing, i’ve had random and very severe cramping only on my right side right near my hip and deep in the muscle; it feels like my fallopian tubes/ovaries are being ripped out or stabbed. the doctors at planned parenthood (i don’t have health insurance and it’s the only place i’ve been going to since i was 16) have checked the IUD several times and have reassured me that there is nothing wrong with it. about a year after getting the IUD, i was finishing up with my bachelor’s degree, and i became very stressed out from constant homework, late nights, and intense projects, which took a huge toll on my stomach. i went to the doctor because of intermittent diarrhea/constipation (it often switches back and forth) and the cramping; without running any tests, he diagnosed me with IBS (i did have a blood test done to make sure it wasn’t a gluten allergy, which came back negative). i went back to planned parenthood after the cramping continued, and she reassured me again the IUD is correctly in place and suggested that it was my IBS, but i think i can tell the difference in my own body between my uterus/fallopian tubes/ovaries and my stomach! ever since then, it’s gotten progressively worse; after changing my diet and doing everything possible to keep my life stress-free, i am now having almost constant nausea that sometimes gets so bad i HAVE to throw up to make it stop, the severe cramping on only the right side that now can last for hours to days, and can barely eat without getting full almost immediately or being so nauseous i can’t eat at all. funny thing is, if i don’t at least eat something every few hours, i get even more nauseous and tired, shaky, and i have even passed out a few times in the past year from this, once falling off a chair onto the wood floor and giving myself a nice big scar just below my eyebrow from where my glasses hit my face. on top of everything, i am also having incontinence and sudden and sometimes frequent urges to urinate, which i have no idea if it’s related to the stomach problems or not. nothing i have done has helped, including changing my diet, taking over-the-counter medications like pain pills (aspirin, ibuprofen, midol), immodium, and anti-nausea liquids, using heat/ice to relieve the cramping, drinking water to stay properly hydrated, and anything else you can possibly think of besides going to the doctor and running tons of tests (as i mentioned, i don’t have health insurance). i want to get some idea of what i’m dealing with here and move in at least the right direction before i go to the doctor when i do get insurance; i’ve checked out everything from appendicitis to crohn’s disease and the symptoms are never exactly what i’m experiencing because i don’t ever have a fever, bloody stool or urine, or sores anywhere. i have lost some weight; i was up to 170 lbs., and i dropped 15 lbs. in 3 months during the summer i was trying to graduate when i was the most stressed out, but i’ve maintained that weight since then. i’m to the point where my stomach problems are disrupting every part of my life; i spend a lot of time in the bathroom, and eating has become such a chore and causes a lot of grief. my job isn’t helping much; i’ve been working graveyard at a convenience store and don’t eat the best food and i have a hard time dealing with my coworkers, especially the other guy that works grave and the manager, so i do think i have a lot of added stress from that. it’s hard for me to go to sleep most of the time; it takes me at least a few hours after work to calm myself down enough to go to bed, and even then sometimes i lay there for an hour before i can fall asleep.

    so, if ANYONE has a clue as to what this could be, please help me! do i have anxiety and it’s expressing itself in horrible ways? do i have some kind of intestinal or feminine issue? i really can’t go on like this much longer; it’s taking a huge toll on my job and my relationships because i never feel well and often lash out at my parents and my boyfriend and i think they’re starting to get sick of me 🙂


    • Jan Modric

      To xOskullyOx,

      there is no nausea and weight loss in the definition of IBS, so it has to be something more here. Seriously, if you feel, like your symptoms has started after IUD, have you ever thought to get it removed? Maybe you are not psychologically accepting it. Besides that, and no matter what your doctor said, IUD can have several side effects, including infertility.

  • xOskullyOx

    i love having the IUD besides the cramping. i don’t have to constantly worry about getting pregnant and it’s kept the passion in my relationship because we don’t feel like we have to tiptoe around the pregnancy issue because it’s not there. i just don’t want to get it taken out and then have my symptoms persist and then have done it for nothing. do you have any other suggestions for me? i mean really, shouldn’t the doctor know whether my body is accepting it or not? it hasn’t slipped or moved at all, the strings are right where they should be.

  • Jan Modric


    you’ve started your comment with IUD and mentioned it 4 times again. You feel, like it’s from your tubes, and you claim you know the difference between your tubes and stomach (with exclammation!).

    IUD side effects are not only physical (position-related) but also hormonal, chemical and psychological. The doctor who has implanted IUD would not likely “talk against” IUD.

    I recommend you to answer yourself (Yes/No), would you like get pregnant, is it all OK in your relationships (boyfriend, parents, work).

    It’s likely your symptoms are from stress, and IUD can be a part of it.

  • xOskullyOx

    no, i do not want to get pregnant, i am 23 years old and recently graduated, i want to live my life before i worry about kids. that’s why i got it in the first place! my relationship with my boyfriend is the best i’ve ever had; we’ve been together 3 years, he is my best friend and extremely supportive of me, it’s killing him that i am in constant pain. my parents are also amazing and very supportive, we do have our issues but they are nothing that is abnormal. yes, my job stresses me out, but i’ve only been there 3 months and my symptoms began and became much worse before this job began. the job doesn’t seem to have any affect on how often i get these cramps or the nausea because they’re almost constant. things in my life are finally going right, i have my degree, i’m getting an apartment and moving out of my parent’s house. but none of these things are too much for me to handle, i have a bit of stress but really, i was way more stressed when i was in school and the last year of school was when everything got really bad and it’s been like this since about june/july. even when i was living quite carefree for a few months after i had graduated and living with my parents who let me relax before i went and got a job, my symptoms were still this bad. so, do you still think this is from stress?

    • Jan Modric


      what type of IUD are you using – a hormonal or copper one?

  • xOskullyOx

    the mirena, the white plastic one that lasts for 5 years. they said switching to the copper one would be worse; it has more hormones and can actually make periods heavier and cramps worse.

    • Jan Modric


      put it in a search engine together with “side effects”…One of side effects are ovarian cysts. About stress: stress regularly results in bowel problems; on the other hand, a health problem you have may irritate you and make you nervous. Stress would likely be a (contributing) cause, if your symptoms would be time-related with stressful events. The same with food: symptoms triggered by a meal and releaved by a bowel movement would speak for IBS. But, like said, nausea and weight loss would “need” something more than IBS to appear.

  • bena2flossy4u

    for the last 2 days i have pain on my lower right side towards my back. but right above my hip. I drunk some sprite and my stomach felt funny in the front. It feel like back spasms a little. it almost feel like a lump right there. I have urine more today like almost back to back.

  • bena2flossy4u

    and to mention I am on my period and this is day 4… I have never experience this before. i do not bleed heavy.

  • bena2flossy4u

    now my stomach just feel weird. i have has surgery on my naval because I had a hernia and the doctors just pushed it in or something. i dont know I was only 10 or 11. im not sexually active and i think i have a yeast infection. I never had the chicken pox or anything. it doesn’t when i cough or anything. my urine is clear a little. i have been drinking a lot of water lately.

    • Jan Modric

      To bena2flossy4u.

      have you had lose stools, stomach rumbling, excessive gas or burping after that sprite? Where exactly you think was the lump? Why do you think you have yeast infection – any symptoms, itch? This is the first time you have this pain?

  • Angel_hoyle

    I had a very sharp pain around the right appendix area that slowly moved down to the back of my thigh..My appendix area still hurts though..Lately my bones have been real weak and i’ve been in a great amount of pain..Please help..

    • Jan Modric


      any nausea? Problems with the right hip or sciatic pain or lower back pain at any time?

  • tanz098

    Hi, I am a 25 yr old female. I have been having mild pain on my upper right side – more like the curve of my waist. It’s not severe pain but it is almost always there and it feels that the pain is more pronounced if I haven’t been drinking enough water (though my mother suggests that it might be psychological as I am concerned something might be wrong with my kidney). A couple of years back, out of similar concern, I got an ultrasound done of the area and everything came back normal. The pain usually comes and goes and is not constantly there but since a couple of weeks back the dull pain or rather the sensation of the pain is there. Today when I was running in the gym the right side became quite painful but the pain ebbed away to a dull sensation again once I stopped and regained my breathe. Should I go for another ultrasound? Could this be just muscular cramp of some sorts?

    • Jan Modric

      To tanz098.

      Would you say you are prone to get constipated or bloated? Excessive gas? Is the painful spot, when it occurs, tender to touch?

  • nash

    I am having pain at my lower side of my right ribs. this is from last 5 years.
    it will come like a wave once very high suddenly no pain. some days only it was coming. pain, like one area concentrated (from my right testis to my lower ribs) even i tested for stones in my cidnies(no stones). pls suggest me.

    • Jan Modric


      have you had your right ureter investigated with an ultrasound for urinary stones? Sometimes CT of the ureter would be needed to reveal such stones. Sometimes a stone clears and another one lodges in the ureter.

  • tanz098

    I do almost always experience constipation and eating fibrous food doesn’t usually help. It is quite tender when it is pressed, yesterday I localised the area of pain in and around the last rib on the right side. Thanks.

    • Jan Modric


      it could be gas trapped in your transverse colon, which runs below the ribs. This can cause localized bloating, which is tender to touch. I suggest you to try a low-FODMAP diet and drink enough water.

      Gallbladder pain is usually limited to a quite small area below the last right rib, it usually appears within an hour after a meal, and lasts, as a cramp, from several minutes to several hours. Gallbladder pain is usually not triggered by an exercise or aggravated by pressuring on the painful spot, though.

      I strongly recommend you to try to get rid of constipation.

  • minor_bobbie

    my names bobbie im a 19 year old female. i have been experiencing some pain in my lower right side. its in my lower right back also.. it feels like a cramping/ sharp pain feeling.. i finished my last normal period 2 days before xmas and oddly 2 weeks later it came back but was very irregular and very early. the beggining of this period was brown and light spotting like the end of a period, but then it got really heavy and clotty for a few days with cramps ive never had before. about the last 4 days of this period was brown once again and spotty. finally it stopped. usually i have a regularly heavy vaginal discharge but since this period i havent discharged at all. the pain is in my lower right hip area and i can also feel it in my ovaries. it is a constant pain. there is no pain to the touch. it doesnt hurt when i use the bathroom or eat. i have been a little nausious with bad heartburn.. i vomited once already. i am sexually active. im not sure what is wrong with me but im a little scared so any advice would be extremely helpfull.

    • Jan Modric


      I suggest you to visit your gynecologist – an ultrasound may reveal an eventual disorder in your ovary. With “urinating a lot” do you mean often, or excreting a large amount of urine?

  • minor_bobbie

    oh and i have also been urinating alot.. help please!

  • minor_bobbie

    i meant often. thank you.

  • Jan Modric


    frequent urination speaks for a urinary infection, but can spread to your genital organs also. So, I suggest you to visit your gynecologist or urologist *promptly* to get tested and get antibiotics if necessary.

  • minor_bobbie

    ok thank you soo much Jan! i really appreciate it!

  • choskin

    I woke up this morning and felt sharp pains in my lower right abdomen anytime I walk or inhale deeply. It is tender to the touch but I can’t pinpoint exactly where it is. I recently had surgery to repair three hernias (one on the top of the belly button, one on the button of the belly button, and one in the groin). I don’t know if this pain is at all related to that or if I should talk to someone about it.

    • Jan Modric

      To choskin.

      Sometimes abdominal adhesions (strands of fibrous tissue) develop after abdominal surgery. You might want to speak about this with your surgeon.

  • kishor1983

    I have a pain from last three months on extreme right side stomach just above the penisbelow the ribs…i have consulted the doctor lots of time _all the reports are saying on ( Sonography)_doctor has given me some medicines but no benifit..also i am always having the feeling of pain in my right side testis ( Sonography is done but everything is Ok) what i shoyld do next.

    • Jan Modric

      To kishor1983

      Is it a crampy pain; is it there all the time or does it come and disappear completely? Burning or frequent urination? Loose stools? Were urinary (kidney) stones excluded as a possible cause? Urinary stones can be seen by ultrasound in kidney or in the ureter. I suggest you to see an urologist.

  • kishor1983

    i have checked the ultrasound but the stone is not there..the pain is always there..but i can sleep well _no vomating…when i am busy in my work i dont find the pain much but when i think about my stomach the pain starts..

  • Jan Modric


    in which exact parts of the abdomen do you feel the pain (below the ribs, close to the hip…)? Is any spot tender to touch or can you fel any lump? Any bloating, excesive gas, nausea..or only pain?

  • kishor1983

    below the ribs..i only feel little pain ( i cant say pain its feeling of pain )..sometimes back i have the gases but now it is not there..i am an india resident but..from last six months i am freequently travelling to Germnay for my work..also i am taking the beers,…is beer is causing the problem..what can possibly happen if the problem is not understood by doctors at the earliest..i am worrying because..i have fixed the girl for marriage..& in the month of may i will get married..please guide what should i do.

    • Jan Modric


      when did your pains start – after you start to travel? Are pains related to meals? It is possible that gas is trapped in your colon that runs below the ribs.

      Gas can be from beer, or other carbonated drinks, especially those containing sorbitol (in diet cola) or HFCS (high fructose corn syrup).

      Fruits can also produce a lot of gas, especially if you have fructose malabsorption. Check here, which foods to avoid in this case.

      Pains in your testis may be also from pressure of the gas in the intestine. But check again, if you maybe have some lump in the abdomen in the area above the testis.

      If you do not have nausea, fever or blood in the stool then a serious disease is not likely. I strongly recommend you to try to avoid foods that can cause excessive gas, so beer, foods mentioned in the above link, and legumes (beans, peas, soy, lentils).

  • kishor1983

    it is very difficult for me to understand what food to eat & what not to eat.

    is it ok if i take other alcohol than beer at right limit.

    • Jan Modric


      there are several possible foods that can cause bloating, but this often depends from person to person, so you will just need to experiment a bit.

      First, think when did your problem start and which new foods are you eating since then and remove them from your diet from few days and see if it helps. I can give you a diet plan, during which you exclude several foods at once for 4 days and see if it helps.

  • walderak

    hi my friend says she is having pain in the right side in her ribs and she has hot flashes and vomiting can anyone help….

    • Jan Modric

      To alderak.

      How old is she? Does she have regular menstruation, any chronic disease, take any medications? Do hot flashes appear after a meal, if yes, in what time? Itchy skin lips or skin? Any change in bowel movements?

  • Sublimelyoblivious

    I am having sharp pain in my right side and back. I have an abdominal hernia as well. I had a case of constipation for a few days, that is slowly easing, and some gas pains as well. Pain in side has been for the last 48 hours and is very uncomfortable.

  • Sublimelyoblivious

    i have used alieve for the pain and gas x, but neither seem to help.

    • Jan Modric


      a gastroenterologist should decide what to do with the hernia, and if your pains are related to it. To prevent excessive gas, avoid eating legumes, sweets, fruits, carbonated drinks.

  • shelbyg66

    OMG I can’t believe I have found a place that there are really answers. I will try to keep short. Right lower abdominal pain SEVERE at times lasting 3 – 4 hrs. BM or passing gas gives no relief. Have gone to ER to rule out Appendix (normal)have gone to Primary, GYN, and now scheduled for Colonoscopy next week. GYN says Ultrasound is normal.BUT I have the report and it says fundal mulitlocular fluid filled structure…recommend MRI also fluid in fallopian tubes (43 and have had cervical oblation..cannot get pregnant) I just dont understand. The pain is severe…almost groin area rt side, rotates into back. Is this IBS? Seems like an easy diagnosis to give a female just to make her hush…this pain is worse then child birth! Help? Suggestions?

    • Jan Modric


      “fundal multilocular fluid filled structure…recommend MRI also fluid in fallopian tubes”, if on the right side can be a cause of your pain, especially if pelvic adhesions have developed. So, MRI sounds reasonable. Next would be laparoscopy.

      Urinary stone(s) lodged in your right ureter would be possible – some changes in urine test would be likely detected in this case.

      If possible, can you have MRI before colonoscopy? During colonoscopy, a doctor can see only inside the colon. If you do not have diarrhea, excessive gas, persistent nausea, fever, then Crohn’s disease (commonly affecting the colon in the right lower abdomen) is not likely…

  • Love It All And Grow

    Hi, good to find a side that actually answers questions. Thanks in advance. Ok, I have two different kinds of pain. 1. Every few weeks or so I get extreme cramping high under ribs, in the middle and over to the right side, almost like food poisoning pain, doesn’t seem to matter if I press it or change my body position etc, this usually lasts for 2/3 days and then its gone again. 2. Aching/throbbing pain felt very deep under my right ribs – I actually feel this more in my back area, it doesn’t fluctuate and starts approximately 3 hours after eating and sometimes lasts for 6 hours, the pain is generally uneffected by movement or pushing, although sometimes can seem worse on a deep inbreath. Other symptoms I usually have at the time: nausea, itchy skin (different places), hightened allergy symptoms including athsma, acid reflux, tiredness, feeling cold, cold hands/feet (sometimes have renauds). I have been to see my doctor and they just gave me some pain killers and suggested that I needed an ultrasound to check the area out. The past week I have had pain 1, then pain 2 followed; I eat around 6pm, the pain comes around 9-10pm and lasts until about 2am. I hope that you may be able to give me more information than my doctor has given me. Again thanks in advance.

  • Love It All And Grow

    … sorry, more info – I am a 40 year old female with regular periods, no problems with urinating, stools usually okay although sometimes either constipated or too soft and I did have one occasion when they were very light in colour (about 2 months ago). I also noticed around this time that my hands had a yellowish tint to them, but I did not put any of these together at the time and havn’t mentioned them to my doctor. Other than pale skin and being cold most of the time I have not experienced any yellowing or pale stools.

    • Jan Modric

      To Love It All And Grow.

      Probable explanation:

      Yellow hands were from bilirubin
      Itchy skin were from bile salts
      Light colored stools were from lack of bilirubin in the stool
      Pain below the right ribs and nausea were from obstruction of the bile duct, possibly by a gallstone. This caused cholestasis – blockage of bile flow from the liver and this resulted in increased pressure in the hepatic cells and pushed bilirubin into the blood and from there into the skin.

      Ultrasound may show the obstruction in the bile duct or not. Obstruction could also occur higher in the liver, so a gastroenterologist should tell which exact investigation to use. I’m pretty sure some characteristic changes would be found in the blood (elevated liver enzymes, bilirubin), but this can vary a lot with the actual phase of the blockage of bile. It is essential that you reveal your symptoms and their course to the doctor clearly as you did here.

      Different types of pain can be explained by different organs involved: the bile duct, gallbladder or/and liver.

  • Alice

    Pain always on the right for nine months now, mostly upper, sometimes lower down, pain comes and goes, no discernable pattern. Pelvic ultrasound, CT without contrast, laproscopy, blood and stool tests have found nothing. For first few months, had more frequent bowel movements (still true some days), two UTIs, belly distention, sometimes stomachaches. These seem to have settled down but pain is still there and now periods are (relatedly? unrelatedly? I am 38) irregular, one miscarriage and trouble getting pregnant for past 8 months. Please help – is this an adhesion? I was lifting heavy things (moving) just before; also went off Pill around then. Thank you.

    • Jan Modric


      irregular periods and miscariage speak for a gynecological problem. Upper and lower right abdominal pain with irregular stools speak for the right colon involvement – this would need colonoscopy or an X-ray with barium enema.

  • Love It All And Grow

    Hi Jan, thank you for your reply, I have a doctors appointment for Wednesday. I question having gall stones as I am slim, fit and a vegetarian, I do drink, however usually 1-2 units a day – 5 days a week, vary rarely more than that though. My mum had high Cholesterol so perhaps it could be hereditary.

  • Jan Modric

    Love It All And Grow,

    yes, it could be a genetic connection. Please, be aware that there are other causes of bile duct (or biliary duct – the small ducts in the liver) obstruction, besides gallstones. So, if any doctor says to you “no gallstones were found”, this does NOT exclude obstruction of a bile flow.

  • lisa

    I am a 36 year old healthy female with a history of ovarian cysts and adenomyosis. I had a partial hystorectomy 2 years ago and no longer have a uterus, tube or ovary on the right side. I started having stomache cramps yesterday around 11 am, felt like I needed to have a bowel movement but could not even produce gas. Cramps moved down to lower right side and feel like ovarian cyst (I do not have a right ovary anymore) I feel a little nauseous but no vomiting, just belching. Began having liquid bowel movements this morning and have had 3 episodes in the past 2 hours. Deep pain on right side when I push on it. Does not hurt worse when I push on it then suddenly let go. I am chilled now but do not think I have a fever. Low grade temp (99.5) last night. I am used to cyst pain and tolerate pain well. It is not excruciating but it is bothersome. Thanks!

    • Jan Modric


      this seems to be colon related. Cramping pain, constipation, nausea, diarrhea appearing in this order could speak for abdominal adhesions that often develop after a pelvic surgery. Adhesions may cause transient bowel (colon or small intestina) obstruction with symptoms resembling yours. But from one day of symptoms history it’s hard to say anything more conclusive. Even food poisoning could be the cause. If you get severe pain, you should go directly to ER and mention your surgery and all symptoms.

  • IrishGirl

    About 2 and a half years ago, I very suddenly got a severe pain in my back. It felt, as odd as this sounds, like something creeping up my back internally. I then got a pain around my right shoulder blade. I also got a feeling like there was a lump in my throat and if i tried to swallow some water, it sort of gurgled in my throat and was difficult to swallow down. I didn’t feel nauseaus but I made myself sick and along with burping this gave me slight relief. I have since gotten this pain every 3 months or so. It usually starts now with the lump sensation and later I get the pain in my back between my shoulder blades. The pain is very bad and makes me feel quite panicked. I find burping helps a bit and making myself sick (which causes burps to be released) . I usually get it late in the evening or night and by morning the pain in my back is gone but the lump sensation can last a whole day or more. I dont get any pain in my chest or side. But the pain in my back is severe. And the lump in my throat is extremely uncomfortable and frustrating. I do not get heartburn. Please can you give me some insight into this as it really worries me.

    • Jan Modric

      To IrishGirl.

      How old are you? Excessive stress? Pain in the right shoulder? Or in the left arm?

      It could be the gallbladder or bile duct related. If abdominal ultrasound does not show any gallstones, a HIDA scan can be done and can show an eventual disorder in the gallbladder/bile duct function.

  • IrishGirl

    I’m 26 and lead a pretty stress free life. I’ve been to the doctor twice. All she did was press on my stomach looking for tenderness and she took my blood pressure which was normal. She said its acid reflux and/or indegestion but it feels too severe for that. Granted im not a doctor but it just doesnt feel right to me. I mentioned gallbladder to her but she didnt seem to think a scan was necessary. Its really bothering me.

  • IrishGirl

    sorry, forgot to say, no pain in my shoulder or left arm.

    • Jan Modric

      Try to insist to have an ultrasound of the gallbladder. If that will be negative, ask for a HIDA scan. Pain in the right shoulder or between shoulders, appearing and disappearing…and difficult swallowing (irritated throat from acid or biliary reflux) may arise from a gallbladder or bile duct disorder.

      You can check this personal history questionnaire to see, if you can recall any other symptoms or circumstances.

  • IrishGirl

    ok, thanks very much for your help. I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and respond.

  • i am a 10 year old girl with lower right side abdominal pain for 4 mouths do u have any sijestins?

    • Jan Modric


      when a doctor will check, in which exact site you have the pain, and examine you, he or she should tell what to do. I strongly recommend you to discuss this with your parents and arrange an appointment with a doctor.

  • surelle99

    I am a 29yr old female, who over the last year or so have been experiencing a feeling of not being able to take a full breath, along with upper right abdominal pressure(not pain, just pressure)its as though it radiates up into the right side of my chest and neck. It also is accompanied by a feeling of fullness when eating. No weight loss, although have been dieting and exercising. I have had a negative chest xray, neg ecg, neg gallbladder with cck, neg endoscopy, neg swallow and ph test, and a neg gluten test. I have a history of constipation. These symptoms also include a cough which is worse at times and not present at others but chronic. Any ideas? Final diaganoses from gastro dr. was ibs, however this a bothersome problem and does not seem to resolve.

    • Jan Modric


      in IBS, trapped gas can distend the transverse colon and irritate the diaphragm. This would explain feeling of fullness during breathing and possibly pains in the chest and neck. A low-FODMAP diet can considerably lessen these problems. After a 4 day diet trial you should be able to tell, if the diet has helped or not.
      Problematic foods are those containing:
      – fructose (honey, plums, prunes, foods sweetened with HFCS…)
      – sorbitol (prunes, figs, apples, pears, diet soda, “low-calorie foods”)
      – lactose (milk)
      – fructans (wheat, onions)
      – galactans (beans, cauliflower…)

      One or more or all mentioned food groups could be problematic.

      Other (or additional) problem could be gas produced by bacteria Helycobacter pylori and trapped in your stomach. Diagnosis is with blood or breath test for H. pylori.

      Check constipation diet.

      Physical activity, like walking, and reducing unnecessary stress can help.

  • lady di

    hi, i am a 55 year old femail, i have been experiencing lower right pain, like a knawing sensation below my ribs, i have experience nausia,fatique, warm sensation, bad breath, and it comes and goes, i have been giving xrays, nothing , except an extended right lung, i have since quite smoking for 3 months now, i have been to emerge several times and they , at first thought it was high anxiety, was given 2 different antibiodix, also , and stomach pills for acid control. it only helps a little, all test s come back normal, they want to do a colonostopy, but researth that i have done shows some adverse effect from the sodium phosphate, affecting the kidneys. is there another way ? thanks ,

    • Jan Modric

      To lady di.

      You can find out which exact substance they use in the hospital where you are supposed to have a colonoscopy. I’m sure they can use someting other than sodium phosphate.

  • Kate

    HI!I have been having stomach problems for 2 months or so now. I am a diagnosed PCOS case that takes Metformin and Ocella on a daily basis. I get randomly nauseous/sour stomach with two times sticking out prominently in my mind. Normally I’ll just deal with it but the past three weeks I have had a dull cramping feeling that moves from way down my right abdomen up to under my ribs and in the middle. It comes and goes but I do feel it daily, though its not severely painful. The only explanation I have is that we just got a large puppy three weeks ago and she’s a menace to walk and its possible I just pulled my whole right side doing so as it feels like some sort of muscle soreness… But when I press on the overall area I can’t pin point any specific pain at all. Nothing really happens. Also just got my regular uterian ultrasound and there are no large cysts on that side that would explain the pain. Thanks!

    • Jan Modric


      are pains related to meals? Any change in bowel habit? Lose stools, constipation, gas, burping? Burning urination?

  • Kate

    Nothing too out of the ordinary, some constipation and a little discomfort when going in that it almost feels like the bowel is really large though that is not all the time. Some gas but that’s not out of the usual for me.

    • Jan Modric


      pain from a streched muscle would be constant, aggravated by moving, and the abdominal wall would be tender to touch. The location of pain suggests colon (constipation, IBS, infection, Crohn’s…) or ureter (stones?) involvement. Theorhetically, abdominal adhesions causing partial bowel obstruction would be also possible. These can be sometimes detected only by laparoscopy. Some basic stool and rine tests, performed by a gastroenterologist could tell more. If it were IBS, a low-FODMAP diet could help.

  • Amanda

    I am having a lot of pain on the right side of my stomach and the pain is a more towards my back and right above my hip, the only way it feels better is when I put extreme pressure on it (I had one of my friends stand on my hip bone who weighs 120). Its not my period or anything like that either.

    • Jan Modric


      120 what – kilos? That’s dangerous! Any digestive problems, bloating, diarrhea?

  • Debby

    I am a 48 year old female. I have suffered from right side abdominal pain for over six months or more. I have pain from the upper right quadrant down below my knee. Not sure if the entire areas are related. A couple of years ago I had ultrasound that showed nothing wrong with the gall bladder, then a HIDA scan that revealed less than 20% functioning. Had gall bladder removed. This pain is from underneath the ribs in the side and back region down to the pelvic bone in the front of the hip joint region on the right side only. There is no rash. I can lay on my back and press and it’s not tender to the pressure (I’m 240lbs so there is a lot of fat in the belly region), however, I can lay on my left side and press in the waist region between the lower rib and pelvic bone on the right side and I feel pain in the left front abdomon area as well as the area I’m pressing. There is a deep burning sensation also in the right region. there are days when my belly is distended and bloated. It looks like I’m pregnant. And it’s hard to the touch. There are intestinal sounds that sound like thunder during a lightning storm, traveling through my abdomen. I don’t pass a lot of gas. My bowel habits vary from day to day. There are times that I can eat and within 30 min, I’m running to the bathroom with very loose stools. There are times when I go a week without a BM. Rarely have a normal looking BM. The doctor gave me amitiza (lubiprostone) for IBS and it causes extreme nausea and liquid BM. Can’t take it. I do have nausea, but not to the point of throwing up. I have the Mirana/IUD. I had colonscopy and drank the barium in 2008 and had no problems then. The lower pain is in the lower back region, the hip/leg joint, extending down the right leg. Mostly in front of the hip/leg joint. Any suggestions?

    • Jan Modric


      1. read online about Mirana/IUD side effects
      2. If it is IBS, Low-FODMAP diet (avoiding fructose, lactose, sorbitol, beans) can help in few days.
      3. When this does not help, a stool test for parasites and a breath test for Helicobacter pylori, causing chronic gastritis, can be done.
      4. You can also read about causes of excessive belching or bloating.

  • Sweetkay21

    ive been having pain on the right side of my stomach followed with lots of puking and diahrrea and this awesome metal taste in my mouth and also more so when i throw up any ideas of what it could be

    • Jan Modric


      where exactly you feel the abdominal pain? Just below the lower right rib? Symptoms you’ve described can arise from a disorder of the gallbladder or bile duct and resulting reflux of the bile into the stomach and mouth (biliary reflux). I recommend you to visit a gastroenterologist, who can perform an ultrasound of the abdomen and order other tests.

  • Gman23

    I am a 43 year old male and have been having pain on the right side of my lower back (flank area) and abdomen. It started in my lower back about 2 1/2 months ago. Now it has become a dull ache with pressure/discomfort/burning sensation in the abdomen area.

    The pain/pressure is never acute/severe but varies in location; sometimes it is under the rib cage; other times it is in the mid-abdomen; still others it is above the hip.

    The following tests have been performed with negative results:
    1) Blood test
    2) Urinalysis
    3) X-ray of abdomen/back
    4) CT scan with contrast

    I have no nausea,vomiting,or fever. Bowel movements are normal: no diarrhea or constipation. Pressure/discomfort is most noticeable when stomach area is “scrunched up”. Heating pad provides some relief.

    Currently, I have been under alot of stress with my job.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

    • Jan Modric


      by stomach being “scrunched up”, do you mean you can trigger the pain by squeezing the stomach muscles?

      Two possible causes, among other, are
      – strain or spasm of abdominal/back muscles
      – a disorder in the thoracic spine: bulging/herniated disc, arthritis.

      Spinal disorders can be evaluated by a CT or MRI. An orthopedist or physiotherapist can maybe evaluate by physical examination, if there is “only” a muscle strain or spasm.

  • Amanda

    I just started birth control (Trinessa) about a week ago and lately I’ve noticed when I go to pee, I have a slight feeling of pressure on my lower right side. It disappears once I’m done. I’ve also noticed I’m more bloated around my stomach than usually and also constipated. Is this normal while on birth control or should I go see a doctor?

    • Jan Modric


      if the symptoms arise from birth control pills, they would likely go away after stopping taking it. It is possible that pressure, bloating and constipation is caused by a certain substance in the birth control pills, including fructose or sorbitol that produce gas after being broken down by intestinal bacteria. Or have you changed the diet in meantime? Fruits, beans, soda, sugary foods can cause such symptoms.


    Wouldn’t all these affect the entire lower abdomon rather than be centralized in the right lower region only?


    I meant upper and lower right region

    • Jan Modric


      bloated abdomen, hard when touched, is likely from gas. This gas can be either in the small or large bowel. Large bowel extends from lower right abdomen up, then bends and goes horisontaly below the ribs and goes down on the left side of the abdomen. The article about LOW-FODMAP diet explains some of possible causes. If there is no improvement after few days of this diet, other causes should be considered.

      The other cause of bloating could be related to either excess or lack of bile in the small intestine. Bile is often delivered into the intestine in excess after gb removal. But something could block the bile duct and hence the bile flow.

      The pain in the leg could be from pinched sciatic nerve – either related to bloated abdomen or to a disorder in the lumbar spine (bulging/herniated disc, arthritis…). CT or MRI of the spine can show this.

  • Gman23

    By “scrunched up”, I mean that the pain is most noticeable when sitting in a chair in such a way that my stomach is compressed as opposed to standing up or laying flat.

    Is it possible that a pinched nerve could be causing the pain in my back and abdomen area (even though I don’t have any pain running down my leg)?

    Would a muscle sprain cause pain when applying pressure on the abdoment area?

    • Jan Modric


      yes to both.

      Spinal nerves arising from the thoracic part of the spinal cord innervate the trunk in the pattern of horizontal bands (picture), so a disorder in the thoracic spine does not affect the legs, if only the nerves (and not the spinal cord) are affected. Spinal nerves arise from the spinal cord in pairs; often only a nerve on one side is affected. CT or MRI of the spine can reveal the cause.

      There could be more causes of muscle-related pain: increased muscle tension from stress or forced posture (including sitting and sleeping), muscle pains after exercise (due to built lacic acid), muscle strain (irritated muscle tendons), or (painful) muscle contractions triggered by pain from the spinal disorder, or other causes. Most of this muscle conditions would be tender to touch in various ways…

      In all cases (spinal disorder, pinched nerve or muscle disorder), symptoms change with time and with body movements – not necessary with each and every movement, though.

      When the cause is stress, rest from stress can help.

  • Sweetkay21

    The pain is a sharp pain on the right side like middle abdomin everytime i throw up it taste like metal its hard to eat. oh and one more thing i dont have a galbladder anymore it was removed in november. i have a fever constantly tired and in pain a friend told me it could be my appendixx is this true….

    • Jan Modric


      appendix pain is usually on the right side beetween the belly button and the hip. Gallbladder pain in on the right side just below the rib cage. It can be also a bowel obstruction from any cause; no point to discuss this here. I strongly recommend you to go to emergency right away.

  • pink and green

    I have rashes on my waist and internal stomach pain on the right side. What can it be? A doctor exam me but he not sure what it is.

    • Jan Modric

      pink and green,

      have old are you, male or female?

      Where exactly do you feel the pain (above or below the navel)? Other symptoms: bloating, lose stools, fever, tiredness? For how long the pain lasts and how it started – abruptly or slowly?

  • aikenbterry

    Hey, Iam 45yr old female.. I been having right side pain for about two months.. I comes and goes. I feel like gallbladder pain. I had my gallbladder remove over and year ago. the pain usally start off with a band the catch me off guard, very sharp..Then it goes into the dull feeling phase that will last several days. pain comes in waves. Sometimes as soon I eating something I would have a loose bowel movement. this dosnt happen all the times. should I be concern, Thank you for your time.

    • Jan Modric


      is the pain below the right rib cage? If so, one possible cause is obstruction or spasm of the bile duct. I believe a HIDA scan, performed by a gastroenterologist could confirm the problem.

  • brent1985

    Hi I’m 24 and I recently got my wisdom teeth removed(2 days ago)since then I’ve been experiencing a fluctuating pain on my right hand side (kidneys/Intestines) that comes and goes, while it happens I can hear and feel my stomach turning and once it stops so does the pain. There is constant faint inflamed feeling in the affected area that doesn’t seem to go away. Is it just a coincidence that I’ve started experiencing this just after my wisdom teeth extraction? I must also note that experienced a slight dull pain on my right hand side in the same area about 2 months ago but it went away and I dismissed it as sleeping in an incorrect position. Other than that I feel perfectly fine with no other symptoms!

    Please if anyone can help or offer advice it would be greatly appreciated as I am quite worried.

    Many Thanks

    • Jan Modric


      can you say exactly which area of the abdomen is affected? What do you mean with faint/inflammed feeling? Is your skin less sensitive to touch? Does the pain go away completely between the “attacks”?

  • nikki

    I’ve had a mild pain, almost like a cramp, in the right side of my abdomen, a little under my ribs. it has been bothering me for about 3 months, and although it is not severe, it is an almost constant pain. It’s much worse when bending over and often after a big meal. My doctor thought it may be gallstones, as I was also feeling pain in my right shoulder blades, but the abdominal ultrasound came back clear. The pain in my back has subsided, but teh abdominal pain remains. As some background, I am a 23 year old female, not overweight, but I was on the NuvaRing for about 4 months before starting to feel the pain. The doctor didn’t seem to think they were related, but did mention increased estrogen levels could lead to gallstones, so I removed it. It has gotten slightly better since, but for the most part, the pain is still there. Any help?

    • Jan Modric


      cramping pain below the ribs on the right side can originate in the gallbladder or bile duct. Sometimes a dense bile, called biliary sludge can stuck in the gallbladder and can be often missed by an ultrasound. CT is more reliable investigation. But you could ask for HIDA scan, where the gallbladder and bile duct can be checked.

  • brent1985

    @Jan Modric

    Thank you for your response. Excuse me for not being more descriptive.

    Let me start off by saying My skin does not feel sensitive to touch and feels relatively the same.

    In regards to the location, It starts in the lower right close to the centre (in line with the naval) and as the turning pain continues the pain extends towards the far right before completely disappearing (Looking at the diagram it appears to be intestines but its hard to tell). Last night I was timing it and it happened every 35 -40 seconds and the pain lasts for 3-4 seconds at a time!

    When i say inflamed I mean a burning sensation in the far right in line with navel. Its not unbearable but very uncomfortable.

    So far today, I’ve only had some turning pain this morning but it has since then disappeared and all I have is a burning sensation in the area. Which is what happened yesterday and then in the night time it started when I was lying down.

    Thank you in advance.


    • Jan Modric


      so the stomach turning (rumbling?) triggers the pain that extends from around the navel like a band toward the right? Painoccuring in 35-40 sec intervals could be from peristalsis waves… the cause could be constipation or bloating, which can occur quickly after certain foods.

      Next two causes, I can think of, are a pinched nerve in the thoracic spine and shingles (Herpes zoster – rash may appear with 1-2 weeks delay).
      Urinary stones could be also possible.

  • brent1985

    Thanks very much Jan

    I have booked an appointment for tomorrow morning. Will let you know what the result is

    Many Thanks,


  • Jenn (:

    hi iv been feeling really sick and iv been having bad pain around my bellybutton and the pain has been moving down towards the right of my stomach. wb 🙂

    • Jan Modric


      are you nauseated? What you’ve described may be from appendicitis. I recommend you to visit your doctor right away.

  • Jenn (:

    okay thanks for your help jan

  • KateB

    I’m a 38 year old female with pain that started 3 days ago in my upper right side. It’s almost right under my ribcage. The first time it happened I was in the mall with my girls and it practically knocked the wind out of me. It was a severe cramping/stabbing feeling. It caused me to double over and not be able to stand straight for probably 5-7 minutes. The pain remained sharp for about 15 minutes but subsided. Since that time I still have a cramping/full feeling…almost reminds me of being pregnant and having the baby’s foot under my ribs. I’ve also started feeling nauseated and occassionally get a warm/burning sensation in that area. I noticed it getting worse when I would bend over today and this evening I almost feel “itchy” over my body…not like an allergic reaction, just an odd sensation. No problems with bowel movements or gas. I’ve had my right ovary and tube removed due to an LMP tumor on the right ovary and have also had a hernia repair done mid abdomen. Oh..and while they were doing to ovarian surgery they removed my appendix. It’s not really that sore to the touch…if I press hard it’s uncomfortable. I almost feel as if I could get my ribs out of the way it would feel better…just feels cramped in there.

  • nsalvofam

    I started experiencing pain in urq a few days ago. The pain originally started on the luq after eating, but now seems completely concentrated on the right side. It hurts most when I eat, but it is slightly tender all of the time. About 2 months ago I developed hives, this is the first time I’ve ever had them, though my mother was a frequent sufferer. I wonder if the hives & abdominal pain are related? I am 41, 5’6″ & weigh 190.

    • Jan Modric


      hives are usually a symptom of allergy. Hives and abdominal problems could be symptoms of an allergy to certain food(s) and could appear either within minutes after starting eating or only several hours later. Regarding your family history, I recommend you to visit an allergologist.

  • Emma

    i have a big pain on the lower right side of ny body from my stomach going round to the right of my back, it feels slightly more swollen, feels really painfull most of the time, i also thought i had a urine infection as i had the syptoms, but this pain has only just come on, whst could it be?

    • Jan Modric


      is the pain below or above the belly button? When and how did pain start? Is it constant pain? Any change in bowel habits?

  • momma

    My mom is having severe abdominal pains on the right side with really really bad diarhhea, it hurts when she moves or breathes in What should i do

    • Jan Modric


      your mom should see a doctor as soon as possible. There areseveral possible causes, but her symptoms seem to be serious, so there is no time to discuss this here.

  • oidara

    Hi. I am 34 years old, female. For about 2 years now I have been having pain on and off low down on the right side. I first noticed it a few months after my first daughter was born. It comes and goes and is never very severe. I sometimes feel it when I begin to urinate. I have since been pregnant and given birth to a second daughter, so I have had several ultrasounds of the area. Nothing has shown up. I do have a couple of cysts (2cm), with one of them being a suspect endometrioma, plus a small fiborid (again 2cm), but these are all on the left side, not the right. I think I tend to get the sensation more when I haven’t drunk enough water, so I can’t help feeling it is urinary related, but I really don’t know. Can you advise? Thank you.

    • Jan Modric


      where exactly do you feel the pain (in inches from the belly button)? When you start to urinate, the relations among the bladder, uterus, ovaries and rectum change a bit. Adhesions (from eventual endometriosis) or something other connecting the bladder and adjacent organs could cause the pain, when the organs move. Ultrasound cannot show adhesions reliably. An MRI of the pelvis/abdomen could tell more.

  • nsalvofam

    Regarding my initial post;I had full blood work & an abdom. ultrasound. Blood work showed high sugar (166), but that’s it. Ultrasound indicated possible kidney stone(s)in left kidney, which I had once before. At that time the radiologist diagnosed medullary sponge kidney but never told me anything else about it, so I assume it’s harmless. Now dr. is sending me for CT scan with IVP??? I don’t understand why because with kidney stones, don’t they just wait for them to pass? Oh & I still have no answer from doc about the hives except “Who knows, could be anything. Maybe you should see an allergist” gggggrrrrr frustrated!!

    • Jan Modric


      1. the cause of high sugar has to be found. I guess an endocrinologist should make additional tests.
      2. CT with IVP will be able to reveal if you have medullary sponge kidneys or not. Small kidney stones can sometimes pass, but not large ones. Kidney stones need to be treated.
      3. An allergy can have several causes, and an allergologist can identify them. You yourself can think what could be the possible cause: certain food, soap, clothes, detergent…
      4. It’s likely your abdominal pains are caused by kidney stones, but there could be more. Regarding you have high blood sugar, the pancreas should maybe be checked.

  • oidara

    Hello. Thanks for your response. I would say it’s about 4 inches below the belly button and 2-3 inches to the right. What would this point towards? I actually had a little bit of spotting today which may or may not be related, despite the fact that my cycles have not yet returned as I am tandem nursing my 2.5 year old and 5 month old. I have had the pain in the last few months with no spotting, so I don’t know that is has anything to do with it. Thanks for your advice.

    • Jan Modric


      the bladder wall, ovaries and Fallopian tubes are close there. Have you discussed this with your gynecologist?

  • nancyy


    I’m a 21 year old female, and usually once a month, I get a sharp pain on my lower right abdomen/side when I begin to urinate. As soon as I stop, the pain goes away; however, when I try to begin again, the pain comes back. Eventually the pain goes away and everything returns to normal. It usually only happens once a month for only day and is very brief (max 5 min). Do you know what the cause of it is? Thanks

    • Jan Modric


      it is about the same day in the month? Is it related to your period? There’s one comment by oidara, if you scroll up a bit, who is also having a resembling problem.

  • oidara

    Hello. I am due to see my gynocologist in 10 days’ time. I will discuss it then. Do you have any idea what could be causing my symptoms? Thank you.

    • Jan Modric


      if your previous ultrasounds didn’t show any abnormalities, then, for example, pelvic adhesions or endometriosis could be possible. I just want to say that ultrasound, CT and even MRI can miss adhesions, so even if these eventual tests are normal, it doesn’t mean there is no organic abnormality there. In this case you could discuss about laparoscopy. For you it is important to disclose all details of this pain and related symptoms (bleeding?) to your gynecologist.

  • nsalvofam

    Dear Jan,
    Just a quick thank you for fielding the questions I & others have. It is kind of you to take your time to help us, so again, thanks!!

  • oidara

    Hello again. I saw my gynecologist today. She couldn’t see anything on my right side and was able to move my ovaries around so she believes there is no fusion there from scar tissue caused by endometriosis. She said perhaps it is the colon causing the twinges. Does this sound possible?

    Also, the suspect endometrioma on the left is the exact same size as it has been for 2.5 years. It causes no pain. In your opinion, is it safe to leave this where it is indefinitely? I am very nervous about surgery so would prefer to avoid it if possible. It would also be out of the question (unless essential) while I am still breastfeeding, which is likely to be for a few more years.

    (FWIW, I am scheduled to have an MRI to see if we can determine that the cyst is indeed an endometrioma. My doctor is sure it is nothing malignant, though.)

    Thank you.

    • Jan Modric


      MRI can show even small tumors on both sides of the abdomen, and I recommend you to wait for results. From what you say your doctors have said, I also don’t think there is something malignant. Fibrous tissue from endometriosis can apper virtually anywhere in the abdomen and can connect bladder, uterus, ovaries, intestinal loops, including rectum. Tests your gynecologist have made do not exclude endometriosis. Even MRI can not exclude it. I’m not saying you have it; you’ve mentioned endometrioma, so this is why I was thinking in this direction.

      Disorders of the colon, like diverticles, or simple spasms usually cause pain on the left side. There is the appendix on the right side, which can be, rarely, chronically inflamed… It could also be a fibroma in the bladder wall. Or something in the uterus…An MRI can confirm/exclude a lot of these disorders.

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  • mommyof2


    I am 34-year-old female. I’m experiencing pain on my mid-right side. The pain began five days ago. For 24 hours it was a sharp stabbing pain. The following 24 hours the pain turned into a constant dull pain. The pain is no longer constant but will remind me that it is there at least once every hour or so. Its intensity is not unbearable but enough to make me realize that this is not normal. I went to the doctor at the 48-hour mark but he told me since I was not experiencing any other symptoms (i.e. fever, chills, etc), it’s probably constipation or gas. The pain has not subsided so I am now in disagreement with that theory. To let you know my history, I have two children. My second was born vaginally seven months ago. Normal pregnancy and delivery. My periods have began again but they are still a little off. The last two began March 21st and April 9th. Before my pregnancy I had the typical 28 day-cycle. The only other symptoms I can think of – there is a gland that is sore under my left jaw and you asked another poster in an above posting about cold sores (I can’t think of the exact terminology.) I have had two inside my mouth in the last week. I’ve had these since I was a child so I didn’t think anything of it till I read your mentioning of them. The area that hurts on my side is about two-inches above my hip and also about two-inches inward from the side (pushing in from the front.) It is NOT tender to the touch. No urination burning, no fever, no nausea, no vomiting, no diarrhea. Just this pain that I know cannot be normal or “just gas” at this point.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Jan Modric


      the lower part of the ascending colon (including appendix) and the ureter lie under the spot you’ve described. A spasm in any of these organs could cause a stabbing pain. An ultrasound of the abdomen is usually the first investigation in such cases, but a gastroenterologist should say what to do. The mentioned part of the colon is often the first part affected in Crohn’s disease.

      Mouth sores often appear in various types of inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, like in a Crohn’s disease. I’m not trying to say you have this, I just want to mention what to think about – a blood test could reveal an inflammation. The sore gland under the jaw and mouth sores could be related and none of them are normal.

  • mommyof2

    I forgot to mention, I did have the symptoms of vaginitis (odor and dark-in-color discharge). I told the doctor at the appointment my symptoms and requested medication based on the fact that I have had this more than a few times and I know what the symptoms of it are. He did not perform a papsmear. My urine sample was “dirty” as they call it but no symptoms of urinary tract infection (no frequency or pain.) He gave me medication for vaginitis.

  • oversurgery

    I recently had surgery to remove a large abdominal mass. It ended up being a endometrioma which had strangulated the ovary and fallopian tube. Years ago I had had a salpingo oopherectomy and then 4 years later had my uterus and cervix removed. Because I had a frozen abdomen they work around the bowel to get to it. A lot of the pain I am feeling now are adhesion which I understand (I have had 13 surgery’s for endo) but I noticed a rather sharp object to the right of my incision. My incision is about 8 inches and it is closer to the top near my belly button. To me it feels like the corner of a staple. It is very painful to touch and then my abdomen hurts for hours afterwards. I did have 18 staples removed but when I asked the Doctor how many I had she didn’t know. Could this be a staple that was absorbed under the skin. I know that two of them were very hard to get out as the skin had started growing over them. It has been 6 weeks and I am not progressing as well as I did after my hyterectomy. I am only 38 and frustrated. I also had burning lower pain in my groin area but I think that was the underlying stitches pulling as I have had that before with other surgery’s. Any ideas?

    • Jan Modric


      an ultrasound can be used to check for eventual staples. In any case, I recommend you to speak with your surgeon.

  • kbostons

    I am a 42 year old female. I’ve had the pain in my lower right side since Nov.09. Had an ultra sound done and nothing was found. My Doctor did surgery and removed adhesions, the pain is still there. He wants me to start taking Yaz,there are so many bad things about it, I am not going to take it. He wants to see me back in 6 wks, to talk about removing my ovary. The pain comes and goes. Any idea what this can be.

    • Jan Modric


      your surgeon has probably made some notes in your medical documentation about what he thinks is the cause of adhesions and why the ovary should be removed. Endometriosis or ovarian cyst are two possible causes, for example.

  • oversurgery

    Thanks Jan,
    I did talk to my surgeon and they said that because of my many surgery’s they put permanent stitches underneath and had to tie them off in different places. I went in and she said that this is what I was feeling; a part of the stitches which had been tied.
    At least now I know.

  • playboyxx

    i keep getting a sudden pain in my lower ride side ofmy back and it happens just before i need to pee. it has been happening for the past few years but only happens in the summer and it doesn’t happen everytime i need to pee just sometimes. it is etremly sore and sometimes i just fall to the ground although it neverr seems to last longer than 10mins.

    • Jan Modric


      a kidney doctor (nephrologist) can probably give a diagnosis.


    Followed your advice. I checked out all the side effects of the Mirana. I had them all. Also had Mirana removed last month, and haven’t had right upper and lower abdominal pain since. Hope it’s not just a coincidence. Thanks

    • Jan Modric


      great news and useful comment.

  • nsalvofam

    Hi. A further update….I had a CT Scan today & sure enough, kidney stones in both kidneys….lucky me.

    • Jan Modric


      so it seems doctors are of some use.

  • stars

    First of all, I am under an Internist’s care, but she is stumped at this point. Found this site on a Google search of symptoms and figured an extra set of virtual eyes couldn’t hurt.

    I have pain in my lower right side, pretty much in line with my hip bone, radiating about a finger’s length to the front of body and the same distance to the back. Pain in back radiates a tiny bit higher (maybe 1″); pain in front a little bit lower (maybe 2″).

    I thought it just started about three weeks ago, but thinking back, it actually has been there for about three months. Previous to three weeks, it only presented when I was under exertion, but felt like a knife in my side. In the past weeks, the pain has been there 24/7 dully, with sudden stabbing pains more and more frequently.

    My personal history includes (but isn’t limited to…) Fibromyalgia, osteo-arthritis and Spinal Stenosis. This pain was not like any I’d experienced with any of those and in a place that I’ve never had pain before. I am 52 years old and have had the Fibro and OA since I’ve been in my late teens/early twenties, so the other pain is something I’m very accustomed to.

    My internist first asked the usual kidney questions because of the pain’s location. I do not have any changes in urination at all, no pain while urinating, no blood in urine. I was hospitalized two years ago for med induced kidney failure and was in the ICU for 5 days. As soon as that med was d/c’d and I was super-hydrated, I was fine.

    I normally drink *lots* of water. Not because of thirst, but because I know how important keeping hydrated is; I’d say maybe 3/4ths of a gallon daily. I do not drink soda at all, my diet is 3/4 very healthy, the only other things I drink is a glass of milk a day and an occasional red wine or cocktail – less than 2 a week, if that much.

    My internist ordered X-Rays suspecting a fractured rib, but they came back negative. I am scheduled for a CaT scan of the area this coming week and a urine test.

    I had a slight fever last week (99.5; I’m usually 97.1) but that’s gone. No vomiting. Maybe a little nausea, but nothing really significant. I have been constipated in the evenings (not the mornings) but I’m assuming that is due more to taking Vicodin for my previously mentioned problems. I have started taking fiber supplements to assuage that.

    What else? I have an uncommon blood disorder (Factor VIII) that caused a stroke and heart attack 2 years ago, from which I recovered well over time. I’m on coumadin for life, as well as about ten other medications for the Fibro/Stenoisi/OA plus depression/OCD. My BP is at a wonderful 110/68 usually. Worrying about liver damage from a lot of the meds, I take Milk Thistle about once a month for a few days, as a cleanse. Energy has become lower than normal lately – not sure if that’s related, or if I’m going into a Fibro flare from the accompanying stress this has caused. I have ovarian cysts that have become worse with peri-menopause, but again, this is not the same kind of pain I’ve experienced from them. I am being treated for anemia “probably” caused by the aforementioned cysts hemorrhaging during my periods but my levels continue to rise. Red counts were as low as 25; have risen to 60/70-ish. I’m on iron for that.

    The only other sudden onset condition that seems to be unrelated although it occurred at the same time is my pinky and ring finger on my left hand have gone numb/electrically charged. Was told this is either due to trauma to cervical herniated disks (C3 & C4) that’ve been present for years or carpal tunnel, from substituting my left hand frequently (I was right handed) while my right is still recovering from the stroke.

    I think I covered any questions you’ve asked others in previous questions. If you have any others or any ideas, please throw them at me.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Jan Modric


      yes two questions:
      1. is the painful spot tender to touch and is it obviously affected by body position or moving.

      As I undersatnd you take vicodin for a long time, but constipation has started only lately. Puting vicodin, increased fiber intake, constipation, nausea, fever, itch, and abdominal pain in a time line (as they appeared) could help to judge if they are related.

      Pinky and ring finger numbness are usually not due to carpal, but cubital tunnel syndrome – an injury of the elbow, or leaning on it during a desk work can cause it. Cervical injury can also cause such symptoms.

      Stabbing pains above the right hip, not tender to touch, could arise from the ascendent colon, right ureter or abdomianl/pelvic adhesions associated with ovarian cysts. Adhesions could pull the colon and partially obstruct it – this would agravate constipation and cause nausea. Inflammed diverticles could cause partially block the colon and cause fever and nausea. A pinched nerve in the lower thoracic/upper lumbar spine could be also possible – in this case, the pain would be likely changed by body position (sleeping) and possibly by certain movements.

      CT can show a lot of abdominal disorders, but can miss adhesions (even MRI does not reliably show them).

      Regarding your arthritis, pain could arise from muscles/tendons attached to the pelvis – these would be likely tender to touch.

      Constipation itself can cause quite some pain.

      Urinary stones do not always cause burning urination or blood in the urine. Fever could be present. Urine test could detect elevated levels of certain substances, though.

      I believe thest you are having will at least narrow down the possible causes.

      Vit B supplements cause bright yellow urine. It’s amber or dark urine that is not normal (increased bilirubin). Itch may be from food or medication allergies (?), liver disease or bile duct obstruction (gallstones), or intestinal parasites (blood and often mucus in the stool, itch).

  • stars

    Forgot a few things that may/may not be pertinent:

    Constantly itchy skin (my skin has always been hyper-sensitive but lately, it’s driving me nuts)

    Blood in stools, but I’ve had hemorrhoids for years. Only happens when I’m constipated.

    Yellow urine, but I take a lot of vitamin supplements.

    Lack of appetite. I always eat breakfast, but sometimes it’s 10 – 11PM until I realize that I’ve forgotten to eat lunch or dinner. Yes, I know this is very bad for my body. I’ve been trying to remember to stay on some kind of schedule. This is accompanied by feeling bloated.

    My sugar count was just over the high point for the first time I’m my life on my last CBC. I’ve been hypoglycemic for years, but I’ve never had a bad sugar count. Doctor told me to lay off sweets.

  • I am 32-year-old female. I’m experiencing abdominal cramping sometimes abdominal pain nauseated and my period did not come its already 5 days delay i take pregnancy test but it was a negative result .The pain began five days ago. But it is not that painful it is mild pain.and feeling of follness and y abdomen is becoming big.I take birth control pills for 2 years after stopping the pills i started to feel this symptoms.

    • Jan Modric


      a gynecologist can say, is abdominal fullness from gas or fluid.

  • ME

    I have been having upper abdominal pain,almost a burning feeling,nausea, bloating, as well as lower right side of my body from my stomach going round to the right of my back keeping me from sleeping a restful night. When I finially can get out of bed I must get to the bathroom right away, my bowel movements are extremely loose and happens at least 10-12 times daily now for about 6 weeks. I can not drink or eat much of anything. Please help, what should I do?

    • Jan Modric


      a stool test for parasites may reveal the cause, but a gastroenterologist might have additional ideas. & weeks of lose stools is a really good reason to visit a doctor, otherwise you might start to lose important minerals from the body.

  • pain921

    im expriencing stomach pains in my lower right side for the past 3 days at first i thought it was gas but ive passed some and moved my bowels. it gets worse when i walk or press on the area, sometimes sharp pains every so often. i have no diareeha, nause, or anything. today i used the bathroom with 1 episode of cloudy urine. do you think its uti or my appendix or something else

    • Jan Modric


      cloudy urine can be from UTI or other urinary tract disordr, like urinary stones…Acute appendicitis usually causes constant pain and cloudy urine is not typical.

  • stars


    Thx for the insights.

    You wrote:
    Jan Modric on April 26th, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    yes two questions:
    1. is the painful spot tender to touch and is it obviously affected by body position or moving.

    No, not really affected by touch. It is tender when I move, but the stabbing pain seems to come out of nowhere.

    As I undersatnd you take vicodin for a long time, but constipation has started only lately. Puting vicodin, increased fiber intake, constipation, nausea, fever, itch, and abdominal pain in a time line (as they appeared) could help to judge if they are related.
    Since I upped my fiber over the weekend, constipation has disappeared, as I suspected it would. That’s off the table for now.

    Pinky and ring finger numbness are usually not due to carpal, but cubital tunnel syndrome – an injury of the elbow, or leaning on it during a desk work can cause it. Cervical injury can also cause such symptoms.
    Hmmm… Okay, well, initially she said cervical problems, then switched it to carpel tunnel. I’m supposed to be getting fitted for a brace tomorrow – do you think this would be a waste then?


    Stabbing pains above the right hip, not tender to touch, could arise from the ascendent colon, right ureter or abdomianl/pelvic adhesions associated with ovarian cysts. Adhesions could pull the colon and partially obstruct it – this would agravate constipation and cause nausea. Inflammed diverticles could cause partially block the colon and cause fever and nausea. A pinched nerve in the lower thoracic/upper lumbar spine could be also possible – in this case, the pain would be likely changed by body position (sleeping) and possibly by certain movements.

    CT can show a lot of abdominal disorders, but can miss adhesions (even MRI does not reliably show them).
    I am going to mention this to her. Thanks! What does show them if not CT scan or MRI?

    Regarding your arthritis, pain could arise from muscles/tendons attached to the pelvis – these would be likely tender to touch.
    Again, not an arthritis, stenosis or Fibro pain – I’ve never felt anything like this before this started. The type or the area.


    Constipation itself can cause quite some pain.
    Again, off the table now.

    Urinary stones do not always cause burning urination or blood in the urine. Fever could be present. Urine test could detect elevated levels of certain substances, though.
    Well, getting the urine test tomorrow.

    I believe thest you are having will at least narrow down the possible causes.

    Vit B supplements cause bright yellow urine.
    This I know – and I do take large doses of B to combat the Fibro Fog I get. That’s why I mentioned the two things in one thought.


    Itch may be from food or medication allergies (?), liver disease or bile duct obstruction (gallstones), or intestinal parasites (blood and often mucus in the stool, itch).

    No food allergies. Only med allergies I’m aware of are penicillin and HZTZ – not on either. I thought gallstones were higher up for pain – no? Parasites… Hmmm… how would that be determined?

    Thanks for all your help! I really appreciate it. 🙂

    • Jan Modric


      CT can show urinary stones…or something other, you’ll see.
      Urine test can reveal a disorder in urinary tract, like urinary stones, infection, kidney inflammation…
      Abdominal adhesions can be reliably seen during laparoscopy.
      Intestinal parasites can be detected by stool test for parasites.
      Gallbladder and bile duct are just below the right rib cage, yes, but they do not always cause pain. Blockage of the bile flow throug the bile duct or within the liver could result in bile entering the blood and skin and thus cause itch. I wrote this in attempt to list few causes of itch…Here is a detailed list of causes of itchy skin.
      The doctor should decide is it carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist brace) or cubital tunnel syndrome (elbow brace) or a cervical disorder (CT or MRI…).

      All above is only for explanation, it is NOT a list of suggested tests.

  • rodikusdude

    Well for a bit I have been getting this burning sensation in my upper right abdominal area. At first i thought it was heartburn cause I would usually get it when i had heartburn or if i ate anything i would get the burning sensation, but it would usually go away after a little bit, 20 minutes or so. Well today before work, the pain came back but wouldnt go away at all. I took some tums thinking it would help.. nope, took Ibprofen but apparently it doesnt really help stomach pain a friend said. I wrote my doctor a e-mail and he says just take some over the counter medicine cause i told him i was fearing it could be a ulcer but he said he doubt that. Also i am not sure if this is important or not, after reading a few of these responses i have noticed sometimes i have to pee all of a sudden. Like i have to pee but i can hold it usually then i like LITERALLY have to go pee. ANyways sorry to babble on, just curious what the burning sensation could be. it hurts if i touch it, but im not sure if it hurts cause i have been poking at the area all day

    • Jan Modric


      burning pain in the right upper abdomen can be from inflammation (or ulcer) of the stomach or duodenum. One of possible causes is an infection with Helicobacter pylori bacteria. You should avoid ibuprofen and aspirin, also vitamin C and acidic foods, like soda, alcohol, fruits, vinegar. If the burning persists, you might want to discuss with your doctor about testing for H. pylori.

  • kanch

    Right hip,leg,ankle pain on vigorous walking.
    No tenderness in abdomen though, pain get worse on running.
    Resting automatically relieves pain.

    • Jan Modric


      it is possible that hip and ankle joints are affected. An orthopedist could give a diagnosis.

  • don58

    I am a 58 year old male; About 6 weeks ago I started experiencing lower abdominal discomfort, not pain, It would seem to always be present but felt less discomfort after eating. Everything is fuctioning normal but I do have some discomfort in my testicles and what seems like slight swelling.This discomfort comes and goes. The lower abdomen discomfort is always present butis minimal when I lie down. Now I am experiencing a burning sensation below my right rib cage and it comes and goes. I sure would appreciate a little help. My doctor sent me home with a perscription for acid reflux which helped my acid reflux but did little else. Thank You in advance. Don

    • Jan Modric


      one possible cause of burning sensation below the right rib cage accompanied with gastric reflux is inflammation of the stomach – gastritis – or duodenum – duodenitis – and both can be caused by infection by H. pylori, which can be confirmed by a blood or breath test and, if positive, treated by prescribed antibiotics. The swelling in the testicles can be due to a localized disorder in the testis or scrotum – an urologist should tell is it something serious. If the swelling is in the lower abdomen, it could be hernia, among other. A gastroenterologist can say more.

  • sunflower

    I am a 52 year old post menopausal female. I have a dull pain deep inside my abdomen that only shows up during the night when I am sleeping. It is about half way between my hip bone and my belly button (about 3 inches from either side. I can feel it on the front and on my back (inside). It wakes me up every night. I am usually constipated (my whole life), but the pain only started about a month ago. I am normally 100 lbs, but at this time I am 105 lbs, 5′ 2″ It does not hurt more if I press deep and then release quickly.

    • Jan Modric


      it is the appendix and the beginning of the ascending colon on the site you’ve described. Chronic appendicitis and inflammatory bowel disease can cause such pain. These disorders would likely cause pain throughot the day, though. If you have ever had pelvic inflammatory disease, abdominal surgery or C- section, adhesions could develop and cause position-dependent pain. A pinched nerve in the lower thoracic or upper lumbar spine would be also possible, since pain changes with a body position.

  • Jeremy

    I went to the hospitol with pain in my lower right abdomen they did a Cat scan it showed nothing unusual and they said it is just a spastic colon but the pain hasn’t gone away and i’ve had it for about a week and a half. Could the CT have missed something serious?

    • Jan Modric


      CT can miss inflammation in the colon. Even small polyps in the colon would not be necessary shown. To say more I would need to know, where exactly is the pain, what kind of pain is it, is it constant, is the area tender to touch, any bloating, diarhea, constipation…

  • Jeremy

    forgot to mention its been about 3-4 days since the hospitol visit.

  • Jeremy

    The pain comes and goes at times and other times it is a constant sharp pain in the lower right abdomen almost around the area of the waist line a bit above it. when i first noticed the pain i thought i was constapted so i took some laxitives had water like diarhea for about 3 days after. pain didn’t get any better. it isn’t tender to the touch only when i press a little hard. i just recently noticed that when i jump it hurts quite a bit more. Its been about 2 weeks now pain is down some but still have sharp pain every now and again and a dull ach most of the time.

  • saiqa

    hi i have also been experienceing the same problem on the right, botoom of my stomach. i went to the doctor and she said i do not drink enough water. the problem is that the pain comes and goes…. what shall i do?>

    • Jan Modric


      the doctor wants to have as many as possible details about your pain and other circumstances. You may check this personal medical history questionnaire to recall more details:

  • saiqa

    ow an i am 17 years old.. pls help… by the way the doctors advice did not help!

  • Gary L.

    I am a 53 year old man and have had pain in the upper right portion of my abdomen for a couple of years now. After going to various specialists they decided to remove my gall bladder. A year afterwards, I still have the pain especially after eating. I have experimented with diet to no avail. I also am very active and ride bicycles daily averaging a hundred miles a week.
    There are times I can push on the area where the pain is and it will increase. Amost a tingling at the surface and a sharp pain inside. It is located just below the right side of my rib cage and about two inches to the right. The doctors say it is not ulcers in the small intestines (duodinal) hope that is spelled close. Could there be an issue with the valve where the stomach exits into the intestines. I am at my wits end and have had so many tests with no results I am afraid the insurance company will finally say enough is enough.

    • Jan Modric

      Gary L.,

      the painful spot as you described it may be the bile duct (and your doctor should estimate this during physical examination) – one possible disorder is called biliary dyskinesia, and the related one is called sphincter of Oddi dysfunction (SOD). Sharp pain appears after a (fatty) meal and may (not necessary) radiate into the back, typically into the shoulder blade(s). Nausea may occur. Tests may include HIDA scan or ERCP, but a gastroenterologist should tell.

      Stomach exit (pylorus) is located at about the same site as the bile duct. An ulcer at this site would be seen during gastroscopy, pyloric stenosis would be seen during X-ray with barium meal…Ulcer would cause burning pain, especially after acidic foods.

  • Janet Kaye

    I am a 64yr old female. For the past 8-12 mos. I have been having frequent bouts of feeling extream nasusa when I lay on my right side or back (mostly back). When this happens I have to get up and sit on the sofa or chair/or walk, for it to go away. I never vomit from this. Its just horrible nausa waves. I have GERD and take otc priloc. Can you give me any idea what this is? I had a hysterectomy 3 yrs ago. Other than back pain thats all. Thank you

    • Jan Modric

      Janet Kaye,

      nausea after lying down could be due to GERD and this could be caused by Helycobacter pylori infection of the stomach. Blood and breath test exist, treatment is by one week course of prescribed antibiotics.

  • june

    28 year old female, right abdominal pain ‘moving’ from upper to middle and lower abdomen, more painful when reaches the lower part, slow digestion and light constipation (but also experienced some softer stools lately), bloating and gas, pain/burning sensation in the lower back, buttocks, thighs – not permanent; pain under pressure in the center-right of the abdomen next to rib cage – after bowel movement this pain intensifies and is usually combined with wattery-bitter sensation in the mouth, nausea and headaches; also, sometimes after bowel movements my lower legs (from the foot going up) hurt, feeling more like a flesh/muscle pain; i have not had an ecography yet, but from the blood work, the doctors could see nothing wrong and chose IBS as a best possible candidate; i have also had some pelvic/ovaries pain with irregular menstruation and painful intercourse before all these other symptoms appeared, but the gynecologist ruled out any problems he may treat; i did not have any kind of fever, but i have been feeling very tired for awhile and could not properly sleep during the nights, waking up very early, after a few hours of deep sleep and during this time when waking up my hands would sometimes shake and i would not have proper control of them when trying to clench my fists. This tiredness has worn out meanwhile. I have lost weight, but when i am in pain and discomfort, i can’t hardly eat much all day. All i have been hearing is ibs, stress or virus/flue type of thing.

    • Jan Modric


      pain below the right rib cage aggravated by pressure plus pain in the back, nausea and bitter taste may be from a gallbladder disorder (gallstones, biliary dyskinesia, sphincter of Oddi disorder – SOD, biliary reflux..). This could also cause loose stools. The first investigation is usually an ultrasound of the upper abdomen.

      Eventual bloating (?) from intestinal parasites (stool test exist) or fructose malabsorption could cause some of mentioned symptoms.

      Pain in the leg can be from a pinched nerve from a disorder in the lumbar spine or within the pelvis. An orthopedist could make a diagnosis.

  • LeeLee

    Hey for the last day and a half i have had this really bad pain probarly about 2 inches in from my hip bone its like a sharp pain feels like a razor blade is just sitting there what should i do it cant be after pains from having my daughter because she is 1 in 2 days but i have no clue whet it is help please

    • Jan Modric


      urinary stones (trapped in the ureter), ovarian cyst, appendicitis, pelvic/abdominal adhesions are some examples that may cause sharp abdominal pain. Ultrasound of abdomen and urine tests could probably show more.

  • budasti

    I’ve been having period cramps for the last few dya, of which I already have to take painkillers for, however I have still not started bleeding. When the problem first started I went to hospital in great pain, and they saif it was just period pain and I have been prescribed with Co-dydramol, Buscopan and Naproxen, however they are only helping slightly as the pain is still ther at the moment. I have also had a pain running down my right leg (as this time the pain is soley right sided when usually is the left), and the pain is exactly like my abdomonimal pain, and is grows in intensity the pain is sent to my abdomen again.
    Yesterday and today too, it has been stinging after I have urinated, hut through drinking a lot more it has stopped the sting
    My doctor originally thought that I had Policystic ovaries as I started my periods late, but I now do not think this is the case.
    Could you please help me with my essay of symptoms! As I would like to know what ‘might’ be going on!

    Thank you.

    • Jan Modric


      menstrual cramps are usually caused by a condition affecting the uterus or Fallopian tubes, including stenosis of the cervix, uterine fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic adhesions, endometriosis… Pain in the legs (thighs?) in menstrual cramps is commonly accompanied. You may search online for “causes of menstrual cramps”, but your gynecologist should be able to give diagnosis and tell which investigations might be needed.

  • 58 y.o female; I have had gallbladder removed and subsequent hernia repair. Have had recurring pain on R side under ribcage to the right of my navel. The pain is mostly dull but lately has intesified and not pinches and burns. It feels like there is something in the way when I bend down to put my shoe on and when sitting, I get a feeling like I want to put my rib-cage “over” whatever is in the way. Laying down eases the pain, the skin is sensitive to touch over the area. My back aches along my spine opposite the area. Not constipated or unusually gassy but I have noticed that I look and feel “bloated”. I have had X-Ray’s, sonogram and MRI. Appointment with gastroenterologist next. What can it be?

    • Jan Modric


      bloating – gas trapped in the colon – could explain your symptoms. After gallbladder removal, the bile is constantly flowing in the bowel and if not completely reabsorbed in the last part of the small bowl, it can reach the colon, where bacteria break it down and produce gas. Soluble dietary fiber (oats, psyllium husk..) can bind some of excessive bile and remove it from the bowel. This would work only in the situation as I explained it. If excessive bile is not the cause, soluble fiber could even increase bloating.

      Other frequent causes of bloating are fructose malabsorption and lactose intolerance.

  • Stacy

    I’m a 32 year old female – a bit over weight. On Sunday, I noticed just a few times a pain on the ride side of the abdomen. On Monday as the day went on, I noticed the pain more frequently until it was constant (dull) pain. Today is Tuesday and I still have the constant pain, a little more intense today. THe pain is on the right… if you were to draw a line from my belly button, diagonly to my hip, the pain is close to half way down the line. Today I have noticed some back pain on my lower right back, which may be connected to the abdomen pain. Any idea of what the cause could be?

    • Jan Modric


      it is important to tell, if the spot is tender to touch (or painful after pressure and quick release) and if pain changes with moving.

      Chronic appendicitis would probably result in pain after pressure and quick release
      Crohn’s disease (in the first part of the ascending colon) would likely cause nausea, change in bowel habit
      Pain from a pinched spinal nerve due to a disorder in the lumbar spine would be affected by body movements
      Urinary stone trapped in the ureter would cause crampy pain…

  • Stacy

    Jan, thanks for your response.
    I haven’t had any pain urinating and my pain doesn’t feel crampy (like when on my period). I haven’t noticed a changed in my bowel habits either.
    If I press the spot where I feel the pain, no tenderness – but an inch or abvoe that, still below rip cage and off to the right it is a bit tender when I press that spot. It is not the same for the left side.
    Also I feel the pain at night when I’m falling asleep. In the morning I’m fine when I wake up and get out of bed. Then 20-30 minutes that pain comes back.
    I wasn’t too concerned at first because it wasn’t very painful, but this will be the third full day with the symptom.

    • Jan Modric


      appendix, ascending colon and small intestine are under the spots you’ve described. If the tenderness is only an inch above the painful spot, it can still be appendix. Pain after deep presure and quick release would speak for appendix pain:

      In the morning, within an hour after you get up, colon often start to move (especially after breakfast), and this activity could cause the pain if the ascending colon was affected. Ultrasound of the abdomen is usually the first investigation.

  • impersonality

    I am an 18 yr old female.. 6 hrs ago i got a slight disconfort on my side. Not side of my stomach actual side where i curve at my natural waist. It developed into a cramp feeling and is to thr poibt where i cant move and it has me screaming and crying. Its very severe. It is my right side. Help

    • Jan Modric


      I cannot make guesses in urgent situations. Consider to see a doctor.

  • Cat

    About a year and a half ago I was sitting in a chair and leaned over sideways (to the right) to pick up something off the floor. I felt the sensation of something getting pinched and it hurt like hell. A month or so later when I was at the doctor for something else, I mentioned this pinching pain that was still with me and asked if I had damaged anything. She said no-that I probably just pulled a muscle. Now it HURTS. Constantly. For nearly a year. The pain is on my right side, at my waist that wraps around towards my back around where my kidney would be. The extreme discomfort is liken to horrific period cramps or super painful diarrhea. I doubt it is any sort of infection-I’ve been to the doctor several times in the last year and have been on some pretty powerful drugs for other infections. I’m about ready to throw my uninsured self at a doctor and go into some serious debt. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Jan Modric


      a pinched nerve in the thoracic spine (from bulging or herniated disc, or a disclocation of the disc or so, for example) could cause pain going from the back to the front, changing by body position. A CT or MRI of the spine could show that.

      Gallbladder pain is like a prolonged (hours) cramp, typically appearing after a meal, just below the right rib cage and can spread into the back and right shoulder blade or shoulder. Urinary stones in the kidney or ureter can also cause cramping pain. Ultrasound of the abdomen and urinary test can help in diagnosis.

      After body examination, a doctor can narrow down these posibilities.

  • Deezy

    I’ve been having a tightnesss in mid right side of my stomach.. if i stretch or when im walking/moving it sharply hurts a bit.. I have been having a stomach ache, and very gassy these past 2 days I’ve experienced this type of tightness before.. and i’m wondering what it is affecting my right side so much?

    • Jan Modric


      try to think what have you been eaten in a day before the gas and pains start. It could be from food poisoning. Large amount of fruits or foods containing sorbitol (in diet soda, for example) can also cause gas.

  • Nikibet

    Ive been having a a bad stomach ache for the past few days in my right side. It usually is accompanied with a back ache which Ive been to the doctors and he gave me tramadol for the pain along with a thoratic xray and it was clear. The stomach aches though, just started and the tramadol does not seem to help. It is worse when standing, and made better when I lay down or curl my knees up to my chest. The pain feels like it a knife stabbing in my stomach and straight out through my back. Ive been eating 3 meals a day, and the pain seems to start 30 min after ive woke up and lasts all day until I am able to lay down. Is there anything that can be causing this?

    • Jan Modric


      telling how far (inches) from the middle line and from the lower edge of the rib cage you feel the pain, could help. Also, if you experience any nausea, belching, bloating, gas…and if the pain is relieved or aggravated by meals. Also, is it tender to touch?

  • mary1275

    I am a 34 year old female with lots of pain on my right side above my hip that goes around my lower back area. I feel very bloated and have not been able to use the bathroom. It is very tender to my touch. I am in so much pain it hurts to do anything. I thought it might be gas but know I am not sure. I think it worst then that.

    • Jan Modric


      bloating itself may cause quite some pain. The question is now, if bloating is diet-related or there is some intestinal or other disorder. Telling if the pain is constant, and when did it start, what is your usual diet, and have you changed it lately, could help to understand your condition.

  • Nikibet


    update. It is on the right side about 4-5 inches from the belly button if you were drawing a straight line. and about 2 inches below the rib cage. The pain goes into my back, like someone is stabbing me with a knife in my back and out my stomach. It isnt made better/worse with food. Its not tender but the pain is immobilizing, gets to the point where I have to hunch over. There is no gas, or belching or any thing of that sort or naseua, except today I was almost dizzy from the pain. The pain progressively is getting worse.

    • Jan Modric


      I strongly recommend you to answer all relevant questions in this personal medical history form.

      Abdominal adhesions could pull the bowel. Adhesions occur after surgery (even years after), in endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, Crohn’s disease… MRI of the abdomen could show them, but sometimes a laparoscopy is required.

      – gallbladder or bile duct related pain (sometimes radiates in te right shoulder, and often causes nausea, not always though).
      kidney pain, from kidney stones or inflammation can be felt both on the back and below the ribs, kidney could be tender when punched slightly.

      X-ray does not show much. Ultrasound is usually the first investigation in abdominal pain. There is small intestine on the spot you’ve described. Gallbladder is a bit upper, duodenum is more to the center, stretched abdominal muscles would be likely tender to touch.

  • ianrapids7

    Hey guys,
    I’m a 17 yr old male. I was playing soccer today when all of a sudden i got a cramp in my side…except it wasnt in a normal spot for cramps…it is a pain inbetween my ribs and hips on my very right side, almost to my lower right back i thought it was just a cramp so i kept playing and its still with me even though i finished playing soccer 4 hours ago…should i be worried

    • Jan Modric


      a stretched muscle or a muscle cramp could be possible; in this case the affected area would be tender to touch. If the pain radiates down to the leg, a pinched nerve in the lumbar spine is likely. In mild cases, symptoms should resolve on its own is some days/weeks. If not, an orthopedist can give an exact diagnosis.

  • Stacy

    Hi Jan
    I was at the Dr last Monday and mentioned my right side abdomen pain to her. She was concerned and felt around my abdomen… none of pressing was painful. She said if it becomes a constant pain or becomes more painful to go in again.
    I’ve still been having the pain most days… noticing it more when i’m in a seated position.
    Is chronic appendicitus painful?
    My backpain (lower back) is worse… which may not be related.

    • Jan Modric


      I don’t know much about chronic appebdicitis. I know it can be diagnosed by a CT. It can cause pain or not, and could be tender to touch or not. I’m not sure if it would cause an obvious lower back pain, though, especially if you yourself are not convinced if abdominal and back pain are connected..

      Pain appearing in both lower abdomen and lower back, changed by body position (agravated by sitting) could be from a pinched nerve in the lumbar spine. Pain would likely resemble sciatica (in characteristics, not distribution). A CT orMRI of the spine would confirm a spinal disorder (like a bulging disc or spinal arthritis)

      If the pain arises from the abdomen, it could be from the colon. Colonoscopy would likely reveal the cause in this case.

  • Stacy

    Also – is it possible a medication may be causing my right side abdominal pain? I take a birth control pill, generic for wellbutrin and paxil and Claritin D.

  • Rosy


    I am 23 years old and healthy. I had kidney stones but am under doctor’s supervision every 6 months.
    For the past 2 weeks, i had a weird dull ache at the right side. I was bloated; also my bowel movements changed a bit. i went to doctor thinking it might be my appendix but he said its probably nothing. it went away this week, and today I felt the same, little less pain next to my right hip bone. the pain is not bad, it’s just very uncomfortable and feels like aching or itching. my bowel movements are kidns of irregular again. I did feel little nauseas and that made me little stressed. I am going to have an ultrasound to rule out the ovaries, but could it be IBS? the pain is now next to hip bone, more where the ovaries are…in the morning it was at my hip bone. Moving or anything else doesn’t make it worse. its a strange feeling, i don’t have to take any pain killers its not that bad, but it stresses me out.

    Any information would be appreciated,



    • Jan Modric


      bloating, pain and nausea may be from a bowel (colon) disorder, like Croh’s disease that often affects the part of the colon located in the lower right abdomen. But there are many other causes of bloating, like lactose intolerance, fructose malabsorption, intestinal parasites, liver or bile duct disease….Not sure what exactly you’ve ment with itching, but all mentioned symptoms can be present in intestinal parasites, for example. Diagnosis is confirmed by a stool test.

      Strictly speaking, nausea is not a part of IBS. Typically in IBS there is an alternation between diarrhea and constipation, symptoms are aggravated by meal and relieved by a bowel movement.

      Bloating and changed stool speak for a digestive problem rather than ovarian disorder, so you may want to discuss with your doctor about having stool tests (ordered by a gastroenterologist) before other tests.

  • tommybruin

    Yesterday I experienced a wrenching pain in the stomach that eventually moved to the lower right quadrant of the abdomen. This was also paired with a grumbling in the stomach. I have not experienced any vomiting, fever, or nausea. There is a very dull pain in the lower abdomen area, but is much more prevalent in the lower right side now. Sometimes movement like walking aggravates the pain and grumbling. I’ve tried the quick release of pressure, but it hurts more to press on it than to release it. I also suspect I unknowingly ate a piece of raw pork. I am a 35 year old male.

    • Jan Modric


      pain from food poisoning from a raw pork would be likely accompanied with diarrhea. Some other food “incident”, like eating a lot of fruits or beans at once could cause gas built in the lower right colon and symptoms you’ve described.

      In acute appendicitis, there is often some nausea, and pain is felt when you release the pressure after pressing, but there are a lot of untypical appendicuitis cases. The pain is initially felt around the belly button, then it moves to the right. Another possible cause is intestinal hernia. Possible causes differ in males and females and with age…

  • tresb26

    I have a pain in my lower right abdominal area, an inch below the top of my right hip and an inch or two towards my belly button area. I dont have loss of appetite, vomitting or diarrhoea. The pain is not sharp or knife like but is sore when i press on it or am moving. Any ideas?

    • Jan Modric


      additional info that can narrow down possibilities:
      – male or female, age?
      – any lump felt?
      – when and how did the pain start?
      – do you think it could be a physical injury?
      – any back pain or does pain spread to the groin or leg or anywhere else?

      Appendicitis and intestinal hernia are two possible causes.

  • izzyh

    Hi, I am a 20 year old female who plays sports and eats healthily, and not over weight. For many years I have had slight pain in the lower right abdominal area, it comes and goes, and sometimes is very painful.

    When I was younger around the age of 16 I went to the doctors and they just said it was growing pains, however last week I went to the doctors to have a regular check and she pressed down on where I said I was in pain and it made me flinch with a little scream of pain. Since then there has been this dull pain and today I was standing making tea and I suddenly got sharp, stabbing pain in the same place. This also happens when I am driving and even when I haven’t been driving for any length of time.

    I can point out the area where the pain is, it 6cm across from belly button 1cm down, it’s always there, just a very dull pain, and sometimes for a few minuets is a sharp pain. When I press down on right side I have sharp pain, but on left side I have no pain. I remember this one very bad night where the pain was so bad I couldn’t sit still, do anything to make the pain stop or sleep it was a nightmare. Since then every night I have my hot water bottle on my back which seams to help with the dull pain.

    Also every morning I have diarrhoea, the doctor said this may just be my normal bowel pattern. Since Christmas 2009 I have nearly lost a stone and a half but I don’t know how? I am eating the same and playing the same sports (which I stopped in April as season had ended) I was 10 stone 4 ish, now I am 8 stone 13 ish.

    I have had this problem for years but it seems to be getting worse. I asked if the doctor felt anything and she said no and had no answer for why I was in pain.


    • Jan Modric


      first, finding a doctor (gastroenterologist) who will take you seriously is important. Many years of pain is not just growing pain, and diarrhea is never a normal bowel pattern. It’s possible you have lost weight because of nutrients loss due to diarrhea. A gastroenterologist can say, if and which stool tests should be done.

      In the area you’ve described there are:
      – appendix (chronic appendicitis would be possible, not sure how likely is this…)
      – first part of the ascending colon (typically affected in Crohn’s disease; rarely this part could be twisted – volvulus of the colon)
      – small intestine (intestinal hernia would be possible – a bowel loop can be pinched by abdominal muscles every now and then, and this could cause sharp pain; try to check if you can feel any lump under fingers at any time – the lump may appear and disappear with time)

      In endometriosis, patches of the uterine tissue may appear anywhere in the abdomen, and resulting fibrous tissue can connect various organs and bowel loops and pull them (this causes pain) – these are abdominal adhesions. Sometimes a laparoscopy – an endoscopy of the abdominal cavity – is required to make a diagnosis.

      Maybe some doctor will want to diagnose you with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Weight loss is NOT a symptom of IBS, so I recommend you not to accept this eventual diagnosis initially. Also think if you ever had nausea, fever (even slight), is the stool sticky, floating…

  • tresb26

    im 21, the pain seems to have eased a bit today, although not totally gone. it started about 40 hrs ago, the pain never got worse and worse, it was just an uncomfortable pain as opposed to sharp and mainly affected me when i moved. No back pain and no lump. Perhaps it could be a muscle injury but im not sure, i am quite active in sports

    • Jan Modric


      stretched or ruptured abdominal wall muscle would be tender to touch and obviously related to body movements. Streched muscle usualy resolves on its own with time. Besides abdominal wall muscles, some deep muscle, like psoas maior/minor could be affected. A pinched nerve in the lumbar spine (for example, caused by a bulging or herniated disc) can cause pain in the lower abdomen. If pain does not go away you might want to visit an orthopedist.

  • izzyh

    Hi Jan

    I went to a walk in centre, as I could not get an appointment and they diagnosed me with having Coeliac which now when I thing about all my symptoms fit this condition. I am having a screen test next week.

    Thank you for your help


  • monka888

    Hi there im 32 male and i have a question pls help me… 4 days ago i got sharp pain close to my bellyb like a patch for 30 sec and stoped after couple min the spot felt like sunburn later that day i got same thing on my back but not a pain just a spot like sunburn when u touh it .. after two days when i woke up i had my lower back numb and after the third day tere is like red patches with pimples from my back to my belly on the left side only and i hve pain on my rib likd pulled muscle … and also hve hartburn early when i wake up … all my skin where the rahses are gets numb and the pain wich is mild goes on back to my first rib or on the side right now… pls help me

    • Jan Modric


      a rash spreadinf from the back to the belly button can be from shingles – a reactivation of Herpes zoster virus in the spinal nerve. A dermatologist can confirm a diagnosis.

      I don’t know if heartburn is related, but this is from the gastric acid moving up the esophagus. A gastroenterologist can check this.

  • monka888

    Oh i frgot to add i have no urge to urinate no vomiting no diarreha just numbness and litle pain feel like u were runing and u feel pain on ur side..

  • Britt_Hippie

    So yesterday morning i woke up with a cramp in my lower right abdomin, right next to my hip bone. With a constant urge to pee when nothing’s there, with a kind of sort of burning feeling near the end of peeing. Today i woke up with the same thing just now the cramped up feeling is my whole entire stomach?

    • Jan Modric


      this sounds like an urinary tract infection (UTI) or something other within the urinary tract, like urinary stone. A doctor can confirm the cause by an urinary test. Untreated UTIs may lead to complications…

  • Britt_Hippie

    Now the discomfort is moving up my sides and into my back, as well with it still being in my abdomin.

  • helen

    i have been having side pains in my lower stomach for a few hours, stabbing pains sort of and find it hard or impossible to stand up straight. i feel very light headed and every so often i feel like i may throw up.. also this is not the first time i’ve had it, it was every few months or so aswell. i am not nearing my period.
    any help?


    • Jan Modric


      knowing where exactly is the pain, is the spot tender to touch, any bloating, diarrhea, burning urination..could help.

  • AMY72

    37yr female rh side pain started 4 days ago inline with naval on rh side pain radiats upward to ribcage. have been taking gas-x and tylenol pain is extremly bad no rh ovary was remove 2 yrs ago gallbladder 10 yrs ago, have tried walking to relieve gas pressure with no results pain is constant day and night

    • Jan Modric


      if your abdomen is distended, then the pain may be from gas, and this can build up in the colon from several reasons:
      – food related causes:
      — ingesting large amount of dietary fiber (beans, oats…)
      — bacterial food poisoning – this usually heals on its own within a week
      — parasitic food poisoning – this can be diagnosed by a stool test and treated with prescribed medications
      — lactose intolerance, fructose malabsorption, celiac disease – these would cause chronic problems…
      – abdominal disorders:
      — inflammation of the colon

      It is importtant to say, if you have any nausea, fever, diarrhea, rash…

      If your abdomen is not distended, it can be urinary tract infection (burning at urination, cloudy urine…)

  • George

    I’m an overweight 40 yr old male who has been experiencing right side abdominal and back pain for over a year’s time. First it felt like a stabbing pain in my lower back and lower abdomen, so my doctor thought it could be kidney stones. Tests and ultrasounds came back negative. Then the stabbing pain began to spread up to just above and to the right of my navel and the lower right pain is now a constant dull pain. No nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarreah. There’s an area just above and to the right of my navel that is always very sore and tender and bruises easily but no real bulge like I’ve been told it would be if there was a hernia. My gallbladder was removed years ago and this pain doesn’t feel anything like the gallstone pain that I had. At this point I’m stumped. Any ideas?

    • Jan Modric


      I recommend you to visit an experienced gastroenterologist. Hernia does not always result in a palpable bulge, but there could be something else, like abdominal adhesions, which are starnds of scar tissue that sometimes develops (even years) after abdominal surgery. Ultrasound and even MRI can easily miss adhesions, so a gastroenterologist should tell which investigation to use.

  • rodj

    i have this lower back pain starting from the left part. i had this for the past 3 months. my left lower abdomen hurts too, it feels bloated. i checked my urine and the results say that i have UTI. they gave me prescriptions but i stopped taking antibiotics coz it constipates me and it doesnt go away even if i drink lots of water. ive noticed that the pain moves from right to left,sometimes it radiates to my neck and shoulders. im not sure what this is, i hope its not serious kinda scared coz its been here for too long and its not going away..

    • Jan Modric


      I suggest you to have an urine test again, and if positive, have a full course of antibiotics – and to do this soon. Pains on both sides of abdomen can be from kidney infection, which can irritaete the diaphragm, what can result in shoulder and neck pain. Diet high in fiber can prevent constipation.

  • jennysue101

    I’m 36 Female and I started to have pain on my right side starting from the outside turning to the left side above my ovary and toards my belly button. The pain started about a week ago. I have been spotting still after my period and feeling like I’m having slight cramps. I’m not pregnant. I started a gluten free diet 6 weeks ago and most of my stomache symptoms had disappeared. Last year I went to the ER for stomache pain thinking it was my appendix and it wasnt. They didnt know what else it could be. Had my ovaries checked and it wasnt that either. My stomache symptoms have improved with the gluten free diet but some pain/discomfort has returned this week. Last week I did have an episode where I left like I had mild food poisening. I had diaherra and very bad cramps and got very sweaty. My stomache pains now feel like something is pulling inside and is harder on the right side. It feels like the large intestine is inflammed. I feel a little bloated.

    • Jan Modric


      food poisoning can be from bacteria, which usually heals on its own in a week, or parasites, which can last for weeks or months, so antiparasitic medications are often needed. A stool test for parasites exist.

      If you ever suspectd, fruits may irritate you, you can try a 4 days low-fructose diet. If you think, dairy foods irritate you, you can try lactose free diet or combination of both, which is a low-FODMAP diet.

      If nothing of above helps, a pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), Crohn’s disease, endometriosis or abdominal adhesions can be considered and discussed with a gastroenterologist.

  • Abby

    I’ve been sick with what I believed was just a bad summer cold, sinus problems, heavy chest congestion, a really bad cough, etc..but after about a week i started to get a really aweful pain in my lower right abdomen, it feels like my stomach area is swollen and it gives me an uncomfortable feeling against my right hip and rib like it’s pressing out against them. it gets much worse when I’m laying down and increases After eating or drinking. a few days after this started I started getting throbbing pains shooting down my leg into the inside joint of my left knee and foot, followed by pains in my right arm and side if my face. now it throbs all the time in my lower back like someones forcing me to bend backwards too far. when this starts I feel nauseous and dizzy. disoriented. I can’t sleep hardly at all and feel clammy, sometimes the sleep deprivation gets so bad I hallucinate, any ideas what’s causing this??

    • Jan Modric


      this should be checked by a neurologist as soon as possible. Symptoms appearing on one side of the body may arise from the brain. The doctor will want to know a detailed history of your symptoms, here’s a questionnaire that may help.

      Your chest problems were probably from a respiratory infection (but it is important to say have you coughed up any mucus or had a runny nose). Stomach swelling was probably from gas built in the intestine, and this could be from a partial bowel paralysis, which may be related to your limbs/face symptoms.



    I am feeling Mild pain in right side stomach while taking Long breath. The pain is not sharp. what could be the things… pls help..

    • Jan Modric


      where exactly do you feel the pain? Pain below the right rib cage could be from gas built in the trannsverse colon, or inflammation of the lung membrane (pleuritis), for example.

  • Iriswigman


    I’m 13 and it hurts right below my rib and it feels sort of sharp and like a pinch but then sometimes it hurts and then it’s gone and later it goes back again. It doesn’t really hurt a long time but it goes back and forth. I also have pain lower but that feels different it doesn’t feel sharp. Is this two whole different things or is this the same thing but goes to other places in my body? or can the lower one also just being nervous or something else (I already had my period and I have this quite a long time, just don’t know how long)

    • Jan Modric


      pains appearing below the rib cage and also at some lower site may all arise from the colon, as this travels from the right lower abdomen, then along the right side and then horizontally below the rib cage. Such pains could be caused by some foods that release gas (like beans, certain fruits, high in fructose, like prunes or other dried fruits, also apples or pears, or dairy products, mostly milk…). But there could be many other causes, so I recommend you to speak with your parents, who can decide if you need to see a doctor.

      Saying are you bloated or constipated or have loose stools, and is your abdomen tender to touch when you feel pain is also important.

  • Judy

    Am 57 yr old female, surgical menopause.
    Several months of fatique, general malaise, and occasional sensation of heat and fullness in RUQ. In Feb.2010,
    began having GI problems with indigestion, belching, bloating, nausea, occasional vomiting. Then onset of diarrhea. As diarrhea worsened (and pain in RUQ also worsened), my FP began exploring. Admitted in May with C. difficile. However, the CT’s and US’s showed cirrhosis, with portal hypertension,splenomegaly already present. Gastroscope showed early esophageal varices. Colonsocopy with 3 polyps removed, a few diverticula. Liver Bx revealed no cause for the cirrhosis, and the gastroenterologist believes I have NASH, just a fatty liver gone cirrhotic. I have been taken off all meds except a b/p pill and metformin for NIDDM. I continue to have a burning sensation and “fullness” that fills my entire right side at times but more so in the URQ. At times, it feels like GB pain, but my gall bladder has been removed. Biliary obstruction has been ruled out. My dr. says that cirrhosis has no pain. Some web sites contradict that, and most report that there can be pain with fatty liver. The discomfort that I have is incapacitating at times, pain level that I would score 7-8 over 10. I have been unable to relate the pain to any certain foods, activity, or other. Am not allowed to take Tylenol, and no ASA as I have secondary thrombocytopenia. I need to return to work, as I have no income. But this pain and discomfort are getting in the way. Also, from what I have read, diverticula are typically in the large intestine. Wouldn’t that be the left side, not the right? My dr. just doesn’t respect the discomfort I have, says it is probably some neuritis. But this is a deep, burning pain. Can you help me???

    • Jan Modric


      fatigue and malaise could be from a liver disorder.

      Belching and burning suggests gastritis or duodenitis, which could be caused by Helicobacter pylori infection (Dx is by blood or breath test) or by biliary reflux from some reason – I would not exclude bile duct disorder. Besides bile duct obstruction, there can be biliary dyskinesia or sphincter of Oddi dysfunction (SOD). If the bile duct is intact, there could be a problem with small biliary ducts within the liver (due to cirrhosis…). This could be detected with HIDA scan – if a gastroenterologist would find this test appropriate.

      Fullness on the right side could be from gas in the ascendent colon, and this could be again connected with abnormal delivery of bile in the intestine. In this case, fats would not be absorbed properly and would appear in the stool (whitish, foamy stool) and detected with a stoll fat test.

      Yes, diverticles usually appear in the last part of the descending colon (LLQ), but they could also occur in other parts.

      One important thing – the heat sensation – can you detect it with the hand as an actual localized hot area?

  • George

    Followup to my June 18th message… can it be biliary stones (Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction)? If so 1)What are the chances that an ultrasound would miss them since i’ve had two done that covered my kidney, liver and pancreas? 2)Do things like Chanca Piedra actually work to help dissolve them or is this just more internet misinformation?

    • Jan Modric


      pain from bile duct stones or SOD would be located just below the right rib cage, about 5 inches from the middle line. Ultrasound can miss both conditions, but you’ve said your pain is around the navel and the spot is sore and tender to touch; these are not characteristics of bile duct disorders or urinary stones.

      I don’t know what Chanca Piedra can or can not do. Stones dissolving may take months or years, and stones can recur. Without even knowing are there any stones or not, I myself would not try it. It has some side effects, like hypotension and hypoglycemia.

  • Judy

    Hi again, and thanks for your response. I was tested for H.Pylori and that was negative. There is no external heat when I feel the burning pain. No fat in my stools. Aside from the pain in my side, I have terrible indigestion and reflux, but the dr. does not want me to take any anti-reflux meds because of the liver disease. Yesterday, I notced that I am getting these “white heads” (like pimples)in several different areas. Could that also be related to liver issues?

    • Jan Modric


      white heads could be acne or folliculitis – this is usually caused by staphylococcal infection. OTC aintibiotic ointments exist, and if no effect, a doctor can prescribe oral antibiotics. It could be related to lowered immunity due to a liver disorder…

      By “indigestion” what exactly do you mean? Burping and reflux clearly indicate something is happening in the stomach causing overproduction of gastric acid. The original cause can be:
      – stress from the disease, resulting in overproduction of the gastric acid
      – gastroparesis – insufficient relaxation of the stomach exit (pylorus)
      – biliary reflux – reflux of bile from the duodenum into the stomach – in this case you could have a bitter taste in the mouth

      In liver cirrhosis, not only small veins within the liver are compressed (resulting in portal hypertension), but also small biliary ducts are compressed what could at least partly reduce delivery of bile into the duodenum and cause poor fat digestion. If this is the case, low fat diet could greatly reduce bloating. If stool fat test confirmed no fats, then I’m not sure if this scenario is likely.

      If you have reflux, the doctor has to find a solution how to reduce it, since it can cause ulcers in the stomach and duodenum. According to my knowledge, there is no contraindications for an acid lowering drug Prilosec (omeprazole), except hypersensitivity. In a liver disease, a lower than normal dose should be used, anyway, a gastroenterologist should know this well. There are various types of anti-acid drugs, and I’m sure one should be ok for you.

  • Yolande

    Hi Jan,

    I am a 44 yr old female, 2 kids. Early 2008 I started getting a sharp stabbing pain just under my ribs on my right side, always at night for maybe 2, max 3, nights in a row, once a month. It would wake me up and I would have to change position (turn on my other side or on my back) for it to subside and I would be able to go back to sleep. I thought it might be gall stones, but ultrasound and blood tests ruled that out. Then went for a colonoscopy, also clear. Was told it was IBS (and when looking it up on the net, I don’t believe it is that at all).

    The pain then seemed to ‘move’ to the lower regions just in and up from my hip bone, similar stabbing pain every now and then during the night while I was sleeping (at most about 2 or 3 nights per month, skipping a month here and there), waking me up, and turning over would have it almost gone and I could go back to sleep. Sometimes the pain would be higher up as well. Nothing really during the day.

    At the same time I had CIN2 result pap smear and had cervical laser treatment, and the gynea checked my right ovary at the same time and said it seemed fine, as I was worried about ovarian cysts.

    I do apparently have polycystical ovaries, but apparently this should not cause any pain like what I am experiencing.

    This has been a fairly regular thing, sometimes every month, or every 2nd month, since then and seemed to be around ovulation. So my GP then suggested that maybe I am suffering from painful ovulation.

    I have also found that I could be a little bit bloated around this time (not always), and a bit ‘burpy’.

    This carried on through 2009, and beginning of this year I went through a period of not having these pains for a while, but just under two months ago I was woken again one night with the same stabbing pain, about around ovulation, and since then I have had a permanent dull achy/throbbing type pain just in and up from my hip bone, day and night. Occassionaly I can also feel the pain higher up again (in the region of my gallbladder).

    Not sure if this is at all related, but 3 or 4 times during the last 2 months (and once or twice in the previous year) I had a quick burst of diarrhea about half an hour after eating an unusually large meal when entertaining friends or going out for a meal (compared to my normal eating habits). I usually have bowel movements every 2 or 3 days, been like that all my life.

    The pain now seems to also refer on to my lower back on the right (since about 2 weeks ago), and I get the occasional very short stabbing pain (about twice a day or so, much milder than the pain I would get at night while sleeping) in the same area (in the region of my appendix), but it lasts only for a few seconds. None of the different pains are really bad enough to take pain killers, but enough to be uncomfortable. And most of the pain I get at night does go away when I turn over.

    The new GP I am seeing (we just moved to another country end of last year) sent me for ultrasound as she suspected it might be endometriosis, but she didn’t even really check to see exactly where the pain occurred, so I am not so sure about that either. So – I went for pelvic ultrasound this morning, and he said there isn’t a cyst on my right ovary, couldn’t see anything abnormal, but did confirm that the pain I am experiencing seems to be in the region of my appendix.

    I have no nausea related to the pain at all, no fever, etc.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome.


    • Jan Modric


      ultrasound cannot 100% rule out endometriosis; another resembling condition are pelvic/abdominal adhesions. In both endometriosis and adhesions, scar-like threads develop; pains appearing around ovulation time suggest that the right ovary is involved. Ovary and appendix could be connected with such adhesions, pull them and cause pains. Such adhesions could loosen a bit when you change the sleeping position, so this would explain pain relief. Adhesions also often develop between the diaphragm and nearby abdominal organs – this would explain pains around gallbladder. A MRI of the abdomen, and as a last resort, laparoscopy could reveal adhesions.

      Bloating and burping could be from slowed bowel transit, for example, from a mild, temporary gastroparesis, and, if it seems to be related with your other problems. Large meals triggering diarrhea can be isolated events, or your bowel is a bit more sensitive because of eventual adhesions.

  • Alex

    For months I’ve been experiencing off and on stabbing pains on my right side. First it was just in my lower back and wrapped around to my lower abdominal area. Lately it seems to be hurting the whole right side of my abdomen, upper and lower, from a few inches above my belly button. It feels as if my colon swells up momentarily and then it goes away (it feels a little warmer over the painful spots than anywhere else). Food doesn’t seem to affect it (or if it does I can’t figure out what type of food it might be). My bowel movements generally are consistent, with occasional bouts of diarreah, but no bloody or black stools. I’ve been told it could be everything from IBS to chronic appendicitis to Crohn’s, kidney stones etc… What signs/symptoms would help diagnose what it could be?

    • Jan Modric


      in IBS, gas may build in the right (ascending) colon and cause all symptoms you’ve mentioned: bloating of the right side (probably somewhat tender to touch), and occassional diarrhea (especially shortly after meals). A relief after a low-FODMAP diet trial (avoiding certain fruits and dairy products, soda…) for about 4 days would speak for IBS. You can separately try with lactose-free diet (helps in lactose intolerance) and low-fructose diet (helps in fructose malabsorption). All info is in the linked article. If pains and other symptoms disappear completely or in a large part between epizodes, then one of the mentioned disorders is quite likely.

      Another possibility are intestinal parasites. Symptoms range from no symptoms to one or more of the following: bloating, constipation, diarrhea, itchy skin, paleness, fatigue. Dx is by a stool test and treatment by prescribed oral antiparasitic drugs.

      Crohn’s disease is inflammation of the intestine, which often affects the right side of the colon. Possible symptoms include: fatigue, paleness, low-grade fever, diarrhea, bloating, skin rash. Dx is by colonoscopy.

      I’m not sure if urinary stones in the ureter can cause diarrhea and bloating. Urinary stones usually cause cramping pains lasting for several minutes. Urine test would show some changes in the urine.

      Chronic appendicitis is rare and I think it wouldn’t cause pains over the entire right side. Typical sign is a rebound tenderness – pain appearing after you release the hand after pressing on the typical appendix location. Diagnosis can be usually made by a CT.

  • sarah

    hi i am a 16 year old female.
    over the past month or so i have started to get a dull constant lower abominal pain. it is not algined with the hip as alot of ppl on this have mentioned. mine is lower than that. it feels as if i have period pains all the time, although i do not have my period.
    i have looked up alot of things on the net all saying i could have different things. one that worries me is PID. if i have this i am scared i could become infertile due to it. hopefully you can prove me wrong and give me other solutions as to what it could be, because im starting to get worried.

    • Jan Modric


      besides PID, various disorders of the ovaries (ovarian cysts…), uterus and Fallopian tubes, or endometriosis are possible. A gynecologist can perform a physical examination and some investigation, usually the first one is an ultrasound of the lower abdomen. I recommend you to visit your gynecologist soon, since non-treated diseaes can result in various complications.

  • sarah

    i am going to the doctor about it next wednesday, im hoping im not leaving things too late, because i don’t want things to get worse. i have had an ovarian cyst before, although the pain was different and was more of a sudden sharp pain that hurt alot. could it be possible that they re occur with different symptoms?

    • Jan Modric


      the cyst could cause different symptoms, or pelvic adhesions – strands of a scar-like tissue have developed around the cyst – you can remind the doctor about this. But, like said in my previous comment, other disorders are posible.

  • Alex

    Hi Jan,

    Let me also add that I’ve also had a part of my upper right abdomen seem to swell up and bulge for a while and then go away. It’s centered around a spot about 4-5 inches below the middle of my ribcage and it’s about 3-4 inches long and about an inch wide. When I press down on it, it feels soft and spongy but doesn’t hurt unless I continue pressing on it too much. From time to time I also feel like I itch all over my body, mainly around my stomach, but also my arms, legs and face.

    • Jan Modric


      with this new info you’ve provided, I think you should see a doctor. I don’t think that an obvious small bulge could be just from gas; it sounds like hernia. Itch may be a symptom of intestinal parasites, or food allergy, for example. I recommend you to see a gastroenterologist.

  • Alex

    Would a hernia in the upper right abdomen (sorry I wasn’t clear earlier that the bulge is 4-5 inches below the middle of the RIGHT SIDE of the ribcage, not the middle of the ribcage) cause the pain in my lower right abdomen and just above the belly button?

    • Jan Modric


      in my case a spot “4-5 inches below the right side of the rib cage” is on the right and little above my navel. So, a hernia there would be a small intestinal hernia; a bulge appearing and disapearing is quite typical. The hernia may be pushed out when a gas builds up in the small intestine. The large intestine runs vertically even more on the right side, so theoretically the bulge could arise from a diverticle in the right colon, for example. Anyway, the bulge seems to be from a bowel loop (hernia), but the general distension of the entire right side of the abdomen is usually from gas in the large intestine and gas itself can cause quite some pain. Hernia may get pinched by abdominal wall muscles and this could be dangerous.

      The question is where does gas and itch come from: intestinal parasites, food allergies and bile duct obstruction can cause this combination of symptoms.

  • keith

    it started four days ago after i worked out i felt an annoyance in my lower right abdomen so i kept on rubbing and stretching it until recently the pain has become more achy and dull.the pain is not constant it only hurts when i move a certain way or do a certain action, when i push down on it it feels like a strained muscle, and i have no other symptoms, i am hoping for this not to be appendicitis

    • Jan Modric


      reduce or stop your exercises for some time and see if pains will go away in the next days. Then you can consider they were streched muscles. If pain persists, you can visit a gastroenterologist.

  • KatieB34

    I have had a horrible pain in my right side for the last few days. When it first came on I thought it was a side stitch since I am trying to get in shape for my last year of college basketball. However, the pain has lasted 2 days and is excruciating when I am physically active. It is not tender to the touch at all. Does anyone know what this could be?

    • Jan Modric


      to say more you would need to reveal: where exactly is the pain, is it constant, does it change duruing body movements, does it spread somewhere; any other symptoms, like nausea, bloating…?

  • Jona n

    Hi, i had ths problem for about 4 year or more.. At first it was burning when i urinate nd lower back pains, i went to many doctors many times but didnt help. Now the burning is lesser but my whole back pains severly i cant even sleep at nyt easily. Pls help me.

  • jona n

    Hi again.. I am 18 yrs. The problem startd about when i was 14 yrs by than there was a painful swelling just on top of my private parts nd the was no problem when i urinated. Than after a year or so i started to get a burn when i urinated nd slight lower back pains nd i also remembr thr was once blood in my urine for a week.i went many times at doctors gve me pils nd injections nd nw it only burns a litle only sometimes when i pee not always. But nw i have lower,middle,left nd right back pains. Pls hlp.

    • Jan Modric

      jona n,

      burning urination, bloody urine , lump over the bladder and lower back pain speak for a bladder disorder (like an inflammation within the bladder). An urologist can tell which investigations would be needed (cystography, cystoscopy…). I encourage you to make an appointment soon.

  • tvel78

    I get constipated at times and I’m am going thru that now. I ajust started fiber suppliments and a vegetable laxative. II got up in the middle of the night to have a BM and I felt the stool move through me and I had the worse pain on my right lower abdomen. Its down between the hip bones. It doesn’t hurt now, but if I push on it I feel a dull pain.

    • Jan Modric


      pain can be due to constipation and bloating, but I can’t exclude other causes. Fiber supplements and laxatives are not a recommended measure in mild to moderate constipation. Drinking sufficient amount of water, physical exercise, foods high in dietary fiber and avoiding unnecessary stress can help. I don’t know are you male or female and how old are you, so I can’t say much more.

  • tiray22

    Hey, so I have been having bad abdominal pain for the past week. I also have had constipation for about a month. The abdominal pain started high, near my rib cage and now it’s most painful around my belly button. As of this morning I have a sharp pain on the right side of my abdomen right up against my hip bone about an inch or two from my belly button. What could be wrong with me? I also occasionally feel pain under my armpits but nothing too severe.

    • Jan Modric


      pain in armpits may arise from lymph nodes from several reasons, including cancer, so I think you should let a doctor to check this out. Pain moving along the whole lenght of the right side of the abdomen could be from gas built or cramps in the right part of the colon. Now, I can’t say if constipation itself is the original cause or there is any underlying disorder, like Crohn’s disease or something other.

  • BlueBird

    Hi, I’m a 21 year old female. I’ve been having lower abdominal pains recently, when both on and off my period. Just today I got a sharp stabbing pain on my right lower abdomen. At the moment I’m sitting down with a hot water bottle on the area and it is feeling better. I’ve also been getting a rusty brown vaginal discharge. I know I don’t have an STI, but I am on the pill.
    Please help.

    • Jan Modric


      I recommend you to visit your gynecologist soon – it could be, for example, a pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), from various causes.

  • tay794

    I’m a 24yo female. I’ve had a shart shooting pain upon inhaling about 3 finger widths below my right rib cage. When I press the area I feel a hard mass and it is very tender (under the skin) I’ve had no other s/sx besides the pain on inhaling.

    • Jan Modric


      I recommend you to see a doctor as soon as possible. The lump can arise from the liver or gallbladder, or intestine, for example but I do not want to make more guesses, just see the doctor.

  • mika

    I feel pain on my right side, two inches below my last rib whenever I urinate but I get concerned because I urinate 2x a day at most. It feels like a cramp.

    The pain is lingering and sometimes lasts for an hour at most and creeps up my spine. If I crouch down the pain intensifies and if I straighten my back it goes higher.
    I am 18 years old and I’m kind of fat so when I feel on my side, it’s soft. I am also concerned because I’m more or less 5’2 and I have a 31 waist line but I weigh a little less than a 105 pounds. is that normal?

    • Jan Modric


      cramping pain below the ribs during urinating could be from a urinary stone in the right urether. An urologist can make appropriate tests. To estimate your weight you can check a height/weight chart.

  • tina855

    I am female 30yrs old. I have right side abdominal pain that’s been chronic for about 2 months now. It started one day at the end of work (I work sitting in office all day, part time) and it came on as a sharpe, sudden pain in the upper part of my abdomen about 2 inches below the ribs. Stayed for a couple of hours but after getting home and lying down it eventually faded. A week later, it came back again, this time gradually. Since then, it has come and gone daily throughout the day, usually getting worse after a long day of sitting. The pain has moved to mostly the lower right front of abdomen and very intense pain in the lower/mid right side of back. This back pain is so intense that at times i can’t do anything. If I lay down, it will usually ease up and fade away in about an hour or so. I got a urine test, no infection. I got a GB Sonogram… normal. CT scan normal. It doesn’t seem to flare up when i eat. Doctors don’t seem to know what the problem is. I went to Chiropractor b/c i was told it could be pinched nerve… no improvement… Any clue to where i should go from here?

    • Jan Modric


      a pinched nerve due to a disorder (bulging disc, arthritis…) in the thoracic spine seems to be likely. A CT or MRI of the spine would be needed to prove that. Try to find out if pain is actually triggered by prolonged sitting (would probably not occur during weekends then..) or maybe by meals. Pain relief after lying down speaks for a spinal rather than gallbladder isssue, though. A neurologist or orhopedist or physiotherapist can recommend certain exercises…Adjusting a chair or sitting on a big ball could help a bit. Making at least one half an hour break with brisk walking and certain stretching exercises could help prevent the pain somewhat. Bulging discs and spinal arthritis can be successfully treated by surgery….

  • kkuminko


    I am a 20 year old female that has experienced right sided pain a few inches above my hip. It started last night around midnight. When I move or walk the pain becomes worse and when I sleep on my right side I feel nausted. The pain I am feeling is sharp and stabbing and is very intense and painful. I feel that the pain have moved to my lower back. It does not hurt when I press on it, but it does kind of hurt when I breathe.

    Any suggestions on what it could be? How can I treat it?

    • Jan Modric


      – gallstones in the gallbladder or bile duct would cause pain just below the right rib cage (on the right side, about 5-7 inches from the middle line) within an hour after a meal, last for several minutes to few hours and then disappear completely. Pain can be sometimes accompanied by nausea. The first investigation is usually abdominal ultrasound.
      – bulging or herniated disc or other disorder in the lumbar spine would cause various pains traveling from the back to the front, and would be triggered or aggravated by certain body moves and positions. Diagnosis is confirmed by CT/MRI of the lumbar spine.

      If the pain is not over the gallbladder area, so more toward the right, it could be from the colon.

      Nausea and pain being aggravated by breating speak for a gallbladder or colon disorder, in the later case your bowel habit would be likely changed.

      There is usually no nausea in a pinched lumbar nerve, and gallbladder pain is usually not aggravated by walking, so I would need some more details to give more suggestions.

  • S.Haley

    I have an uncomfortable full pressure dull pain in the lower right ribs right att he bottomof the rib cage. This feeling Ihave is a lot like I felt when I had to have my gallbladder out. The bleching, gas, feeling full all the time, and this catch or pinching feeling right wher the last two ribs are on the right sdie. it isn’t painful just uncomfortable. Could this be my liver, maybe liver crystals or possiable enlarged liver?

    • Jan Modric


      in case your gallbladder was removed because of gallstones, this time there could be stones in the bile duct. Bile comes from the liver, and obstruction of bile can occur in the liver or later within the bile duct. An abdominal ultrasound can reveal more.

  • kkuminko

    I had a lot of junk food yesterday due to a birthday party, but it wasn’t until a few hours later that i felt the stabbing pains. Due you think it could be as simple as extreme gas? I had a bowel movement today but I am not having gas.

    • Jan Modric


      yes, gas could cause all the symptoms.

  • tookie

    I am a female 52 years old. I was diagnosed with Acid reflux in May 2010. I had EGD and Colonoscopy done on May 19 2010. The result of my colonoscopy was normal. I had a gastric polyp in the stomach wall and it was removed and the biopsy result shows that it is gastric polyp. 5 days after the procedure I noticed that I had black stool. It stopped after a couple of days then started again a few more times in June and then A couple more times in July. I went back to see my GI doctor who performed the procedure and told him about the black stool, he said it came from the upper GI. I also told him that I feel the pain on my right lower abdomen, he again told me that it is because of muscle spasm and prescribed Bactofen, the muscle relaxer medicine. In the mean time, my acid reflux symptom hasn’t got better. I had taken Aciphex then Nexium and then Dexilant. Now just today [ August 4 ] I just had red stool and I’ve spitted out a trace of blood and I feel that my throat is sore. I’ve seen the Ent and he used the scoped to look down my throat and saw the larynx is inflammed. Could it be that The GI doctor had damaged my Colon and esophagus when he did the procedure since the result of my colonoscopy was normal? Please answer my question cause I am very worried right now.
    Thank you so much,
    Tookie Koythong

    • Jan Modric


      the black stool can be caused by bleeding from the mouth, nose, larynx, pharynx, esophagus or stomach (and maybe duodenum), since all blood that goes through the stomach turns black due to action of gastric acid. I can’t say what was the cause in your case, but bleeding from the site of the removed polyp or from a newly appearing stomach ulcer would be possible.

      Red blood spitted out could arise from the mouth, nose, larynx, pharynx, trachea, bronchi, lungs, or esophagus, butthe blood from the stomach would be likely black and you would not spit it up but vomit it. I’m also not sure if you can spit up blood from the esophagus.

      Red blood in the stool can arise from anywhere from duodenum to anus. Lower right abdominal pain could be associated with bleeding and could arise from the ascending colon, but also from the small intestine, which was not checked by a colonoscopy. The inside of the small intestine can be checked by a capsule endoscopy. A common cause of excessive gastric acid secretion is infection by Helicobacter pylori – a sample of the stomach mucosa was maybe taken during EGD and investigated for H. pylori. If not, a blood or breath test for H. pylori are available.

      I’m not a gastroenterologist, but it sounds a bit unlikely to me that bleeding from a wound caused by EGD or colonoscopy would bleed, stop bleeding and bleed again for more than 2 months.

  • tookie

    Thank you so much for the quick reply. I’ve forgot to mentioned that the biopsy result shows that I don’t have H pylori in
    my stomach.Also I did eat the watermelon last night, not sure if this could cause the stool to turn red or not.

    • Jan Modric


      yes, watermelon could cause red stool. Also beets, artificial colors in drinks, sweets, or ice creams, red gelatin, tomato juice or soup, red licorice, pomegranates…Black stool could be from iron supplements, black licorice, Pepto Bismol (anti-diarrheal remedy), charcoal, beets, blueberries, raw meat or any other food containing animal blood. Black stool from blood is tarry.

  • liajnad

    I have been having pain on my left side just below my rib cage for about a year now. I had a lipase test and that came back slightly high. My amylase was normal. Ultrasound of pancreas and CT scan came back normal. My lipase level has returned to normal but my left side pain has moved down about 2 inches down from my rib cage and my right side above my hip in the back has started hurting. I have nausea at times and I feel unwell most of the time. The pain is at times a constant pain. It hurts on the right side to get out of bed in the morning and at times when it is bad I have to lean over in a chair to work. I am having a bowel movement 3-5 times a day. Not diarrhea but not solid either. The pain is getting worse and I have feeling of pressure. My entire mid section feels sore. I am awaiting an appt with a Gastro…

    • Jan Modric


      pain both below the left ribs and above the hip, plus frequent bowel movements probably arise from the colon. A gastroenterologist may order stool tests for blood and parasites, and perform colonoscopy if necessary.

  • Shelby09

    For the last year, I have had adominal pain about 3 inches from my belly button.. I have went to over 14 doctors, one doctor told me I had endometrisis, one told me I had stage 3 cervical cancer, and the last one told me I had varicose veins on my bladder and none of the above. I have not left my bed in over 3 weeks…..Last, wednesday I had surgery and my pain is more intense its like a stabbing pain and I’m sick of it….Can anyone please help me out and tell me what it could be….

    • Jan Modric


      hardly anyone here can give you a better advice than a surgeon who has operated you. You can discuss with a surgeon about painkillers, and which exact diagnosis was confirmedd and which excluded. Stabbing pain after a surgery can be from a infection, fluid collection ad other causes.

  • catherine

    I have been exercising alot this past week and today I went to start my routine and after warming up I went to do a push up and felt a sharp stabbing pain in my lower right abdomen. It wasn’t like a muscle pain or pain from my abs being sore–it was like someone stabbed me on the right a few inches in from my hip bone. The pain has remained for the last hour and has moved around to my back. I have had this pain before without exercising which is why it concerns me–I eat fairly well, and I have no problems with bowel movements. Is this possibly a muscle thing or should I call a doctor?

    • Jan Modric


      a stretched muscle in the abdominal or lower back wall would be likely tender to touch and would be aggravated by body movements. A bulging/herniated disc in the lumbar spine would be also possible; an orthopedist can make a diagnosis.

  • Steph

    I had my Gallbladder removed Dec. 3 2009 and in the last few months noticed a gurgling in the upper right side of my stomach. If occurs off and on and under my right breast. Is this anything to worry about?

    • Jan Modric


      the gurgling sounds, like excessive gas in the colon. If your gallbladder was removed because of gallstones, theoretically another gallstone could be trapped in your bile duct and prevent bile flow through it – this could cause excessive gas with gurgling. They are several other causes of bloating an gas. Eventual other symptoms, like excessive gas, changed bowel habit…would help to narrow down possible causes.

  • DrEska

    I have had lower back pain then it disappeared to shift to my knees and then now to my upper right front leg at the level of the hip. The pain is present with movement. All this with constipation and dizziness. Dizziness subsided. I suffered from severe diverticulitis once. I also have a fatty liver. Any opinion?

    • Jan Modric


      lower back, knee, thigh and hip pain may be from a disorder in the lumbar spine (such us a bulging disc). A neurologist or orthopedist can give you an excat diagnosis.

  • Obsidian

    I’ve been having a pain in my right side for three months now. It is mainly situated above my right hip, and it also appears in my lower-right back area, and on rare occassion. It is a constant mild ache, but some days it flares up into a burning/stabbing/throbbing sensation that can last from a few hours or up to two days, and it is very painful. The pain is getting worse.

    Two doctors said I had kidney stones, but the Cat Scan I had showed only one 2 mm stone in my right kidney that was not obstructing and definitely not the source of the pain. Neither gave me any other explanation.

    I’m a 24 y/o female. Can you help me out?

    • Jan Modric


      does the pain change with moving around or by body position? Do you experience burning urination or excessive gas? Is the painful area tender to touch? Does the pain radiates into the groin or leg?

  • Atwiikirize Immaculate

    Dear doctor iget pain on my lower right part of the abdomen,it is tender on palpation,& when urinating ifell the blodder emptying.iam carently using an IUD,& ialso found out that ihave awhite milky discuirged from my private parts.what couldlikely be the couse?& some times my left limb hurts when itry to walk,when ihave been seated or sleeping.thank you very much.

    • Jan Modric

      Atwiikirize Immaculate,

      IUD can cause a lot of problems including inflammation or infection of the uterus, what could be the cause of white discharge. I strongly recommend you to see your gynecologist as soon as possible to prevent eventual spread of infection.

  • honey tus

    I’m 23 years, female.
    My problem started 2 days ago,
    I’m having pain while urinating, at other times it is fine.
    I think i have a little fever.
    I feel like my lower abdomen is going down while urinating.
    I do not have any other problem, and I’m not a virgin.
    2 days before i had sexual intercourse with my boy friend.
    we often have sex but never had such problem
    I’m so worried, is it a serious thing ……….???

    Please advise
    Thank you

    • Jan Modric

      honey tus,

      pain during urinating and fever speak for urinary tract infection. I recommend you to visit your doctor, who can order an urine test and prescribe appropriate antibiotics if necessary.

  • jusme

    hi im a 25year old female and iv been havin cramp like pains for 3 weeks im also 3 weeks late for my period but after 3 hpt and a doctors test im still havin negative results iv also had discharge and the need to urinate more regular. I had a swab done n the results were clean (no bacteria). The pain and frequent visits to the toilet are gettin me down n i cant stop worryin somethings wrong please help x

    • Jan Modric


      I strongly recommend you to visit your gynecologist again (soon!), since it sounds, you have some sort of gynecological or urinary infection.

  • George

    Hi Jan,

    For over a year now, I’ve been experiencing a stabbing pain in my upper and lower right abdomen and lower back.

    The upper abdominal and lower back pain is there almost every day but the lower right abdominal pain occurs every few months and is much more painful than the other two.

    On two occasions I’ve found myself in the emergency ward, only to wait for 8 hours without being taken in.

    By then the pain had subsided and I had left since there was no end in sight to my waiting to see one of the emergency room doctors.

    I’ve been told by multiple doctors (4 and counting) that it’s everything from gallstones (I don’t have a gallbladder anymore) to kidney stones (occasionally I do feel a burning sensation when I urinate and one of my urine tests came back with micrscopic traces of blood, but two ultrasounds didn’t find any signs of a stone or obstruction) to prostatitis, pancreatitis, gastritis or an ulcer.

    I can’t imagine gastritis or an ulcer causing a stabbing pain in my lower back.

    I’ve been told if it’s pancreatitis that my symptoms would be more severe than what I’m experiencing, so at this point I’m stumped.

    From what I’ve read, kidney stones would have been my guess, but again, no signs were found in the ultrasounds and by now I’m assuming that I would have either passed the stone(s) or been hospitalized.

    Any ideas?

    • Jan Modric


      burning urination strongly suggests the problem is in your urinary tract and could be from an inflammation, infection, stones, clumps of blood or shed cells, blood clots, parasites..Ultrasound can’t confirm/exclude all these conditions, so further urine or imaging investigations would be likely necessary.

  • Cylonprimus

    Hi, I am a 35yo M. I have a diverticulosis. Been managing it with diet fairly well, i.e. high fiber, avoid seeds, corn etc. (I know there has been debate about this. It’s like the egg debate, bad, no good..etc) Anyway, I’ve also had umbilical hernia surgery a little over 10 years ago. I think they may have put a stint or something in. Don’t remember. (I was young and not paying attention!)
    At any rate, over the past few days, I’ve been getting a pain, on and off in my abdomen, on the right side, probably about 3 inches from my belly button.
    It’s strange because, it is not constant. Sometimes, when I am sitting, I notice it. It comes most often when I drink liquid. It will spike. Granted it is not debilitating in any sense. Even when I push on my abdomen, like the way the doctors would when I was laid up in the hospital with diverticulitus and let it rebound, nadda. I mean, the surface hurts a little bit, but definitely not tender to the touch.
    I feel like my bm pattern hasn’t really changed, but, I do feel somewhat bloated and gasy.
    So, I guess, I am curious if this sounds like something serious or a cold or stress related? I am probably about 20 lbs overweight too. I know that does not help either! Thanks for any input.

    • Jan Modric


      abdominal wall tender to touch, but no rebound tenderness, may be from bloating you’ve mentioned. You probably know, the fiber can be soluble or insoluble , and it is soluble fiber that can yield quite some gas in the colon. I can’t exclude any disorder, it does not sound like appendicitis, though, but since it sounds you might have a weak connective tissue in the abdomen, there could be diverticles on the right side of the colon. Crohn’s disease usually goes with malaise, loose stools, low grade fever. Colonic cancer is extremely unlikely at your age. Reducing amount of soluble fiber a bit, and if this oes not have any effect, a lactose free diet trial or low-fructose diet trial may help. You can find links to some of mentioned disorders in the bloating and gas article.

  • mama2

    I havent had my period for four month, i had an ultra sound done at three months &nothing as there &since have had lots of preg tests. all neg! iv been having period like cramps the past month or so &had a pain on my right side but it stopped i went to the er &she asured me i was ok that not having a period is normal? and pushed down on my stomach at the time it didnt hurt but while i was layin on the floor i pushed down on my right side just under my ribs and the presser hurts on the right but not the left. also i have a three year old son and a five month old daughter who will b six month on the 26th. im 22years old. i just no theres something going on but everyone is telling me no? maybe it is normal?

    • Jan Modric


      presence or absence of menstruation during breastfeeding (?) vary a lot in different women. You can search in Google for “menstruation during breastfeeding” for details. So, 4 months without menstruation can be completely normal.

      Tenderness below the right rib cage can be from bloating (gas built in the colon) or, from a gallbladder or bile duct disorder (like stones). In most cases (but not always) this can be confirmed/excluded with an ultrasound, but a CT is more reliable. There can be a biliary sludge in the gallbladder that is not not necessary detected ba ultrasound.

  • Cylonprimus

    During two hospital stays for diverticulitus, last one about 2 years ago, a colonoscopy, CT scans. I do indeed have diverticuli on the right side. What is strange to me, is that when cold or hot liquid passes down into my stomach, that is when the pain, minor but noticeable seems to flare, on a consistant basis. My bms have been regular, been eating roughage (salad) every day, so, I don’t think there is an obstruction. Again, what is throwing me off, is that, the small area which hurts a little when I drink liquid, also, hurts, not a lot, but when I push on it. It almost feels like I was hit there and it is the remnants of a bruise. I would chalk it up to that, but, like I said, it does not feel like a regular diverticulitus flare and it only consistantly lets me know its there when I drink hot or cold fluid. I am baffled. I don’t want to take a trip to the doctor to have them tell me not to worry about it.
    Oh and I’ve never had a problem drinking milk or eating dairy. Feel fine when I do currently. Same thing with fruit.
    So I guess, could a muscle pull or strain produce the kind of results I listed above?

    • Jan Modric


      so, if the spot you are talking about is about “three inches on the right from the belly button, and it feels, like a bruise, it could be intestinal (abdominal) hernia, especially because you already had one. Hernia (a part of intestinal loop) can move in and out through a cleft between abdominal muscles, so the pain can change with time and with body movements. Now, if it is a hernia, for a diagnosis the doctor would need to find it in its “active” state, so palpable, or at least you should be able to pinpoint the exact spot.

  • mama2

    I didnt breastfeed at all ? but thank you for your input =) Very helpfull

  • Crusades123

    Well, a few weeks ago, I started feeling like I had a bladder infection. I went to the doctor and the nurse told me I had a slight infection. So, she gave me the medication, and I took the prescription for a few days until one night I had started getting a stomach ache, chills, and diarrhea. I remember having it before and it did pass like last time. It was a one night thing. …Anyway, so I continue taking the medication, but I was having odd cramping, not too severe, but it was alleviated with “going.” I realized that I would get that after drinking milk or eating a milk product. Some gas and some gas-like pains were bothering me about 2 weeks ago, but they passed…Some constipation occurred too, but I realized again, it was worse with the dairy intake. With having all this going on, I still felt like I had a bit of a bladder infection. It felt better, but not completely. I went to see a doctor to get retested, and it came out negative, however, I explained to my doctor the pains and the issues I was having with dairy, and she told me I was probably dairy intolerant and she felt my stomach and she said that some things were probably still inflamed from all of the constipation and diarrhea. She also said that somethings may flare it up, and acidic food and drink could too, and to experiment and see if small portions of what would affect me, she said just enough to tell. She didn’t want me sick, or anything 🙂 Haha. Now, I have to say I haven’t completely stayed away from the dairy intake because I DID wanted to see what affected me, but it’s been small portions. These past few days I started feeling an almost crampy type feeling mostly on my upper right side but it spreads a little to my left and middle of my ribcage. It’s nothing intolerable or completely excruciating, almost more annoying than anything. I looked up a few things and saw that gallbladder problems came into my research…My mother had hers taken out, and I asked her about the feeling, she said it was more pressure-feeling than anything, and I can sort of feel that, but not really. She also said it was “always there” and in my opinion, it’s kind of off and on…That was the closest thing I could find matching symptoms, but I want to know if there could be any indigestion or pressure being put on my gallbladder in any way? Is this even what it is? Please reply with the great knowledge I know you have soon 🙂 Thanks!

    • Jan Modric


      if you have a lactose intolerance, don’t try to trigger symptoms, but have a lactose-free diet. Lactose is in more foods than just dairy.

      Crampy feelings below the ribs on both sides can be from gas built in the horisontal part of the colon and can be caused by indigested lactose that has been broken down by colonic bacteria – I mean, this can be a symptom of lactose intolerance.

      Other foods that can commonly cause excessive gas are foods high in fructose, like pears, prunes, honey, soda sweetened by HFCS…and foods high in soluble fiber, like oatmeal.

  • Samw

    I’m a 19yr old male and for just under two weeks I keep getting this kind of dull pain on the lower right side of my abdomen, which sometimes spreads to cause a backache. Sometimes it does spread right across my lower abdomen, but more often than not is centralised on the right side. I did wonder whether it was my appendix, but im not experiening any other symptoms such as sickness or high temperature, so I just wanted to know what else you think it might be and whether I should go see a doctor. Thanks!

    • Jan Modric


      yes, I recommend you to see a doctor. Try to recall any other symptom, like burning urination, changed bowel habit..also is the painful area tender to touch. This may help a doctor to give you a diagnosis.

  • xmx

    hi, bit worrid asking you the question lol :S im 16 years old and have been experiencing alot of abdominal cramps and dark brown discharge, sometimes heavy and sometimes light usually with clots fairly big sometimes, i have what seems to be a swollen tummy or bloated (not sure), me and my bf of over 2year been using the pull out method but i dont think im pregnant :S ive been feeling quite windy and constapated, i have a pinching sensation on the right side of my abdomin a couple of inches from my hip bone sometimes weak and sometimes strong, i get weak but sometimes its strong cramping in my lower abdomin and if its strong i could be in so much pain i can barely walk but sometimes its light, sometimes feel nauseus but havnt been physicaly sick, what could it be? too scared to go to doctors alone and me and my mum dont have a good relationshp so i cant talk to her about it, the only person i can usually talk to is my bf and sometimes his mum (depending on wot it is) cuz she basicaly a 2nd mum to me, anyway, what do you think is the problem, and if you think its something, who shud i turn too? im a very shy person and dont get on with mum 🙁 thank you x

    • Jan Modric


      vaginal discharge in a non-period time (?) speaks for a gynecological problem, and bloating speaks for a bowel involvement. It could be an infection from different causes (food poisoning, intestinal parasites..), but if your problems already last for more weeks (?) it could be a bowel inflammation (like Crohn’s disease). It is important to say for how long your symptoms last now, have you changed your diet lately, or have you eaten something suspicious before the symptoms started. I recommend you to reveal all your problems to an adult person you can trust, since it sounds you might need to visit a gastroenterologist or gynecologist.

  • xmx

    ive had the problems for some months now and it especialy startd to hurt after sex, like 10-20mins sometimes bad and sometimes light but i also have pain just anytime durin month, i get the discharge round period time and sometimes not even round that time, not so long ago i think maybe last month or month before tht my period lasted for 3 weeks which was (until the last around 2 days) extremely heavy with large clots and last month i had extreme pain in my lower abdomin at my bfs house and when i went to ask if they could do anythng to help me and to take me home they just said that it was probably trappd wind or sumthng but iv had tht before and the pain was different, i havnt changed my diet recently although i eat healthy and i havnt eaten suspicious foods, does that explain anything? x

    • Jan Modric


      since you mention more gynecological than bowel symptoms, I recommend you to arrange an appointment with a gynecologist – a cause of prolonged and heavy menstruation(s) has to be found.

  • meggie82906

    Hello. I am 19 years old,and have been experiencing lower right side abdomen pain for little over a week now. Last november I was diagnosed with kidney stones in the er. I am nauseated, weak, and the pain gets worse throughout the day. The pain has now spread throught my entire lower abdomen, I went to the doctor three days ago and he diagnosed me with a kidney infection, I have been on cipro, 2 pills a day for three days and the pain has not stopped and has became worse. Could a kidney infection cause this type of sharp, sudden pains across my abdomen. Also it hurts when I press on my abdomen.

    Thank you

    • Jan Modric


      kidney infection can spread over the entire urinary tract including the bladder (lower central abdominal pain) and ureters (sharp lower left or right abdominal pains). Antibiotics have to be chosen according to urine culture and antibiotic sensitivity tests. I recommend you to call the doctor right away (or go to ER), since it’s possible your current antibiotics do not work and the infection is worsening.

  • otis

    hi, 33 yr old female. Have had ovarian cysts for 20 years, recent laproscopy in may showed it was from endometriosis. Had severe kidney infection 2 weeks prior to surgery as well. Now, for past 2 weeks, i’ve had SEVERE pain under my right rib. It’s starting to move down right side as well as straight across to under left rib. I handle pain very well, but this is worse pain than the kidney infection! It is constant 24/7, stabbing, excruciating pain. I went to the er twice already, assuming because they have me in collections, they tell me nothings wrong. Also i’ve had black stool for first week followed by 1 day of severe diareah, where liquid was dark red. Currently doing stool samples for clinic and stool is mix of dark and yellow. new for me. I’m flying out of town for my wedding in a week, would prefer to be able to walk the isle upright. Don’t know if this is important, but i also had broncitis a month ago. I was always in great shape, at recommended weight, and healthy. Now, in past 2 months, i’ve gained 10lbs and went from a size 3 to a 10! My diet is no different from before. Any advise is appreciated!

    • Jan Modric


      pain below the right ribs radiating down and to the left sounds like the pain is over the path of the colon. Black stool could be from eventual iron pills or Pepto-Bismol (anti-diarrheal medication) or some food, like black licorice, but also from blood from the stomach. Red blood in the stool is from the small intestine or colon. One possible cause would be intestinal parasites (Dx: stool test), but could be any other colon disorder (Dx: colonoscopy), or small intestinal disorder (Dx: capsule endoscopy). Endometriosis may appear within the bowel, and its symptoms relate with a menstrual cycle…

  • otis

    btw, My menses was 2 weeks early, and started when this pain did. I had also been in nevada prior to this, if it matters..

  • mrsorr86

    I’m a 24 year old female. I had some tenterness in my lower right abdomen for about a week, aswell as a feeling of something moving or kicking when pressed, but only for a moment and then stops. (I’m NOT pregnant)
    The tenderness is gone after a somewhat heavy period, but the “kicking” feeling remains. Any idea what on earth this could be??

    • Jan Modric


      gas, food remants and intestinal worms can move in the intestine….Intestinal hernia can move, and abdominal muscles may twitch…

  • otis

    Thanks for the reply. I havent taken pepto or iron pills. now im also having chest tightness/pain as well. should get some kind of results from blood, stool, and ultrasound next week. hopefully before i leave for my wedding.. again, thanks for the response, i’m sick of excruciating constant pain…

    • Jan Modric


      black stool, if not from food or meds, was probably from blood arising from the stomach (organ). If the doctor has not found anz adhesions around the colon and under the diaphragm, then the problem maz arise from *within* the colon or from a disorder that would result in gas built in the colon. The colon distended from gas can push up toward the diaphragm and cause chest tighthness, but you’ve also mentioned bronchitis…

  • BrittanyLynn

    I’m a 19 year old girl who has Ulcerative Colitis.
    As you know if you know anything about UC that it usually only effects the intestines and anus not the stomach.
    About 4 days ago I started having really sharp and throbby pains in my upper abdomen. I’m currently usuing crutches because of a foot injury and I just associated the pain with the use of the crutches and using new muscles.
    Well now everytime I breath deep, cough, sneeze, turn, lay on my side, ect… I get a VERY sharp pain in my upper right-ish abdomen. I’m not sure if it is related to my UC or if it is something completely different. Any idea?

    • Jan Modric


      yes, one posibility are fatigued muscles of the abdominal wall due to use of crutches. In this case, a larger aea of your abdomen would be tender to touch. Intestinal hernia, for example, would result in much smaller area of tenderness. If it is muscle tenderness, it should start to lessen in few days. If not, see your doctor. Colon affected by UC from the inside should not cause abdominal tenderness…

  • Danny

    I’m a 52 year old male whose right flank pain started nearly 2 years ago between the bottom of the ribcage and the top of the right hip bone. It sometimes radiates or move underneath the ribcage where it is felt especially when deep pressure is applied to ribcage. Sometimes it’s also felt directly through the back if very deep pressure is applied. My biggest problem is when I go to sleep 80-90% of the time laying on my right side can be very painful and if I spend time too much time sleeping on my right side getting out of bed the next morning causes my entire right flank to hurt. Also, in the daytime if I try stretch or lift something heavy I’ll feel the ache on the first or second attempt, but not always on subsequent attempts. Some nights it not too bad, but the vast majority I dare not attempt to turn on to my right side as the pain gradually increases forcing me to lay on back or on my left side.

    When it started in December 2008 my AST and ALT were above normal and US revealed mild fatty liver, all of which have since resolved with the use of supplements exercise and diet. However, the pain has persisted. Aside from the US, I also had MRI of the spine and abdomen, CT scan with contrast, X-ray, HIDA Scan, colonoscopy, endoscopy, blood work, etc., all of which revealed no significant findings. I’m at my wits’ end. Please help!

    • Jan Modric


      were a kidney, gallbladder or thoracic spine disorder (bulging or herniated disc) excluded? Do you think you are more bloated or have more gas when you had before this pain? Do you sweat more now when you have this pain then before?

      Pain that appears when you try to lift something, but not at all attempts may speak for something what pulls the liver or diaphragm, like abdominal adhesion(s). This would not be necessary always detected by MRI…

  • Danny

    I forgot to mention I also tend to sweat a lot and more easily than most people.

  • Danny

    CT scan of kidney says nothing significant found. MRI of upper and lower thoracic spine said same. I do believe I’m more bloated now than before – especially in the latter part of the day. I also have more bouts of flatulence – no burping. The sweating began a year or more before the pain. My biggest problem is when I go sleep. I try to avoid laying on my right side, but at some point during the night I inadvertently do which brings on the pain in the night and achiness in my right side in the mornings. About an hour or so after waking up it gradually goes away until or unless I apply deep pressure to the area or try to do something that stretches or aggravates the right side. However, repeat attempts at doing the thing to reproduce the pain doesn’t always work. Once again the biggest bother is when I go to sleep since over the years I’ve always slept on my right side which makes it an even harder habit to break. What do you suggest I do next?

    • Jan Modric

      Danny, one thing you can try is to have some diet trials to find a cause of bloating. Bloating may be caused by:
      – large amount of soluble fiber from foods like oats, beans
      – fructose malabsorption. Low-fructose diet would help within few days.
      – lactose intolerance. Lactose-free diet would help within few days
      – celiac disease. Gluten-free diet might help in a week or two

      Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) can also cause bloating, gas and slight fever.

      Other causes of bloating include gallbladder, bile duct, liver or pancreatic disorder, which are not very likely if your liver and pancreatic enzymes levels were normal. Yet another cause are intestinal parasites. Dx is by a stool test.

      About sweating – it would be good to know, if your body temperature has increased since you sweat more. Hyperthyroidism, testosteron level imbalance, or some low-active infection (viral pneumonia, tuberculosis, intestinal parasites…) could be the cause (not sure if an infection would likely persist for three years, though).

  • cosmicslop86

    iv been experiencing a very tight and dull aching feeling just under my right rib cage for about 11months now, after about 3 months it was acccompanied by an ache in my right testicle. now it is a constant ache that reaches in to my inner thigh,buttox and feels muscular……
    iv had and ultra sound scan but only on abdomon.blood tests,chest xray,soon to have colonoscopy.
    any clues anyone,
    thank you

    • Jan Modric


      is your pain triggered or aggravated by something (food, moving, pressing upon the abdomen) and is it constant? When did your pains start? Is their any tender area? Have you ever experienced burning during urination? Have you had any injury, are you physically active? Pain radiating to a testicle and inner thigh may be from stones in the ureter.

  • Danny

    Jan – I do take a fiber supplement and I do eat beans, but I don’t eat a lot and also take digestive enzymes. Fruits are my source if fructose and while I do eat yogurt, I don’t drink milk and celiac disease was ruled out from my colonoscopy 5 months ago. Stool test for SIBO and other intestinal parasite tests revealed nothing unusual. HIDA, MRI’s CT Scans and blood work showed nothing of great concern. My body temp remains normal. Last check thyroid was normal free testosterone normal with SHBG bounded testosterone on high side of normal range.

    • Jan Modric


      is there any reason you take fiber supplement and digestive enzymes, and what happens if you don’t take them?

  • enola

    Hi I have been having right side pains for quite a few months now between hip bone and ribs. It seems to happen straight after urination it feels like a really sharp stabbing pain that lasts for about 15 minutes. The past week it feels worse and I couldn’t really walk yesterday when I had the pain, only for about 20 minutes. Also I have been feeling like I could vomit at any moment over the past week. Also have a slight pain there generally over last couple of days.
    I am 23, female and not pregnant, I hope! Thank you for your time

    • Jan Modric


      my first thought is an urinary stone or something other in the right ureter. The first investigation is usually an urine test.

  • Danny

    The fiber I take is not a lot just enough to round out my daily requirement. I started taking digestive enzymes after I was told I had fatty liver and I wanted to give my liver all the help I could to recover. The fatty liver is gone but I continued them anyway. What about my biggest conern, my inabilty to sleep on my right side due to the pain? Any ideas there?

    • Jan Modric


      you’ve said when you try to lift something, it hurts, but not necessary on subsequent attempts. From this, I would think the pain does not come from the liver, but rather from ribs, spine (pinched nerve), adhesions between the liver and diaphragm (MRI could show them but *not always*); a definitive diagnosis of abdominal adhesions can be made by laparoscopy. You don’t mention what was said to be a cause of fatty liver…You’ve said that pressure upon the ribs hurt, but does pressure on the area just below ribs (abdominal wall) also hurts? There you could feel the lower edge of liver if they were enlarged.

      All the fibers from supps you can get with food. Digestive enzymes are synthesized in the stomach, intestinal wall and pancreas, not in the liver; deficiency of these enzymes would cause diarrhea…so you probably don’t need any of these. Excessive intake of fiber causes gas built in the colon and pain under the ribs, so I was thinking if you can try to reduce bloating to exclude one of possible causes of your pain.

      You know how to avoid pain during sleeping…You may discuss with a gastroenterologist about abdominal adhesions, or whatever could be between your liver and diaphragm.

  • star

    ive had stomach pains for about three days now, first day was severe in the middle with vomiting, second day was not so severe with slight diarrhea. the sickness/diarrhea has gone now but i still feel very nauseous. the pain is about an inch or so inwards towards my tummy and above my hip.
    any idea what this could be? thanks.

    • Jan Modric


      if symptoms go away in few days, it was probably food poisoning. If symptoms persist, I recommend you to visit a gastroenterologis who can check for inflammed appendix.

  • Elizabeth B

    I am having very sharp pain in my lower right side and it is extending into my hip. When I bend it gets really bad and I am even hurting most of the time when I walk. My hip has given me some trouble since I had my son who is now 7 1/2 months old but its never been this bad or my side never hurt with it.

    • Jan Modric

      Elizabeth B,

      two common causes of pain affected by body position are intestinal gas and a pinched nerve due to a bulging/herniated disc in the spine.

  • Danny

    I read that abdominal surgeries are the main cause for abdominal adhesions, however I’ve never had any kind of surgery. Also that it causes nausea, vomiting, inability to pass gas, signs of dehydration, including dry skin, dry mouth and tongue, severe thirst and infrequent urination. However, in my case the symptoms the exact opposite.

    Yes, pressure on the area just below ribs (deep inside the abdominal wall) also hurts. However, ultra sound and CT scans show normal size liver.

    I take fiber (and lots of fluids) to prevent constipation and hemorrhoids problems which occasionally occurs. Also, I take the enzymes because I eat beans quite regularly.

    How the fatty liver came about I do not know because I’m not overweight nor am I a heavy drinker or had viral hepatitis or anything. The good news is the last US showed no fatty liver. Yet the pain persists 4-6 inches above my right hip bone back around the lower side of my right rib cage when I raise my right arm enough to stretch the right flank area, when I twist my torso to the far right, when I lay for some time on my right side, or apply deep pressure to the lower right flank rib area.

    • Jan Modric


      my first guess is still abdominal adhesions. Symptoms of adhesions may include: no symptoms at all, slight or annoying constant pain, pain triggered by certain movements, like lifting a hand above the head…Symptoms you’ve mentioned occur when adhesions cause intestinal obstruction. Surgery is the main cause, but inflammation in the abdomen can also cause adhesions (like in Crohn’s disease). I do not claim you have adhesions, but you may discuss this with a gastroenterologist. Your exact description of symptom triggers may be very helpful for a doctor.

      The next possible cause is the liver itself. You had an unexplained fatty liver, so you can have some underlying liver disorder that causes pain but no other detectable change.

      A pinched nerve in the thoracic spine could be possible, not sure…

      Pain due to a gallbladder or bile duct disorder could be triggered by deep pressure, but these disorders usually cause cramping pain after a meal.

      I’m not sure if pain due to pleuritis (inflammation of the lung membrane) could be triggered by deep pressure below the river.

      I can’t exclude gas built in the transverse colon as a possible cause.

  • sarah

    hello,any one can help, so i get my period and the 1st two days was dark brown then on the 3rd and fourth regular and then after period in one day i start having a weird deep pain on my right side very low my stomach and by time the pain starting extend to my right leg too,I’ve been like that like week, and the the pain get worse when i work like clean the house, this is my first time something like that happen :S am very worried what this could be any one can tell me!!

    • Jan Modric


      I recommend you to visit your gynecologist. It’s likely your symptoms arise from your female organs.

  • kryssy

    I have been experiancing a bad pain around my hip area, lower abdomen, for about 12 hours now. It wasnt bad at first but now its way worse. I took midol because i thought it was cramps. Didnt work. I took laxatives. Didnt help. The pain makes me kinda limp cus it hurts to step on my right foot. i don’t know what else it could be. I am also a week late.

    • Jan Modric


      I strongly recommend you to visit your gynecologist.

  • roppy83

    I’m a 27yr old female, about a year ago I had a tubal (clamps). During my tubal my doc discovered endometriosis and removed it. For the past couple of months I’ve had a persistent cramping on my lower right side of my abdomen and sometimes in my back in the same area also, this morning the cramping turned almost sharp and was radiating down my right leg and if I took a step with my right leg it made the cramp/pain worsen while pressure was on that leg. I laid down for a while and could feel my uterus slightly contracting. Could this be my endometriosis returning or something else?

    • Jan Modric


      endometriosis is possible…it can appear in various abdominal organs. A gynecologist or gastroenterologist may do appropriate investigations.

  • Danny

    Jan – Sometimes it’s felt up under the ribcage or through to my back in the area where the kidney is located, but mostly it’s felt near the bottom or at the base of my right ribcage. Also, on rare occasions my urine appears cloudy. Abdominal CT scan (10 months ago), MRI of my spine (1 month ago) was fine. Ultra Sound from a year and half ago showed mild fatty liver. 4 months later liver enzymes became normal andt Ultra Sound done 6 months ago showed no fatty liver. Bowel problems such as Crohn’s disease were ruled when I did my colonoscopy a 6 months back. The only thing they found was a slight sag in the colon which the doctor said is common at my age and a small benign polyp which he removed during the procedure.

    The HIDA scan which was also done several months ago suggested lazy gallbladder and possible hepatocellular disease which my gastro and 2 surgeons I saw when I went to get their recommendation on removing my gallbladder said are often not reliable. My question to you at this time is, is it possible for the pain from a tumor or a problem where the gallbladder meets the liver to felt where the right kidney is located? Also, what should I do next?
    Thanks for staying with me on this.

    • Jan Modric


      accidently deleted both your previous question and my answer… Urine may get colored and maybe cloudy due to certain foods, supplements or medications. Cloudy urine may be also from an urinary tract infection or increased amount of proteins due to a kidney disorder, or from urinary stones. Excessive bilirubin excretion due to a liver/bile duct disorder makes urine brownish and dark. If you can’t find any obvious relation between your diet or meds/supps and cloudy urine, I recommend you to ask for urine tests.

      Any tumor of few milimmeters size should be detected by a CT of the investgated area.

      A gallbladder can be lazy due to abnormal, dense consistence of bile (biliary sludge), which may be not reliable detected even by a CT. Abnormal bile consistence and lazy gallbladder are not necessary caused by a gallbladder disorder, but, possibly, by a liver disorder. A liver biopsy could maybe reveal a liver disorder.

      Consider that you may have both a kidney and liver (or gallbladder or bile duct) disorder. I can’t provide an exact answer about pain locations that would exclude/confirm any of mentioned disorders. Gallbladder pain is usually a crampy pain appearing after meals, and I think it would not likely appear in the morning as a result of sleeping on the right side. It’s typically felt where a vertical line running down from the nipple crosses the bottom edge of the right rib cage. Neither gallbladder pain or bile duct pain would be likely triggered by raising the hand…Still there can be something wrong with your gallbladder, only I think the pain more likely arises from the liver…I wouldn’t jump to gb surgery before getting a clear diagnosis. Gallbladder pain can radiate to the right side of the back, right shoulder blade or shoulder, though.

      If a kidney disorder doesn’t cause any pain by itself, a deep pressure at upper abdomen would hardly trigger the kidney pain. Kidney pain is felt at the flank, but more on the back side. So, when you raise the hand, if pain is felt on the side, but not on the back, it’s not likely a kidney pain. Again, you can have a kidney disorder, but pain comes from a liver disorder…Adhesions among these organs could cause pain from pressure from different sides, so this made me think this disorder was possible…

      A urine test, if abnormal, would clearly distinguish between a kidney and liver/gallbladder disorder.

  • roppy83

    Thanks for the response Jan,
    Today I haven’t experienced much of the right side cramping but have noticed that all day my uterus has been contracting. With all three of my pregnancies I had braxton hicks contractions from early on all the way through and was put on medicine to slow them down and the contractions that I’m experiencing are the same as braxton hicks. Is it possible to have this type of contraction with ectopic pregnancy or endometriosis? I called to make an apt, but the receptionist didn’t seem to think it was urgent and couldn’t get me in until Sept 27th, should I be seen sooner. I’m also 2 days late, which I know isn’t much over due but it’s an added “symptom”. Any advice?

    • Jan Modric


      cramps may occur in both endometriosis or ectopic pregnancy. I wouldn’t dare to exclude any condtition from here. You have confirmed endometriosis, so this is maybe a more likely cause (and I’m not saying it isn’t something else..). Late period is an added symptoms, and will become even more with every day. Your symptoms speak for some disorder, so, if you feel like to go to the doctor sooner, insist in earlier appointment.

  • Danny

    Thanks Jan – Would a tumor of few milimmeters size be detected by a CT?

    Also, if I avoid sleeping on my right side I usually don’t wake up with pain. However, if later in the day I use my fingers to poke the base of my right rib the pain can be felt again. Is this of any significance?

    Finally, I remember the liver doctor saying they can’t just biopsy the liver just anywhere, they need imaging studies or something to tell them where to biposy. Also, he says the liver does not produce pain. Is this correct?

    • Jan Modric


      a CT can detect tumors as small as 3-5 mm in size. It sounds extremely unlikely to me that tumors so small would cause pain during pressure, but no pain by themselves. I was trying to avoid to “devaluate” your symptoms to a rib disorder, but now, when you say poking, lifting the hand, pressure from the front and back can all trigget the pain, this is quite likely. Tapping over the bone would speak for a bone disorder, tapping over the muscle for a muscle disorder. Maybe an ultrasound of the tender rib would show something.

      Liver parenchyma (liver cells) is not painful, but vessels, biliary ducts and capsule, when affected, are.

  • Danny

    Lately I’ve been thinking about a possible rib disorder as well. But how on some days (not very often) could pain (or sensation of pain) reach all the way through to the back right area – and sometimes the front right area when I’m simply sitting for example?

    • Jan Modric


      ribs go around…and any rib can be tender at one or more points. Tenderness during slight knocking directly over the rib (if you can identify it clearly) would likely speak for a rib (or maybe a chest or abdominal wall muscles) involvement. Maybe some rib abnormality could be seen on your existing CT image of the abdomen. Whenever you speak with any doctor, have a summary of all your symptoms, pain triggers, positive and suspicious test results written down in a time line on one paper:

      – Pain triggered by knocking on a rib (?), pressing below the rib in the front or back, lifting the right arm, sleeping on the right side (resulting in prolonged morning pain), sitting on a chair, lifting an object.
      – Cloudy urine, abdominal bloating.
      – Lazy gallbladder, suspected hepatocellular disease…
      – You may check this personal medical history questionnaire to recall eventual other symptoms or circumstances.

      Your pains may be related or not to your liver or eventual other internal organ disorder.

  • Melina

    Hi Jan,

    I’m a healthy 28-year-old woman. I gave birth 7 months ago. Three weeks ago, I began experiencing discomfort/nagging pain in my RUQ, mostly localized to just underneath the ribcage. Sometimes, the pain radiates to my mid-back (right side), but not frequently. In addition, my stomach is very “gurgly” or “bubbly”. I’ve been feeling more tired than normal, however I can complete a 1.5 hour workout with minor general abdominal cramping. The discomfort/pain is present all day, but I feel it more at night.

    My stools have become soft and fragmented instead of being 1 or 2 solid pieces. I would describe them as wide ribbons, but they are not thin and not too narrow. I have not noticed any blood and/or mucous. I have not been constipated. I’ve tried Pepto Bismol and Gas-X, but neither have helped. I’ve tried increasing my fiber, but that has not helped either.

    Three days ago, I had blood work, urinalysis, and an abdominal ultrasound (liver, kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder, LRQ, LLQ, and spleen). All three tests came back normal.

    The symptoms I described persist. What could it be? What should be my next step?

    • Jan Modric


      two common causes of pain below the right rib cage radiating to middle right back (or sometimes in the right shoulder blade or shoulder) are gallstones in the gallbladder or bile duct cramps from different reasons. Gallstones in the gallbladder would likely cause crampy pains after (especially fatty) meal, but bile duct cramps could occur at any time. One cramp could last from 20 minutes to several hours. Ultrasound may detect gallstones, but it often misses “gallbladder sludge”, which is a sand-like bile. In case of a bile duct obstruction, gurgling would be caused by normal intestinal bacteria which would break down unabsorbed fats. In this case your stools would be grayish or whitish and sticky. A stool test for fats exist.

      If there is no change in stool color, then your symptoms could be from irritation by certain foods or/and stress. In this case your symptoms would typically appear within 20 minutes after the meal and would be relieved by a bowel movement.

      Many liver disorders can be confirmed/excluded by testing liver enzymes in the blood (liver panel; I don’t know, if this was included in your tests). Many pancreatic disorders would result in elevated pancreatic enzymes, which are not routinely checked by blood tests.

      Another cause of pain could be gas built in the transverse colon that runs just below the rib cage. Abovementioned disorders could all result in excessive bloating; other causes include fructose malabsorption, lactose intolerance, celiac disease and other casuses. In this cases appropriate diet trials would help (you can find links to all if you follow above links.

  • i am having sharp piercing pains in my abdomen in the intestine about 3-4 cm away from my belly hurts when i try and sleep in certain positions. infact it woke me up. it comes and goes from a pain of 2 to a pain of 7-8. it lasts for about 30seconds then becomes subtle then comes back again. should i be worried?

    • Jan Modric


      pain of such intensity appearing always on the exact the same place is not normal. One possible cause is intestinal hernia – this would be likely aggravated by pressing on the spot. It could also arise from the appendix, right ureter or, (in females) from ovary…If pain does not go away, I recommend you to visit a gastroenterologist.

  • saw210

    I am a 27 year old female and this afternoon I started to get very intense pain in my lower right side. It felt like a very intense side-ache and then it started to move towards my belly button. Yesterday that spot felt warm to the touch, but currently does not feel warm or hurt when I touch it. The pain comes in waves and it is sometimes hard to breathe and standing and laying flat increase the pain; staying curled up seems to help with the pain. My husband wants to take me to the ER, but I want to see if the pain passes. I have noticed an increase in urination today and it seems to be a little cloudy, at least the last time it was.

    • Jan Modric


      right side pain could be from te right ureter, and cloudy urine speaks for an urinary disorder, like infection or urinary stones. I recommend you to visit an urologist no matter how symptoms will develop.

  • marnie38

    Yesterday around 630am I started having severe stabbing pains in my stomach that felt like gas. After about an hour it spread to my lower right abdomen and was tender to the touch. By 4pm I started developing flu symptoms (fever, headache and achy legs). By this morning the pain in my stomach was not as bad and my fever and headache are gone but my legs are still achy. I’m a female.

    • Jan Modric


      I don’t know, but fever and bloating could be from bacterial or viral food poisoning, for example. This usually heals on its own in few days.

  • Melina

    Hi Jan,

    Thank you for your advice. My GP sent me for a HIDA Scan yesterday. The results showed that my gallbladder had a 0% Ejection Fraction (EF). I have a surgical consultation for possible cholecystectomy tomorrow at the hospital.

    I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be removed with such a low (or nonexistent?) EF.

    Thank you once again, and I’ll report back in case this information might help anyone else.

    • Jan Modric


      EF 0% could be, for example, from gallstones in the gallbladder or a motility disorder of the gallbladder or the bile duct. I want to warn you, if the problem is in the bile duct, gallbladder removal might not help you, so I encourage you to insist in getting the *exact diagnosis* of your problem, before undergoing a surgery. HIDA scan is a functional test, but the final diagnosis should tell an exact disorder, if possible.

  • XxfrenchtoastoX

    Im only 15 years old. Ive been having a sharp pain in my stomache for about a week and a half now. But the pain isnt in one spot, it moves all the time. Ive been to the hospital twice and the doctor’s office twice and all they do is take my blood and say im fine. But it gets so bad that i cant sleep and sometimes i cant even breathe well. I was throwing up but that stopped. I have no clue whats wrong but this pain sucks.!!!!!

    • Jan Modric


      can you tell where does your pain mostly appear – in the middle upper abdomen, left lower abdomen…? Is your abdomen distended or tender to touch? Do you have excessive gas or have you noticed any change in stool consistency or color? Have you had any fever? When and how did the pain start?

  • gailee

    I suddenly have this pain on my stomach (the middle part) and it’s really painful. i felt dizzy too. i vomited 6 times. 🙁 and then the pain moved to the right side. i felt the pain most when i’m moving or i i poked it (coz i’m trying to feel where the pain really is.)

    • Jan Modric


      it could be a bowel obstruction, stomach ulcer…hard to say from not well defined pain location. I recommend you to visit a gastroenterologist as soon as possible.

  • anael

    on monday, i had a pain close to my ribcage on the left side. i’ve been having a pain in my right lower side since thursday night. friday and saturday it was on and off pain. yesterday i started to feel nauseous. today i feel no real pain, but i still feel nauseous and have a little sore throat. is it appendicitis, or something else?

    • Jan Modric


      pain below the rib cage on both sides may be from gas built in the part of the large intestine that runs there. Pain from appendix is in the lower right abdomen, right to the navel. Your symptoms could be due to a mild respiratory infection. Or, if you have a heartburn, they could be from a gastric reflux. If they get worse, I recommend you to visit a doctor.

  • gailee

    thank you 🙂 the pain stopped after almost three days.

  • jonjas03

    I have been having lower back pain on my right side.I been having problems with constipation & the need to urinate often. I get svere cramping & abdominal pain. When i urinate it tends to have a foul smell. when in a lot of pain I get Nausea & chills… Can someone help me?

    • Jan Modric


      foul urine smell speaks for urinary infection or other disorder, and lower back pain (if just below the rib cage?) for a kidney disorder, so I definitely recommend you to visit a doctor, maybe a kidney doctor (nephrologist).

  • jonjas03

    should I just go to the er?

  • jonjas03

    Thank You… What about the constipation?

    • Jan Modric


      I don’t know if constipation is related to urinary disorder, or there is any bowel disorder causing constipation. Frequent urination can occur just from increased amount of gas in the rectum, bot foul urine smell suggests that the urinary system is also affected. From the history you have provided I can’t actually say what could be an original cause, but eventual urinary infection/inflammation copuld be more serious, so I was thinking this could be checked first.

      To avoid constipation you need to drink sufficient amount of fluid, try to be physically active, and avoid foods that cause constipation and try some that may help relieve it.

      You can check this personal medically history questionnaire to see if you can recall any other symptom or circumstance that could help the doctor to give you a diagnosis.

  • jonjas03

    Thank You…. I set up a appt. for wed with my doctor. It was that or go to the ER! Im so tired all the time and in pain… Hopefully I will get the answers Im looking for! Just last March I had my left ovary removed & fallopian tube…

    • Jan Modric


      just to remind a gastroenterologist: pelvic/abdominal adhesions could develop after an ovarian and Fallopian tube removal and could cause constipation and lower abdominal pain. I strongly recommend you to write down all your symptoms, investigations and procedures you have had so far on the paper in a time lime (check the history questionnaire for help).

  • brandi8402

    2 months ago, I had my 3rd csection. A tubal was done at the same time. Several days after the csection, I began having sharp, stabbing pains on my right side, just left of the pelvic bone. I told my dr about it when I had my staples removed, but he dismissed it saying my ovaries looked great when he had me cut open. The pain eventually went away about 2 weeks postpartum…

    Thursday, I started my first cycle since the csection/tubal. It is heavier & I’m cramping more severely than ever before. (usually by day 4, all cramps have gone away & the bleeding much lighter. It’s day 5 & I’m still using Super absorbancy tampons AND pads)

    Also, the sharp stabbing pain has returned. At times, the pain is so severe that I double over & cannot move. It hurts very bad & the pain radiates across all of my bottom abdomen if I push on it. There is no position that I can get in to make the pain less significant.

    I’m 26 years old, not on any medication, besides tylenol to help with the pain (not helping, btw), about 40 lbs overweight, and don’t do anything strenuous. I do have loose stools (not diarrhea) but I’ve that for the past6-7 weeks so I’m not sure if it’s related.

    • Jan Modric


      in case you have developed some dietary intolerance, a low-FODMAP (low fructose + lactose free) diet could help you in few (1-4) days. If not, a gynecologist should think about C-secion complications, one of them are pelvic adhesions.

  • ch1984

    Hi Jan,

    Just wondering if you could advise or make suggestions.. i’m a 25yr old female, i haven’t got the best digestive system aside from that for the last week or so i’ve had pains around my lower back(from the hip bone on right hand side around the back and to the front) its like an aching pain but can be sharp and seems to travel horizontally and slightly down my upper leg/glutes area.. also getting sharp pains up the colon – which i’m not a stanger to in the past.. i’m feeling cold and clammy, not feeling right and have recently been reaching 104 degrees (but have sinus issues too)

    hope to hear back from you

    thank you

    • Jan Modric


      I’m not aware of the time course of sinusitis and abdominal issues you’ve had, but unless you’ve had some terrible sinusitis symptoms, 104 degrees does not sound to me like comming from the sinuses. This would then mean, there’s likely an inflammation or infection occuring in your lower right abdomen: appendix, colon, ovary…which I would call an urgent situation. Please visit a doctor as soon as possible.

  • monica323

    I’ve been having severe pain in my right side, right below my ribs. Its been going on for a few days this time(I’ve had similar pain on the other side before only to be told nothing is wrong by the dr.). This time the pain has been much more severe. Its more of a sharp almost stabbing pain that renders me unable to really move until it passes. I am a 22 year old female with very irregular periods. I have also felt somewhat nauseated, not sure if that’s related. I was wondering if you had any idea what it might be as I’m too poor to go to the doctor right now.


    • Jan Modric


      would you say your upper abdomen is distended? This would speak for gas built in the colon. Pain on the right, appearing within an hour after the meal, and sometimes radiating into the back or right shoulder, could be from gallbladder (stones). Often these can be confirmed by an ultrasound of the gallbladder.

      If irregular periods are something new, I recommend you to visit a gynecologist to prevent complications of eventual underlying disease.

      If it’s “only” gas, a low-FODMAP diet could recuce bloating in few days.

  • monica323

    I don’t think it is distended. The pain comes and goes but has worsened over the past 12 hours. I may also have a fever as I’ve been feeling extremely hot but I do not have a thermometer to check. I have had irregular periods since I first got my period, I think I may have pcos because I have many of the symptoms but I haven’t been able to go to the doctor yet due to no insurance.

    • Jan Modric


      please find a thermometer somewhere and check the temperature – if elevated, it could be from inflammation or infection, what would need to be checked by a doctor. In case of food poisoning you’d probably also have diarrhea. Abdominal adhesions, possibly related to some gynecological disorder, could cause a partial bowel obstruction with pain and nausea.

  • kinglibra

    I have a pain on my upper stomach and middle but its not painful but i can realize that something happening inside. Last 4 days its happening continuously. please suggest me what to do next…

    • Jan Modric


      do you feel something, like gurgling, bubbling…and hear loud abdominal sounds? This may happen in mild food poisoning, which usually heals on its own within a week. This can also happen in fructose malabsorption (check for low-fructose diet) , lactose intolerance and other food intolerances. If symptoms persist for more than a week, you may visit a doctor and discuss about food intolerances, intestinal parasites, gallbladder disorder.

  • Mike

    Hi Jan,

    I’m a 41 yr old male. About a year ago I went to the doctor with a dull fullness (never really pain, just discomfort) in my upper right abdomen. Sort of a crampy, bloated feeling. It had lasted about 6 weeks and would on rare occasions be combined with light nausea. No other symptoms. Had blood test for H Pylori, ultrasound, and colonoscopy — all returned negative results. Doc dx’d dyspepsia, gave me prescription for it and two weeks later all was fine.

    About 6 weeks ago (1 yr later), I started feeling the same thing. (Same semi-stressful situation occurred at same time.) Never when I stand or lie down. Only when I sit and lean forward slightly, scrunching up my stomach. My posture is poor when I sit, so I feel it a bit!

    I’ve kept a food diary over the last week and worst bouts occur about 2 hours after lunch, but it has been relatively constant. On a scale of 1-100, discomfort level is ave. of about 5. I feel like I could pull my ribs over the area and it would go away. Pressing on it doesn’t hurt. I have had a lot of burps too, and before eating they seem acidic in my throat, if that’s possible.

    I’m in decent shape, swimming 2-3 times a week. I *do* feel the cramps slightly when I swim.

    All in all, it’s just getting to me, making me worry — but it is seldom more than a minor discomfort. Does this sound like it could be dyspepsia again, or something more sinister?

    Thank you very much for your time.

    • Jan Modric


      one possibility is gas trapped in your intestine (small and/or large). Burping additionally speaks for gas built. One possible cause is fructose malabsorption, here’s a low-fructose diet. Fructose malabsorption could result in small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), in this case the mentioned diet would not be enough, but, antibiotic treatment (after breath test for SIBO) would likely be needed. Here’s a bit more extensive low-FODMAP diet. It would be informative if you can tell, which exact “dyspepsia prescription” has helped you a year ago.

      In mentioned articles you can find links to other articles about bloating and burping.

  • Mike

    Thank you very much for your feedback, Jan. Looking at the fructose malabsorption page, and the diet, this could very possibly be the problem, as the ‘risk’ foods are a part of my normal diet. I’ll give the diet a shot!

    The prescription that I took last year for dyspepsia was called Pantoprazole, a proton pump inhibitor.

  • Jan Modric


    if you find no reliuef with low-fructose diet in 3-4 days, you can try a bit more eliminating low-FODMAP diet.

    Pantroprazole helping you a year ago, and the acidic feeling in the throat you have now, speak for increased secretion of acid in the stomach. All this accompanied with discomfort only during sitting, and belching, speak for gas built in the stomach. A common cause of both increased acid secretion and gas is H. pylori. You’ve said you had a blood test and it was negative. If abovementioned diets will not help you, I recommend you to discuss with a gastroenterologist about having upper endoscopy and biopsy of the gastric mucosa, which may be a more reliable method to confirm/exclude H. pylori. Pantroprazole or related medication can help you again (to reduce gastric acid at least).

  • Mike

    Thank you Jan. I’ll give it a try.

  • kim1986

    ive been having pains in my about two inches below my belly button and on my right side then the pain goes away and then im left with a bruiseits been on and of for a little over a month know im a little nervouse

    • Jan Modric


      any change in urine would speak for a urinary bladder involvement. There could be also some disorder in the abdominal wall (hernia?). I recommend you to visit a doctor.

  • lyn

    a few months before, i felt a little pain in my lower right stomach but i just ignored it. a few days back i felt the pain getting worse and it comes with numbness on my right thigh and right lower back. the pain was on and off. yesterday i discovered blood discharges.

    • Jan Modric


      blood discharge? Please go to your gynecologist as soon as possible.

  • Tracy75

    I am 35, female. Started 2 days ago low back pains, mostly towards the right side. Pain wraping around the right hip. Feels like Pinching in a way but so very painful. But between the hip an groin I can feel a lump. And from there the pain goes down the front of my leg. Please Help. The pain is so bad when i walk or turn, even to touch. Thank you.

    • Jan Modric


      one likely cause is an intestinal hernia. I recommend yopu to see a doctor as soon as possible.

  • cep

    im 34 female and burp a lot and always feeling nauseous like i need to be bowel movements are variable and my appetite is always up and down now i have a pain in my stomach just under my rib cage towards the right which keeps comin and going,im just worried as im always feeling like i have no energy thanks

    • Jan Modric


      in case you have fructose malabsorption, a low-fructose diet would likely help in 2-3 days.

      Examples of other possible causes:
      – small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
      – Helicobacter pylori infection of the stomach
      – a gallbladder or bile duct disorder
      – intestinal parasites

      A gastroenterologist can make appropriate tests.

  • Sarah

    I’m female in my early 20s with a history of mittelschmerz, IBS, and one ovarian cyst. About five weeks ago, I had new, lower right-sided abdominal pain… I knew right away that it wasn’t my mittelschmerz (too sharp) and within a few days, i knew it wasn’t an ovarian cyst (lasted too long). I spent three weeks in pain so severe I could barely walk a lot of the time. Eating large quantities made the pain worse, as did activity. I saw a doctor, and she sent me to the ER. No fever, WBC normal, and no signs of infection. They sent me for an ultrasound and aside from a small cyst on my right ovary, it looked normal. My GP did a gynecological exam and tested for a bunch of things (like PID, etc) which all came back normal. And then, like magic, the pain went away on its own over the course of two or three days.

    If it’s relevant, I was also born 10 weeks premature, and have moderate difficult asthma, reflux (trying to convince my GP to get me tested for GERD since it runs in the family and my asthma seems to be tied to my reflux a bit), severe environmental allergies, and possibly some bronchopulmonary dysplasia or allergic bronchopulmonary aspergilliosis (that’s still under investigation).

    Three weeks later, The pain is starting to come back. Same spot, about halfway between my belly button and my pelvic bone on the right hand side. I still have no fever. I have a followup ultrasound today, but I was wondering if you have any ideas.

    • Jan Modric


      the ultrasound will likely confirm/exclude intestinal hernia or enlargement of ovarian cyst. It may also (not always) detect pelvic adhesions or chronic appendicitis, gas built or diverticles in the colon.

  • dklafrance

    For the past 6 weeks I have had pain in the upper abdomen, below the rib cage. The pain is often worse after I eat and I have an extreme feeling of fullness and gas. I break out into cold sweats often – every 2 hours or so. I am a 45 year old female. My grandmother, mother and sister all had their gallbladders removed at an early age. Is this related to my gallbladder? My doctor has me scheduled for a HIDA scan on Friday but so far, all of my bloodwork and upper GI tests have been normal.

    • Jan Modric


      all symptoms you’ve mentioned can appear in a gallbladder disorder. Gallstones in a gallbladder, for example would not necessary cause any change detected by blood tests or upper GI tests. HIDA scan can cause a gallbladder function, and if there are gallstones in the gallbladder, this would be low.

  • dklafrance

    A little more info. I have noticed a change in bowel habits. Sometimes floating, sometimes just appear to disintegrate. I have also noticed pain in my right shoulder and down my right arm when the pressure is greatest. I am extremely fatigued and have bouts of nausea (no vomiting).

  • confusingpain

    My sister has been having sharp pains ranging from top portion of her stomache, down to her pelvic area. The way she describes the pain, makes me think she may be experiencing a ruptured cyst on her ovaries.. I have had plenty, and it just sounds like what happens to me. BUT she checked her temp about 7 hours ago (98.4) she just checked her temp and it is now 99.5.. should we be concerned and take her to the hospital? Is there a certain temp that we should start to get concerned about? Oh and the pain in her stomache is NOT as severe as when it started.

    • Jan Modric


      pain in the stomach accompanied with a raised temperature may be due to inflammation or infection, so, yes, I recommend she visits her doctor, who can make some basic blood tests, for example, and decide if she needs to go to the hospital.

  • Kim

    My boyfriend has been having a sharp pain in his right lower abdomen that shoots into his right lower back since July. He also gets a sharp pain in his right shoulder at the same time as the other pain. He went to our Family doctor and has had x-ray’s, blood tests and they came back healthy as a horse. He just went for a cat-scan with Gastrografin, a liquid he mixed in with water and drank twice before the scan. We are waiting for the results to come into the doctor’s office.

    He has had kidney stones twice before but he says this does not feel the same. He does urinate more, but his urine is not cloudy, or has blood in it, or feels different that his normal. He feels drained of energy and his bowel movements have changed. He usually goes in the morning and maybe once at night, no problems. Now he says he feels the urge to go, but nothing sometimes and the times he goes are different. His frequency is the same, it’s the time of day that has changed.

    If anyone has any advise on this, I would appreciate it. Waiting for results is stressful when he says it is getting worse. Thanks.

    • Jan Modric


      if his pain is below the right rib cage, all symptoms could be explained by a gallbladder disorder, like gallstones.

  • sabrinas

    For the last two month afer moving in with my boyfriend I have pain in my lower abdomin/2-3 inches above my hip bone on the right side of my body when I sleep. It feels like cramping discomfort feeling/ not sharp pains it’s just uncomfortable. It also happens occassionally during sex. During the day I don’t feel this discomfort

    • Jan Modric


      cramping pain in the lower right abdomen could arise from gas built in the first part of the colon, or from constipation. Both could be caused by diet or stress. You may try a low-FODMAP diet.

  • krustyshane

    Hi, I had two chest infections recently and coughed and coughed for weeks. I developed a pain in my ribs like a pulled muscle and also sever pain in my right side just below the ribs.The pain in my ribs healed after chest cleared but the side still hurts. The pain goes right around my side from front to back. Feels like you would expect a hernia to feel but no lump. Hurts in the kidney area liver area. Pain is sharp and is relieved a bit if I lean into the pain. It has come and gone ( painful attacks about 4 times a day) for the past 5 weeks. Im male and 40. Thanks

    • Jan Modric


      sharp, scratching (?) pain appearing below the ribs in the front and back after a chest infection could be from pleurisy – an inflammation of the lung membrane. Such pain could be aggravated by deep breathing and coughing. Pleurisy would be detected by an ultrasound of the chest.

      If you would describe your pain, like a crampy pain appearing shortly after meals, it could arise from the gallbladder.

  • tan2406

    Hi there,

    I have a 13 year old daughter who has been experiencing bouts of severe lower right abdominal pain, coupled with nausea, vomiting and low grade fever for months. We went into the er a few months ago to rule out appendicitis. They did an u/s and did not see the appendix but did find a 2.5cm cyst on her right ovary. They sent us home saying we should get a CT scan but her paediatrician has chosen not to do this.

    3 days, while at school, she buckled from extreme pain in her lower right abdomen after weeks of no severe pain. We assumed the cyst burst and her paed told us to go to er. We waited in er for 5 hrs and her pain lessened so we went home before being seen.

    She is still feeling bouts of stabbing pain, with a constant ‘pins and needles’ feeling in her lower right abdomen. She is also experiencing constant throbbing right thigh pain and continues to feel nauseated.

    Is this something we should be concerned with or can we just treat it with Advil and rest? If it is a ruptured cyst, will the pain eventually go away or should she be seen by an emergency dr and given a CT scan?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jan Modric


      in any case, the exact disorder should be determined and, if necessary treated. I strongly recommend you to proceed with recommended investigatioins (ask a doctor if MRI would be appropriate instead of CT to lower radioation exposure).

  • tan2406

    Sorry, I forgot to add that the pain in her lower right abdomen lessens when she puts pressure on it.

  • tan2406

    Again, I forgot to add, she says the inside of her lower right abdomen is itchy (not a skin disorder but an itchy feeling inside where the pain is).

  • Kayleighthesing

    Hiya, I’m 20 years old, when i was 16 i had my appendix out and i thought all the constant trips to the docs would be over, no more pain. How wrong was I.

    I was rushed into hosptial a few months ago, with pains in my stomach that normal pain killers didn’t help, and had to be given a shot of morphine only 5ml.
    I was refrred to a hosptial closer to home (went to walk in centre) i was monitored, had urine samples, stool samples and blood taken. Came back i was slighty anemic, which i have been since i was around 14.
    I was then poked and prodded, which really hurt, and sent for a scan and an xray. The said i was constipatied, yet I had watery bowels..
    He wasn’t satisifed and asked me to come back for further test’s. I don’t know the medical term but i had a camera up my backside, and had some random bowel taken. (no results back yet)
    All was fine until now.
    I have a lower right ache, i feel sick, im burning up, ive got no appeite, and extremly tired, for instance i go to sleep at 7pm wake up around 11am. My parents said i could be over tired, but i literally can not stay awake past 7pm and i can’t be woken up until I’ve had around 16 hours of sleep.
    I really dont want to go back to docs, but im in agongy. Please Help/

    • Jan Modric


      all your symptoms you’ve mentioned can appear in a Crohn’s disease – an inflammatory bowel disease, which can affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth (ulcers) to the anus. Samples taken during colonoscopy you’ve had will likely confirm that. If not, other investigations, like upper endoscopy might be needed.

      If not already, I recommend you to ask a doctor to prescribe you supplements (possibly iron, vitamin B12…) you might need according to blood tests. Anemia is likely one of the causes of your tiredness.

  • Kayleighthesing

    I also have slight chest pain thats central, and sometimes a cough. But only get chest pain when i have stomach pain. I also get uclers in my mouth at least 4 times a month, then the stomach pain gets worse, and i have to run to the toilet every so often.

  • sumosteady

    im 26 yrs old.. male.. im fat but not obese.. im experiencing abdominal pain from below chest area to my belly button.. and a kind slicing/piercing pain mid-upper right side.. for about 3-4 days now..

    the abdominal pain is like a bloated feeling and like the feeling after a abdomen work out.. so its kinda bearable and it kinda lessening.. but the slicing/piercing pain on the right side is the same.. when im like leaning forward while seated theres no pain but when im laying down on my back there’s a little pain but when i lay down on my right side its really painful.. bearable but it wakes me up when sleeping.. and when i sleep i kinda toss and turn alot.. when im standing or waking is the same bloated/after workout feeling..

    im not vomiting.. not nausea.. no fever.. no problems with going to the toilet.. no diarrhea.. even if i feel bloated i still can eat.. i often hear growling from my stomach even if i’ve eaten already.. i have a history of hyper acidity.. i think bordering to gastritis but that was long ago.. i fixed my diet already..

    the pain started after i had lunch.. it was a big lunch.. so i felt bloated only.. then had also a big dinner.. same bloated feeling.. the slicing/piercing pain started when i was about to sleep..

    could it be ulcer or appedicitis? or something else.. any ideas? thanks

  • dklafrance

    I received the results of my hida test today. Showed 86% er but slow tracer to common bile duct? all labs have been normal as was an ultrasound. The pain in my below my right ribcage and breastbone continues and I can hardly eat anything without causing more pain. This doesn’t sound like my gallbladder. What else can this be? The doc has ordered a CT scan with contrast and a referral to a general surgeon. I’m confused and concerned.

    • Jan Modric


      it’s important you tell which exact symptoms you have and when they occur:
      – excessive burping, heartburn, nausea, excessive gas
      – are symptoms worse after fruits or after fatty foods and in what exact time after starting eating they appear?

      The doctor should explain what “slow tracer to common bile duct” mean. If the function of the gallbladder is ok, there still can be a motility disorder of a common bile duct. Here’s a questionnaire that can help you determine your symptoms more exactly.

  • lauretta

    My boyfriend has a dull throbbing pain in his lower right back (below the rib cage).
    It can get more intense and a lot sharper, such as waking him up from sleep.
    He just started feeling symptoms last night.
    He has no history of kidney problems. We’re wondering if it could be a kidney stone. We’re wondering how this is diagnosed– if that can be from a urine test, or just a description.. And then we wonder what should be done! Is active or inactive movement better… he’s drinking a lot of water..

    Thank you very much for your time!

    • Jan Modric


      from an urine test kidney stones can (but not always) be suspected. Diagnosis can be done with ultrasound of the kidneys. Other kidneys disorders, like inflammation, are also possible. If the affected area is tender to touch, and if pain is aggravated by moving, a streched muscle or broken rib is also possible. Treatment of kidney stones is by breaking them down with a special waves, or by other means. If it is not just a stretched muscle, I recommend him to visit a doctor.

  • danielle

    i recently had my gall bladder removed. i am still getting very simular pains that i had before. i went to see the doctor and he thinks that the tubes attached to my liver are too small is this serious

    • Jan Modric


      “tubes attached to your liver” are biliary ducts, and about the same symtoms, like from gallbladder can arise from them. I recommend you to visit a gastroenterologist and have appropriate tests done. I can’t say, how serious it is.

  • Deadly matter

    I just notice this odd sensation on the right of my stomach exactly an inch below my ribs,though the sensation isnt great enough to call it pain infact i’ve been ignoring it at times. The feeling is off and on and is coming more freqently. I have’nt been to the doctor but i am considering it.

    • Jan Modric

      Deadly matter,

      would you describe sensations, like cramps, and do they appear after meals? In this case it could be a gallbladder/bile duct disorder.

  • Yosef

    I also have lower right back pain and lower right groin area pain. 4 years ago I had an angiogram and the pain is right there along the vein where the catheter was placed. I stand for 8-9 hours a day at work (retail) and it is getting harder to stand every day. My doctor noticed at least double if not triple amounts of protein in the urine 3 weeks ago and put me on ramipril to protect my kidneys. Could this be kidney disease?

    • Jan Modric


      lower right back pain could be from kidneys, and groin pain could be a referred pain from the ureter, for example (I’m just trying to make a connection with kidneys), but other causes, including catheter, are possible, so I recommend you to mention this to your doctor.

  • chellychelster

    I just suddenly started getting a sharp stabbing/throbbing pain on the right side mid abdomen 3-4 inches to the right of my belly button, it also shoots right through to my back where I believe my kidney is? It came on suddenly and won’t go away, it is kinda coming on in waves. It also brings nausea and anxiety (though I’m not sure if it’s all related) I should let u know that I have no appendix, gallbladder, ovary on that side or uterus. And I was just released from the Hospital a week ago after a 3 day stay for a pulmonary embolism. I have no idea what this pain could be but it’s throbbing an hurts and seems to come on in waves, it will hurt for 20 mins then fade away for about 1 min before it returns again. Any advice is appreciated- thank you

    • Jan Modric


      one possible cause of pains in lower right abdomen comming in waves is a stone or other disorder in the right ureter, and nausea could be related. In this case, a urine test could reveal some abnormality in the urine, and an ultrasound of the lower abdomen could reveal a disorder in the ureter. Such pain could also arise from the colon or Fallopian tube. I recommend you to speak with your doctor.

  • drshoteri

    I have an abdomin pain feel dull like kidney pain i just have that early in the morning when i sleep and go 10-15 min after i woke up.
    it feel from both side of the spine and i feel gas in my stomah and i want to urinate.
    i feel bad because i could not get enough sleep. almost every day i wake up 5 AM please help me

    • Jan Modric


      gas in the stomach suggests a stomach or bowel disorder more than a kidney disorder. There are several causes of gas…to say more, I would need to hear when did your problems appear for the first time, do you experience excessive belching (burping), have your bowel habit changed (loose stools, mucus in the stool, constipation), do you feel burning during urination, have you had fever…

      Frequent urination, without any change in urine color or burning, may be caused by gas built in the rectum, and not necessary by a kidney disorder.

  • Bob Forshaw


    Friday night, spent sitting at computer for szeveral hours, then when I got up I noticed a slight discomfort in my stomach area, went to lie down and realised the pain was quite bad.

    Saturday the pain was bad all day, felt like it came from bottom right abdominal area, any coughing or even heavy breathing resulted in sharp pain running up the right side. Sometimes it felt like the pain was in my lower back and top of chest and not just lower right abdomen.

    Sunday, condition seemed to get better, still took it easy and pains were present perhaps I was just getting used to it. The pain localised around my bottom right abdomen more.

    Monday, got up and everything seemed to be getting better. In the morning I walked and it still felt present but not as bad. I then spent the rest of the day at a desk again and when it came to leave work and walk home i thought i was going to cry, the pain was incredibly sharp and breathing or coughing was out of the question. It feels like someone is stabbing me with a large spear just under my ribs.

    I have had my appendix out and I would liken the pain to that, however if i no longer have an appendix what could be wrong with me?

    Appointment booked. Let hope I last till tomorrow night 🙁

    • Jan Modric

      Bob Forshaw,

      does your pain arise from the soft part of the abdomen , I mean from *below* the ribs, or from behind the chest wall, so from under the ribs.

      1. A gallbladder or bile duct disorder usually causes pain below the right rib cage, about 4 inches from the middle line. It is often aggravated by a (heavy) meal, and it can radiate into lower right back, right scapula or shoulder. It is not typically aggravated by breathing or coughing.
      2. Gas build in the small or large intestine can be due to various food intolerances, like fructose malabsorption or lactose intolerance. Distended colon full of gas can press upon the diaphragm and cause pain during breathing and coughing. Such pain can radiate up toward the chest or shoulder (left or right, depending on which side the colon (which in one part runs just below the diaphragm) is distended. Low-fructose or low-FODMAP diet could help you in this case.
      3. Intestinal parasites can also produce a lot of gas.
      4. Some sort of atypical pneumonia or other infection/infklammation of lungs/pleura can cause pains below and under the ribs.

  • Bob Forshaw

    also forgot to mention that if i take a deep breath, the pain is sharp below mr ribs on the right side but then after the shrap pain goes away there is a dull pain in my top left lungs? any connection?? or am i just riddled with cancer 😉

  • lyn

    for 5 days now i felt pain in my lower left rib. i felt pain when breathing and even i lay down on my left side. it felt like there’s a mass of air inside. what could the pain be?

    • Jan Modric


      a gas in the large intestine can cause this bloating feeling. Gas can arise from foods rich in soluble fiber, or fructose, or from food poisoning or intestinal parasites…

      A low-FODMAP diet for few days may help in case there is some dietary reason casing your symptoms.

  • blessednest

    Hi, I am 15 weeks pregnant with baby #3. I had C-sections with both of my girls. I have had sharp stabbing pain on my right side and now my left for weeks now. I talked to my midwife and she said it could be scar tissue/adhesions on my ovaries from the previous c-sections, pulling as my uterus grows to accommodate the baby. And she didn’t seem concerned about it at all, so I wasn’t.

    Well, that was weeks ago and now it’s getting much worse. It hurts [stabs] while sitting still and the more I move the more it hurts. I know that it’s not round ligament. I know what that feels like and it hurts in a different place and is dull and achy. This is painful. I’m not sure what to do. If I should bring it up to my doctor at my next appointment or if it’s not an issue. I’m scared of something ripping or bleeding or the c-section of this baby going horribly wrong.

    • Jan Modric


      adhesions were my first thought. I recommend you to speak with your gynecologist and ask which investigation (ultrasound?) may reveal the cause.

  • dklafrance

    Got the results back from my abdominal CT scan today. They found a 1cm mass (cyst/lipoma/other?)in the duodenum. They can’t tell what the mass is from the CT scan.

    I have continued to have symptoms of pain and feeling of fullness below my ribcage with sharper pain directly below my breast bone. I’m vomiting, have nausea (particularly after eating) and have regular cycles of sweating.

    The HIDA scan showed an 86% ejection rate but the tracer was slow going through the common bile duct. The CT scan and the slow travel through the common bile duct are the only abnormal results. Upper GI and sonogram were both normal.

    An endoscopy is scheduled for 10/26.

    The process of diagnosis has been so slow and I’m now starting to get really worried.

    Do you have any ideas what this could be?

    • Jan Modric


      I believe that during endoscopy, the doctor will be able to perform a biopsy of that mass and histological examination can then reveal what is it. To prevant nausea after eating you may try to have smaller portions.

  • candy

    hi,im having a pulling pain not unbareable spreading from right side tummy(below rib cage to left side….it normally last for couple seconds or 3mins.It usually happens when i make sudden movements or in a certain position too long.It started last year november.plz help.

    • Jan Modric


      I need more details to comment this: any other symptoms, like bloating or changed bowel habit, tenderness, nausea, any relevant medical history, how old are you? When did the pain appear for the first time?

  • gringabeya

    i just had my fallopian tubes removed a yr ago and i still get sharp pains

    • Jan Modric


      a gynecologist can perform an ultrasound of the lower abdomen. One possible cause after removal of Fallopian tubes are pelvic adhesions.

  • angela

    I have had a constant pain in my lower right abdomen since this last april(2010). felt like ovarian cyst – had them before. Thought maybe appendicitis. went to doctor, had all sorts of tests inc. ultrasound and all normal. when area is touched, i get sharp pain around it, but not directly on it. doc thought chronic appendicitis and prescribed doxycycline, which helped. a few weeks after stopping these, pain came back. its there all the time, maybe less during period. Doctor said he would get a CT if pain hasnt gone away, but I’m trying to look for answers first! Ive been able to ignore it most of the time, but its niggling! I have one baby (b. july 09)I dont think I have any other symptoms..

    What could this be? Does chronic appendicitis even exist?

    • Jan Modric


      yes, chronic appendicitis exists, and as far as I know, the definite treatment is appendix removal. Regarding you had ovarian cysts, pelvic adhesions would be possible. These are sometimes hard to see even on a CT; an MRI would be more accurate, but still not 100%. It is a laparoscopy which can reveal adhesions most precisely.

  • hanna

    I experienced abdominal pain the other night, and I ate dinner at around 9PM with an aching stomach. I thought it will be relieved the next day. But after I have eaten breakfast, the pain became worse. I vomited 6x and had cold sweats. Now, I am feeling a little better but still feeling some pain at the right side of my stomach and I am not able to move quick due to the pain. What could this be?

    • Jan Modric


      it could be a bacterial food poisoning. If symptoms are lessening, they will probably go away in few days on its own. Drink enough water to prevent dehydration.

  • velocity

    I had the Merina IUD put in back in April. I had it removed in September, because I was losing hair from all the added hormones. The Doc. Suggested I get the Copper IUD (Paragard), Beings, I got pregnant with my son, on the pill. Anways, I got the Copper IUD put in on the first week of october. I crapped for about 2 days. Than it went away and had no problems. I did however notice alot of extra discharge, It was normal discharge though, so I wasnt worried about it. A few days ago, I started to get cramps again. I thought this was odd, because I had this placed 3wks ago.
    The cramps come and go, nothing tylenol or motrin wont take care of. I have noticed that the cramps have been getting more painful, as well as migrating through my body. I had a ultrasound done to check the placement, yesterday. After it was done, the nurse asked if There was anyway, I could come back later that day to get seen by the doctor because he wasnt in the office at that time. I had other appointments so I said I couldn’t, she asked if I could come in tommorrow, (which is today), I said sure. She schedualed me a appointment for 4:30. I went home and later that night it got worse, I got sharp stabbing pains in my uterus, that radiates all the way down my knees. I never experienced this with the Merina. I also have severe cramping, that radiates in my uterus, back, and my UPPER stomach right below the brest bone, feels like my belly is upset, I have bloating, and occassional chest pains (more on the right side), I also get this Stabbing pain right under my rib cage on the right side, which also radiates to the heart region. It’s quite painful, and annoying. I have cramps in my right hand, on the middle finger and forefinger. and throughout both arms. No fever, and no bleeding. Slight headaches occasionally. No nausea, and bowels have been a little thick. I got 1hr of sleep last night because it actually hurt worse to lay down. I took a nice warm bath to soothe my muscles, I took some Motrin (800mg), Than I laid down. I woke up at 530am, to get kids ready for daycare, and I felt fine until about 7am. all these symptoms came back, I was in tears, and crying. I called the doc. office to see what i should do, They told me if it’s that bad, to go to the ER. If not than I would have to wait for my schedualed time, because they were busy. So, I came back home, and it had all disappeared after 2hrs. Now it’s 11:30, I feel it coming back, because my upper belly is starting to hurt. it feels like a upset stomach. and i’m starting to get that sharp pain in my right side. Although, it doesnt hurt as bad as it did this morning. KNOCK ON WOOD! What should I do? DO you think this is serious complications? or do you think it’s normal. I know the merina and the copper paragard are different, but I have never experienced anything even CLOSE to this, with the merina. I loved the merina, except for the hair falling out. 🙁 OH!!! I almost forgot! WHen I did get the copper IUD put in 3 weks ago, later that night, I went to pee, and when I wiped, A string came out. I dont know, if it’s from the clippings when the Doctor trimmed the strings, or if it was the part that was attached to the IUD!!!! AHHH!!!!!

    • Jan Modric


      IUDs are a very common cause of problems, so I recommend you to consider getting rid of it.

  • libby

    I woke up yesterday morning with dull pain in my right abdomen and I felt nauseous. I had no appetite so I didn’t eat all day until I got home after school. I didn’t vomit but I still felt the same. Now today the pain is still there. My mum said it could be a cyst on my ovaries, but I don’t think it is. What could it be?

    • Jan Modric


      where do you feel the pain (in inches from the navel)?

  • kittin

    I have this pain in the ride side of my back near the bottom of my ribs. It doesn’t hurt when you touch it or put pressure on it but if I like turn to one side too much or arch my back it delivers a quick sharp pain that takes my breathe away. I’ve been taking tylenol or ibuprofen (depending on which is available to me at the moment) for the past 5 months. I had my gallbladder completely removed about a year ago and delivered a child about three months ago. If I don’t take either tylenol or ibuprofen then there is a constant, but mild pain in that same place and intensifies with movement. One of the nurses told me that it was a pulled muscle or sore muscle from sleeping funny while I was pregnant but I don’t think I should continue to have this pain five months later when I haven’t been doing anything strenuous.

    • Jan Modric


      to get an answer, a doctor should examine you, and order some investigation if possible. With a stethoscope, a doctor can judge if your lung membranes are involved. Pulled muscles don’t sound likely to me either, but there could be adhesions (strands of fibrous tissue) developing after the gallbladder surgery, or something other.

  • dklafrance

    Had an EDG today and the findings are as follows:

    Duodentis without mention of hemorage – biopsy taken

    Neoplasm of unspecified nature of digestive system
    diaphragmatic hernia without mention of obstruction or gangrene – biopsy taken

    In addition, impressions indicated a hiatus hernia and chronic duodenitis.

    Can you explain what these conditions are?

    • Jan Modric


      Duodentis = inflammation of the duodenum – the first part of the small intestine
      Neoplasm = probably cancer, but the doctor should explain this exactly after the sample from biopsy will be checked
      Diaphragmatic hernia = protrusion of a part of the stomach upward through the opening in the diaphragm (the breathing muscle that separates the abdominal and chest cavity)

      …impressions (seen at X-ray with barium, I guess) indicated a hiatus hernia and chronic duodenitis – the same what was also detected during EGD.

  • Hot11569

    I’m a 32 y/o female. I had my gallbladder removed 2 months ago. One week ago I started to get right upper quadrant abdominal pain that radiated under my right shoulder blade also nausea (at the time these were my only symptoms). The pain got so bad I went to the ER. They did blood work, urinalysis, CT scan with contrast, and ultrasound of my right upper abdomen. The ER told me all the tests came back normal and to either follow up with a GI doc or the surgeon who removed my gallbladder. Since leaving the ER (5 days ago) I have vomitted once, and have had diaherra almost everyday multiple times a day, still have the right sided pain (pain was a little different this morning, a little lower on the right side and feels like a pinching pain), I also have a fever now. I am going to see my GI today, but now I am getting really worried about what this could be, any ideas?

    • Jan Modric


      upper right abdominal pain radiating to upper right back, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fever could speak for an inflammation or other disorder within the bile duct. Your surgeon should know how to check this. Another possibility are adhesions – strands of fiber tissue sometimes developing after surgery and eventually obstructing the bile duct or the bowel.

  • kathyn21

    For about a month I have had pain on and off underneath my right breast at my bra line. Sometimes it is in my lower right abdomen, a crampy feel. Today i had a SUDDEN SHARP pain in my lower right back and it QUICKLY shot around my side into my lower abdomen. afterward my right side felt numb for about 3 minutes.

    • Jan Modric


      gallbladder cramps usually appear within an hour after a meal below the right rib cage, 4-5 inches from the middle abdominal line and can radiate to the lower or upper right back and shoulder. Kidney stones can, at any time, cause crampy pain on the back radiating to the front. the right kidney might be (but not necessary) tender when you punch it with a fist slightly. A pinched spinal nerve arising from the thoracic spine can cause a shooting pain, possibly triggered by a body movement. Herpes zoster (shingles) can also affect any random spinal nerve (a typical rash may appear only days/weeks after abnormal sensations). Kidney and gallbladder pain are not likely triggered by moving.

      It could help a lot if you can recall any other symptom, like nausea or skin rash, or identify any trigger or reliever of the pain.

  • Jack

    Hi I am a 40 year old male who has been very healthy for years. Im not sure this is related but I had Umbilical hernia surgery in June. It was a very small hernia and no mesh was needed. The doctor said that the operation was very routine. It may be coincidence but after my opersation for the past 4 months I have had an abdominal pain in lower right quadrant. About 2 inches below and 4 or 5 inches to the right of my belly button. The pain is chronic and is definitely worse when sitting and made worse when sitting for long periods of time. Bending down to tie my shoes seems to aggravate it and I do feel pressure in the area when sleeping on my stomach but nothing when sleeping on my back. I have gotten an ultrasound for gallstones and to check other organs with nothing showing up. Also had a ct scan for other possible hernias and negative. I was told to try motrin for 2 weeks and this had no affect. I am getting more and more stressed everyday about this condition. So i have gone back to the my GP and she pushed hard on the area and it was painful. Over the last couple weeks the pain seems to have traveled to the left side but is definitely more pronounced in the original area. She wants me to get a colonoscopy. Am I possibly looking at Chrohns disease. The pain is not made better by BMs. And I have not had diarhea. Also my bm’s are normal with no change since I can remember. I am pretty regular every morning.

    • Jan Modric


      a colonoscopy seems to be a reasonable investigation. Pain appearing first in the lower right and then lower left abdomen seem to arise from the first ad last part of the colon, and Crohn’s disease actually is one possible cause.

  • Erin

    Wow! A site that is answered!
    I have been suffering stabbing pains on my right hand side about and inch and a half for about a year. at the same time these started I was diognosed with IBS and have had a complete wheat free diet since (Celiac was ruled out). 7 weeks ago I had a stomach upset with a fever that knocked me for six. Since then I have had constant pain in the right hand side lower abdomen, its worse when I stand or walk for a while. Sometime I get random pains all over my abdomen and very frequently perid like cramps. I have been to my doctor she thought muscular then checked for a hernia. Recently I have been for an ultra sound scan which revelled more than normal fluid on the pelvis an ovary that was on the upper size and a contrated Gallbladder. no mention of the appendix. Could you give me some insight and what I should be asking my doctor about these things. I canlt see her till late next week and the pain is driving me nutty!

    • Jan Modric


      lower abdominal pain and fever could arise from an inflammation of the small intestine (like in Crohn’s disease – a colonoscopy is needed for diagnosis). Hair loss, spots, and tiredness could be from low levels of certain vitamins or minerals due to impaired absorption in the small intestine (which again could be caused by Crohn’s disease or other cause of inflammation). Two other possibilities, for example, are tuberculosis and lymphoma.

  • Erin

    Oh and would haor loss and more spots have anything to do with this? I presume my tiredness does!

  • dln528

    Hi everyone 🙂 I am 26 adn female. Had a c-section a year and 4 months ago and then
    I had my Appendix taken out last month and i developed a infection which kept me in the hospital for a week. I went home and 10 days later i felt a throbbing stabbing pain. It radiated down my right leg. Went to the ER and found a large abscess. Had that drained for about 3 weeks. Now it has been about 4 weeks from the drainage removal i am having throbbing pain in my right lower quadrant.It was acute but became chronic these last few days. It hurts when i stretch also. The pain even radiates down my right leg again.
    Sorry this is so long. Im having a CT scan monday but, any ideas would be appriciated.

    • Jan Modric


      I don’t know, it’s possible it’s all related to appendix surgery complications.

  • Turtles

    I have had occasional pain on my lower right side. nothing too bad but it happens every 2 months or more. not all the time but enough to make me confused.

    • Jan Modric


      male or female, age? Character of the pain, exact location? Eventual other symptoms?

  • jack

    Hi I am a 40 year old male and have been basically healthy until now. Not sure if this coincidental but I had an umbilical hernia surgery 4 months ago and since than I have had lower right abdominal pain. Approx. 2 inches down and 4 inches to the right of the navel. This has been chronic pain that is bearable but uncomfortable. It is definitely worse when sitting and aggravated when sitting for long periods of time. Bending down to tie my shoes usually causes some aggravation depending on the belt and pants im wearing. It is barely noticeable when standing or lying on my back. when laying on my stomach I can feel pressure in the area mentioned. I did get an Ultrasound which came out negative for gallstones apendicitis etc. Also had a CT scan for possibility of spengilian hernia which came out negative for any hernia. Was told to take motrin for 2 weeks to see if pain would gey better and it do not seem to help. Was and still am completely stressing about the pain and made another appointment with GP. This resulted in her pressing down on the area which caused me pain. She said it was in the area of the terminal ileum and requested bloodwork and that I get a colonoscopy. Bloodcounts came out clean. I have not had any diahrea or constipation. I am pretty normal with BM pretty much one a day in the morning. I have not noticed any blood in stool. Is there any possibility i could be looking at Crohns? No fever or any other symptoms. Sometimes the pain seems to move about the lower abdomen but usually is consistant in the area mentioned.

  • jack

    Jan, thank you for the quick response. Is it possible to have crohns without diahrea or a change in BM? Also would my white blood cell counts be high? Im just curious if there are any other things that would mimic my symptoms since I have niether of the two above mentioned symptoms. Thanks.

    • Jan Modric


      I don’t claim you have Crohn’s disease, and can’t say how likely is it. Crohn’s disease may come in several variants, like only certain patches of intestinal mucosa could be affected – enough to cause pain, but not enough to cause diarrhea from nutrients malabsorption (for which a large part of small intestine should be affected). White blood cells are a non-reliable indicator of activity of Crohn’s disease, and I believe their level could be normal. From my theoretical knowledge, your pain location is quite typical for Crohn’s disease, and lack of other symptoms is not typical, but possible. Sometimes, an X-ray with barium enema is performed before colonoscopy, and can show ulcers or polyps, typical for Crohn’s disease.

      One “banal” cause of pain could be gas trapped in the colon; gas could be due to certain food intolerances, like in irritable bowel syndrome, fructose malabsorption, celiac disease. IN IBS, symptoms relief after bm is common, and in most food intolerances there are often excessive gas or other symptoms. You may try a low-FODMAP diet for about 4 days and see if it helps.

      Try to judge if the pain during banding down and sitting could be from bloating – lower abdomen would be more distended as it was 4 months ago…Umbilical hernia speaks for weakened connective tissue, so diverticles in the colon would be possible. Theoretically, abdominal adhesions could develop after surgery – these can be often missed by an ultrasound or CT, or even MRI, but can be seen during laparoscopy – this is usually the last investigation, after other possibilities were excluded. Pain during certain body movements in absence of other symptoms is quite typical. Pinched nerves in the lumbar or lower thoracic spine often (not always) cause lower back pain…. Colon cancer is rare at 40, and your symptoms are not typical.

  • JamesZ


    Over the previous year i spent a large amount of time living in New Zealand, during which I began having discomfort in my lower abdomen, almost like having the chills in that area and also would have occasional intense, brief (2 seconds or less) shooting pains down my side. I visited a sexual health clinic (I was sexually active at the time) and all tests came back negative, including any traces of bacteria in my urine. However, they did find trace amounts of blood cells. I left the country before getting a diagnosis and came back to the States where I have no health coverage. I took some anitbiotics, made a conscious effort to drink more water and practiced abstinence. The pain has gone away for the most part, except for occasionally (usually after a night of drinking, but not always) I still get a shooting pain that starts in my lower back and shoots down to my anus. I also have noticed on occasion a severe pain in my lower left abdomen/groin that occurs when i’m just about to finish urinating which lingers and then fades after urinating. The pain feels similar to how you would feel the day after a hard workout. I’ve also noticed this pain while stretching before. My symptoms seem all over the place and I can’t make sense of them. The original diagnosis of blood in my urine was made 6 months ago. Please help!

    • Jan Modric


      there could be (among other) one or both of the following:
      – something within your urinary system, like urinary stones – for this a special urine test for certain substances, and maybe some imaging investigation of the kidneys would be needed.
      – a pinched nerve in the lumbar spine causing shooting pains in the back, anus and groin. To confirm this, a CT or MRI of the lumbar spine would be needed.

  • Jay

    I have the same symptoms as moomoo. I get a pinching pain in my upper right side. Around the seratus anterior area below the right arm pit behind the rib cage.

    This pinching pain only occurs when standing or sitting but goes away when resting. I have no clue as to what it is. Maybe the Liver….I doubt its the gallbladder being the gallbladder is lower and I havent had my gallbladder taken out.

    The pinching/pricking sensation is just always there. I am guessing it is a mechanical disfunction with the bile release from the liver or possibly the “squirting gun” which ejects the bile from the liver is sore or damaged.

    I dont know….anyone have any clue as to what causes this pinching problem?

    • Jan Modric


      a pinching pain changing with the body position may be from adhesions connecting the liver and diaphragm, or from a pinched nerve in the thoracic spine. These ae two causes I can think about.

      Pain from the gallbladder is a cramping pain, occurring within an hour after a meal and lasting from several minutes to several hours and not likely dependent on the body position. The pain is located just below the rib cage on the right side about 5 inches from the middle abdominal line. The pain arising from the bile duct would be located at about the same area and would be also not likely dependent on the body position.

      A neurologist or orthopedist may give you the exact diagnosis.

  • Jay

    Jan Modric, I am pretty certain my symptoms are exactly what moomoo is describing. He had commented awhile back Nov 2009 if you scroll at the start.

    This pinching pain for moomoo was not solved by gallbladder removal. I still have my gallbladder and when I got the ultrasound everything was fine.

    This pinching pain is on/off all day long. Jan do you have any idea what could be causing pinching behind the upper right side of the rib.

    Moomoo, if your still viewing this page leave your contact info because I need to find out what went on with you because I am at a loss as to what this problem is.

  • AM

    I use to have sharp pains on the right side of my waist, it comes and goes and when it comes back it is super painful it comes back for just a few days and is very painful. It’s in the lower back region/ribs now… It’s as if someone has beaten me up/stabbed me – pains hurt so i have to hunch.

    – It has moved from the right side to the left also so pretty much pain all over.

    There is no lump visible/able to touch and i have had tests for appendicitis, cysts, kidney infections and many more.

    Seems like you know what your on about most of the time! If you could help it would be very helpful.

    • Jan Modric


      which exact tests have you had so far? Ultrasound of the kidneys? Does pain changes with the body movements or the time of the day, or meals? When it appears for how long does it last? Burning or frequent urination? Any other current or past health problems?

  • soccer girl

    I have been having pains in my lower right side for 4 days now its hurting a lot now, it wakes me up in the night time and my parents think its a muscle pull, but ive had this pain before, in 09 i was in the hospital for a week and they didnt know what was wrong, it feels like that kind of pian, its sore to poke at and it feels better when i bring my knees to my chest. I have tried everything, tylenol advil, ibuprofen nothing is working. I also have the flu at this time have any idea of what it could be?

    • Jan Modric

      soccer girl,

      if you have the flu, than the stomach pain can be a part of it, maybe from constipation. In this case it would help, if you drink sufficient amount of tea, and have your usual meals, maybe with adding more vegetables or wholegrain bread instead of meat, white rice, potatoes or other foods that may constipate you. It’s hard to make any other conclusions during the flu. If the pain becomes worse, I recommend you to see a doctor, since it is the appendix in the lower right abdomen, and it could be inflamed. A part of the colon, and the right ovary are also there.

  • soccer girl

    oh yeah and its not gass ive tried everything thinking it was gas, i have normal boul movements and its deffinitly not period pains,i am 14 and my parents want some help on what it could possibly be thankss!

  • Jay

    Jan Modric, the bile duct is what I believe the issue could be. I have done so called “Liver Flushes” in the past few months and that is actually what had started this prickling sensation on my side.

    Liver flush is eating apples for 6 days then drinking olive oil/grapefruit juice to wash out the liver.

    Now I had an ultrasound/sonogram done which showed no stones plus all organs were found to be in top shape.

    Do you think my bile ducts were irritated in someway from these flushes or maybe stones possibly got trapped in there.

    Again, the pain is not severe, its just very annoying being the prickling persists on and off throughout the day.

    Lying down makes the prickling ease off but I can slightly feel fluttering going on in my right side.

    Let me know more about these bile ducts and if they can cause prickling.

    • Jan Modric


      the main bile duct is the tube that connects the liver and the first part of the small intestine (duodenum). Disorders in the bile duct can cause pain in about the same spot as gallbladder disorders, so in the upper right abdomen, below the rib cage. Symptoms may include one or more of the following: various types of pains, cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

      The prickling sensation below the right armpit is not typical for the bile duct, gallbladder or liver disorders, neither by the character nor location of symptoms you’ve mentioned. Two possible causes that come on my mind are a pinched nerve in the thoracic spine (for example due to bulging disc or spinal arthritis), or shingles – a reactivation of infection with Herpes zoster virus – symptoms of the later include one or more of the following: numbness, tingling, burning pain, and often (but not always) red, crusty itchy rash appearing few weeks after the onset of the first symptoms. Symptoms changing by a body position speak more for a pinched nerve, though. If there is no visible rash, a neurologist may give you a diagnosis.

  • jonsyt

    I have a pain that has been coming and going on the right side of my stomach about 3 inches right from navel and 3 inches down from rib . I do binge drink i am 24 male otherwise physically fit any ideas what could be the cause or what it is that is aching ( It doesnt only happen when or after drinking it can come on anytime )

    • Jan Modric


      is it a constant dull pain or crampy pain? Is the painful spot tender to touch, and do you feel any lump under the fingers? Any change in the bowel habit, excessive gas? Any nausea related to pain?

  • Lid

    I’ve been having this weird pain in the upper left side of my abdomen (near the top of my ribs). But the thing is, after I drink water, it goes away. I’ve never had this happen to me before. Sometimes its really painful and its as if i can’t breath, but that’s rarely. Do you have any idea what this pain is or what it is caused by?

    • Jan Modric


      where exactly is the pain? Is it *below* the rib cage on the left? How many inches from the middle line? Is your left part of the abdomen distended? Is the pain related to meals, moving or any part of the day? One possible cause is gas trapped in the colon from some dietary or gastrointestinal reason. Distended colon can press upon the diaphragm, irritating it and affecting breathing.

  • Jay

    Jan Modric, my prickling and fluttering sensation takes place one inch below the right chest nipple. Also the pain happens in the serratus anterior, Latissimus Dorsi area as shown in this image link below

    The pricking feels like little bubbles popping. Your are saying that the bile ducts, gallbladder would not affect that area, correct?

    What confuses me is my rib is that the rib does not hurt when touched, but rather the pain occurs behind the ribcage, internally I can kinda feel something being sore.

    You have been such a great help, I will have to look into nerves.

    Is it possible that it could be a sphincter of oddi dysfunction or does that dysfunction a result of when the gallbladder is removed?

    • Jan Modric


      you’ve mentioned prickling, pinching and fluttering sensations. Can you feel any of these with your hand when touching the affected spot?

      Sphincter of Oddi (SOD) is a muscular sphincter on the end of the main bile duct. The pain (cramping pain) caused by a SOD dysfunction would be likely felt about an inch below the lower edge of the rib cage.

      Internal pain felt one inch below the right nipple could arise from the diaphragm or from a pinched spinal nerve arising from the thoracic spine. But if you can feel the fluttering with the hand, it very likely arises from the chest wall muscles (due to physical effort, psychical tension, shingles, pinched spinal nerve or a mineral imbalance in the blood, like hypo/hyperkalemia or the like).

  • AM

    Yeah, i was given an ultrasound on my Kidneys – nothing was found to my recognition. I’ve had loads of blood tests and other stuff which i can’t remember. It hurts more if i move around, and it comes when i’m usually tired or stressed.

    – Except for the pain, the other effect is that it makes me feel sick and not want to eat anything.

    I have no problems with urinating

    • Jan Modric


      should ask before: are you male or female and how old are you?

      Pain appearing on one side of the lower abdomen and moving to the other side, coming and going..could be from gas trapped in the colon or some other disorder in the colon, like Crohn’s disease. Would you say the pain is aggravated by eating or relieved after the bowel movement? Constipation or diarrhea? Does your abdomen appear distended?

  • Kim

    I posted a comment about a month ago now about my husband going through pain in his abdominal area on both sides.

    Well we have been to the family doctors, upper GI surgeon for a colonoscopy, cat-scan, blood work and x-ray’s. The outcome is that he has colon cancer. He has a large tumour and some smaller tumours on his membrane that covers his organs in his abdomen. It is acting aggressive and he is going in for a 12-14 hour surgery in November then in the hospital for at least 2 weeks.

    So I advise all men and women to have a colonoscopy done early. Just to even have your colon checked because cancer is not a fun thing to have and this test could save your life. We have hope that my husband will survive this as he is only 40 years old and is otherwise healthy and has been all his life. But the only other treatment would be to remove as much as they can then leave him as comfortable as they can for the remainder of his life verses this new surgery. He is going for the surgery.

    This only took 2 months to go from his appendix to his small intestine on the opposite side. He is loosing his colon, spleen, part of his small intestine and his appendix plus the membrane. Don’t let this happen to you. Get your colon checked right away or when the discomfort starts, especially if cancer runs in your family.

  • Jay

    Jan Modric, no I do not feel anything when I touch the areas of where the pinches/pricks/flutters happen.

    I have absolutely no pain when I press on the right rib.

    I do notice that when I stretch my arms straight ahead it somewhat will activate very little fluttering. Seems that when I eat something sugary or if I get a slight flash of nervousness the pinch will occur. Again I cannot really put my finger on what triggers this pinching.

    As for the sphincter of oddi, ok so this muscle is not behind the right rib at all? Is the sphincter in the front of the body or on the side of the body.

    It is very possible that the sphincter could be the cause of my pinching but my gallbladder was never taken out so I am unaware of whether the dysfuction can still occur even when an individual has a present gallbladder.

    All the reports I’ve read about the sphincter of oddi dysfunction stated that people had this problem after gallbladder surgery. So since I never had surgery, maybe this could be ruled out?

    My bowel movements have been strange. The color is medium brown but I noticed I have been eliminating small portions fewer times, wouldnt say constipation because I do generally have a bowel movement daily. Maybe I have a spastic colon and this is causing the issues

    Again, my ultrasound was reviewed by my doctor and he said every thing is fine. My doctor will be giving me a liver enzyme test but he had also mentioned it could be nerve related.

    Some things I am scared it might be is appendicitis.

    I am going to keep an open mind

    • Jan Modric


      if you think the symptoms are worsened or triggered by sugary foods, you can try a low-fructose diet for few days and see if it helps.

      Appendix is located in the lower right abdomen, below the waist line, few inches right from the navel.

  • Jay

    I read up on symptoms of SOD and I do not think I have that because the symptoms sound pretty horrible–burning, pressure in chest, I do not have any of that.

    I just have simple pin pricking that I can definitely say is occuring behind the right side of my ribcage.

  • jonsyt

    It isnt contant It will happen usually over a period of about 4 hours during that time il have pain for about 15 seconds then none for a couple of mins and that cycle carries on it is a dull pain not like cramp . My bowel habits have been loose and hard differs all the time has been this way for a couple of years , as for tender spots or lumps there isnt any . . Just today i have also felt the same pain in the same place on the left .

    • Jan Modric


      episodic pain appearing on both sides of the abdomen may be due to constipation/bloating…this would likely depend on the type of foods you have on a given day. Alcohol, meat, eggs, white rice, chocolate, cheese, sweets may quickly cause constipation, especially if eaten without much plant foods (containing fiber).

      Alternating constipation and diarrhea may be a part of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), in this case a low-FODMAP diet could help you. Fructose malabsorption could also cause vague pains, diarrhea and constipation. In this case, a low-fructose diet for few days would likely help.

      Urinary stones in the ureter could appear on both sides. Some discomfort during urination or more frequent urination would be likely in this case.

      After the abovementioned diet trials you would be probably able to say, if your symptoms are related to food or not, at least.

  • Jay

    Jan Modric, I noticed when I got anxious I did somewhat get pricklings around the left rib today, around the frontal area

    I never felt an intense pinch around the left rib like i generally will fell on the right.

    Do you think I may have some kind of nerve disorder like fibromyalgia or . Myofascial?

    Seems that anxiousness, slight stress and eating junk food or something heavy brings on this pinching.

    I am starting to think it is nerve related rather than gastro.

    What kind of nerve disorder would cause pinching in both ribs but no actual pain when the areas are touched. The shots of pinches just happen in random areas. Almost like bee stings.

  • AM

    I’m female and am 16 – almost 17 =P

    No Constipation/Diarrhea.

    It’s not really aggravated by eating, just when it comes for the x amount of time, it hurts, makes me feel sick and usually have a headache which kills – making me not want to eat/drink, because of it i go for 1-2 days without eating/drinking much at all, if anything.

    • Jan Modric


      when the pain comes, is it constant, or is it in waves, or like cramps lasting for few minutes or hours? Also, when there is no pain, you feel completely ok?

      You’ve mentioned the waist and the ribs, so – where exactly is your pain? The right kidney is located on the back under the lower part of the right rib cage. In some kidney disorders, the kidneys are tender when punching them slightly with the fist. In most kidney disorders there would be some abnormalities in the urine (except maybe in kidney stones).

  • Jay

    Jan Modric, now I have some hard evidence on what might be triggering these pinching symptoms behind my ribcage.

    I went into bed, while laying completely flat, I took in some very deep breaths and all the symptoms were triggered by the “expansion” of my rib cage as I inhaled.

    So the expansion of the rib muscles from inhaling to maximum will set off all the pains that I have been complaining about.

    Maybe I have a lung issue or would you assume this is definitely muscle related?

    • Jan Modric


      I’m not sure if I can imagine how the prickling feels? Like tingling, ants crawling, or maybe as short, sharp pains? Also, what exactly you mean with “fluttering”? Is it like muscle vibrating (like in eyelid sometimes when you are tired). Thoracic wall muscles fluttering could be either visible or palpable, but could be very mild. Also, how exactly are your symptoms time-related with your flushing trial?

      Inflamed lung membrane could cause a rubbing feeling during deep breathing or raising the hands, but would obviously stop or diminish during holding the breath. In this case, a doctor would clearly hear abnormal sounds with a stethoscope. I can’t connect fluttering with lung membranes, though.

      Also, do symptoms worsen, lessen or are just the same all the time? The flushing could derange your blood mineral levels (resulting in abnormal sensations and chest muscle (and/or diaphragm) fluttering), but this should improve with the usual diet in some days.

      Anxiousness itself would not likely cause symptoms limited to a pretty small area.

  • ashlieM

    I am a female and 17 years old i have been having a stabbing pain in my right side for 2 years now but i just decided to tell my mom about 6 months ago because im terrified of doctors. The pain comes and goes but it gets so bad sometimes i cant even walk. It comes on more when I’m really hot or moving around alot like in gym class but other times it can just be really random. I had an ultrasound done and blood takin they couldn’t find anything so my mom said shes takin me to the hospital in the next few days if we dont find out something. Do you have idea what could be causeing this?

    • Jan Modric


      where exactly is the pain?

  • Jay

    I know this all sounds crazy but I truly am experiencing all of this happen on my right side.
    All of this occurs mostly in
    – right ribs, right side, mid right back at times
    – a littl bit in the sternum/solar plexus area
    – rarely on the left rib.

    Prickling feels like
    – ants crawling
    – short sharp pinches on side of rib, like a bee stings every so often
    – slight cramping

    I will also get a very very dull pain which alerts me that the issue is still there.

    The pain keeps morphing

    Yes, fluttering is like a fast pace opening/closing of something, like a pulsing or pumping in a tiny area but this only occurs in my right side rib upper area

    The symptoms seem to stay the same all the time but they are just on and off throughout the day but never completely gone.

    If I dont feel pinching then it is just dull residual feeling on side of right rib and slight pain under right side breast.

    Maybe I have Costochondritis

    • Jan Modric


      if you think your symptoms prevents you to engage with your usual activities, I recommend you to see a doctor. I can’t exclude or confirm any particular disorder from your descriptions.

  • soccergirl

    my stomach is still hurting, my mom told me that if it still hurts than we’ll go to the doctor on monday.. I am almost completely over the flu, thanks for the help.

    • Jan Modric


      I agree, if pain persists after the flu and if you think it’s not constipation or gas, seeing the doctor would be appropriate.

  • Jay

    sometimes I can feel that I can crack my muscles when stretching.

    I get itching sensations around the left/right ribs and mid right side of my back.

    Something is going on with my ribs and sternum.

    Maybe its all nerve related but I do not feel stressed out, maybe its hidden anxiety…i dont know.

    Maybe arthritis in my rib joints. I dont really have any trouble breathing at all. I am in my late 20s so its hard for me to believe that it could be anything serious.

    Just feels like my ribs are worn out

    I was very athletic always doing push ups and weight lifting but I completely stopped awhile back.

    I came across (TOS) Thoracic outlet syndrome and will do more research on it.

  • ashlieM

    The pain is random someetimes it last a while others its just for a couple minutes.But it is in the front about 2 inches below my rib cage around my ovary. My mom ended up takin me today to the hospital they did some blood work, they gave me a cathidore, an ultrasound, and a pelvic exam. They did find a small cist on my ovary they will have to remove but they didn’t think that was what has been causing all the pain. They never could figure it that out.

    • Jan Modric


      the cyst cannot be excluded as a possible cause of the pain, no matter how likely or not this is. You will see what happens when the cyst will be removed. Theoretically there could be pelvic adhesion(s) – strand(s) of fibrous tissue around the ovarian cyst, connecting the cyst and adjacent organs, pulling at them and thus causing pain. This would be seen during the surgery.

  • AshlieM

    In this surgery do they have to cut you open? Is it a hard sergury?

    • Jan Modric


      the way of removal of an ovarian cyst depends on the cyst type. A surgeon who plans to operate you probably knows in advance what will be needed, so you may ask him. Certain cysts can be removed by a “laparoscopic surgery”, where two or three small incisions (about a half an inch long) are done in the abdominal wall and cyst is removed by instruments inserted through the incisions. In certain cysts only the fluid in them need to be removed, but some need to be excised completely, so this determines the time needed.

  • Jay

    Jan Modric, I appreciate all the advice you had given me. I recently visited my grandparents house and my grandfather gave me a pill called “Ranitidine”

    After taking this pill I can honestly say the pinching behind my right rib cage eased off a good bit. Now I do not know if that is because most pills will higher your blood pressure making it seem as if your whole body is painless or if my issue can possibly be acid related like GERD.

    Have you ever heard of pinching behind the right side rib being acid reflux or anything related to acid?

    • Jan Modric


      ranitidine lowers the gastric acid secretion and may ease burning in the stomach or behind the breastbone. These are prescription pills for a reason, since they may affect your digestion, and taking them long-term could do a mess in your bowel. Ranitidin helping you may mean you have excessive gastric secretion, but I would not like make several-steps-deep conclusions about what is related to what.

  • Jay

    At this point I cant even determine what the cause of my right side, under right breast pinching is… gastro doctor looks at me like I am crazy.

    This pain is so annoying because it goes on for the whole day.

    The pain being behind the right ribcage, I cannot determine if it is the ribcage itself. Something feels sore behind there but I do not know if it is muscle related or stomach related.

    Like I said, I can touch all over the ribcage and I feel nothing. I do feel a constant soreness, inflamed feeling behind it.

    I mean, what could be behind the ribcage, there is the liver, the gallbladder, thats about it.

    • Jan Modric


      if your main symptom is a pinching pain under the right breast, aggravated by deep breath, and to a lesser extent appearing on the left, then they possibly originate from the thoracic spine, thoracic wall muscles or ribs or costosternal joints or diaphragm or the lung membrane and less probably from abdomen. You can still have additional stomach or other abdominal problem, but the symptoms you’ve describe do not sound like arising from the abdomen to me. I can’t exclude anything, though. Even the doctor of general practice have tools to narrow down your diagnosis at least, and I don’t. It’s important you tell a doctor all your symptoms, triggers, relievers and their time course.

  • Jay

    possibly Pancreatitis?

  • Jay

    I really think my problem comes from the sphincter of oddi, that liver flush must of damaged the sphincter when I wasw passing bile stones.

  • AshlieM

    okay thank you so much.

  • chmr74

    Hi Jan,
    I’m a 36 yo guy, very healthy and fit, recently I started experiencing upper abdominal discomfort directly below the ribs, a sensation like there’s “something there”. I had a slight amount of bright red blood in my stool about a week ago but none since. In the last few days my left armpit has become sore and i’ve also developed 2 cold sores (haven’t had one in 2 years). Went to see my Dr and she has booked me in for an ultrasound of the abdomen and i’m also due to have a colonoscopy in 2 weeks time. I’m very worried as the mere mention of getting the colonoscopy done (at my age)has me concerned about things such as colon cancer – even though there is no history of cancer in my family – mainly heart disease….

    Can you shed any light on possible causes?

    Thanks in advance

    • Jan Modric


      it’s possible the blood is related to right upper pain, in this case it likely arises from the colon. Colon cancer at 36 without family history of cancer is extremely rare, but bowel inflammation, like Crohn’s disease, is more likely. Intestinal parasites would be also possible. Sore armpit could be from painful lymph nodes, and I can’t exclude (intestinal) lymphoma. The scheduled investigations sound appropriate.

  • denise518

    Everything started with diverticulitis in June. Since then, I’ve been diagnoses with IBS, gastris, diverticulosis and had my gallbladder removed. I’ve lost 35+ pounds since May. I’ve been having rightsided pain radiating to my back, along with a total loss of energy and appetite. I was hoping the gall bladder removal would alleviate the pain; however, it seems to be worse. I had a ct scan after the surgery, and was told have a cyst on my left ovary and small, unobstructal kidney stones, all on my left side. I saw my gyn on Monday, and she found another cyst behind the one found on the ct scan that looked abnormal. had the ca-125 blood test done, and it came back “normal”. I’m supposed to go back in for a recheck in December. I’ve been round & round, and can’t get any relief whatsoever. I can’t imagine this being IBS – I hardly eat anything – my diet consists of yogurt, grilled chicken breast, maybe some mash potatoes or oatmeal, and the pain is always the same.

    • Jan Modric


      where exactly is the pain on the right side – in inches from the middle line and lower rib cage edge? Did any investigation before or after the gallbladder removal show any gallbladder disorder? Are pains related to meals, body moving, is the spot tender to touch? Any bloating, excessive gas, diarrhea, change in stool color? How old are you? In which part of the colon diverticles were found – on the left or right? Is the pain you probably had during the diverticulitis episode on the same spot as you feel it now?

  • abi

    For the past three days i had a pain in my right abdomen.Sometimes it was severe for seconds, My period was late by 4 days still now i dont have my period.Is it a bad sign.Am i pregnant.We are trying for a baby.

    • Jan Modric

      abi, where exactly do you feel pain (in inches from the navel or the bottom of the rib cage)? Is it tender to touch?

  • Nini.x


    Ive had a dull ache in my lower right abdo, its worse after Ive just eaten. I am nauseated and have been sick. I havent opened my bowels for 2 days now… PLEASE HELP i am so uncomfortable!!!



    • Jan Modric


      I can’t say if the constipation you are experiencing was caused by constipating foods or a bowel disorder, intestinal parasites or some other disease. I also can’t exclude appendicitis. If you think it’s not just usual constipation, please go to the doctor. Drink sufficient amount of water to prevent dehydration.

  • dee

    hi jan

    so to make this short i had gallbladder surgery last week but now im in more pain then ever sorta near my incision spot all the way around to almost spine. i haven’t been back to work so i know its not a pulled muscle because no lifting. symptoms are low grade fever, sweats, chills, headaches, itchy skin (but that may be because of the vicodin), sharp pain throughout any movement, and when touched, I feel a burning sensation, loss of appetite. oh and the pain killers don’t even take all the pain away

    • Jan Modric


      yes, go to the ER as soon as possible – it could be an infection, as a complication of surgery, for example.

  • dee

    also intense intense pain when i breathe, cough, things like that. im supposed to get a ct scan n all my blood work and urinalysis came back fine. im strongly considering going back to the er because i just can’t stand the pain

  • Danigril

    Hi. I’m a 28 year old female. I do have a history of migraines, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. For about 6 months now on and off I have what I would best describe as stomach clenching. It doubles me over. It feels like someone is just grabbing my insides and twisting them. I told my Dr. who said it would probably go away on it’s own, but within the last 3 weeks it’s actually gotten much worse and much more frequent. Now every time my stomach begins to clench so does my heart; and they both hurt! Also this last week I’ve begun to have a sharp stabbing pain – right lower quadrant of my stomach right across from my hipbone. It was only hurting at night when I tried to lay on my stomach. Last night I felt something “shift” and the pain has remained constant. No changes when I move, lay down, etc. Bowel movements are normal, nausea comes with the stomach clenching but no actual vomiting. No pain/tenderness when I touch the spot, either. Any suggestions/ideas?

    • Jan Modric


      Nausea accompanied with stomach clenching (abdominal cramps?) in the lower right abdomen may arise from a bowel disorder, like a bowel obstruction, intestinal hernia. In IBS symptoms (cramps, constipation, diarrhea, but not likely nausea) are aggravated by meals and relieved by a bowel movement. Do you think it could be a side effect of some medications? It does not sound to me as a typical food intolerance, so maybe you should visit a gastroenterologist.

  • dee

    is there any questions i should ask them or like any tests I should be expecting to have done. is an infection pretty serious because i feel like something is really wrong. can it be any other diagnosis in your opinion?

    • Jan Modric


      if it is the infection, doctors should know exactly what to do. In this case you can expect to get antibiotics, and, if necessary, draining of eventual pus from the operating wound.

      Have a list of all medications you take, to see if some symptoms are from their side effects.

  • denise518

    The pain is in the lower rib area. There were cysts in my gallbladder and it was almost nonfunctioning. It is not affected by what I eat. I eat very bland foods. The side is tender to touch. I do have gas etc but I’ve been trying to control what I eat so that the issues will be minimal. I am 44 years old. The doctor did not indicate which side the diverticuli were found. The pain began gradually after going to the ER with diverticulitis. It seems like the pain is more persistent and steady everyday. It hurts more the longer I sit. I hope I answered all your questions.

    • Jan Modric


      so, would you say the pain is in the same area as it was before the gallbladder removal? Important: do you have more gas after fatty foods, or maybe fruits or wheat or milk? In case your bile duct is blocked or not working properly, not enough bile would come into the small intestine, and you would be not able to properly digest fats, what would result in gas and probably white patches (fat) in the stool. I’m not sure if any imaging investigation (US, CT, MR) could reliably show the bile duct disorder, but a HIDA scan or ERCP (endoscopic investigation of the bile duct) maybe could. Another possibility are abdominal adhesions that sometimes develop after a surgery.

      Having cysts in the gallbladder and ovaries and having diverticles in the colon may speak for some systemic disorder of the connective tissue, and you might have cysts in the liver and kidneys as well. I can’t say which exact disorder this could be.

  • denise518


    the pain has worsened and is more intense since the surgery. I very rarely eat fatty foods; my diet consists of grilled chicken, maybe toast, activia yogurt, soup. The doctors have ruled out celiacs. I am at my wits end right now. I’ve asked my general physician to try to point me in the right direction since I feel like I’m going around in circles with the doctors and he’s absolutely no help. I’m going back to square one by calling my gastro doctor again tomorrow to see what they can do.

    • Jan Modric


      you’ve said the pain does not depend on what you eat. Why do you have so restrictive diet then? By giving a diagnosis of diverticulitis, the doctor probably knew where exactly diverticles were, so this is what you can ask him. Is tenderness related to bloating and is it always present? The lower edge of enlarged liver could be palpated below the bottom rib on the right. Colon disorders are seen during colonoscopy…The function of the bile duct can be tested by a HIDA scan.

  • denise518

    I watch what I eat because it makes me feel nauseous, and causes stomach spasms sometimes, and because I don’t want to go back to the ER with diverticulitis. Even when I eat a bland diet, I still have the pain on the right side. Thank you for your input. I will bring your suggestions to the attention of the doctor. I need as many suggestions as I can get at this point.

    • Jan Modric


      what you can do by yourself is to start a diet diary and write down effects (nausea, pain..) triggered by certain foods or groups of foods (fruits, sugary foods, meat, grains, dairy).

      Next you can check this personal medical history questionnaire and write down all your current symptoms, how they are related to meals, time of the day and put all in the time line. Where exactly is the pain and does it radiate somewhere. Does nausea appear only together with pain or also on its own? Is your abdomen distended (bloated), do you burp excessively, any heartburn, has your bowel habit changed, and so on. Detailed ad arranged history can guide the doctor in the right direction. Regarding your poor diet, you can ask a doctor for blood tests for main minerals (iron, potassium…) and vitamins.

      Cysts in the gallbladder, ovaries, and diverticles may speak for a certain genetic disorder. In your case, upper right abdominal pain could arise from the liver, bile duct or colon, either from the inside of these organs, or from adhesions built among them after surgery. On the end, it may come out your pains are from gas built in the colon due to certain food intolerance…

  • denise518


    Thank you. I’ve scheduled an appointment with my gastro doctor once again for tomorrow morning. You know what’s really crazy? I’m getting more “what ifs” or “suggestions” as to what it could be from you than anyone else, and I thank you for that. I have printed off your suggestions, and will take this to the doctor tomorrow. I will follow up with you once I get more information. Thanks again 🙂

  • snfs

    hi. its been 4 days now, im having pain on my right waist just below the ribs and now my lower back, i urinate more often but no pain. a few years ago i had a kidney infection caused by UTI but back then it started of with fever. i dont have fever now just extreme discomfort and pain. its constant stinging pain and seems to be throbbing. my right arm feels weak and so does my right leg.

    also for a few months now ive been having pain right at my tail bone.. it hurts very much especially when i sit down also if i touch it.. ill have to position myself until im ok and feel no pain.

    appetite has lessen, no vomiting no nausea just headaches when the pain suddenly peaks.

    • Jan Modric


      the variety of symptoms you’ve listed my speak for more than one disorder, so I strongly recommend you to visit your doctor, who may decide which investigations might be needed. A kidney disorder (stones?) may be possible, but I can’t say yes or no from your description.

  • ausiern

    wondering if i can get some questions answered,for about 1 week now I’ve had this discomfort, not exactly pain on right side of abdomen. Gets worst when I sit down. No vomiting,nausea, no change in urinary or bowel movements. no fever, I do notice that its worst when im sitting in my car, and today the discomfort has traveled to right flank area. MD took urinare sample, CBC and everything came back ok. Waiting to see what my liver panel says. Was told it was not my gallbladder or appendix…help!

    • Jan Modric


      have you injured or stretched your abdomen a week ago, is pain related to meals? Is your abdomen distended,and is the painful spot tender to touch? Do you have excessive gas?

  • jane in pain

    Twelve days ago I felt burning when urinating. Next day was prescribed antibiotics. Two days later, I had excruciating pain consistent with gallbladder attacks. Also had terrible burning across my chest(left to right). For a few months I ve noticed pressure and pain in right lower abdomen which goes across my hip and also toward pubic bone and straight up (and to the right of) my belly button. This time the ab pain has stayed for 4 days now and is stronger than usual. Sometimes I feel pain in my right thigh as well. i am now on a different antibiotic because the old one was not the type I needed for the bladder infection. I ve been on mostly liquids except for when I take antibiotics. Haven’t had a bm in two days. PLEASE HELP! Much appreciated

    • Jan Modric

      jane in pain,

      why did you mention “gallbladder attacks”? Do they occur after meals? Where exactly was the pain due to these attacks?

      Pains in the right abdomen, including “excruciating pain” radiating to the right thigh can be due to infection or urinary stones in the right ureter.

      Would you say the chest pain is a “heartburn”? Heartburn with excessive burping and abdominal pains strongly speaks for a stomach or upper bowel disorder, for example Helicobacter pylori infection of the stomach (would cause pain in upper middle abdomen), intestinal parasites, certain food intolerance (all this can be additional to an urinary infection).

      A barnyard smell of gas could speak for a bacterium Clostridium-difficile overgrowth in the colon (this sometimes happens during antibiotic treatment). This can be quite dangerous. Diagnosis is with a stool test for Clostridium difficile toxin.

      A detailed history of all your symptoms and their time course could help narrow down the possible causes.

  • jane in pain

    Forgot to mention! I am a 44 year old female. i have been burping a lot but it doesnt relieve the gassiness or lrq pain and pressure. Could this be caused by the antibiotics? Im on bactrim ds 800-160.

  • jvc0723

    im experiencing lower stomach pain(right/left)2 inches low from waistline whenever im doing extra activity like running,jumping etc. what would it be??thanks

    • Jan Modric


      are you male or female, how old are you, is the painful area tender to touch, is it a cramping pain..?

  • jenss55

    im a 23 yr old female for the past 2 weeks ive been having really bad pain on my stomach lower ribs worse when i breath or lay down hurts my shoulder to and my stomach feels bloaded any help plz

    • Jan Modric


      where exactly is the pain, left or right, is it above the ribs or in the soft area of the abdomen, is it tender to touch, any bloating or excessive gas?

  • oidara

    Hello Jan.

    I wrote to you back in April about a pain in my lower right side. There was a suspicion that it may have been caused by endometriosis as I had endometriomas on my LEFT ovary confirmed via ultrasound and it seemed possible that I may also have endo on the right.

    Well, I recently had a lap to remove the cysts, and the surgeon was able to confirm no endo visible on the right side.

    The “pain” continues. Sometimes it is just a twinge between my hip and pubis when I wipe after going to the bathroom, other times there is a constant sensation of “something there”. It feels like a large air bubble or like someone is pressing a tennis ball into my inner hip area.

    In addition to the pain low down on the right side, I also have a sensation below my rib on the right. It is like a burning or bruised feeling. This began during my second pregnancy. I believed it to be due to kidney inflammation, but I know my kidneys are now normal as I had a kidney and bladder ultrasound back in September. Interestingly, the rib pain dropped a couple of inches when the baby dropped prior to delivery. I am now 12 months post-partum and the pain is still there, though not all the time.

    In addition to the above, I also have found a tender spot about two inches diagonally above my belly button. When I press on this spot, I feel some pain. This is a new symptom and I suspect I have made it worse by poking around. I have become very anxious about my health in the past months.

    I suspect that I suffer from IBS as I do have occasional stomach cramps, wind and loose bowel movements when stressed. My father also has IBS. My mother has suspected drug-induced hepatitis, so I guess liver problems could run in the family.

    Do you have any advice for me? Thank you in advance.

    • Jan Modric


      if it was IBS, it would likely have one or more of the following characteristics:
      – constipation or diarrhea after meals, relieved by a bowel movement or abdominal cramping, gurgling, bloating or excessive gas at any given time, aggravated by certain foods and/or stress
      – some relief after few days of a low-FODMAP diet

      Even mild liver disorders are reflected in change in liver enzymes – detected by a blood test (liver panel).

      If during laparoscopy no abnormalities were found in the entire (?) abdominal cavity, the problem could be in the small bowel; A capsule endoscopy can reveal them. Pains could also arise from the right part of the colon. If it’s not just trapped gas, a colonoscopy could reveal some disorder, like diverticles. Colon cancer at your age is not likely.

      What you can do on its own, is to try to exclude the possibility of IBS with trying a low-FODMAP diet, and dealing with stress.

  • bdd

    For a couple of weeks now, I have experienced an annoying pain at the oddest times. It feels like it is at the lower part of my right rib, not quite under, but behind. When I bend down or even sometimes when I am just laying still, It feels like someone is just getting a handful of my insides and just balling them up and squeezing. It only lasts for less than a minute. I have to stand or hold my breath until the pain passes. It is very uncomfortable, then it is over. I still feel the spot when I breath in and out, but think nothing of it until I get the knot feeling. I think I have had maybe 5 or 6 in the past couple weeks. Thoughts please.

    • Jan Modric


      are pains related to meals in any way? Any nausea or excessive burping, heartburn? A cramping in the spot you’ve mentioned could arise from the stomach or diaphragm. The gallbladder is at least 4 inches toward the right. A liver or pancreas disorder would less likely cause a cramping pain.

  • bdd

    I was reading some of the other posts, I should add that I am a female, 25. The pain is closer to the middle where my ribs meet, but is certainly on the right side.

  • SkylerP

    I’m been having pain in the bottom right of my stomach, and it seems to have lined up with my right leg, so when I move it I feel a shock of pain. It gets worse when I have to have a bowel movement, it becomes quite painful to move my right leg when I walk to the bathroom. Its a pulseing pain and comes to go, and depending how I sit, the pain will grow worse or lessen. I cannot stand straight, it seems to tighten whatever the problem is. The only exercise I’ve had over the past two days is playing on a Wii with my neieces and nephews. It started suddenly the previous night quite suddenly around 3 am. Breathing deeply seems to crowd out whatever it is and casues the spot to hurt.

    • Jan Modric


      do you feel any lump in the painful area, and is it tender to touch? One possible cause could be an intestinal hernia…or a stretched muscle.

  • bdd

    Not related to meals…the last few times, I was in a store and bent to my knees to get something off the bottom of the cart and it happened, and another time I was setting on the couch. I do not have excessive burping or heartburn. I have had a bad cough, and when I cough it hurts…but not like the weird pain I have experienced.

    • Jan Modric


      if you can describe the pains and “the knot feeling” as cramps, these could arise from the stomach or colon. Dry (?) cough could be caused by anything irritating the diaphragm from the abdominal side (a process in the colon, stomach, including bloating, abdominal adhesions…) or the chest side (inflammation of the lung membrane – pleuritis, or the heart sac – pericarditis).

  • Ahmad wali Srahadi

    I have back pain of my right side after removing gall bladder from my body but also i have urine problems what should i do.
    I have done my opetation 7 Months before so i have been having the backache since 7 months when i do Ultrsound they describe there is nothing wrong; every thing is clear.

    I have urine problem my urine color is sometime yellow some time different it hurts alot

    Waiting for your response.

    Ahmad wali Afghanistan

    • Jan Modric

      Ahmad wali Srahadi,

      why was your gallbladder removed? Urine can be yellow from excessive amount of bilirubin and this could be caused by an obstruction of the bile duct, for example. An urine test can reveal why your urine is yellow.

  • oidara

    Thank you, Jan.

    Would a CT scan or colonoscopy be valid tests for me or are they not indicated?

    Also, is it possible the problems I experience could be to do with my gall bladder/bile ducts?

    • Jan Modric


      CT or MRI can show any abnormal mass of a certain size (few mm) in the abdominal cavity or within the abdominal organs, but to show the disorders of the colonic mucosa, colonoscopy is needed. Diverticles would be shown with all mentioned investigations and even with a more simple “lower GI”: X-ray with barium enema. Diverticles are often on the left side, but can be also on the right side of the colon and even in the small intestine.

      Pain, four inches below and two inches to the left from the navel less likely originates from the colon (since problems from the descendant colon and rectum are usually felt on the left side, and the first part of the ascendant colon is located more toward the right hip), but the last part of the small intestine, just before connecting to the colon, could be affected (this part can still be checked during a colonoscopy). Pain two inches diagonally above the navel also does not likely arise from the colon; it’s the small intestine there. Pain below the right rib cage, which has dropped for two inches after delivery could arise from the small intestine or maybe colon, and less likely from the gallbladder or bile duct or liver or kidney, which, I assume, would less likely change the position so much.

      One question is, has the doctor checked your entire abdominal cavity during the laparoscopy? In this case adhesions and endometriosis or eventual tumors would be pretty much excluded and CT/MRI would less likely show anything new. Next, about “the tennis ball” feeling – can you feel any actual clearly delimited lump there, and if yes, can you always feel it? Such a lump could speak for intestinal hernia or diverticle (which both can be more or less protruding at different times, dependent on the amount of gas in the bowel).

      One approach is first to try to confirm/exclude gas as the possible cause of pain with some simple dietary trials:
      – In case, you have IBS, a low-FODMAP diet for few days could help you (it would also help in fructose malabsorption and lactose intolerance)
      – In celiac disease, a gluten-free diet would help

  • oidara

    Also, if it were diverticles, would I not be feeling the sensations on my left side instead of right?

  • thespookywaffle

    I have made a doctor’s appointment, but I wanted to voice my symptoms here and maybe get an opinion. I am nearly 24-years-old and female.

    Over the last several months, nearly a year, I have developed a sensitive abdomen. It is usually normal, but if I am on my back in bed, and my husband goes to lie his arm and hand on my stomach suddenly, it feels like I am getting punched in the stomach. Any suddenly slight pressure makes me feel like someone rammed their fist right into my abdomen. The pain immediatly goes away, but it shocks me quite a bit.

    I have mentioned this to a doctor before, and they said it may just be scar tissue from my gallbladder surgery that I had in 2003. However, it seems to be getting more senstive, which is why I have made another appointment.

    Also, I am almost always horrible gassy. Even when I don’t eat foods that would make me gassy. The pain can get pretty bad.

    Over the last few months, a handful of times I would be out and about and suddenly have to make a bowel movement. Usually I am in the car, and have to wait until I can get somewhere to go to the bathroom. The pain is horrible holding it in, and when I finally go the bowel movement itself is painful and just makes me feel sick. This happens nearly once a month I think, and sometimes I can’t make it to the bathroom. It is awful.

    A lot of my bowel movements have been watery, too. I usually have two or three bowel movements a day or even more sometimes. Oh, and I get acid reflux a lot too, if that helps.

    Does this sound like anything to anyone? I would like to know. Thank you for your time!

    • Jan Modric


      tender abdomen, as you describe it, is very likely from gas built in your bowel. There are several causes of bloating (with loose stools):
      1. Food intolerances:
      a. fructose malabsorption (a low fructose diet would help in few days)
      b. lactose intolerance (a lactose-free diet would help in few days)
      c. irritable bowel syndrome (a low-FODMAP diet would help)
      d. celiac disease (a gluten-free diet could help)
      – food allergy (avoiding suspicious foods that could trigger an allergy would help)

      2. Intestinal parasites. (A stool test for parasites is available)
      3. Bowel inflammation: Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis (a colonoscopy is needed for diagnosis)
      4. A bile-related problem:
      – a gallstone in the bile duct, preventing bile flow into the intestine, resulting in fat malabsorption (pain below the right rib cage; whitish, foamy, sticky, smelly stools would be likely in this case, liver enzymes would be elevated)
      – excessive bile flow into the intestine due to removed gallbladder (not sure how likely this is, since you say the problem lasts for only about a year now). Oatmeal or other food high in soluble fiber, or cholestyramine that binds excessive bile could help.
      5. A liver or pancreatic disease (specific blood tests needed).

      What you can do on your own, is to have some diet trials. Or speak with your doctor about the mentioned possibilities.

  • Alicia

    I went to the doctor today – I have the flu. I have had a high fever for the past 3 days, and today it spike to 103.5. My middle right side (pretty much right in between my rib cage and my hip bone) just started hurting, on and off again, and is alleviated if I sit forward. Is this from the flu?

    • Jan Modric


      it could be from the flu, maybe from constipation. Try to eat regularly as much as possible and drink enough fluid. If it gets worse, you may speak with your doctor.

  • Debby

    I am a 68yo female. I have been in the hospital and rehabilitation for almost a month now. There has been no determination as to what my problem is. I went in with lower back pain and pain down both legs. I’m unable to stand or walk unassisted. When I am assisted to sit up in the bed, I am unable to keep my balance and just fall over. After three MRI’s and xrays, and CT of spine and head, they are telling me muscle strain/arhhritis. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Jan Modric


      bone or disc disorder due to a spinal arthritis (if confirmed by CT/MRI) can result in pinched spinal nerves that innervate the legs thus causing pain and weakness. There could be another cause of weakness, like deficiency of calcium or magnesium or potassium, which can be checked by blood tests.

      What you can do is to write down all your symptoms, what triggers ad relieves them (you ca use this personal medical history questionnaire), and then discuss with a neurologist or orthopedist about the possible cause. If the main problem arises from the spine, surgical treatment can often help a lot.

  • Debc

    This seems like a bizare question but I was sitting and when I went to bend down and get back up in the sitting position I felt this tighting ball type feeling in my lower right abdomin. It came with a quick pain and wouldnt not let up until I was able to get back into a straight up sitting position. I never felt something like this before it truly felt as round as a ball from the inside. I recently went for lab work and my doctor told me I had blood in my urin and need to be retested. Would this be a cause for that? or two differant things?

    • Jan Modric


      it could be related or not, I don’t know; an ultrasound can detect if there is any actual mass. When pressing upon the area, can you feel any lump? Blood in the urine is a serious symptom, and I hope you will get tested as soon as possible.

  • bladder411

    Every once and awhile when I urinate I get a sharp pain in the right ride of my lower abdomen that persists for several hours… I have a tiny bladder and urinate often as well. Any ideas? I am not dehydrated either..

    • Jan Modric


      are you male or female, for how long do you feel the pain, is the area tender to touch, and where exactly it is (in inches from the navel). Any burning during urination, change in urine color? Have you ever had any abdominal surgery?

  • Ashles151

    I do not think it’s serious but for the past 6 months or so I’m experiencing very strong pain in my lower right abdomen. It happens 1-4 times a week. I’ll stand up and immediately have insane sharp pain located just inside my right hip. Sometimes it’s so strong I have to sit back down to lessen the pain. I told my doc about it a while ago and he said it’s probably just my colon spasming. Every time this happens that area is tender for a while too. It just doesn’t seem normal. Any ideas?

    • Jan Modric


      how did the pain appear the first time – slowly or suddenly? Were you doing something physical before that? Can you feel any abnormal lump in the affected area? Between the attacks, is the affected area tender to touch? Any bloating or change in bowel habit? My first thought was an intestinal hernia. A gastroenterologist could tell more.

  • hawaiianlove1

    I developed a sharp constant pain in my right upper abdomen a few days ago. To be more exact, Right hypochondriac section and slight pain in the Right Lumbar section. No fever or any other symptoms, just this constant pain. When I do simple tasks like walking to pick up my kids from school it hurts to where I need to stop and take a break. When I breathe in deeply the pain increases, even when i cough. When I push on the area its tender, though there presents no physical abnormalities. Im constantly grabbing my side from the pain. It feels as if I drank a lot of water then went running and have a sharp pain in my side, but it wont go away. Any words of insight would be appreciated.

    • Jan Modric


      is it possible you had some injury? Is your upper right abdomen distended? Any change in urination or bowel habit? I’m not sure if such a pain could be cause from gas built in the colon, so I recommend you to visit a doctor soon. Gallstones or urinary stones could be possible, for example.

  • hawaiianlove1

    Jan Modric,
    No change in urination. Diarrhea like bowl movements yesterday and no other day. Abdomen is not distended in any way, just tender. However, I was sick with flu like symptoms a week ago. I recovered, then starting on the 1st had this sharp pain and it just steadily grew.

    • Jan Modric


      having diarrhea and pain changing by movements is less likely due to a kidney disorder or urinary stones, but I can’t exclude this. Gallstones can cause painful cramps, but, unless the bile duct is blocked (what would result in grey stools), not diarrhea. The lower edge of eventually enlarged liver could be felt below the rib cage. Gas built in the part of the colon that runs below the right rib cage might be the cause. Not necessarily that gas would cause visible abdominal distension, but it can cause tenderness. One banal cause of the gas built could be constipation or food poisoning.

      I recommend you to check this personal medical history questionnaire and write down the course of all of your symptoms including the flu-like illness, and go to the doctor.

  • Ashles151

    Thank you Jan.

  • butterfly10

    Im 32/F and I have recently been having pain underneath my ribs on the right side, maybe 3 inches down. I would get the sharp pain a day before my period that would last all day/night and then when I start my period it would go away. But now Im getting the pain after my period but its a dull pain that comes and goes.. What could that be…Please help..

    • Jan Modric


      the pain in the upper right abdomen could be from a cramp in the colon…A low-FODMAP diet can sometimes help. Period-related pain can also appear in endometriosis, for example.

  • mbm48

    I have been experiencing abdominal pain of varying degrees (mostly mild) in my right side just below the ribs since late august. I would describe it as a grabbing tightness/crampy that sometimes flares into shooting pain. The pain often radiates to my right should blade and mid/lower back near what feels like my kidney. Sometimes I also feel pain on the right side underneath where my ribcage meets the breastbone. I also get a pretty consistent pain on my right ribs themselves. Finally, sometimes the pain manifests to the right of my navel.

    It seems like (somehow) my bowel movements have become more regular since this started happening, however, they seem to be much larger. Most of my bowel movements cause slight bleeding from my anus. I have become much more aware of activity in my GI.

    Just recently I was having some mild stomach spasms. I had a case of epididymitis that cleared up with cipro about a month ago.

    I had an abdominal CT that was normal. Blood tests for hepatic function, lymph node function and CBC were normal. A urine test was normal and a chest x-ray was normal(seemed pointless since I have no chest pain).

    I am now taking prilosec (it’s supposed to be helping a nagging cough that I’ve had for a few months). I am hoping if it is an ulcer the prilosec will help it clear up.

    I am supposed to see a GI doctor next week.

    • Jan Modric


      are you male or female? It’s possible that different things may overlap in your case:

      Is the grabbing pain related to meals? Grabbing pain below the right rib radiating into the lower back and shoulder blade could arise from the gallbladder or bile duct. I suppose the CT has shown no gallstones, but there could be a motility problem with either gallbladder or bile duct. It is a HIDA scan that can show a gallbladder function.

      Do you have a burning feeling behind the breastbone or in the throat (heartburn) at any time? That would speak for a gastric acid reflux, which could be associated with a stomach ulcer or infection with Helicobacter pylori or biliary reflux (an upward flow of the bile from the duodenum into the stomach, caused by beforementioned disorder in a gallbladder/bile duct motility).

      Since when do you bleed from the anus? Were you constipated before and were straining at bowel movements? Do you have hemorrhoids? Large (loose?) stools could be, again, associated with a gallbladder disorder, but (red?) blood could arise from any part of the bowel below the stomach (duodenum, small or large bowel).

  • mbm48

    I am male and 26. I cannot tell if meals have an affect on the pain. Sometimes it feels better after I eat, sometimes it feels worse.

    I was mistaken in saying that I had an abdominal CT. I had an abdominal ultrasound, but no CT.

    I don’t seem to have burning like I would with acid reflux.

    I haven’t had to strain to move my bowels, but like I said, they are large. I don’t have hemorrhoids. I don’t see blood in my stool, only on the toilet paper.

    • Jan Modric


      would you say stools became larger without changing the type or amount of food? Would you say stools are more soft or would you call them loose stools? You’ve said you kinda became more regular, so I assume you were constipated before and now you are more regular because of soft (?) stools. Have stools change the color?

      Grabbing pain below the right ribs radiating toward the lower/middle back and right shoulder sounds like a typical gallbladder/bile duct related pain. Ultrasound can exclude big gallstones and abnormal masses, but can often miss a biliary sludge (a sand like bile from which gallstones can later develop). Two investigations that can give more information about gallbladder/bile duct involvement are:
      – a stool test for fats (a blocked bile duct [possibly by a gallstone] could at least partially prevent the bile flow into the intestine, what would partly prevent absorption of fats, which would be then excessively excreted in the stool)
      – a HIDA scan of the gallbladder which shows how the filling and emptying of the gallbladder and the function of the bile duct.

      Other causes would be possible, but you can discuss with the gastroenterologist about the shoulder blade pain and its relation to gallbladder or eventual other abdominal disorders.

      Blood on the tissue, but not in the stool, may speak for ruptured hemorrhoids or anal fissure (the later would be very likely painful or itchy).

  • oidara

    Thank you for your reply. I have been trying to get some answers to our questions.

    First of all, I queried the surgeon who did my laparoscopy. He said that he was able to view my appendix, liver, some of my gallbladder, etc, and confirm that they all looked normal. No endometriosis or adhesions.

    I also went to see my GP yesterday and he did a manual exam during which he couldn’t feel anything unusual.

    This morning then went for an abdominal ultrasound. The doctor was able to confirm that the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, kidneys, bladder and lymph nodes all looked normal.

    My GP suggested I go for a CT scan on Friday, but is there really any point? Can CT show more than ultrasound? I am still breastfeeding, so I won’t be able to take the dye. I am also very nervous about the test and don’t want to have it if it won’t get me anywhere. Would it be able to show tumours in the colon or stomach/small intestine or do I need a colonoscopy/endoscopy for that?

    To answer your question about the “tennis ball feeliing”, no, there is not a clearly defined lump. It’s just a feeling, but there is nothing solid.

    So where do I go from here? Colonoscopy? Endoscopy? To view the colon and stomach?

    None of the sensations I have are painful and I would be happy to just leave them as is if I can be sure that there is nothing sinister going on. Have I had sufficient testing to be able to rest easy now, or do I need to pursue this further?

    Many thanks for your time and patience!

    • Jan Modric


      you’ve said the lower right pain 4″ down and 2″ right appears or is aggravated when you *start* to urinate or when you wipe after a bowel movement. Can you trigger pain with trying contract your pelvic floor muscles (like you would want to stop urine flow or bowel movement)? I got an impression that you feel the pain when something physically moves in your pelvis. This right side pain could be from something pulling some organ; the only things I can think of would be a fibroma (a benign tumor), adhesions or endometriosis. The surgeon who has performed a laparoscopy probably did not mess around a lot, I mean theoretically there could be something hidden between some organs. Ultrasound can not exclude all these things. CT and MRI can show adhesions more reliably than ultrasound. CT can also show gallstones or changes in the solid organs, like liver or ovary more reliably than US.

      Your upper right abdominal pain has dropped down for few inches, which kinda doesn’t speak for a liver or gallbladder disorder, but mote likely for a small or large intestinal disorder or gas.

      An upper endoscopy can reveal disorders in the esophagus, stomach and part of the duodenum, none of which seems to cause pains in your case.
      CT or MRI could reveal some hidden thing near the bladder…CT or MRI can reveal certain obvious disorders within the small or large bowel, but then additionally a colonoscopy or enteroscopy or capsule endoscopy would be needed to get an exact diagnosis. The end of the colon runs toward the rectum from the left side toward the midline, so the pain on the right does not likely arise from the colon if you ask me. The pain above the navel and the upper right pain (plus the lower right pain) could arise from the small intestine; it is a capsule endoscopy that can clearly reveal disorders within the small intestine. Colon cancer is not likely in your age. A small intestinal lymphoma that would cause pain would also likely cause other symptoms. All symptoms could be caused by a banal reason, like gas.

  • mbm48

    I suppose since the problem started I’ve been trying to eat healthier and therefore I’m eating more regular meals. The stool isn’t loose, but it isn’t in hard pellets either. The color seems the same. I wouldn’t say I was constipated before, it’s just that I was used to going a couple days without making a bowel movement. Now if I go a day without moving my bowels I definitely feel it.

    A few factors that I should include: for the last few years I regularly took NSAIDs due to neck pain caused by a car accident. I haven’t taken them very often since this problem started in case it was an ulcer.

    I’m relatively healthy (not overweight or underweight), but since I was young I’ve regularly tested for high cholesterol. It is my understanding that this could be a factor in gallbladder complications.

    Thanks for helping me narrow down the possibilities. I will let you know what the GI doctor finds.

  • revolution

    When i touch my right side and left side of my stomach it hurts by touch, and some times when i move weird too. this started 2 days ago what do i do?

    • Jan Modric


      would you say your stomach is distended, do you have loose stools or any other symptom?

  • robbyn

    I’ve recently noticed a lump like a small inflated balloon on my right hand side of my stomach. I notice it mostly when I’m lying down at night but it moves a bit-if I touch it I can sort of push it and can’t feel it any more. It is not at all painful but I have noticed a bit of sort of burning sensation there as well now-what do you think it could be?

    • Jan Modric


      where exactly (in inches from the navel) you can feel the lump? It could be an intestinal hernia.

  • robbyn

    It’s about 4-5 inches below my naval. funny thing is though during the day as much as i prod and feel I can’t feel the lump yet at night it feels quite large

    • Jan Modric


      when going to the doctor, try to choose the time when the doctor will be able to feel the lump.

  • robbyn

    does it still sound like it’s an intestinal hernia?

    • Jan Modric


      if it is like a balloon, few inches in diameter, and it kinda disappears when you press upon it, I can’t imagine anything other than an intestinal hernia. Gas built in the intestine, for example, would cause much larger and diffuse abdominal distension. A benign tumor, like fibroma, may be pretty movable, but it is solid. Intestinal diverticle would be probably palpable only when it would herniate.

  • robbyn

    there’s a lot of medical terms there! It is bigger than a few inches- roughly just bigger than a tennis ball size but feels more oval than round

    • Jan Modric


      yes, this could be an intestinal hernia, but a doctor can confirm this after examination.

  • Taylor90

    I have been having sharp pains from the right side of my belly button and it radiates to the further right side and a little above my belly button and under as hurts when touching, but not when i press on it and release, only every now and then, but it hurts if i sit in a chair to long or if im laying down.It hurts as well when i cough or sneeze, its like a stabbing, and like ripping sharp pain. what can it be?

    • Jan Modric


      are you male or female? Would you say your abdomen (or only the right side) is distended? Can you feel any abnormal lump? Any change in bowel movements, or burning during urination? When did the pain start?

  • Taylor90

    I’m a 20 year old female, i had surgery in Sept 2010 for Umbilical Hernia and i thought it was something to do with the surgery, so i called the doctor who did my surgery and had an appointment, and he said it was nothing to do with the surgery.. But that pain has gone up and down since the appointment. I can’t feel any abnormal lumps, but the pain is mainly on my right side and in my lower abdomen.. There has been no change in bowel movement since the pain started well expect for yesterday when i had diarrhea most of the day but nothing sense. There has been no burning when going to the bathroom though. The pain started i wanna say about the 11th/12th of Nov.

    • Jan Modric


      have you ever had this type of pain before the surgery? Theoretically, abdominal adhesions may develop after abdominal surgery, not sure how likely is this in your case. Adhesions can be found during a laparoscopic examination of the abdominal cavity. Another possible cause could be gas built in the bowel due to certain food intolerance, like fructose malabsorption, lactose intolerance, celiac disease or irritable bowel syndrome. Symptoms relief after few days lasting diet trials for each disorder would speak for that disorder.

  • gary

    Hi. I’m Male, 46, average weight, don’t drink/smoke. My main symptom is chronic pain and pressure located in right middle back – about 1 1/2-2 inches right of center and about level with bottom of rib cage. After the pressure and pain builds it releases and I have a tingling, then I’m cold, very fatigued, flu-like with digestive cramps and frequent urination. The pain/pressure often radiates to the front in the rib area, or sometimes down the front right leg.

    Secondary symptoms are: itchy skin with no rash and an intermittent yellowish/green color accumulating around my neck. I also have a bitter taste in my mouth (tastes like waste) and feel chronically tired and dehydrated.

    Symptoms can occur at any time but are worse with liquids or soft foods – especially when the bowels are empty.
    Symptons are not triggered by me physically moving.

    I feel ‘pulling and tearing sensations’ as stool is moving prior to going to the toilet – and also prior to urinating.

    I can find no lump.
    Tried various diets (low fiber, high fiber, gluten free, divertilitis, FODMAP) to no avail.

    Liver tests normal.
    Blood work normal, kidney tests normal.
    X-ray of pelvis, hip & lower spine normal.
    Tests for infections, parasites etc.. normal.
    No blood in stool.
    Ultrasound of abdomen normal.
    Colonscope normal.
    Endoscope normal.

    After a recent trip to emergency with pain, shaking, chills, vomiting – had a CT scan of abdomen done. CT was normal except for a few small cysts in the liver.

    Any help greatly appreciated – at my wits end here.

    • Jan Modric


      these symptoms: “After the pressure and pain builds it releases and I have a tingling, then I’m cold, very fatigued, flu-like with digestive cramps” could be a part of a “dumping syndrome” that occurs in “rapid gastric emptying”. A stomach emptying test is available.

      Yellowish/green skin and itch could be from an obstructive jaundice: a liver or gallbladder or bile duct disorder blocking the bile flow resulting in bile entering the blood and skin. Blood bilirubin and liver tests would be obviously abnormal in this case, but you say they are normal. I recommend you to ask the doctor what could be the cause of the liver cysts.

      Bitter taste in the mouth could be from a biliary reflux – bile flowing from the duodenum into the stomach and up into your mouth. This can occur in certain bile duct disorders or in a disorder of the bowel motility.

      Intestinal parasites cannot be excluded on the basis of one negative stool test. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) would be also possible.

  • gary


    Thank you.

    It does seem as if something is getting stuck or not moving in the middle/back area of my abdomen and then things begin to force their way backwards into places they shouldn’t go – the chills and sick feelings then follow.

    In fact things seem numb in the area – almost as if they refuse to move. I don’t feel the normal ‘pulses’ or waves that come when going to the washroom either.

    So I will see my doctor after the holidays.

    Are there any specific tests regarding motility or perhaps blocked nerve/blood flow to the affected area I should inquire about?

    Thanks again

    • Jan Modric


      slow stomach emptying (gastroparesis) can be confirmed by a stomach emptying test. Physical mass, like a polyp or tumor in the stomach or duodenum could be revealed by an upper endoscopy. An “upper GI” (an X-ray investigation with barium swallow) could also reveal an obstruction in the upper gastrointestinal tract. You can check this personal medical history questionnaire which may help you to prepare well for the appointment with a doctor.

  • nancygo28

    does an IUD work if it moved outside my uterus to my hip area? i’m concerned because i’m trying to get pregnant.

    • Jan Modric


      while trying to get pregnant all IUDs should be removed from your body.

  • ash12345566

    Hi. I’ve been having right abdominal pain for about 4 weeks. Ive had a CT scan done the first week, nothing but 2 ovarian cysts. Had an ultra sound the 2nd week and Went to an OBGYN and said she wasn’t sure, and i only had 1 cyst. Gave me birth control which hasn’t been helping. Then i went to the ER and had another ultra sound done and said i had no cysts and not appendicits and they couldnt do anything. Its the 4th week and when i push in and let go , the pain hurts REALLY bad when i let go. Is it possible for it to be appendicitis it was just progressing slowly?? PLEASE HELP. Thanks OH and im 15 and female.

    • Jan Modric


      it is true that in an appendicitis, pain after push and release is typical, and a slowly progressing (chronic) appendicitis may sometimes occur, but after both ultrasound and CT being negative, appendicitis is probably less likely. I don’t know what to think about the three different ultrasound investigations with three different results, but ovarian cysts can be painful, so it would be good if an experienced OBGYN would re-check ultrasound pictures and tell are there cysts or not. Just besides the appendix there is the last part of the small intestine, which is often inflamed in Crohn’s disease; a colonoscopy is needed for diagnosis. A simple constipation, or gas built from some sort of food intolerance could also cause the pain; a gastroenterologist can suggest certain diet trials.

  • cali_girl

    well about 5 days ago on sunday i had these pains in my right lower abdomine but it got better by monday and i went swimming with friends abd it didnt hurt at all. then on tuesday it started hurting again at about 7 at night but then went away when i went to sleep. the next day it wasnt hurting until night time and then today it has been hurting but its not a bad pain. its not painful or anything and if i forget about it i cant tell its there but i was just wondering what it was ? i dont no if it is my appendix because i havnt had it out but i havnt been feeling sick or had any fever or anything. the only syptom is pain which is very dull. its not stabbing pain or anything .. its like a saw muscle . could it be a pulled muscle ? i have been trying to do handstands and middle splits and went swimming which i dont do often ?

    • Jan Modric


      pain caused by pulled muscle would be aggravated by certain moves and by pressing on the affected area and should go away after few days of avoiding hard exercises. Pain in appendicitis does not likely go away after it starts.

  • cali_girl

    ok thanks for that its slowly starting to go away 🙂

  • kushshah

    I have pain on my right side…went to the doctor and he said that it could be ulcers. I am 22 years old. I had too much pain in the morning (felt like I was going to die), then, it went away after I took advil after three hours. Then I ate in the afternoon, took tylenol, and it hurt again for 30 or so minutes. Then around 9 pm I took prilosec and ate and it hurt for 10 or so minutes and then went away. The doctor said that I am too young to have pancreatic pain and when he pressed different parts of my stomach nothing happened. I fear that it could be something and would like any guidance that I can get. The pain only occurs in the lower right side of the stomach and nowhere else. I do not want to keep on taking medicine and would appreciate any help. Thanks.

    • Jan Modric


      pain from a stomach ulcer is usually located in the upper middle abdomen, or slightly to the right or left. A gastroenterologist can give a final diagnosis of a stomach ulcer only when he actually sees it during upper endoscopy.

  • kushshah

    the pain was excruciating and the hospital confirmed that it is a 4.5mm kidney stone. i am trying to flush it out with excessive water drinking. Any additional suggestions?

    • Jan Modric


      drinking more fluid may help prevent forming new kidney stones, but is not a reliable method of treating stones. Various non-surgical methods of removing a kidney stone are available, so if your doctor thinks the stone is causing your pain, and if pain will persist, you can discuss with him how to remove it.

  • mbm48


    I wrote earlier about upper right abdominal pain.

    I went to a GI doctor and just had an endoscopy. The endoscopy revealed a healthy esophagus and duodenum, but my stomach had mild inflammation and erythema. They took a biopsy to test for an h. pylori infection.

    Is it common for such an infection to last so long (since september)?

    • Jan Modric


      yes, an untreated chronic infection with H. pylori may last for years.

  • matt hurt

    hay i have been working latley through my holidays and today when i got up after my lunch break i felt a pain on the right side next to my bellybuton i do heavy lifting at my job im only 15 (male) not in soo much pain that i need to go to hospital but thought id see if u could help me im not sure if i lifted to much and pulled a muscle i felt for lumps i dident feel any lumps but it hurts when i urinate any idea?

    • Jan Modric

      matt hurt,

      you did not say where it hurts when you urinate – if the pain comes from the urethra, the cause could be an urinary stone or infection. In this case you should see a doctor to have appropriate tests done. If the pain is from a pulled muscle, it should go away in few days.

  • nikki2070

    hi im a 21 year old female.
    I have a pain in my right side under my ribs about where my liver is. it hurts more when i breathe in deeply and have a pain that shoots up under my collar bone and up the right of my neck. ive had a sore throat the past 3 days it feels scratchy and swollen (ive had a tonsilectomy 2 year ago) and for over 2 week ive had loads of discharge thats thick its sometimes got a brownish colour to it and it doesnt smell right, i was itchy, sore and swollen, but after a day that went im guessing thrush i used cream so it must of gotten rid.
    just a bit of background info. i had my second child 16 week ago, at 37 weeks pregnant i got pancreatitis and was hospitalised for 5 days. at 1st they didnt no what was wrong and i went 4 a scan and they said my kidneys were backed up probs due to the baby squishing everything they checked 4 gallstones nothing was there. i gave birth a week after at 39 weeks. (both births were normal and vaginal) ever since i had pancreatitis ive had problems. i have been to A and E twice, 1st time they gave me cocadamol and said i was fine. i went back to my GP who sent me for a scan, bloods, urine sample, xray and pregnancy test (not necsessary as we wernt even having sex at that point) nothing was found, it got worse and 2nd time i went they said i had a UTI. ive changed docs recently as they kept fobbing me off. the pain i have has never gone it is now getting worse i have been to my new Gp and he did a urine sample no UTI. ive to have blood tests and swabs but because they are fully booked i have to wait!
    I really need to have some sort of idea what it could be as im scaring myself thinking things it could be.
    Also the pain doesnt hurt to touch unless i really push down i havent had any sickness. i did have a problem with my bowls it really hurt when i had to go and GP said i had a tear, thats just about gone but the 1st bit feels like im constipated then its loose, i always have to go at least twice after which is like diahorrea and have bad cramping just before i go again. i dont really drink much maybe 3 glasses of juice a day and suprisingly the urine sample looked like water. i have type 2 herpes and havent had an outbreak for over a year now. i feel exhausted alot that could be due to having a new baby though. sometimes i find it hard to sleep and when i am in bed feel short of breath. i wasnt like this with my 1st son and i did it alone and ive never felt so run down.
    hope you can help me please.
    thank you in advance
    Nicola x

    • Jan Modric


      you can see your comment when we approve it. You’ve mentioned a lot of different symptoms, and I don’t know if they are all related or not. Seeing a new GP sounds like a good idea, but you should visit him as soon as possible, not in 2 weeks. The doctor can examine you and say if you have enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, enlarged liver and so on. Few ideas about possible causes:
      – Infectious mononucleosis (a viral infection caused by EBV virus) causes sore throat, fever, enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, armpits and groin, enlarged liver and skin rash, but not all symptoms are necessary present.
      – Rotavirus infection (contracted by a child) can cause sore throat followed by diarrhea
      – Hepatitis can cause sore throat, enlarged liver, tiredness and loose stools
      – A gallstone, when it sticks at the place where the gallbladder and pancreatic duct meet, may cause pain below the right rib cage, pancreatitis and diarrhea
      – Excessive gas in the bowel may be caused by constipation and can result in pain during deep breath
      – A throat infection could spread to lungs and cause a viral pneumonia…

      I could continue like this, but it is a doctor who can take a throat swab, order liver tests, ultrasound, CT or MRI of the abdomen. To avoid constipation, you should drink a sufficient amount of fluid. You can try to eat foods high in fibers, like bread with seeds and salads, and avoid constipating foods.

  • kushshah

    I had mentioned earlier about a kidney stone of 4.5 mm that I was diagnosed with on Dec 24 2010. I still have the pain on my right side but it is not that much. The doctor gave me oxycodine and ketorelac along with another medicine for stone breakage so that it passes easier. I take one ketorelac every night because at night it hurts a lot. During the day, not as much just a little pinch going on and off which I could bear. Do you think this is because the stone has partially passed and any non-surgical suggestions for easier stone passage? I don’t know what to do because the doc said that since the stone is quite small, he could damage the ureter permanently and I’m only 22.

    • Jan Modric


      4.5 mm is actually not so small stone, and I don’t want to make any unprofessional guesses about possible damage of the passage of such a stone. A stone could be broken by an extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy or removed during percutaneous nephroscopy (kidney endoscopy through a small incision in the skin and muscles). It is a nephrologist/urologist who can say which technique would be optimal.

  • sreedhar

    i hav right side pain in my stomak.
    doctor done endoscopic and ultrasound
    in that
    1.small hiatus hernia,
    2.distended gall badder,wall thickness is normal and no calculi.
    3.tiny calcific focus noted in sigment fourth of liver.
    4.urinary bladder is distended.wall thickness normal,no calculi.

    still i hav pain please give me suggetions..

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Sreedhar

      As you have mentioned there are various causes for your abdominal pain. Your doctor will need to investigate the possible cause of all of these findings, which are possibly related to a single cause like a systemic infection or autoimmune condition. An MRI as well as further blood work up may be necessary at this point. Speak to your doctor about it.

  • nello

    My right side where my stomach was hurting like a stabbing pain, from a scale from 1 to 10 10 being the worst it would have had to be 8 or 9. The pain decreased when I leaned to the left side but when I went right back to the right side it hurt again. There does not appear to be noticeably swollen and i checked my pulse and its 80 minutes per 15 seconds. My skin is normal except I am cold and shivering my body temperature is 35.0 Celsius.The main part of my body thats the most cold is my hands I checked for blood circulation and its normal too, But im normally have cold hands. My pervious medical history in the last 12 months Ive fainted 1 and came close to it 3 times
    What should I do my moms not taking me to the doctors tonight because she thinks itll just pass and wants me to go to sleep but im too scared to .Oh and Im 16 I dont know if that matters I just need medical advice right now on what to do.
    Thank you

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Nello

      Hopefully you have seen a doctor at this point. 80 BEATS for every 15 second interval (approximately 320 per minute) is NOT normal. There are host of causes for what you are experiencing including appendicitis or a perforated organ, severe dehydration, loss of large mounts of blood and the list goes on. You need immediate medical treatment and should call an ambulance if you mother refuses to seek medical attention.

  • lindsey

    I am a 28 year old Caucasian female. Over a year ago I started noticing some abdominal discomfort when waking up in the morning (so, lying down). At first the discomfort was hard to pinpoint-it seemed like it was in different places on different days. If I pushed in one place I’d feel discomfort (or sometimes mild pain) in another. And some days there would be no discomfort at all. About 9 months ago I noticed that I was feeling it more regularly, and that once in a while I’d experience a sharper pain when pressing my abdomen. This pain would be in different areas every time, but I noticed that the most common place I felt it was to the left of my right hip bone, closer to the top.

    At that point I went to a walk in clinic and was sent to get a pelvic ultrasound, which came up clear. The doctor said it was probably nothing – maybe mild IBS or some other mild digestive problem, but the only way to find out would be through a colonoscopy, which he basically said was uncomfortable and didn’t encourage me to undergo.

    In the summer I went to see my family doctor, who said just about the same thing, and took a blood test that came up with no results (not sure exactly what was tested). He said it could also be gas pain. Though I do have gas in the mornings, I don’t think this is the same kind of pain as trapped gas, and it’s not alleviated by passing gas.

    (Also, when I visited both doctors, they had me lie on the examining table and pressed into different areas, including the area near my right hip bone, and I didn’t feel that sharp pain either time.)

    However, it seems that over the past few months at least, pretty much every time I push in now, I feel that sharp pain. It’s about 2 inches left of and maybe an inch above my right hip bone. It occurs in the mornings and the few times I’ve tried lying down during the day to test it (I can’t really feel anything properly sitting up). Also, pretty consistently, if I press around my navel there’s some mild pain there too (usually just below the navel, but this pain seems to move a bit). It seems to me like the two areas might be connected.

    It doesn’t seem like eating or having bowel movements affects any of this.

    I’m wondering if it’s still possible that this now chronic pain is nothing, or just related to a mild digestion problem. And if it could be something else, what the next step should be – a colonoscopy after all?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Lindsey

      It is possible that your symptoms have been passed off as minor because no clear pathology could be isolated on each round of tests. However this does not mean that a gastrointestinal condition is not present and it is worth going back to your doctor for follow up tests to verify that no abnormalities are now detected. What you have not discussed here is gynecological findings, your menstrual cycle and so on. It is possible that these pains are related to a gynecological disorder and it would be advisable that you see a gynecologist. IBS could be a consideration given your lack of other symptoms so that should not be ruled out immediately. Either way, further investigations are advisable, whether a colonoscopy,etc. Abdominal pain on its own can be difficult to diagnose given the lack of other signs and symptoms as well no abnormalities detectable upon conducting relevant tests. In these cases it often gets chalked down to IBS.

  • mskoolcat

    I’m sorry about my last post, it was a mistake. I am a 23 year old female who is healthy. Yesterday I had a pain start in my the middle upper stomach. The pain is like i’m in labor. I can feel it getting started and it builds up and then lessens. It comes and goes through out the day and night. Moving around makes the pain come more often. I also have a tenderness on the right side of my belly button when i push on it and let go. When i do push on it, it is tender and the pain comes in my upper middle stomach. I also have some nausea, no appeitate and easely light headed. Any idea on what it might be.

    • Dr. Chris

      HI Mskoolcat

      There is a host of possibilities and as young female you must first exclude pregnancy even though not all the symptoms may be present. A number of disorders of the colon may also be responsible and you should take note of any change in bowel movement and report it to your doctor. Other possibilities include gastritis, peptic ulcers, gallstones, inflamed gallbladder (cholecystitis), appendicitis and even acute pancreatitis if you were binge drinking recently. These are just some of the causes. It may be totally unrelated to the gastrointestinal or gynceological disorders. Pain on its own is difficult to diagnose without a further assessment by a doctor.

  • Corza

    im a 15 year old girl having lower abdominal sharp pains on the right side of my stomach. I’ve been in and out of hospitals and also my local GP. I’ve had ultra sounds and bloods tests. im also at the adolecets at the “childens hospital” in melbourne. im in pain every day just doing life style activities.. I’ve had this pain continues for 11 months, the same stabbing pain over and over again …. is there anything you can suggest?????

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Corza

      You don’t mention the results of these tests or other symptoms you may be experiencing. If none of these investigations have revealed any abnormalities then it may be worth considering gynecological disorders. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition affecting young females. You should have seen some menstrual irregularity though. You can read more about it under What is PCOS and PCOS Symptoms. Speak to your doctor about a referral to a gynecologist if no other cause can be identified. This is just one possible cause and there could be a host of other causes as well.

  • nicola

    i have been getting very sharp pains on the lower right hand side of my tummy, can you tell me what this may be? i don’ feels sick or anything but it is very painful.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Nicola

      Pain on its own is difficult to diagnose and you can see that there are a host of causes as mentioned above. Without other symptoms present, it may be related to any of the organs or structures in this area or even from other sites with pain referring to the lower right hand side. Speak to your doctor because other clinical features that may not be evident to you may be detected by your doctor.

  • ienass

    ienass 35/f
    iam hyperthirodism pasiant since 2 weeks am starting to feel nausia and some times vomiting with sudden dissness and cramp pain that comes and goes at my right side of my body below the stomich and inotice increase in my wight

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Ienass

      You should speak to your doctor about these symptoms especially if you have recently started medication for your hypothyroidism. These types of symptoms are not uncommon and may also be associated with other symptoms like constipation. However, every case needs to be assessed on an individual basis so you need to go back to your doctor. An increase in weight is expected with hypothyroidism and you doctor will explain this further.

  • mommy2be

    im 6 months pregnant and i got a uti first they gave me these pills and it work till the pills were gone they gave me another set and same thing happened now im on these new pills but through out this month long process i get these sharp pains in my side and than i get these shivering more shaking like im cold but my skins on fire and my whole body feels like its going to brake and it only last about 20 min but im scared is the uti causing that and is my baby ok i told the er but they keep saying its just a uti but i can feel theres something worse going on those shakes hurts so bad

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Mommy2be

      There are two concerns here :

      1. You may be having an adverse drug reaction to the medication and this needs immediate medical attention. Do not stop the antibiotics but speak to your doctor immediately. It can affect your pregnancy.

      2. Your infection may be progressing, has possibly already reached the kidneys and you could soon have septicemia. This is EXTREMELY and could jeopardize the welfare of both you baby and you. Immediate medical attention is also necessary in this case.

      These are just two possibilities that need to be mentioned. Extra caution is always necessary with pregnancy and you should be seeing your gynecologist on an ongoing basis for any medical problem during this time. Please speak to both your family doctor and gynecologist immediately. Hopefully this is not too serious but it is important to be very cautious during this time.

  • mommy2be

    someone help me i just dont want my baby to get hurt and if it is just a uti how come the 3 sets of antibotics arent working. sometimes the pain is so bad i cant walk. it doesnt hurt to pee or anything so please respond asap thank you

  • owl_lover

    Hey Dr Chris,
    I’m an 18 year old female who has been experiencing pains on the right side of my abdomen. I first noticed these pains during and after sex a couple of months ago, but they were very mild and didn’t happen all of the time, so I thought nothing of it. Then about two weeks ago I started to have very sharp, intense pains in the same spot. The pain happened approximately every 10 minutes for about 48 hours. I ended up going to the hospital and they gave me a blood test and an ultrasound. The blood test came back normal and so did the ultrasound (my ovaries, gall bladder, liver & kidneys were checked). However, they were unable to view the appendix. They told me the pain was probably caused by gas and sent me home. As I said, the intense pain only lasted about 48 hours, but I began to feel a dull, kind of pinching-cramping pain after that. It’s been two weeks now and this pain hasn’t stopped. It seems quite different to the sharp, 48-hour pain. I also saw my GP a couple of days ago and he seems to think that it has something to do with my pelvic region rather than my appendix. Please help! Thank you.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Owl-Lover

      Pain is a non-specific feature of many diseases and considering that the abdominopelvic cavity contains so many organs and structures of the various systems, it is unable to really comment further. If you notice any other signs and symptoms then it may be helpful to isolate a possible cause. It could be related to the gastrointestinal or genitourinary systems or other abdominopelvic structures. Try to make not of when these pains start, what event may have preceded it or triggered its onset, what helps to relives it and whether it is related to your menstrual cycle. This would help your doctor in deciding upon further tests and investigations to find a cause.

  • College Student

    Hi doctor,

    Im a 18 year female who got a server pain in my right lower abdominal while cleaning the bathroom. This pain prevented me from being able to stand. Can you help me please?

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi College Student

      Pain on its own is non-specific and without other symptoms, it is difficult to isolate a cause. If you found that it occurred while doing strenuous activity then it could be related to muscle spasm, possibly of the abdominal wall. There are other possible causes (superficial or deep) but if this was a once off occurrence and there are no other symptoms, then it is most likely muscular in origin. Nevertheless, consult with your doctor to exclude any other serious condition.

  • Olive

    i’m having pain in my abdomen(and lower area? possible blatter area?) area when i urinate and contract my muscles. i am worried. also there is constant motion in my intestines? its like i have never ending gas for no reason and sometimes i get cramps there to. i don’t know what it is though. i’m also to embarrassed to tell my parents and go to a doctor about it.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Olive

      You need to discuss this with your parents because any serious underlying disease may be missed by not reporting it. The pain that you are experiencing could be muscular in origin but there is also the concern of conditions like cystitis (bladder infection) since you are experiencing pain when urinating. If left untreated, the infection can spread to the kidneys or even through the body. The gas symptoms however, will not be related to a bladder problem. I assume that you mean gas passed from the bottom end (flatus). Instead this could be a bowel related problem and when urinating, the pressure in the abdominopelvic cavity can cause pain as you describe. You have to see a doctor as soon as possible.

  • CharlC

    Hey there,
    I am going to have to start with my background medical history here. In Jan 2010 i had emergancy surgery to treat a ruptured ectopic pregnancy 5 hours i was in theater for apparently i was tricky. Then in oct 2010 i had a surgical abortion that had to be repeted in nov 2010 due to tissue being left inside. Since then i have had totally normal periods whilst being on the pill up untill now. I started bleeding 9 days before my period was due and i am still bleeding 15 days after starting to bleed. I have done pregnancy tests so that rules that out. Also i am getting lots of pain on my right side lower abdomon which is the side i had mt ovary and fallopian tube removed, also with all this i am feeling faint and dizzy pleas help!

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi CharlC

      When using a pill, your monthly bleed is not the normal period experienced by a women who are not using these contraceptives. It is a result of a sudden drop in the estrogen levels and there is no ovulation. It may appear like you have had a perfect cycle in the past few months but this was entirely due to the oral contraceptive and in no way indicates your real menstrual cycle. This bleeding that has suddenly started and is persisting needs to be investigated immediately. Abnormal vaginal bleeding along with the pain that you are experiencing could be due to a host of disorders and given you history, you need immediate medical attention.

  • dbiddy

    I am a 33 year old female who has experienced on going pain on my right side for over 10 years. Recently it has become persistant. The pain (which originally seemed to be religated to my right ovary) has now spread from directly under my right rib cage and radiates down my right thigh and around to my right side back and buttocks. Over the years I have had multiple ultrasounds to check for ovarian cysts (nothing impressive has been found), blood work (all normal), I had a scan on my abdomen 2 years ago (all clear). When I lay down I think I feel a slight bulge in my intestenal area, but my husband (who is a PA), doesn’t feel anything, and neither has any physician who has examined me. Sometimes I can feel if I have a stool in my bowels. If I press hard on my right side abdomen, the pain goes away. I have been pregnant twice and throughout both pregnancies the pain has gone away. I have also had two C sections, but the pain began years before these surgeries. Any idea as to what this could be? Thanks for your time.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi DBiddy

      Although you don’t mention any abnormalities with the menstrual cycle, it would be reasonable to assume that it may be gynecologically related. Of course, there are many other non-gynecological conditions that may also respond to changes in the females hormones which may be the reason the pain subsided during pregnancy. PCOS, fibroids and even endometrioisis may be a consideration. Uterine polyps may also be a possible cause. It is not impossible for there to be no noticeable features upon the imaging studies you have undergone but nevertheless you should be following up with your gynecologist on a regular basis.

      Two other conditions that need to be considered is certain kidney diseases and nerve root compression, most likely lumbar or sacral. Both could account for this type of pain. An MRI of the relevant area may be a better option in these cases.

      I would advise that you see a gastroenterologist. Growths within the bowel could causes these symptoms although it is less likely. It is unlikely that there would be any malignancy given the length of time but some conditions could be pre-cancerous.

  • Melinda227

    Hi, hoping someone could give me some insight on a problem my girlfriend is having.
    Her age 45, overweight, had a hysterectomy over a year ago (mentioning it just incase needed) She has been experiencing right lower back pain, stomach (under rib cage area) feeling hard and pressure. Tender, very painful and throbbing. It isn’t gas nor needing to use the bathroom. any help or ideas of what this could be would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Melinda

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Melinda227

      Women of her age and weight are often at risk of gallstones and a number of gallbladder conditions. She needs to speak to you her doctor about the relevant investigations to confirm or exclude this. The symptoms you describe are typical of gallstones/gallbladder diseases. Another possibility is pancreatitis and once again, this will be investigated by her doctor.

  • Louise

    Hello, my friend told me that he has been having pain under his rib cage, feeling sick at times, shaky, having heartburn and feeling drowsy. He’s 22, slim but has a poor diet and works hard. I wondered if you would have any ideas. He’s had his liver tested about 2 years ago because someone in his family had hemochromatosis. Dr told him his levels were fine but there was a chance that they could go up and he’d need to have some treatment. Thank you

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Louise

      He should go back and see his doctor. With hereditary hemochromatosis, organs like the liver can be strained and present with right sided abdominal pain typically described as pain under the right rib cage. The fatigue and so on are also typical of hereditary hemochromatosis. However this should not detract from the more common causes like gastrointestinal conditions. A medical assessment is required at this stage.

  • mommy2be

    i never got a response to what my shaking and pain could be

    • Dr. Chris


      I did answer your question on 4/03/2011. All your symptoms including the shaking and pain could be related to an infection (possibly chills), or part of an adverse drug reaction. You need to see a doctor IMMEDIATELY.

      Note from editor : This is a free service aimed at guiding readers and does not constitute a medical consultation. The Health Hype team is therefore not liable for any complications that may arise by you delaying seeking proper medical attention. Our team may opt not to respond to comments/questions and any response may take 72 hours or more.

  • ienass

    dear doct
    thanks for answering me,but sir my concern is befor my treatment and even from the 1st day my body start to suffer from hyper thirodism iam ganing weight like apregnent women my belly regon is becoming bigar and biger every day and in my both sides igain about 48 bounds and increasing what should ido to remove this weight and to stop ganing more (my 3 meals is small and idont drink or smook and even idont drink coffe)…ineed ur edvice

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Ienass

      I apologize for having thought you have hypothyroidism when you stated hyperthyroidism. Weight gain around the abdomen, especially fluid accumulation, could be a complication of poorly managed/untreated hyperthyroidism and may be related to a number of abdominal organs, like the kidney, or the heart. This is a consequence of hyperthyroidism so hopefully you are seeing a doctor about this and undergoing treatment. Please follow your doctor’s instructions. We do not offer weight loss information on this website and the concern is that your weight gain on your abdomen may NOT be abdominal obesity but rather fluid accumulation (ascites). Your doctor needs to assess it. No dietary change is going to make a difference if it is ascites. Failure to have it attended to timeously, depending on the cause, may be fatal.

  • shelly

    Hi I have a question.

    I’m 36 and In July I was
    diagnosed with Diverticilius and was on antibiotics. Since then I have
    continued stomach pain. I went back to hospital a week later and they
    found ovary cysts. I went to hospital last week and they said I could have
    ulcers or gallstones. I have constant upper right pain especially
    when you push on my stomach. I went to a G.I. doc and he suggested that I
    take probiotic to build up the good bacteria in my colon. I feel I have
    something other than this since the pain is lasting mostly all day. I do not
    know if I’m overreacting or should see another doc. No test where done
    when I went to G.I. doc except him pushing on my belly?

  • shelly

    I’m 36 and In July I was
    diagnosed with Diverticilius and was on antibiotics. Since then I have
    continued stomach pain. I went back to hospital a week later and they
    found ovary cysts. I went to hospital last week and they said I could have
    ulcers or gallstones. I have constant upper right pain especially
    when you push on my stomach. I went to a G.I. doc and he suggested that I
    take probiotic to build up the good bacteria in my colon. I feel I have
    something other than this since the pain is lasting mostly all day. I do not
    know if I’m overreacting or should see another doc. No test where done
    when I went to G.I. doc except him pushing on my belly?

    • Hi Shelly. Given the range of conditions you have recently experienced, diagnostic investigations should be conducted preferably by a gastroenterologist. If a colonoscopy is contraindicated then a barium enema or related contrast studies would be done. Here the doctor would be able to see details of your bowel on an x-ray, CT or MRI.

      While your doctor may have advised the probiotics and not done any tests for good reason, if you are not satisfied with the service you have received then you should definitely consult with another doctor. At least get a second opinion and put your mind at ease.

      Upper right abdominal pain can be due to so many conditions since the abdominal cavity has the most amount of organs. It could be digestive, could be the kidney, could even be from structures higher up like the lung or lower down like the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Therefore diagnostic investigations like scans and blood tests would be warranted to identify the exact cause, or at least exclude any problems.

  • Lucy

    Hi, I have a sharp stabbing/pinching pain on my lower right abdomen (straight across from my belly button). I had my appendix taken out a year and a half ago, after the surgery I ended up with 3 large abscesses, which antibiotics took care of a year and a half ago. About 4 months ago, I started noticing this sharp stabbing/pinching pain, sometimes it throbs. Any ideas? I have already had my appendix and gallbladder removed.

    • Hi Lucy. It is difficult to say with any certainty because the abdominal cavity has so many different organs and anatomical structures. As you can see from the article above, there are many possible causes. However, given you relatively recent history it is advisable that you consult with a gastroenterologist as soon as possible. It is possible that adhesions developed after the surgery or there could even be bowel twisting or strangulation which are serious problems. Both these conditions could be related to your surgery. Further investigation is necessary.

  • Anne

    I am a 50 year old women that has had right abdomenal pain for a year and a half. At first it only botherered me once in a while but now it is constant mild pain that is always there.

    • Hi Anne. Abdominal pain is a non-specific symptom. You mention it is on the right but not whether it is towards the upper or lower part of the abdomen. And you do not mention any other symptoms or your medical history. The possibilities are therefore vast – from liver and gallbladder problems, to pancreas, kidney and ovarian problems to name just some. If it is the upper part it could even be pain from the lung. Therefore it is difficult to offer any guidance just on the information provided. However, we would always advise that you see a doctor first – even it seems minor and like nothing to be concerned about.

  • Amar

    hello I am amar 19 yrs old I got a surgery in 2000 and from then everything was fine and from the past 1 month I started having both side abdomental pain just under the ribs and both sides at the back where kidney is located , I had a heart surgery in 2000 and now from where it was operated is paining at the back left upper side/quadrant , I have difficulty in passing stool and sometimes go to toilet after two days and also have sudden pinching all around the body

    • Hi Amar. You have to consider that your current symptoms may have nothing to do with your surgery 14 years ago. It is possibly related but you will only know this for sure once you have seen a doctor and have undergone the necessary investigations. While the heart conditions can affect the kidneys and vice versa, there is no way of saying for sure that this is the problem. Your doctor will conduct investigations like blood/urine tests, an abdominal ultrasound and so on before making a final diagnosis. Do not delay. See your doctor as soon as possible.

  • Jamie

    I am a 22 female and this has been going on since around December of last year. I have been throwing up, (Not every day) but usually before bed, during sleep, and when I wake up. but it will happen at any time. I am also feeling very very sharp pains in my lower right abdomen and if someone can please email me about what they think is wrong please let me know asap!!!! *EMAIL REMOVED*

    • Hi Jamie. These are worrying symptoms especially since it has persisted for so long. At this point you should have seen a doctor. There are host of possibilities from kidney problems to gallstones. Gynecological problems may also present in this manner. The symptoms are non-specific so there is no way of saying for sure what the problem may be. Your doctor will run further tests.

    • Jessica

      “I am a 36 female that Iv’e been getting pain in the right side in my stomach that comes and goes”.If anyone knows what this is
      let me know because i am not pregnant thanks

      • Hi Jessica. Abdominal pain is a very common symptom and it is difficult to say for sure what it may be without looking at other symptoms like nausea, diarrhea and so on. Some people do experience abdominal pain without any symptoms and then further diagnostic investigations may be necessary like an MRI or endoscopy/colonoscopy. It would be guessing to try to put forward a cause just on the pain alone. The article above covers so many possibilities.

  • Janice Davidson

    Hello. I just turned 49, and three days ago I began to have mild pressure/pain in my chest, and then throughout the day it increased, eventually going through to in between my shoulder blades. As night approached, the pain increased, both front and back, and would get much sharper with breath intake. During the night I began to run a fever, which I am not prone to fevers, my temp is usually around 97.7, so if it ever comes up as 98.6 I am actually running a fever. Not sure what it was that night. It was also accompanied by headache and the pain in the back continued all the way down through my legs, but very intense in my hips. I had no feeling of “coming down with” anything. I slept very little, as I could find no position that would offer relief from the discomfort. The next day it continued as it had the night before, until about mid-day, at which time I started running fever again. That time I took it, and it was 100.4. I had no appetite to speak of, but felt I needed something in my system due to low blood sugar. I did not experience any nausea. Later on after the fever broke, the pain moved from my chest down into my diaphragm, and when I’d take a breath, the pain would push up into the center of my chest. As the day and evening progressed, the pain then went down the right side of my abdomen, settling in what I’d consider “mid right”. It is not high up under my rib cage, but it is also not low down like pelvic region. Maybe somewhere in the area of the appendix(?). It is still there, but only bothers me now when I move around, and when I take deep breaths, at which time it will radiate up and around to my upper right just under the diaphragm, and a spot high up in what I’d call the upper right lung, just below armpit level, but in the front of my chest. I also woke at a little after 2 am this morning running a fever again, along with a slight headache. It has never felt like it was in my digestive tract, stomach, intestines, etc. It seems like it’s in the abdominal wall, as best I can describe. While it is getting better, the past 3 days have not been fun. At first I thought for sure it was my heart, but then after it moved, I have no idea. Oh, also, once it moved down to my diaphragm area, the pain between my shoulder blades ceased. I still have no feeling of coming down with anything like the flu or something like that. I just feel a little lethargic, and I’m not able to do much because exertion intensifies the discomfort. Any ideas at all?

    • Hi Janice. Given your age and the symptoms there are two concerns here. Firstly, it could be a gallbladder issue like with gallstones. Some of the symptoms you describe are textbook accounts of gallbladder problems. And gallstones are more likely to occur in females in their forties.

      Please note that we are not in any way attempting to diagnose you but just guide you in the possible causes.

      The second issue is possibly cardiac in origin. Heart conditions like coronary artery disease and angina are also likely to occur in your age group. And women tend to have atypical heart symptoms and sometimes even a silent heart attack where there are almost no symptoms.

      Of course none of these conditions may be the cause and that is why it is so important to see your doctor as soon as possible and not leave this any further.

      Remember that this is not a medical consultation so a visit to your doctor is very essential.

      • Janice Davidson

        Thank you so much for your help. After receiving your response, I checked into home remedies for gallbladder problems, and started on milk thistle, dandelion tea, and apple cider vinegar in apple juice, and the pain relief was almost immediate – probably within about 30 minutes I was able to notice a pretty big difference. Within 8 hours I was pain-free for the first time in a week. I had no idea it was gallbladder, so thank you so much for the guidance in attempting to figure out what was wrong with me. Once I knew what it possibly was, I could find out possible things to do for relief. That was the first descent night’s sleep I’d had since the symptoms began days earlier. Thanks again!!

        • Hi Janice. We are glad to assist. Please note that we strongly advise you to consult with a doctor for further evaluation. This discussion does not constitute a medical consultation. Symptomatic relief may only be temporary and does not guarantee that the underlying problem has resolved. Further tests and treatment may be necessary. Everything of the best.

  • Cara

    can someone please help me figure out a reason for why i all of a sudden have a severe pain in my lower right stomach… im a female, 20 yrs old 97 pounds. I know it cant be my appendix because i had an emergency appendectomy a year ago. it hurts when i breathe out and my stomach shrinks putting pressure on the spot its coming from. its very tender, i cant rest my hand on the area, barely any touch at all causes a sharp pain. also when i put pressure directly across on the left side it shoots a sharp pain to right side but doesnt hurt the left at all. i have no idea what this could be, and i dont have insurance to go get it checked out. plus im stil paying back for the surgery last year that was over 36,000$ !

    • Hi Cara. There are many different possibilities here. It is difficult to say with any accuracy until you undergo further diagnostic investigations like an abdominal ultrasound. In light of your recent surgery, one possibility is that adhesions have formed. It is fairly common consequence of abdominal surgery particularly where the procedure involved the bowels.

      Abdominal adhesions are bands of fibrous tissue that forms between abdominal organs. Apart from the pain adhesions can also sometimes cause complications with fertility, which will likely be a concern for you as a young person. It is best you have this checked up ASAP to minimize the complications.

      A number of other conditions related to the abdominal and pelvic organs could also be the cause of your pain, and possibly be unrelated to the surgery at all. As previously stated, there is no way of saying for sure until you see a doctor. Hope this provides you with some guidance. Let’s hope that it is a mild gastrointestinal condition that can be easily treated without the need for surgery.

  • Brittany Brown

    I am A twenty Year Old Female, Four Months ago I began having very sharp pains all though out my stomach. My head felt like it was pounding, and i felt short of breath. I went to the E.R and they said it was anxiety. A few weeks go by, I start to feel like im underwater. I go back to the doctor, again they say anxiety. I start to feel like my chest is swelling, they say its tietiz (sp). I felt like my heart was beating though my chest. I talk to doctor into doing A x-ray of my chest. It came back clear. A few weeks later I had swelling under my left rib cage, ER said it was just gas bubbles to take some Gas-x. Now I am suffering severe sharp pains in my head, and my hands and feet go numb. When I stand up, i get light headed and I feel like Im being stuck by a needle in my stomach and in my elbow (where you get blood drawn) Tonight, im also having a new pain the the on the right side of my stomach, right in the middle. Im getting scared. What could this be!?

    • Hi Brittany. Anxiety and Tietze’s syndrome can both explain many of your symptoms. However, it is worth having investigated further especially with the headache and numbness in the arms and legs now starting. We cannot say for sure what this could be as we are not overlooking your case. It may be worth seeing a specialist physician at this point who can run further tests and reach a diagnosis. Many of these symptoms can also be caused by iron-deficiency anemia, which is common in your age group. However, this is only a consideration if anemia can be verified with a blood test. Poor dietary habits, particularly if you are dieting, could also be a problem as well as a range of vitamin deficiencies. These are just some of the possibilities but ultimately it is for your doctor to diagnose the exact cause and institute treatment. Ask for a referral to an appropriate specialist. Alternatively seek a second opinion.

  • Lea

    I have been having this pressure like feeling in my upper right side of the abdomen for a little while now. It almost feels as though I am pregnant and there is a baby’s foot or hand pushing outwards on my belly just under my right ribs. But I am not pregnant (been tested) even tough I can’t have any more children. When I feel around this area, it is firm and almost seems like there is a baby’s foot there or something. Sometimes the upper center part of my abdomen gets extremely hard and protrudes out as well. Almost as though I am pregnant or have an extremely full tummy. It gets uncomfortable and even makes me throw up and have diarrhea. Sometimes, the pressure from the upper right side reaches to my back and causes pain to the lower center region. I am just wondering what could be the causes of this. Is it that I need to drink more water, change my diet (even though I eat rather healthy and normal proportions as it is), is it simply muscle contractions, etc.? Essentially, I am wondering if what I am experiencing warrants a doctors visit and concern or not.

    • Hi Lea. You need to see a doctor who can do tests and scans like an ultrasound to give you further insight into what may be causing this. Gallbladder problems (like gallstones) can cause many of the symptoms that you are experiencing. It would explain the pain to the back, nausea/vomiting, etc. Pancreatitis is another concern. Remember that the abdominal cavity has the most amount of organs compared to any other activity, and these organs are lying very close to each other. So there are a host of possibilities that need to be considered. The symptoms alone may not be a clear indication of where the problem lies. Sometimes it could be a heart problem although you may experiencing abdominal pain. Yes, a doctor’s visit is definitely warranted at this point, especially since it is causing vomiting and diarrhea. Do not delay. See your doctor ASAP.

      • Lea

        Thank you. It is amazing how something that seems so miniscule can actually be signs of more severe problems. The human body is truly fascinating. I was thinking that I didn’t have anything to worry about, maybe just a pulled muscle or something along those lines. But thinking more critically about it and the symptoms that I have been having such as those I mentioned and the others such as a warming and slight burning sensation in the whole of my upper section of my abdomen every now and again, sharp pains in my left shoulder and upper arm, constantly feeling dehydrated regardless of how much water I drink, and at times a sharp pain when I breathe; and with your insistence that I see my doctor ASAP shows me that I should be more concerned then I have been. So again, thank you for your advice. Much appreciated.

        • You are welcome Lea. Hopefully it is not serious. Please do read up on the conditions that we mentioned in our earlier reply. Everything of the best.

        • Lee

          If your getting pain in your upper right shoulder, color bone area its your gall bladder sure of it! I had it too and when my gallbladder was removed it felt better immediately and the pain stopped completely. I am not the only one that has experienced that shoulder area pain. Talk to your doctor.

  • cass

    I have this problem after sleeping on my stomach. When I get up in the morning I cant stand up straight for at least an hour. I have to walk hunched over holding my right side, sucks when I need to get 2 kids ready for school and chase after a toddler.

    Its been like this for a while. I no longer have a gallbladder it was removed in 03, 9 months after I had my oldest daughter. The pain I get is a constant stretching and pulling pain. But I do have a light pain on my right side all day long, its just really bad after I get up in the morning.

    • Hi Cass. This is a difficult one because it can be due to a host of possibilities. Sleeping on your abdomen means increased pressure within the abdominal cavity for a long period of time. This can impact on many different organs but is usually not a problem unless you have some existing problem with an abdominal organ.

      It may be a good idea to see your doctor and have an abdominal ultrasound. Such severe pain that hampers your daily activities can be indicative of some underlying problems. Even the right sided pain throughout the day does not give much of an indication of the possible cause, without other symptoms also being present.

      It could be adhesions that formed after your surgery, the liver, kidney, colon, a gynecological problem, etc. Many possibilities. Very difficult to isolate without further investigation.

    • ac

      Nephroptosis… You can Google symptoms and see if they fit?

  • kbnz

    Hi there,
    I am a 28 year old with painful cramps that come and go through out the day. The cramps come and go, come and go and this lasts for about half an hour or so. I take buscopan to help with it. The cramping/spasms are in the rlq of the ascending colon. Sometimes it helps if eat, sometimes if I pass wind. What would it be and what would help it? Thanks.

  • Stacy

    Hi, I am 36,had two children. I have a pain in my lower right side. I have to take pain medication for it more then a few times a day. I have had a OBGYN check and he gave me a birth control shot and estrogen. The estrogen made it worse. I have been bleeding from very little to medium ever since the shot. I also get diarrhea a lot. I have tried eating more fiber, drink a lot of water. That does not help (still doing it to be more healthy). I went to the ER a few days ago and found out a little cyst was on one of my ovaries. Can my ovaries cause this pain and diarrhea or is it something with my colon? I want to make sure I am going to the right doctor for help. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Stacy. Most cases of diarrhea arise from a bowel problem and given the pain, the colon may be where the problem lies. So do not entirely exclude a colon related problem just yet. However, with that said there are cases where ovarian problems may also present with diarrhea. Both ovarian cysts and tumors are known to at times present with diarrhea. It is not one of the most common or well known symptoms of ovarian conditions. So this definitely needs to be assessed further given the persistent bleed, pain and diarrhea. Hope that helps.

  • Jean

    I have a history of kidney stones and i had my gall bladder removed. I have right side pain in the front and back. I went to emergency. There was no blood in my urine and a CAT scan showed no obstruction, but I am still in pain. Any ideas?

    • Hi Jean. Pain on its own is difficult to diagnose. The fact that there was no blood in the urine and the CT showed no obstruction does not rule out a kidney problem entirely. But a host of other organs also lie in this area including the liver, base of the lung, portion of the bowels and parts of the pancreas. Even gallbladder problems can cause pain to be radiated to this area. Even though they gave you the all clear at the ER, you should still follow up with your doctor.

  • Cheryl Hanzlik

    In Feb. I noticed a bulge in my lower right abdomen. At first it didn’t hurt, but then I started feeling really bloated, couldn’t button my pants and was unable to pass gas. I saw my physician and she immediately thought I had a hernia and sent me to the hospital for a CT scan. The scan showed nothing, but the pain persisted. I saw a bariatric surgeon who reviewed my chart and said that there was nothing wrong with me, except there appeared to be some swelling on my right side on the CT scan and he advised me to use ice packs. The bulge is still there, the pain did subside after a couple months, but now, the pain is back. The pain is in the upper right area under my rib cage, but the bulge is in the lower right side across from my belly button. Are the bulge and the pain related to the same problem? I have had a total hysterectomy, so it’s not anything gynecological. The pain feels like a stiffening of my insides, a deep pain and it takes my breath away. Any idea what this could be? If I go back to the doctor, I’d like to be more proactive in asking for the proper test to figure this out.

    • Hi Cheryl. It is difficult to say without physically examining the area. From what you report, it does indeed sound like a hernia. The pain on the upper right side of the abdomen may or may not be related to it. Once again, there is no way of saying for sure.

      Pain on its own is difficult to diagnose and it is therefore important to closely monitor for any other symptoms. These additional symptoms can be useful in determining a list of possible conditions that may be the root cause. The relevant diagnostic investigations will then be done to confirm or exclude these conditions.

      For now it may be worthwhile to focus more on the pain, and not get too distracted with the bulging. Take note of when the pain starts, when it eases, what may be affecting the intensity of the pain and what other symptoms arise simultaneously even if it seems unrelated.

      Your obviously need to see your doctor again for this pain. It will probably be assessed as an entirely new case and the relevant investigations will be done as per your doctor’s discretion. There is no way of saying for sure that one test or another is needed at this point. Rather pick up on additional symptom, let your doctor assess the situation and follow through with the tests that he/she recommends.

    • ac

      Look up Nephroptosis. I’ve had the Full Hysterectomy as well and found out in Feb right side pain was a Dropping Kidney … Surgery corrected and All is Better!!

  • cassy

    Hello, on June 3rd I had my marina removed, nothing was wrong I had it in for four years and never had any issues. I had it removed because I started getting very sick. I was constantly admiring the bathroom for about four weeks. I couldn’t even think about food withouto getting sick. I couldn’t brush my teeth, nothing could go in my mouth, my Dr tested me for hyperactive thyroid…. that was not the problem. I feel great now that my iud is out aside from my terrible mood swings, which I was warned my hormones would be like a roller coaster. I received one period on June 12 that spotted mostly I had one heavy day but that wasn’t even heavy. Before my iud I had a period for three days and all three days wye full blown I didn’t have light days, well now when my spouse and I have intercourse if I get on top (not going to fast or getting crazy) I get a server pain around my right rib cage that wraps around my stomach. I have never gotten this before with my partner…. we’ve tried several times, the pain last about 45 mins

    • Hi Cassy. Speak to your doctor immediately. You could have developed an infection, possibly when the IUD was removed or even a STI, which is now leading to this pain during intercourse. Mirena is a widely used and relatively safe IUD. Some women do experience pain when using an IUD. However, you have had yours removed. Apart from an infection and what is known as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), there may also be concerns about uterine fibroids or even endometriosis. But PID needs to be excluded as soon as possible. Your doctor may be able to advise your further. It may be nothing for now and just an adjustment phase until your hormones stabilize.

  • Ally

    Hi there,
    I’m 23 and I have had stomach pain for a month now. The pain is mostly on the lower right side of my stomach but there has also been pain on the lower left side, under my rib in the center and on my lower back on the left side. The pain like a mild stabbing pain. This pain wakes me up in the middle of the night most nights. It is driving me crazy. I also have other symptoms like, queasiness, tiredness, hard to pass gas and stools and I feel sick after eating which has put me off eating a little bit.

    • Hi Ally. It is advisable that you see your doctor as soon as possible. There are a number of conditions that could be causing these symptoms so it is difficult to say with any certainty. But one possibility is a bowel obstruction. This can occur for a number of reasons, some of which can be very serious. An early diagnosis can make a very big difference in the outcome. Your doctor will be able to advise your further.

  • Wendy Gorby

    I was in the ER yesterday with severe pain on the right lower section of my abdomen. They did blood work and a CT scan with the warm iv dye and my appendix was fine, but my cecum and appendix were moved behind my naval, swollen and maybe twisted. So they did a CT scan with a drinkable dye. It comes back as my appendix and cecum are moving back to where they should be, the swelling was down and there were no twists. I asked what I could do to prevent this and there is nothing? When the pain got so bad I would push in on the spot to relieve the pain, could this have caused the movement? I’ve also had all my lady parts removed, so would this lead to more room for my intestines to move?

    • Hi Wendy. Pushing on your abdomen is unlikely to have moved your abdominal organs out of position in this manner. Your previous surgery could be a contributing factor but there is no way of saying for sure. The supportive tissue for the intestines may be weakened which has allowed it to move in this manner. Remember that the intestines undergo strong contractions when moving food, water and wastes through the gut. Normally it does not move out of place by the supporting tissue. Depending on the underlying cause, there may be little you can do to prevent it.

  • JustAFighter

    I have this extremely sharp pain on my right side, a little bit below the ribs, when taking a deep breath and especially when yawning. There’s also a duller, constant pain, with a kind of mild burning feeling inside, that I feel in most of the left abdomen, spreading as far as the edge of my back. P. S. I don’t have a gallbladder. Do I need to do anything about this? Thanks.

    • Hi JustAFighter. Given that you are experiencing this pain on both sides of the abdomen and with it extending to the back, it could be kidney related. The kidneys lie high up in the abdominal cavity. However, it could also be related to the stomach and pancreas or a number of other organs in the abdominal cavity. Remember that the abdominal cavity has the most amount of internal organs. It would be advisable to have this assessed by a doctor.

      • JustAFighter

        I’m so sorry, I did say that the constant pain was in my “left” abdomen, but that was the “brain fog” talking. All of the pain, both the constant and the stabbing upon a deep breath is on the right side. Thanks for responding, though. I did go to the ER, because the pain worsened. They did a CT of my abdomen/pelvis, but didn’t find anything wrong. Same thing with blood work, including ruling out a blood clot. Their theory is that I strained some muscles without realizing it. I’m to take it easy and follow up with my doctor. I’m okay with that, but I’m a bit concerned now, as the pain has spread upward and slightly back. Maybe I should try to get an appointment sooner than later, just to be safe. Thanks again.

        • Hi JustAFighter. Thank you for clarifying. It could very well be muscle strain. However, the appointment with your doctor is advisable to exclude other underlying conditions which may not have been detected at the ER. Pancreas and gallbladder problems, kidney diseases and so could be responsible as well as many other conditions. Your doctor would be in the best position to advise you further.

  • Alissa

    In September of 2013 I went to the ER for an intense pain on my left flank that wrapped around to my lower back. It turned out I had a severe bladder & kidney infection, was prescribed Cipro and Hydrocodone and sent in my way. Since then I have experienced similar pains (not as severe as that one time) and subsequently took Cipro to see if it was another flare up. I had my son in 2009 by way of emergency C-section due to placenta abruption. For lack of a better word, I was bleeding to death. Spent several days in the hospital as I had also become anemic. Since then, I have had the WORST lower back pain EVER. Mind you, the anesthesiologist poked me 7 times whilst trying to give me my epidural (don’t know if that’s normal) but with each poke, I flooded the floor with blood. 2 years later my menstrual cycle was still out of sack and causing such pain and discomfort that when I finally was able to see a gynecologist, she diagnosed me with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). It has been 3 years since then and my periods are still extremely not normal. I have intense pain all over and some months I’ll get my period on time and other times I won’t have it for up to 2 months bit every month ALL MONTH LONG I have pain and feel like I’m on my period without any relief. Two months ago I disnt get a normal peeiod it was barelt brown and lasted 2 days. The next month was the same. Now this month, On October 13, 2014 to be exact, I started my period VERY HEAVILY. It is 4:09am on October 29th and I am STILL ON THIS EXTREMELY HEAVY PERIOD. No relief no signs of it slowing or stopping. Every once in a while I’ll pass a clot or two that are about the size of a stick of gum or bigger. I am nauseous all day every day. I have been experiencing pain in my RUQ, RLQ, LUQ, LLQ all simultaneously stabbing pains that sometime radiate to my back. They are all mainly on my sides more than mid Upper and Lower Abdomen. I need some guidance because people just look at me like I’m crazy and I know I’m not. I’m in so much pain all the time that I am seriously considering having a total hysterectomy and I’m only 24 about to be 25 in a few days. I’m ALWAYS tired, nauseous, in pain and have horrible mood swings. I gained 100 pounds when I was pregnant and I haven’t been able to lose that 100 pounds which out a me at 265 pounds right now. I also have had ZERO sex drive since my C-section and its really not fair to my husband at this point. Swx has literally repulsed me for the last 5 years. I used to be fun, thin, and quite athletic. Now I’m this fat 24 year old who can barely get out of bed in the morning.

  • Mike


    The past week or two I been having some pain in my hips but mostly my right hip. It been hurting really bad all of a sudden and been burning. I always had issue with the appendix region in the past but thank god it was nothing. If the pain is mostly in my right hip, burning more so, could it be a appendix problem even though I don’t have any naseua or anything (yet)?

    • Hi Mike. It is possible but unlikely if you do not have any other symptoms at this point. Often these types of pain may be muscular or due to soft tissue injury. Try to take not of preceding events, like does it happen after wearing a tight belt, or in the morning after sleeping on a lumpy bed. If you are doing any strenuous physical activity out of the norm then this could be a cause. However, you should not chalk it down entirely to muscular or soft tissue injury. There could be more serious underlying problems and you doctor will be in the best position to advise you further.

  • Stephanie Leavell

    I am 34 and have no gallbladder. Been having pain on right side and in my right lower back. Also stomach will swell as if I am 8 months pregnant. Usually is down in the mornin but doesn’t matter if I eat or don’t eat. Recently my right side is more swollen instead of my whole stomach being round as if preg. Also have a knot on right side docs say only thing elevated is my liver enzymes which have been elevated a long time. Waiting on ct seeing if anyone had any other ideas

    • Hi Stephanie. Of course it goes without saying that pregnancy needs to be excluded as a possible cause. The other factor to consider here is why your liver enzymes are chronically elevated. Fatty liver disease is a common cause in people who are not consuming excessive amounts of alcohol or taking medication or supplements. Whether the raised liver enzymes is related to the swelling is difficult to say. Muscular and soft tissue problems are a common cause but you also have to look at pancreas and liver problems, peritonitis and so on. The CT scan will shed more light on the matter.

  • Eugene C

    Sometimes when I wake up I have pain on my left side untill I empty my bladder. I’ve had this for about a year. Also, for the past week I’ve had this dull pain on my right upper abdomin (lower rib area). I only have this pain when I get up or sit down and sometimes when I bend forward. Now this dull pain is also felt in my mid back area (only felt when getting up or sitting down). No fever, diarrhea or jaundice. Stools are normal color. Although I sometimes have constipation. Pain doesn’t increase after a meal. I’m 53 male and I walk 5 miles a day on the treadmill and I alternate 1 degree incline every 1/2 mile with a 6 degree incline. I also do 60 squats a day. No pain felt while working out. I’m a non smoker . Pain doesn’t increase if I take a deep breath either. No nausea or vomiting or heartburn.

    • Hi Eugene. It is difficult to say for sure whether the left side bladder-related pain and upper right abdominal pain are linked. If so then this could in fact point to a kidney/urinary tract disorders. In fact your symptoms does point to a kidney-related issue. It may not be as acute as an infection (UTI) so the symptoms are vague and long standing. As you can see from the article above there are many possible causes of abdominal pain and the lack of other symptoms (no fever, no constipation/diarrhea and so on) makes it difficult to isolate. You should see your doctor. A urine sample may be taken for testing and then further investigations (such as scans and scopes) may then be conducted if necessary.

      • Eugene C

        Thank you for your response. Last April I also hyperextended my toe and 3 days later I had an acute gout attack on that toe (first time). I saw a Podiatrist ad he gave me some meds for a couple of weeks and I’ve been fine since. Not currently taking any meds for gout as I just figured the toe injury precipitated the gout attack. Lab blood values for uric acid did reveal elevated levels of uric acid . I made lifestyle changes by exercising and losing weight (40 lbs.) since April. If I haven’t had any further gout attacks could I still be damaging my kidneys?

        • Hi Eugene. Great to hear that you took control of the situation and made the necessary lifestyle changes. Kidney damage should not be your immediate concern. Rather you should focus on uric acid kidney stones which could be causing the symptoms you describe. Do not be misled into believing that these stones will not arise just because your toe has been symptom free. The only way to know for sure is to see a doctor and undergo the necessary investigations.

          • Eugene C

            Thanks again! I’m going to make an appointment with a Urologist. I also have an unbilical hernia (comes from right side) for about 4 years. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me. If I cough or sneeze I just apply pressure to the hernia. Part of the reason that I haven’t had it taken care of is I’ve read about some problems with the mesh they use to repair it and since it rarely causes me any discomfort. Bye.

  • Samantha

    Just a few minutes ago after I went to the bathroom I had sharp pains all over in my right side. They got worse when I moved. It felt better after I sat down and applied pressure. But it still really hurts when I move. What do you think it is.

    • Hi Samantha. The abdomen has the most amount of organs from any cavity in the body. It is difficult to isolate the cause of pain just based on its location. Other symptoms that accompany the pain such as diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, fever and so on has to be considered along with the pain in order to isolate some of the possible causes. As you can see from the article above there are many possibilities of both upper and lower right sided pain. If it is persisting or getting worse then you need to consult with a doctor ASAP.

  • Andrew


    I’ve been having pain in my right upper abdomen. When I’m standing it seems there is a bulge there, I imagine this is where my transverse colon is. All of this happened after I had an accident while working out. I was doing a push up on a balancing ball and I felt something rip in the same area I’m having trouble with (below my right ribs). A few days after the accident I started having strange problems. My stomach kept making a growling noise like I was constantly hungry, this occurred 24/7 for at least 2 months and the sounds came from the bulge where the rip occurred. If I laid on my left side it sounded as if there was “glass sand” brushing across my large intestine. This healed itself after about 5 months. The issue has been ongoing for 7 months now. If I place my hand on that bulge I can actually feel my stomach making noise when it occurs. I also had really bad intestinal pain, it felt as if my intestines were squeezed. At the time I didnt realize it but that pain only happened if I laid on my right side. My stomach seemed to heal itself over time but the noises never completely went away and I still cannot lay on my right side. Eventually I got insurance and I’ve done testing with a gastroenterology specialist. I’ve done an ultrasound, CT scan, stool studies, endoscopy, and a Colonoscopy both with biopsies and they didnt reveal anything. I’ve also went to a hernia specialist / surgeon. He can feel the bulge but he doesnt think its a hernia and he doesnt know what it is. I’m really at my wits end with this problem. My theory is that my transverse colon is out of place but I would think this would show up on a CT scan regardless if I was standing or not. When I look down at my stomach it does appear as if the right upper abdomen is sticking out, it doesnt look normal. If you have any idea what this is or how to find out what it is please advise.

    • Hi Andrew. A hernia would seem like the most obvious cause of this bulge but as you said the specialist has ruled it out. It is quite baffling. I’m assuming that your spleen has not been identified as being larger than normal which could also account for the sensation that you may be feeling. As for the transverse colon being out of place, this is quite unlikely and there should have been some indication on the scans that you had done. It is difficult to say what may be causing this but it may be a good idea to get a second opinion on this matter.

      • Andrew

        Thank you for the ray of hope. No one has said anything about my spleen yet. I really feel that I ripped something and it healed incorrectly. Another weird symptom is a burning feeling in that upper right quadrant if I do not drink enough water. Also If my stomach is empty and I drink water that area will really make alot of noise, very strange because this never happened before my accident. this issue is very depressing and its ruining my social life. I will push for an MRI because I believe this would reveal damage at a greater level. Again, thank you for the ray of hope.

        • You’re welcome Andrew. The MRI may definitely shed more light on the matter. A hiatal hernia may also be a possibility here and could have started before the accident. Hiatal hernias are where a portion of the stomach slips into the chest cavity. Some of the symptoms you mention could be attributed to it. Anyway the MRI will reveal more.

  • jamie

    For the past two weeks I have had tremendous soreness in my lower-right side near the female organs. It only hurts when I get up from sitting and begin to walk.

    • Hi Jamie. Pain on its own with no other symptoms (like gynecological symptoms or digestive symptoms) is difficult to diagnose. For example, if it was accompanied by menstrual irregularities then it could be PCOS. It may not even be an issue with your internal organs but may be originating from the abdominal wall. You should speak to your family doctor who can further assess you before deciding on appropriate investigations. The results of these tests/scans will then assist in making a diagnosis or even referring you to a specialist.

    • Sabrina Matthews

      Jamie , I have had this same type pain this past week. Have you seen a doctor?

  • Michelle Pilote

    Hi I’ve been suffering with chronic nausea, diarrhea, & abdominal pain since November. I’ve had a radical hysterectomy, appendectomy & my gall bladder removed. I’ve had my liver, pancreas tested…both fine. The pain is on my right side and is exacerbated with exercise….just sweeping drops me to my knees. I also will get stabbing pains from front to back…reminiscent of my gall bladder attacks. My stomach is always making noise too…..and it NEVER NOT HURTS!!!!!!!

    • Hi MIchelle. Hopefully you have instituted the dietary changes advised after your gallbladder was removed. Failing to do so can cause most of the symptoms you have described, especially after meal time. It may be advisable to follow up with the surgeon who operated on you. This could be a sign of adhesions which does sometimes form after abdominal surgery. However, further diagnostic investigations are necessary to confirm whether this is due to adhesions or some other cause.

    • Michelle Pilote

      Thank you..I have maintained & normally do have a great diet…but these days everything hurts. I do understand the importance of maintaining a balanced diet once your gallbladder has been removed. I will ask about adhesions. …this has always been an an ongoing red flag because I’ve had over 25 surgeries most of which are in the abdominal area. I appreciate your advice. I, however, still suffering greatly with no anwers.

      • Hi Michelle. With 25 procedures (we assume that it is all abdominal) the risk of adhesions is very high. Surely this should have been suspected as a possible cause by one of your health care practitioners. Maybe there were already investigations done to confirm or exclude its existence. Unfortunately pain on its own does not give much indication of what the problem can be. We would strongly advise that you seek answers from a medical professional. You could spend long periods of time (wasted) looking for answers online but without further investigations it would be pretty much anybody’s guess. The longer you wait to seek one-on-one medical attention the worse the prognosis may be. If it is indeed adhesions there is nothing than can be done without further surgery to remove it. Hope you find answers soon.

    • Leeca

      Consider seeing a GI specialist. It could be a stone in the CBD (common bile duct) and if ends up completely blocking the duct it’s an emergency that requires immediate surgery. Better to find out and have it removed before it reaches that point

  • Cliffany Reed

    I have been told i have a hernia but nor sure. today im having symptoms of my right side being swollen and feeling like somering is boldging out and feels wierd and slightly painful. Feels like i have a baby pushing on the lower right side of my stomach and thats impossible because i am a male.. i have had my apendix removed August of 2014, would that have antthing to do with it? This started just 30 mins ago after eating..

    • Hi Cliffany. You should have your doctor confirm whether it is really a hernia. It does sound like it. If so then you will need to speak to your doctor about the possible treatment options. Surgery is usually necessary for an abdominal hernia. Don’t ignore it. Hernias can worsen over time and may eventually trap a portion of your bowel with serious and even life-threatening complications. Your doctor will advise you further.

  • joydas

    I fell and a blunt corner hit my lower abdomen right side did USG doctor told internal wall injury but internal organs okay still abdomen pains after 2 months please suggest.its urgent

  • justine

    Hi I’ve been having mild pulling sensation on groin on right side for few months now also very noisey tummy docs done exam andbloods came back ok. Ive had 2 ectopic pregnancies could this be scar tissue?

    • Hi Justine. Scar tissue is a possibility but it is not wise to assume. There are many other conditions could be responsible. The pulling sensation and tummy noises may be unrelated to each other. It is advisable that you consult with a gynecologist if you have not already done so or seek a second opinion from another gynecologist if necessary.

  • angel

    I had my gallbladder removed October 14th 2014 and I’ve been having abdominal pain ever since and today I threw up green bile after starting off by waking up with the same headache from the day before and nausea all I did was go up stairs where the two little kids I babysit was told them to get ready for the day and went back down the stairs just to rush to the bathroom to throw up the nasty green bile go my friend to come home which then brought me home I took a nausea pill then went to sleep I at dinner and had a little of beef and nacho cheese tonight what should I do ?? I should add its not on the right side that I’m having abdominal pain its all the way across to the left side and it makes it uncomfortable for me to sleep

    • Hi Angel. Hopefully it has resolved by now. The odd episode of vomiting that lasts for a day or two is not always a cause for concern. It often arises with food poisoning and tummy bugs. However, if it is persisting then you need to see a doctor. There is really not much else we can advise online. Don’t take nausea pills to suppress the symptoms unless your doctor says so.

  • Ellen Corwin

    Hi. 3 years ago i had my right kidney removed due to stage 3 (pT3A,Nx,Mx) kidney cancer, NED since. Now on rare occasions when I’m moving my bowels I get a severe pain to the right side of my navel extending an inch or two down and an inch or two up from navel (but all on right side). Prior CT scans consistently show a stricture in the ascending colon. Could that be causing this pain? I have regular CT scans next month but just thought I’d ask what you thought. The pain is pretty severe and lasts a minute or two, then goes away. Can anything be done about it?

    • Hi Ellen. Yes, it could possibly be the cause of the pain but this is a question best answered by the doctor who is overseeing your case. With regards to treatment options, it really depends on the nature and severity of the stricture and other aspects of your medical history. You should speak to your supervising doctor about your treatment options.

  • Alissa Rosenbaum

    For the past 5 months my body has not been the same . I been with my boyfriend for that long but known him way before . I am sexually active and i have tried to get pregnant with the same guy . My period is normal comes every month but i have been feeling this pain in the right lower side of my stomach next to my belly botton its like if i pulled a muscle but i dont remember doing anything to cause that . Im not a physical active person i hate running and all that but lately its been hurting for 2 months already and i havent gone to a doctor and this month i started my period on july 9th and the smell and color of it is awful . The color has been black not brown its been black . I know when you’re ending youre period the after blood comes and its a brownish color but this is like 2nd day blood its been like this for already 3 – 4 days with this awful stench like rotten meat . So i have no idea what to do i turn 20 in a cupple of days and i just need help

    • Leeca

      Please. Go to the Emergency Room. Immediately.

  • Mariem

    Hi, so i’m 18 and for at least the past two years i’ve been having this pain on my lower right abdomen by the iliac bone (i think that’s what it’s called) it feels as if there’s smothing noded or a stone stuck in there or something so i got an ecography but there was nothing also i don’t know what triggers it exactly, i mean the pain is ”random” it could stay for 3 to 4 days then nothing for a couple of months. Any idea what can it be?

  • Edna ibe

    in April this year i noticed i had serious pain in my chest and at the right side of my tummy. although the pain was mild but it became worst with each passing day. i lost every desire to eat, i was depressed and always anxious. my heart keeps skipping beats every minute. after 2 months i went to see the doc but when i got there he just said i have ulcer without running a test or carrying out any examination and i complained of a growing bump in the right side of my tummy but he said he couldnt see it. i took the drugs but now i notice heaviness in my chest, i cant take a deep breath, i cant breath easily without feeling some strains in my chest. the pain at my right side of my tummy is still there. sometimes i feel so weak and exausted even without lifting a pin. most night i wake up to my heart racing very fast and skipping beats and my hands shaking. my tummy gets bloated at any little food i eat. pls whats going on, what do i do? i need help sir..

  • Amit Sharma

    Hi, I am feeling little discomfort or sort of streched muscles under my ribs on right side of uper portion of abdomnal. I have travelled a lot in last one month and have driven a lot. I am feeling this discomfort or stretched feeling in excess, especially when I am driving or sitting in a particular posture. There is no pain in that area…….but some times in past as well I had cramps on the sameside……..Please guide

    • Hi Amit. As you have mentioned you have been quite physically active recently. Even prolonged sitting when driving can strain muscles. It could very well be muscular but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Speak to your doctor about your symptoms and let him/her run further tests if necessary. Given the number of different organs in this part of the body, pain may be the first sign of some underlying internal disease.

  • CeCe

    My DD is 17 had has been suffering with severe pain in her upper stomach above the belly button since she was 11. Only since last year have the doctors taken me seriously with prior diagnoses from hospital, gp and walk in centres as being constipation, gas, psychological etc.. Although these do not match her symptoms. She has daily bowel movements no blood and no pain when going etc… The pains are getting worse and are daily from the minute she wakes till she goes to sleep, it even wakes her up in the night as the pains, so bad! She can only take paracetamol and is is on buscopan and omeprazole daily, none have helped her symptoms. I’m at my wits end, I cannot see her suffer no more, the pain she is in is unbearable it has had a huge affect on her daily life. She no longer goes out and has been sacked from her apprenticeship and part time job because she had to keep taking time off with the pain! The hospital have done scans blood tests and a breath test nothing showed up, only inflammation showed up once on her bloods and low vitamin D? A few weeks ago a scan showed she had polycystic ovaries but apparently this can’t be confirmed until she sees a specialist in January next year!! We have been told that condition would not cause the pain she’s experiencing?! She’s also been getting severe head pain we have been referred to a neurologist and are waiting for an appointment date to no avail!! The hospital seem to think she may have benign intercranial hypertension which is linked to polycystic ovaries!? Our gp will not give her pain relief and tells us to try yoga or meditation, it does not help! ! The specialist at the hospital thinks it maybe gastritis but the medication is not helping so I have my doubts!! Does anyone have any idea what this could be?? I can’t take this no more its heartbreaking to see my baby going through this daily….

  • Tom Taco

    ….All my life I thought poop was supposed to be black. Turns out it should be…..brown?

    At this point should I do anything? I mean, it’s not like black poop has done all that much damage to me. I mean, sometimes when I eat too much chipotle my dumps are extra hard and I tear up the anus a bit, but otherwise my poops are usually pretty good!

    • Hi Tom. While the black stool could be due to food, if it is persisting for years as you describe then it is more likely that it is due to other conditions, like bleeding within the gut. This would need to be treated. Even though a minor bleed may not cause any major complications, it can lead to iron-deficiency anemia. However, this is assuming that the black stool is degraded blood. There may be other factors that need to be considered here and you should consult with a gastroenterologist.

    • dymeisha scrutchins

      I turned the wrong way or something at work the other day now my side hurt when I move a certain way what can it be

      • Hi Dymeisha. It’s difficult to say with so little information and other symptoms present. As you can see from the article above there are many possible causes for abdominal pain. However, from what you describe this is most likely muscular. One or more of the muscles may have been strained and are in spasm at the moment. Therefore movements involving this muscle or opposing it may cause pain. If the pain is still persisting, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Eric Gordon

    Hi People,
    Male 40 something looking for some advice. For a number of months I’ve had abdominal pain. It’s on my right hand side at the front, just above the pelvis and usually at the back behind my ribs. Usually bad in the morning and occasionally I’m sick first thing. It seems to “flare up” every couple of weeks, but never goes away. Normally eases as the day goes on. On a good day this can be from lunchtime, normally it’s from early evening onwards but at its worst it can be all day.
    I’ve had various scans and tests. The only thing they found were a number of kidney stones in both kidneys, but all less than 5mm. I had 3 stones removed six months ago from the right kidney but it hasn’t helped unfortunately. Kidney surgeon said he didn’t think the stones were the cause of the pain. Scopes were all clear. Heart scan was OK.

    Sometimes the pain is all round my right flank, across my lower back and down to my groin.
    Other health problems that may or may not be related. High BP that they can’t seem to get under control despite being on 3 different meds. Also suffer from acne, which seems to have gotten worse along with the abdominal pain. Mostly back and thighs. Fatigue, and sometime joint and muscle pain.

    When I press quite hard in my stomach I get a really sharp pain, which made me think appendix but I don’t know if the other symptoms would fit.

    Oh, another thing. In the morning I feel like a zombie. trouble getting out of bed, brain fog and my eyes seem a funny colour.

    Every day seems like ground hog day and I don’t know where to turn now.
    Any help appreciated,

  • Daisy

    Intermittent severe RLQ pain (seemingly when constipated), off and on for two years, along with abdominal distention (pretty much consistently). Additionally, intermittent numbness in right leg (from right hip to tip of toe), when standing, approx. three months now. Pain is made worse by moving around or lying down, however numbness noticed only when standing. Blood in urine microscopic as well as hematuria off and on for three years did cystoscopy X 3 but found nothing. Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You-

  • Sarahistic

    Hello. I am girl and 17. From past 3 4 days I’ve been feeling pain on kidney area. The right side. I took a pain killer. It decreased. But now it has increased. Now it’s on left also sometimes. After drinking water I feel fullness. And frequent urination. And pain in right side while urinating. Pain while I walk. . And also the problem of constipation That comes and goes.. help!!!!!!

  • YB

    HI, starting last night I am feeling a pain just below the rib cage in the upper right abdominal area when I breath and change sleeping position while I’m on my bed. I would like to know what causes this? Any advice?

  • Zenia

    I have been having pain on the upper right side that feels like a Charlie horse – it sometimes radiates to the left side and I get “stuck”! I don’t know what it is but it scares me! When it happens I have to lay flat or stay in the position where it doesn’t hurt. What could the cause be? I don’t have my gallbladder. I’ve recently started to feel nauseated with the pain which is something new. Any feed back will be appreciated.

  • Yatt

    hi, recently i keep getting nausea, vomiting & headache. I also having throbbing stomach. I don’t know what to do. I keep getting pain at right side of lower part of my stomach. Nearby waist. I also having pain at right side at lower side of my diaphragm.
    Even it feels painful when I want to urinate.

    What should I do?

    • Hi Yatt. Firstly the stomach is more on the left and high up where it is almost completely tucked under the ribcage. From what you are describing this is more likely to be a urinary tract problem, possibly even a urinary tract infection (UTI). However, it could also be a gallbladder problem but that usually does not present with urinary pain. At thsi point you need to speak your doctor. Most likely there will be further tests needed and then a diagnosis can be reached.

      • Yatt

        Hi HealthHype. Thanks for your info. Yes indeed it was the same result told by the doctor.
        At first I didn’t want to go to hospital. But now I am taking antibiotic for urinary tract infection.

        • Hi Yatt. We are glad that our response was helpful and that you doctor confirmed the diagnosis. Please follow through with the antibiotic course as prescribed by the doctor to ensure that the infection is eradicated. Don’t forget to follow up with your doctor thereafter.

  • Karen

    HI and i sure hope you answer,i am a 61 year old female,was never really sick and most people couldnt believe i had so much get up and go,very active all the time. i was having chest pains one day went to emergency roon. long story short,they found a mass turned out to be lung cancer. March 16th i had a lobectomy,half my lung removed,now i felt fine before i had this done,i had complications afterword with my oxygen way to low nothing bringing it up well 3 weeks later and my family all there thinking i was gonna die,it started to come up. im sorry this is so long but you needed to know. any way i was in ICU for 3 weeks and spent a little over a month. It is now Aug,10th and ive only had two bowl movements in the last month,i will feel like i really have to go and it goes away, or i sit for a very long time. Ive tried lax. ennemas,i have told my DR”s about it and they dismiss it,now across the whole top of my stomach is so tender,i sometimes get a very sharp pain right under my right breast and on my upper right side,and my lower right back always hurts, i have been telling all my Dr about these and there just not doing anything, Should i find new dr Im scared. Thank You so much if you take time to read this

    • Hi Karen. The strict definition of constipation is less than 3 bowel movements in a week with the passage of hard stool that is often difficult to pass out and requires some degree of straining. Two bowel movements in a month would definitely be considered as constipation. It may occur for a host of different reasons and could be related to your recent medical history. It definitely needs to be investigated further and treated to prevent complications like fecal impaction. This further investigation and the prescription of the appropriate treatment needs to be done by a doctor. If you are not receivng the attention your require from your current doctor(s) then you will need to see another doctor. If possible, consulting with a gastroenterologist at this point would be highly recommended.

  • Lara

    I usually sleep on my left side, but for the last couple of weeks I have been getting extremely sharp pains in my lower right abdomen area while sleeping. The pain usually wakes me up and then it is difficult to move and change to a more comfortable position. The pain dulls when I turn to the right side, but when I get up its back again. I thought it might be my appendix at first, but considering its been going on for weeks I doubt it. Also don’t have any other symptoms like fever, constipation, runny tummy, chills, etc. What could this possibly be?

    • Hi Lara. The abdominal cavity has many different organs and it is difficult to isolate a cause for pain on its own without any other symptoms. Appendix would be a logical assumption but as you so rightly pointed out, it is unlikely to be the cause. It is not only digestive problems that could be a cause but even gynecological, muscular, urinary problems and so on could be a cause. There is really no way to say for sure unless you consult with a doctor who can perform the necessary diagnostic conditions to identify a cause.