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11 Comments on confirmation

  1. Had spinal surgery year ago to relieve pain in my left arm. Now I have had tingling and numb middle three fingers on both hands for couple of months. It is always worse in the morning. I tested negative for RA. The tingling seems to be turning into more pain and weakness now. Any ideas?

    • Could be a cervical disk in your neck that is bulging or herniated. An mri could tell for sure if that is the cause, ask your dr. It is not uncommon for disks above and below a repaired disk to also follow suit and need treatment. If this is the case you may have DDD, degenerative disk disease. Ask you dr and request an mri as prolonged pressure on a nerve can cause irreparable damage.

  2. Confirmed with PCP pneumonia. Of late my weight is going down everyday. Could the (hiv related) be the cause?

    • Yes, but your Dr. knows best. HIV/AIDS is frequently responsible for gastrointestinal problems(stomach,digestive problems). You may not be receiving the proper nutrition you body needs so get it checked out.

  3. Hi, I’m 24 years old, 22 weeks pregnant. It’s been a really hard pregnancy for me. These past two weeks, I have been throwing up every night before sleep due to extreme acid reflux. I use to throw up before for the same reason but now, after I started taking Prevacid it helps a lot but my problem now is, every night I wake up with severe pain in my upper left quadrant, I’m not really sure what it is, but it mostly occur around 2-6Am. I would wake up with the pain for like an hour or half then fall asleep, and it would happen again and again. So I’m not really sure what cause it or where exactly the pain is, but I would love for it to stop. Please any help would be very appreciated

  4. Have strong central cheast pain , don’t know what to do . any ideas on what I should do..!!??

    • Get to the dr or Ed, could be heart or could be esophageal spasms which can be severely painful. That first is life threatening if it is your heart, do NOT wait for an appointment. Go directly to the emergency room if your dr cant see you immediately.

  5. Hi for 4days now i had white sticky discharge coming from my left breast I consult my doctor yesterday he examin both breast he said there is no lump he squeeze my left breast and spray something on it and send it to the lab because i am over 40 he request for me to do a mamagram

  6. I am a 65 years man. I recently had acid reflux. About two weeks ago I started having serious pains on my right lower and upper arm muscles. I could not twist my arm to the left and found it difficlut lifting objects. Please what should I do?.

  7. Hi Russ, Sorry to hear of your concussion. All of what you described is exactly what I went through when I got a really bad concussion from hitting my right temple against a very poorly placed metal shelf at work. Hopefully, you are feeling much better by now. My symptoms, unfortunately, and the subsequent medical issues, such as severe migraines, lasted every bit of two years!! My insurance covered a lot of it, but I still had to pay over $1700 in out-of-pocket expenses, of which I have yet to be reimbursed by my employers! All I can say is to keep getting medical help as long as you continue to suffer as a result of the concussion. It took me several tries before I found a competent neurologist who was able to help me through the long process of healing. I wish you the best!!


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