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  1. Dewayne W Johnson // March 12, 2015 at 4:04 pm //

    Ok I’ve recently started coming down with bloating and constipation symptoms after I ate the following
    3 bowls of rotel ( not in the same day) I’ve Been Drinking Lots Of Milk Eating Cereal, Some Pizza, Some Pasta Bowls Drinking Soda Eating Sugar Foods I went to the doctor and they x rayed my stomach didn’t see anything wrong they said it was constipation I haven’t seen any worms in my stool just some blood when I wipe of course the blood went away ive seen mucous strands attached to my stool it was the same color as my stool I got something and touched it but it would break off I didn’t think nothing of it and so the doctors percribed me some suppositories and some magnesium citrate my stools are loose now but the bloating hasn’t went awayand I have a little tingly feeling by my anal is it worms or just constipation????

  2. I need some advice also. Spent 1 year in Nicaragua and came back ill. Found out after traveling to see Dr Cahill in NY that I have 4 types of parasites. I have gone on sugar free, gluten free, dairy free diets and they are not working. I also tried a 18-12-7 day water only fast at clinics that helped but they came back. My body for someone in their 20’s is full of drugs that did not work either. I also did Hulda Clark’s program for 35 days and they returned. So sad is life really worth it at this point? My question is can you ever get rid of parasites and eggs it is now 3.5 years ago and I can hardly work. They also make me gain not lose weight. I eat only 1200 calories a day. Why the 18 pound weight gain. Moved home and never go out because I am sick, sad,
    do not know what else to do-

    • Christee Carter // October 27, 2015 at 4:15 pm //

      Try Para-Cleanse or something like it. Also, please reach out to a gastroenterologist to get the right antiobiotics to help.

  3. Hi, I hit my arm a couple of days ago and after some pain it went dead. Although my arm isn’t numb anymore, my fingers keep going numb and tingly and if I move my hand or grip something my arm,(where I hit it) hurts. I don’t know if this is a bad or normal thing and I don’t know what to do, any suggestions?
    Thanks Eli

    • Hi Ella. Hopefully your symptoms have eased or resolved by now. From what you describe there was some degree of nerve injury . This rarely occurs on its own with the trauma you describe. Surrounding soft tissue may also have been injured. So the pain can persist for a few days. If it has not resolved as yet then it is important to see your doctor immediately to have it assessed. The damage to your nerve or surrounding tissue may have been more than you thought.

  4. Melanie Fernandez // May 19, 2017 at 1:21 am //

    .good morning i just want to ask. I feel dizzy. Vomit and heavy on my chest. Every morning i loss my appetite and whenever i eat rice i vomit. I experiencing palpitation also. We dont have money to see a doctor again. thank you so much. But last friday he said that my muscle cramps on my heart. And after i take hus med. I vomit with slightly blood.

    • Hi Melanie. One of the first considerations would be to verify if you are pregnant. There are many possible causes for your symptoms and it is difficult to say whether it is serious or not, and what could be causing it. You will need to see a doctor and may have to undergo further tests to identify the exact cause.

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