Does Marijuana Affect Blood Test? Other Medical Tests

Kells93 Asked :

I am a 16 year old girl and I do not smoke cigarettes, marijuana or take any other drugs. The problem is that my friends do smoke weed and I recently went to a party where I inhaled a lot of the smoke. I have been having a lot of problems with painful periods and now my doctor says that he wants to do some blood tests for a number of things like hormones and iron and other stuff. My mother is taking me in for the blood test in a few days when she is off from work but I am worried that my test results may be affected by inhaling this marijuana smoke.

Will they be able to detect any marijuana in my system? I can explain any nicotine they find in my system because my mom does know that some of my friends smoke cigarettes. But she will not understand if they find any marijuana. Aside from detecting marijuana, I also want my period pain problem to be sorted out and I don’t want these test results to be wrong as it won’t help with my treatment. Should I somehow stall for a week or so?

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Dr. Chris Answered :

Unless you doctor is testing for THC and its metabolites which are present after smoking marijuana or being exposed to the smoke (passive smoking), then it will not be detected. There are hundreds of different types of blood tests and each result is specific for what is being tested. While some substances can affect results, based on what you are saying, it is unlikely that this would occur in the tests that your doctor is requesting.

It is always advisable that you inform your doctor about this smoke exposure and while it may not be relevant to current medical problem, your doctor needs to be aware of all aspects of your lifestyle when treating any condition. Marijuana does have a host of physical effects on the body and since you want to resolve your painful periods and any other medical condition, you need to be open and honest with your doctor. Remember that this information is confidential and your doctor will treat it as such.

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