Double Balloon Endoscopy (Enteroscopy)

What Is Double Balloon Endoscopy?

Double balloon endoscopy (enteroscopy) is an endoscopic investigation of the entire small intestine, using a gastroscope or colonoscope and a tube with two balloons that help to drag the intestine over the endoscope (1). Investigation is done to:

  • Make biopsies of suspicious mucosal lesions found by capsule endoscopy, mainly for diagnosis of celiac and Crohn’s disease, small intestinal tumors and unexplained bowel bleeding.
  • Dilatation of strictures, removing of foreign objects, stopping of bleeding, etc.

Procedure takes from 45 minutes to 2 hours under sedation or short term anesthesia. Preparation is the same as in colonoscopy.

Pictures of double ballon endoscopy (enteroscope, procedure and small intestinal lesions)

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