Itchy Throat – Causes and Treatment

What is Itchy Throat?

Itchy throat is an irritating sensation in the throat that provokes desire to cough. Other symptoms like pain, secretions, difficulty eating or speaking, runny nose or itchy eyes may accompany throat itch, depending on the cause.

Throat Anatomy

Thethroat consists from the pharynx and larynx.

Neck: pharynx and larynx

Picture 1. Structures in the throat
(source: Wikipedia)

The pharynx can be divided into:

  • The nasal part (nasopharynx) that receives inhaled air from the nose
  • The oral part (oropharynx) that receives ingested food from the mouth
  • The laryngopharyx – the part between epiglottis and esophagus

The larynx carries inhaled air from the pharynx into breathing tubes (trachea and bronchi). Vocal cords in larynx enable speaking.

The epiglottis covers the entrance of the larynx during swallowing. Sometimes a piece of food, like a small fish bone, can stick in a pocket above the epiglottis.

Why Does the Throat Itch?

The inner walls of the throat are covered with mucosal membrane containing nerves, which may be irritated by polluted air, food, inflammatory or allergic reaction. Mucosal glands secrete mucus, a sticky fluid that covers the throat walls, thus protecting them and allowing smooth passage of the air and food. When mucous glands do not secrete enough mucus, for example, due to dehydration, medications or dry air, throat nerves become exposed and irritable.

Causes of Itchy Throat

Conditions that may cause itchy throat:

1. Dry Throat

Dry throat often appears together with dry eyes, mouth and skin. Common causes are:

  • Cold windy weather
  • ‘Sick building disease’ from excessive indoor heating or air condition
  • Stuffed nose and breathing through mouth
  • Acute or chronic throat inflammation
  • Dehydration
  • Under-active salivary glands in old people
  • Marijuana and tobacco smoking
  • Caffeine in coffee, sodas and energy drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Sjögren’s syndrome
  • Medications, such as antidepressants, drugs to treat urine incontinence, belladonna (atropine), barbiturates, ergotamine, opium, diuretics, antihistamines or sprays to treat asthma.

Treating of a Dry Throat

Treatment of a dry throat includes removing a cause and drinking enough water or herbal tea with honey that soothes the throat. Herbal candies without sugar and menthol may provide temporary relief by making a thin protective film over the throat mucosa. Breathing with mouth closed and avoiding speaking also helps. In Sjögren’s syndrome, rinses and artificial saliva may be used to moist the throat. Indoor air humidifiers are available.

Teas containing licorice root, Marshmallow root, honeysuckle flowers, barberry, eucalyptus, chamomile, or slippery elm may help in sore and itchy throat.

2. Loud Speaking or Singing

Prolonged speaking, singing or yelling may leave you with sore itchy throat that may need few days to resolve. Abovementioned measures should be considered; pain killers are rarely needed.

3. Foreign Body

A piece of fish bone or a seed may stuck in the pocket above the epiglottis, or a sharp piece of glass may be stabbed in the throat wall. Foreign body should be tried to cough out, or swallowed with the help of gargling water. Stabbed pieces usually resolve on their own. Painkillers may be used to relieve pain.

4. Irritant Substances

Gases from industrial pollution containing sulphur dioxide or metal fumes, dust, solvents, laboratory chemicals or household cleaners may all irritate the throat. Marijuana, cigarette smoke or inhaled cocaine are also irritating. Burning and itching from hot spices should resolve in about an hour after ingesting. Treatment is by avoiding irritant substances and measures described in ‘dry throat’ above.

Burns after drinking hot liquids or corrosive substances (acids, petrol) may cause itchy throat for prolong periods.

5. Psychological Causes

Repeating dry cough without apparent reason is an obvious sign of psychologically induced cough. The coughing person feels the need to attract attention.

6. Infections of the Throat

Viral Infections

Viral infections, like common cold (rhinovirus), flu (influenza virus), infectious mononucleosis (Epstein-Barr virus), mumps, chickenpox or measles usually cause infection of upper respiratory tract with an itchy sore throat. Treatment is like in sore throat. Aspirin should be avoided, since in rare cases can cause a dangerous Reye’s syndrome with liver damage, especially in children.

Bird flu is caused by Avian influenza virus, transmitted from birds or poultry (like chicken). Infected persons suffer from influenza-like illness with sore throat and cough. Bird flu becomes dangerous when it affects lungs.

Herpes simplex or Herpes zoster virus may, rarely, affect the mouth or throat.

Some tropical viral illnesses, like Dengue fever or Q fever, can also cause itchy throat.

Bacterial Infections

Bacteria Haemophilus influenzae and Streptococcus pneumoniae can cause infection of the tonsils (strep throat) or epiglottis, especially in children. Diphtheria or anthrax are still common in Africa, south Asia and South America. Bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics. Brucellosis spreads from animals in rural environment and may cause a flu-like disease.

Bacterial infection may persist for long time, causing chronic pharyngitis. White streaks of pus on enlarged tonsils, and bad mouth smell are characteristic symptoms. The ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) doctor should know how to treat chronic pharyngitis, and if it is appropriate to remove enlarged tonsils. Collection of pus (abscess) may form beneath the mucosal layer in the pharyngeal wall and cause pain and fever. Antibiotics and ,occasionally, surgical incision may be needed.


Candida or other fungi may overgrow in the mouth and throat (oral thrush) in persons with low immunity due to diabetes, AIDS, cancer, chemotherapy, corticosteroid therapy, or other causes. Treatment is with anti-fungal rinses or pills containing nystatin. Mucormycosis is fungal infection of the upper airways by Mucorales molds, often found on bread.


Croup is an inflammation of the throat in children with characteristic harsh, barking cough. It may be caused by a viral or bacterial infection or allergy. Treatment is with providing moist air for breathing, corticosteroids in inflammation, or antibiotics in bacterial infection.

7. Itchy Throat due to Disorders of Near Organs

Sinusitis symptoms are blocked nose and pain in para-nasal sinuses. Characteristic symptom in chest cold (tracheitis) is pain under the breastbone during coughing.

Ozena is chronic inflammation of mucosa in the nose or throat. It appears as a dry, crusty, itchy mucosa in the nose and throat with an intense bad smell. This disorder of an uncertain cause affects mainly young women in non-developed countries. It may run in families and it may be caused by bacterium Klebsiella. Treatment is with nasal drops or surgery.

Acute bronchitis may develop as a complication of a chest cold or flu. Chronic bronchitis is common in smokers. In both cases, coughing results in dry itchy throat.

Bacterial pneumonia is severe infection of the lungs. Increased frequency of breathing and heartbeat, malaise, chest pain, productive cough and sweating are main symptoms. Treatment is with rest, antibiotics and fluid replacement. Treated pneumonia should resolve within a week.

Atypical pneumonia is caused by viruses or other microbes, such as Mycoplasma pneumonie or Chlamidia psittaci. Insidious onset, low grade fever, dry cough, vague chest pains, and prolonged course are main symptoms. Treatment is with avoiding hard work, and treating the cause.

Tuberculosis, lung parasites, like Echinococcus, or any other lung disease with cough may cause itchy throat.

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease, marked by excessive secretion of saliva, sweat and dense bronchial and gastrointestinal secretions. Repeating lung infections and constant productive cough are characteristic. Many children die before adulthood. Treatment includes clearing of airways and fighting with infections.

In pericarditis, inflammation of the heart sac, this may press upon the nerves that innervate the throat and thus irritate it. The same may happen in aneurysm or dissection of the thoracic aorta.

8. Throat Itch in Systemic Diseases

Throat may be affected in systemic connective tissue diseases, like Sjögren’s syndrome, systemic sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, SLE or vasculitis.

9. Allergies to Food, and Environmental Allergens

Food allergies commonly cause an itchy throat, itchy/tingling lips, swelling of the face, and hives (urticaria) on the upper part of the body.

Allergies to pollens, pet dander, molds, dust mites and other inhaled allergens (substances that may trigger allergy) usually cause itchy, pink, watery eyes (conjunctivitis), runny nose and itchy throat. Asthma, due to breathing through the mouth and using inhalation sprays, can also cause itchy throat.

Treatment is by avoiding triggering foods or substances, and by using oral antihistamines after an allergic attack. Diagnosis of allergy is made by skin tests. Allergies often improve with time.

10. Tumors

Tumors in the pharynx or larynx may cause itchy throat. Small benign tumors are common in singers or other people who speak loudly a lot. Malign tumors are common in adult smokers after 50 years of age. Treatment is by surgical removal of a tumor.

Lymphomas, metastases in neck lymph nodes, or cancers in the neck and chest may also trigger cough.

11. Disorders in the Neck

Enlarged thyroid or lymph nodes, abscess, tumor, dislodged tissues after an injury, or fibrous tissue (adhesions) after a surgery may press upon the throat from outside and irritate it.

12. GERD

In gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), acid from the stomach comes up into the throat and irritates it, causing itching and burning feeling known as heartburn.

Treating of hyper-acidity with anti-acid drugs, such as H2 antagonists (cimetidine, ranitidine) or proton pump inhibitors (omeprazol), is essential. Eventual underlying infection of the stomach with bacterium Helycobacter pylori has to be considered.

13. Vomiting

After vomiting, the throat may itch due to irritation by gastric acid. If vomited content is inhaled, it may cause inflammation of the larynx and lungs (aspiration pneumonia).

14. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures

Endotracheal intubation (a plastic tube inserted into the throat to keep mouth open during artificial breathing or other procedures), gastric or bronchial endoscopy may leave a sore itchy throat lasting for few days.

End Notes about Itchy Throat Treatment

Immediate relief from an itchy throat, when your throat is dry, is by drinking some water. Having a bottle of water or a cup of herbal tea (without teine) in the reach of the hand can really help in dry indoor air. Being well hydrated is essential. If you excrete at least 200 ml of clear white or yellow urine every morning, you are well hydrated.

Try to remove the cause. If you have a hay fever, do not hang around the woods and parks. In air pollution, close the windows. Breath through the nose, and do not speak loudly all the day, if possible.

Pain killers, antibiotics, anti-cough syrups, corticosteroids and antihistamines should be used only when a cause is obvious and symptoms are disturbing your daily activities. Antibiotics quite often cause antibiotic associated diarrhea, even after only few days of use, and steroids have several side effect, including fungal infection of the mouth and throat.

Remedies help in a mild itch due to a dry throat, but not in a severe inflammation. Throat itch is often transitional, so there is no need to spend money for several remedies.

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    my question:
    patient have itchy, dry,chromic cough since March 2009.same happen twice a year sometime.Took 40 Tb of Penicilin 300mg. Feel dry mouth and throat with heartburn.Patient live in cold weather.Last year had same problem that subsite itself in September.
    Please guide.

  • Jan Modric


    Does the patient live on the place where it is a spring now?

    He/she should tell, if he has fever, or at least low-grade fever, does he feel tired

    If heartburn means burning feeling behind the breasbone, and acidic feeling in the throat/mouth, then this speaks for gastric reflux (GERD). This is commonly caused by H. pylori. Diagnosis is by breath test, blood test , stool test or gastric biopsy (during upper endoscopy).

    Symptoms could be also due to food allergy (maybe to some fruits that he/she eats only between March-September), or due to allergy to pollens.

    Dry/cold weather itself may cause itchy throat.

    In any case, the condition could be called “chronic pharingitis”.

    Tonsills were checked – are they reddened and enlarged?

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  • ST

    Hi, my mum has this itch in her throat that is causing her to cough, and this happens for 5 days already. Is there any cure for it? Thanks!

  • Jan Modric

    To ST.

    Cough is the only symptom? Is she coughing out any mucus? Any fever, neck swelling or strong pain? Does she smoke? Any other symptoms?

  • ST

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, she only feel the urge to cough whenever the itch comes, and she did not have any fever nor mucus and phlegm.

  • ST

    oh and to add on, she does not drink nor smoke too, it’s only recently that she started to feel the itchiness inside her throat. Thanks!

  • Jan Modric

    maybe it’s just a dry air, or she got a slight viral infection.

    But another common cause in spring/summer time is allergy. If she maybe also sneezes or has dry or wet eyes she should think if she’s exposed to some polens, dust mites, did she start to eat some new food (food allergy), or using a new house cleanser, or got in touch with a pet…Tingling lips and hives (urticaria) are common in these cases.

  • ST

    Thanks again for ur reply. She sneezes normally, and our house do not own pets or any plants. We also did not buy any new house cleanser, so I’m suspecting it’s like what u’ve said, maybe a slight viral infection. If this is the reason, is there a cure for it? Any medications to take? Hopefully by natural “herbal” means with no side effects, thanks!

  • Jan Modric

    If she feels a pain deep down in the chest when she coughs then this is inflammation of trachea occuring fairly quickly after inhaling cold air for few hours.

    If it was viral infection, she’d probably have some fever or headache and she would feel unwell. Anyway there’s no treatment for viral throat infection. She can drink some tea to prevent dryness of the throat.

    If she feels otherwise healthy, it can be simply from dry air: due to inhouse heating, air condition, cold windy weather etc.

    Maybe a piece of food has stuck in her throat.

    Again, it can be allergy. Taking an antihistamine pill like Benadryl would help in this case (but not in other causes).

    BUT she should read the list of causes above in the article and if itch won’t go away in few days, and if it’s not what I’ve mentioned here, she should see a doctor.

  • ST

    Thanks for ur reply, my mum is feeling better now with a lower frequency of cough, so I think it’s due to the weather and humidity condition. Thanks for every help!

  • pave

    I have itchy throat since last March, makes me cough several times a day. sometimes it feels even hard to breathe a little. Went to the doctor but he said he don’t know what is it.
    He inserted a small camera through my nose, all the way down, but didn’t see anything. still, he said he can’t see in the larynx.. I did ultrasound – they said they don’t see a tumor, but lymph nodes are a bit big on one side + little calcification.
    Any idea how should I proceed ? Can it be papiloma ? How can one diagnose papiloma in the throat ?

  • Jan Modric

    To pave.

    Calcified nodes can press on one of the nerves that innervate the throat (N. vagus or N. laryngeus recurrens). Beside itching and difficult breathing hoarsness would be (not necessary) a symptom in this case. Often this can be proved only by symptoms disappearing after node(s) removal. A biopsy of one of enlarged nodes would tell what is the cause.

    Any change in throat lining (mucosa) including papilloma or any other tumor can be diagnosed with laringoscopy – so the doctor should check the larynx walls and vocal cords carefully.

    You can consider other causes by groups:

    1. Air. Dry air, air pollution, air condition, dust…In these cases you’d feel itch in some environments but not in others…
    2. Allergies. Pollens, certain new food, laquer on new furniture, pets…can cause allergy. In allergy antyhistamine medication like Benadryl usually reduces itching and difficult breathing within one hour after taking it.
    3. Infection of the nose, sinuses or throat usually result in some mucus – you’d feel that.
    4. Acid reflux results in acidic feeling (heartburn) and often in belching.
    5. Some connective tissue disorders like SLE, Sjogren’s syndrome, systemic sclerosis can be diagnosed by blood tests, biopsy and other tests…

  • pave

    Hi Jan,

    Thanks so much for your reply.

    My doctor used a fiber camera that looks exactly like this:

    Is that as good as a laringoscope ? He did say that he can’t see much into the airways, but I may have misunderstood him. Should I ask him to use a different tool or is that fiber-camera good enough ? Should I just ask him to try again ?

    He also asked me to try some anti acid reflux pills for 1 month but so far i’m still feeling very uncomfortable in the throat.

    Should I insist on getting an MRI check ?

    (btw – no pets, and no allergies as far as I know. nothing has changed recently and i’m 33 y/o. i suspect of papiloma but the doctors i talk with waive this)

    Thanks again,

  • Jan Modric

    the site from your link shows a photo about what doctor sees during laringoscopy. So, this what you had, obviously, WAS laringoscopy or at least attempt of it. You should ask the doctor what was the problem – swollen throat or from what exact reason he didn’t examined the larynx. ENT doctor should be able to make a basic examination of the larynx even with the small mirror and the light.

    During laringoscopy, ENT should be able to check vocal cords and mucosa (lining)of all larynk walls – from the inside – for inflammation, nodules, tumors, foreign object, etc.

    Now what can you do?

    To check is it papilloma or not, of course you’d need another laringoscopy. But before that you can write down other likely causes of throat itching and try to find out:
    – does itching changes in various indoor or outdoor places that do/not have air condition, etc.
    – I don’t know what exact anti-acid drugs have you taken – plain “tums” (Ca or Mg hydroxide) won’t be enough in GERD – you’d need some H2 antagonist like Ranitidin or proton pump blocker like Nexium or Prevacid. Your primary can advice you about this.
    – When nodes are enlarged it’s possible that levels of white blood cells, sedimentation rate and CRP levels in the blood are changed. So discuss with ENT or your primary to have basic blood work.
    – speak with ENT about biopsy of enlarged neck nodes – to see what’s the cause of their enlargement.
    – MRI or CT can’t tell the cause of enlarged nodes, but can show other “masses” around the throat pressing on it from the outside and causing itch.

    So, try to consider those causes you can check them yourself, then maybe bloodwork, another laringoscopy and so on, but one by one to avoid unnecessary investigations.

  • pave

    Hello Jan,

    Thanks so much for replying.

    ENT gave me omeprazole (20mg, twice per day). I’m taking it for almost two weeks but unfortunately without any relief in symptoms.

    What started as a tiny itch which made me cough a little, is now more disturbing – i can constantly feel something in the throat. sometimes it’s a little painful, sometimes it’s hard to breath.

    I suspect it’s papiloma because about a year ago I had a sexual contact after which all sort of pain, burning and itches symptoms have started (thigh, pelvis, anus, around my lips and now in the throat). Doctors gave me 4 different antibiotics but it didn’t really help. There is nothing really visible, besides some tiny white patches which doctors don’t think it’s either papiloma or fungus.

    I did general blood test and found out my WBC is pretty low (around 4). All PCR tests I did are negative (I tried all possible STDs tests available..) I really don’t know what to do.. things seems to deteriorate without any diagnostic or treatment.

    Itching can go away for several hours and then come back, sometimes with a short pain. It doesn’t seem to change according to indoors/outdoors. I think that there is a relief in the throat itching while/after I do some exercise (I began swimming in order to strengthen my immunity system). I also try to drink lots of green tea for their polyphenols and antioxidant attributes. It may be psychological, but I really think there’s a relief in the throat symptoms when I drink it.

    I try to read and think what this could be. If it’s viral – maybe I should take interferons to see if it helps ? I’m afraid no doctor will give me interferons without him seeing something visible.. Another direction (although less likely) is that it’s fungus-related. Problem is that there is nothing really visible so doctors does not think I should take anti-fungus pills.

    In general I’m in good shape, this whole thing made me do much more sports than before, and eat better (I lost almost 10 pounds – from 171 to 161..).

    Please tell me what you think – any specific test I should ask for ? Or just wait for either my body to clear out this thing or for something obvious to happen that doctors will see and know how to treat ?

    Thanks so much for the help!

  • Jan Modric

    if you had never had any stomach problems and heartburn, then it’s not likely omeprazole will help..
    Tea moistens the thraot and so does swimming I guess – this may prevent itching from dry throat – that can contribute to itch.
    Interferon is mnot appropriate when you don’t know the cause.
    Laringoscopy should show any change in mucosa: foreign object, fungi, papilloma…ENT have not completed laringoscopy, so who knows what’s there. Another laryngoscopy by reliable ENT?
    Biopsy of enlarged calcified neck nodes can be done.
    Itch from allergies would be relieved by antihistamine pill.
    Throat fungi can be treated with some OTC antifungals.
    Write down: how, when, where, how long, triggers, relievers of itch, pain, difficult breathing or other symptoms.
    Write down your commplete personal and family medical history. Add positive results of tests so far. This will help you to discuss with doctors.

  • lisa

    Hi, since a young a girl I have had a very itchy throat, It gets itchy when Im about to sneeze so definatly feel its an allergie, I make this horrible loud snorting noise to try to relieve it scatching the back of my throat kind of scratching the inside of my ears at the same time, I also do this noice when im asleep waking my household. I have tried hayfever nasal spray but that still doesn’t seem to do its job, can you help or recommend anything.

  • Jan Modric

    To lisa.

    Do you have any idea what you may be allergic to?
    Have you ever tried any antihistamine pill like Benadryl and what was its effect?

    I recommend you to have testing for allergy. Then you will know if and what are you allergic to and you will be maybe able to avoid that substance.

  • pave

    Hi, As you recommended, I went to have another laryngoscopy by a very reliable ENT.
    He said that nothing is blocking the airway, no papiloma in the larynx and he don’t see any reason to do MRI. Just as you said, he told
    me he can see well into the larynx and even beyond.
    He said that he does see some “chymical burnings” which to his opinion are because of GERD. He told me to keep taking the omeprazole.
    He told me there’s a test that you exhale and
    can tell the level of acidness. He told me
    to ask for that test.
    In addition (ok, that’s weird), he said he
    can smell a certain germ from my stomach,and
    to ask my primary to take care of that.
    I didn’t catch the name of the germ that he
    said though..
    About the enlarged/Calcified lymphs – he said to ask for a biopsy.
    Thanks so much for your help!

  • Jan Modric

    was the name of a germ: Helycobacter pylori? This is a really common bacterium that causes chronic gastritis and contributes to GERD. Treatment is with antibiotics – it’s a gastroenterologist that prescribes them. You’ll probably have a blood or stool test for H. pylori before that.

  • pave

    Yes, I think it is Helycobacter pylori. Although I don’t have any stomach pain or anything. I was just told by my primary to go to a gastroenterologist. And to do a Urease Breath Test. only problem is that this tests can’t be taken while patient is on omeprazole. So I consider whether I should finish the given 1 month omeprazole first, or just stop it now so I can do the breath test..

  • Jan Modric

    H. pylori often doesn’t trigger any symptoms at all even if chronic gastritis that it causes is there for a long time. So, having no stomach pain is not something special.

    Omeprazole only blocks secretion of acid but it does not kill H. pylori. It is possible that omeprazole alone won’t help you and even if it will, H. pylori will persist. So you just mention to your gastroenterologist or primary about discontinuing omeprazole. If the test will be positive you will probably continue with omeprazole and one or two antibiotics. These can cause you nausea but you need to take all pills exactly as prescribed – the full course – otherwise infection may reccur.

  • Indiejade

    I’ve had a really sore, itchy throat for about a week now, and my neck is itchy too. I am unsure if this is related, but i’ve also been sneezing and had a blocked nose.

    Any ways I can stop the coughing and itchiness? What could this be?


  • Jan Modric

    To indiejade.

    How old are you? It’s important you find a cause before stating any treatment.

    Do you have any fever and skin rash? If you also have swolen lymph nodes in the neck (would be felt as rubbery lumps under the skin on the side of the neck.

    Allergy is also possible. Pinkish bumpy or patchy rash may appear in this case. Taking an antihistamine pill like Benadryl would lessen symptoms.

  • Marisa

    My problem is an itch low down in my throat, and after a lot of coughing/sneezing an amount of phlegm gets dislodged from my that itchy spot – sometimes a lot. What does this phlegm cause the itchy throat?

  • Jan Modric

    To Marisa.

    Phlegm may be from laryngitis, tracheitis or bronchitis…that may be due to inflammation (smoking?) or infection. Maybe even primary doctor would be able to give you diagnosis and (if needed) antibiotics).

  • michael

    I was 48 yrs a few days ago. I continue to experience itching in the throat, sneezing and watery eyes that responded to antihistamin but comes back soon after stopping the medication.
    I do not smoke nor drink alcohol, not evem glass of wine. I don’t know of any allegies yet this itching worries me a lot. I am un-insured and take high-blood pressure medication as well as medication for panic attacks.
    What is going on? The last time I saw a doctor was before I lost my job in June 2008 but I manage to get medications for the above conditions. Please help

  • Jan Modric

    To michael.

    Relief after antihistamines suggests allergy.

    Some possible causes:
    – medications
    – pollens
    – dust mites
    – mold
    – new furniture (lacquer) or carpet
    – pet
    – household cleansers
    – shampoo

    Try to find out where do you get symptoms indoors outdoors, at certain places…?

  • lanie

    hi my mum sufferd itchy throat..she almost choke when she breath while coughing..she doesnt smoke,drink,we dont have any pets in our house, pls help what is the best cure. thanks

  • Jan Modric

    To lanie.

    How long her symptoms last? Does she also have itchy lips? The throat is itchy all the time or maybe only after the meal, or only outdoors or only indoors?

  • michael

    I cannot determine what causes my allergies. What medication do you recommend?

  • Jan Modric

    ideally, skin test performed by dermatologist would show what substance you are allergic to.

    Antihistamine pills help in allergy:

    I did not mention allergy to food in my previous answer:

    Wet eyes are not characteristic in food poisonng though, but skin itch is.

    Theoretically, an allergy to any of medications you take is also possible.

    I would still say: try to find if there is anything in the environment what triggers your symptoms.

  • natalie

    i’ve had itchy troat and watery eyes long time ago,also, after a strong flu i got sinusitis, i had treatment with antibiotics but i have a really smelly bread. What i can do.


  • Jan Modric

    To natalie.

    You should see an EarNoseThroat doctor to tell you if you have chronic sinusitis, chronic tonsilitis or other problem with your upper airways that could be the cause of the bad breath.

    Beside mouth causes, chronic infection of the stomach with Helycobacter pylori is a common cause of bad breath. This infection sometimes (but not always) cause burping, nausea and early satiety). Diagnosis is made by a breath test performed by a gastroenterologist.

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  • tanweer_akhter

    My name is Tanweer. I am in Bangalore and doing job overhere. I have the same itching problem in my throat, palate, ear, and nose since 8 yrs. I’m taking Cetrizine tab. regularly. But I wanna know that is there any permanent treatment for my disease ?? Pls advice me ..

  • Jan Modric


    do you know what exactly you are allergic to?

    Allergies cannot be treated but if you know what exactly triggers your symptoms you can avoid that thing and this helps.

    It may be some food

    …or molds or dust mites

    or pollens or some gas in the air where you work…

  • tanweer_akhter

    No. It starts after at every midnight. And I don’t think so that I have allergy for something like molds, dust mites, polluted air or gas etc. Beacuse It starts every midnight when I go to bed. Pls advice me some good medication.

  • Jan Modric


    does cetirizine help you or not? If it helps this speaks for allergy.

  • tanweer_akhter

    Thanks a lot for your reply..
    Yes. Cetrizine helps me. Pls advice me for permanent solution or any medication steps ..

  • Jan Modric


    if cetirizine helps you, it means you have some sort of allergy. If you can’t figure out by yourself what you are allergic to, I really recommend you to visit an allergologist to have skin tests that may reveal the cause.

    Permanent treatment of allergies is usually not possible, but by knowing the cause, you can avoid this cause and this may help you a lot.

    If symptoms start at midnight this still may mean that you are allergic to some gas or air pollution or mites…because sometimes it may take several hours after contact with a causing substance before symptoms appear.

  • tanweer_akhter

    Thanks a lot for your advice ..

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  • sufferer

    i have allergy problem since many yrs and i took lots of medication prescribed and OTC too. all of them help me for certain time and come back to same situation again so i stopped taking medicines now.
    i m more concerned about my throat. it itches so bad and and sometime my ears itches along with it. and i can feel some bubble like things on the upper layer of my throat and i can see some blood when i spit at the time of itching.what might be the cause of this??

  • Jan Modric

    Hi, sufferer,

    are these bubles like transparent blisters, red bumps, white spots…and how big they are?

  • SC

    Hi. I have a an itchy throat that comes with flu. Any method to relief in one day’s time?

  • Jan Modric


    staying at home and rest (not necessary in bed), drinking green or camomilla tea without sugar (to be well hydrated), breathing through the nose, if possible, avoiding cold and dry (out- and indoor) air and dust – this is what you can do.

    Avoid milk, sugar, alcohol, spices.

  • Magdalene

    I am 37 yrs old I dont smoke nor drink alcohol, but i have suffered with this itching throat since 2004 it is on and off I can be well 4 a month or 2 then it reappears again. Its characteristics are coughing,sneezing until tears come in my eyes.

    Advise me on what I should do because they treated me but it refused to go.

  • Jan Modric


    are these 2-4 symptom-free months winter months? In this case you might have an allergy – probably to some environmental allergen. Skin tests can reveal the exact cause.

  • Choco8D

    I’m a 13 year old girl living in Canada it’s the middle of November and it’s really cold. Lately I have experienced lots of pHlegm, throat iching ,coughing and I have been really tired lately do you think anything serious is going on or is it normal ?
    Thanks 🙂

  • Jan Modric


    it surely isn’t normal. Phlegm and tirednes speak for an infection. It sounds like an infection of wind pipes (bronchitis) or even a lung infection.

    Speak with your parents and visit your doctor, who can say if any tests are needed and if you need antibiotics.

    In any case you should avoid any physical effort and maybe staying at home for some time.

  • lei26

    I have an itchy throat, inside I feel theres a small dots…what do you think is the cause and what do you call this kind of stuff?

  • Jan Modric


    can you see any dots on the back of the throat, on your tonsils or anywhere in the mouth? When did itching start?

    Do you cough up any mucus?

  • Hai

    Hi, i suddenly turn up to the page and i think that u can help me with my itchy throat.

    It just happened a couple weeks ago. i started with a lot sneezes then my throat got itchy and turn really red. But it only happened at night and the time that i got up. During the day, it’s gone. I have to use my tongue to scratch to reduce itchiness. I didn’t have any pain on the throat or flu symptoms.

    What happened to me? What action should i take for that?

    For more information, i think i started to sneeze a lot since i was in touch with pepper and my throat started itchy from that. do i have allergy with pepper? But at night, i wasn’t closed with pepper, i still sneeze quite often!!

    Please help me…Thanks

  • Jan Modric


    yes, it’s possible you’ve become allergic to a certain food. In delayed allergic reaction (possible in your case) symptoms appear only several hours after ingesting the culprit food and not immediately after a meal. Don’t eat pepper for some days and see if it helps. If not, you should consider other foods, medications, remedies, dust mites, molds, new shampoo or cosmetics, new pillow sheets, new washing powder and so on, as a possible causes. You can aslo take an antihistamine, like Benadrly, when you start to itch. If it helps, it speaks for allergy.

    I recommend you to get tested for allergies. Take the suspicious pepper with you and maybe also a pillow sheet or other thing you might be allergic to.

  • sankar

    i was pleased to ask one small suggestion about my health

    HERE, from last four years i was suffering with throat infection due to Streptococcus bacteria,now there is no infection in throat ,but my lungs are filled with jelly like substance that used to come when ever i cough, and dust allergy is one of my symptom and suffer for breathing night times these are my health situation.

    main reason for posting comment is all doctors in my city are not looking into my problem they just prescribing high power anti-bio tics so please help me by any way,of my health and diet .
    thanks for viewing my . problem

  • Jan Modric

    first you need an accurate diagnosis. Allergologist can determine what exactly you are allergic to. He can also check the mucus for presence of bacteria.

    It’s important you drink enough of water, this will help you to expell the mucus.

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  • Elle76

    my symptoms started a week ago. first I’ve noticed severe dryness in the back of my mouth/ pharynx and it seemed related to possible nasal drip. Over next few days the symptoms would get better as I got up in the morning and worsen by evening time. I figured it was mild viral infection because my infant daughter seemed to have it too, she had scratchy sounding voice. But 2 days ago this burning sensation went down to larynx, trachea & now it’s hard to breathe. No other symptoms of cold, no fever just burning mucous memranes from top to the lungs. What can it be? Pls help . Thank u.

    • Jan Modric


      infections (usualy viral) affecting the throat can spread down into larynx, trachea or even bronchi. It’s a season of RSV infections now, among other…

  • rlcuna

    i am 36 yrs old and i have PTB and diabetes. i’ve been taking myrin-p forte for3mos now. i have my last xray last december and my doctor said that it is ok na dw but i still have a cough due to an ithcy throat they gave me costeroids and co alleva and nothing is really itchy that i urine in my panty and i can’t sleep well at night..i go to an EENT and i explain to hin my history..he put a camera inside my throat and he said and i saw it that i has mucus and it is swelling(i cough with mucus)he gave me omepron,nolcif and coalleva but again nothing happened..what will i do?

    • Jan Modric

      To rlcuna.

      It seems you need to check this with your ENT again. The possible causes of itchy throat, among other, are dry throat, meds you are taking or swelling you’ve mentioned.

  • rlcuna

    thanks for the reply..i tried benadryl 50mg and it is just a short relief..haven’t see my ENT doctor yet. can you advice me what is the best remedy for this itchy throat please..i really this badly i want to have a good night sleep…

    • Jan Modric


      without knowing a cause, it is hard to say what would help. You’ve mentioned swelling in the throat and meds you are taking. Try to make an urgent appointment with your ENT.

  • Paresh

    Hi i m 39 years old ex tobacco chewer.Since last 1 month i m suffering from burning sensation and minor redness in throat.I visited two ENTs.I did CBC,BA swollow test and all found normal.ENT also checked my throat using a telescope and said that there is nothing to worry.First they prescribed azithromycin then cefuroxime and now rabeprazole.But i have never feel like acidity problem.Is any other test required?What is this problem?Pl help me

    • Jan Modric


      do you cough or spit out white foamy saliva? Have you already tried rabeprazole?

  • dheeraj

    This is Dheeraj,
    my father is suffering from dry cough since 5 years, we have tried every possible treatment right from allopathy to ayurvedic but nothing worked,

    please give some suggestion,
    please help me
    hoping to get ur reply very soon

    • Jan Modric


      a doctor, a specialist for ears, nose and throat (ENT) can check the throat and judge what is the cause. Finding the cause is usually needed to judge what therapy to use.

  • Persis

    I have been experiencing nose blockage at night, itchy and sometimes painful throat when I swallow. I went to the doctor in January after i had a bad headache and he said i had a viral infection.I was relieved for a while but about two weeks ago I started to feel the nose blockage, itchy and painful throat especially at night. I took garlic, honey and lemon but later developed a dry cough for which i took the same treatment, am not coughing so much now. What could this be


    • Jan Modric


      I recommend you to get an exact diagnosis from an infectologist or ENT doctor. Influenza, infectious mononucleosis, RSV infection, tonsilitis, allergy, nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum, sinusitis are some of possible causes and circumstances.

  • Paresh

    Thank u very much.
    i am now using rabeprazole 20mg tab,STELBID(isopropamide &trifluoperazine) tab and Paxum(diazdpam)tab.Presently i m feeling well and burning sensation also gone away.

    • Jan Modric


      burning sensation in the throat relieved by rabeprazole may be from gastric reflux (GERD). One possible cause of GERD is a stomach infection (gastritis) caused by bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Blood and breath tests exist. In GERD, avoiding sour foods (citrus fruits) and drinks (alcohol, vinegar) and avoiding non-steroidal antirheumatic drugs, like aspirin, can help.



    • Jan Modric


      throat itch worse at night may actually be from GERD. Itch could be maybe a side effect of Singulair.

  • Qulmurad

    Dear Dr.!

    I am under medication for H-Pylori and stomach ulcer, right 1 week after my medication, I feel itchy body here & there (Not continuous, come and goes from time to time) besides that my tonsils are also swallen (not painful). my mouth is dry and I have lost my taste.

    I would appreciate if you could help understand the possible cuase of my symptoms (if they are side affects of my medications “lansoprazole, amoxcillin, clatromicine and for one week actovegin injection?”)or are they a different thing?


    • Jan Modric


      if the itch and swollen tonsils have appeared after onset of treatment, they could be a side effect or allergic reaction to the drugs. I recommend you to speak with your doctor as soon as possible.

  • Lucky

    Doctor,i have been having bad breathe,dry cough and sweat at night,then in the day time my body system will be hot. Doctor, please help me i have noticing these for past five years.

    • Jan Modric


      I’m not a doctor. A respiratory or other infection is possible, the doctor should say, which test to perform to get diagnosis. Night sweats can occur in tuberculosis, atypical pneumonia, but also in hyperthyroidism and other disorders.

  • mae?

    i just wanna my throat itchy for 3 days..i cough with phelgm..i drink ambroxol a syrup it very effective for my problem?.hope you can help me with my problem cause i cant sleep every night because my throst itchy..thank you..

    • Jan Modric


      coughing up phlegm suggests respiratory infection in the breathing airways, like bronchitis. In this case, this should be probably treated with antibiotics, after doctor’s diagnosis.

  • mae?

    hope you’reply as soon as possible..thank you..

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  • mae?

    thank you for your reply :)im now drinking lagundi ascof is that good for my problem.hope you will reply in my message thank you 🙂

    • Jan Modric


      if you are continuing to cough up phlegm, you might need antibiotics, but a doctor should tell.

  • beatrice

    I’ve been having itchy throats for 5 days now. I am currently living through Beijing summer, which is simply hot. I went to see the doctor and he gave me this candy and oral solution to drink and it’s not getting any better.
    My symptoms: itchiness of throat when I don’t do anything; VERY itchy when I breath in; cough when I breath in or speak.
    I seriously don’t mind the cough but the itchiness is killing me.

    I am already taking those candies and liquid medicine and it’s not working so well.

    How can I stop this?

    • Jan Modric


      try to think in which “category” the cause may be:
      – environment: dry or polluted air
      – health disorder, like:
      —- allergy: food allergy, allergy to pollens
      —- gastric reflux (heartburn, acidic taste in mouth, white foamy saliva)
      —- dehydration from not drinking enough
      —- respiratory infection, mucus dripping down the throat
      – some medication

      Antihistamine medication can help in allergy or in itch in general, but it would be good to find the cause.

  • MistiMouse

    Hi, I just git over a 2.5 month bout with swine flu, I was healthy feeling for about one week then ended up with a severe sore throat, bad headache that lasts for days, tight head, stuffy nose, chest congestion. I just finished a 10 day cycle of 2 antibiotics about 2 weeks ago. This new sickness has been going on for 9 days now, my throat, headaches etc…have subsided to be minor & manageable, but for the last 3 days I am up all night coughing really hard for hours & hours & about every 10-20 seconds. It is brought on at the end of my breathing in & the end of my breathing out. Once I get to the end of my breaths I have this very urgent feeling to cough (its an irritated, itch feeling) I am keeping my family awake & actually occasionally throw up while coughing so hard. We just moved from the city to the country a few months ago, the air is very dry feeling, I have about 5+ acres of scotch broom right next to my house (we have a guy in the process of cutting it all down) Ive never known myself to have allergies & actually grew up on a ranch with many acres of scotch with no symptoms. I just turned 29 & yes I do smoke & have been for about 14yrs. I am quitting & have no desire to smoke anymore. I dont drink. I know I have some sorta sickness (probably viral) without having to go to an expensive doctor is there any common store bought product thats I can get that will relieve this annoying irritation & itch. My family & I need sleep & this is affecting my days as I have to stay home because the coughing is too often & too much. Thanks for reading this & thanks in advance for your help!

    • Jan Modric


      the main question seems to be: is it allergy or a respiratory infection. Even if you do not spit out any phlegm (?) it can still be an infection. Yellow/green nasal discharge would speak for an infection, and clear discharge for an allergy. In allergy, itchy (and dry or watery) eyes are common. Headache also speaks for infection rather than for an allergy. After swine flu you acquire immunity agains it, but you can still get infected with common flu. In this case you would likely have some fever and you would likely feel tired. On the other hand, a common cold usually goes without fever and tiredness. A bacterial infection of any part of the respiratory system (except from sinuses) would hardly go without fever. If you feel like you are coughing from the chest, it may be viral or atypical pneumonia. If headache and stuffy have gone away, it is not likely an allergy, since symptoms in allergy do not likely resolve in few days without treatment or removing the allergen. Dry air itself does not cause stuffy nose and congested chest.

      OTC antihistamine pills are available and can help to reduce itch and help with sleep. Gurgling a herbal tea (without teine or caffeine), for example, chamomilla tea, can soothe the throat a bit. Drinking enough water is important. If the itch does not go away in about a week, you should consider thet infection still persists and you should seek for appropriate professional health care.

  • Ravikiran Sharma

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    i am facing problem in my throat from th past 1 & 1/2 months ..i have lost my origingal voice and now these days i have left with an itchy voice, which sometimes on phone nobody understands, what i am talking with them, i do smoke but i dont have pain in my throat, no cough, no breathing problem , only i have speaking problem, its like something in my throat, pls do advice ,,what do i do ?? i consulted till now general doctors and they had told me to do hot water goggles with little salt in that ,, n to drink 2 spoonsful of ginger juice with honey mixed in it,,, also they had given amoxycillin antibiotics ,,but m not getting any positive effect out of it ..pls do advice if you have some home remedy for it ….i am waiting for your reply thnxxxxxxxx in advance ….

    • Jan Modric

      Ravikiran Sharma,

      a specialist for ear, nose and throat (ENT) can look into your throat closely and see, if your vocal cords are affected. I can’t recommend any remedy without knowing the cause.

  • Keyur.Shah60


    • Jan Modric


      typical symptoms of food allergy include one or more of the following: itchy lips, mouth, throat or skin, sometimes skin rash and also diarrhea.

      Not any irritation by food is allergy. For example, soda or alcohol or vinegar may increase acidity in the stomach and its reflux up to the hroat, resulting in “hearburn” with burning feeling behind the sternum and acidic, burning feeling in the throat (and sometimes white foamy saliva).

      So try to think if your symptoms resemble an allergy or acid reflux. What can you do is to avoid irritating drinks. I can’t say which remedies to try if I do not know the cause.

  • Jilyahn

    Hi good day.
    I had allergies last month that caused me sneezing, coughing and fever. It had been a bad weather so it may caused it. I went to the doctor and she told me i had pneumonia. After 7 days under antibiotics i went back to her and she told me i had asthma. It had been almost a month with the cough. This month, iam experiencing it again. Its pretty sunny here all week. I didnt get near with dust and i have been sleeping early. Does pneumonia re occur?

    • Jan Modric


      pneumonia or other respiratory infections can be confirmed by sputum and blood culture. Fever (have you measured it?) is a ymptom of an infection rather than allergy or asthma. There are several types of pneumonia, and some of them could persists or recur if treatment was not proper.

  • amanda

    hi jan. i just got over a cold on June 4th. nose blocked,running, sinuses hurt, sore throat cough…etc…. then i got another one on Monday June 14th! it started for two day with my throat hurting, then my nose became stuff and runny, then coughing sneezing, congestion,head ache around y cheeks and eyes hurt. now its not so much as my throat hurts, because it only hurts a little but it itches incredibly. it even itches so much i actually stuck my finger down my throat trying to scratch it. there is still mucus and i don’t know if this helps but i felt the back of my throat and i only felt one teeny tiny little bump that felt a little bigger then a grain of salt attached to the back of my throat. what could this be? and how do i get rid of it?

    • Jan Modric


      dry throat and mucus can cause itch. Try to regularly clear the throat, and drink some tea regularly to moist it. I can’t say much about the bump – it could be just a part of inflammed mucosa caused by infection or a piece of food, like a small sharp bone stuck there. If you think itch arises from there, a doctor can look into your throat and tell what is it.

  • barry

    i have itchy throat from feb to sept every year,always a mucus reaction, trying to clear and spit out or swallow if i cant help it, have had checks for asmatha, pills.hayfever nothing worked till last weekend i went fishing for 6 days and never coughed till i got back on land. i reckon its either pollen, or air conditioners, do you have suggestions on that or what that can help. i am semi fit and that too triggers it off when i excerise harder ,i dont smoke, but if you smoke in my space i cough. any suggestions?

    • Jan Modric


      seasonal appearance of symptoms sugsests an outdoor trigger, unless you are using air contition feb-sept. An allergologist can help you find the exact trigger.

  • ella

    Hi dr. Modric,
    I have been coughing badly for 3 weeks now. 1st week I didn’t worry thinking I had a cold and it’d go away. 2nd week, my symptoms got worst. I coughed harder all day and all night and my throat started to itch. I tried honey+tea, nyquill, nothing. On Monday I saw my doc and she said my lungs are fine, my throat is red with inflammation. she said heat wave and T0 change + pregnancy + dehydration caused my symptoms. she prescribed zpak + sedafed pe + mucinex 400mg and told me to drink a lot of water. I have been drinking lots of h20 and taking the medicine, but still no relief. I still cough a lot. even more than before. the only difference is that I have less mucus coming out though. But my throat still itches and I can’t sleep well at night because of the coughing.
    Please what do you think the pbm might be?
    I am so tired of coughing, my chest hurts. Thanks for your help.

    • Jan Modric


      I’m not a doctor, but a cough with mucus could be from a viral or other infection, which can be diagnosed in the laboratory after taking a sample of sputum.

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  • mjw1992

    Im very concerned with my throat, I have a picture that I took, but would like to know some suggestions, can you help me?

    • Jan Modric


      I would need to know your symptoms and other details about your personal medical history to answer your question.

  • FernUK

    Please can someone help, I can’t find an answer to my problem. Four months ago I swallowed some apple peel ‘the wrong way’ and I still feel as if it’s lodged in my windpipe, like a thin, sharp-edged flap that moves around the throat and makes me cough. I’ve had my throat examined by ENT docs and even had a rigid bronchoscopy under general anaesthetic. The surgeon couldn’t find anything and says I have globus phanryngeus. However, I’m still suffering terrible discomfort, itching, pain and cough as if the peel is still there. Painkillers relieve the symptoms a bit, but not the cause. I’m seeing the ENT doc again next week but I know he’ll think it’s pointless looking down my trachea again! He suggests speech therapy. Would this help, or acupuncture? Please, please could you give me some advice on coping with the discomfort – whether it’s being caused by peel or by globus – and any idea of how long it will take to get better? I am desperate – thank you.

    • Jan Modric


      did your problems start immediately after eating the apple? Where exactly do you feel the main discomfort – in the pharynx (behind the tounge) or lower down in the trachea (in the neck)?

  • FernUK

    Hi Jan, thank you so much for responding! Yes, my problems started as soon as I swallowed the apple peel. It was just a moment of carelessness – the peel slid down the back of my tongue and felt like it sort of folded, passed between the vocal cords and lodged beneath in the trachea. Unusual, I know. The discomfort is still in my lower throat. I coughed a lot, and I went to A+E, but because I could breathe and swallow, they didn’t seem to take it very seriously. My ENT doc insists there’s nothing there, but the physical discomfort is very real to me. Still feels exactly like a thin, sharp flap of peel, rather like having a leaf stuck in the windpipe. I thought it would have broken down, got coated in phlegm and been coughed out by now – but no. It refuses to break down. (Sometimes I’ve found tiny fragments of apple peel on my tongue, but the bulk of it feels like it’s still stuck). I really don’t understand why the ENT doc couldn’t find anything. Very confusing. I feel that if it would just break or soften up enough, I could cough it out. When I cough, it moves and irritates/ hurts my throat, but I can’t get rid of it. Meanwhile, I’m having to take painkillers every day just to function. Not good! Please let me know if you need any more info – if we can find a solution, it might help someone else who has a similar problem!

    • Jan Modric


      when you say “The discomfort is still in my lower throat” where exactly do you mean – looking from the outside – in the neck or in the chest..? If the peel has actually slipped down into the trachea it could move further into one bronchus, but this could be checked only with a flexible broncoscopy, not a rigid one. Without any tool I can’t be smarter than your doctor, though.

  • FernUK

    Hi Jan, it’s in the neck, just beneath the Adam’s Apple level. It tends to stick on the left, causing pain or a ‘tickling’ feeling in my left ear. The ENT surgeon looked right down into the bronchi. (They put the flexible bronchoscope down through the rigid one, so I understand. Anyway, he took a good look and insists he didn’t miss anything!)The other thing I meant to add is that I haven’t had any signs of throat infection – no extra soreness, swelling or fever, no chesty cough. I don’t suffer from acid reflux, either. It tends to be worse in the day when I’m upright, but not so bad when I’m lying flat in bed.

    I don’t think I’ll be offered any further investigations, unless something new happens, eg. I suddenly develop pneumonia! Nor do I want any, I’m pretty tired of it all.

    I’m just finding it hard to accept that this problem is so strange that no one can help me. My throat/trachea feels very dry, too, barely producing any catarhh despite the irritation. If there was some way to lubricate the tissues – short of catching a heavy cold! – it might make things more comfortable. I have tried steam inhalation, but it didn’t seem to make much difference.

    I don’t know, I’m just clutching at straws hoping someone might have experience of a similar problem or some new advice. My doctor insists it will resolve itself eventually, but it’s taking an awfully long time. Just some advice about easing the discomfort would help. Again, thank you for responding – please let me know if you have more questions!

    • Jan Modric


      I guess you’ve mentioned all these details (sensations in the ear, throat dryness, symptoms changing with body position) to your doctor, since they seem to be really informative.
      – Is the irritated spot tender to touch?
      – Can you or anyone other can see any lump or asymmetry in your neck?
      – Are sensationes worse during swallowing food or saliva?

      I see two possibilities other than a piece of food stuck in the throat: a slight inflammation in the lining of the larynx (voice box), or an inflammation/infection or a mass of tissue in deeper layers or on the outer side of the larynx, possibly caused by a cut from an apple peel (and inflammation/infection spred into the deeper layers and thus not detected from the inside by bronchoscope). An MRI could show something, maybe even ultrasound. In this case inhalations would not help – ENT can say what could help:painkillers, antihistamines, antiinflammatory drugs…

  • FernUK

    Again, thank you! To answer your questions, actually the left side of my throat/voice box is a bit tender if I poke it with my finger. But there’s no visible swelling or swollen glands. I can swallow okay, but I can usually feel the FB as I swallow – it’s like swallowing with, for example, a bit of string or a scrap of paper stuck in the throat.

    I gave the ENT doc as much detail as I could – but he must see patients with such serious conditions that my symptoms probably seem very trivial indeed! I guess if doctors are seeing choking, cancer, severe infections etc, a problem like mine doesn’t seem like much at all. But I’m still having to deal with the discomfort!

    I’m seeing the ENT for a follow-up next week and I can ask then if he saw any kind of inflammation or scar tissue etc. I will see what he says, anyway, and if he thinks an MRI or ultrasound is appropriate.

    Thank you so, so much for your answers – it really means a lot to me that someone has taken an interest!

  • Amanda

    I have been suffering firm Hayfever for over 3 years now. This year 2010 has been realy bad. I have very itchy throat,runny nose,stuffed,making it very difficult to breath thru my nose. I have used nasal sprays and hayfever pills but this has not helped. Now my only worry is the itchy throat,it gets too bad that in the morning wheni try to clear my throat,the dark coloured mucus like comes out. What shall i do? what can help stop the itch. Am so fade up of this,my nose is runn all the time,i hate blowing y nose because my nose gets sore. Please help.

    • Jan Modric


      your problem sounds heavy enough to be checked by an allergologist or ENT.

  • rohit


    m 25 year old, i am facing problem in my Throat. its look like raddish is color like a pimple and whenve i sollow somtimes i feel somthng stuck into it, i have been to ENT they said its allergy its they gave me 250ml ammoxlin but nothng happnd i ate 7 days 3 times a day. pls tell me how to cure it. its iches at night sometimes day time .

    • Jan Modric


      it is an ENT, who should give you a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment. You’ve mentioned an allergy – amoxicillin (if this is what you’ve meant) is an antibiotic, and is used for treatment of infections, not allergies. If it is an infection, maybe a swab should be taken and sent to laboratory to find an exact type of bacteria, and appropriate antibiotic prescribed. So, if no improvement, I recommend you to visit the doctor again.

  • Lawrenz

    I do have itchy throat which triggers catarrh and cough.It’s been on for some time now. Do l for a test and if yes, what kind of test should l go for?

    • Jan Modric


      the first test could be a test of the catarrh (for bacteria, inflammatory cells…), which probably originates from the bronchi – a pulmologist can take a sample and order a test.

  • Itchy_Chick

    Hey, how are you?
    My problem is that every once in while, the upper back of my throat, about mouth level, itches for a day or two, and I end up “itching it” with my tongue, and it gives me the impulse to scratch the outside of my chin and neck.
    Do you have any idea as to what this is?

    • Jan Modric


      I’m fine. If you think it’s not a cigarette smoke or some other cause of air pollution, it could be a food allergy (itching can appear from minutes to several hours after ingesting the triggering food). One of possibilities could be also a chronic inflammation of tonsils.

  • dustinross

    Hello.. i have this very annoying cough that won’t see to go away.. it started with a runny nose and uncontrolable cough.. the runny nose has stopped but I have an itchy throat now that I make myself have these loud hard coughs…so it stops itching. No phlegm.. just a cough. Any suggestions?? Thanks

    • Jan Modric


      an inflammation of the pharynx, larynx (voice box) or wind pipes is possible. An ENT can make appropriate investigations.

  • maxine


    I’m max, I have a problem with my throat, before having an itchy throat, I ha a cough with pleghm for about 3 days then later on my i had this itchy throat. Can you suggest me on what medication I should take. I work at night i take coffee for 1-2 cups/ a day and I travel via PUB. Do you think its about dry air and pollution or caffeine consumption. Please help me, I never had this before. Thank you so much 🙂

    • Jan Modric


      itchiness is probably a result of inflammation and coughing and will likely go away in a reasonable time. Caffeine may dry up the throat, pollution may add to irritation…It’s important you drink enough water to stay well hydrated (no exaggeration needed) and try breathing through the nose. Menthol bombons or such may cool your throat a bit. OTC antihistamine medications, like Benadryl (causes sedation, so this is for overnight) or Claritin (less or not sedating) may help.

  • jess

    hi there,i have itchy throat and also deep down my ears for many years but now its been way worst really often in the day and night and spitting blood. i just notice little bumps on top of the back throat but i think its always been there! no coughing or runny nose. im seing a specialist but only in 8 months but seriously i cant stand the itch anymore can you recommand me something please!

    • Jan Modric


      I strongly recommend you to arrange the appointment at some earlier date! Spitting blood is considered as an urgent condition. You can go to ER and say you can’t sleep anymore. I don’t dare to recommend you any remedies, since they can mask your symptoms, and eventual serious disorder would develop in behind.

  • MCrepinsek

    So I have this cough that comes around every winter it seems. Usually I get sick first, probably because of the changing weather, and then I will develop a cough that lasts all winter. I tried going to a doctor last year, who thought it might have been a post nasal drip, and prescribed some nose squirt steroids, but they didn’t seem to work. Before I received the steroids, I was given an inhaler, which also didn’t help. And I even kept a humidifier in my room all winter. Nothing so far seemed to suppress it. And before I could figure it out, it was spring time, warming up and my cough slowly went away. This year my cough has started up again just within the past two weeks, but this time I haven’t been sick either. I really don’t want to go through all winter with another cough.

    Right now the cough doesn’t stop, whether I’m inside or outside. There is an itch in my throat that won’t quit, so I’m almost always coughing, even if just little ones. Sometimes I will get a coughing fit, and it seems random as to when that happens. I was going to try to take some Zyrtec the next couple of days to see if that helps, but I’m not optimistic. Is there anything more specific I can look into to help? Does this sound like anything you’ve heard of? Google searching has not helped me much.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Jan Modric


      do you think the cough arises from the throat or from the airways in the chest? Do you cough out any mucus, or your nose is clogged? Any burning feeling behind the breastbone (heartburn) or excessive burping? Itchy eyes? Enlarged or reddened tonsils or white matter coming out from the tonsils when you press upon them? Elevated body temperature (even slightly), night sweats?

      Is it possible molds would be present in any room you spend your time? A test for allergy to molds exists. Have you been checked by an ENT?

  • MCrepinsek

    Hi Jan and thanks for your reply,

    No I haven’t been checked by an ENT. Maybe that should be the next thing I do then. As far as where the cough arises, I can feel it from the throat; I can feel that’s where it’s coming from when I push my hand on my throat. I don’t have any excessive burping or itchy eyes. My nose feels fine most of the time also. I usually breathe through my mouth, especially when I sleep I think because I have a deviated septum, but it has never bothered me enough to correct. I don’t cough any mucus up, although sometimes it feels like there is a little in my throat. I do get heartburn every once in awhile, only like once every week or two. I don’t feel like I have an elevated body temperature, although I can check when I get home. Also, no night sweats.

    Here I included a picture of my tonsils. My right tonsil (left on photo) is really small while my other one seems nice and round. There was a tiny bit of white on the small tonsil, but it seemed to come off easily, probably nothing. And when I pushed on them, it didn’t seem like anything immediately oozed out. Would it be a lot or something and noticeable or very small?

    As far as molds are concerned, I do not think I’m exposed to them. I’m usually in a somewhat clean environment, and the weather here (Reno, Nevada) is pretty dry.

    Any ideas of what I should try next?


    • Jan Modric


      a deviated septum may cause a lot of problems; breathing through the mouth could contribute to itch. Pus from tonsils looks like a solid greasy substance – it would be obvious. An ENT can tell, if a great difference in the size of tonsils has any relevant meaning. In post-nasal drip, you would likely spit out at least a bit of mucus every now and then. In gastric reflux the spit could be frothy (not necessary). In gastric reflux, antacids (tums) could help. I’m not saying you have reflux, especially since I have no idea why it would be worse in winter.

      So, what can be done: breathing through the nose, if possible, visiting an ENT, spending some days in more humid climate to see if there is any difference. Air condition/indoor heating may aggravate dryness of the throat.

  • lisa

    my throat is killing me, i keep coughing for a whole day,i got problem with swallowing and sleeping i cant sleep well at night. and because i cough a lot i have a disgusting feeling and fell like throwing up.
    i tried drinking hot/warm tea.
    lemon and honey, but i guess its not working any help please…
    i really want to get better i cant really talk because my throat feels like its getting bigger and dryer

    • Jan Modric


      constant coughing with bad taste may speak for gastric reflux (which could also cause a burning feeling behind the breastbone), or an inflammation in the throat or lower airways, or even a cancer in any of mentioned locations. I strongly recommend you to visit your personal doctor who can judge where does the cough originate from.

  • bkind1977

    I have been struggling with this for over a month and a half. It all started with a scratchy throat, that seemed to be worse at night, so bad that it would literally keep me up all night coughing so bad trying to get rid of the itch to the point that I was having a hard time just trying to catch my breath. After a few weeks of dealing with that, I woke up in the am wheezing so badly and so congested that i went to ER. They had put me on Prednisone, Antibiotic, Flonase and an inhaler of ambuteral. It seemed to work after a few days…Had a follow last week with doc, who adv me that I had an ear infection, I dont know how considering all the antibiotics I have been on…Still a hoarse/raspy voice…he prescribed yet another antibiotic – something stronger. Here it is day three on new antibiotic and last night I had yet another episode of what had started over a month ago. I have been on 3 different antibiotics and nothing seems to be working. But this itch is very frustrating. I am a smoker of less than one pack per day, I am 32 years old…I drink only socially.

    • Jan Modric


      would you say that wheezing came from the chest or from the throat? Do you ever spit off something, or is there any mucus coming from your nose? I strongly recommend you to stop smoking. If you think wheezing came from the chest, I recommend you to see a pulmologist. Possible causes include chronic bronchitis, asthma or allergy or something other affecting your bronchi. If you had a heartburn (a burning feeling behind the breastbone or in the throat, it can be a gastric acid reflux.

  • syt


    i had a cough and slight fever and after two weeks i have cough again.i had a tb test last week and it was negative.the thing that bothers me is that i always get a cough.our house is high in it the cause of my constant coughing?contsant coughing makes me’s an uncontrolable cough.and i remember that if i go for a run as my exercise after few minutes i felt that i’m running out of air.
    please help me…
    thank you

    • Jan Modric


      running out of air during running may speak for asthma, or maybe some sort of inflammation, allergic reaction or infection. A pulmologist may give you a diagnosis. In a humid house, molds can develop and can trigger allergic reaction. Slight fever speaks for an infection. Even if you do not have fever anymore, it could be a viral or “atypical” pneumonia.

  • Mahesh

    Hi, I am Mahesh 34 year old I am software Eng. in India (MH) since 10 years almost every year I would say after raini season I faced dry cough start very slow and later its very hard to stop even lot off medicn I take with difffernt doctor after 2-3 months it get suddenly stopeed like it was very normal cough mey be it stopeed when I tired to take medicin and stop to take medicen and take only syrup. Doctor had done my HIV. TB test also all was normal. Can you tell me any tablet name or any test so that I will be able to get rid of it.

    Except this problem my physical fitness is very good no other problem, I do not have any smoking habits, One of my friend advice me to take Docor Brandy instead to take beer once in month

    Please mail me what should I do ?
    Thanking in adv.

    • Jan Modric


      this is a hard question for me. Have you thought what might be the cause yourself? When the rainy season comes do you cough all the time, ar maybe less when you are in some warm place? Any itch around the mouth maybe? Can you breath through the nose when you have an itchy throat? Has a specialist for ear, throat and nose (ENT) ever examined you? If not, you may visit him. I can’t say anything about Doctor Brandy…

  • Stephan

    Hello, i have a question to which i hope you can answer, 3 weeks ago all of sudden i started feeling as if something was stuck in my throat, it lasted for a few days and i went to the doctor which used the… camera thingy in my throat ( sorry i dont know the name ) and he only noticed irritated vocal chord ( he didnt make talk or anything while looking inside ) and so he gave pills and i finished them last sunday, the problem is now since yesterday ( wednesday ) i keep having this itching in my throat, but no more food stuck type of feeling, just itching and i dont think ive got cold but my nose is a bit blocked, not much tho, monday and thusday i was completly fine, it came all of sudden, i drink plenty of water etc. so… what do you think this could be ? do you think it could be my chord irritation that is NOT gone but just less worst ? do you think its just a cold itching ? tell me anything that comes in your mind even if its 20 things please, i had to see 3 different doctors before they finally find something wrong inside my throat ( irritated vocal cords ) so to be honest with you, i really dont feel like going to see 4-5 doctors before i finally get one that tells me my real problem.

    ps. i do smoke about 8-10 a day, i didnt yet test out how its going if i go outside (it started in the evening yesterday and so far it just keep getting worst) and i didnt eat anything spicy in the last weeks, the only thing i can think is…. my house is really really really dry, the air is unbelivable, i bought an humidifier last sunday which has been working 2 days out of 4 and it doesnt help at all. i have 4 cats, but my eyes or fine which makes me think its not an alergy. sorry to bother you with all this but im really worried and since the last 3 weeks my throat has only been problem, thank you for your time

    • Jan Modric


      when did the stuck feeling appear – during a meal, when you were out..? The first impression is, like a piece of food or some small sharp particle you could inhale stuck in the vocal cord and trigger an inflammation. A particle could just injure the vocal cord, or stuck there and remain for some time and then fall of, or it could be still there. It’s impossible for me to say has the ENT maybe missed such a particle.

      The second possibility could be a viral infection, but I’m not sure if this could cause a “sudden” stuck feeling.
      In a food or other allergy, itch does not likely start so suddenly and is not likely so delimited – other parts of the throat, mouth and lips would also likely itch. Also, if your cat, flat and other environment is older than 3 weeks, allergy is not very likely.
      Dry air could aggravate the itch, or even cause it, but, again, not likely so suddenly.
      I’m not sure if inhaling some irritant gas, like chlorine, is a realistic cause of a so localized inflammation
      Any blister, bump, cancer or any other physical mass would not likely appear suddenly and it would be likely detected during laringoscopy.
      Your current itch could be caused or aggravated by a slight infection accompanied with a blocked nose.
      Smoking really doesn’t help in itch caused by an inflammation.

      You can:
      – stop smoking
      – spend some day in the environment with a “nice air” and try to avoid heavy coughing
      – wait for the “cold” to go away
      – if not better, you can visit the same or another ENT, but visiting 3 more doctors without knowing what exactly will they search for, sounds quite expensive to me.

      If something has stuck in your vocal cord and has later fallen off, the inflammation would still need some time (few weeks?) to heal. If something is still stuck there, an inflammation can persist or even worsen.

  • Stephan

    sorry i forgot to tell, i dont do any fever, i can swallow normaly but i feel a tension on the right side of my neck when swallowing um… when i cough it doesnt hurt but the itching comes back 2 min later. when i light a cigarette and smoke it i dont see any difference in the itching, i tried to pet my cat for awhile while she was sleeping on me and still no difference so i dont think its an alergy nor the cigarette, ill try the air outside soon, i must finish some work here first and while talking its pretty fine it doesnt itch more or less it stays the same. thats all i can think about, let me know what you think please 🙁

  • Stephan

    Hi again, im sorry i couldnt reply before. So, the stuck feeling appearing while i was relaxing ( it was a sunday evening to yeah ) i was just laying in my couch watching tv, and i had eaten about 1 hour ago, chips to be exact and the feeling really came all of sudden, it started by feeling like a little piece of food was stuck and 2 minutes later i thought i had something pretty big stuck. the best way to describe it would really be food stuck sensation not a sharp particle and i was feeling it on the right side of my throat. You said something could have and still be stuck there but… wouldnt eating make it go down ? and to be honest i didnt really have this sensation anymore since a few days now, right now its just still the itching a bit and a little little bit of pain that comes and goes and.. it could just be my imigination since all of this is scaring me but i feel like i have a little bit of trouble swallowing oh and i forgot to mention yesterday, my throat feels dry too, but only a certain part of it, weirdly. and all of these symptoms happen after being awake for 6-8 hours, before that im completly fine, no itching or anything even if i eat or drink or smoke, it seems to always come after 6 or 8 hours which is really weird.

    Thank you for answering, i like to know what you think of it 🙂 yes i have had cats all my life and the current 4 i have them since 3 years so as you said i dont think it would be allergy and my lips and mouth have no problem at all .. expect… i forgot to mention that when i started having this throat feeling 3 weeks ago i noticed my tongue was all white, the doctor said it was just too much acid and asked me to brush my tongue + use Scope and so far it worked but now it has some black colour on it, i dont know if its normal or not but its not hurting or anything and i keep using Scope

    about hte viral infection, the day before all this started i changed my car’s tires and after i was done i wasnt feeling good at all, an headache came, i felt the need of puking but i didnt and i was freezing, as if i caught a virus, i did my tires while outside tho, but the weird thing is the next day where it all began i was fine ALL day it started in the evening :\

    yesterday before i posted this, i put the hudifier almost next to me running between low and medium and it didnt seem to help the itching.

    One funny thing about all this is before the itching started along with the dryness in some part of my throat yesterday, everytime i was going outside or to someone’s else house it would help my throat about the feeling of having something stuck, it would be less worst but as i said i didnt try for the itching, i have to go to the grocery store in a few hours, ill take my time there and focus on how i feel about the itching and dryness and ill give you news when i come back, also you mentionned to go for a days in a place with fresh air, well i’ve been thinking of it too to be honest and since we’re friday i will try to stay at my friend’s house, the air is really good there but i dont know if he will accept but i will take a chance.

    quick side note: when all this started, the first week i had this throat tightning feeling at the bottom of my throat, it was on the right side aswell, its this feeling that really made me go see the first doctor on the first week, it was thursday (4 days after the feeling of something stuck began) it was getting really tight, i was scared it would block but after all it calmed down while i was waiting at the hospital and it stopped the next day, on friday after i had started eating normaly again ( 3 meals a day ) weirdly.

    i live next to an highway, theres car passing next to my house all the time, even at night time theres at least 5 cars waiting at the lights and during the day you can cout 20 and during peak hours its 50 + and my windows are always open because of the dry air so yes i was too thinking that the gas could have an impact but i live here since 5 years now and never had any problem before :\

    about the bump,cancer my neighboor got opperated 3 times for vocal cords cancer and she also told me it didnt came all of sudden and while using the camera they detected it, but for me the only thing they detected is unnormaly red vocal cords, irritation they said and he went pretty far down, i cant know how far because they froze me and i had my eyes closed but i could feel it at the end of my throat where i had this tighening feeling . also i saw the same doctor has my neighboor and she said its a really good one so i dont think he would have missed something but we never know, i will let the weekend past and try to go at my friend’s house for a few days and if it still happen i will ask to see the same doctor.

    I will try to quit smoking, in the last 3 weeks i have reduced really much, before i was at almost a pack a day and now i keep it under 10, i find it good begining, but ill try to put a full stop to it

    the cold seems to have ended or maybe it was just because i let my windows open, so far today my nose hasnt bled and isnt blocked and i can taste normal so i think its pretty much gone

    and.. yes i know seeing 3 doctors is not fun but… i dont have a family doctor i had to go directly at the hospital the 3 times. the first time i went the doctor didnt even notice my white tongue he said (not asked) that i was on drug, cocaine or extasy he said, i told him i didnt take any at least not in the last months but it didnt belive me and even wrote it in my medical history…. but anyway so i left and at first i belived him, maybe it was really nothing or just a blocked muscle but the next saturday i returned and the doctor i saw that day actually noticed my white tongue but said he didnt see anything wrong with my throat so i asked him to go see a throat specialist and the next monday they called me to say i could go see them and yeah… its not very cool but anyway.

    so thank you really much for your answer ! im sorry that my answer is very long and i hope its not too confusing, i try to tell as much as i can but sometimes i write forever, i will give you news later on about going outside how i feel and i will try to stay with my friend this weekend and not smoke at all and so yes thank you again 🙂 you are a really nice person ! i prefer you to the doctors i have seen so far 😛

    • Jan Modric


      white tongue (and sometimes whitish foamy saliva) can be from a “gastro-esophageal reflux disease” (GERD), shortly: acid reflux. Reflux more likely occurs when you lie down and could be triggered by the chips you’ve had been eaten (or other food). When acid from the stomach reaches the throat, some of it can leak down into the larynx and irritate the vocal cord(s). Lying on the side and watching TV could explain the fact that only one side of the throat (vocal cord) was inflamed (if I got it right). The fact your throat is better when you go out, could be explained by dry air additionally irritating the inflamed vocal cord. Eating food does not irritate you, because food travels down the esophagus and does not pass the vocal cords in the larynx.

      Acid reflux occurs when the circular muscle in the wall of the lower esophagus (lower esophageal sphincter) doesn’t close the esophagus when the food is in the stomach, meaning that some acid can travel up the esophagus. There are several possible causes of acid reflux, including smoking, coffee, certain drugs, infection of the stomach with a bacterium Helicobacter pylori (in this last case you would likely burp excessively) and so on. Black tongue could be from a combination of acid with a mouthwash, tobacco, tea or coffee…It is a gastroenterologist that can confirm a diagnosis, think about the cause and prescribe appropriate treating. You can expect the doctor will ask you detailed questions about the diet, drugs, smoking…and maybe having a gastroscopy, and, if positive for H. pylori bacteria, antibiotics to treat them.

      Acid irritating the vocal cords could trigger a temporary spasm of the larynx. A heartburn – a burning feeling behind the breastbone is very often in gastric reflux.

  • Stephan

    Sorry about my misspelled words too, i didnt take the time to re-read what i wrote, i hope you can understand everything i said, if you don’t just tell me which part and i will re-write it correctly 🙂

  • Stephan

    I forgot to ask, if something would still be stuck in my vocal cords, couldn’t the doctor remove it ? because if it’s still there after 3 weeks then i personally think it wont ever go down no? if it was some food, with the saliva it would have melted by now wouldn’t it? but i dont really think its that since the feeling of something stuck is gone since more than a week now, now its just the itchy and dry feeling, i was thinking maybe the medication didnt do the total effect

  • Stephan

    I keep forgetting to say things, since yesterday when the itching started i have this weird feeling in my throat at the bottom right, next to the place where it was tighetining weeks ago, and the feeling is only when i swallow, its like a little needle was there and aswell it only start after a few hours of being awake and nothing seems to make it less or worst, but after awhile it goes away and then comes back :\

  • Stephan

    It’s funny that you mention the burping because i do burn more than i used to since all of this started and 90% of the time when i do it feels like it’s helping my throat to feel a bit better for a few minutes and sometimes longuer, even if i only drink water in the whole day i will still burp at least 4 times which is way, Way more than i used to.

    So if i understand correctly i should go see a gastroenterologist so they could do tests and see if it’s really acid reflux that is causing all this?

    I’m also wondering could it keep happening? i mean if it would have happened only once 3 weeks ago then my vocal cords would have healed by now, no? if it can keep happening then i think this is it, i think well it seems the most sencefull reason i’ve heard so far 🙂 because with the pills i had to take for the irritated vocal cords it helped until 2 days after i finished them which would explain that it the acid came back again and irritated them again! Well thank you really much for your help 🙂 i really really really appreciate it, monday i will contact a gastroenterologist and try to see one as fast as possible.

    • Jan Modric


      yes, repeating acid reflux could maintain the throat inflammation. I’ve mentioned impaired function of the lower esophageal sphincter in my previous comment, but if you do not have any symptoms in the morning this is less likely. You have provided great details about your condition here, so I recommend you to put them all together in a time line and arrange them in a shortened factual manner, so the doctor will be able to hear all issues at once.

  • kokobery

    I have just developped coughing fits where I cough phlegm that are on and off, since 4 weeks ago. Recently, I have found that at night, I’m wheezing and coughing a lot more, around 30 minutes – 1 hr per night for the last 3 nights. I went to the doctors and got diagnosed with sinus infection, but the medication doesn’t seem to help… can you help me??

    • Jan Modric


      the doctor can take a sample of the sputum and send it to the laboratory where they can find the exact type of bacteria and determine, which antibiotic can be effective.

  • Pankaj

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I’m 28 years old. My problem is only while sleeping. When ever i use to go bed to sleep, while lying on bed I get irritation or very much trusty, I use to drink water a lot then also its not going easily. I have to drink water approx 7-10 times daily in night. and Im confuse because i feel only left side of throat is drying and second thing this happens only while laying on bed in night only.
    Kindly suggest me what to do!


    • Jan Modric


      one possible explanation for itch occurring only during sleep and only on one side, is a reflux of gastric acid from your stomach. It is a gastroenterologist who deals with gastric reflux.

  • Richard

    Hi Jan,
    Good day.
    Last three weeks ago, i inhaled fibers/dust of a tissue that went stuck in my throat…suddenly an irritation occured that i cant breathe because of aspiration…to prevent this aspiration, i cough hardly, then after some time, i can breathe normally, irritation was gone, but my throat is still aching. Maybe because of coughing so hard. One (1) week after, it happened again, to prevent aspiration, i cough very hard many times…i went to the hospital, they checked my vitals signs.all normal. then i had a nebulization. Then last week, i went to an ENT & my doctor said i have pharyngitis, he prescribed to me to take anti-biotics (Azithromycin), & anti-histamine for 5 days, i did take it. but still throat infection is there. i can also feel that some food stuck in my throat. My doctor did a laryngoscopy, but he didnt see anything blocking my throat. i stop taking the anti-biotics after 5 days, instead i only gargle with warm water with salt. Today, i can still feel a burning sensation in my throat, above my adam’s apple.Maybe this burning sensation happened because of coughing hardly. I am worried because maybe aspiration will happen again to me. i already prevented drinking acidic beverage & alcoholic drinks, instead drinking only warm water & tea with lemon…Please advise me…thanking you so much…MERY CHRISTMAS…

    • Jan Modric


      a foreign body can cause a throat inflammation (not necessary infection) that may need some days or few weeks to heal completely. Symptoms lessening is a good sign. I can’t give any additional recommendation, because I don’t know what exactly is happening in your throat.

  • tjddkfud

    Hello Jan,
    For past 3 months i’ve been coughing due to itch on my throat. I dont’t know what it is… When I cough I have slight phlegm that is somewhat green and yellow. when I inhale and exhale air my throat gets itchy and from that I cough… this happens both in and out from my house. I have no fever, cold, and runny nose. It seems like it gets worse at night and morning… during the afternoon I barely cough.
    Please help,

    • Jan Modric


      my first thought was a chronic laryngitis, tracheitis, or bronchitis caused by an infection or inhaling irritant gases or smoke. Smokers, for example, cough up mucus in the morning. Another thought was a gastric acid reflux. Anyway, three months of problems is enough to see an ENT, who can give you a diagnosis.

  • Amanda

    Hi, I got the flu the day after christmas and started on medication that monday the 27th. I have had a bad cough the whole time, but I took all of my medication. My throat constantly feels like I have a wool scarf rubbing in it and it is very itchy. When I cough I almost make myself throw up everytime because the cough gets violent. It is hard to swallow and I feel like my throat is swollen. I am also having blood in my tissue when I am blowling my nose and it hurts to talk. I have this constant feeling of losing my voice.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Amanda

      It is possible that you have a secondary bacterial infection following your viral infection (flu). This is not uncommon and you should see your doctor again to report these symptoms. You may need to start on antibiotics. It could be bronchitis or have even progressed to pneumonia. Acute sinusitis may also be present. You need to see your doctor immediately.

  • rajah_s

    Hello Jan
    I have had a very itchy throat, when it gets itchy and I make this horrible loud snorting noise to try to relieve it scratching the back of my throat kind of scratching the inside of my ears at the same time, I also do this noise when im asleep waking up my household.
    Please advice me some good medication.

  • mike

    My throat itch me for a mouth now.don’t konw what too me please..

  • Cha Oiugab

    Hi, I went to an ENT, and said it’s allergic sinusitis, I took medications, I stop caused nothing works, lol, but i squeeze lemon inside my nose, mucus are dripping down from my nose to my mouth, It really hurts so bad, I can’t take it eventhough it’s effective mucus are getting out. I’ll took lagundi tablets, I feel there’c cold air in my nose, will this be helpful ?? please thanks I’m hoping lagundi works, if not , i’ll go back to lemon since it’s effective yet I feel hell. please reps. thanks

    • Hi Cha. We cannot advise you on your treatment. Your ENT will overlook that. Allergic sinusitis is often a chronic condition. The inner lining of your nose and sinus

      reacts to otherwise harmless substances known as allergens. This causes irritation and inflammation which you experience as the symptoms of sinusitis.

      The treatment for allergies is to reduce the allergic reaction and suppress the inflammation. This may be done with a combination of pills and nasal sprays. Your ENT will prescribe these medications and it takes some time before your condition will be properly managed.

      The lemon juice can be very harmful. The inner lining of the sinus and nose is very thin and sensitive. The acidic lemon juice will irritate and damage this lining which is why you are experiencing pain when you use the juice. You need proper medical treatment.

      If you are not happy with your current ENT or treatment, then see another ENT for a second opinion. Do not try to treat your condition on your own in this way. You could be doing more harm than good in the long run.

  • Andrew Stephen Meyers

    Mike I do not have it all the time but I get itchy throat once in awhile, I also sometimes have my face and nose itch. I do have a allergy but it is cause by dirt in soil outside & dust mikes thats what the dr. says. I do have sleep disorder.

  • dipak pakhrin (soul)

    My throat itches only when i wake up after sleep..pls help me…

  • Draven

    Itchy throat can be the sign of something serious, such as throat cancer.

  • Obiudu kene

    Please I have itchy throat, and a back pain all started the same day, the back pain is at the back left side of my spine. It’s been 3days now please advice me on the kind of treatment to take