One Sided Facial Swelling (Swollen Face on One Side)

Facial Symmetry

The human face is roughly symmetrical meaning that the vertical half on one side closely matches the other side. It most people it is not a mirror image but very similar. When there is a marked difference between one side of the face compared to the other then it is known as asymmetry. The size and shape of the face of determined by a number of factors, mainly genetics, body weight, general health and age. The structure of the human face is determined by the size, shape and quantity of :

  • skull bones (cranium and jaw)
  • facial muscles
  • subcutaneous fat
  • thickness and tautness of the skin

The orientation of the jaw (mandible) in relation to the cranium may also contribute to the shape of the face. Symmetry also applies to the eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips and ears.

Enlarged Side of the Face

Although it is known that the face is symmetrical, there is one side that is slightly larger then the other. This is normal and usually not noticeable unless the face is examined closely. Most people will know which side of their face is slightly larger than the other but it is not noticeable to even  close friends and family without careful scrutiny.

Sometimes, however, the enlargement of one side of the face reaches a point where it is clearly evident and even if it does not cause any other symptoms, it can cause psychological stress.  One sided facial swelling may occur with a growth in the bone or soft tissue, accumulation of fluid, muscle enlargement, skull bone and particularly jaw displacement compared to the other side of the face. Most of these scenarios are considered to be abnormal and facial asymmetry in these instances needs to be investigated further to identify the cause and corrected. Some of these causes can be potentially life threatening, like a malignant tumor, whereas in other cases it may be uncomfortable but will not lead to severe medical complications.

Why does only one side swell?

The most common causes of one sided facial swelling is a result of inflammation. This is often referred to as soft tissue swelling, although it may involve the bone to some degree as well. In most instances the inflammation is a result of an injury to the face but the inflammation can also arise with infections and allergies. Less commonly there may be one sided swelling of the face due to abnormal tissue growth like a tumor which may either benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous)

When there is one sided facial swelling, it simply means that the tissue on the enlarged side is affected. Apart from the tissue, each side of its face has its own blood, nerve and lymphatic supply. Therefore a condition that affects these structures on one side will lead to swelling only on that side. If the condition is systemic, or  generalized, then both sides may be swollen simultaneously.

Causes of One Sided Facial Swelling

It is important to consider several factors when evaluating the cause of facial swelling which may provide a better indication of the cause.

1. Did the facial swelling start suddenly or develop gradually?

2. Is the affected side painful, tender, numb or experiencing other abnormal sensations?

3. Is the enlarged side hard, soft, spongy or firm?

4. Is the one sides facial swelling affecting speech, breathing, eating or chewing, sense of taste or smell, size of the eyes or eyelid movement?

5. Is the facial swelling isolated to the cheek or extending upwards to the forehead or downwards to the neck?


The most common cause for facial swelling that tends to occur very rapidly and is usually just temporary is an injury to face. In these cases, the cause can be identified to a specific incident. Trauma to the face may occur with :

  • Blow to the face, like during an assault.
  • Car accidents
  • Falls
  • Following dental surgery or other surgical procedures to the face.
  • Insect bites and stings
  • Chemical burns
  • Severe sunburn on one side
  • Fractures to the cranium or jaw

The enlargement in these cases is due to fluid accumulation as a result of inflammation. It is the body’s ways of protecting tissue against injury. The blood vessels become leaky allowing excess amounts of fluid from the bloodstream to enter into the tissue spaces. Usually there is also heat of the area, redness, tenderness or pain. If a blood vessel is ruptured due to trauma, there may be an accumulation of blood in the tissue. This is known as a hematoma.


A number of microorganisms can cause an infection on one side of the face. This may be isolated to the superficial layers like the skin and subcutaneous fat, or involve deeper tissue such as the muscle and even extend into the bone. It may be caused by viruses or bacteria which are the most common pathogens, or fungi and other types of parasites. The different types of infections that may cause one sided swelling of the face includes :

  • Cellulitis. If this extends to the area around the eye then it is known as orbital cellulitis.
  • Abscess – tooth, gingival (gum), peritonsillar.
  • Sinusitis which is an infection of the paranasal sinuses.
  • Osteomyelitis which is an infection of the skull bone or jaw
  • Parotitis which is an inflammation of the parotid gland most commonly caused by an infection like mumps.
  • Lymphadenitis which is the inflammation of lymph nodes.
  • Eye and eyelid infections like conjunctivitis, keratitis, stye (hordeolum) and blepharitis. The swelling is usually over and around the eye but may extend onto the cheek and up to forehead in severe cases.


There are a number of allergic reactions that can cause one sided facial swelling. The most important and severe is anaphylaxis (anaphylactic reactions) which can be life threatening without immediate medical attention. It usually causes bilateral swelling (entire face swollen). Other allergic causes includes :

  • Allergic conjunctivitis
  • Allergic rhinitis (hay fever)
  • Drug allergies
  • Allergies to insect bites and stings
  • Allergies to various substances that may be used in facial creams, cosmetics, implants for cheek augmentation and sometimes dental materials.

Muscle Problems

The facial muscles, like the large masseter muscle, gives the cheeks definition and problems with these muscles can alter the shape and size of the face.

  • Atrophy (shrinking) of the muscle on one side as may be seen with partial or complete muscle paralysis (like in Bell’s palsy).
  • Hypertrophy (enlargement) of the muscle on one side with clenching on one side or chewing only on one side.

Sometimes facial spasms associated with certain nerve and muscle diseases can cause a facial distortion.


Tumors, either benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (canerous) may arise in any of the following tissues :

  • Muscle
  • Bone
  • Subcutaneous fat
  • Skin
  • Connective tissue
  • Lymph nodes or vessels

Less frequently, a tumor or the blood vessels or nerves may also be responsible for the one sided swelling.

Other causes

Most of the other causes a systemic, meaning that it affects the entire body or several systems of the body simultaneously. It is unlikely to cause one sided facial swelling but instead swelling of the entire face. Nevertheless it is worth considering these conditions as a possible cause of one sided facial swelling.

  • Cushing’s disease
  • Kidney failure
  • Heart failure
  • Liver failure
  • Serum sickness
  • Malnutrition
  • Obesity
  • Stoogemutt

    The right side of my face and forehead started to swell 3 days ago.It wasn’t from an injury or bug bite.I think it’s from bad teeth that became infected from lack of dental care.I thought the swelling would go down by now but it’s still about the same.I don’t have much pain but it feels funny.I called the dentist but can’t get an appointment for a week.He said to go to the hospital and get antibiotics to help the swelling.I hope that helps.I never had swelling like this before.It’s been 30 years since I went to a dentist and now I’m paying the price.

    • HI Stoohermutt. Dental problems are one of the common causes of one sided facial swelling. Sometimes you will have no other symptoms apart from the swelling. Fortunately you have sought medical treatment and hopefully it is a minor dental problem that can be easily treated.

  • Today, the right side of my face is hurting. It was fine yesterday, but when I got up, not only was my face sore, but also the gums on the right side are sore, the right side of my NECK is sore, and also the right side of my HEAD is sore to the touch. O_o This has happened in the past, but I wasn’t alarmed because it went away the next day. But it really hurts this time. Does anyone have a clue what this might be? I haven’t been to the dentist in years, but I don’t think that would explain the sore head and neck. >_<

    • Hi Anais. A dental problem could account for these symptoms so do not write it off so quickly. It may be time to see a dentist. One possibility is a dental abscess which can sometimes cause all of the symptoms that you mention. Similarly TMJ (jaw joint) problems as well as muscle spasm could also be responsible. See your doctor and possibly follow up with a consultation with your dentist. It is better to be safe than sorry.

      • naje

        Hello can you tell me why I started noticing why the left side of my face is fatter then the left. It doesn’t hurt. My teeth are good. I think something wring with my jaw . idk . but its noticible and I am wondering why. I think its been like this for a good year now.

        • Hi Naje. We cannot say for sure why this is the case through an online platform. From what you are describing the fact that it has been occurring for such a long time and there are no other symptoms, there is a good chance that this may be hypertrophy (enlargement) of some of the facial muscles on the left side. Hypertrophy may occur for a number of reasons but one of the more common causes is clenching, obviously clenching more on the left side than the right in your case. However, you should consult with a doctor for a more definitive diagnosis.

      • I am just now seeing this reply. Thank you!

  • rory

    My right hand side of the face is swollen and has been for a while no pain and dentistcouldn’t see anything wrong although I needed root canal could this cause it what can I do to get rid of it

    • Hi Rory. Yes, it could have been related to the dental problem despite the lack of pain. It largely depends on whether the swelling started suddenly or was gradual and persists. Sudden swelling is related to inflammation often caused by an infection like with dental problems. Gradual enlargement that is persistent is more often than not due to muscular issues – clenching is a very common cause that leads to the muscle going into spasm and enlarging over time.

      If it persists then see a maxillofacial specialist who may be able to shed more light on the matter. Muscle spasm on one side giving the impression of swelling can be treated and managed in a number of ways from physical therapy to botulinum injections. Your doctor will be able to advise you further.

  • Jeffrey

    two days ago my sister was bitten by a bug then the sweling came down within 2 days…now she woke up today and her left eye which was close to where the bug bit her started itching her.She has an hour’s sleep at noon and woke up only to find that the area below the left eye was swollen kind disfiguring her face partially.It’s not painful but numb but the swollen part is kinda firm…what could be the problem?

    • HI Jeffrey. It really depends on what type of bug it was that bit her and how venomous it is. But if the initial symptoms eased then it may not be venom that is causing it.

      Instead it could be an infection from the insect bite or it could be angioedema. You may want to read more on angioedema here

      However at this point it is very important to seek medical attention. A doctor needs to diagnose the exact cause and treat it appropriately. Delaying medical treatment could lead to complications.

  • Prepared One

    For some time now (months) I wake up with a swolen eye on my right side. I have tried benedryl at night when I go to sleep, anti inflammatory pain relievers, etc and nothing works. It doesn’t hurt at all, but my ear on that side also runs or gets alot of wax build up over night. Ear usually feels wet inside when I first wake up in the morning, but not really painful or sore. What might be causing this issue, and what could I do to cure it? Thank you, Jg

    • Hi Prepared. An allergy is one of the first considerations here. It should not be excluded right away, even if you do not respond to antihistamines or have other typical symptoms of an allergy. Some degree of swelling may occur in the face when lying flat and this could be a sign of a heart, kidney or even liver problem. The ‘wet’ ear may also be an indication of an ear problem which could also cause swelling. Bruxism (clenching) at night, dental problems and other conditions may also have to be considered. As you can see there are several possibilities and we cannot say for sure. Your doctor will have to advise you further.

  • sukkha

    One side of my face is swollen every day.On some day its on the left side while on others its on right.It does not pain but the swelling is there.This is happening since about 2 months.

    • Hi Sukka. As you can see from the article above, there are may possible causes of facial swelling. The swelling on alternating sides is puzzling and you would need the advice of a medical professional. If it really is occurring and is not just your perception, then it is important to find out why. Swelling that comes and goes so suddenly is often related to acute allergic reactions but your doctor will conduct further tests to identify the cause.

  • Sarah Falzon

    Hi my husbands face swelled on the left side especially his lips and cheek , he’s been to the dentist and he’s clear there no infections, he doesn’t feel pain just a numbness that goes up to his head always not he left side. He’s taken a course of steroids but it swelled again right after, what could it be ?

    • Hi Sarah. Even though there may be no itching and so on it is important to exclude conditions like angioedema. He should see his doctor as soon as possible. Steroids can help bring down the angioedema as it may with most inflammatory conditions but the condition will often recur once the steroids are stopped. Do not assume that the lack of pain means that there is no infection. Rather let your family doctor assess his condition and run further tests if necessary.

  • keep smiling

    The left side of my face to swell when I wake-up, specially cheeks and eyes section, it doesn’t any pain ,slightly difference noted on left side.
    what should I do about it?

    • Hi Keep Smiling. It may not be anything to worry about just yet. Many people experience puffiness on the face upon waking. A dental problem, clenching or even lying too much on one side could be other causes. Also it may be worth noting if it changes when you sleep slightly elevated with an extra pillow. However, it may be worth checking if you also notice your legs swelling or other symptoms that may be indicative of a heart problem. Speak to your doctor about it.

  • Ashley Victoria Garrelts

    A little over a month ago my lower lip and chin went numb, and the left side of my face swelled due to an infected wisdom tooth, that I eventually had pulled. Ever since, the lip has remained numb (permanently I am assuming) and there has been a constant dull pain and I have been taking ibuprofen on a daily basis. Just recently the swelling on the left side of my lower chin has returned. Have tried calling my dentist, but he has yet to return my call. Just curious as to what I should do, or why this has been constant, and the swelling has started up again? Thank you!

  • shubham

    I have swelling on left side of my face.i got factures also near down to my left eye.i had passed my 12-13 day,i just want to know that approx how many days require in reducing my bone swelling.

    • Hi Shubham. Swelling with fractures can take several weeks. It also depends on how extensive the fractures were and how well it is healing. Only once the inflammation subsides and the area heals can you focus on the swelling if it still persists. It can be anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks, if not longer at times but it is difficult to say for sure how long it will take.

  • Hunnibunni

    A little while ago the right side of my face swelled up, one day I had an ache and sore glands and the next day my jaw felt locked and i couldn’t move my mouth as the whole jaw area on that side was so swollen. I couldn’t eat or talk properly and it lasted a week. I went to the doc on the second day and he gave me strong antibiotics and said I may have the mumps but i really doubt that was it. I had been vaccinated and all. I was also told to keep the area iced to reduce pain and take regular panadol. Just wondering if there’s anything else it could have been?

    • Hi Hunnibunni. There are many possibilities for the condition that you had. It is really difficult to say for sure what it may be through an online platform. Even going to a doctor now may not be much use as all your symptoms have resolved. Had you undergone further tests at the time, the exact cause could have been isolated. If you are not experiencing any symptoms now then do not worry about it. However, if symptoms are persisting then speak to your doctor. You may have to seek a second opinion from another doctor.

  • Surbhi Verma

    The right side of my face suddenly swell some time. I have done lot of check ups like dental check up, salivary gland all are come fine. But i have thyroid problem. But when i eat sour or apply any makeup its swell up .Some time i fell pain on my right side face.
    what should i do about it?

    • Hi Surbhi. As you said you have had several checkups and nothing was found to be a problem. Given the reaction to the makeup, it is possible that this is some sort of skin irritation like contact dermatitis. The skin becomes inflamed and swelling is a possibility. However, you may also want to consider a condition like urticaria. It is difficult to say for sure. You should consult with a dermatologist to exclude a possible skin reaction.

  • Maddy Perello

    The left side of my face has swollen gradually over the past two days and started hurting today. No other symptoms, no teeth/dental pain. What is this?

  • Alex

    Hello, For about 17 months off and on I have had horrible pain in my neck. Like a strenuous pain and I lose my voice, right side of my face swells up and get a bad migraine. I have been in and out of emergencies and doctors offices where they don’t know what to do but give me pain killers and more pain killers. I am tired been in pain for 23 days now. I seen a dentist they said nothing was wrong. Doctors won’t give me a X-ray or go to a hospital. I’ve had some blood work nothing showed. I’m tired & my family is exhausted too. Anything will help. I am only 25 need some sort of answer.

    • Hi Alex. This is quite unusual especially since it is episodic, obviously not linked to an infection or a reactivation of some chronic infection (the blood work should have shown it) and there is no dental abscess or any other dental problem. Although not a common symptom, slight facial swelling can occur with migraines. So a migraine could account for most if not all of these symptoms. It is highly advisable at this point that you see a neurologist who can then manage your migraines with chronic medication. The other concern here with the voice loss and headache is that this could be the early symptoms of some chronic nerve diseases that start off with such episodes, although at 17 months it should be a bit more definitive. A neurologist would be able to advise you further.

  • Redhead

    The right side of my nose and the tip started to tingle the other day and hasn’t stopped. This has been going on for about 3-4 days now. I thought I had a bump coming up on the side of my nose it was so sore and swollen. But no bump came up. Just the soreness and swelling. It feels like there is a hair or something crawling on my nose and cheek! What is this? Any ideas? Oh yea I forgot about the itching. My nose is itching so bad and on the right side also.

  • paul

    Hi I woke up this morning and one side of my face was swollen on my cheek and on my neck.I felt a pain in my neck last night so I don’t think it is from lying on one side too long.I have not sustained any injuries recently or have been bitten by any bugs.It is very sore and makes it difficult to chew and turn.When I try to turn it feels like a tendon in my neck connecting to my jaw is going taut.I’m not sure what caused this and don’t know what to do.

    • Hi Paul. This could be muscle spasm and it may be involving the muscles of the neck and face. Swelling alone is difficult to diagnose without further assessment and investigations. If it is muscle spasm then it is nothing serious to worry about. However, there could be concerns that this is related to some nerve disorder and may even be the early symptoms of certain chronic conditions. It is therefore advisable that you speak to a doctor.

  • Heidi

    My son 23 years old had a left side face swollen and fever on New Years eve and the dr gave him pain killers he said its mumps he got better after 10 days , two days ago he started getting pain in the same place now it started swollen again !!what could it be ??

    • Hi Heidi. If it indeed was mumps then the symptoms should not be recurring. Sometimes there are complications but this can affect other parts of the body like the testes or even glands like the pancreas. It would not be wise for us to speculate and this warrants further investigation by a medical professional. Tell your son to see a doctor. It is possible that these new symptoms may have nothing to do with the mumps but the only way to know for sure is for a doctor to assess the symptoms.

  • Akhil

    hi.., One of my friend’s face is swelling too bad sometimes, for example when he booze face will swell both left & right side of the face (whole face), if he won’t booze than also face is swelling, even if he won’t have a proper sleep or else if go for long sleep also face is swelling.Why his face get swelling too bad for sometimes, its not regular base could you please help him out by suggesting any solution for this problem.

  • Emma-lee O.

    The right side of my face looks swollen and droopy and is very noticeable. When I smile, I don’t have much feeling in the right side of my face and the edge of my smile goes to a certain point and droops downwards. However, on my left side, I don’t have any issue and the edge of my smile extends far and points upwards. I have had this for a really long time, I’m 13 years old now, it started to show when I was around 5 or 6 years old. It wasn’t as bad back then, but now since my facial muscles have had time to develop it looks really bad. When I was little I tripped and fell, and cut the side of my lip open (on my right side,) and had to get stitches. I have no idea if this caused it at all, or it’s just random extra tissue that’s on my face. This problem literally drains 90% out of the little self confidence that I have. I never smile because of this and it has been ruining my self esteem for a very long time. Can someone please help me and suggest some things that might be wrong?

  • Asymmetrical being

    I had an allergic reaction to a chemical in *product name removed* that I used on my mustache (directly above my lip) a couple of years ago. Immediately after use, my lips and entire mouth area became incredibly swollen due to the allergic reaction (puffy, itchy, red, and yellow pus present)… ever since then I have noticed one side of my face is slightly puffier still, and not as defined as the other side of my face… is there anything I can do about this? Please advise, as it has been causing me severe psychological distress – to specify the asymmetry caused: puffier upper left cheek, puffier left side of lip than usual, and less defined jaw line – all relative to the right side of my face. Please advise as soon as possible. Thank you,
    Asymmetrical being (22 years old)

    • Hi Assymetrical. As you may know the two sides of the face are not equal in size and shape. However, the differences are usually subtle. If it is indeed swelling or enlargement (ask others if they can see it) then you will need to have it assessed. It is unlikely that the allergic reaction you had several years ago is the cause because this was a superficial reaction. Other more likely causes include teeth clenching leading to enlargement of the face muscles on that side. You need to have it assessed by a doctor to isolate the possible cause of this ‘abnormality’.

  • Vanessa

    Hi, for 10 months now I have my right side of the face swollen. I went to all king of doctors and they don’t know what is the problem. It started with pain in my throat and after 5 days of fever and feeling like my brain is burning and moving inside my head I started to swell. My neck, my face and my right arm are swollen and hurt very much, also I have severe headaches every day all the time and sometimes I don’t feel my right side of the face. I have blurred vision also on my right eye.I also have pain in my joints and when all this started I had an eritema on my leg.When I touch my hard palate with my tongue I feel like the right side is different from the left side. So, the doctors told me so far that on my right eye I have blepharitis , it seems like I have too much blood in my thyroid, and some problems with my TMJ. I don’t know what problems because the doctor just pressed me with his finger inside the mouth. They also told me that I have trigeminal neuralgia but the MRI shows nothing.They suspected also lyme and MS, but the tests came back negative. I really don’t know what to do. Please if you can give me and advice I will appreciate it. At this point I can’t do anything just sit in my bed all day and really I am exhausted of trying to find out what is wrong with me. Thank you

  • Vanessa

    Hi, for 10 months now I have my right side of the face swollen. I went to all king of doctors and they don’t know what is the problem. It started with pain in my throat and after 5 days of fever and feeling like my brain is burning and moving inside my head I started to swell. My neck, my face and my right arm are swollen and hurt very much, also I have severe headaches every day all the time and sometimes I don’t feel my right side of the face. I have blurred vision also on my right eye.I also have pain in my joints and when all this started I had an eritema on my leg.When I touch my hard palate with my tongue I feel like the right side is different from the left side. So, the doctors told me so far that on my right eye I have blepharitis , it seems like I have too much blood in my thyroid, and some problems with my TMJ. I don’t know what problems because the doctor just pressed me with his finger inside the mouth. They also told me that I have trigeminal neuralgia but the MRI shows nothing.They suspected also lyme and MS, but the tests came back negative. I really don’t know what to do. Please if you can give me and advice I will appreciate it. At this point I can’t do anything just sit in my bed all day and really I am exhausted of trying to find out what is wrong with me. Thank you

    • Eugene Resident

      I have nearly the exact same issue you have & it has been going on for 11 months. I have Lyme disease also but a bone scan showed areas that reacted to the tracer on the areas that hurt, but my older CT scans (not done with the SPECT as they should’ve been in my opnion) did not show bone involvement so I can’t get admitted to hospital for treatment. I feel that sick I’d like to be in a hospital setting. I live in constant agony and don’t want to live on pain medications. That’s all I’ve been given & endless oral antibiotics that do a little but do not get rid of this. Mine is right side of face- eye involvement, neck involvement, swollen cheek also and mouth area, speech is difficult, slight drooling, swollen right arm, swollen right hand, numb right pinky and ring finger. I’ve considered ending my life over this hell to be honest, but hope some doctor will know what to do. ENTs have been worthless and rude in my situation, Lymes doctors attribute it all to that, neurologists say it’s neuralgia, and they all say to take pain medications – but I can’t work on narcotics. I want it gone! Sorry I know this is an older post but hope you found an answer to this. God bless.

  • Sandeep Kumar

    Hi, I need help. I have Hypertrophy (enlargement) of the muscle on one side by chewing only on one side. I have been chewing on my right side for as long as i can remember till four years back. now the muscle on my right side of the face ( in the jaw portion ) is larger than my left side, as i pretty much dint use my left side to chew. the enlargement on my right side is so evident that almost everyone i meet notice it. I consulted with many doctors but cant find a solution to decrease the size. please help me by suggesting ways to reduce the enlargement. I have been through a lot because of this issue of mine and my confidence level is zero now. so please suggest ways to reduce this enlargement. It will help me a lot in my life.

    • Hi Sandeep. This is not an uncommon problem but it is very likely that with the enlargement there may also be some spasm on the larger side. It can occur if you also clench a lot. If possible you may want to consult with a plastic surgeon who can advise you further. Surgery is not usually necessary but if the muscle on one side is in spasm then Botox injections can help reduce the spasm. Of course you should also stop chewing on one side only and make a conscious effort to now chew on the other side. With time the size of the muscles will eventually balance out.

  • smiling

    Hi. I got swell on my right side of my cheek it is there for nearly one year and more than one year I think. I want a solution for this can you please suggest any medicine for me to reduce this swelling sir. I want this to be cleared it affects my day today life

    • Hi Smiling. It’s not as simple as taking a single medication to reduce the swelling. It depends on what caused and is still causing this swelling. As you can see there are many possible causes. You should speak to your doctor about this and once he/she diagnoses the underlying problem it can then be treated. Then your swelling may subside.

    • Mwansa

      I also have a non-pain swollen cheek under the ear on the right side. What can i do to reduce its shape to normal position? It’s so embarrassing!

  • smiling

    My right side get swelling it affects my day to day life… it is there for nearly one and a half years. I want it to be cleared so can you please suggest any medicine for me to cure this

  • I was born with my right side cheek swollen than my left side of my face and have been made fun of all my life and people are always asking me if l have a tooth ache cause my cheek looks like its best can you help me.

    • Hi Sandra. We cannot help you. We are simply a medical website with an online comment service that provides some medical guidance to readers. You need to consult with your family doctor who may then be able to refer you to a relevant specialist that can discuss your options with you.

  • Samantha

    My face has been swelling a random occasions over the past 2 years. No one can give me answers. Sometimes it happens gradually throughout the day and others I wake up. It is always the right side of my face that it happens to first and then sometimes – when its really bad it drags into the left side.

    The space between the right side of my nostril and cheek hurts when it swells and gets very hard.

    I have taken pictures and shown my allergist and through testing he was unable to find another wrong with me. He sent me to a skin specialist who – same thing – tested me for certain diseases but nothing.

    I would really like for this to stop and I’d really like some answers, it makes me extremely self concious.

    • Hi Samantha. It is really difficult to give you a definitive answer through an online platform. The fact that the allergist has excluded an allergy obviously helps in that there is one less possibility. But as you can see from the article above there are so many possible causes. It may be a good idea to see a dentist to exclude dental problems. You may also want to consider an enlarged masseter (cheek) muscle which could be going into spasm every now and then. Your dentist will be well equipped to advise you about these conditions. It may also be worthwhile seeing an ENT specialist (otorhinolaryngologist) or a maxillofacial specialist. Speak to your family doctor about possible referrals.

  • lemres

    Two days ago, i woke up with a swollen and painful left cheek. I cant open my mouth all the way and its been difficult eating and chewing. Breathing is normal, but the pain also affects the left side of my neck and when i swallow, it kinda feels like a sore throat on that side. I’m not sure if I bit it in my sleep or not but it starts to sting when food touches that side. Should I worry?

    • Hi Lemres. If it has not resolved by now then you should have it checked up. It could be due to an infection but may also be a dental problem. Another possibility is spasm of the cheek muscles on that side which can occur for a number of different reasons. Clenching your teeth may be one of these reasons and it is often associated with stress or habit. Your doctor may be able to advise you further.

  • Charkie121

    Hi there. a friend of mine has swelling on the right side of her face around her ear area that extends all the way up till almost the middle of her head. It started yesterday and has gotten progressively worse. She also has a rash in all the “fold” areas, arm pits; groin; back of knees; stomach; started on feet today; on her head as well where the swelling is and in her mouth. She says it very itchy, painful and her head along with the pain and itchiness has a burning sensation “under the skin”.
    She saw a doctor yesterday but the doctor didn’t know what it is, has taken blood tests for everything, still waiting on the result. Do you guys maybe have an idea of what it could be?

  • Gabe simpon

    two years ago when I started Highschool i began to notice a significant difference with the right side of my face, it looks swollen and the bone sticks out and feels a lot thicker than my left and the muscles got bigger as well. also my jaw bone got thicker and is lower than the one on my left. I often experience popping when I yawn or chew. I’ve never had this problem before my freshman year and it seems to be getting worse, I don’t know what it is. it’s strange because Ive always favored chewing my left side wich is much more flatter and defined. So I’m not sure what is causing this. please help, I will really appreciate it. 🙂

  • Heather Goodfellow

    I have had swelling on the left side of my face sometimes for a couple of minutes, other times for hours or days at a time for 9 years now and nobody knows why. I have all sort of tests and seen all types of departments at several hospitals. Recently I have been diagnosed with having Polycystic Kidney & Liver disease and also ductal plate malformation in the liver and am awaiting an operation on this. But every time I ask a specialist about my face swelling and whether it could have anything to do with this new diagnosis – nobody knows. What do you think?

  • Tranfusion

    I had over the weekend found my left cheek started to swell up to a size of a softball. It happened when I was chewing. I took some Advil and put some ice on it and it gotten smaller in a couple of hours. It happen to me on Sunday and then Monday. Now it seems to be not reoccurring anymore. Should I be concerned and go see the doctor?

    • Hi Transfusion. Yes, you should consult with a doctor and maybe a dentist as well. Many dental problems can cause swelling like this even though there may be no toothache. It could also be arising from your parotid gland or the muscles of the cheek, among a host of other conditions. Your doctor will ill be able to advise you accordingly.

  • Tmar B

    the left side of my face is swollen and have been for a month now. I have no pain. I went to the dentist took ex-ray’s, but no signs of an infection accept that I need a deep cleaning…could that be the cause of my swelling? I have a crown on that side I hope that’s what it is. I hate the unknown. I’m so ashamed I walk with my head down to avoid people looking at me asking what happen. I just called to see if I could get an antibiotic to make it go away. My deep cleaning appointment isn’t until I get a pre-authorization from my health insurance.

  • Vanessa

    Hi. I was diagnosed with SLE about 2 years ago. For a while now I’ve noticed the right side of my face slightly different. It’s been a month and I can tell my cheek is bigger in that side and my eye smaller. I’m not on any steroids just an immunosuppressant and ibuprofen as needed. I eat fairly well and my teeth are fine. Can this be reversible if it’s a side effect of maybe the medication?

  • mefadong

    Hello! I have a situation thats been borthering me for almost a year now and I’ve been to a total of 12 doctors, including specialist and all the testing they’ve done come back stating I’m perfectly find. In my opinion I’m not and its very frustrating and I’m really trying to get some answers and find out why the right side of my face has been swollen for almost 5 months and has never went down or away. On top of that, my swelling on the right side of my head has me dizzy every single day and some days its really worst then others. My right eye feels funny on the side that’s swollen. Also I can’t seem to focus that well with only my right eye when I’m starring at things or focusing on things but I can see perfectly fine. My vision hasn’t been affected at all. I’m still 20/20. My right eye just feels really weird and I really can’t explain it. This all started last year in 2014, September 21st and I’m still dealing with whatever this is. I woke up in the morning of the 21st and had this severe pain and pressure right over top of my right eye. The pain was really bad and it felt like it was effecting my right eye but I could still see perfectly fine. Almost a week later the pain started to shoot under my right eye so I thought it could have been a sinus infection. I went to a couple of doctors. After they ran there test on me some of them pretty much guessed at what they thaught it could have been and the rest stated its not a sinus infection and there not sure what it could be and what could be casuing me to feel the way I felt. They wrote me a couple of prescriptions for swelling and pain. This pain lasted for a couple of months from the top of my right eye to under my right eye. Then the pain shot to the right side of my head and thats when the swelling started. My face has been swollen ever since. The swelling has me dizzy every day and it has my right eye feel funny but there’s not anymore pain at all where the swelling is. Thats when I started going back to the doctors. All the doctors kept referring me to all these specialist. They’ve treated me to see if I have Vertigo which I don’t. They tested me for ear infections which I didn’t have and they done a MRI and CT Scan and said they don’t find anything everything looks normal. I know that I’m not normal becuase this has never happend before with the swelling and dizziness, plus it hasn’t with away yet. I’m trying to get some answers if you can help. I need another opinion becuase these doctors didn’t really look at my MRI or CT Scan good. They glanced at it and stated I’m find when I’m not. Apologise for writing so much. Just trying to get to the bottom line of this.

  • gagan

    Hi I’m gagan my right side of the face has swell specially my cheeks all the day and my tooth Ortho treatment is pursuing from four months. Could you please help me about swelling problem plz?

  • gagan

    Hi I’m gagan my right side of the face has been swell specially cheeks when I wake up and all day and my tooth Ortho treatment has pursuing from four months. Could you help me about swelling plz?


    The right side of my face is swollen along the cheek does feel spongy and firm. Can feel strange at time when I talk or eat as if I guess lopsided. I have a problem of picking the inside of my right nostril when it becomes a bit dry. I did have a cream from the doctor but that never worked the little patch hasn’t dried up for around 3 years even when I have left alone. Also think it could be to do with the actual jaw line and I’m sure at the time my left ear inside felt sore.


    The right side of my face is swollen along the cheek does feel spongy and firm. Can feel strange at time when I talk or eat as if I guess lopsided. I have a problem of picking the inside of my right nostril when it becomes a bit dry. I did have a cream from the doctor but that never worked the little patch hasn’t dried up for around 3 years even when I have left alone. Also think it could be to do with the actual jaw line and I’m sure at the time my left ear inside felt sore.

  • Minh Ng

    Hi! I know this is an old post but I recently found it and need an answer. In the last few years, I’ve been admitted to the hospital because of my face was swelling after received an i.v transfusion. The doctors found out that I had an infection in my right face area, causing from inflamed gums. They treated with antibiotics for about a week and it get better. But recently I have another trouble with another gums inflammation. My face swollen again and it gone eventually, but now it leaves a bean-size, small hard-swollen portion near my left nostril. What does that mean? Should I go to the doctor again?

  • sufa adugna

    hi,i have one side of my face swelling,before that i havelesion on one of my arm w/c is praised ,medium sized and itchy,it then involved my face currently,one of my eye is clesed with eyelid,itching is still there,there is also swelling and discharge from my earlobe

    • Hi Sufa. Sounds like angioedema but you need to see a doctor who can confirm the diagnosis. Even if this has cleared on its own you must have it assessed by a medical professional. It is possible that this is related to some allergy that you were not previously aware of and could therefore occur again. With early diagnosis and treatment, further episodes can be prevented.

      • sufa adugna

        thank you as you said,allergy was dxed and responded to steroid,now cured off

  • Lisa

    My lump nodes are swollen plus half my face.My eye is so swollen it will barely open. My forehead is very tender and swollen. Its even on half my nose and in my head all on the
    left side. I feel like needles are going through it. My head hurts on left side. I had it since Monday and it has spread all over the left side of my face.My Dr put me on high powerful penicillin but it has not helped.

    • Susan Marshall

      Do you have shingles?

  • Lisa

    Has not helped!!

  • Raeesah Sedick


  • Charisma Destinie

    I am in need of some advice…one day i started to get really really bad headache then all of a sudden pressure on left side of my face next to my nose i went to sleep and bam woke up with my eye nearly closed and my whole left side was swollen only

  • Tabatha Labarca

    Hi. The left side of my face, along my cheek bone near my eye, started to swell out of no where. It feels painful if I try to blink, or move my mouth a certain say. It feels like a hard clump and I’m not sure if it’s something serious, but I feel the swelling is getting worse as the days go by. What should I do?

  • Tabatha Labarca

    The left side of by face, along my cheek bone near my eye, started to swell the other day. It happened while I was sleeping, so I’m not sure what caused it. It feels painful when I touch, but overall it’s numb. It’s a really weird feeling, honestly. The swelling portion feels hard and it adjusted my eye size, making it a bit difficult to blink or look down. Only my cheek is affected, and I’m not sure if I should be concerned. Today the swelling is a lot worse, making my eye look smaller and my face puffier. Is this something serious? What should I do?

  • Hikari Poi

    Hi, my mother’s left side of face, below the cheeks was swollen after she wokeup. It extends a little to the neck. Before this, her gum always hurt and stuff like that but after she took some medication it went away but now comes a facial swelling. I’m really worried but wat is this?

  • Jai Martakies

    Hi I noticed a few days ago my right side of my face has puff out it very sore wen I press on it and when I clean my teeth it really hurts but not sure if to call a doc or dentist feel like someone punch me

  • Theresa

    My husband right side of his face is swollen and painful. He is also very tired. It has been this way since Friday night, it is now Sunday early afternoon.

  • Laura Hazell Gennery

    I was working yesterday and my right side of my face started to really hurt I went home after work and all of a sudden my face started swelling which then led To my eye which the vision is becoming blurry and down my neck its still swollen today what should I do? I’m really starting To worry

  • sam1234

    The right side of my mother’s face has gradually swollen up, one of her eyes becomes slightly smaller, and the swelling is more noticeable somedays than others – There is no pain, it is soft, should it be worth mentioning, she suffers from high blood pressure and some problems with her Sinus and migraines. What can we do about this as doctors can’t find anything wrong?

  • andrew

    hi my 15 year old daughter has been getting severe bouts of tonsillitis for 2 years,6 weeks ago she had them removed but now is getting repeatedly a swelling of the right cheek and high temperatures what should i do ?

    • Hi Andrew. It is advisable that she sees a doctor immediately. While this could be related to a complication from the surgery, like a post-operative infection, it is also possible that this is unrelated. The fact that these symptoms arose 6 weeks after surgery makes it less likely to be a surgical complication. It may therefore be an entirely different condition. There is no way of knowing for sure without a doctor assessing her. It would not be advisable to wait. Take her to a doctor ASAP.

  • Angelo Ortega

    The right-side of my face has been a little swlled up and i got my widom teeth out like a month ago but i feel bones or something on only the right side of my face… The left side seems fine.
    What should i do?

  • Siva

    I have a problem my left side of the face swollen than right below the eyes, (not too big )and feel pain behind my left eyes, what is the problem is it any big health issue can please advice !

  • The left side of my face is noticeably swollen. A slight swelling appeared 20 years ago, but in the past year has gotten much worse. I have chronic sinusitis and have had 8 sinus surgeries between 1980 and 2005. My ENT says the swelling could be the result of bone thickening. I’m puzzled it’s gotten worse so quickly. There is pressure and pain around the eye and temple area.

    • Hi Grace. It is difficult to say whether the recent swelling is related to the persistent swelling which you have experienced over the past 20 years. It could be due to 2 different conditions. The fact that you are experiencing pressure and pain which has developed relatively suddenly points towards a separate cause for these recent symptoms. You should follow up with the ENT specialist. This could be an infection. The specialist will advise you accordingly.

  • Amy

    The left side of my boyfriend’s face swells up mostly when he wakes up in the morning. It’s been getting worse and he feels pain mostly on his cheek. He’s not allergic to anything so it’s not that. What could it be?

  • ajay

    My one side of my chick has swollen do you have any suggestions or which doctors I should prefer for treatment? It will be paining during sleeping

  • Rocio

    My 8 yr old got sent home from school her left side was swollen and her left eye got red and also her right cheevk. Almost her enyire face. Gave Her ibuprofen and came down a little. Should I be worried?

  • banu banu

    i have one sided swelling in my right cheek..i dont have any pain or redness or oral which doctor(specialist) i should refer please guide me..

  • Tori D. Betz

    I wake up with a swollen right side of my face, but once I have been up for a few seconds it goes back down. What is going on?

  • shelovezzchocolatee

    I have pain and swelling in my right cheek I’m taking amoxin for it second day now but it still keeps swelling more they think I have sinusitis but the swelling keeps getting worse even with antibiotics is this normal??

  • Michelle

    Left side face swell in cheekbones. .then been like that seens last June. .then had all kinds of test run ..which they all come back good. .i then had thyroid panel which was good..then had lupus panel which come back good…all blood work then come back good…still have swelling in cheekbones can someone please help. And then been 2 dentist and everything was good

  • Kacey

    Hi i know this is a bit old now but yesterday i took my 8 year old daughter to the doctors because her left side of her face was swollen all the way from the cheek to the ear right down to under the chin. The doctor and nurse were puzzled and said that they have no idea what has caused it. And told me to get some antihistamines and some nurofen i did and still she is swollen today.
    Im just wondering if anyone else has had the docotrs puzzled or no what it might be that is causing this.

  • vanessa cabrera

    hi a few years ago i was struck on the right side of my face with an object. My eye and nose were severely swollen. Lately I have been experiencing headaches that last up to or more then a week. I chucked it up as possibly a migraine but now I’m noticing the right side of my face is swollen with occasionally some pain; especially when i have the headaches. I hate going to doctors but i will but i just wanted to get some kind of idea of what may be the issue, please help

  • Arb

    Okay, I have a minor swellling on one side(right) as well. I did come to a conclusion for this on my own and very confident about it.. and my conclusion is not really one of the solutions here so I’ll share it with everyone. I can already see by many comments that they can relate.

    So, first thing I looked at when I realized the swelling was my Teeth. My teeth are not in the perfect U shape [if you look at the vertical cross-section of my lower teeth]. It is perfect on one side, but as it moves to the other, the U shape squishes inwards to make it straight, changing a symmetric “(_)” into a “(_/” . Meaning, when sliding my tongue across the inside of my lower teeth, I have lots of room on one side and much less room on another. The side with less room is my Left and it seems impacted inward as mentioned before, thus making my right side (perfect) the swollen side. Aka. The ‘Swollen’ side is not swollen but rather is the good side and the non swollen side is actually the squished side.

    My analysis of my behaviour came down to the one and only reason, a habit I’ve had throughout my childhood;
    –> I used to rest my face (cheeks) on the left side a LOT). I used to do that whenever I was taking down notes as a kid (Indian educated, so taking large amount of notes starts very early) or When I was Studying on the bed or table etc. And it’s especially bad when you’re sleepy at 4 AM and your head is fully resting on your fist while studying for exams.

    Reasons I believe resting face on hands is the cause:
    1. As a Child, your bones are still developing and are weak and IS subject to change with frequent application of pressure.
    2. I hated milk, so Bones definitely weren’t strong and very vulnerable to deform.

    So, whats done is done. But for your kids, make sure they take in enough Calcium to strenghten their bones and make sure they arent being lazy in a destructive way (applyign pressure on face bones for resting) and they should be able to maintain the shape they were born with.

    That’s all. let me know it anyone relates.

  • Ostassia Stephens Robinson

    my husband is a healthy 31 year old. 2 weeks ago he woke up with the lift side of his face numb and swollen. He went to the doctor they ran some test (CT AND ECG ) they also took his blood. everything came back normal. They then went ahead and give him medication (Acivir 400, Ranitidine and Apo Prednisone) he took everything until it was finish. Now it been a week since he took everything he was given and nothing is changing, in fact it seem to be getting worst. we really don’t know what we should do next. We are seeking other doctors for a better opinion. What do you think?
    Thank you in advance for you time and your medical opinion.

  • prashant

    hi,i am really worried as right side of my jaw is swollen and its been 2 years and its same, no pain nothing.. i am very worried , i have tonsils and i used to smoke but not anymore,.. plz guide 🙁

  • Kelli Oshea

    So my sister’s right ear started swelling the other day and she has some pain but not terrible. Today her forehead is starting to swell and she is wobbly when she stands. What’s going on with her?

    • Hi Kelli. This could be an infection that is worsening and spreading. This is just one possibility and we cannot diagnose her here. It is advisable that she sees a doctor immediately as this sounds serious.

  • Christina Reis

    My inner part of my mouth. cheek area. feels like the bone area not sure but its in the bottom left side in the crease almost of my jaw area is hard and swoolen. I get itchy on my cheek and sometimes a slight red rash that no one can even notice except me. Thoughts?

  • Kimi

    I just woke up to the right side of my face swollen, from just under my eye next to my nose down through the hollow of my cheek to under my ear and edge of my jaw. Hard tender lumps…swollen lymph glands? Some slight numbness… In the last week i have had a severe sinus allergy attack and then woke up to pain across my lower back just beliw my ribs… And now this… What is happening to me?!

  • disqus_NVzhSMHovD

    Hi my swelling of the right side of my face gradually developed through the years. Its uncomfortable and some days its more swollen then other days…also the right side of my throat/neck is swollen as well. It feels like there’s something in my throat with never ending phlegm. What could this be?Iv been avoiding seeing a doctor because I’m scared.please help.

  • dedeotaku

    4 months ago i felt the right side of my face i swollen and i feel like it getting more noticeable these days .it does not hurt or anything but it just affect the way i look 🙁 ……HELP????

  • Pat DeVoy

    Hi Everyone,
    Over the last two weeks the left side of my face (next to my nose) has swollen from the edge of my mouth to my eye, my doctor told me to give up salt and if it isn’t gone in two weeks he will refer me to an ENT. If salt was the case why only one side is swelling. Any suggestions? Could it be an allergy?

  • Aquib

    Hi, when I woke up in the morning my left side of the face got swollen especially near my cheeks,there is no pain in that region,sometimes I have light head ache. I will be indebted to you

    • Hi Aquib. As you can see from the article above there are many possible causes of facial swelling on one side. One possibility is that you were clenching your teeth at night while sleeping. However, there are other conditions that could cause this and the only way to know the exact cause is to have it assessed by your doctor.

  • Elaheh Marand

    this morning when I woke up the right side of my face was swollen, mainly cheek and eye. last night before I went to sleep the right side of my tooth was sore, so that might be a source to the problem. what should I do? what will happen?

  • ReceMae

    About 3 weeks ago, I woke up and the inside of my right cheek was swollen, (visibly swollen) on the cheek and art of my gums. The swell is hard and I chew mainly on my right side, I think I might have hypertrophy. Is it an infection? I don’t have the money to see a doctor, what should I do to make the swelling go down ASAP? Please help.

  • Shahzeen

    Hi my 4 years old son face is swell one sided from yesterday . First it was only his uper lip but now his half face is swell what should i do ?

  • I taught swimming today from 10:00 to 11:00 and then I went to run an errand. When I got home, the left side of the back of my cheek around my jaw line near my ear was really swollen and shows a visible hard mass (about 2″ x 1″).

    While in the water, it felt like something flew in my ear. The mass doesn’t really hurt, but looks very odd. It only hurts a little if I maneuver my jawline. My teeth are fine. As of this writing, it is now 2:15 pm and the lump/mass is there. There is no red mark, just the swelling. Any thoughts about what it could be? I’ve never had anything like this. It is pretty strange.

  • EightBitGhost

    There is a hard lump about 3/4 of an inch below my eye to the right side of my nose that is very tender and it also has been affecting my right eye where it’s irritated and gets gunky. I have had many eye infections before and it doesn’t seem to be one any ideas as to what’s happening?

  • Mrunal Patel

    My right side of face is bigger than my left side….especially cheek area…is there any facial exercise which can reduce my one side of facial fat?

    • Hi Mrunal. It is important to first understand why there is this difference. Both sides of the face are not symmetrical but usually one side is not significantly larger than the other. If it just started up then it could be swelling due to some problem which needs to be treated. If it has been around for a long period of time then it could be due to an enlargement of the masseter muscle rather than fat. Follow up with your doctor and/or dentist to confirm the underlying cause and then he/she could advise you further on possible treatments.

  • PrestonAOL

    My left side of my face tends to swell at night, my cheeks and under my eye are affected and when this occurs I get twitches or spasms under the eye and a slight drowsy feel on my left side. Is it a health issue?

  • diba bahar

    I encounter swollen cheek since 4 years ago. It is not painful but it affects me psychologically. I’ve seen the doctor, they said it might be because previously i always chew only one side and the muscle getting bigger. Beside that, I also undergone a painful dental treatment before when i was a kid. Do you have any tips to reduce the swollen? I’m already clueless on what should i do. please do help me.

    • Hi Dida. The focus needs to be on what exactly is causing this enlargement of the cheek. Swelling means that there is fluid accumulation but this is usually not a common cause of an enlarged cheek that persists for so long. One of the more likely cause is an abnormal enlargment of the cheek muscles only on one side. The dental treatment in childhood is unlikely to be causing continued enlargement. More important is whether you have a tendency to clench. As you can see from the article above, there are various other causes. You should follow up with your doctor and possibly also consult with a specialist like a maxillofacial specialist. Your doctor will advise you further.

  • Luke Bannister

    Hi i have a small but very sore lump on my right cheek and my eye area has also swelled up and it is all very red and sore, could you please help?

    • Hi Luke. There are a number of different conditionsthat could cause the symptoms you are experiencing. It is unclear whether the lump on your cheek is related to the swelling on the eye. This could be related to an infection but there is no way of saying for sure through an online platform. Hopefully you have seen a doctor by now and started with the relevant treatment that was prescribed. If not speak to your faimly doctor.

  • Toni

    I was googling my symptoms and found site. I have problems with the left side of my face swelling along with the left side of my neck being swollen and tight. I do clench my teeth in my sleep and through the day. My dr. Said it’s probably TMJ. I did have my wisdom teeth pulled in March. I also see a dermatologist because I still have a cyst under my eye he gave me medication said if it gets infected he would give me a cortisone shot. So I’m just confused where to turn. It affects my eye it’s either very dry or watery.

    • Hi Toni. As you mention, there are quite a few factors that may have played a role in this swelling. Each condition needs to be appropriately treated and managed. Ultimately the swelling is a symptom of one or more of these conditions and when each condition has resolved then the swelling should subside. However, as you also mention you do clench your teeth which can also lead to abnormal enlargement of the masseter muscle. In the long term this will cause the one sided facial swelling to persist. You may want to start with your dentist or a maxillofacial specialist.

  • Pretty Smile

    My left cheek is swollen from last 4 years. The reason I was told was because I was not chewing from my left side.My wisdom teeth gone bad on that side thats why i was not able to chew at all on left side. It is not painful but one side looks all swelled up and my whole face alignment looks weird because of that. Kindly suggest.

    • Hi Pretty. It is possible that chewing only on one side can affect the size of the face between both sides. Muscle enlargement and shrinking can cause this alteration although other factors may also be involved. It is advisable to follow up with your doctor and dentist, and if necessary consult with a specialist like a maxillofacial specialist. If indeed the chewing is the problem then simple changes in chewing habits can make a difference but this will not occur overnight. Speak to your doctor.

  • sarath

    hi.. there is a swelling on my brother’s right cheek …. he experiences no pain.. but I’m concerned.. any suggestions on what this may be a symptom of?

    • Hi Sarath. Swelling of one cheek can occur for various different reasons as you can see from the article above. The lack of pain may mean that it is not due to inflammation but this is not always the case. It could instead be due to enlargement of the facial muscles on one side but this usually does not occur overnight. It is advisable that your brother follows up with his doctor and/or dentist as further investigation will be necessary to diagnose the underlying cause.

  • happygirl

    hi there my boyfriend recently woke up with half his face swollen and he’s sure that he has not eaten anything he’d be allergic to or injured his face, although he does have severe acne which could we think play a part in it but we are unsure.

  • Happy-go-lucky

    Last year, the left side of my face swelled. After it has decreased it size, the face became asymmetrical. I have eczema, a type of skin condition, so I’m not sure whether that is the cause. Even till now, my face hasn’t gine back to its original shape. My smile is slanted now!
    What can I do?

  • Julia Cummins

    One side of my face is larger than the other. This had been for a few months now. No problems…just swelling.

  • Hi Tinaya. Occasional swelling like what you are describing is uncommon. It could be related to an allergy or it may be angioedema although you don’t mention any other symptoms. The only way to know for sure is for him to see a doctor when this occurs. Then the exact cause can be identified and treated accordingly.


    mom is 71 had a stroke 3 months ago shes been sleeping on her left side and today woke up with her eye almost swollen shut should i worry

    • Hi RFrankie. Lying for long periods on one side can cause swelling. The question here is whether this is due to your Mom’s prolonged bed rest or whether there is some other cause. Her age and history of a stroke could also mean that she has other cardiovascular conditions which may also be causing fluid to accumulate. It could also be due to a dental infection or some other cause. Speak to her doctor for further advice.

  • Hi Rosemary. Without knowing the exact cause of this swelling, it is difficult to say whether it needs emergency medical attention. By now you should have seen a doctor. As you can see from the article above, there are many possible causes of one sided swelling. It could be a dental infection on that side, enlargement of the cheek muscle or even a heart problem that is causing fluid to accumulate in the face when lying flat. If this is recurring or persisting and you have not sought medical attention yet, then please speak to a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Ricardo

    Right cheek by my jaw has been swollen for about a week or so looks worse In morning. Went to a Dr they did blood work and seen nothing wrong there. There is no pain other than it is annoying to look at. Any idea? Also I am prepping for a bodybuilding competitiin nd my calories are pretty limited at about 1300 I exercise everyday and do swimming for cardio (swollenness was there prior to swimming)

    • Hi Ricardo. As you mentioned, the swelling/enlargement was there prior and probably the loss of body fat may just have made it more obvious. It could be enlargement of the cheek muscles on one side, which is more likely to occur with clenching or chewing more on one side. However, there are many other possible causes as you can see from above. If your doctor has not found any possible cause then maybe follow up with a dentist.

      • Ricardo

        Could this cause puffiness around eyes also

  • sandesh

    my wife has tuberculosis she is taking the medicines regularly but from last 10days she is getting half side headache and half side face swelling what is the problem please help

    • Hi Sandesh. There are many possible causes as you can see from the article above. It may or may not be related to TB or the TB drugs. Although TB drugs do have many side effects, it is important that she completes the entire course. Never stop TB drugs for any reason unless a doctor says so. By stopping these drugs too early she can contribute to drug-resistant TB which can be difficult to treat, and can even be deadly.

  • Evelyn

    hello !
    I am constantly getting headaches. I have a high pain tolerance and sometimes it’s unbearable. I’ve slept with a mouth guard but the next day my jaw feels heavy. My eyes are sensitive to light and currently having major eye problems. The right side of my face is swollen I have neck and back pain as well. My right eye socket has shifted upwards and my lip downwards (right side). My doctor prescribed me pills for the pain but they are starting not be strong enough. I want permanent relief. Eye contact is getting worst to make. Left side is completely fine. No problem there. Please Help me

    • Hi Evelyn. While clenching could explain the one-sided facial enlargement and headaches, there are other possible causes. It is also possible that there is more than one condition present. While light sensitivity does occur with headaches to some degree, this may also be a sign of some other condition as well. Pain tablets on its own may not be the answer. The exact cause needs to be identified and appropriately treated. You may want to get a second opinion and preferably see a specialist at this point, like a neurologist. Further diagnostic investigation may reveal other possibilities that have not as yet been considered. Speak to your doctor about a referral.

  • Gyana Ranjan

    I have my left cheek little bit swollen . Although it does not appear from the outer side (One can only notice if he observes keenly) but I feel the swelling from inside . I have facing a mild pain at throat which sometimes radiates to my left ear . Please assist here .

  • Guru Prasad

    Hi, How is it now? My son has a similar condition i.e., he’s beeeen through some infection and right side of his face lloks swollen. Can you give some details plz.

  • Renee

    Hello, Just today I started noticing a twitching feeling below my eye, near the top of my cheek, on the left side of my face – maybe 5-10 times so far. In addition that area of my face feels strange when I press on it (hard compared to the right side). Also have had some shooting pains in left ear when I yawn (not sure if related) and some twitching feelings in the left side of neck. Should I just give it a couple weeks and see if it gets worse?

    • Hi Renee. Hopefully by now you have sought medical attention if your symptoms persisted. As you can see from the article above, there are many possible causes for your symptoms. However, the twitching, shooting pains and possibly muscle spasm (which feels harder than normal) are indicative of some nerve problem. It is highly advisable that you see a neurologist as soon as possible.

  • Cyan Tarek

    Hi, I’m 22 male. I had a benign tumor (Hemangioma) on the left cheek of my face. It starts from my childhood when my age was 12/13. From that time the left side of my face looked a little puffy than my right cheek, and it was easily noticeable as my friends teased me about it . I didn’t know that there was a tumor there, it didn’t cause any problem unless this swelling on the left cheek.
    When I reached 22, my left cheek become more puffy due to swelling, and everybody noticed it and asked me about it. Then I could feel that there was something under the skin of my left cheek, felt like small lump. I felt really embarrassed. Then I went to a doctor, he diagnosed it was a benign tumor. I received a tumor excision surgery, it was removed totally, now there’s nothing under my left cheek skin. After the surgery, everybody thought that the left cheek will return to it’s normal look. But the left cheek is still looking puffy and swelling (though a little bit less than before the surgery). Though there’s no tumor anymore, the cheek is soft, puffy and swelling. I still feel embarrassed due to this puffy look on the left cheek.
    What should I do? Does that cheek swelling puffy look become permanent due to the tumor? Or it will return to it’s normal look after the tumor has been removed successfully? Please give me some suggestion, I feel very ashamed to go out as everybody is looking at me and talking behind my back.

  • busybee

    hi there, its been about a few weeks since I have noticed that the right side of my cheek recently grew, and small part of under eye is swollen. I don’t experience any pain anywhere whatsoever but every time I smile, the right side feels a little more firm than the other. I’ve been asking my good friends if they see difference in my cheeks and they do. I’ve been to the doctors and they say that they don’t see any difference.
    What should I do to get rid of my swollen cheek?

  • JJ Samid

    Hi There,
    I’m 15 years old and I’ve been noticing a swelling on the right side of my face for about 6 months. My jawline is also out of shape. It’s not very noticeable when people look at me, but it’s noticeable when I take pictures. I’ve been to the doctors during the summer, they did an ultrasound test on it said that everything was normal. I still can physically feel that one side of my face is bigger. This has been bugging me very much and recently it has been more noticeable to people. I can also feel that the skin of my cheekbone is my puffer than the other. If you need any pictures of my face please contact me on Please contact me as soon as possible.
    Thank You

  • Hi Charl. If the symptoms have not resolved then it is advisable that you seek medical attention. While this could be a superficial infection, allergic reaction or angioedema/hives, the other possibility is that there is a deeper infection which could be much more serious. Your doctor will examine you and advise you accordingly.

  • Sabrina

    The left side of my face has been swollen and becoming tender. My eye on my left side is slightly bigger and visible. My right side looks and feels completely fine. Whereas, the left side of my face feels and looks odd. I have been in pain due to the swells and it keeps me up at night and also stresses me out throughout the day. I’ve been to the GP, they referred me to the dentist and my dentist told me there was nothing wrong with my ‘bone structure’ (it clearly is evident that the left side of my face/jaw is bigger and more lower than right). What should I do?

  • sarag

    I’m going to try and explain this the best way i can, my daughter is 8, she had a bad cold before Christmas which made her glands/lymph nodes swell up around her neck/jaw line join, i took her to the doctors and they confirmed it was just a cold and to get some medicine etc, since the cold has gone the muscle on her (left side) jaw line is swollen to look at, when you touch it it feels like it is tense, she says it hurts.
    I’ve read some of the comments here and they talk about bug bites, my daughter has two inflames lumps, one on her neck and one on her leg which she has had for a few years now, the doctors say they are bug bites and she’d need cosmetic surgery if she wants them removed when she is older.
    Please can you advise me what is wrong with her cheek and also about the bug bites as they are concerning.

  • Ashley

    For about 7 months now, the left side of my face/cheekbone has been swollen. I experienced sun damage on this side of my face from a recent trip in Cancun. I have gone for an ultra sound, Ct scan, and even an MRI scan on it and nothing shows. I have been to the dentist, ENT, dermatologist, and even a nuerologist and no one can seem to figure this out. Any chance you know what this can be?

    • Hi Ashley. As you can see from the article above there are many possible causes and not all causes have been discussed here. Sun damage could cause superficial swelling but it should have resolved within a few weeks. A persistent swelling (and assuming that you are not talking about a hard enlargement) can sometimes occur with certain cardiac conditions, and more so after wakening. Of course, this is just one possibility and it is difficult to say for sure through an online platform. The fact that you have seen so medical specialists who have not as yet diagnosed a possible cause is baffling, and we could not be much more help in this regard.

  • Mitzi K.

    My husband and I went on a walk yesterday and suddenly his upper lip and cheek area swelled up on his right side and was numb. There is no pain. I gave him an OTC antihistamine and an ice pack which relieved the symptoms somewhat. By the end of the day yesterday it was almost normal (95%). But when he awoke this morning it was back but not as severe. He has not had dental work, changed medication, or introduced something new to his diet. Any ideas?

    • HI Mitzi. An allergic reaction is a possibility since he could have been exposed to some allergen when out for the walk that he does not usually encounter. From the location and sudden onset, an allergy seems even more likely, in addition to the fact that he responded to antihistamines. This definitely needs to be followed up with your family doctor. The reaction may have been relatively mild this time but there is no way of saying that it cannot be severe on future encounters. Your family doctor may also want to refer him to an allergist at some point so getting professional medical attention is important. It is difficult to say what could have caused this from your report and further diagnostic tests are necessary.

  • Gargi jain

    The left side of my mother’s face started swelling which includes cheeks and eyes.There is no pain but a little bit itching is there. We consulted our doctor but he said there is nothing. There is no injury too. Now The swelling is shifting to the right side of the face ,i.e,the eyes . She has thyroid and blood pressure. What should be done?

    • Hi Gargi. FIrstly a problem with the skin and the tissue just underneath would be the first consideration, such as the case with angioedema although she does not appear to have typical symptoms. There are several possible conditions that could cause this like contact dermatitis which is an irritation or allergic reaction of the skin to some substance that is making contact with it. Given your mother’s history, it may also be a good idea to have a cardiovascular condition. Swelling of the face can occur in some people with heart failure. As you can see from the article above there are many possibilities. You should consult with another doctor for a second opinion.

  • maryam

    After a medical facial one side of my face was swallon i went to the doctor she said it a tissue damage than she said it will get better with time but its been 2 years now but nothing happened what should i do

    • Hi Maryam. There could have been deep tissue injury with this procedure and usually the swelling subsides within a few days to weeks at most. SInce there is ongoing swelling, you need to have this checked. Consult with a dermatologist. While this may be related to teh procedure that you underwent, it is also possible that this is an entirely separate condition that is causing the swelling. It is difficult to say for sure but 2 years is a very long time to have waited for this to resolve.

  • Katie Stewart

    I woke up this morning, now 20 hours ago, to the left side of my face swollen. It’s lower on my face, it almost looks saggy. There’s no swelling on the inside of my mouth, no pain, I’ve got no rash or fever or any cold symptoms. It’s spongy feeling and has gone up and down in size all day but not once returned to normal.
    I have hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease.

  • Shreyas Dixit

    Hii! The right side of my dad’s face is swollen(the cheek and below and above eye). He has Dilated Cardiomyopathy since past 3 years but it’s was not happening until 2 months back after there was a medicine change by the Cardiologist. We called up the Cardiologist he told him to stop taking two of the medicine about still after few days there was swelling. My dad went to our general physician yesterday she said it might be an allergy from the drug or from something in the food, so she suggested blood tests(Haemogram/ESR and AEC). So my question is, that this swelling is because of his condition or other factors?

    • Hi Shreyas. There is no way that we can say what the cause of this swelling may be. Your father’s doctor has to do so. As you can see from the article above, there are many possible conditions. It could be due his heart condition, it could be related to the medication he is taking or it could be due to an allergy of an entirely different cause. Follow up with the doctor after all the necessary blood tests have been done. The doctor will be able to advise your father accordingly.

  • shirley

    Hi, The right side of my face is swollen, same thing on the middle of my forehead and my upper lip when i woke up in the morning. I fell like a little itchy but not really itchy, Swelling is not painful, and getting flatten gradually through out the day. Please let me know why i am having this sometimes 1 or 2 x a week. In the last 2 weeks i ate shrimp once in a week, is it because of this food? Just yesterday i ate veggies with small shrimp again. Then i got this swollen face today morning. Or is it because the weather here is too hot, i had put on the fan on the face while i am on sleeping? Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks and God Bless.

    • Hi Shirley. Hopefully the swelling has resolved by now. Sudden swelling with itching, irrespective of how mild, is often related to an allergy. Sometimes the cause of these sudden allergic reactions are difficult to identify. Take note of what could have been the trigger, especiall if it occurs again in the future and see a doctor. If the swelling has not yet gone then you should see a doctor ASAP. As you can see from the article above, there are many other possible causes of facial swelling. Your doctor will advise your accordingly.

      • shirley

        I’m fine now. I just need to avoid eating sea foods and Peanut Butter. Thanks HealthHype.

  • Bree Ashley Berry

    I know this is old but I have one side of my face that stays swollen, mainly feels like fluid beneath as i press down it relieves the pain. This all starterd 1 month after i recieved juvaderm in my lips and recieving allergy shots. It has now been 1 year and almost 7 months of steroids, there is a random swelling under my jaw as well that never goes away. Did i have a life long reaction to the fillers or allergy shots? Could it somehow be a nerve engery or is this somehow now an autoimmune disease! please help! I have always been healthy up until this

  • Bree Ashley Berry

    I see this is an old forum but I am having this same issue! I was fine but was getting allergy shots(which i feel caused allergies to worsen). 6 months in, 2 days after i had been injected last year the one sided swelling began. I literally feel the pain in my cheek bone and can feel the puffiness. I am now intolerant to almost every medication as well as i had to go on multiple steroid rounds for this last year. I still experience this daily regardless of diet, also noticing a swelling under my neck as well. I am super healthy, eat clean. What is this?!

    Note: 2 months prior to the swelling, i had my lips injected with juvaderm, could this be associated?

    • Hi Bree. Angioedema (most likely cause of the swelling) may not always be linked to an allergy to a specific substance despite it being an immune mediated reaction. Hopefully your doctor ran skin and blood tests for various common allergens just to be sure. Simply changing your diet is not going to pinpoint a cause because it is often not a dietary factor in adults. Whether your previous injection was the cause is debatable and it is highly advisable that you consult with an allergist about this possibility.

  • Manjit Singh

    issue is with wisdom teeth of left side of face. i have swelling in one side,sometime it extends to full jaw and shoulder. Severe pain in that area and it is hard. should i have to extract that teeth or there is other medical remedies.what should i do about it?

    • Hi Manjit. Hopefully you have sought dental/medical attention for this matter. We cannot advise you on the choice of treatment. This decision is for you to make and should be based the information provided by your dentist and/or doctor. You also do not provide any specific information on what exactly is wrong with your wisdom teeth, for example whether it is impacted and so on. If you are unsatisfied with the dental/medical/dental care then consult with another doctor or dentist for a second opinion.

  • Pushpinder Kaur

    hi.. my face swells on right side since last 3-4 years… i have got all kind of scans done. … it showed normal…. but the swelling continues … how can i get rid of it..

    • Hi Pushpinder. If the doctor(s) who did these scans did find any abnormality as in a disease, they should have been able to spot some reason for this swelling. For example, it may be an enlarged cheek muscle one one side. This is not a disease or serious condition but can cause an abnormal enlargement on one side of the face which may have an aesthetic impact. Speak to your doctor about what exactly is causing this enlargement/swelling. Only then can you be directed towards the best treatment option.

  • RLM

    My husband woke up 3 days ago with bumps on the left side on his face. They started appearing around his left eye and 1 on top of his head and he notice his left mandibular lymph node was swollen. Yesterday he got another bump on top of his head, his eyelid was swollen and sore and the bumps all turned red and grew. Everything is confined to his left side of his head. This is the side that he normally sleeps on too.