Poisons Causing Diarrhea

Common Poisons Causing Diarrhea

Common poisons causing diarrhea:

  • Pesticides
  • Copper sulphate (chemical experiments in schools)
  • Arsenic (coal combustion, wood preservatives, paints)
  • Thallium (electro industry)
  • Mercury (thermometers, fuel, amalgam fillings, chronic fish poisoning)
  • Lead (electro industry, accumulators)

Poisons may be ingested or inhaled or they may enter the body through the skin. Main symptoms of poisoning include diarrhea and vomiting, sweating, bleeding, muscle cramps or difficult breathing.

Treatment of non-infectious food poisoning and intoxication is by urgent stomach pumping or inducing vomiting. Active charcoal, raw egg-white, or a glass of milk may bind some toxins. Drinking a lot of plain water may result in toxin dilution. Magnesium hydroxide (antacids) induces diarrhea which pushes toxins out of the body. After ingestion of pesticides containing organophosphates or carbamates (read labels!), atropine injection in a muscle of the outer thigh neutralizes the poison; atropine auto-injectors are commercially available.

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