Tingling and Numbness in the Face and Back of the Head

Head Sensitivity Map – Head Dermatomes

Sensitivity of the FACE and TOP OF THE HEAD is mediated by the right and left Trigeminal nerve (5th brain nerve), which originate from the brainstem and divide into three branches each:

  1. Ophthalmic nerve travels through the ceiling of the orbit and enters the face above the eye. It innervates the front half of the top of the head, forehead, eyebrow, upper lid, the skin on the top of the nose, cornea, eye conjunctiva, and frontal sinuses.
  2. Maxillary nerve travels across the bottom of the orbit and enters the face below the eye. It innervates the skin on cheeks, upper lip, sides of the nose, lower eyelid, a part of mucosa in the nose, paranasal sinuses, upper gum, and upper teeth.
  3. Mandibular nerve: mental branch travels along the inner side of the jawbone, enters the skin on the sides of the chin and innervates the skin of the jaw. Auriculotemporal branch innervates the skin in the front of the earlap, and temporal region.

facial innervation

Picture 1. Sensitivity map of the head – head dermatomes
(Click to enlarge image)
(source: Wikipedia)

Sensitivity of the BACK OF THE HEAD is mediated by the first three spinal nerves (cervical nerves C1-C3) .
Sensitivity of the NECK and most of the EARLAP is provided by the superficial cervical plexus composed by cervical nerves C1-C4.

What Causes the Numbness on the Head?

Head or face tingling or numbness is caused by irritation of the cervical (C1-C4) nerves, Trigeminal nerve, or parts of the spinal cord, brainstem or brain responsible for the sensitivity of the head/face.

Causes include: spinal disorders, like herniated disc, neurological diseases, like multiple sclerosis, vascular disorders, like atherosclerosis, infections, like meningitis, poisoning, epilepsy, tumors, injuries, metabolic changes, like hypokalemia, and other causes listed below.


Disorders primarily affecting nervous tissue include:

Herpes Zoster (Shingles)

Herpes zoster (shingles) is a reactivation of a chicken pox virus in the nerve roots of Trigeminal or cervical nerves at any time (months, years) after chickenpox infection, resulting in:

  • Tingling on the one side of the face, scalp or trunk, followed by a band of red patches and painful blisters that crust over and fall off in 2-3 weeks. Sometimes there is no rash but only tingling sensation.
  • Fever, headache, vision, hearing or taste problems may appear.

Herpes zoster can be treated by acyclovir or famcyclovir.

Post-herpetic Neuralgia

Post herpetic neuralgia is a complication of Herpes zoster reactivation, mostly seen in patients over 50 years of age. Facial tingling, numbness or pain may last several months or years.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a tick-borne infection caused by bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. Symptoms include:

  • Circular red rash with a pale centre appearing few days or weeks after a tick bite (rash lasts few weeks). Fever and fatigue are sometimes present.
  • Months or years after the tick bite (there is no rash at that time), tingling, paralysis of facial muscles, vision disturbance, problems with memory, migratory joint pain (especially in knees) and heart problems can appear.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia (tic douloureux) is a chronic nerve disorder of unknown origin, mostly affecting adults, and causing:

  • Sudden severe shock-like (or mild) facial pain, lasting from few seconds to two minutes, triggered by tooth brushing, shaving, chewing, speaking, laughing, or even a slight breeze. Tingling and numbness as a warning symptom before the pain attack. Symptoms often progress in frequency and severity.

Trigeminal Neurophatic Pain

Trigeminal neuropathic pain can appear as a complication of trauma, dental procedure, surgery, or disease, like diabetes or stroke. Symptoms, usually on one side of the face, include:

  • Constant, dull, burning pain
  • Numbness and tingling

Trigeminal Deafferentation

Pain in trigeminal deafferentation (interruption of sensory nerve fibers) results from nerve damage, usually during treatment of trigeminal neuralgia (alcohol injections, surgery). Main symptom is:

  • Continuous burning numbness

Anesthesia Dolorosa

Anesthesia dolorosa is usually a complication of treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. Symptoms:

  • Facial numbness and constant or stabbing pain occurring at the same skin area

Treatment of Trigeminal neuralgia and neuropathies , complementary treatment

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is, as believed, an autoimmune disease affecting the brain, brainstem or spinal cord. Symptoms usually appear between 20-40 years of age and include:

  • Blurred vision, or even blindness, usually at one eye at the time
  • Muscle weakness or paralysis, usually on one side of the body
  • Unusual sensations or pain anywhere in the body
  • Difficulty speech, hearing loss, dizziness, impaired balance, difficulty with concentration
  • Fatigue, depression

Transverse myelitis and acute flares of multiple sclerosis are often treated with steroids.


In epilepsy, abnormal electrical activity in the brain cells can cause episodes of:

  • Tingling, numbness, changed taste or smell, strange emotions or behavior
  • Convulsions, muscle spasms, and, sometimes, loss of consciousness.

Guillain-Barre syndrome

In a rare Guillain-Barré syndrome, immune system, usually some days or weeks after respiratory or food poisoning, attacks peripheral nerves. Symptoms can develop fully in few hours or few weeks, rarely extend over 2 months and may include:

  • Muscular weakness and numbness starting in the feet and progressing to the upper trunk and head; sometimes symptoms start in the hands or face and proceed toward the legs
  • Difficulty with bladder and bowel control
  • Severe back pain
  • Slow heart rate
  • Difficulty with eye and facial movements, speaking, chewing or swallowing (6)
  • Difficulty breathing (only in severe cases)
  • Consciousness is not affected

Tabes Dorsalis

Syphilitic myelopathy (Tabes dorsalis) is a rare complication of untreated syphilis. Symptoms:

  • Abnormal sensations (“lightning pains”)
  • Muscle weakness, loss of reflexes
  • Loss of coordination, difficulty walking, wide-based gait
  • Psychiatric illness


Anxiety and Panic Attack

Symptoms in anxiety and panic attack include:

  • Feeling of fear and tightness, faintness
  • Trembling
  • Rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, hyperventilation, sweating, hot flashes, chills
  • Tingling or numbness in hands, arms, feet, legs, face, toungue, mouth, lips or other body parts


Food allergies can cause tingling lips, throat and skin itch, and swollen face.

Ciguatera poisoning after eating big tropical fish, scombroid poisoning with spoiled fish, and paralytic shellfish poisoning can causetingling, skin rash and diarrhea.


Stroke and Transitional Ischemic Attack (TIA)

Stroke is a damage of a part of the brain, occurring after a blockage or break of the brain artery due to atherosclerosis, thrombosis or rupture of an arterial aneurysm. Transient ischemic attack (TIA) or “mini stroke” occurs when a blood supply is only briefly interrupted; symptoms appear suddenly and may disappear within an hour (in TIA always within 24 hours) and include:

  • Numbness or weakness of the face, arm, or leg, usually on one side of the body
  • Confusion, trouble speaking, swallowing, seeing
  • Trouble walking, dizziness
  • Severe headache.

Symptoms in the stroke may be permanent, but can often improve within weeks/months with proper rehabilitation.

Vertebrobasilar Circulatory Disorders

In vertebrobasilar circulatory disorders, blood supply to the back of the brain, little brain (cerebellum), and brainstem is disrupted due to blocked basilar or vertebral arteries. Characteristic symptoms are:

  • Complete or partial vision loss, double vision
  • Vertigo, problems with balance
  • Numbness and tingling of the head
  • Symptoms resembling stroke (see above)

Angina Pectoris

Angina pectoris (Latin angina = tightness, pectus= chest) is a symptom of inadequately oxygenated heart, mostly due to narrowed coronary arteries (that supply the heart), rarely appearing before 30 years of age . Symptoms include:

  • Sharp or dull pain behind the breast-bone, triggered by effort, strong emotions, cold, heavy meal, or other stress; lasting from few moments to 10 minutes (up to 30 minutes in severe cases). Pain or numbness my radiate to the jaw, left shoulder, arm, or hand
  • Dizziness, sweating, nausea, shortness of breath


Head tingling and numbness can result from an impaired blood supply to the nerves caused by vasculitis – inflammation of small to medium sized arteries: temporal arteritis (giant cell arteritis), Wegener’s granulomatosis, necrotizing vasculitis, polyarteritis nodosa, posterior inferior cerebellar artery syndrome , thoracic outlet syndrome, vasculitis caused by colagenoses, and so on.


Head or Spinal Cord Injury

Cuts, punctures, bruises or broken head/facial bones can affect nerves and thus causes numbness or tingling. Dislocated jaw may cause pain or numbness in temporal and jaw area – temporomandibular (TMP) pain.

Spinal cord injuries of the upper cervical (neck) spine (above the C4 level) may result in back of the head numbness. Motility and sensitivity of other parts of the body will be also likely affected.


The following disorders affecting cervical spine above C4 level can cause tingling or numbness on the back of the head:

  • Spinal arthritis (spondylitis)
  • Degenerative disc disease (DDD)
  • Bulging or herniated disc
  • Osteoporosis


A tumor or abscess (collection of pus after infection) in the brain, orbit, ear, nose, paranasal sinuses, mouth, parotid glands, muscles or skin, skull, vertebra or spinal cord can directly press on the nerve tissue or infiltrate it, thus causing unusual sensations or pain in the face or back of the head.

Paraneoplastic Syndrome

Substances, like serotonin, secreted by various tumors (especially lung cancer and carcinoid) can cause paresthesia in any body part.


Metabolic disorders that may result in tingling anywhere in the body:

  • Abnormal blood levels of calcium (hypocalcemia, hypercalcemia), potassium (hypokalemia, hyperkalemia), magnesium, sodium, vitamin B1 (thiamine), B6, or B12, thyroxin, aldosterone
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), commonly occuring in insulin dependent diabetics, chronic alcoholics, in prolonged starvation, heavy exercise, dumping syndrome
  • Uremia (in chronic kidney failure)
  • Amyloidosis
  • Porphyria inherited or acquired disorder of heme (part of hemoglobin) synthesis
  • Hypothyroidism, hypoparathyroidism, hypoaldosteronism (Conn syndrome)
  • Menopause


  • Medications: anti-convulsant drugs, lomotil, amiodarone, colistimethate, digoxin, dimercaprol, mefloquine, riluzole, tetrodotoxin, thallium, topiramate, HIV medications, metronidazole, overdose of lidocain or vit B6, SSRI withdrawal
  • Radiation therapy, chemotherapy
  • Alcohol causes alcohol neuropathy (chronic paresthesia), but it can be directly toxic to nerves (acute paresthesia). Alcohol withdrawal after long term drinking can cause sensation of “crawling bugs”.
  • Tobacco
  • Poisoning: heavy metals (arsenic, lead, mercury), nitrous oxide, ciguatera poisoning with tropical fish, snake bites, carbon monoxide


  • Migraine. Symptoms: one sided head pain, nausea, vision problems
  • Infections: AIDS, leprosy, Herpes simplex, rabies, canker sores, arbovirus
  • Connective tissue and autoimmune diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Sjögren’s syndrome (dryness in the tear ducts, salivary glands, and other glands), pernicious anemia
  • Blood disorders: thrombosis, polycythemia, thrombocytosis, leukemia
  • Bones and joints disorders: arthritis, osteomalacia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Nutrient deficiency: vit B1 (beriberi), vit B5 and B12 deficiency
  • Hereditary diseases: Refsum syndrome, Fabry disease, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (wasting of the leg muscles, resulting in malformation of the foot), porphyria (increased production of porphyrins), Denny-Brown’s syndrome (disorder of the nerve root), ataxia-teleangiectasia
  • Immune deficiency

Diagnosis of the Cause of Head Paresthesia

1. Revealing the exact history of your symptoms to your doctor is essential to get a diagnosis:

  • Time course: When and how did symptoms start (injury, unconsciousness, sudden head pain…), are they long lasting or recent, constant or change with time
  • Location: exact areas affected, one/both sided, non/symetrical
  • Other head related symptoms: pain, vision, hearing, smell, taste, temperature sense, or balance problems. Problems with speech, eating, or moving the head or limbs (weakness, cramping, paralysis). General symptoms: nausea, fever.
  • History of trauma, starvation, diabetes, alcohol abuse, cancer, or collagen vascular disease
  • Family history: paresthesia in relatives

2. Neurological examination of the whole body, performed by a neurologist is required.

3. The following tests may be needed:

  • Blood tests: CBC, electrolytes, calcium, magnesium, TSH, glucose, BUN/creatinine, hemoglobin A1C, ESR, vitamin B12, thiamine level, and chest X-ray
    –Additional tests may be indicated (lead level, SPEP and UPEP to rule out paraproteinemia, Lyme titers)
  • Electromyography (EMG) may be used to differentiate neuropathic versus myopathic causes of muscle atrophy
  • Nerve conduction studies
  • Nerve biopsy (rarely needed)

Treatment of Head/Facial Numbness

Treatment posibilities of head/facial tingling include:

  • Treating the underlying cause
  • Coping with stress, stopping drinking or abusing drugs
  • Supplements as vitamin B complex, calcium, magnesium (only according to blood tests)
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS or steroids – epidural in severe cases)
  • Analgesics or antidepressants

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  • hi – I found your blog post via a search on Google for Trigeminal Neuralgia. I know you only touch on it briefly, but my friend Ben and I started a patient to patient support group called LivingWithTN (www.livingwithtn.org) for people with Trigeminal Neuralgia. Check it out if you have time.



  • Jan Modric

    Hi, scottorn,
    I’m also investigating viruses (Herpes simplex, maybe EBV) that can cause face numbness.

    Seems like your forum started good.

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  • SAS

    Hi, Can you please help me settle this?

    For about 5 years now I sometimes feel a tingling sensation on the back of my head. I can induce this feeling slightly by tapping the tip (and just above the tip) of my nose. According to your chart certain nerves appear to be connected.

    It does not happen all of the time but it does occur frequently through out the week/month. It usually happens in bursts. Like I’ve felt it everyday for the past 4 or 5 days while sitting at the computer.

    It does not bother me – but I would like to get an idea of the cause and make sure its not something too serious (like blood clotting – as I do spend 12-15 hours a day in front of a computer).

    I’m also prone to anxiety and panic attacks. For example…I started researching this tingling head sensation and when I found out it was related to strokes and blood clots I immediately went into panic and I thought I was about to have a seizure…lol…but it was just a panic attack.

    Last factor – I am *newly overweight. My BMI is 29.98. I gained 30-35 pounds in the last 6 months. I’m also a smoker…I quit 3 days ago.

    I’m not looking for a diagnoses. Legally you cant give one. What I would like are your opinions and only your opinions of what it *could *possibly be.

    I can’t afford to see a Doctor just yet…since I had that panic attack 45 minutes ago this has been on my mind.

    I’d really appreciate any type of comment you can give me.


  • SAS

    EDIT: I made a mistake. Its not the back of my head but the top of my head.

  • Jan Modric

    To SAS:

    If you can induce top-of-the-head tingling with touching the nose, this obviously have something with Trigeminal nerve that innervates both skin areas.

    Blood clots or atherosclerosis usually affect brain, or brain stem, not usually only one branch of one nerve.

    Try this:
    Make a schedule for using computer, with regular breaks (like 10 minutes every 2.5 hours, and one/two big break lasting at least 2 hours). I hardly believe you can be concentrated 15 hours in a row, and I believe that cutting down to 10 hours a day at most will make you as much effective as 15 hours with foggy mind.

  • SAS

    Thanks! I’m googling it now. I’ll try what you said (about the breaks). I’m an internet marketer…so I’m at the computer constantly. I’ll see if I can cut back and see how it goes. :o)

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  • ramipl_texas

    To SAS,
    I have the same symtoms as you.Have had them for a long time.It does not hurt,but is very uncomfortable.I’d like to discuss this with you further,if you like.
    I know what you are going through.It’s hell,I know.
    Take good care and contact me anytime.

  • Eric

    In the past week I just start getting a tingling feeling on the left side of my face (Cheeckbone to temple). For the last three days I also get a severe migraine. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this?

  • bina

    Iam suffering from head numbness since past two weeks.Sometimes it is on the rightside of the head and other times on the left and sometimes in the middle also.Also i am suffering from lower back pain and cervicalspondilitis.kindly guide what this problem may be due to.Iam extremely worried.Also i get frequent headaches.

  • Jan Modric

    To bina.

    Any thought to what your headache may be related? What happened 14 days ago? Any infection, any other symptoms, even if seemengly not related? How old are you? Any problems like this before already? Problems with eyes?

    Numbness is on the face (jaw, cheecks) or on the top of the head?

    Spondylitis is a possible original cause, since some bony outgrowths from spinal vertebra may press on nerves….but what aditionally hapened 14 days ago..?

  • barbara Christie

    I have occassional tingling on the left side of my head, face, arm and leg. My face, mostly my cheek itches as well when this occurs. I have no pain, dizziness or other symptoms. I’ve been evaluated for mini strokes and have had an MRI, carotid artery ultrasound, both sides,
    CAT scan and a host of blood work. Every test was negative..my cholesterol is at a very health level…I was a very heavy consumer of diet coke but have greatly reduced my consumption fearing a connedtion between my symptoms and aspartame…my neurologist said that she has seen stranger things and can find no medical reason for my symptoms.. I do have a buldging disk in my lower spine but only have occassional issues with that and my doc doesn’t think the tingling is related to my disks problem…any suggestions?

  • sivakumar

    Very intersting website . I wish to analyse my problems based on contents of under leg / foot numbness as well as Head Numbness .

    In sep 08 I had an odd feeling of slightnumbness with no sensation of heat or cold on my right upper lip. Gradually it spread as tingling sensation over forhead above right eye. Now my nose , right upper lips are numb with sensation of pricking / pulled nerves beneth. When I see my lips rounded and closed ( as if in Kiss format )in front of mirror I see right upper lip is skewed and not in symmetry with left upper lip. My right ey lid does not close fully. I feel comfortable after series of facial excecises but pronlem returns after a while. In Nov 08 a nurologist diagnosed it as Trigeminal Nuropathy V 2 Branches and said that left un attended it will automatically vanish

    During the same period stated above , there was a symptom of pricking sensation in the upper sole portion of my right foot . It spread as numbness as well as stiffness affecting my fingers on right foot except toe . I feel comforable if I walk a couple of miles, put problem returns while operating computers / PC Laptop

    In March 09 Orthopadist diagnosed feeatures of Lumbar Spodylytis in the form of anterior spondylytes and dessicated discs. I can provide more inputs as it will be legnthy. Affected portions are L4 L5 level Type 2 adjacent changes dessicated dis L2 L 3levels dessicated disc with Posterior bulge . At c3 c4 and c5 -6 levels mild disco osteophytic bulge.After traction and phsio I was alright

    In April 09 Another Nurologist refeered me to a Dermatologist and based on his diagnosis of Skin Byopsy ( even though negative I am on Dapsone every day and R cin once in a a month

    The problem of right facial numbness (lip, Nose , Upper eyelid) and right foot numbness remain same with no further aggravation.

    My back pain has returned . How to find out whether I am on right medication. I am 60


  • Jan Modric

    To barbara Christie.

    When did tingling start and is it constant or it comes and goes (if yes, when and how frequently)?

    Would you say that tingling is worsening or improving since you’ve limited (I suppose) diet cola?

    There is a lot of controversal information about side effects of aspartame. Some say there is no side effects some say there are many.

    Anyway, tingling appearing only on the left side of the body from the face to the leg speaks for a right sided disorder in the brain or a disorder somewhere high in the brainstem.

    In TIA, all symptoms disappear completely within 24 hours.

    Complete history and time course of your symptoms and eventual positive lab results would be necessary to check to say more.

  • Jan Modric

    To sivakumar.

    I’m pretty sure your right leg/foot symptoms arise from pressure of lumbar discs on the nerve(s) that innervate your right leg, since symptoms typically disappear during walking and then return. Special exercises, suggested by experienced physiotherapist or orthopedist, may help you to some extent but it is likely that only an operation would treat your leg symptoms completely.

    About the face. If your lips become symetric and if you can close your right eye after facial exercises then it’s likely that the problem arise from a certain type of rheumatic inflammation of your facial muscles and/or skin. One of such diseases is dermatomyositis. Dermatologist can judge only about the skin, but for muscles you’d need to ask a rheumatologist.

    You say skin biopsy was negative. Did any other (blood?) test show anything abnormal?

  • boubou

    I’ve had tingling in both my calves, both quads (upper legs) at intermittent time, never or rarely together at the same time. the tingling only last seconds, no pain just strange. Also have had strange goosebumps in the same areas for no apparent reason or temperature change. I also have tingling on left cheek on my face and yesterday, the back of my head.

  • Jan Modric

    To boubou.

    Both head/face tingling and thighs/calves tingling may arise from the same cause – a neurological disease that has affected brainstem, upper part of spinal cord and, possibly, brain. It is MRI of the brain and spinal cord that can confirm this. Physical examination by neurologist would be needed before any further investigation though.

  • boubou

    could this arise from compressed disc or something? I have a long history of sore neck or neck that goes into spasm and upper back pain between the shoulder blades.
    thank you for your reply

  • Jan Modric

    yes it could be bulging disc or arthritis in the neck part of the spine.

    The same could occur in your lumbar spine causing symptoms in the legs.

  • Shelly

    I have had a very stiff hurting neck first, then burning electric feeling in the top of my head, then sever numbness in my whole head and neck.I have a knot in my neck at the top in the middle.
    Now after 8 months burning and tingling thoughout body at differant times and places has started esecially when I sit and drive and sit anywhere. I have went to a chiropractor but it is not stopping.
    Any help?

  • Jenny-Peg

    Hi I’m wondering if anyone can give me some advice… 8days ago I smacked my head (back/left side) on a metal bunk bed, I blacked out when I came round I new something was instantly wrong I could’t think/talk or move the RIGHT side of my body incl, Right side of my face – It was tingling horrible sensation Paremedics noted ” my pupils were panned” & I was “Tacicardic?” I had a C.T scan and things were ok, since i have regained some streght back but im still not right, im having shooting pains in my head along the LEFT SIDE IM very, very tired and co-ordinations still affected,and my heart still “jumps” if that makes sense.
    Can anyone advice me what to do? The doctor was quite baffled why the symptons were linked?? he said.

  • Jan Modric

    To Jenny-Peg.

    All symptoms you are mentioning are from obvious neurological injury.

    Symptoms on the right side of the body and face probably arise from the left brain. Coordination problems may be from small brain injury. Tachicardia (fast heart rate) and dilated pupils may be from injury of the brainstem. Symptoms on the left side of the head may be from injury of the nerve that innervates the skin and muscles that cover the head.

    You need to discuss with a neurologist you trust. Ask him if an MRI would provide more information. It’s possible that a small hemorrhage or edema presses on nerve tissue and cause symptoms. If symptoms worsen or new ones appear go to neurologist right away. It is not likely you’ll get any solution online.

  • Sivakumar

    Thank you Jon Your inputs June 27, 6.02 AM

    My responses to your query dated Julyb1 on Blood test are

    Normal results of blood tests
    1. Serum (Calcium, potassium, chloride, Thyroxin FT4, TSH, B 12)
    2. CBC with ESR (Automation+Manual)
    3 Peripheral Smears
    4 CRP

    Abnormal results of blood tests

    1. Serum ACE – H 68 (Ref Range 8-65)
    2 Cholesterol Total – 235 Mg HDL 34 LDL 166, Triglycerides, 177, Total Cholesterol HDL Ratio 6.9 (against desirable 4.5)

    Further feed back from Medical Practitioners whom I consulted.

    Neurologist refers me to Dermatologist. First Dermatologist says Hansen Disease. Second Dermatologist says nothing to do with Hansen but only Neurology issue. Orthopedist says Back spine and go back to Neurologist. Neurologist again advices me to listen to first Dermatologist. First Dermatologist prescribes Daspone, R Cin and Wyslone and asks me to take medicines prescribed by Neurologist and see Eye specialist as well. Neurologist agrees with Dermatologist and adds medicines (Elkar, Alrista and Ecod). Eye specialist says mild Bell palsy.

    As a layman I find that my right foot front sole is odd, nerves inside is partially. Very uncomfortable when I operate PCs / Laptop with back ache. With walking I feel relief. But while sitting uncomfortable. Facial numbness and sting sensation ( Right upper lip, Nose ) increases when exposed to temperature / Sun shine greater than 30 C deg / Hot water , subsides in cold temperature < 20 C deg

    Everything seems normal after lying flat on bed afar one hr and all problems return 1 hr after getting up

    Most doctors say reduce weight from 77 KG to 60 Kg which I am trying hard and weight is constant despite yoga, exercise under trained experts and diet as per dieticians

    Frankly speaking I am confused what to do? My major concern is that whether I am on right medication ( see medicine stated above ) and where I will land with such medicines

    Siva Kumar

  • Jenny-Peg

    RE: Reply from (Jan Modric on July 9th, 2009 at 10:05 am)

    Thank You for you Open advice Jan,


  • Jan Modric


    Hansen disease (leprosy) can be confirmed only by biopsy of a skin rash. I don’t know how accurate is diagnosis of your 1st dermatologist and on basis of what the 2nd derm. says it’s not Hansen disease.

    Typicaly symptoms of H. disease are skin rash (depigmented or raised plaque), pictures here:

    …lost sensation for temperature and then touch and then pressure (in this order as disease develops). Eyelid involvement is also characteristic.

    Lost sensation means that your 5th cranial nerve (trigeminal nerve) is affected. Problems with muscles in lips and eyelid (this is what ophtalmologist desribes as Bell’s palsy) means that your 7th cranial nerve (facial nerve) is affected.

    Now the question is, are these nerves affected by bacterium Mycobacterium leprae that causes Hansen disease or by pressure of surrounding tissues. Again, the only diagnosis of H. disease is by skin biopsy. If you’re not sure about this you should have another biopsy, maybe by another dermatologist.

    Dapsone and Rifampicin are two antibiotics that act against bacteria that cause H. disease and seem to be appropriate but usualy another antibiotic is used in treatment (clofazimine or other). Wyslone is corticosteroide to treat involved nerves and also seem to be appropriate.
    **Antibiotics often kill good intestinal bacteria and allow some harmful bacteria to overgrow. So ask your doctor to prescribe you probiotic capsules containing a yeast Saccharomyces boulardii (only this type not some other type) that prevent overgrow of harmful bacteria in the intestine.

    Can you provide more information about Elkar, Alrista and Ecod? What is chemical name of these medications and what are used for?

    Your leg/foot symptoms are probably from lumbar spine disorder. Toes could be additionally affected by leprosy.

  • lfees

    For the past couple weeks I have been experiencing a few unusual symptoms. In the beginning it was a combination of a feeling that there was an intense amount of pressure on my eardrum in conjunction with a numb, tingly feeling on the right side of my head. That seemed to dissipate only to be replaced by little twitches all over my body. Now, the numb and tingly feeling is back occasionally as well as the continuing twitches. My doctor is telling me it may have something to do with tension related issues, seeing as I have been under more stress than normal as of late. I was just wondering if that sounded accurate.

  • Jan Modric

    To Ifees.

    Eardrum tension and head numbness are from affected trigeminal nerve (5th cranial nerve arising from the brainstem). Body twitching is from affected spinal nerves.

    Maybe all symptoms could be due to stress but there are other possible causes:
    – Are you taking some medications?
    – Have you had food poisoning with diarrhea or respiratory infection in last month?
    – Do you have normal levels of minerals in the blood?
    – Have you noticed any changes in urine?

  • lfees

    Jan Modric:

    My doctor just put me on Flexerill, however prior to that I was on no medications aside from a nightly dose of melatonin and Nyquil to help me get to sleep. I did forget to mention that my hands shake a bit more often than they used to and along with the numbness, there is an occasional sharp, stabbing pain in the back of my head as well. Rather disconcerting.

    As far as the urine, I have seen no change.

    And in regards to the normal levels of minerals in my blood, I recently paid a visit to the ER for these symptoms, they ran a full blood panel and according to them everything came back fine and dandy.

  • lfees

    And I forgot to mention that no, I have not had food poisoning in the past month.

  • KSK


    Thanks for July 10 post.

    Medicines prescribed by Neurolgist

    Elkar -Levacecamine Hydrocloride 500 mg 3 times a day before food
    Alrista – Epalrestat 50 mg color Titanium dioxide IP sunset yello lake 3 times a day after food, 3 times a day by neurolgist
    E cod – Vitamin E aculate 200iu, cod liv 200 mg,fish liv 150 mg

    Will there be any adverse effect if I stop them as I see no improvement in my condition in face and leg / foot . On the contrary right elbow is showing symptom of stiffness when folded.

    As regards Dermotologists. First Dermatologist took smear from my cheek and dis pathjology for 10 days and test proved negative . Still he asked to take maedicines for Hansen. Seecond Dermatologist exaamined my entire body from top to bottom and said there are no evidences of Hansen and no need for Skin Biopsy .Third Dermatologist just by hearing from me my complaints straight away put me on Hansen tratment. Fourth one a director sum specialist of St Peters lepra Society an international research took smears from my earlobes right and left , right and left cheek , examined in lab and the test proved negative. Despite this he stilladvised me to follow recommendations of First and Third Dermatologist . His contention is based on sensations stated by me when he touched my skin over lip, cheek and eye watering using cotton bud and pins.I am also not sure about my own express on sensations . If Biopsy on two different occassionions are negative for Hansen is it right on my part to take medicines for Hansen in addition to Nurologist’s prescriptions . If I stop these medicines and go for further review of Spine what may be the repurcussion.

    Neither the Nuerologist nor the Dermatologists examined my Spine reports seriously before concluding treatment

    For your information the Spine MRI in march report reads as under

    MRI study of Lumbo Sacral Spine – Mar 14 2009

    Technique T1W, T2W SagittalT1W ,T2W,Axial
    T2W Sagittal – Whole Spine Screening
    MR Myelogram
    T2W IRM Coronal SI joints

    Features of Lumbar Spondylosis in the form of anterior Spondylytes and desiccated discs, Sacralisarion of L5

    At L 2 =3 and at L3 – 4 levels, desiccated disc with posterior bulge indenting thecal sac and causing mild stenosis of bilateral neural foraminae

    At L 4-5 level, type 2 adjacent end plate changes, dessicated disc , partial annular tear with posteriaor annular bulge indenting thecal sac and causing mild stenosis of bilateral spinal recess and neuram foraimine
    Rest of the intervertebral disc spaces shoe normal height and signal pattern, No evidence of any disc dehydrationor heniation made out
    The facet of Neural or herniation appear Normal
    The pedicles , lamine, spinous process and transverse process of the lumbar vertebrae show normal morphology. No evidence of Spondylylosis
    The ligamentum flavum thickness is within normal limits’The bony spinal canal diameters

    Level L1 L2 L2-3 L3 L3-L4 L4 L4-L5 L5
    Cm 1.6 1.7 1.1 1.4 1.2 1.5 1.1 1.5

    The spinal ccord, conus Medullaris and the sub archonid space are normal
    The nerve roots or the cauda equine appear normal
    The paraspinal soft tissues appear normal

    The sacroiliac joints appear Normal

    Whole Spine screening:

    At C3 -4 , C4-5 and c5 -6 levels , mild posterior disco dosco – osteophytic bulge indenting thecal sac with adeqyate central spinal canal

    No significant abnormality is seen in the dorsal spine

    Fortunately for me none of the medicines on Hansen or Nuero have had serious effects so far since 60 days ,except that there is no improvement


  • Jan Modric

    two biopsies were negative and officially only biopsy can confirm diagnosis.
    Symptoms you’ve described (upper lip and eye) sound typical for Hansen disease and this made your doctors to give you treatment for Hansen – “just in case”. There may be other reasons for these symptoms.
    Feelings on the face are provided by 5th cranial (“trigeminal”) nerve and facial muscles are controlled by 7th cranial (“facial”) nerve. They both arise from the brainstem that lies between the spinal cord and the brain. Disorders in your cervical spine (C3-C5) are below the part that innervates the face so they do not seem to directly affect your face since nerves from C3-C5 innervate the arms.

    The face sensations and muscles are also controlled by the brain. You can speak with the neurologist to have an MRI of the brain and brainstem.

    Sunscreen (Alrista) protects skin against UV rays – maybe doctor was thinking that sunlight may irritate nerves in your skin.

    Neuro should explain you what benefit could you have from Elkar (it may help in nerve damage caused by diabetes) and E cod vit E . None of these drugs are used specificaly for Hansen’s disease.

    When doctors don’t know what disease you have they want to try some drugs. They might tell you to “just continue and see”. It’s now between you and them – will you continue with their suggestions or you try to find the cause.

  • KSK


    Re: your reply on July 15 7.17 am

    1.I am now able to put some Zig Zag puzzles together . I do agree with your observation on Doctors”s problem when confronted with undiagnosed diseases . I did have this nagging feeling when I observed them jumping to conclusions without spending sufficient time on various diagnostic studies(radiology / MRI etc) done by their co-professionals. MRI and CT Scan of Brain in Feb 09 revealed no problems and everything OK.

    2. I am not a doctor . I am a systems cum financial analyst by profession. One of the subjects I was good at my graduation was Logic and Intuitive / Scientific deductions. I adopt this in all my work management.

    3. My feeling is that the excessive use of right hand index finger on PC / Laptop and bad sitting posture is the cause of nerve disorder from neck to Brain. This resulting in Trigeminal / mild Bell pasy , affecting right upper lips to start with , graduating to right temple , right forehead ,right eye lid, and gradually covering nose and and ending back to right upper lips. Everything linked to left side of Brain. It transpires that this phenomenon is nothing to do with right Foot and Toes stiffness and moderate pain there and is result of Back Spine (Middle back and lower back). The blood circulation is not forceful enough to reach right foot and toes to enable self cur. This is due to my body weight coupled with Cholesterol

    2 Condition of my right foot is partially evidenced in Ortho scan report in March 09. This has been my sporadic problem since 1986. It is rectified through series of systematic physical exercises and keeping my back straight at 90 deg. and Yoga. The solution is drastic weight reduction from 77 Kg to 60 to kg for my height of 162 CMs or surgical procedures .Surgery will give temporary solution , if weight is not managed.

    3.Current medications do not allow strict Diet plans and also result in weight increase.
    4. The Tablets wyslone20 Mg per day is a steroid meant for all types of muscle weaknesses , not necessarily for Hansen. I am not sure whether it results in weight increase.
    5.Tab R Cin and Pantodac are supplements used for any illness to counter Steroids and supplement Dapsone for Hansen
    6. I am told Tab Dapsone 100 Mg is the only one meant for Hansen , but used alone, will have no result . Hence Pantodac and and R- cin prescribed
    7. Alrista 50 Mg is meant for Sun UV as you say . I dont see any advantage of this medicine. My conditions on eyes worsen when I am exposed to sun between 9 AM and 5 PM ( > 30 Deg C with humidity > 80 %) and while seeeing TV and computer monitor. My eyes do not water in temp conditions below 20 deg C even if I am seeing TV / Computer.
    8. Tablet Xet 10 has been a cause for weight increase over last 4 yrs for a depressed state of mind for six months in 2002. Prior to 2001, I was averaging weight between 65 to 70 Kgs. In 2002 , I reduced to 55 Kg due to deep depression . After that , medications landed me with 77 KG and has been stagnant on this weight since 2006.

    I am only afraid that with all these current medications where I will reach on weight . I have reached a state of mind just to close my mind and take risk with Zero Medicines , relying on Nature cure.
    In case my intuitive deductions are lopsided , please do warn me.

    Thank you for all your feedback and I have learnt a lot from you .


  • Jan Modric

    Siva, intuition is a good “tool”. You need to know some facts about body innervation otherwise intuition can be misleading…

    Sensation on the right side of the face is mediated by the right 5th cranial nerve (trigeminus) and (one level up) left brain. Facial muscles on the right (lips, nose, eyes) are innervated by the right 7th cranial nerve (facialis) and the left brain. These two nerves originate from the brainstem. So, the problem may arise from:
    1. trigeminal and facial nerve (pressure on the nerve anywhere along its course, Hansen disease, etc.)
    2. brainstem
    3. left brain

    Problems in cervical spine (C1-8) cannot directly affect your face since nerves arising from those segments don’t innervate the face but the back of the head, neck and arms.

    Brainstem connects the spinal cord with the brain and (together with all cranial nerves) lies *within the skull so, again, it can’t be directly affected by spinal bones/discs changes.
    Trigeminal nerve:
    Facial nerve and other cranial nerves:
    Spinal nerves (including cervical nerves) and parts of the skin they innervate:

    I’ve searched and found out that facial and trigeminal nerve actually are often affected in Hansen disease. Skin biopsy may not be enough but nerve biopsy would be needed to confirm the disease. I strongly suggest you to make every effort to confirm or exclude Hansen disease.

    Neurologist and infectologist may be the right doctors to consult.

    Bad sitting posture can affect your neck (cervical) nerves – symptoms would be in the neck and along the arm up to the fingers, but not in the face.
    Excessive using of fingers (and wrists) may cause inflammation of finger tendons in the wrist that may then affect arm/hand nerves but only up to the elbow (search for “carpal tunel syndrome” – tingling/numbness in the fingers, hand, wrist and forearm).
    Prolonged continuous sitting (both in term of hours and years) may aggravate spinal disorders both in the neck and in lumbar spine. Your leg/foot symptoms are probably from this (and maybe additionally from Hansen disease…). You should stand up from your work and make a walk every few hours and you should have one free day in a week with some good walking or swimming.

    If your leg symptoms are from lumbar spine disorders (according to MRI) above and other exercises as instructed by physiotherapist or ortopedist may help you. If not, surgerical repair of the spine gives good results and is generraly a safe operation.

    For the face – get a firm diagnosis.
    Until then I suggest you to stay on drugs for Hansen. You should discuss with doctors about which meds can you drop. Instead of sunscreen you can avoid sun when possible, wear a cap and sunglasses, avoid excessive TV/comp.

  • Sandy

    Eric I have the same issues; numbness and tingling on either L or R side of my face, from the cheekbone to the temple and sometimes to the crown of my head. It will last from a week to 2 weeks. I also have been told that what ever side it is on, it appears to be droopy. We just moved to CA and I hope that my new Neurologist can find out whats wrong.

  • sivakumar

    Thanks for July 16 response. I will reduce my TV/PC addiction

    To revalidate Hansen treatment route , any risk UV / Radiology / other, if I repeat

    1. CT Scan Brain – Nov 8 08
    2. MRI Lumbar Sacral Spine Mar 14 09
    3. MRI Brain Plain

    Any other examination reqd ?


  • Adamwins

    About 3 weeks ago I started to have tingling/numbness sensations in my left cheek. They usually happen when I first start lifting weights or go out to my car on a real hot day here (100 degrees). I am a runner. I am male, 33 years old. In excellent health. What could this possibly be?

  • Jan Modric

    before further investigation:
    – be sure that you sleep enough and you have regular food and fluid intake.
    – PC and TV, as you’ve said

    Skin biopsy was negative, so additional test for Hansen’s disease is nerve biopsy. In this disease only peripheral (outside spinal cord and brain) nerves are affected, so spinal cord(brain imaging would not show any Hansen’s related lesions. It can show lesions in other neurological diseases though. MRI has no known side effects and maybe you won’t need CT at all – it is neurologist who will decide.

    Write down your symptoms exactly, triggers, relievers, and what is exact effect of exercises. Hav ethis with you written on the paper when talking with doctors. If doctors will load you with all sorts of medications then I don’t know how you will be able to feel and describe your symptoms, so speak with a trusted neurologist about this.

    Until Hansen’s disease is expected I think you should continue with appropriate drugs though.

  • Jan Modric

    To Adamwins.

    If numbness appears only after obvious triggers (exercise, heat) and it disappears shortly thereafter, it could be due to changes in circulation around your brainstem (from where trigeminal nerve that is responsible for face sensitivity) may be affected.

    One of the causes is basilar insufficiency syndrome: beside numbness you would probably feel occasional headache, eyelid drooping, and other symptoms limited to one side of the face.

  • Deanna

    I have been a medical mystery for the past year. I have seen three doctors and one neurologists. Since last July I started to get numbness and a heavy feeling in the left side of my face. I had so many dx’s thrown at me, such as; shingles, bells palsy and that a cyst that was found in my sella turica (thought to be causing the problems as well). About six months later the numbness moved to the right side of my face and all the physicians can say now is it must be stress. This does not feel like stress. With me, their is NO pattern. I can make a whole day or even a couple of days and not feel it and some days it wont go away. It can go from my right temple to the right cheek to my left cheek. It moves this much in one day. I have had three MRI’s and all kinds of blood work, so far everything has come back normal. I have even searched the web and nothing ever seems to match. I never have px or droopage. I have occasionally have pressure in the back of my head and in my sinus areas, but like I said, no px, it never hurts (which I am greatful). So what do you think. I am getting quite irritated, one year and four different docs. Can you suggest anything?

  • Jan Modric

    To Deanna.

    I’m not sure. You’ve probably had MRIs of brain and brainstem.

    A year ago, when your symptoms started have you had some infection or was under stress, had food poisoning or had any disease?

    You should write down all symptoms you have even if seemengly unrelated. All meds you take and all diseases you’ve had so far.

    Facial numbness may appear in some infections and hormonal disorders, so the following tests may be worth to consider:

    – Test for Lyme disease
    – Thyroid hormones (TSH, free T4, free T3, TPO-antibodies and Tg-antibodies
    – Cortisol and ACTH
    – vitamin D
    – blood Ca, P, Na, K levels, CRP

  • Deanna

    Jan, thank you for responding. I have had my thyroid checked. Also a year ago when the symptoms started I had just began a new job, but I did not think I was that stressed about it. I usually don’t get worked up (mentally) about things like that. I am no taking any meds, I only take a multi vitamen. I guess the other thing or “sympton” that I would complain about, is for the last 4 or 5 months I have had the feeling of urinary urgency w/out infection, but I have also had three uti’s already this year. I did come across symptons of ovarion cancer and this was one of them. Do you think the face problem could come from cancer?

  • Jan Modric

    Urinary urgency without any other symptoms (burning, smelly and dark colored urine…) and not related to food or supplements you take (vitamin/mineral supplements may act as “spices” to bladder and may irritate it a bit)…I would suspect neurological reasons.

    Multiple sclerosis could appear with facial and bladder symptoms. MRI of the brain and spinal is needed to find lesions in neural tissue.

    Lyme disease could also affect nerves to cause both facial and bladder symptoms.

    Ovarian cancer that would be so big to cause urinary urgency would possibly cause other symptoms like nausea and stomach pain but hardly facial numbness.

  • christina

    I have been suffering from neurological symptoms since last year but only recently did they excelerate. I have some back and neck problems as well but only bulging discs that the neurosurgeon said I will not need surgery for. My neurological symptoms were tingling and numbness and nerve “electic like” pain that shot down into my left arm and left leg.I had an emg and ncv test done that showed radiculopathy stemming from my neck and lower back. In march my symptoms went from not being able to walk upright (because it hurt to bad and was in spasm) to not being able to go to the bathroom (couldn’t pass stool) for
    2 1/2 weeks. Also, I couldn’t feel from the waste down and couldn’t move from waste down at all my legs were freezing cold and extemely heavy. I went to bed that night and woke up the next day and couldn’t feel or move from the waste down.I went to my primary care doctor and I had NO deep tendon reflexes and limbs were still cold and still no excetion of stool (after taking miralax, 2 ducolax, bottle of magnesium citrate, and 4 enemas in which 2 of them the doctor administrated) my doctor sent me for a brain scan in which my mother and boyfriend had to lift me where ever I needed to go. my brain scan came back fine. later that evening my boyfriend gave me a bath and while I was in the tub my left arm turned blue yes blue from the elbow down. I also was very dizzy and was having a hard time breathing. I was admitted to the hospital for one week.the neurologist I saw came in to examine me and i never saw him again and no explaination of what was happening to me. He diagnosis was that it was caused from stress. I’m not buying his diagnosis. I am 29 years old and just had a baby 22 months ago and symptoms started 2-3 months after having him. I have had racing heart, numbness and tingling that comes and goes in all extremities (to the point were I can’t move them) I have been to 2 neurologists and 2 neurosurgeons and no one can give me an answer. the one neurosurgeon that I recently saw says he believes it is my perpherial nervous system and is sending me to another neurologist at a more upscale facility then were I am from. as my symptoms subsided with this attack my bowels have been working more properly. I do have some hypoglycemia and vitamin D deficiency and are being treated accordingly. Please help….

  • christina

    Oh and I forgot to mention that I have constant muscle twitches, muscle spasms, joint pain, achy muscles and goosebumps that come in irregular patches. I also had severe pain in pressure in the back of my head above my neck when I have an attack it is so tender that I can’t even touch it, and a paralysis that goes over the top of my head and into the right side of my face.

  • Jan Modric

    To christina.

    As it appears to me, all of your symptoms may arise from “radiculopathy” due to bulging discs and eventual other spinal disorders.

    Muscle twitching and spasms are from affected motor nerve fibers.

    Numbness is from affected sensory nerve fibers.

    Goose bumps are probably from affected sympathetic fibers that innervate tinny muscles that control skin hair. Goose bumps appear only on areas supplied by affected nerves.

    Blue arm, dizzines and racing heart are probably from affected nerves that innervate the vessels and heart.

    Back of the head sensitivity is mediated by nerves arising from C1-3 spinal segments.

    Mentioned nerve fibers are mixed up within particular spinal nerves – so even one affected nerve can result in a variety of symptoms.

    Even hypoglycemia could result from affected sympathetic fibers that innervate adrenal gland that synthesises adrenalin that is involved in glucose blood levels.

    So, it is possible that all your symptoms arise from extensive spinal disorder you have. In this case your symptoms would change with body position (like bending the neck would trigger symptoms in the head and arms). This relation between symptoms and body movements/position is extremely important information for your doctor.

    Another possibility is that nerve tisue (the brain, brainstem or spinal cord) itself is affected by a disease like multiple sclerosis or Lyme disesae.

    I strongly encourage you to find a reliable neurologist/neurosurgeon for further investigations.

  • AJ

    I have herniated discs from C2-T1, T10-T11, L3-L4, L4-L5 and L5-S1.
    I am experiencing hearing loss when I lay my head down on a pillow and tghe hearing returns to normal when I reposition my body (My head does not move in any direction).
    Ever encounter this before?

  • Jan Modric

    To AJ.

    Theoretically it would be possible that, because of extensive spinal changes in your neck, some discs would press on the cervical spinal cord and affect the position of the brainstem from where the 8th cranial nerve (for the ear) originates. In this case you would also likely experience vertigo or other symptoms like facial tingling/numbness from pressure on other cranial nerves.

    What about when you move your head only? The fluid in the middle ear (from inflammation, infection or other causes) can cause quick changes in hearing. In this case only hearing would be affected but it would be present to some extent through the entire day.

  • Siva

    This refers to your comments to one of the participants query copied below within quotes ” “.

    “So, it is possible that all your symptoms arise from extensive spinal disorder you have. In this case your symptoms would change with body position (like bending the neck would trigger symptoms in the head and arms). This relation between symptoms and body movements/position is extremely important information for your doctor.”

    I am in 100 % agreement with this.

    I have been documenting these symptoms ever since I have been interacting with you . Your last advise was Sleep well, reduce PC and TV use, write down symptons and meet a better nurologist consider spine surgery as an option

    Action taken based on data analysis of symptoms were….

    1. Met an Ayurvedhic expert. After examining my body, he said that diagnosis of Hansen appears to be incorrect and agreed with observation of one of the Dermotologist # 2 who said that there are no indications of Hansen . Since I have already started medication based on Hanen Ayurvedic Consultant said that I should go for gradual reduction in medication in consultation with both neurologist and Dermatologist abd then come to him.

    2.Met country’s No 1 Eye institution on Eye lid not closing and constant watering – Recommendation by Dermatologist 3 who is treating me for Hansen to put some weight on eyelid region to force it to close, to prevent watering and drying.
    Specialist says eye sight and retina are perfect and no detorioration over last six years and have improved. The Eye examiners turned out to be Neuropatic Optholomic specialists. They have avised against any procedure for forced closing of Eye lid . Instead advised continue applying Genteal Gel and fix paper tape on right eye during night for 3 months and then decide on artificial treatment. They disagreed with Dermatologist diagnosis of Hansen and that it could be due to Viral infection 9 months ago affcting my Eye nerves and Facial nerves connecting left Brain .No symptoms of Bell Bapsy . They wanted me to recollect any infectious didease. I asked them wheher it could be Swine flu which was beginning to enter India at that time. They said no based on my current conditions . They examined my environment . I am a Non smoker , Non Alcoholic and Pure vegetarian (Not even egg) they opined my official stress as root causes for issues in foot as well as face and Eyes an lips and I need to de-stress myself and go back to Nuorologist for re- examination of treatment.

    3. Went back to Nuorologist and asked him to reconfirm his recommendations to follow Hansen treatment based on 3 rd Dermatologist observation . He said that frankly speaking he himself is not sure whether it could be Hansen . His advise is based on the diagnosis of Skin specialist after seeing that all my other reports. CT Scan, MRI – Brain and Spine, Nerve conduction test, Anti Body tests etc. As all tests proved OK ,he has no other course to follow , but Hansen as diagnosed by Dermatolgist.

    3.1 Nurologist also said that the spine conditions do not warrant a surgery and he advised me to stop yoga and resort to walking excercise only . He said Do Lumbar corset 10 d , Avoid bending and lifting weights and avoid squating . He added a medicine named Maxgalin 75 Mg at bed time for next 30 days. In addition to Elkar 500 Mg 3 times before food and Alrista 50 MG 3 times after food . I insisted that I have no improvement since last 3 months . He however differred and said that getting symptoms of pain / pricks in numb region is an improvement and I must listen to Dermatologist as well
    3.2 Neurologist says that it his responsibility to do nerve biopsy for Hansen diagnosis. He says that nerve biopsy is also not advisable . This has not been done by him as he opines that if it proves negative for Hansen similar to Skin Biopsy and he will have no further answers as to what to do next. Hence rely on Dermatologist expertise.

    4. Went for monthly check up with Dermatologist who is treating me for Hansen since last 3 months. Looking at me he said that he sees 50 % improvement over 3 months. He advised continuing R Cin 600 once in a month ,Dapsone 100 Mg 1 per day , Reduce daily Wyslone 15 MG to 10 MG after Breakfast for next 15 days and further reduce it to Wyslone 5 MG for subsequent 15 days , Continue Pantodac 40 g for next 15 days and stop it when Wyslone is at 5 MG and then see him after a month. He said stop Yoga , but do breahing excersises and avoid excessive Walking of 4 miles per day , as walking may generate blisters on foot sole . He said that I need to remove my mental thought on Hansen and it has affected my peripheral nerves mildly in many areas of body and nothing serious and curable.
    5. Once again met met the Director of St Peters Lepra institute ( International Institute in Hyderabad ,India) and he examines and reconfirms Dermatologists conclusions , but opined that dosage of steroids (Wysalone) is low . He said that his Skin Biposy reveals no Hansen. But his theory is to continue Hansen treatment as a preventive measure and no Nerve biopsy needed based on observations. He says that Pain / pricks are good development and that Painful conditions are always preferable to Painless conditionsas it warns a human being.

    6.I studied my medical records of 1986 and bought a hip pad which I had used 22 yrs ago which holds my back and stomach tightly while working on PCs . I re-introduced this 100 % ,all the time when I need to sit

    7. Found that eye watering is restricted when I face sunlight , fumes from environment and long working on PC / Laptop. Found that ttngling and pricking sensation arises when I operate a Mouse with Clik button using right index finger and not when I use a mouse pad . Problem of pricks on right foot , right face , nose and right upper lip agravates when I use Mouse with clik button using right index fingure for long.

    8. Discontinued XET 10 tab taken once day for last 6 years without consulting any one.

    Having implemented all above 1 to 5 above , I find surprising improvements in intensity of problems I face .

    I am not sure whether it is due to

    a) Stopping Yoga Or
    b) Reducing use of PC / Laptop or
    c) Reducing Steroids ( Wysalone ) Or
    d) Discontinued Physio Therapy (Tense nerves) of Facial muscles recommended by Neurologist without consulting the Physio Therapist and Neurologist OR
    e) Discontinued XET 10 Mg Or
    f) Introduction of Maxagalin 75 MG onece per day by Neurologist

    Maxgalin 75 MG seems to be a trigger for improvement based on my analysis as I found myself with a very good sleep and realxed condition of foot and face when getting up in the morning . In addition, tightening my hip and back with ortho pad also results in comfort zone. This leads to my own theory once again whether Hansen course of treatment is correct and whether I can stop it abruptly against the advice of Nurologist and dermatolgist. Please comment.

    The feedback from Director of St Peters Lepra is that Western World may not look for clues on Hansen as conditions don’t exist there. And Indian medical community don’t look for MS or Bell Papsy as conitions are different in Asia / Africa. Please comment


  • Jan Modric

    your a-f list of things that possibly helped you do not contain anti-Hansen antibiotics. One of your doctors, if I get your right, believes that these antibiotics helped you…

    Your ACE and cholesterol are elevated. Regarding you are a vegetarian this may speak for disorder in vitamin D metabolism. You’ve been taking cod liver oil and other vit D supplements? Maybe this helped you but vit D metabolism is complex so I do not claim this.

    Right finger/mouse triggering pain on the entire right side of the body…Hard to explain this but, again, prolonged non-interrupted sitting aggravates pressure of bulging discs both in lumbar and neck region causing symptoms in arms and legs. You’ve specifically mentioned how walking helps and how you don’t feel pains while lying down. This is obviously position/moving related pain and speaks for spinal disorders as a cause. This doesn’t exclude Hansen’s disease as though.

    I strongly encourage you to stick with everything what you believe and see that helps.
    What can be done:

    1. If walking helps, walk.
    2. If restricting your PC/TV hours help, you will know what to do. Have you considered a vaccation?
    3. Any exercise beyond walking or swimming may aggravate your spinal condition.
    4. Blood tests: vitamin D and vitamin B1 and B6, iron.
    5. Regarding you are vegetarian it is surprising how your cholesterol and tryglicerides levels are high. This may be connected with high ACE levels and both may be connected with inflammation somewhere in your body (may be from spondylitis but may be from other source of inflammation). I hope you are aware that these levels are high and potentially dangerous.

    I would not recommend any sudden change of your medications, especially when you and your doctor say how things are improving. I would rather try to eliminate all causes of your pains that are under your control: mainly sitting and “using a mouse”.

    Question: Do also your facial symptoms lessen during walking or sleeping or not?

  • Kristie

    I have been having some strange episodes since March. Let me start by saying since the begining of the year my father had been in and out of the hospital. My husband and I were his only caregivers. He passed in April. In March, I had an episode of left arm/hand/fingers and lip tingling. It lasted a day and went away. I have also had times where the muscle under my left eye twitches off and on for days at a time. My doctor did basic blood work (which was fine) and referred me to an ENT (I also have TMJ and sinus issues) and a Neurologist. I have started doing relaxation techniques with my face and it has helped the TMJ. I am also now on Singulair and Veramyst for my sinuses.

    I had a few of the tingling episodes from March to May. Note my father died in April. I started seeing the Neuro in July (took a while to get appt). He did all of the regular tests for stroke, watched me walk, took history. He ordered back/neck xrays, MRI of brain and nerve conduction tests. As of now I have only had the xrays as I cannot tolerate the MRI. Looks like they are going to have to put me to sleep for it – cant even do the open MRI.

    Well this past week had another episode – it had been 2 or so months since I had had one. It started with nauseated feeling, which left quickly, but then I was flushed/hot. Then the tingling started – left arm/hand/fingers and all the way around my mouth and lips. It comes and goes. It scared me as my father passed from a stroke – scared I might be having TIA. Went to ER – chest xray, brain CT and blood work. I was normal.

    Neuro office is setting up sleeping MRI – not sure when.

    One other strange symptom I have is a vibrating/buzzing feeling all through my body. Usually around the time of these episodes. I do not visibily shake, but I feel it all over, like a motor running inside me. It will last a few minutes and go away. I have also not had a period since May. Just finished run of Provera last week – no period yet.

    I have been under some stress at work recently. Just wondering if all of these episodes are panic attacks? or could it be TIA or MS???

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • Jan Modric


    from symptoms, yes, TIAs are possible. The problem is that TIAs don’t leave any traces and can’t be confirmed even by MRI.

    Symptoms in MS, after they appear, don’t likely disappear in one day.

  • Sivakumar

    Dear Jan

    I have been strictly following your recommendations posted on Aug 1 2009 10.53 Am.

    In addition , I stopped vigorous Yoga excersises I used to do for several years. Ireduced TV watching and PC use and avoided long sitting time in front of TV / PC

    The tingling / pricks on right side of (face – Lips/Nose /Eyes , Elbow, right foot sole / toes has reduced by 30 % .

    As regards your query on Cholestrol level and triglycide ,even though I am a total vegetarian ( not even eggs and mushroom) , I have been advised by General physicians to cut 100 % of food / snacks made with Oil and sweets intake.

    All symptoms , (including Face / lips ) are not felt when lie down flat on my back on flooor or hard bed . But in that position when I try to test by moving my foot toes and lips in all directions , I do feel that problems exist.

    While walking everything is fine. I have 3 sets of shoes and 3 set of slipers . With one set of shoes and slipper there are NO DISCOMFORTS( Stiffness/ pricks) in foot and back and face ,while walking . With other sets of shoes discomforts return gradually .

    The serious thing is Right eye discharges tears when exposed to bright light ( Sun rays / Flash Lights)

    The moment I feel pain in back any where from back neck to back hip , I tightly tie myself wih an Ortho Pad . Instantly pain foes.

    All these phenomenons make me believe that my issue is Nerves associated with Spine and cervical.

    But, unfortunately , my medical consultants dont agree with me and advised me to follow Hansen line of treatment.They are telling me that this is based on clinical and peripheral and cannot be evidenced by tests , including nerve biopsy. For Hansen my current medications based on Dermatologist are a)R-Cin 500 mg once in a month exactly between 25th – 27th in empty stomach b) Dapsone daily bed time c)wysalone 5 Mg after break fast .

    My medications based on Nurologist are a) Elkar 500 mg 3 times daily before food b)Alrista 3 times daily after food.

    My medications based on Psycriatist is XET 10 mf once a day bed time.

    My latest interaction with the psycriatist is that a) diagnosis of Dermatolgist and Director of Lepra Institute are very reliable b) I must trust him and other doctors who have diagnosed Hansen at a very very very early stage- by chance c)and medicines can work only based on trust d) Imprvements can be seen only over a period of time say 1 year e) the issues I face will aggravate if medicines not strictly adhered considering my age 61 yrs f) nerve related symptoms are normal with passage of age and each individual gets different ailment based on resistance factors g) and I should not try to do research not connected with my proffession

    I also asked the pschriatist that chemical combinations of different medicines themselves may get confused as to what to treat (Dermatology , Nurology and Psyciatry ). He simply asked me to take medicines in right doeses at right time and notto worry about these things.

    I have started listening to the psycriatist and waiting for the greatest medical expert “TIME” a healer of problems.

    Please suggest solutions for right Eye watering . I use Genteel Eye Gel and close my right eye with paper tape available from medical shops.

    I have another query mased on Kristies inputs . Is it true that Men’s symptoms on right side of body ( Face. arms, sholders, Leg etc) areo opposite side for women and vice versa ?


    I consulted a phycriatist

  • Jan Modric


    30% improvement is a good achievement. I believe you will know which meassures you’ve undertaken have helped you and you will continue with this practice.

    It is a good, not soft matress and a firm matress holder, which enable that your back does not bend excessively during sleep. It doesn’t need to be a stone-hard matress though. A thin pillow may also help since it doesn’t cause so much neck bending.

    You have confirmed spondylitis and disc disorders in lumbar and cervical spine. It is quite possible that your leg/feet symptoms are solely due to spinal changes. But your facial symptoms do not (at least not directly) arise from the spine, since the face is innervated by brain nerves arising from the brainstem (lying within the skull) and not from the spine as nerves for hands, trunk and legs do. On the other hand, if both your facial and leg symptoms get worse/better *at the same time* then there may be a common cause for both. I strongly encourage you to continue what helps and to avoid what aggravates your pain. This will make you confident about the nature of your disorder. If at some point in your life walking, appropriate sleeping position and avoiding prolonged sitting and neck bending won’t help, I can tell you that surgical correction of vertebra/discs usually bring permanent relief.

    About cholesterol..you were taking cod liver oil..Margarine and nuts are also high in fats. Simple sugars can be converted into cholesterol in the body. So avoid:
    – glucose and sucrose (table sugar) – in sweets,
    – fructose (high in honey, apples, pears, plums, grapes, figs, dates), jams, compotes…
    -HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)..added as artificial sweetener, often in carbonated drinks.

    About drugs, again, I would not change much; you can, if you want, discuss with *neuro* about taking antidepressants or not.

    About man’s/woman’s brain. Brain centers responsible for *body* and *cognition* functions are in the same parts of brain in woman and man. It is *development* of particular centres that differ and not their position. From this viewpoint I don’t see a reason why would women have symptoms on other side of the body then men.

    Eye discharge – honestly, I’d say find a carrying reliable ophtalmologist to advice you. Constant starring in computer monitor/TV and dry air (indoors and outdoors) my dry your eyes and irritate them.

  • seth


    I recently experienced tingling/numbness that starts in my back and chest and then slowly moves up to my body and eventually up to my face. This is the 2nd time it happened, the 1st time was in March of this year. Both times was when I got into my car and drove for over a half-hour.
    Both times I was incredibly tired due to an inability to sleep more than a few hours the previous night (some anxiety as well).
    It lasts as long as I am in a sitting position driving and goes away when I get out of the car and walk around. Both times it only lasted about a ten minutes. I notice repositioning myself can help. Is this linked to some disc or nerve damage in my lumbar or cervical spine?

  • Jan Modric


    even tight back and neck muscles could cause tingling numbness around your torso and face. Only an imaging investigation (X-ray, MRI) could reveal if your thoracic or cervical discs are deformed (bulging, herniated) or if you have spondylitis (spinal arthritis), what all could result in pinched spinal nerves and tingling.

    If you only get these symptoms when tired, and not after prolonged sitting or lifting heavy objects…then spine is less likely involved.

  • Hi, I’ve had a few MRI’s with each one showing more spots on my brain than the one previously. I’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, have had a massive DVT in left calf that went up into my abdomen and I have a slight problem with low sugar and something with my thyroid but I don’t remember what.

    Anyway about a week or two ago I started getting this numbness and tingling on the left side of my face (corner of my left eye and down to my lips) it goes down the left side of my throat, left arm and leg. I’m scheduled for another MRI next wednesday (doc ordered an urgent MRI due to the start of the tingling). When this problem started it was only occurring about 2 or 3 times a day and never lasting for more than a minute. Now however I only have about 4 hours (accumulated, not consecutive) without it, so it’s definitely getting worse. The only medication I’m on is daily low-dose aspirin because of the former DVT.

    My question is, what can I expect as a result of this up and coming MRI? I realize and understand that you can’t tell me exactly what will be shown, but an idea would be nice.

    Thank you in advance for what ever suggestions or advice you can give me!

  • Jan Modric


    what was exact diagnosis of spots in the brain that were already detected?

    Having DVT and symptoms on the left side of the body speaks for possibility that those spots are from small strokes, and you can expect more to be seen on the next MRI.

    You should urgently visit your doctor to check your blood clotting time and adjust dose or type of anticoagulant drugs if necessary. You can do this without waiting on MRI. DO NOT adjust your treatment regime by yourself. Go through ER since you are in danger to suffer from irreversible brain damage or even death.

  • So far there has been no definitive diagnosis made. It’s been left up in the air as to whether it’s MS related, strokes or seizures. As for the DVT, they have concluded that it came about because of having been on the pill at the time.

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I will be taking it all into consideration.

  • madcyclistuk

    A brief-ish history…
    2003 – Was a very fit cyclist but had a heavy cold after starting a new stressful job.
    1 month later woke to find room spiralling to the right, vertigo, nausea, tinnitus, problems balancing etc.
    Diagnosis labyrinthitis Rx anti-nauseant didn’t work, then prescribed betahistine hydrochloride worked very well, but overnight left side facial parathesia. Developed intermittent eye tics, parathesia, sinus pain, et al.
    Symptoms became so bad lost job.

    Stopped Betahistine in November 2007 and lived with significantly lessened symptoms.
    March 2009- Fit cyclist again, in stressful job. Woke to find severe nystagmus from right to left and some associated symptoms. Re-started Betahistine good suppression of nystagmus, poor suppression of rest of symptoms.
    May 2009 – Increased symptoms including severe left side facial headache that grew during day. OTC analgesia ineffective.
    Went to neuro-otologist. MRI, hearing, caloric test et al. All negative.
    Suspected migraine.
    September 2009 – strong suspicion migraine commenced 200mg valproate overnight last week, left side sinus pain conintued, replaced by facial parathesia contines.
    All symptoms significantly better if cycling, but seem to get increasing hypoglycaemia in afternoon, and prone to fatigue.
    Frustrated that cannot find anything that’s efficacious.
    Any comments or suggestions gratefully received. 😀

  • Jan Modric


    can you imagine any other symptoms, after checking this medical history questionnaire?

    including eventual family history of migraines, multiple sclerosis or other chronic diseases.

  • madcyclistuk

    Hi Jan, 🙂

    From your very useful medical history checklist The only significant points are;

    My symptoms vary. I always have a symptom to a lesser or greater extent. many ebb and flow over days or weeks, and are unpredictable.

    -Stress is a HUGE exacerbator of the symptoms. Particularly chronic stress, coupled with lack of sleep.
    -I get a splitting headache in the morning if I binge on dark chocolate the previous evening – so don’t!
    -Since commencing 200mg of Valporate at night I’m less affected by lack of sleep. I used to need to snooze in the afternoon, particularly if I was in pain.
    -When exercising, and for the rest of the day after, I’m generally in pretty good health, with tolerable symptoms. I am more inclined to hypoglycaemia in the afternoon if I’m exercising all day than I was. I also have a little less awareness of my surroundings if I cycle with mild symptoms.

    When I have a headache is tends to be left side, and I get problems with diplopia/focussing my left eye.
    Greatly, but less so now since commencing valporate influenced by lack of food.

    -Familial histories of hormone related migraine/cluster headache – wasn’t really diagnosed properly, Bell’s Palsy and sinusitis
    -Parathesia worse in morning than evening, and has been regardless of drugs or no drugs present. When stressed parathesia travelling up my face resulted in stabbing pain in left eye that eventually disappeared.
    -Increased sensitivity to bright light, fluorescent light, light behind PCs, and loud noises.
    -Hyperacoustic, with good hearing, but always had Cocktail Party Syndrome i.e. can’t separate sounds in noisy environments.
    -Not a drinker, recreational drug user, or smoker.
    -Occasionally get slight left leg, or left arm parathesia.
    -I can balance reaonsably well except when “walking the line” with my eyes shut.
    -No nystagmus of late.

    Can’t think of anything else at present that is of significance, but please ask.


  • Jan Modric


    – Do you also have symptoms after red wine or cheese?
    – Do you eat large amount of nuts, pineapple, banana, kiwifruit, avocado plums,tomatoes, fish, chicken and turkey, whole meal bread, high-fiber cereals or milk
    – Can you describe your usual diet (foods, by groups, you eat a lot/little)?
    – Can you explain your hypoglicemia a bit more? This is confirmed hypoglycemia? Why it happens? You have long fasting periods or so? Have you been tested for diabetes?
    – MRI you had was MRI of the brain?

  • madcyclistuk

    Hi Jan, 😀
    Thanks for replying.
    I drink a lot of milk! The rest of the food groups you’ve mentioned I eat, but not excessively – to my knowledge, and have not noticed any excessive changes in symptoms when they’re eaten.
    I did wonder about cheese though, particularly mature cheese, as I get vivid dreams when if I ingest it in the evening, but no symptoms the following day.
    I don’t take any alcohol at all and haven’t since ’85. I seemed to be quite sensitive to it. I try to avoid alcohol products on the skin as well.
    I do take caffeine in coffee first thing in the morning, and it gives me a kick out of bed, but even when I have had caffeinated drinks during the day they seem not to affect me that much. I love tea, but only have de-caffeinated tea.
    I am “sensitive” to bananas – have been since I was a baby. If I ingest particularly fresh banana accidently I get violent gut wrenching, so avoid it as much as possible.
    I am quite a pastries fan. Anything from pizza to bread to cake, but haven’t noticed any changes when the yare ingested.
    At present I’m having long fasting periods. When I was having more meals it did not alter any parathesic symptoms, only staved off the headaches a little so I could try and lessen their impact with painkillers. It was very hit ans miss, and turned it from only just bearable into a darned nuisance.
    I haven’t had an “official” diagnosis of hypoglycaemia, but if cyclists become hypoglycaemic through exercise, they get the knock or the bonk which is akin to runner’s wall. My headaches consultant has suggested that increased susceptability to this since symptoms returned is common in migraineurs.
    I have been taking 200mg valproate for 8 days, and have noticed that the parathesia has permanetly settled on the left side of my face, on the cheek closest to my nose. It’s not painful, doesn’t feel sinusy, or dental, just weird. At present apart from the tinnitus, and being a bit tired, there’s no nasty symptoms. However, hopefully, I’ll be starting yet another potentially stressful job – I never learn! And I’m concerned that the more severe symptoms will return.

  • Jan Modric


    there may be more issues here, that may overlap.

    1. It is possible that labyrinthitis in 20003 resulted from cold you got a month before. This labyrinthitis may recur or cause complications related to balance, hearing and nystagmus. I believe ENT should be able to confirm/exclude this reliably.

    2. Migraine. You’ve mentioned splitting headache after chocolate and vivid dreams after cheese. You drink a lot of milk. These and other foods from my question above are high in tryptophan that is converted to serotonin in the body.

    Serotonin secretion is affected by insulin, and this by blood glucose level.

    Repeating hypoglicemia and, as you say, stress, may both affect serotonin levels.

    I’m not saying you have migraine, though.

    3. Betahistine dilates vessels in the labyrinth; you’ve said it helped against vertigo and against nystagmus at another occasion – it probably means you had labyrinthitis at these times. Or this labyrinthitis caused Meniere’s disease.

    4. Drugs have their side effects…

    What to do:
    1. If stress is a big trigger of your symptoms, reduce stress. Sleeping enough, avoiding hypoglycemia, considering how cycling is affecting eventual Menetriere’s disease…
    2. Ask ENT about possible Menetriere’s disease and possible effect of betahistine and valproate on your symptoms.

  • madcyclistuk

    Hi Jan, 🙂

    VERY interesting response – particularly regarding tryptophan, serotonin et al. I will look into these and make adjustments to gain a bit more control over the levels.
    All the ENT tests including neurologicals, balance, caloric, head MRI, nystagmus were negative, apart from balance with my eyes shut. I guess my eyes have been compensating for my left side deficiencies!

    I suspect you’re right regarding the labyrinthitis i.e. it may have recurred. I find it interesting that it seems to be when, I think, I’m at my fittest and
    lightest. To that end, is it possible that I may be inadvertently compromising my auto-immune system? If this is the case, is there anything I can do to remedy this – apart from the obvious?!?

    Many thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.

  • Jan Modric


    your immune system may be compromised from stress and recuring hypoglycemia. Insulin, serotonin, cortisol and sex hormones balance may be changed; not necessary that hormone tests would show changed levels, though. I DO NOT recommend you to take any hormones or any remedies to “boost your immune system” – just to spare you some money. To restore eventually changed balance of hormones and immunity, avoid:
    – skipping meals, fasting
    – well, mad cycling 🙂 (hypoglycemia, stress, constant head movements)
    – situations that cause raised pressure in the middle ear (quick changes in altitude, respiratory infections, noise..)
    – and…discuss with your doctor, if you still need valproate. Please, do not drop valproate by yourself – this is an antiepileptic drug that has to be taken and withdrawn under doctor’s supervision.
    – do not end with more drugs just like that

    About the food:
    1. Regular meals. Without this I’m not sure if you can get rid of your symptoms
    2. Beside chocolate and certain cheeses, consider to limit milk (milk is high in salt, cholesterol and tryptophan…
    3. Do you drink some sport drinks to replace lost electrolytes during cycling – you may want to check their levels in the blood (low potassium can cause neurological symptoms and weakness..)
    4. Do not get anxyous about diet in general, but hypoglycemia and eventually low potassium may do alot ofvharm to you.

  • nutthins

    I am 53. Had a heart attack in ’97 which supposedly triggered fibromyalgia. I have since entered menopause and am on Synthroid for hypothyroidism. Have suffered two whiplash injuries and suffer from joint and muscle pain. My newest concern is this: an all consuming stiffness in joints and muscles that has led to an unbearable pain in my “inner” hips and knees and now a numb/tingling left foot along with a heavy numbness on the left side of my face from temple to jaw. The tingling sensation creeps into my skull the odd time. My right foot has been swollen for three years with no explanation other than gout. The left foot numbs after walking or standing and I feel a cold spot before it returns to normal. I have had a very annoying buzzing in my ears for about three months and it is getting worse. To add to the complication I have been battling some sort of stomach problem for the past couple of weeks … I am nauseous alot and seem to go in couple of day intervals before I am disrespecting the bathroom. I have noticed a low grade fever that comes with each episode. The fatigue is different than the fibro fatigue I have become accustomed to and it is all consuming when it hits. Any suggestions/help/advice would be greatly appreciated. This has become terribly confusing and frustrating to say the least.

  • Jan Modric


    have you actually measured body temperature; if so, what was it?

    What was said to be the cause of a heart attack you’ve had?

    Have you ever changed the type of medication for hypothyroidism?

    Have you had any abnormal blood tests lately?

    What’s your height/weight?

  • starkville

    Hi Jan,

    Let me explain a few things that have happened in the past 3 months that may or may not be related to what I am experiencing.
    In the middle of July 09′ I was in Palm Springs and had been out in the sun for about 4 days straight and got sun poisoning/rash. This was only the 2nd time I ever had gotten this. ( the 1st being in Palm Springs also 7 years prior). On the ride home to L.A. it was very hot also, and one of my ankles actually blistered and started weeping. At about the same time I started getting this occassional feeling of a warm liquid sensation in mostly my left ear that would only last a few seconds and would only happen about maybe 5-10 times a day. A few times it was in the right ear also though. That lasted about a month, never becoming more frequent, then went away.
    One month ago I went in for a root canal on my left rear molar and about 6 days later I started getting these warmish slight tingling sensations in small areas on my face and head that would only last a couple of seconds and then go away. They are in small areas on the cheek, lip, forehead, jaw, even in, or around the eye. They only come about 5- 10 times a day and are usually on the left side but occasionally on the right also. A few times I’ve even felt them on my forearms and foot. They do not hurt but I am really starting to worry. I have a doctors appointment set up but was hoping for some possible explanations. The ear thing started happening again occasionally also. Very seldom though. The feelings on my face feel kind of similar to the feelings in my ear. I called the dentist and he didn’t think the root canal had anything to do with this. I had also had dental work on that same side before we went to Palm Springs. I have had chicken pox before and also occasionally get cold sores. Not sure if this could have anything to do with this, but somehow I wonder if the sun poisoning is related to all of this. Please help! Thanks in advance for your reply.

  • Jan Modric

    To starkville.

    Sun poisoning and tooth extraction may both represent a stress, which can re-activate a dormant herpes virus (from chicken pox) and cause – shingles, which may sometimes be present without a rash.

    This above is a pure speculation, though. Neurologist should know what other causes to consider.

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  • Sanjaya

    Dear sir,
    For last one year i am suffering from an unusual disorder my face is totally puffy,puffness under the eyes,difficulty in focussing of eyes & brain,total confusion,mild headache,reluctancy in speaking & getting conscious Though I have been an orator.Pl help

  • Jan Modric


    is facial puffines worst in the morning and lessens through the day – or not?

    Raised or lowered body temperature?
    Constipation or diarrhea?
    Any change in urine amount or color?

    You can check medical history form to recall more symptoms:

  • Sanjaya

    Dear Sir,
    lessens as the day goes by.But the speech problem including confusion,becoming conscious stays incl sleepiness stays.seems that tongue is being pulled inside.

  • Sanjaya

    Dear Sir,
    No change in temp.No constipation.No problem in colour of urine.You can actually see the difference after seeing my face whether I am ok or not. The puffness suddenly disappears and the speech also incl confusion goes off.

  • Sanjaya

    Pl subscribe some medication I’d be indebited

  • Jan Modric


    do you feel generally ill, do you feel like your whole body is affected or all symptoms are confined to the face?

    Are other parts of your body also swollen in the morning?

    Morning swelling that goes away during the day occurs in kidney failure. This would affect your ability of concentration.

    I can not by any chance recommend you any drug, you would need to see a doctor to solve this.

  • Sanjaya

    The puffiness is only in the face and under the eyes & i wont say that it subsides during day b’coz sometimes it is absolutely fine throughout the day,& sometimes it is there.Slurring & inhibition & feel of self conscious persists on most of the time of the day,but when I am lying down everything is fine.

  • Jan Modric


    an allergy is also possible. Hair dye allergies may cause symptoms you are describing. Agai, I recommend you to check the link of medical history questionnaire and put all things together – to get the whole picture and time course of your symptoms.

  • SuddenlyMedicallyChallenged

    I’m glad I found this site.. A month ago while driving home from work, I suddenly felt the left side of my head tingle. Thought maybe a pinched nerve. I used a heating pad for a few days and it went away. A few days later, I was having bladder problems and went to the doctor. They had put me on several different antibiotics nothing was helping the bladder issue. One day, I woke up and all my lymph nodes were swollen. The doctor said my numbness had something to do with the lymph nodes. The numbness comes and goes. It really bothers me. However, my blood test showed up low platlets, so all my other issues are being put on the back burner. (boy I have issues right now!).. Last week, my upper back started hurting and seems very sensitive to touch.. I’m not sure if the numbness from my head is from that. Wondering if maybe a pinched nerve in my spine as before all these issues, I was running 5 miles on a treadmill, 3xs per week… Maybe I damaged something? I don’t think it’s from the swollen lymph nodes as the doctor suggested considering I had this numbness before and I’m still having it now. The lymph nodes have gone down. Any suggestions would be great as I’m in a Google frenzy trying to figure out what to do next!!! I never had these issues before or any medical issues prior.. I was perfectly healthy a month ago.. Thanks for reading. 😉

  • Jan Modric

    Suddenly MC,

    how old are you?
    This medical history form can help you to identify more symptoms:

  • Suddenlymedicallychallenged

    I a 33 year old female.. very active, never sick… scared.

  • Jan Modric

    Suddenly MC,
    in certain infections and blood disorders both low platelets and enlarged lymph nodes can appear.

    Again, I encourage you to go through a medical history questionnaire to organize all your symptoms in a time line.

  • Suddenlymedicallychallenged

    Thank you.. 🙂 I will!

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  • nov

    i am 35 year female and got car accident 2 months ago, severe seat belt trauma (right wheel driver). after i felt my chess muscle moderately painless, i can feel numbness on my left shoulder then my neck. and my back and neck still sever pain…i check MRI for back – spinal cord, bone and nerve looks OK per result. starting one week ago, i severe numbness on my left head from back to top and my eye side, sometimes can go the whole head. NO heavy headache, just feel my head is so tide and make me diffcult a bit to think. the first 4 days, the numbness appear all the time, inlcuding when sleep, now is on and off but quite often.. i check MRI for Brain, it looks normal too.. Doctor said, no indication for brain injury, blood clod, tumor, sinus, or stroke but dunno what cause me numbness…my blood pressure is a bit low, and my low sugar is a bit low too… i never severe this frequent and long ending numbness before accident.

    1. is it possible becasue something wrong with my spinal cord, but why the MRI say Nothing? and the Doctor said, if it is nerve related, the impact will not go to upper body or to head.

    2. is it possible because my massage proffesional pressed my back bone too strong hence cause either nerve, or muscle pain that can cause the numbness (after my back is pressed by his hand (not any tools), i felt dizzy then he checked my blood sugar and blood pressure is low.

    3. i drink one full glass white wine and just a litle bit whiskey before got massage last week, then as i can recall properly, a day after that i started to feel numbness all the time as explained above. is it related? i am a light drinker.


  • Jan Modric

    To nov.

    Both low blood pressure and low sugar can contribute to numbness. Ask the doctor for appropriate treatment. Alcohol may lower blood pressure, especially if it makes you dehydrated. If numbness will persist, then you can think about neurological or vascular (arteries around the upper spinal cord) cause.

    Also try to figure out if sleeping with/without a pillow affect numbness on the head.

  • Jimbo1968

    41 year old male. Past three weeks (Nov. 10-NOv. 25) I have had (tingling/burning/icy/itching) constant sensations on scalp, neck, sides of face and bottom of right foot, right shin and right kneecap is burning. Also a few deep muscle aches in random spots of right leg as well. Have just seen the regular doctor today and had three vials of blood drawn, won’t know results until after Thanksgiving holiday weekend. A bit of anxiety is starting to build. Hate waiting for results.

    Recent medical/physical history, Have had both seasonal (seven weeks ago) and H1N1 (three weeks ago) vaccinations. Three day neck ache from seasonal shot. As for the H1N1, I actually woke up in the middle of the night, first night after receiving the shot, and had a two hour chills and uncontrollable shakes episode. Eventually fell back to sleep. Timing of H1N1 shot and recent body tingles is suspicious by me. Doctor said it could have something to do with it. Did the tap the knee test, no problems. Has also ordered an MRI, said neurologist won’t even see me until I have the MRI. Will have this done sometime next week.

    Additional info: Zocor (80 mg) for cholesterol past three years. Chronic back and neck issues from many hours drawing, I’m an illustrator, as well as computer work. Play a bit of tennis, three times a month average. Always ice neck after playing. Was diagnosed in the past with C-5 & C-6 degenerative something or other. Lastly, I have a four year old son who likes to play rough and likes to be picked up, weighs approx. 35 lbs.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  • Jan Modric


    have you ever had these symptoms before vaccination?

    C5-C6 disc degeneration could (not necessary) cause symptoms in the arm(s).

    If your head/neck/face symptoms are limited to the blue/violet areas in the picture above in the article, they may arise from (pinched?) C1-C3 spinal nerves.

    Symptoms in the leg may arise from the pinched sciatic nerve that arises from lumbar/sacral spinal cord.

    It’s possible that chills was a side effect of vaccination.

    If your leg symptoms are relieved by walking and aggravated by sitting, they probably arise from the pinched sciatic nerve; you can have at least 30 minutes long walks and see, if it helps.

  • teregenti


  • Jimbo1968

    Thank you for your feedback to my initial post.

    As for the weird chills, I haven’t had that type of episode before the vaccination.

    With regards to the face tingling felt in the blue and violet areas, I would agree along with a bit of the yellow region, mainly the cheeks nearer the ear side.

    The leg feelings have worsened over the past four days. It’s pretty much the entire right leg. (I have had a one time issue with the same leg about ten years back) and I saw a chiropractor to relieve the symptoms. This time, it feels similar as well as I can remember back to ten years ago. The only difference is that this time I feel it in my toes, both the top and bottom, along with the calf, knee (front and back) and mainly the inside upper portion of my leg. It feels as if it could totally cramp up at anytime. Similar to when I get leg cramps from over exercising.

    I took a walk, 30 minute, on Thanksgiving Day and felt some discomfort while walking in my foot and calf. I have been icing my lower back the last couple of days because I read elsewhere that ice is better than heat during the first few days of a Sciatica flare-up. Assuming this is what’s going on.

    As I stated in my original post, I have a four year old that requires me to play a lot on the floor, crawling, rolling, etc. Noticed the discomfort worsened the last few days when I attempted any of these activities. Lastly, I will share my blood results as soon as I receive them this coming week.

    Again, Thank you for your input!

  • Joannamc

    Hi all, hoping someone can help me!

    I started over a year ago with chest pain, mainly on the right hand side of chest, no issue with exertion, no pattern to pain. I had mammogram and chest xray which did not show anything except some cysts on both breasts. the pain eased for a few months, and is now about twice a week. I stopped asking the doctor as he told me it was stress!! About three months ago I noticed a swelling in my neck, along with pain between shoulder blades and heavyness/numbness in little and index fingers, went back to doctor who sent me for neck xray and ultrasound. Discovered enlarged lymph nodes, and fused vertebrae in my neck, but doctor not concerned – bloods ok, slightly high iron. I still have the swollen lymph nodes, and now have numbness in my nose from bridge to halfway down, not every day but almost. There does not seem to be any pattern to the numbness…..I am getting a little worried about what is causing all of these symptoms (high family history of cancers of throat, breast, ovary etc) Can anyone shed any light on this??? thanks

  • Jan Modric


    as I understood from your original question, your major concern was, if your pains were related to vaccine? The neck pain maybe was, anyway, if you already had these pains before, they are likely related to bulging/herniated discs inyour spine – resulting in pinched nerves. Exercises, physiotherapy, trying sleeping on a hard matress, or surgery can help.

  • Jan Modric


    you should do everything to find a possible cancer. Swollen lymph nodes in the neck without obvious infectious disease are highly suspicious for cancer. Cysts in breasts may not necessary be so innocent. Lung cancer cannot be always detected by X-ray. MRI or bronchoscopy would be needed to detect lung cancer. How old are you, do you smoke?

  • Ed

    This all started 4 months ago when I woke up with high blood pressure, pins and needless in scalp of my head, and some tingling in my right arm. High blood pressure stopped after that day but tingling and numbness have stayed. I feel pressure on the right side of my neck coming from around right ear going under my jaw and down to my collar bone. I don’t have any pain there. I’ve had constant tingling in my right arm through my fingers, and right leg through my toe. Occasionally I get stiff right calf and some stiffness in my forehand. Every day after long day sitting at the computer at work, I get those episodes: pain in my head (top front), like ant crawlings on my head (changes locations), pain and pressure in the bridge of nose, tingling and numbness on sides of my nose, and then more elevated pressure in my neck, more tingling in my right arm and leg, and sometimes tingling goes to my left arm. I also feel I have a big heartburn when those episodes happen. They can last between an hour and few hours or a day.
    I never experience any weaknesses, confusion or blurred vision.
    I had NVC done at PCP’s office and they told me I have a pinched nerve and more to the left. They told me to follow up with neurologist or orthopedic specialist. Neurologist ordered me to have MRI done on brain and c-spine, which came back clean of anything including MS.
    He prescribed me gabapentin (?sp) which doesn;t help at all. Sometimes Excedrin helps a little taking pressure and headache away.
    I am also going to physical therapy and doing traction on my neck. No help so far. And lastly, I will be doing EMG next week to hopefully confirm pinched nerve and pinpoint a location.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  • Ed

    forgot to add that I also feel tingling through my lips and teeth

  • Jan Modric


    yes, locating pinched nerves is important.

    Your facial symptoms (forehead, nose) are not caused by pinched nerves, but they arise either from the brainstem or brain.

    I don’t know what triggered your symptoms that night…You should ask doctors from where elevated blood pressure and how to control it. It’s posible that spikes of blood pressure caused mini stroke(s) in your brain/brainstem.

  • Ed

    Thank you for your response.
    I only had elevated blood pressure that night. 10 hours before everything started I got a shoulder massage from my cousin who pressed on both sides of my neck very hard. I didn;t feel any of these symptoms until I went to sleep that night. That is all I could think of.
    Later I thought it was ear infection because it started around right ear and ear lobe would sometimes tingle as well. So I went to a specialist to check my ears. They were perfect.
    You mentioned maybe a mini stroke. Would that have been detected by MRIs I have done at all? Sorry for stupid question since I am no expert in this.

    What other tests would you recommend getting done (especially neck and shoulder area)?
    BTW I am 33.

  • Jan Modric


    massage possibly caused bulging or herniated disc(s) or vertebra, resulting in pinched spinal nerves or even spinal cord. Additionally, pressure on the “carotid sinus” – a bunch of receptors in carotid artery that regulate blood pressure – could cause high blood pressure spike and temporarly impair blood perfussion of your brain.

    What your doctors needs most, is your exact medical history.

    MRI and CT can show only changes in discs and vertebra, but these has maybe already resolved. Eventual muscle spasms and damage of the nerves can not be seen by MRI or CT, so maybe you might need nerve conductive velocity (NCV) tests and electromiography (EMG).

    I want to emphasize that symptoms on your forehead and nose are not caused by pinched nerves. This is why I thought it may be stroke. It is your neurologist who should know what investigation to use for this.

    Again, provide your doctor with your exact short- and long-term medical history as described in the link above.

  • Ed

    What would be the best test to examine carotid sinus since EMG came back normal?
    And would problems with carotid sinus cause these symptoms of tingling, numbness in my head, arm, leg and muscle spasms last for over 4 months?
    I only high blood pressure very first day and that was it.

    Thank you

  • Jan Modric


    carotid sinus only regulates blood pressure. Its irritation or damage affects only blood pressure, and it does not cause any neurological symptoms, like tingling or spasms.

    It’s possible your neck vertebra were only slightly dislocated, but enough to pinch the spinal nerves. In this case a reliable physiotherapist could maybe help you. The other possibility is that some of your cervical disc(s) have herniated – this can be proved only by imaging, like CT or MRI – and press on the nerves or directly on the spinal cord.

    Symptoms caused by brain damage (stroke) do not come and go on a daily basis, but change (are usually relieved to some extent) over weeks/months.

  • bjohn

    I have been experiencing something a bit odd for the last week. It started with spontaneous goosebumps on my left arm. That went away after 2-3 days and now I have the same tingley goosebump feeling across my face from the bridge of my nose down on both sides. Could I have pinched a nerve? Are these 2 areas connected by a nerve?

  • Jan Modric


    the face is not innervated by spinal nerves but by Trigeminal nerve that arises from the brainstem, which is not affected by spinal disorders like bulging disc.

    Sensory innervation of the left arm and face is connected on the level of the brain and brainstem. To say directly, my first thought was multiple sclerosis. Not saying that this is the real cause of your symptoms, but I recommend you to visit a neurologist.

  • Iceontitan

    Woke up this morning with numbness on both sides of my face. Directly above the Jaw Joint. Have had a TMJ flare up 20 days ago and been taking cyclobenzeprine. Face feels tight and not as mobile, although is moving like before. But skin and face feel like they have been administered novocaine. Also slight numbness on the back of head on top.

    Can this be a side effect of medication and TMJ or something else unrelated?

    • Jan Modric

      it can be side effect of cyclobenzaprine:

      If it was TMJ related, you would probaly have such experience before.

      Other neurological disorders would probably cause more asymetric or additional symptoms.

  • Ed

    Just to continue with my posts from above: I had EMG and EEG done. EMG showed no pinched nerve nor nerve damage. EEG came back normal.
    I had some suggestions from others that this could be related to strong acid reflux since I also have pressure in my esophagus (above collar bone and also in the upper stomach). Those people I talked too said acid probably is too strong and spills and touches nerves and that is why I have tingling in my arm(s), head, leg. For last 3 weeks my muscles are twitching and I get sensations all over my body like somebody prickles me with a needle and the becomes hot and goes away.
    I am at loss what to do next except to visit GI specialist to check my esophagus.

  • Jan Modric

    strong acid reflux surely is something to treat. You can ask gastroenterologist to perform breath test for H. pylori, bacterium that commonly causes reflux.

    Gastric reflux itself is not related to your facial/arm/leg symptoms. But there could be a common cause for gastric reflux and those symptoms, so you would need to check blood levels of main minerals.

  • corkyjade

    hi, i’m just wondering if you can help me about two months ago i had tonsillitus then shortly followed an ear infection in both ears which became so acute in my left ear it burst my ear drum. i had treatment but since i have had a numbness/pressure feeling from my cheekbone to my temple making my eye water and feel ‘sleepy’ (left side only) it isn’t painful and i can still move my face fully but it’s very uncomfortable and sometimes i get twinges of pain in my head (back mainly below ears). i should mention that between the ear infection and these symptoms i had severe sinus pain all the way from my nose to the back of my neck which i took congestion relief for, i now seem to have recovered from all the aches and pains associated with winter bugs/viruses however this numbness is sticking and i have alevel exams shortly. also, i suffer badly with anxiety and panic attacks related to my health and therefore have avoided going to the doctors, is there any professional advice or reassurance you can offer me as i am worrying about all sorts from blod clots to brain tumours despite the likelyhood that it is linked intrinsically to my previous infections. I have been experiencing dizziness and nausea however the dizziness has been present for years as i have ‘dodgy’ ears and i think the nausea is related to my anxiety- i hope you can help,
    many thanks

    • Jan Modric

      To corkyjade.

      Infection of the middle ear can affect facial nerve innervating facial muscles, and sinusitis can affect trigeminal nerve innervating facial skin. Both trouble control your facial muscles and numbness would be explained by this. I strongly recommend you to visit a neurologist. I can’t reliably say what’s the cause, but these infection you’ve mentioned are likely. Blood clot or brain tumor would likely cause different symptoms, affecting only one side of the face/body.

  • Oscar

    Hi, I am been treated for P.E (clot in the lung), for about 4 months now. I have improved while taking warfarin. I was getting numbness in legs and arms. At the start both legs and arms went numb. Then I had flair ups of my right arm and right leg going numb. Now I am getting numbness in my face and funny feeling at the back of my head which comes and goes. Waiting for MRI.

    Have you any answer. Oscar.

    • Jan Modric


      this is a tricky thing. Numbness is a known side effect of some warfarin drugs, like Coumadin. On the other side, having a clot in lungs raise suspiction for small clots in the brain causing transient ischemich attacks (TIA). I strongly recommend you to speak with your neurologist.

  • Lize


    I need some help on trying ti figure out exactly what’s wrong with me.

    6 months after giving birht to my child, I noticed a little bit of pressure in my nose, after that I began to feel more pressure and now it feels more like a swelling of my whole nose, and forehead. I noticed that the crack in my forehead (between my eyebrows) seems more prominent.
    The swelling will not subside. Heat makes it worse. My nose feels like it’s being pulled to opposite sides.
    I also do teeth grinding at night.
    I have ringing in my ear, and a clicking jaw.
    No pain in my face though, and sinusitis has been ruled out since I don’t have any draininge.
    I just feel some liquid at the back of my nose that gets pulled when I swollow. I looks clear and sometimes a little cloudy but white.
    I also have stomach problems: sometimes cramps, constipation, and heartburn.

    On top of that the thing that worries me most is my increased sensitivity to loud sounds. Even when I blink or swollow I startle myself. I feel it in betweeen the back of my head and forehead.

    Can you pleaaase guide me in some direction as to what this could be.
    I’ve seen ENT specialist, regular MD’s, and nobody has told me exactly what’s wrong.

    Could this be neurological? or maybe an infection?? worms?

    I’m only 22 and this symptoms feel like they’re taking my life over!!

    • Jan Modric


      I encourage you to find a reliable ENT. Are your stomach and head symptoms time related?

  • Lize

    Oh I forgot to add that I also get fullness in both ears, and sometimes a cracking sound when I swollow. As if it wasn’t enough…

  • Harley

    Thank you for this website and your time. I am 35 year old female whose health has changed significantly as of 6 months ago. I’m 5’6, 120 lbs., happy and try my best to lead a healthful lifestyle. I did injure my neck running this summer–woke up very sore and stiff the next day–but I do not know that that is related to the problems I’m having. I began noticing tingling in my head and face last summer. Also tingling, most noticeable when sitting or lying down, in my pelvis and thighs. Last night I felt it in my feet and calves. Feels like waves of electricity surging throughout my body. Not painful but very strange. My ears also began ringing with a feeling of fullness last summer (’09). This comes and goes from one ear to the other. Feels like my ear closes and then high-pitched ring for a minute or so. I’ve never had this (ringing in ears) before in my life and I wonder what has changed. I do not know what precipitates the ringing or tingling. I’ve seen a neurologist who gave me a physical examination which I passed just fine. He doesn’t think it’s from an injury since I passed the exam without problems. I don’t have any physical limitations. The neurologist ruled out MS based on an MRI of my brain. Said it was normal. One year prior to this (spring ’08) I was on the antibiotic Clarithromycin (500 mg) for a sinus infection and my face began feeling numb and tingly. It was constant though, not variable like now. My doctor called it an idiosyncractic reation to the med. Once I stopped taking it the sensation went away. 7 years ago I noticed tingling on my head ever so often but ignored it as I didn’t have any other symptoms. Never pain just wierd. But when my face and whole body, began tingling, I began to be concerned as to what that means. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 8 years ago and take .075 mg of lyvothyroxine. My thyroxine and T3 levels are currently normal. I have noticed increased persperation and I have headaches that last for several days several times a month. Ibuprophen doesn’t help but 2 extra strength excedrin usually helps. My latest symptom is waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. I have noticed heart palpitations as well but not currently. Sometimes, too when I excercise, my arms feel weird, cold and clamy like I don’t have enough circulation. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Harley

    I should also add that my tests for vitamin deficiencies came back normal. Lupus-neg. First test for Lyme (ELISA) was positive but Western Blot negative both times taken, hence a negative result.

    • Jan Modric


      have you also had an MRI of the brainstem and spinal cord? Symptoms comming and going and changing with body position (symptoms in the legs and head) speak for spinal cord or spinal nerves injury. Ear sounds and facial tingling could be from the brainstem or cranial nerves (8th and 5th) injury. Perspiration, palpitations, wakening, maybe also ear sounds..could be from levothyroxine, so ask your doctor to adjust (lower) the dose. After that you’ll see which symptoms will remain. Leg symptoms could be from neck injury or from a separate bulging/herniated disc(s) or injury in your lumbar spine. All this would require brainstem and spinal cord CT or MRI.

  • Harley

    Thank you for the information. I have not had an MRI or CT of brainstem or spinal cord, only an MRI of brain. Of course the cost of these tests is an inhibiting factor. I wonder if spinal cord or spinal nerve injuries heal, with time, on their own? A diagnosis would be great for peace of mind–just to know what is going on–but really, if not life threatening, I wouldn’t want to be on medication for my current symptoms. To me they are not bad enough to warrant dealing with side effects of medications.
    I will certainly visit with my Dr. about lowering my levothyroxine. I have wondered if one can ever stop taking thyroid medicine, but from what I’ve read and understood, once thyroid is not working correctly, one will need medicine for life.
    Thank you very much. This site provides much more information than I have found elsewhere. You are doing people a great service.

    • Jan Modric


      if you don’t have any muscular weakness or paralysis and your bladder and bowel function is not impaired, spinal cord itself is not likely injured. But it can be a part of the spine (commonly intervertebral discs) that can be injured and press upon the spinal nerves or spinal cord. Bulging discs can resolve to some extent with time, but they can also worsen. Maybe you want to discuss with a knowledgable and reliable physiotherapist (but with your neurologist first) if certain exercises could help you. Treatment, if necessary, is by surgery; no drugs are usually needed after that.

      If you have an autoimmune thyroid disease, like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, then you will probably need to continue with thyroxine. Body’s natural hormone thyroxine can fluctuate from decreased to increased levels during the course of a thyroid disease, though.

  • Lize


    Sometimes when I eat something my stomach starts to cramp and then I feel my head symptoms get worse. My nose feels heavy. I have a feeling in my head similar to when you blow your nose too hard when you have the flu, the head feels full and sort of tingly.

    The head problems are almost always there. But the cramping and reflux comes and goes as I eat. COnstipation is something I have struggled with my whole life thoug.

    I would love to see someone with more experience who could perform all kinds of tests. But unfoutunatly I’m with out insurence and the place where I go to get checked gave their ENT specialist a break for winter.

    Sometimes I feel like running to the EMR but I don’t know if I should make a big deal of this since I don’t know if it’s more serious than what I think.

  • Lize

    I foud this online:

    Most of the symptoms are listed.
    Could this be a possibility?


    Can the feelig of fullness and sensitivity inside the head be caused by TMJ too?

    • Jan Modric


      TMJ disorders usually cause pains on the side of the head.

      Is the spot on the base of your nose visibly swollen? Do you feel pain when tapping that area or the front of your head with fingers? Can you identify any specific food or type of food (dairy, fruits..) causing problems in your gut?

  • I have numbness in right arn + hand while sleeping and wakeup in the mid- night and feel unconfortabel. I cannot sleep withoup keeping my right hand under cheeks. Ihave diabetis, BP and knee pain. Please advice what should I do.

    • Jan Modric

      To rizwan.

      Does your arm/hand become numb when you have it under cheeks or when you don’t? How old are you? Do you move your arms/wrists or neck a lot at work?

  • Lize


    I wouldn’t say it’s painfull,
    nothing really hurts.
    Just feels numb/pressure.
    I found through dentist I had a bottom wisdom tooth laying side-ways close to the nerve. Could this expain the pressure in my nose?

    • Jan Modric


      the bottom wisdom tooth may press on the mandibular branch of the Trigeminal nerve that innervates the skin of the jaw (yellow area in the picture above in the article). In your case, something should press on the ophtalmic branch (green area) of the Trigeminal nerve to cause symptoms around the nose. It could be something within ethmoid or frontal sinuses. Sometimes CT of the head is necessary to detect thickened mucosal layer in these sinuses. ENT or allergologist (food allergy?) should be able to make a diagnosis.

  • harjot

    i was sitting in class and all of a sudden i felt m upper liip go numbb and slowly swell ,, by the end of class the top middle part of my lip was swollen , it went in like 30 minutes
    this has never happened before, what cna ths be?

    • Jan Modric


      this sounds like an allergic reaction to food, insect bite or to certain substance on a pencil, your hands, makeup. I strongly suggest you to visit an allergologist to have appropriate tests. If this happens again to you it can be a severe reaction, so you need to know which substances to avoid (allergic testing might show this).

  • SweetNovember115

    I get pain that feels like what happenes when you eat cold stuff to fast (Brain Freeze). I only get the pain when I take a shower or wash my face. It is only on the left side starting on top of my head (toward the front) and radiating down on the left side only. No other pain or symptoms at any other time. What can cause this kind of unusual pain.

    • Jan Modric

      To SweetNovember115.

      Does the pain depend on the temperature of water? Since when you have this pain?

      It sounds like trigeminal neuralgia to me. Your left trigeminal nerve that arises from the brainstem and innervates your left side of the face could be affected somewhere in its course, but often, an exact cause can’t be found. I still recommend you to visit a neurologist.

  • Renee

    I woke up this morning and half of my lower lips was numb. What is the cause of that?

    • Jan Modric


      has the numbness gone away since then? Do you think something was pressing on the left side of your face during the night? Do you have any blood, heart or vessel disorder?

  • guest kathleen

    for a few months my face felt tingly and numb at certain times during the day (no real pattern although heat seemed to make it worse). This was usually felt around my eyes – as though the skin around them was being pulled tight or had been sunburned and I also had the sensation of novocaine wearing off. Now i feel it around my nose some days and now the inside of my right side of my mouth has started to tingle and is a bit numb all day without ever stopping. Twice it has felt like it traveled to the middle of the indise of my top lip but not for long. I don’t really have any other symptoms. Have been allergy tested and nothing came up there. Have a lot – a lot – of auto-immune disorders in my family.

    • Jan Modric

      Guest Kathleen,

      the sensations on the sites you’ve mentioned are mediated by the Trigeminal nerve (its ophtalmic and maxillary branch – see green and red area in the picture in the article). The nerve itself or the brainstem from where it arises could be affected. I strongly recommend you to visit a neurologist soon.

  • guest kathleen

    thank you. i have put off going to the doctors because i have no insurance but now i believe i will look around and try to make an appointment with a neurologist.

  • masna

    for the past 2 weeks ive been havn this brain chills..it happens whn i become a bit emotional..
    but now its gettn worse.. as in the chills become very intense and now its followed ny numbness of my head..n today i realized the numbness is slowly spreading to my face as well… this numbness usually lasts only a few seconds..
    should i be worried?
    should i consult a doctor?

  • masna

    n the chills start at the back of my head n almost entirely spreads across my head…n ive been having headaches..not very often..but mild headaches..

    • Jan Modric


      chills can be accompanied by a short tingling-like feelings, which are probably not related to any nerve disorder. It could be migraine. If you think you need a reasurrance or rest, you might want to speak with your doctor about this.

  • kgage


    Thank you for taking the time to answer people’s questions. Having an undiagnosed condition can be so frustrating!

    What do you think of the following:

    – Paresthesias of the back of head and neck, up to top of head. These come and go. They seem to be worse when sitting at the computer, etc.

    – Mild TMJ which has been evaluated by a pt. I have exercises and jaw-joint massage that I regularly engage in. Still have discomfort on both sides, but it is improving.

    – Tingling/burning/numbness in cheeks. More prominent on left side, but present in both. Comes and goes. Is this related to the TMJ? Sometimes seems to be worse when lying down on my back.

    – Burning legs and back, especially at night. Skin feels like it’s on fire, but no visible redness or itchiness.

    – diagnosed with migraine with aura, both with headache and without. Am on 25mg of topamax as a preventative.

    – Frequent feelings of being unbalanced. I can still walk a straight line, etc. but I feel like I have just gotten off of an elevator a lot of the time, like the ground is coming up under me.

    – Seeing a pt for L5 and T4 rotation/misalignment. Exercise and adjustment to treat. Visible shoulder assymmetry, as well as assymmetry in pelvis and jaw when out of alignment……quickly visibly straighter after treatment. Doesn’t hold in alignment indefinately, however.

    – Clean MRI of head and neck w/ and w/o contrast two years ago, cartoid artery ultrasound clear, no hearing loss, bloodwork all clear, perfect neuro exam.

    Would love your suggestions. Thanks!

    • Jan Modric

      To kgage.

      I have no clue.
      I know someone who has some symptoms resembling yours, so if you can reveal more circumsances, it may help to both.
      Male or female, how old are you? When exactly did your symptoms start, and how did they appear – slowly, abruptly, any related event, stress?
      Migraine with aura – this is what you think you have? Headache on one side (left/right) of the head? Paresthesias at the back and up to the top of the head are mediated by nerves arising from C1-C3. Paresthesias on the cheecks are mediated by Trigeminal nerve originating in the brainstem. Burning legs and back are mediated by nerves arising in thoracic and lumbar spine. Not necessary that there is something wrong with all these nerves I’ve mentioned. They all arise from the spinal cord or brainstem and these are controlled by the little brain and brain.

      Feeling of being unbalanced could arise from the little brain. Back of the head paresthesia arises from the upper part of the spinal cord (C1-C3) and cheeck paresthesia from the brainstem (Trigeminal nerve), all of which are closely related areas. It’s possible that sitting (computer) and lying down physically affects this area and causes most of mentioned symptoms.

      One possible cause is narroved spinal canal in the neck. The other is “Chiari malformation” and related syringomyelia. All this should be seen or suspected from MRI of the neck; so maybe you want that a neurologist checks your existing MRI of the neck again with this in mind.

      EBV (Epstein-Barr virus) antibodies and Borrelia antibodies (Lyme disease) are also two reasonable tests.

      That said, I want to say clearly, I do not know, if anything of about will help, so, please be careful before deciding for any test, since ongoing investigations may cost you a lot.

  • kgage

    Thanks for your quick reply. I am a 35 year old female, and was in great health until the birth of my second child. Shortly after her birth is when the paresthesias on the back of neck and head began. Those came on suddenly, and the rest has developed from there.

    I have had migraine with aura for my whole life, and I do get 1-2 a month, but I don’t think that encompasses what I am experiencing. My neurologist was quick to jump on that diagnosis.

    My theory is that, after childbirth, my pelvis became misaligned, which caused misalignment over time that traveled up my back. I have misalignment in lumbar (l5) thoracic (t4), and cervical (c1) spine that is being treated by chiropractor and pt. The misalignment continues all the way up into my jaw with the tmj issues. I’m guessing (hoping?) that this much misalignment is causing a strain on the spine and resulting in the neurological symptoms. Through exercise and adjustment, over time, I am hoping my body can learn to be straight again and the neurological symptoms will subside when that happens.

    Does that make any medical sense at all? It’s all I can come up with! Are some people just more sensitive to pressure/strain on spine and have this type of reaction?

    My mom has fibromyalgia and is convinced that is my diagnosis, but with so much structural dysfunction, I am not quick to think it is something auto-immune.

    I worry often about MS or brain tumors, but I don’t have any muscle weakness or one-sided deficiencies of any kind that would point to tumors. It’s been 2 years since I have had any imaging done of my head or neck, but the neuro wasn’t interested in ordering more. I sometimes want the reassurance that comes from having a fresh set of imaging, but I am trying to be reasonable and trust that the neurologist knows more than I do.

    Thanks again for your thoughts.

    • Jan Modric


      brain tumors grow and cause symptoms obviously increasing with time. MS usually has a fluctuating course. None of these disorders are likely symmmetrical. If symptoms due to migraine and these new symptoms on the back of the head differ, they probably arise from different causes.

      Spinal disorders at C1, T4 and L5 strongly correlate with mentioned symptoms in the back of the head, back and legs. In these disorders bones (vertebra) or cartilages (discs) usually press upon the spinal nerves or directly upon the spinal cord. This should be seen on MRI of the spine. Individuals who have narrowed spinal canal or other inborn characteristic that leaves less space for the spinal cord or spinal nerves would be likely affected by smaller spinal changes, probably less obvious on MRI.

      Feeling how the floor is comming up and sensations in cheeks probably arise from the brainstem, which lies within the skull, so I can not say if these symptoms are related to spinal disorders or something has happened within your brainstem, like a syrinx (a cyst) pressing on the neural tissue from the inside of the brainstem. An MRI of the neck (maybe your existing MRI, evaluated by another neurologist) should show this.

  • cndy1957

    I am a 52yr old female. Have had tingling below my right shoulder blade on and off since December. Had shingles several years ago. Now I get a tingling sensation different places on my face and on the back of my head. Have been under alot of stress lately, not sure if that has anything to do with it. Seems its worse when I have been sitting for awhile. Although lately there is no rhyme or reason as to when it comes and goes. Going for yearly blood tests, maybe that will tell something.

    • janmodric


      stress related tingling can be (among other) due to:
      – stifness of the upper back and neck muscles, aggravating eventual spinal disorder, like arthritis or bulging discs, resulting in pinched nerves. Diagnosis is by CT/MRI of the thoracic/cervical spine
      – hypoglycemia, vitamin (B) deficiency. Diagnosis is by blood tests.
      – shingles (tingling/numbness/pain can precede rash)

  • obiejon

    I’m hoping you can help me figure out some mysterious symptoms. I’m 24 and have been in perfect health until recently. I had my lower left wisdom tooth removed during the first week of February. The surgery and recovery was painless, thankfully. About a week later I noticed a numbness on that side of my face. I went back to the oral surgeon and he said the site looked fine, but a doctor said my ears/nose/mouth looked infected. He gave me Amox-Clav and the symptoms went away for 2 weeks. When they came back they were accompanied by leg aches which through stretching and regular exercise has transitioned to a off and on tingly, burning feeling in both feet, but especially the left. My doctor and chiropracter both noticed that I have an extremely tight hamstring. Have been stretching that esp. and the symptoms remain. My question is should I be concerned about having 2 new sensations in opposite sides of my body? I was very stressed about it and am now occasionally taking clonazepam when it gets especially bad. One such episode I ended up going to the ER and they did a CT scan that came back normal. I’ve had blood tests for thyroid and diabetes and they all come back neg. I have no pain at all, which is some consolation. My doctor says if the symptoms do not subside I should see a neurologist. What do you think? Thanks in advance for any help, I only have catastrophic insurance so I can’t make too many more unproductive doctors appts.

    • Jan Modric


      I strongly recommend you to visit a doctor as soon as possible. If the facial infection has came back, it’s also possible it has spread to the brain. This is a pure speculation, but it’s possible. Neurologist seems to be appropriate choise. Ask him to perform blood culture, and if necessary, lumbar puncture to check for infection of the cerebrospinal fluid.

  • aralis

    About a month ago I woke up with a throbbing reoccurring pain behind my right ear…the whole back of my right side of head and neck felt tender. The pain then went to my neck. Several days later I lost strength in my right leg and hand/arm. It went away after 3 days. I had a CAT scan and blood work done. Everything was normal. I went to a chriopractor and after getting worked on the horrible pain went away but now I am left with burning tingling crawling sensation on the back of my head on the right side and my neck. Its the worst at night and it feels like there are lumps in my neck on the right side. I am going to a Neurologist in a few days. The itching and crawling sensation drives me nuts and I can barely sleep at night. Any ideas what this could be?

    • Jan Modric


      visiting a neurologist is a reasonable decision. The crawling sensations are probably from something pressing upon a nerve. I mean, numbness, tingling, burning and pain can be all symptoms of one disorder.

  • benji

    Hi,I have a series of questions,foremost what are the most common causes of tingling and numbness in the head,for quite awhile now,I have been having tingling and numbness sensations on my head,they are on top,the sides,and the back of my head.I also have constant headaches and it seems my vision goes blurry from time to time. I sometimes get dizzy and almost lose my balance,and I have constant back pain which wakes me up early in the mornings. I also get tingling and numbness in the finger tips,my feet and my lips,,another thing is ringing in the ears,,one more sypmtom is pain on the side of my stomach/kidney area ranging from the ribs all the way to my chest. I would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions you can give.

    • Jan Modric


      I strongly recommend you to visit a neurologist; you can expect to have a CT or MRI of the head. Symptoms you’ve listed often appear in multiple sclerosis, but there could be other causes.

  • Saurav

    Few months back i had blisters(pimples) near the corners of my mouth(left only).i bursted those and applied a skin toner over it and as a result the skin over the place started swelling. then i consulted a doctor he suggested me with vit b-complex. Using those i could not see any results and went to him once more and he said that the infection is due to some dental problems
    then i went to a dentist and let me have a x ray of left lateral oblique.he found no complications.Then i left those medications.Then after some time i started felling numbness over left side of my face accompanied with impaired vision and numbness in the hands too and tingling pain.soon i went to a neurologist where i had an MRI(head) and the study was normal .he mentioned that the numbness was due to muscle contraction and prescribed me with an anti depressant Escitalop(escitalopram oxalate tabs-10mg)
    i took those for few months but could not see any results and i went to a physiotherapist where he took the X-ray of cervical part and figured out that the pain was due to lesser gaps between bone in cervical area.and she gave cervical traction.after traction my alignment of my head and teeth seems to be dislocated.now the problem has grown to a greater extent.i would like to have suggestions from you on my problem.

    • Jan Modric


      I recommend you to see a reliable neurologist or orthopedist, who can give you a correct diagnosis of your neck problem. You can expect to have a CT or MRI of the neck.

  • RinnaQ

    Hi, my sister, two nephews and I are all currently experiencing fatigue and numbness/tingling in various parts of our bodies. This has happened over the past month or so. My symptoms have flared up only over the past few days…mild right cheek numbness and mild numbness back of right leg…hip to toe. This was preceeded by ‘funny bone’ pain (right arm) and the nerves at elbow joint were sore to touch. The arm is tingly. As I have a desk job and am also studying at night(lots if sitting), I attributed numbness Ive been having for the past few months in back of my left leg to lack of movement. I’d been seeing a physio for left ankle/hip discomfort. I occasionally feel pressure at the top of my head which is usually followed by fatigue /photosensitivity and some difficulty breathing. My sister has heel numbness and has been referred to a neurologist ‘to eliminate MS’ but as four of us have varying degrees of numbness and fatigue do you think this may be viral? About six months back we were on jeep safari in the Algarve. Could we have contracted something? There is no family history of neurological disease. I am 44, my sister is 41, nephews are 15 and 6. Advice appreciated.

    • Jan Modric


      are your new symptoms all on the right side? Difficult breathing also in rest? When did your sister and nephews experience their symptoms for the first time? About a month ago? Have they ever had such symptoms before? Do they also experience difficult breathing?

      Coordination problems you’ve described sound, like from a brain disorder. Yes, an infection is possible, also some sort of poisoning. Have you all together eaten some fish in the last month (ciguatera or mercury poisoning is possible)?

      Whatever it is, I strongly recommend you to visit a neurologist.

  • RinnaQ

    Just to add, when I initially got the top of head pressure, it was with extreme pain which spread down both temples and into back of both eyes. I was hospitalised as it resembled meningitis but nothing definite was diagnosed. I was told it was probably viral. That was six years ago. Since then I occasionally get much milder attacks with only pressure and mild pain as previously posted. The breathing problem which accompanies is the worst part. Also, my sister and nephews are experiencing mild coordination problems over the past couple of days….eg. Reaching for one cereal box but touching the one beside it. I don’t have this symptom as of yet but seem to be running a few days behind their symptoms. Her husband and two other children were with us on the safari but they have no symptoms.

  • RinnaQ

    I eat fish daily though moreso frozen than fresh. My sister and nephews never gad these symptoms before about a month ago. My new symptoms are all on right side apart from an occasional prickly feeling in left heel though have no numbness or tingling there. My sister and I have both had breathing difficulty since our holiday. She has asthma but this is surplus to that. I am prone only to exercise induced asthma but as I rarely exercise I don’t suffer from that! What is the likely treatment if this is a virus we have all contracted? I don’t recall us all having a fish meal together. They are meat eaters, I am the fish lover.

    • Jan Modric


      in general, there is no treatment for viral infections (except for some specific ones). What you can do is that you write down all your symptoms and symptoms of your sister and nephews in an exact time line and tell this to a neurologist. Here’s a personal medical history questionnaire that may help you. Every detail may be important.

  • RinnaQ

    Thank you very much for your advice.

  • saurav

    i am satisfied with your suggestion.
    i have one more query
    The Blisters still make my face a disaster.
    also the pain goes into my left ear.the doctor said that it is a kind of Herpes virus.May i know if all my problems were related to those blisters if so suggest me some remedie.

    • Jan Modric


      blisters appearing on one side from the mouth corner to the ear can be – shingles, which are from reactivation of a Hepes zoster virus. This usually heals on its own in few wekks, but your doctor can tell you if any pill or ointment would help you.

  • Sweetpeavixy

    Hi everyone just been Reading the comment, I’m from the uk and been the soca and a&e (er) about my symptoms and I feel like no one wants to listen so I was wondering if you guys could help me out. It started a few weeks ago. Tingling and pins and needle to my hands then my feet. Last week it got worse and I have constant numbness in them with the occassional pins and needles and tingling. I can’t walk very far without my legs becoming tired or even wash or dry my hair without my arms becoming tied. I am tired in general and can’t concentrate on anything. The last few days I have become extremely dizzy and I keep forgetting what I’m doing. I’m sick of being told it’s a panic attack cos I know it isn’t I’ve had them in the past and they can’t feesably last for 2 weeks straight. Can anyone help? X I’m 26 btw x

    • Jan Modric

      Dizziness and inability to concentrate appear when the brain is affected. Abnormal sensations in all your limbs also speak for a neurological disorder. A reliable neurologist can help in such cases.

  • Kasey

    Can anyone help? Prior to this I was healthy and had not been to a doctor in three years. During a stressful situation I developed a bad chest cold and was prescribed an antibiotic. It did not clear and two weeks later was given an antibiotic shot plus more oral antibiotics. During this time I started taking Ambien for sleep. My condition worsened quickly and I did not realize that I was having a serious negative reaction to Ambien. On day 7 of Ambien, day 3 of the oral antibiotic (biaxin) I went to the emergency room for the first time in my life. I was having serious chest pains, could not breathe property, burning in chest, white mucus from mouth, excessive thirst. Loss of appetite. Severe internal vibrations that could be felt by others. Warmth in center of chest. Feeling of a cap of pressure on my head. I was diagnosed with acute bronchitis, anxiety, and was taken off Biaxin. The reaction to Ambien was missed and I was told to stay on it as I needed to sleep. Four days later, same symptoms, went to urgent care. Diagnosed as anxiety and given sedative script which I did not fill. Also told to stay on Ambien as I needed to sleep. Two days later, blood pressure continued to climb and we realized that Ambien was the last thing I was on. Went off of it that night and felt so much better the next day. Withdrawal started soon after and was worse than being on it. That continued for more than a month. During this time I had to force myself to eat. Complete loss of appetite that continues to this day. The side effects experienced were many, with the worst being head pressure, tingling, feeling like it was buried in layers of fog, weakness, loss of energy, higher blood pressure. On the day of the ER visit something happened to the left side of my chest, as when I would drink something I could only feel the sensation on the right side. That has since cleared. On the same day, my nostrils would close suddenly and completely as if someone had placed a clamp on them. I am wondering if this might have caused nerve damage that now exhibits as tingling in my head. I developed what felt like fluid pockets in my chest and shoulders, and extreme muscle soreness in the same areas. Lots of heat, burning sensations through back and shoulders and arms. When I would rub my skin, whelps would form. More unsettling things happened but too many to put here. As the meds worked out of my system, my skin turned hot and rough in areas with rashy bumps forming. I am now getting bumps on my head that resemble pimples but don’t develop in the same way.

    It’s been over 7 weeks now since starting the Ambien/antibiotic combination. I am not doing well and continuing to decline. The head tingling/pressure/and now burning sensation is only getting more frequent. I have acid reflux (was bile mucous and acid) that is serious. I never experienced reflux before this. When it acts up, almost daily now, the burning in my esophagus extends to my chest, my throat, my ears, my eyes and my head. It all burns and it is so debilitating. My eyes have only been involved in the last week or so. As I sit here writing this, it takes great effort to concentrate and keep my fingers on the key board (though my fingers are acting better than they did a couple of weeks ago.) My head tingles more with more concentration. If it were burning now, it would burn more with added concentration. I have tingles running up my neck and on either side of my head and they have been moving side to side all morning. It seems I have added sensations/symptoms each day. I had a week of very easy bruising. I had a few weeks of repeatedly jerking awake for hours, like mini blackouts. I was prescribed Valerian for sleep and that has helped and the jerking is easing off. My life has been completely stopped because of all of this. The doctor that prescribed all the meds would not help me with any of the issues, only wanting to prescribe another sedative which I did not use. A couple of weeks after I stopped taking the Ambien I developed a UTI and had to get another antibiotic. When I took that one, it immediately made my head burn. I found that it works on the same receptors in the brain that Ambien does, GABA A.

    I have a new doctor now but he does not know what to do except to proceed nationally and use supplements to clear and booster my body. He prescribed antioxidants that help to clear heavy metals from the body…as this is a side effect of antibiotics.

    I developed gate problems as I detoxed from the drugs. It feels like my hips are not in coordination with the rest of my body. I have been dropping things and knocking things over, but when I reach for something I have no trouble.

    I need a neuro consult but I don’t want medicines, as I am afraid of them now. I just want to know what happened, what is wrong with me and how to work my way back to how I was two months ago.

    Since I was stressed, and then suffered panic attacks because of the Ambien, it is so easy to now place me in the anxiety category and dismiss everything. The panic attacks, I’d never had before the meds, were just terrible. They have now subsided as the meds wore off. I feel so sorry for people who suffer panic attacks, I never had a clue as to how serious something like that could be. I am learning that digestive problems and panic often present side by side. I didn’t have either, now I’ve experienced both.

    Ambien works by suppressing the central nervous system and acting on GABA A receptors in the brain. While I was on it I had a continuous feeling of having a cap on the back of my head. I would go to sleep quickly and sleep for about 4 hours. When I would wake, another part of my brain would be hyper stimulated and full of thoughts. Ambien is used to wake people from coma by activating a different part of their brain. I think it acted on me by both putting me to sleep and also hyper stimulating another part of my brain so I really wasn’t resting at all. It was so very destructive to my health. I was on it 13 days but the affects seem devastating.

    I know this is circuitous but I am just not myself and writing is difficult. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Kasey

    • Jan Modric


      I recommend you to write down shortly:
      1. #1 symptom that bothers you.
      2. Other current symptoms
      3. Drugs you were/are taking
      4. Exact symptoms at the start

      It means 4 lines of data. A neurologist can make conclusions then.

  • kd123

    I have been having tingling and pressure in the back of my head. It is not constant and does not really hurt, but it annoying and very scary. I was diagnosed about 6 months ago with hypothyroidism. Do you think this could have something to do with it? My doctor seems to think it is nothing, but I know my body and I know something is not rigt.

    • Jan Modric


      if there is any swelling in the neck, swollen tissues can press upon the nerves that supply the back part of the head and cause abnormal sensations. A pinched nerve in the upper part of the cervical spine in another common cause.

  • Kasey

    Thanks Jan. I will try. I so wish what really happened and what I’m left with were that simple. I know you are trying to help, and I know doctors stop listening after a few symptoms. It is looking like so much is connected to my digestive system. But I never would have thought that would make the top of my head burn. Thanks, Kasey

    • Jan Modric


      when a neurologist hears: kicking the objects or confusion, he/she can think of a neurological disorder. If the doctor hears about digestive problems and other vague symptoms (which still may be important), he/she may become overwhelmed and may think you have some common problems many of us often have.

  • Kasey

    Of course you are right, Jan. I am so lost in the overwhelming nature of this that it is hard for me to separate things out. But I see from what you’re saying that I need to if I don’t want to be dismissed.

    Qustion: at the back of the neck, where the arteries extend, I have had much, much tingling and pressure. There is now a small lump or swelling on the right side. And on the left side, today, just one spot has tingled but also had pain. I will question the doctor about this, but do you have any ideas. I don’t think the lump was there last week. With all the rubbing of my neck I think I would have noticed. I am wondering if chiropractic might help with any of this. Thanks, Kasey

    • Jan Modric


      a lump on the back of the head, if it is behind the ear or at the base of the skull could be an enlarged lymph node. This would be felt like a well delimited “marble” of a rubbery consistencea 0,5 – 1 cm in size or so, and it could be tender or not. A muscle contraction can give a resembling swollen appearance. A doctor should be able to differ these two.

  • kd123

    I have not noticed any swelling, but I do sit at a computer ALL day.

    • Jan Modric


      a bulging or herniated disc, or arthritis in the cervical spine can cause tingling/numb sensations in the back of the neck and head – symptoms are usually more prominent on one side and they change with a body position (not necessary immediately). In mentioned disorders, walking could provide a temporary relief. Making breaks and walking during prolonged sitting work may help. Vessel disorders, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors..would likely result in more constant sensations, and symptoms in other parts of the body.

      Adjusting a chair and computer screen, so the feet touch the floor completely, thigs and forearms are horizontal, the back and neck are straight, and computer screen is on the eye level – all this can help to reduce tension in the neck. making breaks after every two hours or so can help.

      If you feel tired, cold or have other symptoms of hypothyroidism, I recommend you to re-check thyroxine and TSH hormone levels.

  • imvron

    Hey everyone, I have a question to pose. To make a long story short, I went to a new dentist to have her remove silver fillings under two new crowns (the crowns were put on with weak cement from my dentist). This new dentist removed the silver fillings, replaced it with a white composite and put temp fillings on. I went to my dentist yesterday for him to put the crowns back on. I was fine Friday and Saturday. Sunday I woke up to pain in the face (I think from the crowned teeth) that shot up to my eye. Sunday evening, my face started to feel tingly, numb, burning sensation – the only way I can describe it is when novacaine starts to wear off – plus I feel like I’m going to break out in a sweat like having what I would think would be a hot flash (although I haven’t really had any). Monday woke up fine, Monday afternoon it started again. Tuesday woke up fine so I didn’t mention that to my dentist, Tueaday afternoon it started again. This morning I woke up fine and it started this morning, so I went to the new dentist this morning to ask her about it. She said that it might be the teeth abcessing or a sinus infection. She said it would be redundant to take an xray since she doesn’t do root canals and suggested I go back to my dentist for that. Okay, fine. There really isn’t any pain but this numbness thing going on is bothering me. I have noticed that my face feels hot, but it doesn’t look red nor is it swollen. The cold from the freezer seems to help it. I went to my GP this afternoon and she gave me a prescription for amoxicillin just in case it is a sinus infection (although she didn’t think so) and I have an appointment with my dentist for next Monday. So, what do you think? Tooth infection, sinus infection, nerve damage? Any thougts would be most helpful. Thanks.

    • Jan Modric


      on which teeth the crowns were replaced – upper, lower, left, righ? Are symptoms in the face symmetrical?

  • imvron


    Upper left – numbers 13 & 15. Its only on the left side of the face in the cheek area up to just under my eye. I have had nothing but problems since January…these crowns were originally made for a bridge. Long story short, since the prep work/bridge/and now crowns, I have had increased saliva. I’m to the point to have these PFM crowns replaced with non-metal crowns to see if that helps with the saliva.

    But with regards to the numbness feeling on my face, I was telling my best friend about this last night, and she told me this has happened to her in the past. In her case, her doctor told her that it was most likely an irritation in the maxillary sinus and gave her a rx of Nasonex. She told me to get a rx from my doctor, but I already have flonase that I haven’t been using since I started allergy shots. I tried it today, and no numbness/tingling feeling. But I am on amoxicillan. I’ll keep doing both for the 10 days and hopefully that will be that! 🙂

    • Jan Modric


      upper left teeth can directly touch some branches of the maxillary nerve, so the teeth manipulation itself could cause the numbness in the area described.

  • edwin pereira

    i have suddennly developed throbing pain in my teeth roots whenever i wake up from sleep fopr 2minuits only all the sett i ceked with the dentist for sensitive tooth but he could not assertain he says may be idiebities my physician is not sure but he suspects it may be due to amlokind-l(amlodipine&losartan) i used to bleed and my gums grew when i took amlodipine about 10 yearts a go after 2 years of usage i read the side effects and found myb self that amlogipine gives those side effect and i stoped it till last year when in i started agin now last year afer a year i did not get any gum growing or bleeding but roots of all teeth are having a throbing pain from 4 days i am getting numbness of my lipps and tung i got it 4 years a go due to moving of a clot to brain nurologist put me on oxetol 150 mg 1/2-0-1 and the numness vanished i stoped oxetol last year now i got it back is there any other reasons i am a insulin dependent patient
    i am on followin medication
    amlokind L 0=0=1
    glycipage 850 mg 1-1-1
    clavix 75mg 0-0-1
    neurobin plus 1=0=0
    oxetol 150 mg 1/2-0-1 from 4 days
    human mixtard 0-0-40 -100iu
    human actified 20-0-0 – 40iu
    i have 5 blocks one of which was 90% installed a stunt in 2001
    i am cheking with my physician regularly but he is ot sure why i get this throbong pain in teeth roots only when i wake up in the morning or after a nap in the afternoon only for 2 to 3 minuts after that nothing i am confused yester day i got numbness in my tungg and lips at night 9 pm and light giddines
    can you help

    • Jan Modric

      edwin pereira,

      In general, when you lie down, body fluids move toward the head to some extent and cause a slight swelling of the tissues in the mouth, probably also of dental roots, which would lead to throbbing pain. This adds to swelling, which may be a side effect of amlodipine (check information leaflet) or some other drug you are taking.

  • chris

    Hi, I am 28 years old. 2 months ago I was rushed to the emergency room. The doctor told me that I had a palpitation. My blood test result showed that my triglyceride is too high (252<150 mg/Dl) but other than that normal. The doctors told me not to worry about it. But 2 weeks later, while I was sitting down in front of the computer, I felt some tingling feeling behind my right ear on the right side of my head and my cheek started to become numb. Every single day I have had this tingling and numbness, and it has been more than three weeks now. Lately, when I lay down to sleep, my upper left leg often feels the tingling feeling as well and it wakes me up when I'm sleeping. It seems like my heart just skips a beat. I also went to a cardiologist after I got out of the hospital, and the results came up normal. Please let me know what I should do. I am so worried since I have never gotten sick like this before.

    • Jan Modric


      numbness on the back of the head could arise from a pinched nerve in the cervical spine and leg tingling from a pinched nerve in the lumbar spine, especially if these sensations change with the body position. High cholesterol raises the possibility of stroke, so the doctor (a neurologist) should also consider transitional ischemic attack (TIA) as a possible cause.

  • lizzielou

    I have a slight numbness around the outside corner of my eye, this also slightly extends onto my cheekbone. There is altered skin sensation in this area. I recently had inter ocular lense replacement surgery. Could this be conected.

    • Jan Modric


      yes, surgery and numbness are probably connected – probably a small branch of the nerve was affected. Such disorders may heal on its own with time. To be sure if there is no permanent damage, you might want to speak with the surgeon.

  • tony

    tingling feeling on top of my head and legs was taking xanax tab for stress a month a go can u tell me what causing this please.

    • Jan Modric


      tingling can be one of the xanax withdrawal symptoms. You may want to speak with your doctor about it.

  • Richa Tiwari

    I am 25 F, currently in dallas USA.
    I too got frustated going frm one doc to other… it started with Bells palsy (18th jan 2010) on my right side of face, I got 6 DAYS course of Steriods and antiviral VALACYCLOVIR 500MG, bells palsy completly recover within 3 weeks, then i started feeling tht weekness is moving to my left face, severe headache on left side, numbness in my left tongue, my left face felt stiff ( tightness or sumbody holding it) pain in my eye, TWICHING all over the body. I went to doctor they gave me another dose of steriod ( tab PREDNISONE AND BUT/APAP/CAF for headache), this all signs comes and go till now.

    For last 2 weeks twiching, numbness in tongue, pain when try to move tongue out (left side) and feeling thirsty.

    No lose of movements and no double eye. only like sumbody is holding my left face.
    All MRI,EMG and aal sort of blood work is normal, except Vitamin D (Low – 12) and ESR is little high. No nuerologist, physicians have any idea, Now i am on high dose of Vitamin D and Gabapentin to reduce nerve pressure. Doc said it all stress related but i think its nt…
    I appreciate ur reply

    • Jan Modric

      Richa Tiwari,

      stiffness on the left side of the face seems to be from affected facial nerve. Numbness in the tounge is from affected trigeminal nerve (5th cranial nerve). Both nerves could be affected by a virus (Herpes simplex (HSV1), Herpes zoster (HSV2), Epstein-Barr (EBV) or Citomegalovirus (CMV)). Infection may result only in some nerve swelling which may not be detected by any imaging investigation.

      So, you can ask a neurologist about viral infection of the facial and trigeminal nerve.

  • Richa Tiwari

    Hi jan,
    Thanks for reply… actually my only concern is numbness in LEFT face, as i got palsy on right (which is completely recovered). Usualy bell palsy effect on one side of face and why my whole body twich all the time. doc said ESR test suggest sum infection but lyme test is negative. they said twich may be due to Vit D or stress.

    • Jan Modric

      Richa Tiwari,

      low vitamin D and stress do not likely cause so obvious symptoms, like numbness on one side of the face and tongue. A disorder in the brain stem could cause all symptoms, including arm numbness and twitching. A serious neurologist can say if you need MRI of the neck or some other investigation.

  • Richa Tiwari

    also want to add,
    have numbness in arm hand while sleeping and when i woke up but hand totally not woking… i massage for 2 min and it came back to normal. this happen with me few times. I cannot sleep keeping my right hand under cheeks or with any pressure. is it normAL.

  • riyan

    hi, i dont know how to explain my problem. actualy i have tingling and pressure in the back and top of my head for 4 months, and i feel a sensation 27/7 that im in a very quiet room, means the voices of a empty and quiet room in my head, which gv me headache/burning/pressure in my head… please help me what is that and why its not going away, as it is for 4 months now…

  • Richa Tiwari

    Thanks… i am going to see new nuerologist on 1 june.

  • behruz

    I have a tingling and numbness in my face sometimes. I also have a vibrating and weakness in my feet. my brain MRI was normal. my right ear has ringed for the last month .I have depression sometimes. a feeling of pressure in my head is annoying. What should i do?

    • Jan Modric


      an experienced neurologist may know what to do. Not all disorders within the head can be detected by MRI.

  • Lia

    Hello! Your answers are great.

    I’m 53 – 1 and 1/2 years since last period. Not on any meds.

    About 3 weeks ago I had what I thought was a flu. Feeling sick to my stomach, stomach pain, body aches and a pain in my left elbow joint that may, or may not be related. Sometime shortly after that time I started having leg twitching, but only at rest, watching tv or in bed. Then twitching at different parts of my body that don’t usually twitch. Then night time jerks, some quite violent. 5 or 6 times as I was falling asleep. A few big joint jerks while watching tv. Then about a week ago I felt numbness on the outside of my foot and I thought my laces were too tight. Then, my arms and hands felt like they were going to sleep. My right arm felt a pressure on the forearm at the elbow and the last two fingers were numb. Now it is my face. My symtoms are mostly on the right side, but also to a lesser degree on the left. Left cheek numb once and left arm numb at the same time as the right cheek and part of nose. Also pusing into ear on the right side. When it’s gone, it’s as if I am totally fine. I am flushing in my face and perspiring (could be hot flashes) Went to emerg re numbing because it was coming and going so fast. Stays for about 2 hours, resumes or moves somewhere else. They took blood and said I wasn’t in acute crisis. But, the intern did say he couldn’t find my lower reflexs – tapped at ankle level at the front. I was in the bed so it is possible he just couldn’t get it. And, the other emerg dr didn’t check them.

    I feel that I could startle very easily right now. Jump out of my skin in an abnormal way. On night start awoke me as I had jerked up off the top of the bed and heard a loud bang which quite well may have been coming from outside.

    The symptoms decrease and increase in intensity possibly coinciding with some lack of sleep. The two worst days of twitching and a funny noise in my head were days I only slept about 5 hours.

    I have been quite sleep deprived in general because of a loud neighbour who was evicted finally about a month ago. That went on for about a year and I never knew when he would start yelling and banging etc.

    My blood work is fine. Renal, liver, thyroid etc. I am going to see my family gp tomorrow.

    Any feed back is welcome. Of course, I too am worried re brain tumor. I have a lot of anxiety in general. During the last week felt cognitively off. But, am fine cognitively now and have been for the last four days. When the starting and twitching is intense, it is very abnormal. Once it was in my neck and throat area, but passed.
    Thank you.

    • Jan Modric


      I guess dehydration, hypoglycemia, hypo/hyperkalemia, hypo/hypernatremia and other mineral imbalances were excluded after the blood tests.

      An important info would be, if you had any fever, headache, nasal discharge, sore throat at the time when you thought you have the flu, since these symptoms would speak for an infection.

      Hot flashes can occur in hyperthyroidism, but some other symptoms, like slightly raised temperature, night sweating, hyperexcitability or diarrhea would be also likely present. A brain tumor also doesn’t sound likely – symptoms would be more constant and one-sided.

      Actualy my first thought was a brain disorder, like multiple sclerosis or transient ischemic attacks (TIA). The next though was a mineral or hormonal imbalance in the blood.

  • Lia

    Oh, looking at your diagram, I realize the facial and right head tingling has been in every area except the top green one.

  • Lia

    Sorry, I made an error in the above post. I haven’t had my throid results yet. And the funny noise in my head was only for seconds. Thanks again.

  • Lia

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    My dr is sending me for a cat scan and to a neurologist, but says she isn’t worried and to work at consciously relaxing and taking adrenal support suppliments. Blood came back normal – not sure if they took hypo/hypernatremia.

    Just a few questions. When you say symptoms on the other side, do you mean just the numbing, or does the fact that I am myclonic jerking on both sides also indicate brain tumor unlikely. I only have numbing on the left side a few times and less intensely compared to the multi and more intense experiences on the right side. But, twitching is definitely both sides.

    I didn’t have a sore throat with the ‘flu’ I did have a lot of body aches and took asprin more than I normally would have. I’m not sure that I had a fever – felt like it though. My stomach sounds actually creaked no loose stool etc.

    I am going to work on calming down and take action to calm my system. Living next door to a loud and violent person who had no rhythm or reason to when he start banging and yelling at night definitely didn’t help! Chronic lack of sleep and stress.

    Thank you for your answer. I will post back eventually with the results if you’re interested.

    • Jan Modric


      sodium is practically always checked when a blood test is done.

      Yes, I was thinking all smptoms. Numbness is just as abnormal as other symptoms and it may occur when a sensory area of the brain is affected (if brain is affected at all). Symptoms in brain tumor usually develop slowly and have some constant pattern. A neurologist will be interested in your personal and family medical history, so you can write it down on the paper in a factual manner.

      You can have some sleep during the day, if you lack it at night. I don’t know how this stress is affecting your symptoms, but the problem could be, if you have some organic neurological disorder and the doctor would blame the lack of sleep for all.

  • Lia

    To begin taking adrenal supplements…

  • Lia

    Thank you so much for your replies. The last few days it seems to be abating. It has had a pattern of abating and worsening, but it’s abating more at this time. I had numbing yesterday, but only a few twitches and jerks. My dr did say the timing of being ill was interesting. Have a good day and thanks again!

  • Jacob

    I am 17 years old and come from Sweden.

    My left cheek and sometimes the back of my head are numb. Then it is gone but returns back. My left cheek is also swelling.
    I have some spasms in my legs and arms when I am going to sleep but they usually disappear. In the morning I have a bad appetite.

    I took a blood test and it was normal except HGB and HCT and neut% were high but the lymph was low. I am not infected by any pathogens.
    I CT-scanned my sinus and it was normal.
    I had this numbness in my left cheek for about 5 months ago but it has disappeared. Now when i have been studying for final exams it returned. Do you think this has anything to do with lack of exercise or bad blood circulation?
    I don’t want to believe it is brain-tumour because the head-ache is not consistent.
    I also had pain in my back and it was hard to breathe completely without feeling pain but this symptom has disappeared since 5 months.
    If you have any suggestions what I should do or any idea what my problem is i would be glad to read your replies.

    Thank you!

    • Jan Modric


      first, I believe you have spoken with your parents about your symptoms.

      High hemoglobin, HCT and neutrophils with low lymphocytes can be a sign of a blood disorder. A hematologist (specialist for blood disorders) should be able to find the cause.

      A doctor will want to know:
      – do you have only bad appetite or also nausea in the morning?
      – any dizziness, faintness?
      – do spasms occur only in left or right limbs or on both sides?
      – in which part of the back (upper, lower) have you had the pain?
      – does your left cheek only feel swollen or someone else can say that it looks swollen?
      – do you feel more tired in last months like you were before your symptoms appeared?
      Here’s a personal medical history questionnaire that may remond you to more symptoms.

      Lack of exercise or bad circulation alone do not likely cause blood changes you’ve reported. After blood tests, a doctor probably made some comment – it should be in your medical documentation.

  • Monica

    For the last 10 days I have been experiencing extreme shooting pain on the left side of my head just above my ear. My doctor has prescribed some pain killers which help me for a few hours. The moment the effect of the pain killers starts I get a severe headache without the shooting pain. After the medicines wear off my shooting pain starts again.
    Three days ago I noticed some numbness in a a spot on my upper left outer thigh about two inches diameter.
    I was working on a very stressful project with irregular hours and meals. Now I have a far less stressful routine and regular meals, but the pain has not gone. Could you please advise?

    • Jan Modric


      a shooting head pain may arise from trigeminal nerve (trigeminal neuralgia), temporal arteritis (inflammation of the temporal artery) or other cause. A neurologist can make a diagnosis. It is important to tell for how long does the pain lasts when it appears and does it disappears completely in meantime.

  • Monica

    Sorry my mistake, the pain is on my right side of my head and the numbness is on my left thigh.

  • kimpton

    hi. wow jan. great work you’re doing here. i have opthalmic nerve sensitivity on one side. it acts up many times a day and is getting stronger and more frequent. at this point it doesn’t hurt. it seems to happen a lot when i tilt my head down. i don’t have sinus problems, headaches or anything else. could it be coming from my cervical spine? any ideas what it could be? i’ve had trigeminal nerve pain on the other side in the lower distributions of the nerve from what i think is a virus. i try to ignore this new irritation, but it does make me a little jumpy, because i don’t know if the big zap is coming.

    • Jan Modric


      what exact symptoms (ophtalmic nerve sensitivity) do you have? Possible causes, among other, are trigeminal neuralgia, shingles and a tumor at the root of the trigeminal nerve. Multiple sclerosis, transient ischemic attack (TIA) or stroke rarely cause facial pain. Spinal disorders do not affect trigeminal nerve and do not likely cause facial pain.

  • kimpton

    jan. thank you for responding. it just feels like a minor shock (used to be a tickle) in the nerve close to the skin. sometimes i do feel it in maxillary area at the same time. the opthalamic will start first and the maxillary second so it feels like the shock is moving down my forehead into my lip. i thought is was b12 def but that’s normal. thank you.

    • Jan Modric


      shocks appearing in both ophtalmic and maxillary branch of the trigeminal nerve speak for a disorder located proximally (centrally) from the point where two branches separate – on the level of the trigeminal nerve root or brainstem. One such possibility is a schwanoma – a benign tumor arising from the sheet of the nerve. It could be also multiple sclerosis, for example. Diagnosis can be made by MRI of the brain/brainstem. I’m not sure how tilting the haed can trigger symptoms, but this might be an extremely helpful “detail” for a neurologist. I don’t think transitional ischemic attacks (TIAS) or stroke would cause such shocking symptoms. Shingles are also possible (it often comes with rash but not always).

  • Siva

    I have no problems over head region. Normal BP, Normal tasts over toungue,Normal vision,Normal smell conditions. Only cholestrol disorders , which have not detrorirated but continuing with symptoms and treatments

    Our last intractions were on Aug 1 2009 7.05 am. Since then I have been diligently folllowing medications of Dermatologist on suspected Hansen

    There has been no deterioration further , but very little improvements.To describe the feelings I reproduce some explanations given in your website as under:

    “Maxillary nerve travels across the bottom of the orbit and enters the face below the eye. It innervates the skin on cheeks, upper lip, sides of the nose, lower eyelid, a part of mucosa in the nose”

    I have learnt to tolerate , what one can tolerate chillness ( or may be electric or burning sensation )over right uper lips,nose and behind eye. Right eye watering continues unabated.

    Today I read some interesting news article (http://www.medindia.net/news/healthwatch/Cell-Phones-and-Cell-Towers-Are-They-Transmitting-Death-70031-1.htm

    Conditions that are applicable to me are

    “Indians have started using cell phones with a vengeance only since the past decade. And the general public are largely ignorant of, or indifferent to, telecom hazards mainly because radiation cannot be seen or felt, unlike other types of pollution such as those of the air, water and sound. Dangerously potent electromagnetic radiations (EMR) emitted from cell phone towers placed carelessly across residential areas of the cities.

    Mobile phones (and personal items of communications, such as laptops) are low-power radio devices that transmit and receive signals, through base station networks, in the radio frequency (RF) range of 900 and/or 1800 Megahertz.

    Mobile phones have a radio transmitter which generates an RF energy of one to two watts which is radiated through the antenna inside the phone. Now if the phone is held too close to the head while talking a considerable amount of this energy is absorbed by the brain.

    If the temperature rise is high the following has been observed in rat models and in human subjects –

    • Tissue damage
    • Penetration of blood-brain barrier
    • Erratic neuro-muscular functions
    • Lens opacity /cataract “UNQUOTE


    Is there any test to dignose the causes relating to above and attempt an alternate course of treatment? Which field of medicine can be the appropriate medical expertise for this?

    I am asking this because both dermatologist and nurologist have told me that considering my age 61 yrs , I should be happy that there is no detorioration of conditions


    • Jan Modric


      a doctor can make a diagnosis of a physical change or function of tissues and organs, but it is not likely a serious doctor would make a firm statement that mobile phone or network is affecting you, if you are not exposed to them in a certain extreme way. Today’s phones and computer monitors are far less dangerous that those from 25th years ago. I have a serious doubt that a mobile phone would be able to cause a localized neurological disorder. On the other hand, if there is something terribly irritating (physically, psychologically) in the environment, someone can think about moving from there, if no other solution exists.

      When the cause of a disorder can be identified, than the treatment is in removing the cause.

  • owen

    I am also experiencing numbness on the back of my head on the right side. It’s mostly by my ear. It’s starting to spread towards my face. I don’t know what to do. I drink alcohol heavily only on weekends though. I don’t smoke often. I don’t use drugs and I eat very healthy and take vitamins daily.

    • Jan Modric


      I recommend you to visit a neurologist. The doctor will want to know, in which exact site the numbness occurs, is there any tingling or pain, is the feling affected by head position or movement, when did all start, and do you have or you had any other symptoms, like neck or arm pain.

  • Joe

    I woke up this morning with a numb sensation in my left calf and middle toes as well as the back of my head towards the collick area. Also have just a hint of tingling on the right middle toes. This has been persisting for a few hours. I also nearly blacked out and felt very queasy for a few minutes. I have never had any problems as such and in good health. I had some alcohol last night but not in excess. I am very concerned with the numb sensation in the back of my head

    • Jan Modric


      I can’t if the back of the head numbness is “just” from a pinched nerve in the neck – so, I recommend you to see a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Anner

    For 2 days, the tip of my nose, from bridge to tip, is numb. Especially on the left side. I have a slight prickly sensation there, or tingling. What could cause this? What can I do to help it?
    Also when I press the center of my forehead and mid-forehead above my left eye, I feel some related sensation. I find that I strongly want to rub my forehead, as if it is connected to this nose sensation.
    I believe the top and back of my head is aching just a bit which I discover when I press it.
    I also discover tenderness just before my ears when I press hard.
    I feel slightly “tired” and a bit stupid — a sensation connected with my forehead.
    I thought of going to a good accupuncture specialist I know.

    • Jan Modric


      your sensation may be due to a disorder in the trigeminal nerve, brain stem or brain. I recommend you to visit a neurologist (not accupuncture specialist) as soon as possible.

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  • Chris

    Hi, was hoping to get a bit of help! Iv been ill now 2 years! It all started after a night i did cocaine! I dont kniw if that fact has a role to play on my illness! About a week after i started too feel really spaced out the term i found online was brain fog! After a couple of weeks of that i staryed to get a tingling / numbness on my forehead nose and right cheeck! Over theriod of a month i also developed ear ache and ear popping in my left ear as well as a popping / clicking noise which seems to come from my nose! Iv seen a neuroligist and iv had 2 mri’s on my head and cervical spine which came back clean as well as a nerve test around the effected area that gets tingly and numb which also come back clean!

    Iv seen an ent who advised my nose was bent and one of my sinus couldnt drain properly as well as having a deviated septum but didnt think this would cause the tingling!

    At the begining i thought my problem was neroulogical but everythingbthats wrong does seem to be around the sinus area! Sometimes the ear popping will bring on the nose popping and vice versa!

    Also the tingling has got better over thr 2 years! When it first started it was constant with out me triggering it! Now though it only really starts when i touch the area and some times if i touch the area it will be fine. I would of thought if it was nerouligical it would happen everytimeni touch the area?

    The spaced out feeling is still constant and hasnt improved at all!

    I was just wondering peoples thoughts on this and if anyone would have any input on what might be causing this or how i can get a diagnosis?

    • Jan Modric


      I guess the ENT has proposed you some treatment, so that would be maybe worth to try. Swollen mucosa in the sinuses and nose can press upon the branches of the Trigeminal nerve that innervates the face, so this could be the cause of facial tingling. Brain fog has a lot of possible causes – could be from cocaine, but could be also related to the sinuses/nose issue.

  • Chris

    Jan, first off i would just like to congratulate u on what your doing! This site has been running for a while now and your answers and dedication is brilliant and im sure have helped many people!

    Yeah your right the ent has suggested surgery to correct the problem but tbh im quite nervous about having an operation! Ofc if i knew for deffinate it would solve my problems but the ent put doubt in my mind when he said he didnt think the tingling would be caused by my problems!

    The information you supplied me has helped with that and knowong it could be causing it all has helped

    I felt brain fog before and thats when i had sinusitus so everything im feeling could be related to my nose i suppose?

    • Jan Modric


      deviated septum by itself is a problem, since it prevents proper drainage of the sinuses, and your symptoms appear over the frontal and maxilar sinuses. Even if tingling is not caused by a septum/sinus problem, it could be still good to solve this to prevent eventual chronic infection of sinuses and ears. Before deciding for surgery, you may discuss with the ENT about “decongestans” or some anti-inflammatory medication or maybe an antibiotic that would temporarily reduce mucosal swelling in the sinuses and would therefore likely reduce your symptoms. In any case, this would be only a temporary solution, but if this helps, then an operation would also likely help. All what I said here is my theoretical thinking, please do not try anything of this without doctor’s approval. Operation of the deviated septum is a minor operation – it is important you get operated by a reliable surgeon you can trust.

  • Chris

    Iv already tried several decongestants including nasal douching and steroids but neither has made difference! I know all the information you supply is theoretical but after 2 and no medical knowledge its just nice to know that wat im thinking is possible!

    The ent im seeing is very nice and he will ve the on peeforming the surgery which im happy with iv just never had surgery before lol

    If the surgery doesnt work considering my symptoms and the tests iv already had what other possible things could theoretically be causing my symptoms and what can i do further to getting a diagnosis?

    • Jan Modric


      the popping ear speaks for the middle ear involvement (possibly due to problem with releasing air through the Eustachian tube, possibly connected with nasal cavity inflammation) and the popping nose speaks for nasal cavity/septum involvement. Also, tingling affecting pretty much demarkated area on the face speaks for a localized cause (sinuses), rather than for a systemic cause (like deficiency of certain mineral or vitamin, or low blood pressure or hypothyroidism, and so on).

      Deviated septum can cause sinus inflammation, but there could be some additional or other cause of inflammation. For example, maybe there is some low active chronic infection in you sinuses (mucus can be microbiologically tested for bacteria and fungi), or the opening between the sinus(es) and nose is narroved (and should be therefore dilated during surgery), or there is a polyp within the sinus blocking sinus drainage from the inside. I believe, the ENT will make an X-ray, CT or MRI image of your nose/sinuses, or he will look into your sinuses with an endoscope before the surgery. So, it is important that the ENT concentrates on various causes of sinus inflammation, not sticking merely with deviated septum as the only possible cause.

      Even if the main cause is deviated septum, you can expect to have facial and ear symptoms for some time after surgery before the eventual sinus inflammation subsides.

      The other possible cause of facial tingling could be a benign tumor or other mass affecting the Trigeminal nerve near its exit from the brainstem, but this would likely cause one-sided facial symptoms. You could also think about multiple sclerosis, but multiple sclerosis does not likely cause sinusutis…When thinking about a certain disease, all symptoms should fit in its description. For example, the first cause to think about in brain fog appearing during sinusitis is – sinusitis, so no need to think about hundred other causes of brain fog, until sinusitis is there. But you can read about several other causes in the article above.

      Besides deviated septum, there could be something in your sinuses, so I strongly recommend you to discuss this with your ENT.

  • Chris

    Iv already had both a ct scan and endoscopy! The endoscopy in my left nose was fine but the ent couldnt get the tube into the other sinus area because my nose is bent he said that sinus was blocked by this! The ct scan showed sinusitus in my eight sinus but at the time i was suffering from really bad heyfever so im a little concerned that the hey fever could of caused this!

    I never knew mucus could be analyised and will speak to my ent about this!

    Surely though if nything of the scary stuff like tumuor or ms was causing this one of the two mris would of picked this up! Also my symptoms would of got worse over the 2 year period? Infact like i said befote the tingling has vastly improved since it first started?

    Also just to let u know iv had lots of bloods taken over the 2 years including one for lymes every blood test iv had has come back perfect other than this it seems im pretty healthy lol

    • Jan Modric


      I had an allergy in my mind; now when you’ve mentioned it, yes, the hay fever can cause sinus and nasal cavity inflammation, and even polyps may develop within the sinus. Maybe you are allergic to more than one substance, but this is the job for an allergologist. The deviated septum adds to the problem. So, septum, and allergy are a matter to treat, and if this does not work, mucus can be checked for bacteria/fungi. So, again, it would be maybe good, if the ENT could check the inside of the unchecked sinus, but now, I don’t want to be smarter than your ENT.

  • Chris

    My heyfever only lasts about 2 months where the symptoms go on through out the whole year! I was hoping the sinusitus wasnt going to be connected to the hey fever because if it is it lessens the chance of my symptoms being caused by it!

    Also the popping in my nose does seem to be coming from both nostrils not just the one side!

    Its been going on for so long now i just want to know what is going on and what is causing my symptoms! It would be a big weight of my mind! Iv got an appointment with my ent in sept so i can discuss all if this with him!

    One more question if this doesnt work out what would you recomend i do next because i seem to be running out of tests to have and people to see lol

    Your answers have been very very helpful

    • Jan Modric


      to treat the obvius can be the first step…You can ask the ENT, if the unchecked sinus can be checked during operation, a sample taken (biopsy), maybe some medication applied…So, you and your ENT can concentrate on your nose and sinuses for now. There’s no need to deny a likely effect of the operation in advance…except if your intuition and knowing yourself is telling you something other is wrong. Tumor would cause progressing symptoms. MS often has a fluctuating course and can be diagnosed with MRI, but since you have confirmed deviated septum and history of sinusitis and hay fever, I woudn’t go for MRI now. I mean, you can check all around the already discoverd problems and spend a lot of money this way. Deviated septum itself is something to treat, no matter what other symptoms it causes.

      Besides that, popping nose and ears are not likely caused by other causes than local conditions. I know, you are worried, since ENT had doubts about nose-sinuses- facial tingling relation, but at least you can treat the septum, and then see what happens.

      SLE or other disorder affecting the facial skin would likely cause some rash
      Epileptic attack is an event rather than condition
      Vascular disorders, like temporal arteritis do not likely have a pattern as you described
      Medications and drugs have their side effects
      Hansen disease or leprosy, to scare you a bit, can cause facial numbness (rather than tingling) and you can (hardly) catch it in certain countries of Africa, South Asia or in Brasil
      Transitional ischemic attacks, even if repeated, are series of events rather than a constant condition
      Stroke usually causes one-sided symptoms
      Bulging discs or arthritis in the cervical spine can cause tingling in the face, usually on one side, and usually together with neck/arm pain.
      Iron, vitamin B complex deficiency or hypoglycemia (caused by poor diet, alcohol) have other obvious symptoms, like paleness, tiredness, muscle weakness…
      Allergies are triggered by a contact with an allergen
      Lack of sleep, anxiety, stress, prolonged computer work or eye strain from other cause
      Migraine could cause tingling on one or both sides, but migraine is not likely a constant condition
      Ciguatera fish poisoning (from eating large tropical fish) may cause prolonged tingling. There’s no test for it.

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  • Guy

    Hi Jan,

    Great to find your forum! I am recently experiencing facial numbness and headaches and hope you can help.

    I’m a 50 yo male working as a management consultant (lots of computer/keyboard time). I’m active (walking/jogging + gym 4-5x/wk), watch my diet and weight, and am otherwise very healthy.

    My symptoms began approx 6 weeks ago during a normal weightlifting workout at the gym. In my first exercise at near full exertion, I experienced a sudden onset of a very strong headache, centered at the back of my skull and radiating outward. Pain was intense for a few minutes, then subdued but was bothersome over the next 24 hours. I was concerned for stroke, and watched closely for other symptoms, but none presented. Thereafter, exertion (exercise, sex) would activate the same headache , and so I managed carefully around those activities.

    I then began to experience numbness, principally on the left side of my face from the chin to my cheek to my eyebrow, and pressure above my left ear and occasionally at the back of my head. This numbing sensation feels to me as if it lies below the skin surface, as I have full sensitivity (hot, cold, touch, pressure) on the skin over the entire extremity of my head. It’s a puffy/full feeling vs tingling, although I have also noticed that my lips are unusually sensitive and “burn” slightly. It is not painful, per se, but bothersome and quite disruptive.

    My doc (GP and sports medicine) ordered an MRI with angiogram to rule out aneurysm. The scan came back clean and with a complete physical (blood work all within range) my doc prescribed Naproxen (500mg, 2x/day) over two weeks.

    The headaches subsided and are no longer activated by exertion and so my doc advised me to ease back into exercise (although I’m avoiding weightlifting for now). I do still experience occasional dull pain at the site of the original headache, and the numbness, though now less pronounced, persists.

    My doc thinks that I seem fine neurologically and surmises that the condition might be the result of a muscular-tension type of headache, brought about by poor breathing technique during lifting, and possibly also by TMJ (I have no pain around TMJ, but do experience some minor jaw clicking and my dentist says I grind my teeth at night – I’m now wearing a bite guard).

    I’m seeing a massage therapist and am hopeful the condition will improve, but I’m concerned there might be other pathology at hand. Any thoughts/guidance greatly appreciated.


    • Jan Modric


      this is a serious question….My first thought was aneurysm, but there could be some other disorder, like syringobulbia (a sudden enlargement of a small inborn cyst in the brainstem)…. Tingling on the entire left side of face speaks for the left Trigeminal nerve involvement, disorder would be in the part of the nerve before it divides into three branches, or within the brainstem (syringobulbia) from where the nerve arises. A close look to your existing MRI by an experienced neurologist may reveal some new detail.

      Anyway, since you do not mention any symptom in the neck or arms or legs, and no dizziness or eye or ear or speach disorder, the disorder could be exactly within the Trigeminal nerve, or something pressing upon it, or a small vessel branch supplying the nerve being blocked (and then blood supply resolved). The sudden headache you mentioned speaks for some real organic event to me (something popped or suddenly enlarged, or a vessel being clogged).

      A cervical spine disorder (herniated disc…) would probably cause obvious back of the neck pain and probably symptoms in one or both arms. However, symptoms from a herniated cervical disc can radiate into the back of the head (up to the top) and into one side of the face, so this is something to discuss with a neurologist.

      One rare form of an unexplained sudden headache is a “primary thunderclap headache”, but a neurologist should say if this can result in 6 weeks of facial tingling….

      Muscles not getting enough oxygen…I don’t think this would likely result in symptoms lasting for 6 weeks and pain would not likely start in the center of the head.

      So, you might want to discuss with the neurologist about Trigeminal nerve, syringobulbia, and cervical spine involvement.

  • Michael H.


    I have a numbness that comes and goes on both my chin and left side of my jaw (happens about once a day or once every other day and is only slightly numb). It started about a week ago after what seemed like a panic attack (tightened chest, couldnt catch a deep breath, adrenaline type impulses through my body). Went to ER, they performed an EKG and it came back fine, have had several chest xrays in the past month and they are fine, also had a urinalysis and a CBC. Anyway, there was also a very brief period after the panic attack (approximately 4 days later) where my left leg felt weak and my calves felt a little numb, especially when i laid down(had more time to focus on it I guess). Also, it feels like the right side of my head is tender right above my right ear. When I blink hard, my right eye twitches for about 2 seconds then stops.

    I dont know what these symptoms show and they however can be quite concerning, especially after googling this stuff. Lol. Anyway, I have started a new job within the past month and have been working night shift (approximately 12-13 hrs a night). I am thinking that it may just be stress but who knows. I do not have any other symptoms (no headache, though if i focus on the right side of my head it feels a bit tense/tender, no nausea or vomiting, no double vision, no balance problems, no slurred speech, etc.) Any ideas as to what could possibly be going on? Thank you for your time.


    • Jan Modric

      Michael H.,

      tenderness above the ear (and without headache) may be from a problem within or under the skin (hard to say more if there is no redness/rash), in the Trigeminal nerve (Herpes zoster, rash may appear later), in the vessels (temporal arteritis) or muscles (tense muscles, TMJ disfunction)…Such tenderness is not likely caused by a brain disorder. Also, jaw numbness is more likely from TMJ or maybe a bulging disc in the cervical spine, rather than a brain disorder (numbness in multiple sclerosis and even in transitional ischemic attack – TIA, for example, would be more constant) One moment of leg numbness may be from crossed legs or pinched nerve in the lumbar spine, for example.

  • Michael H.

    BTW, the CBC and Urinalysis were all fine too.

  • TNT5050

    I had Belle’s Pulsy in November of 2009. As of Wednesday, August 25, 2010 I started having light numbness in the right side of my face from my cheek down to my chin, including my lips. I was followed by a head ache and vision problems.
    Everything I’ve found points to MS. I saw my doctor who had me go to have an ultrasound of the arteries in each side of my neck and also set up an Opthamologist appt. for me. He said it could be MS but the only way to determine that is to rule out everything else.
    Upon searching MS I’ve found that the weakness of my blatter for the past few years may be contributed to this as well as my heart palpitations and restless leg syndrome.
    Does this sound like MS or could it possibly be something else?

    • Jan Modric


      well, one possible cause is multiple sclerosis. Diagnosis is made by an MRI of the brain.

  • Guy

    Thanks, Jan for the quick reply and useful insights.

    My doc, after reviewing the MRI results advised against a neurologist consult. I’m thinking it would be prudent. BTW, his concerns re proper breathing techniques in exercise were not around oxygen deprivation in the muscles, but rather about the risk of creating internal pressure while holding one’s breath at high level of exertion (and I suppose, inducing the type of “organic event” you mention).

    My primary symptoms are less pronounced over time so I am hopeful. Meanwhile, I am experiencing some slight parallel disturbance on the right side of my face, and occasional but brief tingling (almost tickling) episodes at random points on my body and extremities – not sure if these sensations are something real and related, or maybe just imagined (anxiety-induced?).


    • Jan Modric


      if your symptoms are lessening and no new symptom is appearing, you might simply wait and see will it all clear completely or not. I would seriously consider to stop with weight lifting…

  • jpjax1950

    I am a 60 yo male. Have gad a heart attack in June 2009. Recovery has been very good up to this time.
    I am experiencing a numbness in my head at the top and to the back. when this happens, a sensation of cold comes over my body and I get the chills and am sensitive to the feeling of cold. This also happens sometimes in the opposite way, a feeling warmth comes over me and I get flushed but no fever. I have been to the hospital in the past 3 weeks for this thinking it was heart related since it did make my chest uncomfortable.
    Has this ever been brought to the discussion?
    I do not know if I should go to ER or wait until I can get an appointment with my doctor?
    Thank you so very much.

    • Jan Modric


      can you find another word for uncomfortable chest feeling? Pain behind the sternum? Jumpy heart? Any dizziness when this happens? Do you think symptoms are triggered by something, like changing body position, a neck movement, effort…? One possible cause is arrhythmia. I could speculate about neurologic or hormonal disorders…I certainly recommend you to visit your doctor soon. If you go to ER, you may try to arrange to stay at hospital for further observation.

  • Tildadoo

    I have been a medical mess for the past two years.

    The right side of my body feels heavy, mostly at night, and especially in the face and skull area. When I lay down at night I feel dizziness and pressure on the right side of my head a lot and this makes me change how I sleep.

    My right eye at night has double vision but only in low light, ie, signs while I am driving. My eye Dr. said this could be caused my muscle fatigue.

    Sometimes it feels like my right hand and foot are either very heavy or they feel like they’re curling.

    I have been to a neurologist and he found nothing wrong on the right side.

    An MRI did show a small syrinx in the neck part of the spine and what looked like a schwanomma further down the spine – but the neurosurgeon said the schwanomma looked more like an overgrown blood cell.

    Any ideas? Thanks you so much for reading this.

    • Jan Modric


      I recommend you to insist in further neurological investigations. A syrinx may very well be a cause of your symptoms. Pressure in the syrinx may increase when you lie down – this may worsen symptoms at night.

  • Lcova

    I’ve started having tingling on my left arm with some pain, then it also started on my both legs, right arm, my back (burning feeling), my face and also some pressure on my head. Somethimes pain on my back and neck. Most of time it’s on my left side. I’ve been going to the neurologist and I made 3 MRIs: brain, back and neck, and on my brain she found 3 very small white ballls but the doctor said it is not serious, but we have made another brain MRI just to be sure and I’ll have the results next week to see if the balls increased. The doctor cannot find an explanation for these sintoms and I don’t know what to do! I live in Holland and the medical assistance can sometimes be difficult, specially for a foreigner. I would like to know if you can advice me… Next week I’ll have another appointment with the doctor and I want to bring questions to see if they can make more exams. I had 2 miscarriages and I don’t know if the sintomes affected the pregnancies and made me lose the babys.
    I also read that Chiropractics can help and I’m willing to try it. I hope you can advice me. Thank you in advance.

    • Jan Modric


      I’m not sure what a chiropractor can do in a distict neurological disorder. One possible cause is multiple sclerosis. Besides MRIs, a lumbar puncture to check cerebrospinal fluid can be done to confirm/exclude MS.

  • Richa Tiwari

    hiii again…
    i am writing you after 3 months… its been 8 months with same left facial numbness problem. U said i need to go for neck MRI, i went to new nuerologist he did MRI of my head n neck ( new high defination MRI) he just found sum inflamation in face patches. As per neck he said i have both large size tonsil(large from normal size tonsil ) and sum disc herniation but not pinching any nerve. he said my body twiching is BFS. he again suggested Gabapentin for reducing numbness. I am again on same page, struggling with numb tongue, dry eye twiching.

    Is there nythng else u can suggest, waiting fr reply.
    Thanks again

    • Jan Modric

      Richa Tiwari,

      I’m not sure if herniated disc in the neck can be excluded as a cause of pain. It may be hard to judge from the MRI alone if the disc in pinching the nerve(s) or not. You may try Gabapentin as doctor have suggested. If no relief, you can ask, if additional investigations to reliably exclude/confirm neck discs as a cause of symptoms would be appropriate.

      I can’t say if what you have is benign fasciculation syndrome (BFS). This could be caused by anxiety or hard exercise.

  • Richa Tiwari

    Its richa again, i am sorry i forgot to mention i regularly do yoga since i got bell palsy (right side of face). my neurolist said tht he looked fr MS, tumor or any changes in brain and said i am ok, just three problem mention above and also everything will reverse as i am only 26 year old. just want to know is there other possiblity of this prob. i do breathing exercises is it ok.

  • Richa Tiwari

    Thanks fr ur reply, is large tonsil have any role in my health prob. is it normal? or ny other kind of test can suggest anything?

    • Jan Modric

      Richa Tiwari,

      large tonsils may be normal, but they could be caused by chronic tonsillitis – an ENT can make a diagnosis. Large tonsils do not sound as a cause of your problems to me. Like said, a neurologist can say, if any other neurological investigation would reveal, if you have pinched nerves in the neck or not.

  • Richa Tiwari

    OK… thanks fr reply… 🙂

  • noorali

    my mother have pian of migraine i am so sad for that. plz saloved my probilm she have left side head pain in brain so no less pain any time ….

    • Jan Modric


      a neurologist can help her find a cause and prescribe appropriate treatment. Here is a list of foods and other migraine triggers. She can try to avoid them and see if it helps.

  • kllrmry

    Im hoping for some direction. I have had tingling and pain on my right side of my face. I went to the doctor 7 days ago because I thought I just had a bad ear infection but he said something about bells palsy and put me on both and antibiotic and a steroid. I finished both medications and the tingling is mostly gone but am having some numbness on the right side of my face to my chin and above my ear and my ears feel plugged. Also my throat feels a bit scratchy. Not sure what to do, I want this gone, Im worried it could be serious. Also I just move to a new climate could this be related to allergies.

    • Jan Modric


      allergies do not likely affect only one half of the face. The original cause could be an infection of the middle ear. The fat that antibiotics have helped additionally speak for an infection. You can wait for some days to see if symptoms are lessening – in this case they will probably go away completely in a due time. If not, visit a doctor again. Symptoms from brain tumor, stroke or multiple sclerosis, for example, would not likely lessen after the medications you’ve got.

  • kllrmry

    Thank you, I will give it a couple of days and see if it improves. Thanks again.

  • RaychelT

    Can someone please help? My nose is numb and tingling and has been this way for over a month. There is a constant pain behind both eyes that gets worse in sunight and artificial lighting. The back of my head and neck ache and I have a constant headache for a month. I can hear my heartbeat. I have been tested for tick borne illnesses because I am around them for school and they often get attached. My blood tests all came back negative. I have general fatigue that only gets worse. Please help.

    • Jan Modric


      I recommend you to visit a neurologist soon.

  • Nick


    I have a problem that seems a bit silly, but it’s getting annoying. Occasionally, when I blow my nose, I feel a kind of pressure in my sinuses (I guess? near the top of my nose anyway), then after a few minutes the right side of my face starts getting numb – first the right side of my upper lip, then my upper right teeth/gums, then it spreads to my right cheek and the right side of my nose. After some time, I get a headache too.

    It goes away on its own after a while – if I’m lucky, a few minutes, if not, up to 2 or 3 hours. At that moment I can feel the pressure being released from my sinuses – and sometimes hear a sound from my nose as it does – and then the numbness and pain gradually vanish over a few minutes. Relatively often, I hear that pressure-releasing sound from my nose right after blowing it, and then I don’t get any numbness.

    The problem occurs mostly when I have a cold, but that might obviously be because I blow my nose a lot more often at that time. Actually, it seems to happen most often when I just got out of bed and blow my nose for the first time of the day. This has been happening irregularly for about two years, and I had never had anything similar occur before that. I can’t really think of anything that would have triggered it.

    From the description of the nerves in the article, it definitely seems to be the maxillary nerve that is in cause. The areas it is responsible for are the ones getting numb. So I would guess that somehow blowing my nose sometimes creates a pressure on this nerve resulting in my symptoms.

    Is this possible? Is this common? Why is this happening now? Is there anything I can do to prevent it, or make it go away faster?

    Thank you very much.

    • Jan Modric


      an anatomical disorder, like a deviated septum, or a polyp or inflammation in the nose or maxillary sinus could result in increased pressure in the nose and sinus and cause symptoms you’ve described. I recommend you to visit an ENT.

  • grahamg

    I wonder if you can advise me, I woke up one morning in January with numbness and pain on the right hand side of my face from my temple to my cheek, this was followed closely by pain on that side which was very uncomfortable.I woke up with large nayl discharge that first morning, like large tubes of mucus. The doctors and dentists pescribed in total six amouts of strong antibiotics. the first visit to the dentist, he gave me a root canal and all symptoms went for two weeks. I had a very long day at work and became tired and felt the tingling crepping feeling come back again. I saw three dentists in total and had my top wisdom tooth removed, along with three root canals on the top right hand side. The wisdom tooth extraction on the last visit rid me of the pain, but since then I have had to a less or greater extent the pins and needles sometimes across both cheeks, and across my nose. three months before the symptoms I had my lower wisdom tooth (rhs) removed because it was impacted, it was removed under a general anaestethic. I had had ear fullness for months upto that point and had been very feverish under any movement. The removal of the tooth seemed to make the ear fullness disapear pretty much after the removal. My doctor has pescribed me amytriptyline 20mg which I have been taking the last ten months, but am not sure if they are making any difference as in the last week the symptoms are back as bad as nearly at the begining, tingling creeping burning(withou the pain). my doctor has diagnosed me with zoster virus neuralgia. sorry about the punctuation. could you please give me youre oppinion?
    many thanks

    • Jan Modric


      where did the mucus come from (in January)? I can’t give you an exact answer, but tingling and pain can arise from a teeth or inflammation around certain teeth pressing upon the nerve (mandibular or maxillary branch of the Trigeminal nerve), from sinusitis (?), nasal polyps, or anatomical abnormality in the mouth (possibly related to impacted tooth).

      Herpes zoster virus infection is treated with acyclovir or related antiviral drug; not sure on basis of which symptoms you’ve got this diagnosis, though. Herpes zoster infection should heal in a month or two…If you don’t see any effect of amitriptyline, you may ask the doctor about stopping it (don’t do this on your own – to prevent withdrawal symptoms). Drugs may have their side effects (which could be your symptoms), so in attempt to find a cause you can ask the doctor which drugs are still necessary and which not.

  • healedkg

    *Hello. I had a minor bladder surgery ten days ago under anesthesia with darvocet and a steroid to combat nausea and wa sent home with cipro. Two days before surgery I had a profuse clear sinus drip. 36 hours after the surgery it returned. I took tylenol sinus and did a nasal sinus wash , but squeezed way to hard and then sucked it up only ot feel like my nose was hit with a fire hose stream with saline. I followed up iwth nasonex. I started to have tingling/numbnes in chin/tongue which moved to my lips and upper gums. I tried 3 days of old celbrex I had to no avail. What could this be? I am going to a PT today to see about possible accupunture. Should I see an ENT? Could the sinus wash have irritated my facial nerves? Please help.

    • Jan Modric


      yes, it’s quite possible the sinus wash has irritated the Trigeminal nerve that innervates the face. If symptoms are not worsening, you can wait a bit to see if they will go away on their own; if not you can ask the doctor. I do not see any sense in acupuncture, though.

  • healedkg

    Thank you for your reply. Forgive my first email with so many words spelled incorrectly as I could only see half the screen.

    Would you suggest I see a neurologist or a chiropractor for this numb-like pain that is similar to a foot going numb or as some say, falling asleep? I am in much pain right now and taking the celebrex.

    Thank you for your kindness,


    • Jan Modric


      if it is only an irritation of the nerves, the condition should heal on its own in a due time, probably some days. If it doesn’t seem to get better, you might want to visit an ENT, who can judge if some inflammation has occurred, which needs to be treated.

  • David

    Hello, I have had problems with varying unexplained symptoms since 2004. Initially it started as chest pain (ECG clear)Chronic fatigue (Diabetes clear and B12) Night Sweats,Burning in ring fingers of both hands,mono-neuropathy in both feet worse if I eat sugar or carbs.Tingling in side of face, top of head,tip of nose, symptoms come and go and change all the time. Had am MRI and LP, all proved inconclusive, ELISA and Western Blot for lyme, no. Been to 4 Doctors now and they think I’m making it
    up. Liver,kidney function and Blood appears normal.small disc bulges in Cervical spinal C3,C4,C5,that’s all.Now general decline in physical energy with need to sleep often after exertion, sometimes for 2-3 days. Symptoms never constant, I’m really really curious and frustrated at what is going on with my health, 46 year old man, slight BMI issue through lack of exercise due to conditions, never smoked and no cannot tolerate alcohol.

    • Jan Modric


      as you probably know, symptoms in the ring fingers could arise from pinched spinal nerves due to bulging cervical discs. Eventual bulging discs in the lumbar spine could explain symptoms (?) in the feet. Which exact symptoms get worse after sugar/carb meals and in what exact time after meals? Any gastrointestinal problems, like burping, bloating, abdominal cramps, diarrhea? Were other vitamins, except vit B12, and mineral levels also tested? How did the symptoms start in 2004 – suddenly or slowly, and can you recall any circumstances?

  • Jack

    I have constant facial tingling (just above left and right eye brows and forehead, and upper lip). Sometimes my nose and cheeks tingle too. the soles of my feet tingle also. It sometimes feels like my head is shaking.

    I have had these symptoms for 6 months now (mouth tingling was not present).

    18 months ago. I went to Brasil and took a large single does of Cocaine.

    Previous to this 6 month period I had bad headaches. In April my head started internally vibrating. I have had an MRI and EEG which were both fine.

    Neurologist said it was anxiety.
    I’m relaxed. But no improvement

  • Jack

    Jack, here again.

    I should add that the constant tingling has a “cold” burning feeling to it.

    Its not at all comfortable. Severe sometimes at night.

    The tingling in the soles of my feet can spread up my legs with a slight burning feeling.

    However I am relaxed / have accepted my condition.

    I believe I have Peripheral neuropathy though…

  • Jack

    Jack here again.

    Sorry. To further qualify. I believe I ingested a very toxic compound (a street drug known as paco in Argentina / Brazil). With little Cocaine in it.

    I didn’t detox. Didn’t know what I was doing.

    I believe the toxins damaged my periheral nervous system / central nervous system.

    I had very bad headaches for 14 months (with feelings like I had hot acid on my face at times). Also Tennitus.
    Then in April my head starting vibrating.
    I visited a neurologist. He said it was anxiety. MRI / EEG fine.

    Since May / June I have had above facial tingling / vibrating sensations along with my feet. Tinnitus sometimes still occurs.

  • David

    In 2004 I had two incidents happen,
    The first was a bike accident which severely jarred my neck. The second was I got a red painless rash on my left arm which could be attributed to Lyme, I live in an active lyme area, in the UK.
    The symptoms came on very quickly.
    I also got badly scratched on my arm by a
    neighbours cat, (bartonella?)
    although I do not rememeber specifically getting bitten by a deer tick.
    My neck MRI does show slight disk bulges on C2,C4 C5.
    The feet specifically burn after excess sugar or carbs and I tend to have enforced sleep too.
    I do get intense burping,and some diarrhea? but I’m either constipated or
    Thank you for your reply, your help is much appreciated



    Were other vitamins, except vit B12, and mineral levels also tested? How did the symptoms start in 2004 – suddenly or slowly, and can you recall any circumstances?

    • Jan Modric


      you may check this personal medical history questionnaire and write down your complete medical history with all your current symptoms, past symptoms, investigations and their results. This may help to understand which event has resulted in a certain symptom.

  • sudhakar

    hi jan
    This is sudhakar,previously i wrote to u that i suffered from dengue fever and after recovery i got burning sensation in abdomen,that radiated to chest ,armpits, upper back,neck and also pins&needle sensation & numbness in fingers,foot. The burning sensation was not severe because iam getting good sleep& comfortably managing my daily work but it is irritating me.I was diagnosied with vit D defiiciency,i.e D 25 OH was 15ng/ml and my docter told me that my nerves were weak and also advised me to do exercise in morning& evening and he put me on vit d 1000 units & also vit b12(500ug),pregaballin(75mg),amitriptyline hydrochloride(25mg)daily & multivitamin syrup.for past 3 months iam suffering,is it vit d deficiency causes burning sensation,numbness all over body.

  • Katie

    Please help. I am 50 year old diabetic type 2.Today have symptoms of mild ischemia but no loss of speech vision or movement.Doctor told me I had diabetic complications restricting the flow of blood to my head, he was vague, saying diabetic neuropathy or artereosclerosis was the cause.My blood pressure was ok 140/90 but it is usually much higher.I believe it came down when I was drinking a lot of diet coke with aspartame in it.I had ans still have symptoms of numbness on the top and back of my head and behind my eyes and down my left forearm and left leg.I have sleep apnea too and I am thinking is my internal automatic system shutting down?Paralysis?Doctor said take aspirin and we will monitor it and go away.I have had a lipoma for 4 years at the base of my neck, quite large and deep causes me twisted spine and mobility problems.I tried to ask if I had a trapped nerve could cause the numbness but the doctor dismissed it.They have denied that the lipoma is affecting things to deny me funds to remove it.I looked up something called occipital neuralgia which said a tumor pressing on the nerves and muscles of the neck can cause numbness on the back of the head and paresthesia,this is all serious stuff and I am frightened and very distressed, they don’t want to send me to a neurologist and investigate, saying it is all down to diabetic complications.Whatever I am in danger of having a stroke.I have stopped the aspartame and worry what will happen if my blood pressure goes up, both diabetic complications and occipital neuralgia puts me at risk of stroke.

    • Hi Katie. In all likelihood this is more likely to be associated with the restricted blood flow to the brain due to the fact that it is one sided and extending all the way to the legs. The greater concern right now is to prevent a stroke. Aspirin is essential.

      Atherosclerosis is a common complication of long term diabetes, especially when a diabetic has not been adequately managing their glucose levels. It is further complicated by the fact that you also have hypertension, another cause of atherosclerosis. The lipoma issue may also be relevant but right now the focus should be on preventing a blood clot from forming which can be done with aspirin.

      I don’t think you should put so much credence into the aspartame lowering your blood pressure just yet. Rather follow your doctor’s instructions closely. Ideally you should see a neurologist at this point so that further assessments can be done but if your doctor does not feel it necessary then don’t rush the issue just yet. If you are unhappy then get a second opinion.

      Don’t get too distracted with self-diagnosing as you can sometimes do more harm than good. Rather speak to another doctor in person for confirmation that your current doctor’s approach is valid.

  • Katie

    Thank you for your reply.I have decided to go with the doctor’s advice.Another development is I looked up dangers of aspartame and found it is associated with numbness,I immediately stopped all diet coke and adding sweeteners to my tea and 24 hours later no numbness and everything is back to normal and I no longer feel the effects of the aspartame on my brain when I was continually drinking it throughout the day,I was addicted and on 2 litres a day since may.Could the whole numbness have been down to aspartame poisoning?I am taking aspirin as a precaution.My doctor said I am unlikely to have a stroke because my blood pressure is normal is this true?

    • Hi Katie. Glad to hear that you are feeling better and following your doctor’s advice. We would rather not be dragged into the aspartame debacle. As said in the previous reply, don’t put too much of weight into claims that aspartame lowers you blood pressure or has other health benefits. If these benefits were indeed so notable, would aspartame not then be used as a drug? As you have noticed yourself, stopping it has helped relieve your symptoms. This is not to say that aspartame is bad but too much of even a good thing can have deleterious effects.

  • Katie

    Hello I wonder if I can get advice on another problem,I have been having for the last month.I am smelling exhaust fumes inside my home from early afternoon throughout the evening and at night.There is no obvious cause for this, I have no gas appliances in my home,it is all electric.I live near a duel carriageway but have done for 19 years and never had this problem before,it doesn’t seem to be outside all the time,and it gets clear when I go to the garden anyway.I have read it can be caused by cancer or GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)and sleep apnea combined.I don’t think I have cancer,I have on and off GERD and have it now and I am diagnosed with sleep apnea going on 4 years now.I have started up my excess acid medication,if it is due to GERD will the excess acid med Omeprazole end the smells.It feels really horrible and strong smell of carbon monoxide.What can I do to alleviate or stop this smell?

  • gl

    Hey guys, im searching for any advise that can be given. for the past 4 months, i have had severe pain. Org thought it was tooth related as i had 9 cavities, & wasnt to concerend. after consistantly going to the denist & having all taken care of, i came to the conclusion its coming from my upper gums, My pain is in my SIDES OF FACE, SIDES OF NECK SIDES/TOP OF HEAD The best way i would describe it is a SEVERE BURNING & NUMBNESS. it has taken most of my quality of life, leaving me extreme discomfort & no energy.. During the night & waking up seems to be the worst, as well as days i dont get much sleep, however it came be at any time, for no reason. ill wake up with blood shot eyes, tears, sometimes my eye is sollown shut for hours. it alternates on both sides but only seems to hurt badly on one side at a time. i find myself needing to blow my nose often, & the more i do the more it hurts/more pressure. (no bleeding) I have been to the hostipal for blood work (no results shown for infection) im turning to the internet because no one seems to be able to help or guide me. it has subsided for as much as 2 days (thinking it was getting better) & been right back. i know seeing a neurologist is the next step, id like to have a direction to go. if anyone has experienced the same symptoms, could u please share your findings. i can not stress enough how severe it is, leaving me scared it is something life-threatening.

    • Hi GL. There are several possibilities that may account for these symptoms. Firstly, it could be related to the 9 cavities you have had. This may have caused a neuralgia (nerve pain) that is not subsiding. It could even occur after the dental surgery. Drugs like gabapentin may be prescribed by your neurologist if this is the case. Another possibility is that this could be related to the paranasal sinuses or middle ear. Once again your neurologist will consider these possibilities. As you have mentioned there is no infection but this does not exclude the possibility of a neuralgia among the other conditions. Hopefully other users may be able to share their experiences and shed light on the matter. However, your neurologist has both the knowledge and first hand experience with your case to assist you further.

  • lagrima

    Hey guys ! My hubby has Diabetes and Coronary artery disease and is on treatment with several drugs . He often complains of numbness in the head and face , upper back pain . How could i differentiate numbness from possible MI with that of cervical spondylitis

    • Hi Lagrima. Numbness is not as prominent and long lasting with a heart attack (MI) as it is for cervical spondylitis. In an MI there is pain that comes on suddenly although the head, face and upper back are not commonly affected. The jaw at most will be involved. When you are looking at numbness in these areas (head, face, upper back) due to a cardiovascular cause then you may instead be looking at something like a stroke rather than a heart attack. Numbness in a stroke is usually accompanied by muscle weakness in that same area. Both an MI and stroke are acute in nature (most of the time) so the symptoms will develop over a short period of time. Dizziness and breathlessness are some of the symptoms you would also be looking at, and sudden profuse perspiration with an MI. With cervical spondylitis, the symptoms are usually ongoing. However, if you are in doubt then you should consult with a doctor.

  • Tay J

    I dunno if anyone is still active here, but about four months ago, I overdosed on Effexor XR (my prescription for depression/anxiety) for three days. I won’t get into specifics about how it all happened, but it was an accident out of desperation to get back on my medication after not having it for a year, without tapering back onto it.

    Anyway, since then, I’ve had my medication dosage sorted, but the entire left side of my body has been tingly and numb. The back of my head, left side of my face, my whole mouth inside and out, my left arm and leg and parts of the left side of my torso are all tingly and less sensitive to the touch than the right side. When I first wake up, it’s really intense, like the sensation of old fashioned TV static, but it never fully goes away. I’m not weak or in pain, but it’s distracting and concerning because I know that’s not right.

    My psychiatrist is not interested in taking me off of Effexor, saying she’s never heard of this reaction to the medication. She increased my dose just yesterday. Because of this, my primary care doctor has referred me to neurology and I’ll be going in next week. I’ve had blood tests and pee tests come back normal. Google doesn’t show me anything familiar, but it brought me here. I’m 27 years old, female. I don’t smoke, I rarely drink, I’m just a nerdy artist and a hermit. I struggle with body pains (unexplained long-term pain in right knee that at least isn’t arthritis, spina bifida occulta, plantar fasciitis in both feet), so don’t get as much exercise as I should, admittedly. I’m always tired, but struggle with falling asleep and staying asleep, even with the assistance of aids such as benadryl and/or lorazepam. When I finally DO fall asleep, when I wake up I’m still so exhausted that I can barely get out of bed.

    I’m scared and confused. Please help. Any advice or well-wishes are appreciated.

  • Cara

    Hello there. I’ve had a very trying last several years. In 2008 while pregnant I was diagnosed w/ Bells Palsy (talk about being scared to death). My symptoms subsided after a month or so. Then, last year (2014) I was working out with a personal trainer on the weight bench and pushed up with the bar and it was very painful in my right arm near armpit area. The very next day I began with numbness on my right side (arm, face, leg) It lasted for a week or so. Went to the ER and CAT scan was normal, but no diagnosis. I saw a neurologist and she ordered for bloodwork and MRI with dye contrast. Everything came back normal, thank God! I then saw an ENT, and eye specialist and all tests were normal. Well, every several months I have this numbness on my right side and it’s coupled with a dizzy, foggy, almost drunk feeling and right eye pressure. I’m 37 and never smoked and hardly drink and take no medications. My neurologist firmly believes it’s stress and assured me it’s not MS. Any suggestions on what this could be??

    • Hi Cara. MS would be a reasonable consideration given your history but this has been ruled out by the neurologist. The other investigations that you had would show if blood flow is compromised to the brain which would cause some of the symptoms you are experiencing. Tumors of the cranial nerves and so on would also have been detected. Given your age it is advisable that you consult with a cardiologist just to ensure that there is no underlying cardiovascular condition. Yes, it could account for some of your symptoms. It is also advisable to follow up with an opthamologist (eye specialist) to exclude certain eye conditions. It really is difficult to say what this could be given that you have undergone so many tests and everything is clear thus far. Another consideration would be anemia and perimenopause although your doctors would have considered this. Do not be misled by the lack of smoking or your age. Many people who do have heart attacks are non-smokers and in their 30s. Of course, smokers and older people are at a much greater risk. If all else fails, consult with a specialist physician and then a psychotherapist. Stress can definitely cause many of the symptoms you are experiencing but it is always advisable for first exclude some of the conditions mentioned above.

      • Cara

        My symptoms have returned and I saw a new neurologist and he ordered another MRI and bloodwork. He said if all comes back normal then we have to dig deeper. Have to admit I’m scared
        To death and trying to deal with this the best I can.
        I have a friend who was diagnosed with guillan barre syndrome and she has some similar symptoms. I just pray I get some answers and can move forward with enjoying life with my family.

        • Cara

          So, after having another MRI with normal results and further bloodwork done, I tested positive for Sjogrens Syndrome, an autoimmune disorder. Now, it’s all about following up with a rheumatologist and managing my symptoms.

          • Hi Cara. Thank you for returning to update us. Sjogren’s is one of the most common rheumatological conditions although it is widely heard of. It will require long term management. Good to know that you are seeing a rheumatologist soon.

          • Cara

            Is this something that would be best managed through a rheumatologist, my neurologist or my primary? I’ve already joined some support groups for it and everyone has been very helpful.

          • Hi Cara. A rheumatologist would be the better option. They specialize in autoimmune conditions. Long term management may then be handed over to your primary with occasional follow ups with the rheumatologist.

  • vikas

    Hello, I have been suffering from cervical spondylosis at c3-c4 level since past 2 years. However I have quite a relief now but one problem which as been persistent all my life is that I feel this numbness in my head since past 12 years based on my lifestyle back then I used to play a lot of badminton and I was really good at it playing for longer hours and regularly. However one day I noticed I am feeling numb in my head. I ignored for few days only to realise that it won’t go away my most recent neurologist suggested that whatevr stress you brain is subjected to is reflected in degeneration in your spinal regions I don’t know wat that means. However even that top neurologist from chennai was unable to diagnose the problem for my numb head. However I have taken it as part of my life.

  • Caroline Domanska

    Hi. I recently went for a routine blood test reference fertility and I was found to have low platelets. This has been tested now three times and is dropping, last count 32. Since two weeks now I have had parathesia in my hands, feet and most noticeable on my face, especially my lips. For the first time in my life I have suffered vertigo over the last couple of weeks. Night sweats, fatigue and general muscle tiredness, sore skin, and joints and a tendency to bruise. Have appointment booked to see haematologist but wondered if I should see a neurologist. Any thoughts as to what this might be?

  • Julie

    I am seeking advice from anyone I can.tweleve months ago I began feeling fatigued, with head aches and tooth pain.It was referred pain, I had a bad infection and cavity.I had tooth removed and since then very bad face pain, with head aches and constant exhaustion.I sleep 12 to 19 hours a day.I’m on pain medication that doesn’t work, I e had two nerve blocks, dozens of medications, seen nurologists(3), ent doctors, had MRIS, crazy scans, blood work,xrays, everything the doctors can think of. In addition to the face pain and headaches my neck hurts constantly.nothing showed up on xrays, MRIS, cat scans or blood tests execpt elevated white cell count.my white cell count has been as high as 19,000. I can’t work or do much of anything and there is no known cause, except possible nerve damage.I am 34 years old with no significant medical history except I had my gall bladder out. Any medical professionals here have any suggestions as to where to go next to find a cause and solution?