Pain Pill Addiction Treatment

Pain pill addiction is an innocuous attempt for the simple goal of leading a pain free life. However, it can have grave consequences even summing up to one’s death. Hence, it is very important that we take some of the few steps in understand why it occurs and how it can be prevented or treated.

We have already read about the “how it occurs” part in “pain pill addiction can have serious side effects !” So now let us understand how can we prevent or treat this disastrous threat.

Prevention of Pain Pill Addiction

Pain pill addiction is primarily seen in people who are afraid of trying new things or who have a prejudiced or procrastinating attitude. These people are satisfied with the short term gains of pain relief given by the pain pills and are not even willing to try the other definitive forms of pain relief like physical therapy, exercises, and so on.

This type of attitude should be completely eradicated from our lives. Pills are highly easy to swallow but one must completely understand the dangers is depending on them on a longer term that too without or rather against medical advice. Taking pain pills without a doctors advice just because they are available over the counter is like smoking a cigarette when no one is watching. Just because no one is watching the cigarette does not stop being harmful and just because its freely available does not mean that it will not cause harm.

Treatment of Pain Pill Addiction

The over the counter nature of the pain pills is the prime reason of pain pill abuse. Thus, it is but obvious why many people are tempted to continually be dependent on these pills. However, getting out of such dependence is easier said than done.

The first step in this direction would be to identify the main source of pain. Inadequate or inappropriate history regarding the nature and source of pain is a frequent cause of misdiagnosis of the disease and leads to improper pain relief which is the root cause of the problem.

Once the source of the pain is identified then a visit to an orthopedic specialist is necessary. An orthopedist has the necessary experience to properly diagnose chronic painful conditions and chalk out a treatment plan as per the needs of the patient. The orthopedist may ask for certain investigations or tests which would pin point to a diagnosis. Try to complete them as soon as possible with full faith considering that this is one step ahead in reaching a pain free life.

One must be open to any form of treatment that helps to improve the outcome and modify the disease. However, sometimes one may end up getting no diagnosis even after all the efforts. In that case one may consult a psychiatrist to find out why one is having the perception of pain. Alternatively, one may even visit a different orthopedist for a second opinion.

The process of getting the right diagnosis may be cumbersome but it presents the distinct advantage of a pain free as well as a pain pill free life ever after !

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