Comment Policy

Our comment policy outlines the terms of use for the user input/comment box feature at the end of each article on the Health Hype website. Please note that we, the Health Hype team, reserve the right to edit, delete, respond or not respond to any content posted on this website. Any user of the comment box, who either posts their own content or responds to another user’s content, hereby agrees to the following terms:

  1. The user understands that any information/feedback/advice provided by any other user, including the Health Hype team, does not constitute a medical consultation of any sort.
  2. The user will not undertake any change in current treatment, delay seeking medical attention/treatment nor implement any therapeutic measure advised on this website without first consulting with a health care professional.
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  5. The user is not entering into any legal agreement with the Health Hype team to have their question/concerns accurately assessed and answered within any period of time, if at all, as the Health Hype team is not in any way obligated to respond to users.
  6. The user understands that the Health Hype team cannot diagnose a condition online and any suggestions do not constitute a medical diagnosis.
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