Acute and Chronic Right Lower (RLQ) Abdominal Pain – Diagnosis

ACUTE Right Lower (RLQ) Abdominal (Stomach) Pain

Acute (sudden, newly appearing) right lower abdominal (RLQ= Right Lower Quadrant) pain, lasting from few seconds to few weeks, may arise from:

1. Appendicitis

Typical symptoms and signs of appendicitis:

  • Sudden moderate to severe pain starting around the navel, moving toward the right hip, getting worse in the following hours and with moving around
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Low-grade fever (not always)
  • Rebound tenderness: pressuring and relieving pressure on any part of the abdomen triggers pain in RLQ.
  • Guarding – reflex tension of abdominal wall in RLQ when pressuring on a painful spot

Diagnosis of appendicitis can be often made from the history alone. In doubtful cases CT is required. Ultrasound is not reliable in diagnosis of appendicitis. Blood test usually shows elevated white blood cells.

2. Inguinal Hernia

Protruding of a part of the small intestine through the cleft in the muscle of abdominal wall may appear with RLQ pain and pain in the scrotum. Diagnosis is made by physical examination.

3. Volvulus

Volvulus (twisting along long axis) of the cecum (starting part of the large intestine) is rare and occurs mostly in small children as sudden right lower pain, nausea, vomiting and bloating.

Diagnosis is made by X-ray with contrast (barium swallow).

4. Pain, Related to Female Reproductive Organs

Ovulation (mid-cycle pain, Mittleschmerz) may sometimes appear with pain at about 14th day of the menstrual cycle.

Rotation of the right ovary (twisted Fallopian tube), ruptured ovarian cyst, ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage may resemble pain in appendicitis (see above).

5. Pain, Related to Male Reproductive Organs

Right testis torsion, spermatic cord and testicular veins disorders (varicocele, hydrocele) appear with pain, tenderness and swelling in the scrotum; pain may radiate in RLQ.

6. Pain, Related to Abdominal Muscles

Psoas abscess

7. Skin Related Disorders

Herpes zoster appears as burning pain and rash appearing over the course of one or more spinal nerves (extending from the spine toward the middle line of the abdominal wall.

CHRONIC Right Lower Abdominal Pain

Chronic (long term or recurring) pain in the lower right abdomen, lasting from few months to years may arise from:

1. Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease usually affect young to middle aged adults and may appear with RLQ pain, nausea, low-grade fever, diarrhea, blood in the stool, skin rash, mouth ulcers and other symptoms. Diagnosis is made by colonoscopy and examination of the small or large intestinal mucosa (obtained during colonoscopy) under the microscope, blood and stool tests.

2. Carcinoid

Carcinoid is a rare, slowly growing tumor appearing mostly in older adults and can cause LRQ pain if it grows in the appendix or cecum. Other symptoms may include nausea, diarrhea and hot flashes. Diagnosis is made by blood tests for histamine or serotonin and CT of appendix.

3. Endometriosis

Endometriosis is an abnormal growth of uterine mucosa outside of the uterus. For diagnosis endoscopy of the abdominal cavity (laparoscopy) is needed.

4. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – PCOS

Symptoms of PCOS include RLQ or LLQ pain, irregular periods, hirsutism (increased body hair grow), increased blood pressure and more.  In diagnosis transvaginal ultrasound may help.

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  • wendy

    Hey… I. Have a question.. I v been having pain for a long time on my upper body (waist up).. and specially on my right lower abdominal area.. its very painfull till the point that sometimes I have to hold my breath because if I do breath my side might hurt and not a little but a very hard sharp pain… and besides the fact that am urinating with what it must be white blood cells and recently with a little blood.. and which now am really concern… what may be the reasons for this I just want to have an idea of what may be… pls help me.. thanks

    • Jan Modric


      I strongly recommend you to visit an urologist/kidney doctor promptly. It’s likely you have urinary infection or stones. You will probably need prescribed antibiotics.

  • Ksmlakshmi

    I am having pain that starts in the right lower abdomen and goes down to my legs with severe pain in my thighs and knees. What may be the cause for this?
    I have nausea too.

    • Jan Modric


      are you male or female, how old are you? Is your lower right abdomen tender to touch? Any palpable mass? Does the pain changes with body position or walking? Bloating, constipation, diarrhea? For how ong do you have this pain and does it change during the day? What triggers it and what relieves it?

  • pottcoap58

    I am a 51 yr old female and 2 wks post gallbladder surgery. Before the surgery, I was having pain and bloating in the upper right abdominal area and also pain in the lower right abdominal area. Since having my gallbladder out, the pain in the upper portion has subsided, but the pain in my lower right side has increased. It radiates out from the naval area to the right and lower abdomen. I had a CT scan before my surgery and it didn’t show any appendix problems? Could it have been missed?

  • Rachel

    I am a 26 yr old female that has been having chronic lower right quadrant pain for the last 6 months or so. The pain can be anywhere from the right side of my navel to my right hip. It occurs once to twice a month, not in relation to menses, and may last a few days. Painful with palpation of the lower right abdomen, but not excruciating just uncomfortable; about half the time will be painful without palpation. Usually notice that it painful when my cat steps on my abdomen or when defecating (if bend head over legs and hold abdoment while on the toilet, sometimes an acute sharp pain in lower right abdomen occurs, then painful for a few days–however, doesn’t always occur this way). Thinking I may need an abdominal ultrasound to rule out chronic appendicitis, diverticulitis, or right ovarian disease. Any ideas?

    • Jan Modric


      disorders you’ve mentioned are possible, and ultrasound sounds reasonable. Another possible disorder ultrasound might not detect is Crohn’s disease.

  • woody_wrinkles

    I’ve had a strange feeling on my lower right side of my abdominal area..
    It isn’t really painful but it’s something i havent experienced before.
    I have alot of gas in that area – and feels very bubbly and noisy.
    Could this by my appendix?
    Thank you

    • Jan Modric

      To woody_wrinkles.

      It doesn’t sound like appendicitis to me, but like gas. This could be from an intolerance to certain food, like in fructose malabsorption. You can try a low-FODMAP diet. If you have nausea, fever, weight loss and you feel ill, you should consider having a colonoscopy.

  • Liz

    Female, 31. 3 yrs ago I had very severe pain in my right lower abdomen, and consistent high fewer. I was told I had renal infection, but I was not definitely diagnosed as none of the lab work could prove it. My kidney looked enlarged on the ultrasound. I used had huge amount of antibiotic iv. Since that time, I have never felt the same again, always a dull feeling. Recently, I started experiencing more pain. No fewer, no weight loss, but I am always tired, and no concentration at all. Is that really strange as it sounds?

    • Jan Modric


      where exactly was the pain three years ago? Above or below the level of the navel? Was any part of your abdomen or back tender to touch? Any diarrhea then or now? If it is a kidney related inflammation or infection, your blood and urine tests should show something. I recommend you to get tested again.

  • Liz

    Hi, the pain was 2 inches from my right side, just below the ribs. It started at the back, stayed there for a month or so, and then it worsened and moved to its permanent place. I did not have any urination problem, I don’t have it now either. At that time the blood work showed sepsis, extremely poor protein, calcium and iron which are just above the limit now. It was extremely tender to touch (even now it is a bit tender). While having the antibiotic treatment, I had some king of skin irritation exactly on my side. I usually have diarrhea that I have always related to my vegetarianism.

    They won’t even listen to me when I tell my story.

    • Jan Modric


      from lowered proteins and minerals, sepsis, pain and enlarged kidney, it’s obviously your right kidney was involved. Either that infection or antibiotics could cause some damage in your kidney. I strongly recommend you to have blood and urine tests again, from the results a nephrologist/urologist should know, if CT or MRI or other is needed. Write down your complete medical history (from birth), what exactly happened three years ago, and how symptoms changed through the time. Also try to find results (positive or negative) of all investigations you’ve had so far.

      About the diet: maybe certain foods trigger or aggravate diarrhea: foods, high in fructose or sorbitol, soluble fiber or other. Any idea?

  • Liz

    Thank you very much for your help. This was the only medical condition I have ever had, I hope nothing serious. Foods high in soluble fiber explain perfectly the diarrhea.

    Thanks again!

  • sotiredinseattle

    For the past 18 months my daughter has had chronic right abdominal pain, it starts at her navel and goes around her back. They have checked her kidneys, gallbladder, as well as her bladder, female organs and they still cannot figure out the cause. She is only 7 different meds for the pain, nausea, headache, sleeping, etc. I noticed after they took her tonsils out that were imbedded in her throat, and she stayed six days in the hospital that she seemed to get better. But then it came back. I had a friend that his daughter had dthe same thing and it was a slow leaking appendix. When they did the ct it did not show anything wrong with her appendix but as a long shot they took it out anyways. And sure enough she has not had any problems. Have you ever heard of a slow leaking appendix and how can one get your doctor to remove it. She also has high white blood count, no memies for 2 years, low grade fever, dizzy at times, please advise.

    • Jan Modric

      To sotiredinseattle.

      How old is your daughter and which investigations she has had so far?

      High white blood cells and low grade fever are highly suspected for an inflammation anywhere in the body. Chronic appendicitis is one of the possible causes, but adjacent organs, like Fallopian tubes or a part of the colon could be also inflammed. CT could reveal appendicitis. Certain conditions, like twisted ovaries would be hardly recognized by a CT, but could be seen during laparoscopy.

      It’s likely that something is wrong in her abdomen, so insist in further investigations – will be a CT or laparoscopy, a gastrologist should decide.

  • sotiredinseattle

    Thank you so much for you’re input. She is 29 years old. They have done a laparascopy and checked her fallopian tubes. That is whats so frustrating. I read that an appendix could be infected on the inside and wouldn’t show on a CT. But I cannot convince a doctor here of that. They just say that if it were infected that it would have burst by now. Is that really the case always? I don’t want to step on any doctors toes and make them feel that they may be wrong, but I just feel in my heart that this may be the case. Again, thank you for the input.

    • Jan Modric


      chronically inflamed appendix does not burst soon (if at all), otherwise it wouldn’t be chronic…If you check these cases, described by an ER doctor, you’ll see that not all inflammed appendices are shown on CT.

      Acute appendicitis usually starts with pain around the navel that typically moves to the right lower quadrant. Low grade fever, high leukocytes and nausea are all common. I DO NOT say your daughter has appendicitis, it’s possible, though. Crohn’s disease affecting the first part of the colon (just near the appendix) could mimic appendicitis – this would not be seen on CT or laparoscopy, but probably only during colonoscopy or maybe X-ray with barium enema.

      I encourage you to speak further with her doctor or find another one, since, obviously, there is something to be solved in a reasonable time.

  • les

    In dec 2007 I went to doctor, I had r/h lower abdominal sharp pain, diarrhea (chronic)and sometimes constipation, bleeding (chronic) from bottom. I had low fever also increased white blood cell count. doctor said infection of ileum. Since that time I have had all the symptoms as above except the r/h lower abdominal sharp pain, it cleared up after 2 weeks. But approximately 10 months ago for 1 week I had very=very bad pain left side abdomen, did not poop for a week. It cleared up itself when finally able to poop.For past 8 months been getting abcess in bottom. What do you reckon the problem could be. Also recently having periods of thrush in mouth and sore throat, not taking antibiotics though. And feel tired a lot. Am 50 years old, smoker, male.

    • Jan Modric

      To les.

      Symptoms, you’ve described can appear in Crohn’s disease. Colon extends as an arc starting in the lower right and ending in the lower left abdomen, and both ends can be affected: ulcers cause bleeding, polyps cause constipation, inflammation causes diarrhea. Mouth thrush can be related. X-ray with barium enema and colonoscopy are two of investigations that can reveal Crohn’s disease.

  • shovellady1

    CT Scans are not always correct on diagnosing apendix or gallbladder problems. After having endoscopy, colonoscopy, 2 CT scans, and some kind of xray tests with barium, Doctors couldnt figure out what was wrong with me. They thought I had Chrones or fibromyalgia as I had pain in many places in my abdomin mostly centering in lower right abdomin. I couldnt stand for long as the pain would get worse. Dr. At first thought it was apendix but CT showed it was fine. I had no fever with it just pain for a few mo. Finally A surgeon decided to do an exploritory surgery on me and decided to remove the apendix just to rule out that as causing pain. When he removed it he saw a blockage and lab tests showed it was infected. Dont believe these tests. Same thing with gall bladder I had that test also they said it was fine but I continued to have alot of pain in center of chest and just below and right under rib cage. Also bubbly urine, Dr decided to remove that also and found that that also was bad thickened wall that didnt show on the test.Also a friend of mine went through same thing hers was full of thousands of little stones like sand. Her tests were way off also. Please keep persistant if they wont listen to you, I suggest having an exploritory and changing drs if they wont help. My Dr. gave up and said theres nothing more I can do for you. Thank god I found a surgeon who would listen.

    • Jan Modric


      yes, sometimes, rarely though, CT does not show inflammed appendix or small gallbladder stones (sludge). Your post is encouraging; everyone should continue to look for health solutions when doctors are clueless.

  • sotiredinseattle

    Thank you everyone for still following and responding.. A lot more then the doctors do. 🙂 Well since my last write, she has had CT scan of her gallbladder and they said that it was fine. She has asked her gastro doctor to take out her appendix as a precaution, he said he does not think that is it and the he would refer her to a surgeon, but he really doubts the surgeon will do anything because her xrays, ct scan don’t show anything. They have just given her two more meds. She was in ER last Friday night and Monday night again she hadn’t had a bowel movement for two weeks, vomitting, low grade fever, blood preassure was 101/64, they took another xray with barum swollow and they said she was totally backed all the way up around her left side. But they did nothing. I then came home and gave her over a 4 day period…. stool softeners, 3 em’s, 2 suppos, miralax, apple juice, prune juice, oh and er’s orders to give her an em with 2 suppos melted in it, then the doct said to try mollasis with milk warmed which I did, then sea salt and water. She finally went but is now so sick she can’t get outta bed. Nauseated, headache, fatigued. They now are sending her to a interal med doctor. I as sooooooooo tired and scared. She is starting to give up. Thanks again everyone

    • Jan Modric


      she should drink enough fluid, since it’s quite possible she’s dehydrated after the cleansing.

      Pain itself can be a cause of constipation, but there can be something within her colon, like polyps that often develop in Crohn’s disease. Has she had colonoscopy? Crohn’s disease often affects a terminal part of the small intestine, which is just near the appendix and can resemble appendicitis. That part of the small intestine can be reached and checked during colonoscopy and a sample of tissue can be taken and investigated.

      No matter of the result of the colonoscopy, the doctors should perform all other (blood and stool) tests to check for Crohn’s disease.

  • sotiredinseattle

    shovellady1, where do you live and what was the name of your surgeon. Thank you very much. At this point I will fly and go anywhere.

    • Jan Modric


      every surgeon can legaly remove appendix if he, by his opinion, has a reason for this. Not that everyone will, if you ask him, though. Again, I strongly recommend your to speak with gastroenterologist about colonoscopy, since Crohn’s disease can have about the same symptoms and signs as appendicitis, including low grade fever and elevated leukocytes.

  • kev

    irritating pain in my right lower abdomen below the hip in pelvic area has persisted for months now. seems to have spread to upper abdomen right and left side at times just under the rib cage. pain originated right under scar from surgery to remove testi due to cancer 17 years ago. the pain is not that bad but persistent and hac become extremely irritating after several months. i just want to feel normal again!

    • Jan Modric


      one posible cause are adhesions (strands of scar tissue) within the pelvis – from surgery. A surgeon could tell more about it.

  • triedinOkla

    My daughter is 24 and a single ventricle child. Two years ago she had lower right abdominal pain. She would eat and sometimes her stomach would swell like she was six month pregnant and sometimes she would eat and not swell at all. One night her stomach did not swell but her right thigh did. She would have hot and cold flashes and go from constipation to diarrhea. The doctors did a CT scan, ultrasound, MRI, and blood work. They did not found the problem. Now she has sciatic nerve problems. Could these problems be related.

    • Jan Modric


      a disorder of the sciatic nerve can cause numbness, tingling or pain in the thigh, but not likely swelling (an actual increase in diameter of the thigh). Prominent swelling of the abdomen related to eating could be from some dietary cause, like lactose intolerance or fructose malabsorption. Another common cause is chronic gastritis caused by infection by Helicobacter pylori.

      A gastroenterologist can determine the cause of abdominal swelling.

  • Katy

    27yr old female with localised pain in lower right abdomen. had tests several years ago but nothing conclusive & told not to worry, however its got worse over last 2 weeks, i also have mouth ulcers. thinking its stress related Chrone’s if there’s such a thing? it does seem to worsten with stress. as further tests would involve colonoscopy I’m wondering whether i should just forget about it because its not debilitating, but could leaving it alone cause more harm?

    • Jan Modric


      Crohn’s disease actually may appear with a combination of lower right pain and mouth ulcers. Not sure, though, since you do not mention any other symptoms. A basic blood test may reveal eventual inflammation.

  • Bobbi_Vela

    My daughter is 16, and for like four years or five she has had this chronic pain in her lower right abdomen to the point where she stayed in bed curled up cause she can’t move. I’ve taken her to the doctors so many times and we have heard the same thing over and over again that nothing is wrong. I’m not a doctor but I know something is wrong. they have done CT’s,Ultrasound,X-Rays,blood…ect..PLZ HELP, Thank You

    • Jan Modric


      the cause of abdominal pain is much easier to determine if other circumstances and symptoms are known. This personal medical history questionnaire may help to reveal more details.

  • Natasha

    My husband has had chronic LRQ pain for 18 months, he is unable to work because of it. The area is not tender to the touch, you can press as hard as you like and the level of pain is the same. It does not stop him from getting to sleep but when he’s awake it’s present constantly, and is generally worse in the mornings, and he never has a “pain level 0” day.

    We have tracked food intake and tried wheat and lactose exclusion, to no effect. MRI, CT, ultrasound, barium xray and bloodwork have shown nothing. We are waiting for a GI referral so we can ask for a colonoscopy. If that shows nothing, we don’t know where to turn next. 2 previous GI visits gave us nothing, the first said it’s muscular, the second said he had no idea. Also tried physio in case it’s muscular – we don’t even know if it’s muscular or intestinal. Tried lyrica in case it’s nerve damage, but it didn’t help. We are desperate for help and advice, any ideas for more things we can try?

    • Jan Modric


      muscular pain would be likely aggravated by pressure. Colonoscopy can show if there is something in the lower part of the ascending colon that starts at the described site. If colonoscopy will be negative, a pinched spinal nerve should be considered as a possible cause. Abdominal adhesions may cause such pain, but they mostly appear after a surgery, and can be sometimes seen only during laparoscopy. Inflammation of the psoas muscle that runs from the spine through the pelvis toward the leg is another possible cause.

  • goodie2150

    I have had very bad stomach pains twice now. It starts as a small pain and gets very extreme over time. My pain is in the lower right of my stomach where my intestines are. I have so much pain that I cant move without it hurting, my stomach is very sensitive. I have thrown up which makes it feel better for awhile but it normally comes back. When I eat food it hurts the most which is why I try to stick to mainly liquids. It has taken me about a week and many times of throwing up to recover from very bad pain. Please let me know your recommendation. Thanks.

    • Jan Modric


      pain in the lower right abdomen accompanied by nausea and vomiting is usually from the obstruction or cramps of a hollow organ, like the colon, appendix, Fallopian tube, ureter.

      The first investigation in such cases is usually an ultrasound that may reveal appendicitis, urinary stones…

  • Christina

    Hi, I have a quick question, I’m 17 years old and there’s times when I need to urinate, my right lower side, near my bladder and near my hips really start to hurt when I am, it’s been happening for a while but I’m not sure what it is or what I should do? Is it just nothing, like is it something that happens to everyone? I also have H-Pylori and I’ve been on medication for a while now could that be the reason why also?

    • Jan Modric


      antibiotics may have side effects, but I’m not sure if your pain is from this. Pain during urination is not normal. You might want to ask your doctor (you can try by phone), what to do.

  • lilakitapaws

    I have been having migrating pains for about 11 days now. It started as twinges in my left ovary and it started exactly at the time I should have been ovulating. The twinges went away and pain and bloating took its place. It has since moved to my right side and comes and goes. It has affected my hip and when I sit down too hard I feel a quick pain deep in my lower right abdomen area. Depending on how I sit I get leg pain. I am 26 years old and had a baby 8 months ago and recently stopped taking depo provera. I am extremely worried about these symptoms because they all seem to point to cancer from everything I have read. Only problem with going into a doctor is I have pain and one symptom one day and the next day the pain could have moved and I have a different symptom.

    • Jan Modric


      there are several possible disorders of the ovary. Symptoms often come and go, so this is not the reason to avoid the doctor. The doctor will likely ask, where exactly is the pain occuring, is the area tender to touch, what triggers or relieves the pain, where does the pain spread, what is a time pattern. Are there any other symptoms, except pain and bloating, any menstrual bleeding and so on. Here is a questionnaire to help:

      Pain in the ovary could be just from ovulation. Pain spreading into the leg may be, among other, from a pinched nerve in the lumbar spine, or from something pressing on the muscles in the pelvis. This pain alone is enough to see a doctor; such pains typically appear only in some body positions, so no worries if at the time of your doctor visit, you won’t feel anything. Bloating can be due to an ovarian disorder, but also from dietary reasons…

  • patfromohio

    I am 32 male. over the last three weeks i have been waking up every night 3-4am with severa lower right back pain and abdomen pain. I went to the er ct scan and blood work came back normal. They thought kidney stone or appendix. MY Family doctor referred me to a surgeon…i am very scared due to pain level.urination and bowel movements are normal…ie no blood/constipation. Soo tired 🙁

    • Jan Modric


      important details for a surgeon or any doctor:
      – where exactly is the pain (in inches from the navel and hip)
      – is it constant or cramping pain
      – how long does it last after it appears
      – does pain change with the body position or moving
      – is the painful spot tender to touch
      – what happened three weeks ago (exercise, injury, food accident, fever..)
      – other symptoms (fever, tiredness, nausea, bloating..)

  • dmz8952

    I was in a car accident two weeks ago. About a week after the accident, I began having severe pain in my LRQ when I would try to sit up from a reclined position. I couldn’t do it unassisted. Since then, the pain has become present all of the time and worse when I try to sit up. I had an MRI which revealed an “Adrenal lesion” the doctor said is nothing to worry about, but IT HURTS! What is an Adrenal lesion, and is there something else I should be doing about it? CBC results aren’t back yet…

    • Jan Modric


      adrenal lesion is a lesion of adrenal gland (which lies on the kidney, so under the lower ribs) – not sure what exactly the doctor has meant by this.

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  • essbee

    I’m an 19 year old female and I’ve been having chronic pains in my lower/upper right abdomen. I can only really describe it as a severe cramping sensation. It will stay with me for a few days and then not return for a month or so. It never occurs at exactly the same time but never when I’m having my period. It cramps when I pee and seems to get effected sometimes during sex, but not always. The feeling doesn’t seem to be in one particular location and I can’t seem to understand what it may be. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

    • Jan Modric


      it could help, if you can say where exactly are the pains (in inches from the navel and rib cage), for how long the cramps last when they appear, is the area tender to touch, is there any burning sensation during urination? One possible cause are urinary stones in the ureter. An urologist can order an urine test and perform an ultrasound of the abdomen and kidneys, for example.

  • Dizzybone

    I have had pain in my lower left abdomen for about 3 days now and today it has moved to just under my right rib cage,people are just saying that it is a pulled muscle,should I go have it checked out?

    • Jan Modric


      muscle can be pulled during an excercise or heavy work. Pain from pulled muscle does not move from lower to upper abdomen with no apparent reason. Pain moving from the lower left abdomen to under ribs often arises from gas built in the colon. Gas can be from the food, like fiber-rich foods; milk, if you are lactose intolerant; fruits, if you have fructose malabsorption. If you usually do not have these symptoms, it could be a food incident, like a slight food poisoning. Anyway, most of above conditions would be present with some abdominal gurgling, excessive gas and mushy stools…If pain does not go away, you might want to see a gastroenterologist.

  • Dragonfly

    I’m an 18 y.o Female who is having severe pain in my lower right side under my ribs, its a stabbing pain that goes all the way back, and down to my pelvic area. im nauses and have been dizzy since monday, the severe pain started around 3pm today and its now 3am and it hurts to breath? What is the cause of this? there is also small amounts of blood in both my vomit and my urine?

    • Jan Modric


      a kidney infection or pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) seems possible. Not sure what could cause blood in the vomit, but an urologist should know which tests to make. Sounds quite serious to me.

  • Dragonfly

    sex is also painfull, along with urinating.

  • Shan13

    i am an 18 yr old female and for the past 6 weeks i’ve had an uncomfortable pain in my lower abdomen on the right side. it goes anywhere from next to my naval, down to my hip. it isnt a severe pain, but it does hurt. sometimes i hold my breath to make it less painful. it comes in waves a ranges in severity. half way through the 6 weeks i started to feel constipated. but for the past 2 days i’ve had really bad diarrhea. I’ve had nausea and headaches a lot also. any ideas?

    • Jan Modric


      a gastroenterologist can make appropriate investigations. Symptoms can arise from appendix or colon, for example.

  • alexis

    Hi..I’m 27y/o, had my appendicitis operation 2years ago and just this year I found out that I had PCOS. 2 weeks ako I was admitted to the hospital due to abdominal pain. It’s at the right part. My ob cannot determine if it is infection or what because I’m taking pills for my PCOS. I’m afraid its Endometriosis or what. I’m really cofused. Pls help me. Pls email me. Thanks a lot!

    • Jan Modric

      exact cause of pain (endometriosis, pelvic adhesions) can be sometimes determined (and treated) only by a laparoscopy. Your gynecologist should explain you all options.

  • alexis

    I also feel like there’s something hard on my right abdomen. When I was admitted last monday they dr. said it maybe because cyst burst. But they found out my urine test is ok. What do you think is this? Is this because I have PSCOS, my appendicitis operation last 2 yrs ago or some other reasons behind it?

    • Jan Modric


      all what you’ve mentioned is possible. It’s not possible to tell exactly without any investigation – the first one is usually an ultrasound investigation of the lower abdomen.

  • dee

    48YO female 5ft 4 in 135lbs regular exercise, non smoker. RLQ pain x 4 months. Began intense like hot rod from front to back, hospitalized IV pain med to get it under control. Many tests run lab work Ultrasound MRI, not kidney, appendix or ovary, no infection, had colonoscopy 5 years ago due to FH of many polyps in father, normal in me. Pain now daily comes in waves/spasms from pain level of 3-8or9. Feels kind of like bad menstrual pain. Had a uterine ablation 2 years ago could this be adhesions. Diet change but sugar seems to be a problem. Pain always same place RLQ/groin area that radiates to right thigh anterior down to knee only. History of Herpes on right hip (shingles) stress and sugar worsen it no change in bowel habits or consistancy. Motrin, ice, heat, massage helps sometimes, vicodin does not. Would appreciate suggestions/comments

    • Jan Modric


      what exact influence a sugar has on your symptoms? Do you get bloated after sugar?

      Abdominal pain radiating in the groin and thigh can be due to intestinal hernia, pinched sciatic nerve (from a bulging disc in the lumbar spine, for example), urinary stones, and, yes, pelvic adhesions could be also possible. Even an MRI can miss adhesions, and sometimes only a laparoscopy can reveal them.

  • stella

    Hi, I always had irregular periods, but year ago I started taking clomid because of wanting to have a child and doctors haven’t found anything unusuall. 10 years ago I had dermoid cyst and few years later fluid cyst, both were taken out surgically. Because clomid didn’t work I started chinese herbs prescribed by TCM doctor who thought that my adrenal gland is overworked. since than my period started to be regular with around 30 days coming. However couple month ago I had big stress in my life and my period was every 15 day about four times so far. Around the same time I am feeling something hard in my lower abdomen mostly under the belly button and more on right side. It is like a stone. I took pregnancy test a month ago and it was negative. I am very scared that that is cancer or tumor and I am afraid to go to see the doctor because of that. any suggestion?
    36yo with two children, 10 and 13y. one miscarriage 2y ago

    • Jan Modric


      regarding your history of cysts, there could be another cyst. Another possibility to mention are pelvic adhesions, which sometimes develop after pelvic surgery. A fibroma – a benign tumor consisting from fibrous tissue can grow in the abdomen without causing much harm. Early treatment usually gives better results – no matter what is the cause.

  • stella

    Thanks for prompt reply,
    unfortunately I am very scared of what they will tell me, and fear of examination itself.

    • Jan Modric


      during examination, a doctor will inspect and palpate your abdomen – that’s it. The first investigation in suspected abdominal mass is usually abdominal ultrasound. I can imagine your fear, however, it is your fear and it is only you who can face it. Doctors are there to treat you, not to harm you. If you trust your doctor, what can you lose by visiting him? Cancer is often a treatable disease (if treated early enough); I personally know few people who have had cancer and were cured.

  • nikki8

    I have had right lower pelvic pain under navel the last two months about a week before my period. The pain starts as cramping and then is more dull to sharp.always on my right side. Very tender to touch and burning pain in my lower back. I have tingling down my left arm and hands when I lay down. I also had spotting when I wipe and passed what I guess is a brownish colored clot. I have paraguard inserted about 4 months ago after having my son. This is the second month its happened and the pain is worse than last time.

    • Jan Modric


      I strongly recommend you to remove Paraguard, since IUDs commonly cause a lot of weird symptoms. I also suggest you to visit your gynecologist, who can check for eventual infection.

  • Elizabeth

    I am a 36-year-old woman with 1 child, born by C-section 3 years ago. For the last year I have had chronic right lower abdominal pain that is like a burning and bruising sort of pain. It comes on like clockwork the day before my menstrual cycle begins and lasts for 2 weeks, then diminishes and begins all over again the next cycle. My doc first put me on a birth control pill to see if that helped. It has not. To date I have had 3 completely normal ultrasounds and an exploratory laparoscopy that showed no abnormalities (no endometriosis and no adhesions). What should I do next?

    • Jan Modric


      is the painful area tender to touch, if yes, how large is the area of tenderness? Regarding the fact your symptoms are obviously affected by fluctuations of sex hormones, their blood level would maybe need to be checked. If the pain is over the appendix, it could be a carcinoid tumor…Endometriosis can occur within the bowel – in this case it wouldn’t be revealed by laparoscopy, but maybe with colonoscopy. Symptoms in Crohn’s disease (commonly affecting the colon and the last part of the small intestine) could maybe also fluctuate with the period – you would probably have loose stools, nausea, low-grade fever…You did not mention any typical bowel symptoms, so maybe your hormones should be checked first.

  • Elizabeth

    I am extremely tender over the site of pain and the area is about 2 inches horizontal by 1 inch vertical. I have been told the appendix looks normal. I have not had loose stools but do have chronic nausea (which I assumed was related to my moderate GERD). I have not noticed a low grade fever and at all doctor visits my temp has been on the lower side of normal (like 98.4). What hormones should be checked? Should I perhaps also visit a gastroenterologist, rather than relying just on my OB/GYN?

    • Jan Modric


      where exactly is the tender area (in inches from the belly button) and is it tender even to a slight touch or only to a deep pressure? Is there any rebound tenderness – pain after you press and release the pressure? This would speak for an inflammtion of appendix or small area of peritoneum. One of my thoughts was abdominal (intestinal) hernia, but not sure if it’s possible it would fluctuate along with a menstrual cycle. Hernia may bulge out and retracts, so it can be easily missed, when not in a bulging state. Pain in endometriosis fluctuates with the cycle, though, and the abnormal tissue could be within the bowel or even under the skin, where it could not be detected during laparoscopy. An ultrasound investigation could also miss it, an MRI is more sensitive…Lower abdominal pain + nausea in absence of gynecological or urinary tract symptoms speak for a bowel involvement.

      With hormone tests I meant progesterone and estradiol (related to endometriosis or ovary disorder), and certain substances that may be released into the blood in carcinoid tumor. Gastroenterologist or OB/GYN – it depends into whose “working field” your tender area falls – a gynecologist can maybe advise you.

  • Acourtney

    I am female 25 years old. Recently I have a pain in the lower right part of my abdomen. This pain is really low and I am having a hard time walking because the pain is so bad. I went to the ER and they said this wasnt my apendix. I am also running a fever as well as vomiting. No one can tell me what is wrong with me. Do you have an idea?

    • Jan Modric


      pain, nausea, vomiting and fever speak for an inflammation or infection, which can be in the bladder, Fallopian tubes, uterus, ovaries, last part of the small intestine or in the free abdominal cavity. I strongly recommend you to get a diagnosis from a gastroenterologist or gynecologist. If you feel any lump, it can be intestinal hernia. Urine test would reveal eventual urinary tract infection, ultrasound could reveal inflammation in the pelvis…

  • T

    Hi, I am a 34 year old female. I have been having pain also in the lower right quadrant. It’s to the left of my hip. I don’t know if it’s gas or what.. when I push I can sometimes feel air. It is all the time though. Could that be it? Or could it be my ovaries? I don’t feel any pain by my bellybutton. I also don’t have a fever and I’m not throwing up. About 6 months ago I did have really bad pains in the same spot and it went around the right side to my back. It was so bad I thought I might go to the ER. It was late at night so I just went to sleep and it was better in the morning. I also don’t notice it any certain time.. just all the time. I ate squash and the pain came on so I don’t know if it’s certain foods causing this or what. Any ideas? I have a family history of colon problems. Should I have a colonoscopy at my age? Thank you.

    • Jan Modric


      certain colon problems, like diverticulosis, may run in families…Diverticles can be detected by X-ray with barium enema, or colonoscopy. On the other hand, it could be “only” gas – and this can be due to some food intolerance, like fructose malabsorption. You may try this low-fructose diet for few days and see if it helps. Other causes of abdominal bloating. I can’t exclude other causes, like chronic appendicitis or ovarian disorders.

  • Jenn

    Hi I’m 32 and Ive been experiencing bad pain in my right side of my lower back for quite some time now recently the pain has moved to my lower right hand abdomen it has been making me throw up, what should i do??

    • Jan Modric


      a doctor can give you a diagnosis after examination and probably some investigation. A kidney or gallbladder disorder, a pinched spinal nerve or gas built in the colon, would all be possible, for example.

  • leahjade

    I’ve had pain in my right lower abdomen for months – it also goes around my side and back. I had similiar symptoms 15 years ago and was tested and found to have IBS. This time though I have no diarrhea at all. Could it still be IBS? I hate to go get all those tests again. I have no fever or vomitting or blood.

    • Jan Modric


      have you changed your diet, or something stressful happened “months” ago – before your symptoms appeared? A low-FODMAP diet can help in IBS in few days. IBS may be “diarrhea-predominant” or “constipation-predominant” and can change in one person with time. I’m not saying you have IBS, though.

  • jc6059

    I am having lower right side ab pain. Sometimes in my back. It is now causing my right leg to go numb. No fever or vomiting. I am a 44 yr old female and have had a parcial hysterectomy, I do have my overies.

    • Jan Modric


      is the pain aggravated by lying or sitting down, or by pressing upon the affected area? Relieved by anything? Have you ever had this pain before hysterectomy? Does the entire right leg becomes numb? A surgeon can tell, if thrombosis or other disorder of pelvic vessels would be possible.

      A pinched nerve in your lower back could cause sciatica.

  • jc6059

    Does anyn body know what this could be?

  • Xancthus

    29 y.o. female. Feel pressure-like/tight pain in lower right abdomen only when I urinate. It’s as if the walls of my bladder getting untaunt is causing the pain. I feel no burning, stinging or pain in my genitals. Been going on 2 days. What could this be?

    • Jan Modric


      it can be an urinary infection, a process in the bladder wall or something from around the bladder pressing upon the bladder wall. A doctor may suggest you a test of urine and, if necessary, an ultrasound of the lower abdomen.

  • angela

    hi, my mom is 75 yrs old. lately her both thighs swelling up and her stomach swells also.. she has back problem for a that the cause?


    • Jan Modric


      thighs and stomach swelling may be a sign of an abnormal fluid collection in the body. I recommend her to visit a doctor. The doctor can then say if back pain is related with this swelling – it’s possible, but hard to judge this from here.

  • shunter


    A couple of months back I pulled my groin while playing football. I couldnt feel it the next week so i played again and pulled it again. I visited my local GP who said it was a light muscle pull and suggested that i do light physical exercise to work the muscle back.

    However recently after playing football my groin is still sore (not like i have pulled it just sore as if it has been used) and i have a sharp pain about a hand distance in from my hip on the same line.

    Are the 2 pains related to each other, and what could the 2nd one be. Its uncomfortable to sit upright.

    • Jan Modric


      where exactly did you feel the first and second pain? Was it in the crease that separates the abdomen and the leg? Do you see or feel any lump when pressing upon the sore spot? In this case it could be an intestinal (inguinal) hernia, which should be checked by a gastroenterologist.

  • Jessica

    For the past two nights now I have suffered from severe, lower abdominal pain that comes on suddenly but is painful enough to wake me in the night. It hurts for a matter of minutes and hurts even more with movement. Eventually, if I stay completely still the pain subsides. However I only experience this pain at night (so far). What do you think could be the cause for this? Thank you.

    • Jan Modric


      when the pain appears, is the area tender to touch and can you palpate any lump, or would you say your abdomen is distended (bloated)? Where exactly is the pain (in inches from the navel or the hip? Any back or leg pain? If you think it’s not only gas, I recommend you to visit a gynecologist or gastroenterologist.

  • SadieLloyd

    I’m 18 years old. And I’ve been having abdominal pains in the lower abdomen left and right. It also moves to my ovaries and bladder when I pass urine and open my bowels also when I have sex it’s really painful but the pain is coming in waves and this happens everyday. I get constipated alot and have diorrheoa. I had my appendix out about 4/5 years ago but the pain has got worse in the last year. I’ve also collapsed 8 times and I have severe fatigue. I’ve had ultrasound on my ovaries and gall bladder and kidneys but everything was normal but I’m suffering so much I want to no what’s wrong with me my belly always makes grumbling noises bubbly noises all the time can I just have some thoughts on what it could be cause I know there’s something wrong

    • Jan Modric


      grumbling noises, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, belly tenderness and pain obviously arise from your bowel. Possible cases include
      – food intolerances (gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, fructose malabsorption, irritable bowel syndrome). A gluten-free diet, lactose-free diet, low-fructose diet or low-FODMAP diet may help depending on the type of intolerance. Here you can read about the elimination diet trials.
      – Crohn’s disease
      – intestinal parasites (probably less likely regarding the long-term course of your symptoms)
      – a liver, gallbladder, bile duct or pancreatic disorder (most of these can be pretty easily excluded as a possible cause on the basis of specific blood tests).

      I recommend you to speak with a gatroenterologist.

  • SadieLloyd

    And whenever the doctor feels my stomach they always say it’s tender I notice my stomach swells becomes bloated alot too

  • Deepa

    Dear Jan Modric,

    I am 26 year female. I have lower right abdominal pain for the past 2 years.
    It appears a week or so after periods and goes before a week to periods. (Mid cycle pain???) this pain always comes on right side.

    During these days I urinate a lot. sometimes irritation is there. I often use toilet on these days. It’s not diarrhea but also not normal.

    I can feel the stabbing pain in vaginal tract sometimes. If I take pain killers, I can manage the show.

    when pain is severe, my back also pains. doctor took blood test and told it is not Appendicitis.

    I have taken Ultra sound of the uterus a year back. Doctor says everything is normal.

    This pain comes after lunch. around 4 pm. some people says it may be general weakness you are not able to tolerate.

    please suggest.



  • Madison

    OK so here’s the deal i have been dealing with on again off again’s uti for a while i just urecentley discovered im preganet and i was having back pain and stomach pain and fatiuge, also naseaua but from morining too night i can’t keep anything down what so ever. my fever went up too 101.5 and since it was late and i wsas having serve pain. We went to the er they did basic blood work, urine, and a ultrasound and said it was a uti and sent me antibotics to go home with. But the pain is in my lower right abdomnal and it keeps getting worse also my fever went as high as 103.5, a lot worse pain and a different kind of pain then with the uti’s i have had. The pain is all in my rigt side and very tender when you push on it also i noticed when im on my right side sleeping i feel nausead easier then when im on my left side. I don’t waant to be a complainer i just feel like there is something else wrong. Please, would appericate the advice.

    • Dr. Chris

      Hi Madison

      UTIs are common in women and could account for many of the symptoms you are experiencing, in addition to the pregnancy contributing to this clinical presentation as well. However, the concern is that your infection may be progressing and could put your pregnancy in jeopardy. Even though you went to the ER, you should have still followed up with your family doctor and gynecologist. Please see these practitioners IMMEDIATELY. The ER is only there for emergency situations and the onus is on you to seek medical attention afterwards. Either way, since you are pregnancy, you will need constant antenatal assessment.

  • Jenny Ford

    Iam in my fifth year of papiloma serous carcinoma uterine cancer I had some bleeding headachs and bad nausia does this have anything to do with it ?

    • Hi Jenny. It is very difficult to answer that with any certainty. You do not state what treatment you are undergoing at the moment, if any. Neither do you clarify where exactly you are bleeding. Given the seriousness of your previous condition, and the host of other factors that could be present, we would strongly advise you to see your oncologist (cancer specialist) or family doctor as soon as possible. There is the possibility that these symptoms are unrelated to your uterine cancer but there is know way of knowing or answering your question for sure without a doctor examining you and assessing your case.Speak to your doctor ASAP.

    • Jenny Ford

      thank you for replying. I was scared and went to ER they did blood work and sent results to my oncologist He said I am cancer free. There was a quite a bit of blood I felt it trickle down through the folds like when I had periods. He said because I had been sick and vomiting I must have torn the tissue thin cervix. I have worried sometime, because the oncologist who removed my uteris and cancer said he could not find my left ovary, I am not even sure it was the right over that had been removed years ago due to a tumor. But there are no tumors in my abdomen now. Does the thought of Cancer ever leave?

      • Hi Jenny. Every cancer survivor responds differently and takes different experiences from the ordeal. It is only natural to always be concerned about cancer if you have been down that road once, or even if you had seen a close friend or family member go through it. So the thought and fear never leaves you. But always consider more common and less severe causes before jumping to the conclusion of cancer. Best of luck.

  • Julia Hall Stanger

    I had a hysterectomy so it is not that. Pain was so severe I went to ER Ct Scan, xrays OK. Have elevated neutrophils, low grade fever, diarrhea every day till noon. Lower right abdomen sore to the touch. hURts right now, docs won’t give pain pills because something “might be percolating”. Can hardly do anything. colonoscopy not until aug. 22nd. Any help will be appreciated.

    • Hi Julia. The colonoscopy is very important in identifying the cause. Many of the signs and symptoms you mention here can be due to a host of causes, like appendicitis, gastroenteritis and so on. But it may also not be arising from the digestive system. It is very difficult to say on your symptoms alone as these are common and often non-specific symptoms (abdominal pain, diarrhea, low grade fever). Remember that even diarrhea does not necessarily mean that the origin of the problem is in the digestive tract.

      Further investigation is therefore necessary. Unfortunately it is such a long wait till the colonosocopy. If you are not satisfied with your current doctor, you my want to seek a second opinion of another doctor, preferably out of the public health system. Do not hesitate to go to the ER should your symptoms worsen.

  • Julia Hall Stanger

    I did have an extremely stressful encounter 7 weeks ago with a person who was baker acted.

  • Alyssa

    Hello all,

    I am 23 year old female, I have gotten Mirena IUD August 2013. I have not had any issues regarding Mirena so I didn’t think this is causing my problem. I have been having sharp, stab-like pains in my lower right stomach/hip area. When it hurts it’s agonizing pain, I don’t want to move but sometimes walking around helps alleviate the pain and sometimes it worsens the pain. Sometimes the pain is for 15 seconds, sometimes 5+ minutes; it varies. I can feel a tightness in the pained area when the pain arrives but sometimes the tightness is replaced with painful bloating. All of this side pain is followed along with sharp lower back pains as well, until the pain in my right side goes away. I can no longer eat FULL meals like I once used to- which is so not me. I end up feeling sick and just stop eating. I’ve also noticed I’ve been making frequent stops to the bathroom- peeing a lot more. I’ve had harder time passing stools- straining and pushing too hard- (I can feel a massive load ready to push through for minutes at a time, but it ends up being a just a drop or 2… and it feels like ive been going for hours even though it’s for a few minutes and barely anything was excreted.) I work every week day from 730am-530pm (NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS /: ) so I really don’t want/ can’t afford to take a day off for an apt unless this is considered a life threatening emergency. I’m so scared I might have a gallbladder problem, appendicitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrom or a simple UTI. Please, any help would be appreciated. Thank you

    • Hi Alyssa. Unfortunately you require medical attention. It is unavoidable at this point. While it may be gynecological, there are also concerns about gallbladder disease, appendicitis, UTIs and kidney stones as you correctly mentioned. Delaying medical treatment can lead to complications which may be severe, possibly even life-threatening. There is no way we can diagnose your condition online although there does seem to be symptoms of a UTI or appendicitis specifically. We cannot stress enough that you are putting your health and possibly life at risk by not seeing a doctor ASAP. Even if it means going to the ER in the evening, you need to seek medical attention at this point.

  • Jess

    I’m not sure if you can help, I’ve have been having server pain on my lower right quadrient, I’ve had a small bowel mri scan came out clear, had colonoscopy, gastroscope, laparoscopy, ultrasound internal and external, one specilous assumed I had Crohn’s diease came out clear, my gyno discovered a tiny cyst on my left ovary but was surprised it wasn’t giving me any pain, I supposably have mild endo, I have pain smack dead centre between my belly button and my hip, it runs into my back and down into my hip, it feels like someone is stabbing me with a blunt knife, I can not walk most times, pain killers do not ease the pain, nor heat pack, tried birth control and that does help a very little, it does get worse when a ovulate but saying that out of 1 month I’ll have severe pain for 3 weeks and it dies of but out of no where I get sharp pain that forces me to stop what I’m doing and crunch, I have to put pressure on it even tho it still hurts but helps with the pain. Truthfully I do not know what else to do, I just wish it went away. And I hope it doesn’t effect in the future by having any children. The pain is worse than anything I have experience before, it is worse than tearing my ac joint in my shoulder. I need help on what else I could possible do to figure out what else could it be. And recently it is starting to effect my daily activities, because if I lift any thing that is slightly heavy it aggravates it, I can not handle sex now due to the pain. So I’m totally lost what else I could, and who I could see about it.

    • Hi Jess. An ovarian cyst and endometriosis can both account for many of the symptoms you are experiencing. Since you have been diagnosed with both these conditions you should be discussing the treatment options with your gynecologist. It is important to note that both these conditions can be difficult to treat and the focus of long term management is to minimize the severity of the symptoms and its impact on your daily life. Surgery may sometimes be necessary but your gynecologist will be able to advise you further as he/she knows your case better. The treatment may not immediately yield results but it is important to continue with it as prescribed.

      • Jess

        Thank you, yes the cyst was removed but it was very small giving no pain in my left ovary, all my pain I’m experiencing is on my right, I’ll definitly go back but I was just hoping there might be something else that they missed, thanks you

        • Hi Jess. You’re welcome. This current pain could be due to some other condition but with PCOS it is important to first exclude another cyst, even on the side that was previously unaffected. It is common for cysts to recur or for multiple cysts to occur on both sides. You would have to start with your gynecologist and then focus on other possible conditions.

          • Jess

            Hello, wouldn’t that be picked up by a mri? Because my gastro specialist said my ovaries are normal. With no cyst and my ovaries are at a nice size. Thank you for your help. I hope they can figure it out even tho it has taken them almost 4 years to do so.

          • Hi Jess. Yes it should but may not always be picked up if it’s small. Remember that PCOS goes beyond ovarian cysts despite its name. Raised androgen levels and an irregular menstrual cycle are the other key features of the condition. But we may be focusing a bit too much on PCOS. It could be some other condition. Your doctor will be able to advise your accordingly.

          • Denise Feuerstein

            Hi Jess, I have the same pain, I had a hernia repair in October and think it has reoccurred. My symptoms now are same as yours. Do you find if you press in on that area it makes the pain go away? I had hernia repair on the left side and that healed well. But not the right. I’m 53 and exercised regularly. I care for 5 elderly adults in my home and transferred them a lot over my 30 plus years in nursing. I see my surgeon next week. But have you thought you my have a hernia. When they fixed the hernia they did remove a cyst on the right ovary. Read up on it and see if it applies to you, but we have the same symptoms. Hope you feel better.

          • Thank you for your input Denise. Hopefully this will help Jess with her current situation.

  • Sinda Willis

    I had both of my ovaries removed on October 21, 2014. My right ovary was fine but my left ovary was attached to the abdominal wall with the sigmoid colan was wrapped around it and it was full of scar tissue. I have been experiencing lower right abdominal pain for quite some time now. All of the tests have come back normal but I still have pain. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

    • Hi Sinda. It is still relatively early after your surgery so you should be following up with the surgeon if the pain is persisting. The scar tissue that you reported could have been more extensive than just what was around your ovaries. If all of it was not removed then it is possible that this can cause ongoing pain. Your surgeon will be in the best position to advise your further as he/she is familiar with your case.

      • Sinda Willis

        Thank you for the great advice. I did talk to my surgeon and she told me it is “phantom pain” and I will have pain for the next four years. Does this seem right? I am lost and am thinking about a second opinion.

        • Hi Sinda. It’s possible but I would think that a second opinion may be a good idea. It will help put your mind at ease if indeed there is no problem.

  • Teala

    Hey everyone
    This morning as I was taking a shower I started to develop light pain in my lower left abdominal area. I thought nothing of it until minutes later it developed into full lower abdominal pain, right sided back pain, and pain that wraps around my navel. Soon after that I began vomiting a lot and developed a low grade fever. Also my last bowel movement was recent. Any ideas ?

    • Hi Teala. Many conditions can present in this manner. Gallstones is one possible cause although you should have noticed symptoms after eating. Pancreatitis and appendicitis may cause these symptoms as well as do many other conditions. You should consult with your doctor who can then run further tests before reaching a diagnosis.

  • Tita13

    I have been having sharp burning pains on my RLQ. It comes and goes. Not sure what that means.

  • KLHN1986

    I have had RLQ pain on occasion but it hasn’t felt like this… the pain is different and it usually doesn’t persist like this. It woke me up early this morning, I was even dreaming about the pain. It really feels like I am being sliced on a superior to inferior plane (head to toe direction top to bottom). The pain is worst below the belly button, and then between the groin and midline region. So the worst pain is just below the belly button line and to the right. The pain begins just above the belly button and is at it’s worst at that specific localized spot below the belly button line and between the groin and midline. The pain continues down into my groin and halfway down my thigh. I do not have a fever. I do not have tingling or numbness. I had a normal BM this morning. I have not been tooting though I usually toot all day long. I am burping a lot and I never burp. I am 29. I have a “heart shaped uterus” it is not bicornuate. I had an ectopic pregnancy 6 years ago. I am on the nuvaring and started must rating a few days ago when I took it out. My BP is about 20 point higher than normal about 132/92… I weigh 164lbs and am 5’7″. The pain worsens when I breathe in. When the pain started it was only in the RLQ and has since spread upward and down into the thigh. There is some rigidity of the abdomen on the right, no knots or bulging or anything else remarkable with palpation

  • tosmaky

    I have lower rhq discomfort whenever I exercise which can move to the groin area. It all started with a little blood on the tissue paper that disappeared on its own. Several months later, I had a cramp and hfm disease before a week of diarrhea and bloating (took antibiotics and ppis to deal with it). Some days I will feel completely fine and okay. This had been going on since July/August. I have no idea what’s wrong with me but hoping it is not too serious.

  • Tatum

    I’m 18 years old. About 2 weeks ago, I woke up and I was bleeding very heavy and it was clumpy too. I had severe pain in my right abdonminal and right back pain. My period usually is at the end of the month, also. The bleeding stoped three days after the incident. Now, I am bleeding again. This morning I had hot flashes, then puked, then started bleeding out of my vagina, now I have right adonminal pain, lower right back pain, and bloating. Not sure if I should go to the doctors if its nothing serious… Oh, and I have been constipated the past 2 days too, and tired all the time.