Alkaline Blood and Kidney Detox for Acid Kidney Stones

WilliamYU75 Asked :

I am a 34 year old male and recently had a kidney stone which I passed out without any medication except for the painkillers. My doctor did some tests and advised me to drink more water and go on a diet with a whole list of foods that I could not eat. He told me that there is nothing to worry about and with the diet I should not have a problem. No other medication was given and he said that I am quite healthy overall.

I decided to see a holistic therapist who took my blood and used a dark light microscope to show me what was wrong in my system. She said that my blood was too acidic and put me on some calcium supplements to make the blood and urine more alkaline and gave me some herbs for a kidney detox. I went to my doctor for the flu and when I told him about the calcium supplements and herbal remedies, he was very upset and almost furious. He told me that I should stop all the supplements and follow what he told me or I can expect another kidney stone.

I understand that many medical doctors are not too keen on natural medicines but he did not offer me an explanation. My doctor had also spoken about more calcium in my diet but was unhappy about the supplements. This holistic therapist has come highly recommended by friends. I am worried about having another kidney stone. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Dr. Chris Answered :

It is difficult to answer your question with any certainty without knowing what type of kidney stone you had. From the information you have provided, it is quite likely that you had a calcium oxalate stone. This is the most common type of stone and would tie in with diet you have been put on and the reason why your doctor spoke about more calcium in your diet.

Firstly, it is highly improbable (actually it is virtually impossible) that you will change the pH of your blood solely by taking calcium supplements. There are conditions which can cause a pH change but this may not be a consideration in your case or your doctor would have discussed any underlying condition with you at this point. The pH of arterial blood is approximately 7.4 (very slightly alkaline) and the body has its own regulating mechanisms to maintain the pH of the blood. Certain foods can change the pH of your urine though. Altering the pH of your urine to a significant degree (whether acidic or alkaline) can actually precipitate further kidney stone development.

Secondly, dark field microscopy is a controversial diagnostic tool. The use of calcium supplements, particularly coral calcium, to change the pH of the blood and the entire theory that goes along with it is not scientifically based despite the chunks of scientific evidence that is taken out of context by some therapists to substantiate their claims. With that said, there is much that complementary medicine has to offer but you should go to a therapist or practitioner who is certified.

If you do have calcium oxalate stones, your doctor may have recommended a diet that is low in oxalate intake. Refer to Foods to Avoid for Kidney Stones. He most probably mentioned calcium in terms of a normal calcium intake, rather than supplementation because calcium binds with oxalate in the gut and this prevents the absorption of oxalate. A high calcium intake in the diet or through supplements will actually cause your body to pass out this calcium in your urine and increase the chance of kidney stones. Refer to Kidney Stone Causes.

The theory behind a kidney detox is another controversial topic. In terms of detoxification on the whole, it is unlikely that you can undo many years of poor dietary habits with a 10 or 15 day program (or whatever period your detox program was intended to last). You should be focusing on making lifestyle changes as your doctor recommends and keeping to it in the long term. There is no quick fixes or short term patches to correct all your ailments overnight.

It is best that you speak to your doctor about this matter. He is more familiar with your case history and current health status. If you have started one course of treatment, it is best to stay with it rather than complicating the situation with other supplements or remedies. If you do wish to start on complementary medicine for your condition, first discuss the matter with your doctor. He can advise you accordingly or provide you with the details of a complementary health practitioner with whom he could work in conjunction with to ensure the best approach for treating your condition. Also refer to the article on Calcium Kidney Stone Prevention Supplements.

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