Urinary Pain and Other Urinary Problems

Guide to Urinary Pain

The medical term for pain experienced when urinating is known as dysuria. It is a broad term to describe discomfort when urinating including burning during urination. At other times urinary pain may be unrelated to the process of urination. Kidney pain (flank pain), ureteral pain (loin pain), bladder pain and urethral pain may persist even when not urinating. In men, the prostate is an important organ to consider in terms of urinary pain and any urinary problems.

Causes of Urinary Pain

  • Dysuria
  • Painful Urination
  • Pain When Urinating

    • Causes
    • Infectious causes
    • Non-infectious causes
  • Kidney Pain
    • Location
    • Signs and symptoms
    • Picture
    • Murphy’s punch sign
    • Surrounding organs, structures
  • Kidney Pain Causes
    • Infection
    • Inflammation
    • Cancer
    • Obstruction
    • Nutrition
    • Poisoning
    • Trauma/injury
    • Renal insufficiency
    • Kidney failure
  • Kidney Stone Causes
  • Kidney Stone Risk Factors
    • Low fluid intake
    • Low urine output
    • Foods, supplements and beverages (drinks)
    • Drugs and medication
    • Family history
    • Intestinal (bowel) disorders
    • Anatomical abnormalities
    • Metabolic disorders
    • Idiopathic
  • Kidney Stone Symptoms
    • List of kidney stone symptoms
    • Kidney stone symptoms in men
    • Kidney stone symptoms in women
    • Kidney stone symptoms in infants (babies) and children


Other Urinary Problems

Urine is produced in the kidney by filtering waste products, excess electrolytes and water from the blood. It is then passed down the ureter to the kidney where it stored. Upon voiding (passing of urine), urine is then forced out of the bladder and into the urethra from where it is passed into the environment.

Causes of Urinary Problems

Urinary problems may arise in one of four processes :

  1. Production of urine (glomerular filtration)
  2. Passage of urine from the kidney to the urethra
  3. Storage of urine in the bladder
  4. Passing of urine (voiding)

Signs and Symptoms of Urinary Problems

  • Urinary incontinence
    • Causes of urine leakage
    • Causes of poor bladder control
  • Frequent Urination
    • Causes of frequent urination
    • Urinary frequency in men and women
  • Leaky bladder
    • Treatment for incontinence
    • Medication for incontinence
  • Severe urinary incontinence
    • Men, women and infants (babies)
  • Urinary Pain
  • Polyuria
    • Excessive urine
    • Excessive urination
    • Causes of high urine output
  • Foamy urine
    • Causes of bubbles in the urine
    • Causes of white froth and lather in the urine
  • Hematuria
    • Passing of blood in the urine
    • Bloody urine
    • Causes of red color in urine
    • Gross hematuria
    • Microscopic hematuria
    • Isolated hematuria
    • Benign hematuria
    • Benign familial hematuria
    • Essential hematuria
    • Asymptomatic hematuria
  • Anuria
    • No urine
    • Absence of urine
    • Less than 100ml of urine in a day (24 hour period)
  • Oliguria
    • Less urine
    • Little urine
    • Less than 400 ml of urine in a day (24 hour period)
  • Dysuria
    • Pain when urinating
    • Painful urination
    • Burning urination
  • Nocturia
    • Frequent urination at night
    • Causes of urinary frequency at night time
    • Waking up from sleep to urinate
  • Urine Problems
    • Urine Color
    • Urine Odor
    • Urine Volume
    • Urine Output

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